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Thread: Adventure/02 Director Kakudou Resigns from New Digimon Project

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    Adventure/02 Director Kakudou Resigns from New Digimon Project

    Well, it's certainly news!

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    Hiroyuki Kakudou, director of Adventure, 02, and X-Evolution (among a number of other positions in various Digimon releases) has announced on Twitter that he has resigned from the new Digimon project.

    This is interesting, of course, because we were unaware he was working on it.

    He made a number of tweets, which onkei has translated for everyone. Translations of his tweets are in quote boxes, after each is my interpretation of what he's saying.

    About the new Digimon project. I've been asked to work on it, as a successive piece, as the director of the screenplay and I've been working on it since last year. However when the producers side-approved a submitted plot which I thought was incompatible with what the TV series had already established, I declared my resignation. From what I've heard of progress reports, they've decided to keep going with it still, so I definitely resign.
    In this tweet he discusses how he's been working on it since last year, but the producers approved a different plot, and that he doesn't agree with it as he feels it doesn't fit with what was established previously (whether he is referring to story, tone, etc. he doesn't make clear.) He comments on his resignation and that based on what he knows this specific idea is still being used.

    The producers have already acknowledged my resignation.
    With the producers accepting his resignation he's officially off working on it.

    The series director isn't the one who made the original concept, and even if the TV series concepts remained, it's not as if they will be explicitly stated anyway.

    The movies made so far were broadcast back in their time, but they were made without my involvement, and I'm sure there are many people who can enjoy them without being bothered by what's already been established.
    This is slightly less clear, but appears to be saying that the director of the upcoming series (no statement if it's TV or films/ovas like tri.) didn't make the 'original concept' (which appears to be a nod to the new series being an Adventure continuation.) He points out that even if everything from prior series' were used, there isn't any specific reason they'd be mentioned regardless.

    As long as there isn't a different development with the new project, I will no longer be involved in it nor tweet about it anymore. However, I will continue to help with requests that involve the music, games, and figures.
    This is just him saying the obvious, he doesn't plan to comment on something he isn't involved in (this has come up in the past when people have asked him questions about how the movies and games he didn't work on tie into Adventure.) He plans to continue his involvement with other aspects of the franchise, as he has.

    A number of interesting bits, and it'll be interesting to see what ends up being announced. Kakudou wasn't involved with tri., and he's previously discussed his plans for an Adventure and 02 sequel that involved Digimon fighting aliens. We are unaware if the story he was helping develop for the new project involved that or not.

    Prior information about the new Digimon project can be found here.
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    I come from the net flintlock's Avatar
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    I mean it's hard to comment without seeing the final product, or even a bit of context, but it still made me feel disappointed.
    Whatever this is it can't be worse than Tri... right? But I felt like Tri was missing someone who understood Adventure so I don't have a good feeling about this at all.

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    Junior Commander Togemon's Avatar
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    I'm definitely sad that he won't be involved, because I really love what he did with the lore in Adventure & 02 and from what I read of the translated novels and it would have been amazing to see him be involved with those characters once again. But of course, that doesn't mean that this upcoming project will suck, so there is no reason to write it off.
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    I come from the net wildwing64's Avatar
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    Adventure the movie, Our War Game, Hurricane Touchdown, Diablomon Strikes back, and Tri were all just fine without Kakudou, so I'm not particularly bothered by his departure.

    Still, interesting that he even was involved in this new project.

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Aug 2012
    Umm... i don't know what to think about this. I didn't know that Kakudou was implied in this new project. What would be the job of the director here?
    Seki hiromi will be a producer in this project and she didn't resign... Is really strange (for japan) that this director say that on twitter.

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    I'm going digital Nemomon's Avatar
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    It's kinda sad, because X-Evo is my most favourite Digimon series (and I value Zero Two high too), so losing him isn't nice.

    But it's good that a new Digimon series is coming, so our franchise won't die. Whether it will be about aliens, Gojira or something else. But I hope it's Appmon Two.
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    Completely digital
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    so this is why Tri is shit... oh Yggdrasil, probably I won't cross my fingers for the next digimon project, since most likely it will be shit and most likely the TOEI producer nowadays has become shittier too.

    It seems I can only count on Habumon for Digimon's better future...

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    Junior Commander LucasPSI's Avatar
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    When this was first announced I was under the assumption that there was no way we'd be getting something as bad as tri. Now I'm not to sure. Best to keep expectations low I guess.

    At least we've got the digimon games to look forward to. I feel that is where the series really shines right now.

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    I'm going digital Rohan's Avatar
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    Aug 2016
    This is somewhat troubling, not because I think Digimon can't do well without Kakudou, but if he's resigning this soon after the project is announced then it doesn't bode well and hopefully it doesn't signal production issues down the line.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rohan View Post
    This is somewhat troubling, not because I think Digimon can't do well without Kakudou, but if he's resigning this soon after the project is announced then it doesn't bode well and hopefully it doesn't signal production issues down the line.
    He wrote a plot, they didn't want to use it. Rather than staying on board in some fashion he left. It's not that abnormal minus that he tweeted about it.
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