Hi everyone! It's been about six years since I've posted here. So many waves of nostalgia coming back, and also digging all of these out to sell!

All of the below toys were loving used throughout my teens so are in a used condition, but are all fully functional and ready to join someone else's collection.

All the versions below have been verified via File Island. Please check this amazing resource to see if its the version you're looking for/has the Digimon you want: http://lcd.withthewill.net/

I have the following Digimon V-Pets for sale:

Digimon Accelerator (Evil Genome) - 80 (ONO) + shipping
Boxed, protective screen plate for device is moderately scratched from use - does not impede visibility of device screen

Digimon Accelerator (Justice Genome) - 65 (ONO) + shipping
No box, in used condition, protective screen plate heavily scratched from use - does not impede visibility of device screen

Digimon Pendulum X v1.0 - 75 (ONO) + shipping
Boxed, but missing the really cool comic book + instruction manual that comes with it (sorry!)

Digivice iC Version 10X - 50 (ONO) + shipping

Digimon Xros Loader - First Edition - 60 (ONO) + shipping
Boxed - comes with limited edition 1st edition gold Shoutmon X4 digimemory + MailBirdramon, Guilmon and Holy Angemon digimemories

I also have an EU D-Tector Digivice (Blue), USA Digivice Burst (Orange & Blue) and Digimon Mini v2 white. If anyone would like to make an offer on these, please let me know, however they are not in the best condition as we purchased for cosplay purposes (that never came to fruition) or in the case of the Mini - in a heavily used condition.

All pictures are in a Google Album here:

Any questions, please let me know!