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Thread: Returnee: first time posting an introduction

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    Returnee: first time posting an introduction

    Hi everyone! I really wanted to share about my life with digimon and this forum.

    The first time I had a real digimon nostalgia phase was the summer of 2009, when I hadn't even entered high school yet. I think I read Digimon Next or some other manga and it brought me back. I made an account on this forum to ask about some of the vpet products, but didn't stay too long when I realized... as a kid I just didn't have the money to buy anything, haha. But I remember I bought a few electronics with my allowance where I could, like the Bandai Asia or American brand stuff. But after that I didn't really frequent the WtW at all.

    My second returning phase to Digimon would be summer again three years later. At that point, I honestly forgot I ever made an account on this forum and tried to make a new one on this site. I was really shocked when an admin pmed asked me to explain why I was using two accounts! I was so embarrassed about it that I ended up never making a post on either. I think that duplicate account was eventually deleted. But I used the file island site a lot when raising the vpets that I was able to buy with a high schooler's income, so I was still really enjoying building up a collection and seeing the collections posted by others in the forum.

    Anyway now it's 2018, 6 years since then. I've started to think that maybe it's in my biology that the summer always makes me think about Digimon again. The difference is I'm now working and can actually afford these collectibles now. I wonder if the next time I come back to Digimon it will be 12 years from now. I just got the white 20th anni vpet, which as a kid was something I never ever thought my hands would ever hold. It's crazy to think that I've been a fan of Digimon all this time, and more importantly that this forum has always been here and quite active throughout it all. Thank you to all the people managing this site, you guys are awesome.

    I have a lot more to say but don't want to make this too long for everyone, so that's it for now. Still I hope to continue sharing about the impact Digimon has had on my life. I also hope to eventually reach the point where I can participate in the buying/selling/trading community here.

    Thanks for reading ~
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    Welcome Back! We hope you enjoy yourself here.
    "A good novel tells us the truth about its hero; but a bad novel tells us the truth about its author." -G. K. Chesterton

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