After seeing Avengers Infinity War Thanos seemed to remind me of Bagramon abit. Here’s a few examples.

1. Bagramon desired to create what he perceived as a perfect utopia and chose to make it a reality through any possible means even if it meant destroying and enslaving countless digimon.
Parallels Thanos’s cruel methods in achieving his goals to recreate the universe into what he considered a happy paradise.

Bagramon's desire to collect the code crowns parallels Thanos’s goal to obtain all the Infinity Stones.

3. Bagramon had his three generals Tactimon, Laylamon, and Blastmon carry his out plan of obtaining the code crowns and did not actively participate in obtaining them until all of them were in close proximity of each other.
Paralleling the fact that Thanos did not go look for the Infinity Stones himself but had other’s such as Loki, Ronan, and Gamora search them out through the years. He personally sought them out in Infinity War after knowing where to find five of them and knowing who he could ask for the sixth stone’s location.

4. Bagramon succeeded in obtaining all the code crowns and reshaping the Digital World into the Seven Kingdoms(though that was not the full extent of his goals.)
Parallels the fact Thanos that achieved his ultimate goal of gaining all the Infinity Stones and “killed” half the inhabitants of the Universe.

5. DarkKnightmon did a forced digixros with with his brother Bagramon in a attempt to gain a far more powerful body but unfortunately Bagramon gained it instead as he overwhelmed and destroyed DarkKnightmon’s consciousness.
A shaky parallel as Thanos’s step daughter Gamora tried to kill him in which than he killed her to obtain the Soul Stone but unlike Bagramon felt tremendous loss in doing so.

6. Bagramon was a frighteningly powerful foe in Xros Wars his power easily towered over his three generals. He easily took the code crowns from the Xros generals after barely beating Tactimon.
Paralleling how Thanos easily trumped the Hulk with his superior strength and skill on hand to hand combat and also how he broke free within moments are being pinned down by Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Drax after Mantis let go.