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Thread: Why am I logged out so quickly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcFBR View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Sapphire Luna View Post
    The set amount of time just seems very short, is all. I don't use remember me as I use shared computers.
    The time is 15 minutes.
    Can you change that time? I tested that closing the browser logs you out if "remember me" isn't checked, so it's not necessary to have a short timeout. 16-18 hours is probably best for not getting logged out by accident.

    ...No wait, as you said, it's time from last action not time from login. So 2 hours would be plenty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BladeSabre View Post
    I was finding that a little strange too. On most websites, if you don't tick "remember me", it keeps you logged in until you close the browser. Here, it logs me out after what seems like a very short time.
    How much time does it take before the forum logs me out? Sometimes if I spend a little time writing a post, when I press send I'm sent to the log in page and I'm always a bit scared my super long post wasn't saved. Would be nice if the forum didn't log me out while I'm actually on the site.

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