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Thread: June V-Jump Previews- Capsule Mascots, 20th Pendulums, Erismon Evolutions

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    June V-Jump Previews- Capsule Mascots, 20th Pendulums, Erismon Evolutions

    Time for another V-Jump preview!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    First up, a preview of the upcoming 3rd series of the Digital Monster Capsule Mascot collection.

    The preview is CGI renders of the figures, all based on their original artwork.

    This time the lineup is Botamon, Greymon, Angemon, Devimon, and Mamemon. These will be available in July.

    Previous info on these can be found here.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Next up, a preview of the upcoming 2nd wave of 20th Anniversary Pendulums.

    We only found out about these last night,
    and there isn't to much in the way of new details.

    They tease more details to come soon, and we get a good look at the background to the screens, featuring the Dukemon and Beelzebumon sigil style artwork.

    Well, there is one other thing... it teases a 'change' to the Digimon included, which we all sort of expected to some degree (it looks like they covered up part of the Digimon text accidentally though.)

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Last up, a look at Erismon's evolutions, including their names!

    Filmon- Its red claws can cut through anything hard.
    Stefilmon- The quills all over its body are a powerful weapon that's tougher than anything.

    Erismon's evos are currently being discussed in the Digimon Channel thread.

    Hopefully more V-Jump images soon.

    Thanks to onkei for the name translations (which we'd say are preliminary at the moment), Digisoul for the Erismon page, and A_n_ochan for the other pages.
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    I'm a Maniac
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    Dec 2015
    Erismon's evolutions look amazing, but I could do without the pointy noses/horns. It's a bit too v-mon line as a feature.

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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Really diggin the perfect form ^O^

    The capsule toys looks soo much like their original artwork (hyped for july!)

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    Oct 2017
    Wow Erismonís line up is looking great! Glad we finally got their names and a bit more info on them.

    Love the how the new Pendulum ver 20th look, Iím so goin to preorder both. Specially the Beelzebumon I love the sigil.

    Might pick up the Devimon too.

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    I come from the net
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    Feb 2007
    Surprisingly it's easy to remember those Erismon's whole evo line's names.

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    I come from the net
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    Sep 2006
    Those are cool evos. Really nice looking compared to it. ...So we still have the final form left?

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Mar 2017
    I demand Dorulumon in his alternate lines right now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown Neo View Post
    Those are cool evos. Really nice looking compared to it. ...So we still have the final form left?
    Also the first baby form, though I feel like we saw a preview of it in chibi 2D form

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