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Thread: Analysis about Digidestined's conflicts related to Tri's prophecy

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    Analysis about Digidestined's conflicts related to Tri's prophecy

    Tri has a prophecy about overcoming (internal) darkness to get the mega evolution.

    I make an analysis of each conflict of the digidestined who get a mega evolution and the relation to their crests:

    - In Reunion and Determination, due to his situation with college entrance exams (which is pretty important in Japan), Joe had a great conflict of responsibilities, which is related to his crest of Sincerity (keep your word and fulfill your responsibilities). The issue of the exams is related to his duty as a son (it is not a coincidence that it is the first time we saw his parents), but he also had his duty as a digidestined. All this situation brought back his old doubts about being a digidestined. At the end, with a little help, Joe realized that his bond with Gomamon is the really important thing.

    - In Determination, Mimi's conflict was that she has conflicts about her "egocentric" personality (in the sense that she does things without taking into account how others may feel). We must take into account that this trait is born from her Purity (or innocence), then she is doubting the quality of her crest. At the end, Mimi solved this conflict by accepting that this trait is a part of her and it is not necessarily bad.

    - In Loss, Sora tried to approach Biyomon with care and affection, which is related to his emblem of Love, but received disgust and distrust of Biyomon. This caused Sora to doubt if this way of approaching Biyomon is appropriate or is too pressing (she also doubts the quality of her crest). At the end, she managed to connect with Biyomon with Love.

    - In Confession, Koushiro was pressured by the infection, which caused him to start investigating only by pressure. Forgetting that he really likes to investigate and discover things, which is related to his curiosity and his crest of Knowledge. Koushiro managed to recover his curiosity with the help of Tentomon.

    - In Confession, Takeru lost Hope when he discovered Patamon's infection, he even distrusted the other digidestined. After the reboot, Takeru is so desperate that he though he had no right to meet Patamon again, Koushiro helped Takeru by telling him not to get stuck in the guilt. When Meiko confessed the truth, Takeru showed empathy (he almost got angry, but he realized that it wasn't appropiate) and had hope that they can fix things. In Loss, he had some doubts about letting Patamon fight (result of his previous battle), but he overcame these doubts with the support and trust of the other digidestined.

    - In Coexistence, Hikari had problems with the Digital World rejecting them, but remained firm in her desire to support Meiko and save Meicoomon's life, even against Homeostasis. In Our Future, Hikari was pretty desperate after the disappearance of Taichi and the dark evolution of Tailmon (she felt some guilt), Hikari even said she wanted to disappear. Even so, after she met Tailmon and Taichi again, Hikari still wanted to save Meicoomon's life, believing in her Light (and confronted her brother about that). However, at the end, she realized that she can't avoid the fate of Meicoomon, so she decided to fight.

    What's your opinion about my analysis?
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    Firstly, what about Tai & Matt? I think Tai's issue was that he doesn't want to rush out to battles like he used to and he is scared at the thought of killing (digimon and possibly other people) and by the end he accepts that sometimes battles/killing are necessary even though it may be hard.

    Matt's issue was that he expected too much (especially Tai) and wanting to be the same as they used to be and by the end he also accepts that they are and will not be the same as they used to & he became more sympathetic towards Tai.

    As for Sora, her real issue in Loss was her insecurity which made her trying too hard to rekindle the bond with Piyomon. So Sora was thinking that she's alone as no one cares about her (because she always gets involved with others that she had no time for herself). At the end of Loss she accepts that she is not alone and others do care about her and she needs to take care of herself too

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    Taichi and Yamato already had their Ultimate (Mega) form in Adventure 1

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