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Thread: Digivolving Spirits Angewomon Preview & Video, Plus More Digivolving Spirits Previews

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    I love Bandai's Twitter. It reminds me of those old comedic Digimon art that used to be on the card art and other things.

    Angewomon looks like she has a 3mm peg on her back, so I think it might be possible to jury rig something. The new Gundam Series, Build Divers just came out with a kit that is literally angel wings. It might be possible to jury rig it to Angewomon, or even buy 2-4 to make an accurate amount of wings. (Also it'd be perfect for Merciful Mode customs) http://www.amiami.com/top/detail/det...e=TOY-GDM-3707

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    Angewomon sure is seductive, isn't she?

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    I donít know, those obvious plastic joints are kind of a turnoff.

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    I've had a bit of a horror story with mine. When I first opened her, the Wing Pack simply wouldn't connect to her back properly and would fall off with the slightest touch (and was simply impossible to keep on during the transformation or when using a Tamashii stand). I assumed it was just bad toy design and a problem with the mold but then became suspicious of bad QC when one of Tailmon's arms/Angewomon's scarf simply fell off at Angewoman's wrist (as in, not the ball-joint or hinge, but at the solid part of the toy). As it happens I bought two of the toys and so I opened the other one to inspect it and, lo and behold, its Wing Pack fits tightly and securely and has no arms falling off... and I noticed a problem with the first that I hadn't before: Tailmon's head wouldn't lock into place when turning into Angewomon when it was supposed to.

    I'm now starting the process of reporting the defects to Amiami... I hope all goes well but I know from that past that they can be a touch erratic with their refund/return/replacement procedures.
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    Just messed with mine after grabbing it from the mail, no issues to report, everything great
    noticed the breast plates can be removed, i can only imagine the nude mod people will make to give her nips

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    I come from the net
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    Yeah because we all know about doll joints desu... Wait! Those plates can be removed?! ...Oh no.

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    With the figure actually out feel free to move discussion to the new discussion thread.
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