A music cafe update!

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The 5 Ani-On music cafes are currently running with the tri. Final Party theme!

The Akihabara location is going to close on May 27th with a special event though!

Final Day Music Party will be held on May 27th twice during the final day of the cafe.

Doors open for the first event at 4pm with the event starting at 4:30pm.
Doors open for the second event at 7pm with the event starting at 7:30pm.

These special events at the cafe will have special guests...

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AiM and Ayumi Miyazaki!

They'll be there to sing and have fun with cafe goers, and it's recommended if you like karaoke come to the cafe and sing along!

The tri. cafe menu will be unavailable at the event, as there will be a special menu for everyone who shows up.

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A bento with a ton of different items in it!

The bento includes: White Rice, Nozawana Crepe, Yukari (a type of Furikake topping), Tea-boiled rice, Fice-Kinds Rice, a Shredded Omelette, Salmon Flakes, a Rolle Omelette, Japanese Fishcake, Salt-Broiled Saba Mackerel, Pickled Lotus Roots, Sugar-boiled Harusame Kinchaku (an oden vermicelli wrapped in beancurd skin), Boiled Bamboo Shoots, Boiled Carrots, Boiled Londbeans, Deep-Fried Chicken (Karaage-style), Fried Seaweed Fritters, Boiled Daikon Strips, Shibazuke Pickles, Potato Salad, and Meatballs.

Oolong tea, orange juice, and soda will be available to drink.

In addition to the special bento, there will be a souvenir given out!

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A lunch mat featuring the logo and key art from the cafe.

Tickets will be 5,900 yen each and given out via a lotto system.

The reservation lotto opens on May 16th and closes on the 20th. Winners will be contacted on the 21st to order their tickets. Those who are chosen can purchase up to two tickets between the 22nd and 26th.

There will be no general sale tickets when the lotto is over, and those under 18 must show up with an adult family member (pre-school aged children will not be allowed in.)