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Thread: Thank you Toei for Digimon Adventure Tri

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    Smile Thank you Toei for Digimon Adventure Tri

    Since Tri is just done and dusted I'd like to use this opportunity to thank Toei for making Digimon Adventure Tri. It's been almost 3 years since Tri first started and to be honest it is such a journey to reach the end with so much time in waiting, hyping, speculating in between movies which I've actually come to enjoy despite all the flaws. The thing is that for a long time I thought Digimon anime was dead and never to come back but then suddenly I bumped into Tri by total accident and I have never been more surprised in my life. As I watched the first part "Reunion" something in me had awakened - the child that is totally absorbed by Digimon Adventure.

    One specific thing I want to be grateful for Tri is that prophecy in Determination. "those who desires true power must seek out the darkness and move beyond" which became a huge encouragement to me as I was personally struggling in my own darkness. Ever since I personally applied that prophecy into my own life, my life was totally transformed. Before I was shy, meek and pessimistic but afterwards I'm a lot more confident, happy and energetic.

    Another thing that Tri encouraged me is how to deal with personal loss - best example is how digidestined dealt with the loss of their partner digimons' memories which brought comfort to me as I had my close friend (suicide) and 3 of my grandparents passed away in 2016/2017. Because of Tri I was able to deal properly with my loss and move on.

    So this is the end for Tri and I really want to say a big thank you to Toei for making Digimon Adventure Tri from the bottom of my heart.

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    Wow. Your words are very touching.
    I really love how much tri means to you!

    I will add some thankful words, too.

    I'm thankful for this movie format. Maybe the time space between every movie was horrible
    but If it was a tv series I would watch it alone or maybe with some friends and after some weeks it would be already over.
    BUT to have this movie format you have moments where you sitting with friends/family and much more people in the cinema.
    You can feel the reactions of everyone in this hall. It is priceless.
    Seeing parents with their children and showing them their childhood - thats what I link to tri.
    A nostalgic journey which helps people to grow up and understand this world.
    All came together. All laughed. All cryed. All clapped at the credits.
    Because of tri I met some old friends who I never thought I would meet them again. Thank you tri!

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    I just think it's really sad Tri will be the last Digimon project that Kouji Wada will be in =( He didn't even get to see it end.
    So I guess thank you Toei for giving us one last time to hear Kouji Wada's song ;_;

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    I agree, this was great. Thanks, Toei!

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    I really enjoy Tri.

    I love to see these characters again.

    Thanks, Toei.

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    Thank you for the tears

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    Thank you Toei for this series. I really enjoyed it!

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    OP's post was really touching

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