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Thread: Hackmon VA @ Animethon 25

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    Hackmon VA @ Animethon 25

    Figured I'd post it in case anyone is interested, but Animethon 25 announced Daisuke Sakaguchi as a guest a while back. Assuming wikipedia isn't wrong, he's Hackmon's Japanese VA.

    Probably mostly benefits people in the local area (and I know there's at least a couple of you here who live all the way up here), but I know the convention attracts a reasonable amount of international visitors.
    Aug 10-12, Shaw Conference Center, Edmonton, AB, Canada.

    Anyone know any official merchandise that's still available that can be had? Since appmon doesn't have any individual character CDs, there doesn't seem to be much anything that features hackmon on the illustration in any real way short of getting the booklet that comes with the first DVD boxset.

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    That is indeed Hackmon's VA from Appmon.

    While not Hackmon himself, HLJ still has the figure for Raidramon available.

    Getting the box signed might be good.

    Although oddly most places don't list Raidramon's VA, but I assume it's Sakaguchi since it's Hackmon's Super Grade.
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    I will be attending this show. So if this interests anyone, send me a PM.
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