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Is it me or Digimon Tri seems to be quickly forgettable?! I mean I have been lately watching Adventure 1, Frontier and Tamers way more than watching Tri and tbh I only watched 6th Movie 2 times only.
I don't feel that way. There were two movies I felt were "meh" which were parts 2 and 4 but otherwise I found more stuff to like in all of the other movies than stuff to forget. I remember things like Tai's soccer game being blown out of proportion. Or when the government approached Kari and she had the "omg don't touch me, creeper" look on her face. Even Gatomon and Angemon having a coordinated strike against Alphamon which didn't amount to much. And I've only seen that movie twice. Though, real talk, I did find most Meiko scenes forgettable.

Besides Meiko, I feel the only chosen that went through something new and challenging were Tai, Matt, Izzy, and Kari. And I also feel those were done well enough for me not to have any complaints about them. If I still wrote fics, some things would be changed about these characters because of these experiences. This is coming from someone who adores Mimi and respects Joe, but I don't think anything they went through was worth much at all. But hey, we got their Megas so it balances out.

But no, this series has been burned into my brain like Digimon Adventure 01 and Neon Genesis Evangelion. It's with me forever.