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Thread: Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6: Our Future Discussion

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    Pretty satisfying conclusion to what was an overall clunky series for me. Like many others have said, I think tri could have been half as long and a much tighter story as a result. I get the series wanting to be slower and build up the characters, but so many of those moments (school festival in part 2, ghost stories in part 4 or 5) just didn't land for me and made each part seem so much longer. My favorite episodes in the franchise tend to be those slower ones that aren't focused on monster of the week, but usually they stood out and had weight for it. With tri it felt like I was watching a slice of life show at times, which isn't really what I was looking for or wanted.

    That said, although I felt part 6 was also dragged out a bit, I do think it served as solid conclusion to the series. The character arcs generally paid off (though I still don't care about Meiko as a character at all), and Omegamon Merciful Mode was cooler than I expected. The color scheme was great, though I don't love the wings. The final version of Butter-fly was really well done, which was surprising since I still have not forgotten everyone's collective "Oh god make it stop" to the Adventure boys' rendition of Butter-fly from that one CD. And in turn, I think it served as a nice (though still unnecessary) cap to the Adventure universe. So I'm a little disappointed that we're almost certainly getting more. I'd rather them make a series in the vein of tri, targeted to an older audience and with higher production values than the usual shows, and apply it to a new Digimon universe. I think they could do some neat things. I don't need to see more of the Adventure crew, especially because we already know how it all ends.

    Other people have summed up my thoughts much more eloquently than I can, so I'll mostly just agree with them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theigno View Post
    In contrast with the other parts of tri which delighted to throw curveballs at the audience, especially during the ending, this one was basically from start to finish exactly what could be expected from tri's conclusion. It didn't go for many surprises and managed to wrap the story up pretty well. It's also a movie that boldly asks the question "just how many times can we force people to listen to different remixes of Butter-Fly?"
    I love Butter-fly and all, but they did, what, 4 versions of it in the final 20 minutes? It got a bit excessive. I think just letting it lead off with the ending version would have been a bit more impactful, though it's small potatoes in the grand scheme of things.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theigno View Post
    even the Digimon got some nice lines and only about two obnoxious food jokes.
    One of the frustrations of the series was that, for all the interesting lines the Digimon got, so much of them was still boiled down to "Food!" Someone else brought it up elsewhere in the thread and I didn't save their post to quote, but it kind of annoyed me. Particularly with Agumon, whose personality wasn't really driven by food in Adventure and yet that was his entire schtick in tri.

    Quote Originally Posted by Theigno View Post
    Now one thing that ended up annoying me was the point about the partners regaining their memories. I was just kind of done with the entire topic after tri's consistently inconsistent treatment of the issue: First part 3 makes it out to be the biggest deal ever and squeezes as much drama out of it as it can... and then the next two parts try to convince us that it actually wasn't that much of a deal and "who needs memories for bonds and evolutions anyway, amirite?", and now that those apparently completely optional memories come back, it's supposed to be a big deal... again. And I basically don't have any reaction left for this kind of indecisive appeal to emotions other than "if you say so..."
    So in the end the memory subplot ended up being one of tri's most obviously missed opportunities: It could have meant a lot but didn't end up having much of an impact at all.
    I should probably just ditto your entire review. Yes! What exactly was the weight of the reboot? They make it to be a big deal, but then it just provides fodder for some drama for a bit, then things are basically back to normal, then oh hey you get your memories back anyway. I thought part 3 was great, but ultimately it felt like it didn't amount to much in the grand scheme. I guess the reboot mattered for some techno jargon and plot explanation in the final part. But eh. Color me unimpressed there.

    Quote Originally Posted by King in Pink View Post
    The handling of the 02 kids in tri was objectively bad. I'm not even talking in regards to people wanting to see them in action and getting disappointed: I'm talking about from a storytelling perceptive. You cannot have the stuff that has been going on in tri and not have the original Chosen seek out the 02 kids... fair enough find a way to write them out so that you can focus on the original cast, but the way it was handled in tri required the Adventure kids to stop acting like real people. In the second movie they are antagonized by someone who appears to be one of 02 kids in the form of his evil alter-ego and then are attacked by and subsequently (and nonchalantly) kill the fusion of two of their Digimon and they didn't feel the need to contact said kid or the owner of the other half of the Digimon they just murdered? It's especially obnoxious when they go and make the decision to kill Meicoomon such a massive moral dilemma when they didn't even hesitate fighting Imperialdramon, two Digimon they know a lot better. Digimon are rampaging in the Real World and they don't feel the need to enlist the help of four other allies? They find out there's a virus infecting Digimon and causing them to go berserk and they didn't feel the need to warn the 02 kids? They find out all the partner Digimon are about to have their memories rebooted and they don't bother telling the 02 kids?

    And if anything the explanation in this movie actually makes it worse. How did the 02 kids find out about Yggdrasil's plan? Why weren't Takeru and Hikari with them when it happened, considering they ARE part of that group? Where were their partner Digimon? They weren't in the pods. "We were told not to tell you that they were missing." Daigo tells them, silently adding "and it's not like any of you cared anything to ask anyway, you goddamned robots."

    Like, I get that tri was more of a sequel to the original series and therefore it should be understandable that they didn't want to focus on the 02 kids... but there needs to be an actual reason for them to not be involved and the original cast need to properly acknowledge their absence because it WOULD be a big thing to them all. There's also the weird way that tri didn't seem to want to fully divorce itself from 02... for starters it wasn't called "Digimon Adventure Returns" or such, it was literally named as the third chapter after 02 right there in the title. The first movie opened with flashes of them being defeated, Dark Gennai (or whatever) first appeared as the Ken's Kaiser form and fought them with Imperialdramon for no other reason than to make people excited for and speculating about the 02 cast in the second movie, Maki mysteriously had Ken's D3 in the thrid movie... The 02 cast were dangled in front of viewers as an incentive to keep watching from literally the first five minutes of the first film.
    That might be the cardinal sin of tri to me. I understand (and agree with!) the decision to focus on the original children and not have it a story about the 02 kids. But you have to find a way to gracefully write them out, and this was not it. It's baffling that the kids spend the entire series not really thinking about them at all.
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    This may seem like a weird nitpick compared to the bigger issues (02 gang, dangling plot threads) but my inner kid is really sad that we didn't get to see the 8 Ultimates together - by the time Holydramon came around War Greymon and Metal Garurumon were already fused. Omegamon's awesome, no denying it, but there would have been such a nostalgic thrill of seeing the separate partners lined up and performing their attacks before escalating to Omegamon and Merciful Mode. After almost 19 years as a fan, that would have meant so much to me.
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