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2) If Koushiro refers to Tailmon's Ankoku Shinka as "Ophanimon's Dark Evolution", this means that Ophanimon is a thing in the continuity of the anime...odd, isn't it?
It isn't necessarily a thing.

They not need to know Ophanimon to said this phrase. Maybe Koushiro just saw her identity on his computer, so he called her Ophanimon's Dark Evolution.
That could be plausible, but remember that after the born of Ophanimon FM, the computer of Koushiro became useless, so that possibility is rendered to nule. Even more, if they could have seen her name, they could have also checked Ordinemon's and Raguelmon's and could adress to the latter by her name instead of just of "Meicoomon". I'm not sure about the meaning of this, but it seems clear they all know about "Ophanimon" in tri.