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Thread: tri. Music Cafe in Ani-On Station Final Party! 2nd Part Food Menu is a Tasting Plate

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    tri. Music Cafe in Ani-On Station Final Party! 2nd Part Food Menu is a Tasting Plate

    More stuff from the tri. Music Cafe!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The first of the five Digimon Adventure tri. Music Cafe in Ani-On Station Final Party! locations has opened!

    On top of this we have the second (late period) food menu!

    The part 1 food menu and the entire drink menu will be at the cafes for their entire run, but the late period menu will show up a bit into the run of each cafe:
    Akihabara- May 5th thru May 27th
    Nagoya- May 21st thru June 3rd
    Namba Parks (Osaka)- May 21st thru June 3rd
    Sapporo Esta- May 21st thru June 3rd
    Hakata Bus Terminal (Fukuoka)- May 9th thru May 20th

    There's 9 items in the late period menu, but with a bit of a twist...

    You get all 9!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The Digimon Get-Together! Plate costs 1,500 yen and includes a tasting menu of 9 items themed after each Digimon!

    Palmon- Shucreme (Japanese Cream Puffs.) Looks to be garnished with some small flower petals, mint, and some cream.
    Gabumon- A pumpkin salad garnished with Gabumons' stomach design.
    Meicoomon- Shrimp Tempura with sauce. The sauce appears to poured on to match the design on Meicoomon's tail.
    Piyomon- A layered strawberry cake with a side of cream and blue sugar.
    Patamon- Mango pudding. It appears to be layered with another pudding underneath to emulate Patamon's two tone coloring.
    Gomamon- Shiratama Dango, a type of mochi, with a black sesame (goma) sauce. Sesame seeds are then sprinkled on top.
    Tentomon- A hamburger patty garnished with ketchup and olives for a familiar look.
    Agumon- A rolled omelette with a cherry tomato and additional garnishes to the give the appearance of a claw.
    Tailmon- Potato salad. A scoop of potato salad with some sliced ham to replicate the look of a cats paw.

    An interesting looking tasting plate at what seems to be a very reasonable price.

    Details about the cafe, including entertainment, the full drink menu, and part 1 food menu can be found here.
    Details about the exclusive merchandise at the cafe can be found here.
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    The outfits they're wearing are really cute.

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    I thought rolled omlets were more of Masaruís Agumonís thing!

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    Looking at all that food is making me hungry. Also, I don't think I've ever tried rolled omelettes in my entire life, but my verdict on them would probably be that I love them.

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    I come from the net
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    That sure is interesting. ...I have no idea how you make rolled omelets. I know there's a pan for it.

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