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Thread: Music Ideas Before Going to Bed and Waking Up For a Japan Trip

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    Music Ideas Before Going to Bed and Waking Up For a Japan Trip

    So, this may seem like an unusual post, but having dreamed of going to Japan for so many years now (and not having gone there yet! But that will change), I thought I would get some ideas from you guys about music that I will play before I go to bed and as a wake-up song (like what NASA did during their space missions).

    I will play the American, Canadian and Japanese anthems before I go to bed (and before you say "Don't get all nationalistic!" or something like that, it will be played at low volume with me putting my hand on my heart as each anthem is sung, and I am doing this to show appreciation for all three countries), and some sort of pop/rock song from the 1970s/1980s/1990s as a wake-up song.

    I know, it seems like an unusual post, but I want some ideas for "wake-up" songs. I look forward to making the trip sometime!
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    How about waking up to the tri. part 6 version of Butter-fly? Not only is Butter-fly an iconic song for the franchise, for me it was really the first Japanese song (aside from NHK's nursery rhymes) I heard after coming back to India.

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    or Tamer's Biggest dreamer? It may encourage you to pursue your dreams

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    Circle of Life by Elton John
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    Quote Originally Posted by crystalb View Post
    Circle of Life by Elton John
    Circle of Life by Crimson Fang, (this one is a Japanese song :P)

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