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Thread: What would you want in a Digivice 01?

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    What would you want in a Digivice 01?

    The prospect of a Digivice 01 virtual pet, as implied in the Bandai Premium survey, has had me imagining what it might be like.

    As the survey implied it would be more geared to raising Digimon, I'm not sure what Digimon we could expect. Certainly V-dramon & Arkadimon and their lines, but beyond that I'm not entirely sure. What Digimon might you like to see as playable/raisable partners?

    Some other functions we might expect to see would be jogressing, of course. (Possibly even partition!)

    Since the Digivice 01 from V-Tamer could scan objects to transfer to your Digimon, it might be neat if the V-Pet had a d-scanner type function, where scanning certain things gives you items to use.

    Perhaps in a quest battle (like pendulum X), or in a 01 to 01 battle, you could give a limited number of commands as a nod to the all-important ability Taichi had to communicate his strategy to Zero.

    But what do you all think? What other features do you think would be neat, or what Digimon would you like to see in a Digivice 01 virtual pet?
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    Probably something similar to the D-Scanner in terms of mechanics such as being able to scan bar-codes to get new Digimon, but with V-Pet capabilities like Digimon from the Pendulum series.

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    I think it would be perfect as a pendulum quest-based digivice.
    I'm not sure what it would offer so far as partners are concerned though... Maybe the Alias' partners could be collected along the way?

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    I'd like to see a quest mode which is also used to unlock different eggs to raise. I'm not sure if they'll stick with 2 digimon on 1 device as Taichi only had zero but if they did I'd like to see all the aliases' digimon as we could raise omegamon.
    Which brings me to my next point! Temporary jogress! That was a tactic used in the manga and if they had a more in-depth battle system it'd be cool to recreate those battles.
    A more in-depth battle system with functions like dodge commands and items would be neat.
    And just a lot of personality to make the device unique. I'm not sure what that entails but I think they have a lot of freedom and potential with the D1

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    I know this is highly unlikely, but

    The digimon actually calling out if they need something, like food, or to be tucked in.

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    Hope it'll come with some V-tamer tags as a bonus. :3

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    Considering my username, I can't not comment on the idea of this.

    The first and most important thing I want to see on a Digivice-01 is pendulum evolution. If we're making a manga Digivice, it should have manga evolution schemes. None of your confusing anime power levels. I'd like a Digimon that evolves, and stays evolved. The manga is the only narrative Digimon media to use this format, and it would be a disservice to not keep it. On top of this, JOGRES and reverse JOGRES, as exhibited by Hideto with his use of Omegamon. This could be done through two devices, or raising two Digimon on one device, or even cross-compatability with the ver. 20th/pen20th docks or the original pendulums.

    Also, in terms of functionality, I feel like a mixture of quest-based and care elements would be perfect. Or even just a built-in single player battle system, a la the ver. 20th. But as the 01 gives out commands, perhaps something more like the Pokéwalker would be fitting for this mode? To give the Digimon an action and have it follow accordingly, with the whole hit point system and such. The player-versus-player battles would be fine as value-based V-pet or even mini style count battles, though, for a little bit of player interaction. The pendulum feature wouldn't be something I would consider, with the 01 being a wrist-worn device, that would just be awkward from a hand-gesture standpoint, if you catch my drift.

    And again, true to the manga's form, I'd like a friendship counter, like that of Tamagotchi, to contribute towards evolution lines and hidden values. The manga enjoyed a good tug at the heartstrings (also known as chapter 21), so I feel like this would just be a nice, simple addition, to add to the feel of raising a Digimon. Heck, a far-flung annex of this would be a feature I'd pull from the (actually pretty good) iOS game "hatchi" - a personality for your monster, a favourite and least favourite food, or activity. All of these choices could contribute to your relationship with your partner.

    But overall, even if they don't go with any of these suggestions, I want a good roster of monsters. Monsters people want to raise. Things like your V-dramons, your Agumons, your Gabumons. Perhaps some different Digimon that haven't had the spotlight all that much; a new pendulum evolution line for Shoutmon or Gumdramon, Gaomon maybe, or (a whisper of a hope, but still) maybe even Bun from Izawa's one-shot, "C'mon, Digimon!" - after all, it was the inspiration for the now iconic Taichi's design.

    And an even stupider suggestion: ENGLISH MARKETING. You guys did SO WELL with the pen20th, PLEASE don't give up now! There are still Digimon fans out there! People have already translated the manga! Come on, Bandai, give us something to work with here!

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