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Thread: Premium Bandai Digimon Survey Has Some Interesting Potential Products...

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    OMG please release, V-Tamer Digivice with chibi sprites! Imagine Vdramon and his digivolution lines, Regulumon, Dominimon and ofc Arkadimon line... And plus quests, different food than proteins and meet, item shops, mini games and stuff
    It would be also cool if that v-pet could be detachable from bracelet. That would be awesome 0_0
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    Yes please! I need ALL those CSA. If we got all the 02's D-3 CSA, should we hope for all D-arks as well? XD

    Funny how they don't mention 15th anniversary versions anymore, especially the D-scanner (maybe they have that planned already?).

    The fact that they're even making this survey is so awesome. It's good to know that they're curious about fan's opinions.

    And since this gives us some kind of hint of what products to expect, I don't think I'll be getting the new Tri CSA. My wallet appreciates that.

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    I wouldnít mind a new d scanner itís the only show version jp digivice I donít have

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    I also wound't mind a D-Terminal CSA and 1/1 replicas of the Digimentals....

    Too much?

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