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Thread: Premium Bandai Digimon Survey Has Some Interesting Potential Products...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    A translation to Spanish courtesy of Digimon World EspaŮa community.
    If anyone needs a machine translation they can throw the url into Google Translate.

    At first glance that appears to simply be a machine translation with some bits cleaned up, hence some spelling issues (Apply Monsters, etc.)
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    Oh wow, this is wonderful! I'd love to see another release for the D-Scanner (especially with how much that model's going for already), and it sounds like a good chance to break into caring for the v-pets! That, and the plushies sound really nice too, and lifesize sounds even better~
    And the X-Antibody question really has me guessing now. I really can't wait to see what comes of this survey.

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    It definitely sounds like a Pendulum X ver 20 is in the works. Thing is, I don't think they have enough content to sell one. The Pen X 3, for example, is just Ryudamon and DORUmon's families from the first two with FunBeemon slapped on. Maybe if they combined the 3 Pendulum ver 20s with the Pendulum Progresses it would work out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryudamon View Post
    I been wondering if there is a big showing about the good of the X-Antibody Digimon. I been hoping to finish the first season of Digimon, Which include Patamon and Elecmon plus others.
    Yeah, it would definitely be really nice to see ALL of the first generation Digimon (from Digital Monster ver 1. to Pendulum ZERO) get X-antibody forms. It would also obviously provide roster slots for a PenX20.
    Quote Originally Posted by Gigamon23 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Vande View Post
    They ask people's familiarity with V-Tamer and want to know if there is interest in a V-Tamer Digivice 01 with v-pet raising functions.
    For the love of everything, I've been desperate for this. Go get this done people! (hopefully some may sneak through from non Japan!)
    A-FREAKING-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O This would be the culmination of all my Digimon dreams. The possibility is too wonderful to consider!
    Hopefully we'd finally get Hermmon, Panimon, and Lycamon. Along with Bun as V-dramon Zero's Child form or a new form that was some weird but appealing combination of Agumon, Bun, and V-mon.

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    I doubt we'll see Bun ever again since the alternate name, Damemon, is already used by a different digimon. I don't know of any V-dramon Zero either since the closest match is Zeromaru, a Veedramon with a unique name similar to Rina's partner Veevee.
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    Huh, no mentioning of a Pendulum Progress ver 20th? I wonder if that means one is being planned out...

    Anyway really hope we get a V-Tamer Digivice - 01!!! Also the idea of a D-Scanner ver 20th and a dark Xros Loader ver 20th would be awesome!

    Everything else though, from the 3 prong era, feels sort of wierd. Donít get me wrong I would love to see them get re-made, but they would need to add in a lot more content and tweaks to justify them.

    I canít see the mini and twin, as much as I love them, getting re-made. Feels a bit redundant. While as someone mentioned before, in the thread, Pendulum X and IC/Burst lines would have a really small rooster.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chimera-gui View Post
    I doubt we'll see Bun ever again since the alternate name, Damemon, is already used by a different digimon. I don't know of any V-dramon Zero either since the closest match is Zeromaru, a Veedramon with a unique name similar to Rina's partner Veevee.
    Pretty sure he/she means Zeromaru
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    O-oh, no PenProg v20th?

    That's the updated re-release I would wanna see.

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    When I looked at it, I thought I'd seen PenProg as one of the listed reprints.

    EDIT: Nope. Guess I was wrong. :/

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    yay! D-scanner!!! yes please!!!

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    It's also entirely possible the PenProg is already in development, so they don't need to ask about it.

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    Life-Size Examon Plush when

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