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Thread: Digimon Tamers BD-Box! Scans, Screencaps, & Discussion! & Audio Drama Translation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muur View Post
    Toy Story 2 under anime?
    Anime technically just means animation in Japan doesn't it? It's only outside of Japan that the word implies Japanese animation specifically.
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    That's correct. Disney movies and anything else animated is anime in Japan.
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    a very small thing i noticed is that they are 10 in 2001 and 28 in 2018? shouldn't they be 27
    yes they could be 11 at fifth grade but wikimon and konaka's website listed them as 10

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    Im quite optimistic about the Tamers anime sequel being made.

    Malice Bot will likely be the new source of nightmare fuel and a one threat that operates on a much larger cosmic scales, if it's to believe Yamaki. In short, I'm glad Re-Animator will not remain the only Lovecraft reference, if this plot gets continuation.

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    It just occurred to me something that was bothering me about the CD Drama- the very part where "Future"!Yamaki was doing the Wise Old Mentor thing clashed with one of Tamers' underlying themes that was probably accidental in retrospect- rather than having fate or the plot force their destiny upon them, the Tamers actively sought out their Digimon partners and made the story happen, rather than let the story happen to them. The way the "time travel" was handled, Yamaki ended up taking the role of the Old Guy Who Knows Important Stuff, telling Time Traveled Takato what to do, rather than any of the characters currently being proactive in the here and now about their actions, rather than in the background. That's the bit that felt forced, that made the whole thing feel like it wasn't really Tamers to me. The same thing applied to Malice Bot, in how it was introduced.

    Mind, I know how the D-Reaper thing was like an outside influence that only came in play later on, but at least the way it was presented, it still fit, as it was an unforeseeable problem brought on by a fundamental aspect of the setting. Malice Bot could have been introduced in a better manner that way.

    Honestly, I hope that, rather than continuing on from the CD Drama as is, it would be better to rewrite the whole thing into either a standalone movie where just it was the plot, and how to deal with it with time travel, or rewrite it into something that comes up throughout the sequel series, rather than just being introduced all at one. You know, like hint at its existence, show some of what its effects are here and there, perhaps show another side to it- scratch that, definitely show another side to it- that we weren't expecting, to make it more comprehensible as to how it came to be what it is, and tie it in to themes inherent to Tamers, like bonds being sought out proactively, rather than some deity forcing a Digimon partner upon an unsuspecting human and hoping for the best via Batman Gambits. Maybe show how doing such can backfire horribly, and then how to fix it from there. Then the final arc climaxes, and we get a resolution in a slightly-unexpected-yet-hinted-at way.

    ...I think I may have stumbled upon the formula in a really roundabout manner.

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    A sequel to Tamers so needs to happen.

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