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Thread: Digimon Tamers BD-Box! Scans, Screencaps, & Discussion! & Audio Drama Translation!

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    Digimon Tamers BD-Box! Scans, Screencaps, & Discussion! & Audio Drama Translation!

    The newest Digimon Blu-ray box came out a few days ago and after a lot of scanning and editing we have quite a bit to go over!

    After a two year wait since the Digimon Adventure 02 box came out, Digimon Tamers finally has a Blu-ray box to call it's own.

    It's been nearly 8 months since the box was announced, so let's dig into how it came out after a decent wait.

    As normal, I won't be reviewing the show itself, just going over the actual Blu-ray release, although there is a bit more this time...

    Any screencaps from the Blu-rays are lossless PNGs.

    All images in the article are smaller copies from our gallery (to keep loading sizes smaller for everyone), but link to the full sized versions when clicked.

    Scanning was done as high quality as I could do, and compressed and shrunk to reasonable sizes, along with reasonable quality JPG compression. I've explained my workflow in my personal thread and will answer any questions involving it or the processes used.

    Scanning this time went oddly smoothly. I had to pull the scanner back down a few times for some odds and ends, but in general everything went quite well. This may partially be based on streamlining what DPI I start with based on looking for the same end quality, but allowing all the work to go quicker.

    First up will be all the physical stuff. Everything included with the Blu-ray was scanned minus two things (a generic Blu-ray instruction sheet and some normal brown cardboard.)

    In addition I've taken photos to help show off the set better. I believe I'll continue to do this in the future if it's well received.

    We start with... an obi card!

    This obi card covers the front, spine, and back of the Digimon Tamers box and contains various product details so that the box itself ends up clean.

    The left side had a minimal box title, along with the contents of the Blu-ray box. The spine portion has the Digimon Tamers logo so it can be spotted on a store shelf easily. And the right side contains some details about it being in HD, along with cast and staff info.

    The left and right sides also fold into the box itself for grip. The folds contain silhouettes of Culumon and Impmon.

    On to the box itself!

    The artwork for the box is nothing less than spectacular. Featuring new artwork from series character designer Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru, it's hard ot say much about it other than wow.

    On the front we have our primary Tamers along with their Digimon. Takato, Guilmon, Ruki, Renamon, Jianliang, and Terriermon. Each is drawn amazingly well, and the details and personality stand out.

    On the spine we have the 'tamerless' Impmon and Culumon. Culumon looking cute, and Impmon appearing slightly pleased with himself match the characters well. Behind them you can see the building Hypnos was headquartered in, and underneath them is a very simple 'Digimon Tamers' text in lieu of a logo.

    On the back we have the other Tamers and Digimon that join as the show goes along: Ryo, Cyberdramon, Hirokazu, Guardromon, Kenta, MarineAngemon, Juri, Leomon, Shuichon, and Lopmon. These also show quite a bit of personality, but I feel like my favorite is probably Lopmon appearing strained carrying Shuichon.

    The box is clearly designed to fit the 'kids running with their Digimon' theme that Adventure and 02 used, but has put it's own twist on it. First off, there is no slipcover. Instead the kids and their Digimon are slightly raised off the surface and are glossier than the background. Perhaps more obvious is the change of camera angle. Instead of a sideways run, the kids are all running forward. It's a great way to continue the theme, but allow a show that started over to have it's own style.

    The top of the box is simply the minimal Digimon Tamers text that appears a number of times on the set, while the bottom includes various technical and legal details.

    Inside the main box are two digistacks holding the discs.

    The boxes go from left to right order, but I admit I've put them in the reverse order when I put the box away. They fit snugly in the case alongside a booklet.

    The first digistack features another image drawn by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru. This one features the kids and their Digimon at the park. Nakatsuru went a bit looser with the design this time, likely having a bit of fun. It's a great piece of art that shows off a fun moment between the characters. This type of image contains the theme of the first digistack being a more casual image of the kids and Digimon that the Adventure and 02 boxes used.

    The inside features a nice shot of the sky, along with a disc/episode guide. Due to the way the digistack is designed it's not easy to get a decent scan. The gallery also has a perspective corrected scan and a photo of the left side for those who want to see them uncovered.

    The first digistack contains the first 4 discs.

    The discs this time use the character artwork the same way the Adventure and 02 boxes did, giving each Digimon and kid a featured disc with their art, but it skips the 'eye' motif to show the D-Arks instead.

    The second digistack contains yet another new piece of art by Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru! This time we get a heroic shot of the Ultimate level Digimon rushing into battle (I assume MarineAngemon is floating off to the side somewhere.) The space is used well to show each Digimon rushing forward. The details here are really nice, and having Dukemon riding on Grani instead of being Dukemon Crimson Mode feels like it benefits the shot by using Dukemon and Grani to help frame things. This one is another twist on what the prior boxes did. Before we had good vs. evil face-offs, while this just see the heroic side as they rush off.

    The inside features a nice shot of digital sky, along with a disc/episode guide. Again, due to the way the digistack is designed it's not easy to get a decent scan. The gallery also has a perspective corrected scan and a photo of the left side for those who want to see them uncovered.

    The second digistack contains the last 4 discs.

    The disc theme of the kids, Digimon, and their D-Arks continue here.

    The box also contained a booklet.

    The booklets front looks like the back of a Digimon card, which were used quite a bit in the show. The back features a nice blue and black design that almost gives the appears of rocks under water. The Digimon Tamers logo and a D-Ark are shown, outlined in white.

    For now I'm not scanning the booklet as it's all pre-existing material reformulated from the prior DVD booklets (which themselves had a lot of reused content.)

    Well, it isn't ALL pre-existing... there are two new interviews. We're in the midst of trying to get those translated, so hopefully we have those soon.

    If you pre-ordered the box from Amazon you got a bonus item...

    I was expecting something akin to a nice piece of big cardstock with this shiny image on it... imagine my surprise at what showed up!

    It's a woven canvas pulled over and bolted to a wood frame... and it's bigger than my scanner.

    Above is a center scan of it as good as I could do, along with a photo of the whole board. I've also taken separate scans and am working on putting them together into a massive scan, hopefully with no seams.

    The new art of Dukemon and Beelzebumon is fantastic, and it's an extremely nice bonus item to get!

    It was so spectacular I had to try and scan it even better (especially since it was only a 'little' bigger than my scanner...) So I scanned it in pieces and got the help of my friend Logan to properly put it together.

    The image still doesn't go entirely to the edge though. The edges didn't scan that well due to how it was scanned in pieces, but it shows more than the original scan above.

    And last up for the physical things in the set... the new audio drama...

    Digimon Tamers 2018- Days ~Information and the Unordinary~

    The new Digimon Tamers audio drama is included with the first print version of the Blu-ray box, which means any restocks, or even late pre-orders, will not have it. The name of the audio drama itself seems to be based on the title of the second ending theme, Days -Love and the Everyday-

    It comes wrapped with the Blu-ray box itself in some very nice quality plastic that appears to be meant to be kept so you can rewrap the box if you want.

    This box itself is just relatively cheap cardstock that's used to house the actual CD case. The artwork is the same used elsewhere on the Blu-ray box, simply in monochrome for cheaper printing. Credits and details are printed on the front, to allow them to be seen when the box is still in the plastic wrap. Both spine sides were identical so only one was scanned.

    The CD was packaged in a CD-Album style case (the normal CD case most people are familiar with.) To fit inside the Blu-ray sized outer box there was plain cardboard that had been cut and folded to act as a tray. Since it had no artwork or other material on it it wasn't scanned.

    The cover for the audio drama is simply the Takato and Guilmon art from the Blu-ray box. Using them isn't that shocking since Tamers began with them, and you'd have to assume they'd be a large part of a sequel. A nice touch is how Guilmon's tail goes over the titling at the top.

    The cover is the front to a small fold out booklet.

    It opens to a table of contents along with comments from the cast.

    More cast comments, along with staff comments.

    Staff comments finish here, and Chiaki Konaka's liner notes begin here. As he mentioned on Twitter, the liner notes are meant to help inform and flesh out elements of the world of Digimon Tamers 2018. A number of these are explanations of real world concepts that might be unfamiliar to listeners.

    The liner notes continue on for the rest of the book until the end.

    The back cover acts as the final page of the booklet, having cast and staff credits.

    And we finish the packaging with a scan of the disc itself.

    It's a very simple and clean cover. It uses a dark blue and white label, with clear material in various places to have silhouettes of the characters as they appear on the box. This type of simple label works really well for me.

    I do think Ruki and Takato could have used some better separation from their Digimon though so their silhouettes stood out better.

    We'll be back to the audio drama a bit later...

    For now... onto the disc contents itself!

    The video is encoded using AVC at an average bitrate of roughly 36 Mbps. Fantastic bitrate for animated content in general. Tamers is encoded at 1080i and 30 frames per second. This in and of itself was expected because of the way the show was made and the way the BD spec is (Digimon was made with mixed framerate, which Blu-ray can't do, but via trickery that I've never 100% understood using 1080i mixed framerate content is apparently possible.)

    The audio is a 2.0 PCM track. Good uncompressed 16-bit audio. The audio is generally smooth and crisp and is effectively the same as prior releases. There isn't much to say about the audio because it's exactly what you would expect (and as I've said before, it isn't even 'that' different than the audio you'd expect on a number of Blu-rays for new shows coming out today.)

    No subtitles are included, which is expected.

    The video is where there is more to talk about. In fact, due to the video, and the high interest fans have in this set, I took screencaps from both the first and last episode.

    The 1080i encoding itself appears to have been done properly, so any standard hardware can deinterlace the picture to 1080p without any visual oddities, minus the times there are oddities in the source material.

    A number of times watching, if you look close, lines would appear a bit shaky. These in general would be unnoticeable from across a room, minus at least one shot of Dukemon Crimson Mode I saw in the finale, which looked so terrible I checked the disc on multiple players to make sure it wasn't a software error. An example of that is provided below, but it should be noted that this is an absolute worst case scenario, and it only came up once while I was skimming.

    Due to the production era the show was made in, the set looks roughly how you would expect. With master tapes at 480i there is only so much you can do.

    In most cases filtering appears to have a more deft hand than Adventure and 02 had, so things appear less smudgy. This, combined with Tamers having better quality masters than Adventure and most of 02 (most of them were finalized to composite videotape, which creates any number of issues, while Tamers was produced on component tape) means that in general, the picture quality appears relatively decent.

    But it also means when there are issues, there is less hiding it. The various issues introduced by composite video itself served to hide certain rough edges in Adventure and 02, as did the more aggressive filtering.

    Various assets used in Tamers were clearly low resolution and simply don't scale up cleanly. In general this is more problematic when you are looking at a screenshot a few inches away from a computer monitor than sitting and watching at a TV though.

    Much like Adventure and 02 in their sets, this is the best the show has looked, and it likely couldn't look much better. There are certainly issues, but in general they are expected issues owing to the age and production of the show itself. Assuming we get Frontier and Savers sets, I would expect them to look roughly identical to this unless Happinet changes it's upscaling method yet again.

    The menus are quite nice.

    It starts with the logo which vanishes, and then all the characters flash in with a digital effect while The Biggest Dreamer plays, along with clips in a window. It's a busier menu than I tend to like, but using assets from the packaging means it works well.

    Each episode has a small chapter selection submenu that pops up if you click on it and the final disc has a menu for the handful of extras included with the set.

    Speaking of...

    Time for extras!

    There's only a few on the set.

    A clean version of the original version of the opening The Biggest Dreamer.
    A clean version of the updated version of the opening The Biggest Dreamer.
    A clean version of the first ending theme, My Tomorrow.
    A clean version of the second ending theme, Days -Love and the Everyday-.
    The episode ending cards. Both the version from episodes 1 thru 50 and the one from episode 51 are included. The one for episodes 1 thru 50 says "See you again!" and the one for episode 51 says "Thanks for your support!"

    That's about what we expected, so even if it's nothing special, it's nice to get good quality versions of the opening and ending themes, along with the ending cards (although those didn't get upscaled that well to be honest.)

    It's also worth mentioning that the opening and endings used in the episodes had their credits redone from scratch, so the credits in them look relatively crisp.

    It's been a decent wait for this box for Tamers' fans, but it appears to be about as good as could be expected. The video jumps up and down, but is about as good as you'd expect for this. The box itself is gorgeous and looks great. And it even comes with a new audio drama that acts as a sequel. It's a pretty fantastic release.

    Of course, there's a bit more to talk about... but first some standard business...

    A few photos of it how it was packaged and before I pulled open the plastic.

    Screencaps were taken largely at random while jumping around (although if I knew a moment was coming up I wanted a cap of, I'd wait or take extras.)

    Various additional screen captures are in our gallery:
    Episode 1, Menus, and Extras
    Episode 51

    The scans can all be found in the gallery.

    The scans are very small compared to the master scans I did (the work and backup folder structure for the scans and screencaps was over 36 gigs.) I will try and make wallpapers if people are interested. If you want to see a specific screencap of something give me a rough timecode if you can.

    The Digimon Tamers Blu-ray Box is still available to order. Be aware many stores are actively advertising that the first print version is sold out. The first link is a CDJapan affiliate link that helps the site.
    Digimon Tamers BD-Box
    Digimon Tamers BD-Box Amazon Edition (includes F4 size (8.27 x 12.99 inches) fine board.)

    Lots of Digimon stuff is coming out soon and supporting us via our Patreon or donations would be greatly appreciated so that we can do more breakdowns and improve the site. Feel free to join us in the Discord if you want to chat about the Blu-ray or tri.

    More things to come!

    Images are hosted on our gallery and embedded on the forum, so let us know if anything is acting up.

    But then as mentioned a few times... there's a bit more in the next post...

    Update- We have first week sales for Tamers on Blu-ray thanks to ANN.

    First week sales put Digimon Tamers on Blu-ray at 2nd place on the anime Blu-ray charts with sales of 2,034.

    With all the pushing Toei, Konaka, Happinet, etc. did this would appear to not be a great showing based on prior Digimon Blu-ray boxes.

    While we never expected it to touch the week 1 sales Adventure got (12,094), which were abnormally high, to only end up hitting roughly 2/3rds of Zero-Two's numbers (3,171), especially with the heavy promotion they did on social media regarding the set and it having a new audio drama by the original stuff that acted as a sequel, it's hard to take this as having done well.

    While a bit harder to compare, the Digimon the Movies Blu-ray box sold 5,190 it's first week.

    The Digimon Tamers Blu-ray Box isn't a failure as far as performance for legacy anime content on Blu-ray, but it feels like Tamers should have done more based around the energy the release seemed to have.

    Update- There are no numbers for second week sales of Digimon Tamers on Blu-ray because the box did not chart for that week.

    The last item we have numbers for is Toy Story 2 at 20th place on the anime Blu-ray charts. It sold 210 copies in it's 206th week.
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    And we need a second post because we have the full audio drama translated to English!

    Huge thanks to onkei for getting this translated for everyone.

    The translation is 100% hers, I've made a few tweaks with her permission on naming order and the way some of the notes are included.

    Guilmon: Masako Nozawa
    Takato Matsuda: Makoto Tsumura
    Terriermon: Aoi Tada
    Jianliang Lee: Mayumi Yamaguchi
    Ruki Makino: Fumiko Orikasa
    Juri Katou: Youko Asada
    Mitsuo Yamaki: Susumu Chiba
    Nyx: Saki Fujita (Guest appearance)

    Producer: Hiromi Seki
    Screenplay/Song selection: Chiaki Konaka
    Episode direction: Yukio Kaizawa
    Acoustics direction: Hiroyuki Kakudou


    Pink superscript footnotes are written by Chiaka Konaka from his liner notes included with the Blu-ray release. Blue subscript footnotes are written by onkei for better understanding of the translation.


    YAMAKI: Back when humans and Digimon worked together to defeat the D-Reaper, the digital world was still a very small place. But now, a majority of the world痴 lifestyle communicates through network nodes1 and that colossal amount of information has expanded the digital world ad infinitum. In our current standing, mankind must begin to anticipate that, from a place even deeper within the deep net, neither of which mankind can touch, something unimaginable will be born and materialize itself into the real world.

    TERRIERMON: Ehhh, really?
    GUILMON: Yeah, I think so.
    TERRIERMON: Well, I want to see Jian and Shaochung soon too, but
    GUILMON: I don稚 wanna just sit around waiting for Takato to come to the digital world!
    TERRIERMON: But walking around finding them is only gonna tire us out!
    GUILMON: [stops] Huh? But you池e not walking, Terriermon. You致e been sitting on my head this whole time.
    TERRIERMON: [jumps down] I can walk, too! I just have to walk a little faster than you so I can keep up.
    GUILMON: [sighs and continues to walk] Where do you think Renamon went?
    TERRIERMON: It痴 strange, isn稚 it? We haven稚 seen her1 for a long time. Besides, Guilmon, back then, if you hadn稚
    GUILMON: Ah!
    TERRIERMON: Huh? What?
    GUILMON: What is that?
    TERRIERMON: Wai I can稚 see it very well, so I知 climbing up your head again. [jumps up] Wow That痴 a really steep precipe.
    GUILMON: Terriermon, didn稚 you say that we were at the very bottom of the digital world?
    TERRIERMON: From a place even deeper than this one
    GUILMON: Something Something痴 climbing out of there!
    TERRIERMON: Guilmon!

    Wanna be the Biggest Dreamer
    Run full speed through today and tomorrow.
    Yeah, I致e just realized,
    that I致e always been forgetting my homework.
    It痴 one big puzzle, puzzle, puzzle,
    笛ust who am I?
    Even if my knees hurt from sliding and getting skinned
    I know that if I don稚 get right back up,
    my chances will slip away!
    Big and Bigger, Biggest dreamer!
    Dreaming is the start of it all,
    I知 sure that it痴 the answer!
    I値l show you that I can fly further than anyone,
    going straight through all of my future days!
    Wanna be the Biggest dreamer!
    Run full speed through today and tomorrow!

    TAKATO: Days ~Information and the Unordinary~

    TAKATO: Let痴 see now If I do this
    JURI: There you are! Takato-kun!
    TAKATO: Ah, Ju Katou-san!
    JURI: Sorry I知 late.
    TAKATO: Don稚 worry, I wasn稚 waiting that long.
    JURI: What痴 that you池e holding?
    TAKATO: Oh, this? It痴 called a PDA. My dad got himself a new one, so he gave his old one to me.
    JURI: Can you play games on it?
    TAKATO: No, there aren稚 many games on it. It痴 more like an electronic notebook.
    JURI: Hmm Hey, have you seen Lee-kun and Ruki lately?
    TAKATO: Now that I think of it, not really
    JURI: It痴 harder to meet up when we池e in different middle schools, huh?
    TAKATO: Yeah.
    JURI: Do you think Guilmon and the others are doing well?
    TAKATO: It痴 hard to believe that two years have gone by since then
    JURI: [gasps] S亡orry, I didn稚 mean to bring it up
    TAKATO: It痴 fine. Time really does go by quickly. It痴 just I haven稚 been able to do anything to help me get closer to seeing Guilmon again [pause] I wonder what we壇 be like as adults?
    JURI: Y談now I think I know what I would be.
    TAKATO: Huh?
    JURI: I want to be an elementary school teacher!
    TAKATO: Wow, that痴 amazing! Haha, you mean an elementary school teacher like Asanuma-sensei?
    JURI: Haha, how did you know? Do you remember how unmotivated Asanuma-sensei was when she became our homeroom teacher?
    TAKATO: Yeah, I remember. But then she changed.
    JURI: Yeah. She faced us with more purpose.
    TAKATO: How old is Asanuma-sensei now?
    JURI: Hmm, I think she痴 twenty-eight.
    TAKATO: Twenty-eight, huh? I wonder what we壇 be like at that age and what the digital world and real world would be like
    JURI: Well I値l be heading home now.
    TAKATO: S亡ure, see you tomorrow.
    JURI: Bye bye!

    TAKATO: I always end up coming here again The place where I hid Guilmon when he first came. [raises his voice] Heeey! [pause] A digital field won稚 be showing up here anymore, and yet Huh? W妨hat痴 that light? It isn稚 a digital field I知 being sucked in!
    [TAKATO bangs into the gate]
    TAKATO: Ow! Wai Wait, I can稚 get through these bars! 勇h?! M邦y body is changing into light!

    TAKATO: Huh? Where am I? Am I in the digital world? But it feels different Heeey!
    [A spotlight turns on]
    TAKATO: Eh?!
    YAMAKI: [through speaker] Sorry to surprise you like that, Takato-kun.
    TAKATO: Huh? W妨ho are you? Where am I?
    [A sealed door opens]
    YAMAKI: [through speaker] Come out from that chamber.
    TAKATO: [under his breath] Okay
    [TAKATO leaves the chamber]

    TAKATO: Hey, I am in the digital world!
    YAMAKI: Unfortunately, that痴 not the case.
    TAKATO: Huh? Yamaki-san? It is you! Yamaki-san, long time no see wait, what? Why has your hair gone white?
    YAMAKI: Hey there, Matsuda Takato-kun. It really has been a long time.
    TAKATO: It痴 not just your hair Your face What on earth happened?
    YAMAKI: Do you remember the time when you Tamers, we Hypnos, and Jian痴 father with the Wild Bunch worked with the Digimon?
    TAKATO: Of course! It was just two years ago.
    YAMAKI: [sighs] Yes Yes, it was For you.
    TAKATO: You mean it痴 not?
    YAMAKI: After that incident, I resigned from the government and worked for a couple of years as a civilian on long-term forecast of the World Wide Mesh2. However, not too long ago, I was reinstated and the Cybersecurity Act3 was passed in 2015.
    TAKATO: Huh?
    YAMAKI: This place you see here is Nyx4, an organization under the direct control of the Cabinet Secretariat. Heh, it seems that I tend to feel insecure unless I知 working in secret bases like this one.
    TAKATO: H蓬old on a second! Um, what year is this?
    YAMAKI: Oh, sorry! I heedlessly ending up talking all about myself first. I want you to meet some people who致e been waiting a long time for you. Please come with me.

    TAKATO: Ehhhh?!
    JIANLIANG: Long time no see, Takato.
    RUKI: Ugh, why does Takato get to be young? Heh, have you been well, Takato?
    TAKATO: Jian and Ruki? Why are you adults?!
    YAMAKI: I知 sorry to confuse you like this. You池e in the year 2018.
    TAKATO: W妨ait Then, I知?

    TERRIERMON: Hey, Guilmon We致e come this far, I think it痴 moumantai now
    GUILMON: [slows down, gasping] That place back there was pretty intense, huh?
    TERRIERMON: Yeah but
    GUILMON: Hm? What痴 wrong, Terriermon?
    TERRIERMON: Don稚 quote me on this, but if we rode into that huge rapids or whirlpool-looking thing, maybe we can enter the real world.
    GUILMON: Ehhh?! W妨e can see Takatomon and the others again?!
    TERRIERMON: I just thought it could happen
    GUILMON: Then let痴 go back!

    VOICE: Don稚 go there.
    GUILMON: W妨ho are you? Where is your voice coming from?
    VOICE: You値l find out one day. Listen to me, Guilmon, Terriermon. When you hear a voice calling your names, head towards that instead
    [The VOICE fades]
    TERRIERMON: Who do you think that was?
    GUILMON: Hmm Mmmm I had this feeling that it痴 a voice I know2
    TERRIERMON: Huh? Who?
    GUILMON: Mmmm Hehe, I don稚 know.
    TERRIERMON: Droop.

    TAKATO: Um, so that means Jian and Ruki are twenty-eight years old right now? You guys look really grown-up, but at the same time, it痴 like you haven稚 changed
    JIANLIANG: After I graduated from Stanford University, I stayed in America to research the Digimon. Of course, it was all so we could see Terriermon and the others again.
    YAMAKI: I asked him as a big favor to return here.
    TAKATO: I see What about you, Ruki? What have you been doing?
    RUKI: Me? Um When I entered university, my mom forced me to work as a model. But I got easily bored with it, so I did freestyle motocross instead. I guess challenging others is what I like most.
    TAKATO: Wow W妨ait a second. Then what about me? Me in 2018
    JIANLIANG: The Takato that we know said that he couldn稚 stand just waiting around until Guilmon came back, so he went off to travel the world.
    RUKI: Juri痴 been waiting for Takato for a really long time.
    TAKATO: Eh?
    YAMAKI: Last year, you suddenly disappeared from the real world without a trace. Nyx is in absolute need of the Tamers help, and having Matsuda Takato around is particularly essential. However, you disappeared.
    TAKATO: Ehhhhhhh?!

    CHILD: Katou-sensei! Goodbye!
    JURI: Goodbye! Be careful on your way home!
    CHILD: Okay!
    JURI: Guilmon痴 home I always end up coming back here again I come here thinking that, maybe today, you値l be back home Takato, where are you? Wherever you are, you池e safe, right? I値l be waiting for you.


    YAMAKI: At around 2001, Hypnos, from within the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office building, was destroyed by the D-Reaper. However, the equipment there would have been quickly outdated anyway. During these last 17 years, the digital world has perfectly overlapped with the real world, with the digital world growing far more massive.
    JIANLIANG: The digital world that we once journeyed through has been completely transformed.
    TAKATO: W妨hat about the Digimon?
    JIANLIANG: They池e there, of course! Because Yamaki-san made contact with me, I was able to devote my research efforts to Nyx here.
    TAKATO: Is this device what brought me from where I came from?
    YAMAKI: Yes. It痴 still in the testing phase, but it痴 finally begun operation this year. This is the realization system called the Re-Animator.
    TAKATO: 迭ealization?
    RUKI: But I still don稚 understand why Takato showed up as a middle school kid.
    YAMAKI: Hmm I suppose there痴 no other way to interpret this than that this form had the highest bio-parameters in the digital world. The Re-Animator could only scan your information from the year 2003.
    TAKATO: Huh? So, I知 not really me? But Ouch! What was that for, Ruki?!
    [RUKI laughs]
    JIANLIANG: [laughs] Ruki, you池e horrible.
    TAKATO: Don稚 tug other people痴 cheeks out of nowhere!
    RUKI: But it hurts, so that proves you have a physical body. You致e Realized perfectly, so don稚 worry.
    TAKATO: Huh? 涌h, I see. I guess this is like the time when Guilmon first appeared in our world.
    RUKI: Aww, this Takato is so small and cute! [pats TAKATO痴 head]
    TAKATO: S亡top that!
    [Alarm bells ring]
    NYX: Warning. A digital zone has been detected in Shinjuku skies.
    TAKATO: W妨hat痴 going on?
    YAMAKI: This is the reason why we need you and your Digimon痴 help. Activate Terminal Defender!
    NYX: Terminal Defender activated.
    TAKATO: What痴 happening?

    JURI: Eh? Wha The sky just suddenly

    NYX: Warning. Transfer displacement taking place in West Shinjuku skies above Nyx. Interference with digital world.
    YAMAKI: Analyze.
    NYX: I believe it to be a portal. Linkage to digital world confirmed. Materialization of matter detected.
    TAKATO: W妨hat痴 coming?
    YAMAKI: I don稚 know what form it will take, but we do know its true nature. That thing is a form of pure malice, a stand-alone created from inside the digital world痴 deep zone The Malice Bot3.
    TAKATO: !
    JIANLIANG: Ugh, that was faster than I expected. It痴 already made contact with the real world.
    RUKI: What exactly is the Malice Bot? Is it stronger than the D-Reaper?
    YAMAKI: The D-Reaper wouldn稚 even compare.
    RUKI: Eh?!
    YAMAKI: If you described the digital world during the time of the D-Reaper痴 attack to be as big as the solar system, then this one is as big as the Milky Way. Soon, singularity7 the technological singularity will fall upon us. It won稚 be just AI affected. All technological environments created by man will attempt to surpass mankind痴 imaginations. However, unlike the D-Reaper, I anticipated that native intelligence from the Deep Mesh would come to invade the real world.
    TAKATO: Eh Wai
    JIANLIANG: I made the same prediction when I was researching in the NSA5.
    RUKI: Then we値l just have to fight it.
    JIANLIANG: The D-Reaper was big scale, but it was basically a simple program. But the Malice Bot has a mind that differs from a regular human痴.
    YAMAKI: What痴 more, its origin comes from mankind痴 malicious intent. Calling it the clich馘 電emon wouldn稚 even cover how bad it is.
    TAKATO: And that痴 why we had to come together again.
    JIANLIANG: Yes. And what we need are our partners.
    RUKI: But how will we get Renamon and the others to com [gasps] This Re-Animator!
    YAMAKI: Yes. In the past, the Digimon Realized into the real world with the help of the Digi-gnomes, who are fickle and thus unreliable. However, our current technology can make what was impossible in the past into a reality.
    TAKATO: You can do it?
    YAMAKI: A nanotechnology called foglets6 has advanced to make materialization possible. We値l load their data into the foglets of that chamber that you came from. That痴 how the Re-Animator works.
    TAKATO: Then, you can bring Guilmon and the others here?
    JIANLIANG: It brought you here, Takato, so I think it痴 possible.
    YAMAKI: But the data itself isn稚 enough. If we want to summon them from the digital world, we need you, their Tamers, to set off the transistor.
    RUKI: In other words We need a strong desire to call them here, right?
    TAKATO: Okay. I値l do it!
    NYX: Portal has reached its global maximum. Materialization process has begun.
    YAMAKI: Put these on your heads.
    TAKATO: Huh?
    RUKI: What is this? A VR headset?
    JIANLIANG: Don稚 complain. Yamaki-san, send us the signal.
    TAKATO: Oh, I知 starting to see something.
    JIANLIANG: This thing acts as a virtual machine for the D-Ark functions and the Blue card parameters. Search for your Digimon Think strongly about the Digimon you want to find Now, here we go!
    NYX: Re-Animator booting up. Quantum supremacy8 at maximum.

    TAKATO: Guilmon.
    JIANLIANG: Terriermon.
    RUKI: Renamon please!

    GUILMON: Huh? A tunnel suddenly appeared in front of us.
    TERRIERMON: Ughhh, weird stuff keeps happening!
    TAKATO: Guilmon!
    GUILMON: Takatomon!
    JIANLIANG: Terriermon!
    TERRIERMON: That痴 Jian!
    RUKI: Renamon! Hurry up and get here!
    TERRIERMON: Renamon isn稚 here
    GUILMON: That voice before said that when our name is called, to run towards the one calling us, right?
    TERRIERMON: It痴 coming from the other side of this tunnel.
    GUILMON: Let痴 go!
    TERRIERMON: Ah, wait! Wait for me!

    YAMAKI: Release the foglets.
    NYX: Releasing foglets. Re-Animator power activating.
    JIANLIANG: Terriermon
    TAKATO: So this is how I got here. Guilmon!
    NYX: Re-Animator Realizing two bodies.
    RUKI: Two?
    NYX: Type, Digimon.
    TAKATO: They look like fog, I can稚 see them! [takes off headset]
    NYX: Gateway is opening.
    TAKATO: Guilmon!
    RUKI: Wait! I知 coming too!

    TAKATO: Guilmon!
    GUILMON: Takato!
    TAKATO: Guilmon! Guilmon!
    JIANLIANG: There痴 Terriermon!
    RUKI: And Renamon?!
    GUILMON: Yay, it痴 Takato!
    TAKATO: You池e heavy, Guilmon!
    TERRIERMON: Yay! Jian!
    JIANLIANG: Terriermon!
    RUKI: Eh? Renamon? Where痴 Renamon?
    TERRIERMON: Well Renamon apparently disappeared from the digital world a while back.
    RUKI: What?
    JIANLIANG: Then could she be in the real world?
    TERRIERMON: I don稚 know
    GUILMON: Huh? Takato isn稚 different at all, but Jian and Ruki have gotten bigger!
    JIANLIANG: Y忘eah, I値l explain that later. Yamaki-san.
    YAMAKI: Yes. Guilmon, Terriermon. I need your help again. The enemy has already appeared above us, in our skies!
    NYX: Materialization of Malice Bot in progress. Materialization of Malice Bot in progress.

    JURI: What痴 happening? A square hole appeared in the sky

    TERRIERMON: Is a bad guy trying to come out from that square zone, Jian?
    JIANLIANG: Yes. Terriermon, will you face it with me?
    TERRIERMON: O~kay! It痴 been a while since I致e gone wild!
    TAKATO: Guilmon, I知 sorry to do this to you right when we致e met again.
    GUILMON: We can play lots later!
    TAKATO: Haha, even you seem to have grown up a little, Guilmon.
    JIANLIANG: Takato! Ruki! Let痴 go!
    TAKATO: Yeah!
    RUKI: Renamon, where are you? You池e not here and I can稚 stand it!

    JURI: Ah! The hexagonal building9 is rising up!
    TAKATO: Wow, this acted as an elevator?
    JURI: Ah T傍akato?!
    TAKATO: K訪atou-san!
    JURI: Why How You池e the same as you were in the past?
    TAKATO: U剖h, sorry! I don稚 know much about this either! I値l explain everything later, so could you wait right now?
    JURI: Huh?

    YAMAKI: The Malice Bot is coming out of the portal!
    JIANLIANG: I think it痴 gonna be gigantic
    RUKI: It doesn稚 have a clear shape. How do we attack this?
    [MALICE BOT roars]
    TAKATO: Its voice is killing my ears!
    RUKI: Just from its voice
    JIANLIANG: The buildings are shaking! It痴 ultra low frequency! At this rate, all of Shinjuku will be obliterated!
    TERRIERMON: Well, taking quick action leads to victory. Petit Twister!
    GUILMON: Okay Fireball!
    TAKATO: You got it, Guilmon!
    JIANLIANG: Wait, you池e just burning down what痴 around you! There痴 still more of the Malice Bot!
    TAKATO: Damn it Child levels won稚 work, huh?
    GUILMON: That痴 not true, Takato!
    RUKI: What are you guys doing? Your Tamers, aren稚 you?!
    JIANLIANG: That痴 a Digimon card!
    TAKATO: But we don稚 have the D-Ark.
    RUKI: Heh, scan it with a smartphone.
    TAKATO: Smartphone?
    [RUKI tosses TAKATO her smartphone]
    RUKI: Use that.
    TAKATO: Oh, so it痴 like a PDA?
    JIANLIANG: Ruki, the card!

    JIANLIANG: Scanning! Card Slash! Terriermon! Take it!
    TERRIERMON: Okay! Blazing Fire!

    TAKATO: I got this. Ruki, give me the card! Scanning! Card Slash! Guilmon!
    GUILMON: I got it, Takato! Crimson Circle!

    TAKATO: You did it!
    YAMAKI: That attack just now gave it damage! Its power is decreasing!
    [MALICE BOT moans]
    JIANLIANG: What an incredible voice
    RUKI: Is it crying? [gasps] No way! What is that?!
    JIANLIANG: It can稚 be
    TERRIERMON: Renamon? Is that Renamon?
    TAKATO: The Malice Bot is Renamon?
    YAMAKI: W妨ait! This could be a trap!
    GUILMON: What do we do, Takato?
    TAKATO: What do we do?

    The paleness of the sky and the blur of the day痴 light
    are endless.
    I am unable to tell apart the excuses and lies
    in these repetitious days.
    I simply exist here,
    questioning the meaning of my life.
    Without saying a word, you stayed by my side
    and gave me a smile.
    Entangled with love and the ordinary,
    bury this heart of mine with kisses.
    Embrace me so tightly from now on
    so that I may break.
    Closer, much, much closer

    [哲ext Episode Preview music plays]
    TAKATO: Where is the real Renamon? And where in the world is myself in 2018? It looks like we Tamers, rejoined with Hirokazu and Kenta, will have to go on another journey. Guilmon, the two of us will evolve too! Next episode I don稚 know if we値l have one or not, but I知 sure there will be one! 泥igimon Tamers 2018! You, too, can be a Tamer!

    1Node = While the word itself means 妬ntersection, in network lingo it means the computer pathway or server.
    2World Wide Mesh = The future of the web takes the form of a 杜esh.
    3Cybersecurity Act = This law actually exists in Japan.
    4Nyx = The name of the organization 滴ypnos was the name of 鍍he god of sleep in Greek mythology. The name of Yamaki痴 newly established organization 哲yx is the name of 鍍he god of night that Hypnos gave birth to. Nyx is managed by an AI, and responds with a synthesized voice. It痴 (probably not) a coincidence that it痴 a voice that everyone loves.
    5NSA = The National Security Bureau in America, which Jian is affiliated with. In 2013, Edward Snowden disclosed their mass surveillance of civilians. Of course, their primary objective is to protect its citizens.
    6Foglets = A term coined by J. Storrs Hall, a molecular nanotechnology researcher, to indicate nanobot utility fog. However, currently, it is only at the stage where it is anticipated to contribute to MR (mixed reality), the extension of AR (augmented reality). Its use of Realization and Materialization in this CD Drama is fiction.
    7Singularity = The word indicates technological singularity, but it was first used by a science fiction writer. Ray Kurzweil made the hopeful prediction that when AI surpasses human knowledge, mankind itself and its mode of life would grow rapidly. Naturally, there are scientists who take the opposite view and predict a dystopia.
    8Quantum supremacy = While I was writing the third draft of this scenario (pretty much the final draft), a news report was published that a computer developed by Google gained rapid knowledge with this type of technology.
    9Hexagonal building = One of the icons of Shinjuku Central Park, the Old Yodobashi Water Treatment Plant Rokkakudo. It appeared in Tamers episode 8.
    1Digimon are genderless in the Tamers universe, but for the sake of easy reading, I致e forced on pronouns.
    2The mysterious voice is spoken through a filter, so it is meant to be unidentifiable. However its speech pattern is distinctly male-inclined.
    3Spoken as 杜alice bot, which I take to mean is a form of 杜alicious bot.

    Huge thanks again to onkei for the translation.

    Now for my thoughts, I won't be using spoiler tags, but I also don't plan to give spoilers, but the comments section below won't require spoiler tags, so read the story before reading the comments!

    I don't know. It has the same general feeling tri. has at the beginning, but setting up even more of a mystery. But it also feels like if this was tri., it would have ended at the end of the airport scene, with no promise of more (and the admission from Konaka that new Tamers is somewhat unlikely.)

    It feels very much like a pilot for new Tamers, but without the characterization that a pilot depends on to really suck you into it. The hook here is the promise of a villain far stronger than the D-Reaper and who/what it might really be.

    Konaka obviously felt inspired to write this, he's talked about the energy and passion he's gained for new Tamers that perhaps he didn't have in the past. I just can't get honestly over it as a one off story, because it really isn't meant to be.

    The primary elements given to us seem to be to setup the world of Digimon Tamers 2018, and it's definitely an interesting place. Moreso since we don't know how long some of the 'twists' to the setup might last. Takato's status quo is odd and different, would that last more than a few episodes? To say nothing of Renamon.

    I think the thing that perhaps make it hardest for me to judge it... if we assume there will be a new Digimon Tamers someday, and Konaka does get to continue this new story, will the first episode (or two expanded a bit?) simply be this audio drama with animation?

    It's an interesting and curious start to an ongoing story that doesn't currently, and may never, exist.

    Interestingly, after I wrote this up, onkei translated a bunch of tweets from Konaka which helps explain and clarify some of this, along with giving insight into any potential future Tamers may have. Each quotebox is a different tweet from Konaka.

    I won't spoil yet, but here is what I can currently say about the CD drama. For those who don't want to know anything, please skip this thread.
    The plot includes what I've already mentioned before.
    -The title is 2018
    -The story begins in 2003
    -Yamaki has gray hair
    -Has almost all of the original core VAs
    -But Renamon is absent
    -The story is incomplete
    I think I've made these vague enough. But you can also say that they're immovable conditions. I did what I could to make them interesting. Also, as the previous CD Drama 'Message' had solemn content, I wanted to offer something that was not so.
    Regarding tense, it was a must to use the original VAs but it was also the result of putting emphasis on realism. I couldn't picture new Tamers in the flip-phone years after 2001. It wouldn't be my story if I didn't go above the audience's imagination
    I am aware that there are faults to this new CD drama as an audio drama. Without knowing Tamers, you'd be pretty confused, and the audio cuts back in scenes without prompt. The actions are all over the place. It became an anime without the animation
    You'll be lost if you don't concentrate when listening. That's why I said here 'I want you to close your eyes when you first listen to it.' But then I stopped writing that because I didn't think I should be forcing the audience into one specific stance
    But for those who've watched the series, I'm sure the images will easily come to mind. In that case, that's exactly what I was going for. Though, of course, the age changes will be different in everyone's own imagination. You should be able to find another discovery in the music and SFX upon each relistening
    In the last dubbing stage, what I was most particular about was 'pauses.' In an anime you'd be cued by visuals, but an audio work is determined by the intervals between one line to the next, scene to scene, and the timing of the music. In order to make it 'feel good,' I insisted on 'holding ground' just a little bit more
    The gauge for that came from reproducing the format of 1 anime episode. Although, to be truthful, it's been 10 years since I've written a scenario for a 22min anime, so my senses have dulled and it became a slightly longer scenario that I want to curse myself (I wanted to include 'Days' in its entirety...)
    However, there is one thing that I personally lament over. Why wasn't the roar in there just before the opening song...? But no, I do quite like the current segue in the final product. Also, I think maybe the last line would have been better with all three saying it.
    Also, as I've written before, this CD Drama is not complete. With Renamon being absent, there's no way it can be complete. To tell you the truth, I've been saying since last autumn to the inside circle to do the continuation as an anime, but I got the sense that it was pretty difficult. There were also a lot of other projects, so that makes sense.
    But I hated just waiting and leaving it all to luck, so I threw in a bomb (known as a proposal) at relevant offices yesterday on the day of sale release. While there's a hard chance of success, I thought that there was a need to make it clear that I wanted to do it. Currently, this is the most that I can do for now.

    If nothing else fans should appreciate just how much Konaka is on their side.

    After I'm rested up, I think I'll re-read everything Konaka said, and then go over the audio drama again to see how my feelings change about it.
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    Oh man I loved every second of that. Especially Guilmon and Terriermon. They made me especially nostalgic. It's a shame that we probably won't ever be getting a continuation to this, especially with all the questions it leaves. Konaka sure does know how to make you question everything. Please bandai don't leave us hanging like this.

    Them using their phones as digivices was really cool and something I didn't expect. I guess anything digital can be a digivice if they believe hard enough. just like the blue cards

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    Woah. First things first, I want to give you a HUGE thanks and massive appreciation for this enormous post, it's fantastic in every sense. Good scans, amazing review of the whole box, and the translation of the drama-CD, and the very informative tweets is very appreciated, so much. Thanks to you for this post and the translator. I dunno i just feel inmense appreciation for all this work on making this amazing thread. Thank you.

    As for my opinion - the box itself is amazing, I find it's similar to 01 and 02 boxes, but I like this one more (not due to Tamers bias) but because I think it looks prettier, imo. It's really good presentation, and enormous quality on that, but that's to be expected from a very expensive BD-box in Japan, gotta make the sheckels worth somehow. As for the video quality itself - it's what I expected. Unlike 01 and 02, the Tamers DVDs looked amazing as it is, probably pushed the DVD's to all the quality they could take, so.. for me, it looks pretty decent. Like, obviously it's an upscale, we know so, this show wasn't done in HD so we can't make some kind of miracle, but in a way I'm satisfied with it because it doesn't look as blurry or filtered - part of me thinks, besides some minor mistakes, like the ones you pointed, it's more or less an upscale done right, but that might be mostly because the original source was decent to start with.

    As for the drama itself.. it's.. weird, at first, perhaps? I gave it a read and it was sorta weird to me. Almost like fan fiction rather than something official. But that might be because it's been years since Konaka wrote something related to Tamers.. and also perhaps because I haven't seen Tamers in years, so as he said, it might be because I'm not familiar with the characters or terms anymore. And because I'm reading a transcript of something that was meant to be listened, so it has short pauses, etc, which don't go well in a written text.

    Something is certain, though. I can see it in both the drama itself and the translated tweets (thank you again for that).. it's clear that Konaka himself has a deep love towards Tamers, and wants to continue the story; not only because he's inspired by the warm reception of fans of the series, but also because, even though it comes from a huge franchise like Digimon which is mostly owned by big companies, he was given total freedom with it, so it's almost like his baby in terms of everything story-wise, minus the little changes Toei asked. The fan reception combined with the nostalgia and love of Konaka for the world he created is why he wants so much to continue the world. And honestly? I'd love a Tamers Tri, too.. I think it makes sense.. would it be better than Adventure Tri? That I don't know, but part of me thins Konaka would write up something great, now without the problems of writing for a kids show, since the audience would kinda change. I'm GLAD Konaka himself decided to stop being so DRAMATIC and depressing for this new drama, because honestly, that's something I wouldn't appreciate for a sequel. It's okay to put some depth and realness to it, man, but I never appreciated getting depressed or heart broken by a melodramatic aspect.. :P

    If he does it well, I would be excited for whatever comes out for a Tamers Tri, if it ever does happen. I'm only hoping if he goes for serious melodramatic route, that he does it well and not too overdone. And that I appreciate that he's rooting for it, and if I read it well, seems to have presented the project to people? When money is involved, it's hard for it to happen, many times someone wanting to do something gets rejected easily, so I'm not holding my hopes out for it, though it'd be really amazing. But again. If it doesn't comes out. I gotta appreciate the amount of love Konaka has towards Tamers fans and what he has done for them.

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    My copy arrived earlier this week, but I won't be able to open it and enjoy it until after the workweek ends. Your breakdown is actually the first time I've seen the blu-ray set; I haven't even opened the box on mine yet! Thanks a bunch for such a thorough job! I still frequently visit onkei's site for Digimon translations (especially past CD dramas), so I want to extend a huge thanks for translating the new CD drama as well. I can't wait to listen to it; the thought of hearing the old cast again has me positively giddy.

    Everything looks to be about what I expected, with the exception of one minor thing. I'm surprised the "new series" preview for the first episode of Tamers isn't included among the extras. It featured exclusive narration from Makoto Tsumura (Takato) and Masako Nozawa (Guilmon), so it's a shame to not have it preserved here. I'm pretty sure the "new series" previews for Adventure and Adventure 02 were included on their respective blu-ray sets. Again, it's minor, but unfortunate.

    I don't know how long they'll keep squeezing these blu-rays out, but I'll be satisfied if we can at least get a Frontier set so that I can own everything from the "golden age". Please, just one more!
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    That audio drama was... really quite odd. In many ways I felt like it really fitted Tamers, but it also seemed too ambitious for its own good. I did like them reinterpreting the setting of the series for the modern day though! Thanks for the translation!

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    The CD drama was awesome! I know it might have sounded like a fanfic for a few people, but for me it was 100% Konaka.

    However, knowing that this might never be continued has left me with a huge feeling of emptiness.

    Having at least one or two more episodes would be perfect as a sequel for Tamers.
    As you say, it seems like Konaka is doing his best to somehow bring Tamers back to TV (or, at least, giving this CD drama a sequel).

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    Anyway, the approach it takes to the story is very interesting and there's clearly much potential here. One aspect that struck me was that while in tamers (even though of course things like the technology of Hypnos were ludicrous) much of the other technology was meant to be analogous to the normal technology of the day, the drama is now presenting 2018 with stuff like some presumably advanced "World Wide Mesh" which kind of points to it going full alternate history now.
    Speaking of "alternate" I'm not sure how well some of the new drama goes together with the older one... specifically Yamaki's future backstory (frontstory?) which claimes that hypnos was completely destroyed and he resigned and so on... but in Message in the Packet the whole plot point about them creating the firewall between the human and digital world and still being able to transfer data to the digital world implied that their operation was operational again. But who knows... maybe that could be tweaked to fit, or maybe tamers three alternate futures now lol.
    There are some very interesting directions they could continue the story in. One big point is of course not only the absence of Renamon but also the absence of the "original" Takato. With his "foglet" copy now running around there is plenty sources for drama. Konaka seems to like his cyber-ghosts and Yamaki doesn't seem exactly sure about why they could only scan a younger version of him, so the "real" takato might just not be alive but that would be kind of cheap and him still being around somewhere could lead to very interesting situations, like what if the older version shows up one, day who of them would be Guilmon's "true" partner?

    As for the rest... the scans look great and the video seems to look alright. I'll take a bit less sharpness over excessive smudging any day.
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    Interesting, I wonder exactly how they scanned the cards with the smartphone (A bar code reader perhaps?). I hope they could follow-up this story someday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DL22003 View Post
    Interesting, I wonder exactly how they scanned the cards with the smartphone (A bar code reader perhaps?). I hope they could follow-up this story someday.
    I imagine they would use NFC technology! Which obviously the actual cards don't have haha.

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