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Thread: Wada Kouji Passed 2 Years Ago

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    Wada Kouji Passed 2 Years Ago

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    It's been 2 years since the passing of Wada Kouji.

    A well known name to Digimon fans around the world from his connection to the brand from his music, which at times has even ended up defining certain aspects of the brand visually, he's the first name that comes to mind for many Digimon fans.

    As always, far too many songs connected to the brand to list and give their due all at once, and everyone tends to have their own favorites.

    And as many people know, our site/forum was named after one of his songs.

    It just turned April 3rd where I am but messages have been popping up from fans everywhere as it's rolled over to the 3rd in various countries over the last few hours. That also includes people connected to Digimon via their work...

    The first is the Digimon Music Producer who linked to a video FeelMee made. It features singer/songwriter Mayo Okamoto playing Butter-Fly on a piano. The producer also posted a message:
    Today is the 2nd anniversary of Wada Kouji-san's passing. His immortal song, Butter-fly, continues to be loved by people the world over and still continues to fly today. We have asked mayo (Okamoto Maya)-san, who is a fan of his, if she would be willing to do a cover of Butter-fly, which she accepted without hesitation. Wada-san, has the song reached you?

    The FeelMee Twitter responded to this with it's own comment:
    To tie in with April 3rd, a video of our has been uploaded onto the Digimon attraction site. mayo (Okamoto Maya)-san, thank you for your cooperation. "Kitto toberu sa" (Surely, we'll be able to fly) -- even now as we listen to this wonderful song, it's as if we can hear Wada-san's singing voice accompanying it. Please have a listen!

    Next is Volcano Ota, the director of the team that created Digimon, who also often appeared at Digimon events and helped push the brand forward at Bandai.

    Ota always tends to stay positive with a smile and something positive to say:
    Today is the 2nd anniversary of Wada-san's passing. It's mysterious that the character "三" ('three') is used when only 2 years have passed... (^_^;) But, Wada-san, we still haven't run out of things to say about you. It really makes me realize how large a presence you left behind. Even though this mini-Kouji here is so small (laughs)
    Garm had a little translation note about the 'three' being used (the Digimon Music Producer used it also, but didn't comment on it being somewhat odd like Ota did.) "三回忌" is Japanese for '2nd death anniversary', even though the word for 'three' is used; it has something to do with Buddhist cycles.

    Chiaka Konaka posted a simple message in both English and Japanese. The translation he posted was very literal and the context might be misunderstood, so we've rewritten it slightly based more on the context.
    And April 3rd is the anniversary of Wada Kouji-san's passing.

    He also posted a link to a fans music video of The Biggest Dreamer on Youtube. The 'and' he begins with seems to be an allusion to the Tamers Box coming out on the same day Wada died.

    Wada Kouji has been, and will continue to be, greatly missed by Digimon fans.

    He was 42 years old.

    Update- AiM posted a few things regarding a meetup a few of them did to celebrate Wada Kouji.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    She also typed up a bit:
    We met yesterday for the 2nd anniversary of Wada Kouji-san's passing. I don't usually drink as I'm not good with alcohol, but we had a toast in remembrance of Wada-san, who loved beer. There, I also met those whom I haven't met in a long time; in a way, you could say that Wada-san brought us together. I greatly treasure this bond that we share, and I hope to enjoy today by singing together with everyone, and Wada-san as well!

    She also posted one more tweet.

    Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom) Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Finally, I had the chance to meet Chiwata Hidenori-san, who created Butter-Fly. And of course, Miyazaki Ayumi-san, who helped to take Chiwata-san's picture (laughs). Chiwata-san even sang Butter-Fly twice! He plans to hold a one-man live at Budokan 4 years later, so I hope fans of Wada-san and Digimon will be able to attend this live concert.

    Thanks to garm for the AiM translations.

    A new version of Butter-Fly will be the ending theme to Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 and feature Wada Kouji's audio track from the tri. Version of Butter-Fly alongside the cast, AiM, and Ayumi Miyazaki.

    The CD will be released on May 2nd and there will be 2 versions:
    A normal edition for 741 yen.
    A first print limited edition for 1,481 yen. The limited edition will include a paper jacket and a mini pin-up poster of the art from the jacket.

    Pre-Orders are available at CDJapan (affiliate links.)
    tri. Part 6 ED CD (Normal)
    tri. Part 6 ED CD (First Print Limited Edition)

    If you want to read the article from last year it can be found here.

    Thanks to garm for translations.
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    I had to summon most of my willpower to prevent myself from crying in the lab where I was watching these vids. Wada Kouji-san was a great musician, and I can't believe it's been two years since we lost him. One of my biggest regrets in life will be that I never got to attend one of his concerts. RIP.

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    For me , Wada Kouji's Butterfly and other songs literally represent Digimon and whenever I listen to his songs all the childhood memories of watching Digimon just flood back into my mind and all the future digimon anime will feel quite different for me without Wada Kouji.

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    How I wish he was still with us.

    Indeed it was great to see Taichi and the gang again in Tri with him, but, alas, he sadly parted ways with us at the start of the journey.
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    Man, that was a big loss for us and years will pass and some of us will still have not recovered when we remember him.

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    Last year I made a memorial card to a game I sacrificed half of my life for. This year I made a second card too. Both are to Talisman The Magical Quest Game.

    Image Thumbnail Image Thumbnail

    Rest in Pease, Wada Kouji-san.
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    When I was playing Hackerís Memory, I felt like the game was one giant tribute to Wada Kouji. It is pretty moving just how ingrained he is in the franchise even now.

    I still miss his music so much. We have had a lot of other great singers throughout Digimonís history, but no one could match his unforgettable and moving music.

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    Always remember the opening of Adventure RIP Wada, hope now you're with Angemon in heaven.

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    Added some photos that AiM took along with translations of two of her tweets.
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