It's time for some 'only sort of connected to Digimon' but good news!

Sometimes it seems like we only get a chance to talk about the cast and crew of Digimon when an interview comes around, or when there is sad news, so popping up occasionally with good news is fun.

One of the chief producers for Digimon Adventure tri., Atsushi Suzuki, will be heading up a new division at Toei.

Suzuki will be heading up the new third division/department of the "Anime Planning and Production Headquarters." This new department's primary job will be to focus on new Dragon Ball projects. In addition to being the head of this new group, Suzuki will keep his old titles of executive and business development department head.

With tri. Part 6 coming out in little over a month, his work for tri. is effectively over, so it's nice to see someone connected to Digimon get a new and important role at Toei.

The most recent Dragon Ball series, Dragon Ball Super, ended last Saturday, and a theatrical film is planned for release on December 14th.

Thanks to ANN for the heads up.