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Thread: tri. Art from April Animedia

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    tri. Art from April Animedia

    We normally get the new tri. art from Animedia right around when the issue comes out, but it's been a bit of a wait this time...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    The new issue of Animedia features a nice image of Yamato, Gabumon, Takeru, and Patamon.

    The image has Yamato and Takeru both dressed relatively formally, with Takeru offering Yamato a three color dango. Gabumon seems pleased, and Patamon has fallen asleep. In the background you can see cherry blossoms. The cherry blossom viewing season is about to begin in Japan, and the three color dango is a traditional treat to enjoy during the season, so it's a very nicely themed image.

    There will be more to say about this image once we get a better quality version of it, but it appears to be themed with Yamato and Takeru like the prior one was Taichi and Hikari in winter.

    Hopefully we get a better quality image of it soon...

    This is from the April issue of Animedia, which can be ordered from CDJapan (affiliate link.)

    Thanks to our friends at Dimensao Digimon for the image.
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    It's a pretty good image.

    As the previous issue of Animedia has Taichi and Hikari, this issue has a Yamato and Takeru.

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    Well that looks cute. Can't wait to see the full page.

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    Sweet, i like it.

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