“…So, in conclusion, I was able to sap the power of two Champion level Digimon; Allomon and Lekismon,” Dayan said to me. He spoke in a more steady voice than he did when I had first created him; his eyes looked less dull and lifeless than they did, and he seemed more confident in himself.

“Well, I’m glad to hear that, Dayan,” I smiled. “But, you weren’t able to defeat them?”

“No, Milady. I sought only to steal their power from them first, so it would be easier to defeat them later,” Dayan said.

“I see…Well, that certainly was clever of you, my dear creation,” I said.

“What’s clever about it? You should simply have eradicated them,” Aegolius muttered.

“Oh, don’t be like that; my clever little boy is now able to think on his own without his mommy telling him what to do,” I whispered gently, still looking at Dayan. “…But you aren’t entirely wrong, Prince. It would be best if we could have them all dealt with as soon as possible.”

“…I apologize that I have let you down,” Dayan said.

“Oh, you didn’t do that, sweetie! Really, you didn’t!” I said, giving Dayan a smile. “…They’re traveling in a group, right?” Dayan nodded. “…Very well. I’d say it’s my turn to go and fight them.”

“Why don’t we all just go out and fight them at once?” Aegolius said.

“Remember that old saying: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” I said.

“We’re no angels,” Crush said. “Does that make us fools, then?”

“Oh, hush, you know what I mean. I’m going to go fight them. Alone.”

“Wait!” I looked over my shoulder, and saw Rosemon approach me. “Giselle is with them, isn’t she? Let me go with you.”

“And why should I do that; so you can turn traitor on us at the last minute and go back to your old partner?” I asked.

“Don’t be absurd; Giselle betrayed me to keep her own selfish ass out of trouble!” Rosemon snapped. “I want to be the one to kill her!”

“…Very well then; I will spare the one known as Giselle, and bring her back to you. Do you find this to be acceptable?”
“Very. I long to see the look on her face as the life fades from her eyes!” Rosemon said, grinning madly.

Sparrow Lea

“Well, do you know which way he went?” Eleanora asked. I looked around the extravagant room; not counting the doorway we had entered through, there were at least six other exits, all lining the walls. When Dayan attacked us with Allomon’s flame attack, it was impossible to tell which way he had gone.

“It might be best to avoid him for now, Ellie,” Lunamon said. “He was able to steal mine and Hawkmon’s power, and he even knocked Celtinemon unconscious; I doubt we’ll be able to defeat him with just the six of us…”

“…Maybe not…but…I swore I would not leave until I found Matthew, or at least until I found out where he was,” Eleanora said. “And if that means fighting Dayan, then so be it!”

“Well…if you feel that strongly about it, El, then I’ll stay with you,” Sparrow said. “I won’t let that man hurt you; I promise.”

“Are you flirting with her again?” Giselle asked. My face instantly reddened.

“N-NO! I’m not flirting with her AGAIN!” I yelled.

“Yes, but of course; when has it ever stopped?” Hawkmon asked.

“Damnit, Hawkmon!” Giselle and the two Rookie Digimon laughed, and I turned away. I glanced over at Eleanora, who looked as though she weren’t paying attention. I could tell, though, that her cheeks had grown rather pink since the conversation began.

“Would you mind telling me what’s so funny? It’s been a while since I’ve laughed like you all have.” At once, Giselle and the two Digimon stopped laughing; I turned around just in time to see a beautiful woman walking into the room.

“W-Who are you?” Giselle asked.

“…Is your name Widow, by any chance?” Lunamon asked.

“You’re half-right, little one; Widow is my codename,” the woman said. “My real name is…oops! Almost forgot; I’m not supposed to tell you unless we share a close bond!”

“So, you’re the one who created Dayan?” I asked.

“Yes, that was me,” Widow replied. “How did you find him? Pretty strong, right? And very handsome…”

“Hmm…well, he definitely wasn’t bad looking,” Giselle mused.


“What? I was just agreeing with her…”

“Well, whatever; just to make sure, you lot are from Lachesis, right?” Widow asked.

“Yes; we are from the Mercenary Guild known as Lachesis,” I said. “I presume that’s why you and the other flunkies have been badgering us?”

“Flunkies…How arrogant. All of us are equals; we may not refer to our leader as such, but at the end of the day, we are all equals,” Widow said. “Which is more than I can say for you lot; disobeying the words of your ‘master’ to come here searching for one of your own? That doesn’t sound like much of an organization to me.”

“Shut up, you—” I ran towards the woman, brandishing my axe; Widow held out her arm in front of her, and suddenly, I found myself unable to move. “W-What…the hell…?!”

“Don’t underestimate me; I’m no mere woman,” Widow said. “…I’m a woman with a great passion for spiders. I love spiders; everything about them! I love their eight little hairy legs; the way they feel when they skitter all across my naked body! I love consuming them live, and the feeling their legs make when they skitter down my throat and all around my belly, only to come out my—”

“O-kay, you can stop talking now!” Eleanora interrupted with a grimace.

“That doesn’t explain what you did to me to stop me from moving!” I shouted.

“Oh, calm down, handsome; I was getting to it,” Widow said, winking at me. “Now, then; since I am so enamored with spiders, I injected the blood and data of a Dokugumon into my veins; not enough to turn me into a Bio Hybrid or curse me with that ugly Mark, mind you. I am currently 80% Human. But, the other 20% of me is Digimon; I have the abilities of the Dokugumon whose data is now inside of me. For example…I am now able to shoot invisible threads from the tips of my fingers! Threads so strong, you can’t move; you can’t break free! But the best part is…you are now able to bend to my will entirely! Now, dance, my little puppet; DANCE!”

“N-No…you aren’t…strong enough…to control me!”

“Wanna bet?” Widow asked. The bizarre woman held out both hands in front of her, and began wiggling her fingers like a puppeteer; I tried hard to resist, as hard as I could, but true to her word, Widow had complete and total control of my body. With a laugh, Widow forced me to swing my axe through the air, right at Giselle and Eleanora — though, to my relief, both girls were able to move out of the way quickly enough. “Now, then; how’s that for irony? The symbol on your axe means ‘Kindness’; and yet, here you are, trying to murder your friends!” Widow giggled.

“No…you…you’re wrong!” I grunted, trying once again to stop my body from moving. “This symbol…it means strength!” With great effort, I loosened my fingers, and dropped my axe to the floor and kicked it away. “Eleanora! Cut through the threads! Quick!”

“I’m way ahead of you, pal!” Eleanora was instantly in front of me, but Widow began to move my arms again, and I reached out and grabbed Eleanora by the throat.

“No! STOP IT!” I screamed. “Stop…don’t make me hurt her…”

“Too late!” Widow smirked. Again, I attempted to resist, but my fingers only tightened around Eleanora’s neck. She was now gasping for breath, completely unable to speak, and dangling in the air.


“…You know…normally, I would take you up on that offer…but, dear Sparrow, I’m afraid I’ve somewhat of a penchant for bringing agony to other people!” Widow said. “Clearly, you care deeply about this girl — perhaps you fancy her? Seeing you hurt her makes me so happy…Now, snap that Marked cunt’s neck in half; I command you!” Eleanora’s eyes suddenly opened, and she rammed her knee deep into my groin, making me drop her.

“G-Gotcha covered, big guy!” Eleanora wheezed. In an instant, she drew her sword, and sliced through all of the threads that Widow had placed on me.

“…Damn it! You were just trying to get close enough,” Widow said through clenched teeth. She raised an arm once again, but then clenched her fist. “…No. I’ve had my turn. And I wasn’t strong enough…I will leave you be for now.”

“You’re not going any—” I ran for the woman, but in a heartbeat, she had vanished. “…Damn her! Damn her…How did she escape like that…?!”

“Sparrow…I’m okay,” Eleanora panted.

“Well, I’m not. She made me hurt you…I’ll never get over that.”

“It’s okay…I know it wasn’t your fault,” Eleanora said, placing her hand on my arm. “…But…Widow was right about one thing.”


“That symbol on your axe? It really does mean kindness,” Eleanora said.

“What?! No, it means strength!” I stammered. “…Doesn’t it…?”

“Fraid not; I’ve seen that symbol before; it is the Crest of Kindness.
“DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!” The room filled with the laughter of my friends.


“Oooh….OOOH! Those damn KIDS!” I screamed, pacing back and forth in the room. “How dare they break free from my thread control?! They make me so mad!!!!”

“Simmer down,” Aegolius muttered. “Look, we all hate them, okay? No need to get your panties in a twist about it.”

“Don’t worry about it, Rosie; we’ll get them,” Crush added.

“…Hmm…I’m going to go find GranDokugumon; maybe she can defeat them,” I said to myself, only partially paying attention to the conversation with my allies.
“What, you mean that weak little Mega that couldn’t even get past one Human?” Aegolius asked. “Don’t make me laugh…” I ignored the prince, however, and left the room. I walked down a flight of stairs, calling out for my precious GranDokugumon. I finally found her hunkered in the top corner of the room where the wall and ceiling joined.

“GranDokugumon? It’s okay, honey; you can come down,” I whispered gently. “That scary man isn’t going to hurt you anymore, I promise.” Wearily looking around the room, GranDokugumon skittered down the wall, and over to me. “That’s a good girl…”

“…You can be very motherly at times…Rosie.” The sudden voice made me jump, and GranDokugumon attempted to hide behind me when Dayan walked into the room.

“Oh…hello, Dayan. How are you feeling?” I asked. “…Wait…you just used me real name. How did you know it? I never told you…” Dayan smirked, and walked up to me.

“Rosie…a question then, for you. When you created me…you did not add in a heart, a metaphorical heart…did you not?” Dayan asked.

“…No, I didn’t. You don’t have any emotions,” I said. “…You shouldn’t…”

“Then why, pray tell…do I have them regardless, I wonder?

“I-I don’t know,” I stammered. “M-Maybe…because of your ability?”

“Rosie…you should know that your own creativity can be cruel, even to you, my dear,” Dayan said. “You have succeeded in bringing to life a monster…many, many monsters; yourself included, naturally.”

“Dayan, what do you want from me?” I asked, starting to feel scared.

“I told you…I want to know why I am feeling emotions. You gave me a frightened guess, but that won’t do. I want to know why I enjoy killing other people…I have not even done so yet, but it is something I crave! Why is that, Rosie?!”

“I…I…Oh!” I gasped. “While I was making you…in order to make you into a Human, I injected some of my own blood into you…That’s why…”

“…So, that explains it, I guess…”


“In that case…I would like to thank you for this gift of life…and the curse of emotions…by eliminating your existence,” Dayan said.

“No…you can’t be serious…” Dayan began walking towards me; inadvertently, I walked back into the cowering GranDokugumon. Dayan, however, walked past me, and placed a hand on GranDokugumon’s trembling head.

“Poor, pitiful creature… You are just like me; forcibly brought into existence by this madwoman. But now, you can be somebody, instead of just being a laboratory test subject. You’re lucky, GranDokugumon…you’re off the hook.”

“Dayan! What are you going to do to her?!” I screamed.

“I said I’m thanking you, didn’t I? Well, here is my gift to you.” Dayan’s hands instantly began to glow, and GranDokugumon began to shriek wildly.


“Relax; I’m not killing her. I think you would call it compassion…or perhaps empathy,” Dayan said. GranDokugumon’s legs were flailing madly in the air; I had to back away to avoid being skewered. Finally, it was all over with; GranDokugumon collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. “I stole some of her power for my own use…but for the most part…I removed her sense of self…exactly like you did to me…or tried to. You knew I would have emotions when I came to life…so you used my own powers of absorption to remove them. You, Rosie…are pitiful.”

“No…No! Dayan!” GranDokugumon stood up, and looked over at me. Her eyes were now fixed in a ravenous glare, and began walking towards me. “Dayan…”
“Don’t worry, Rosie,” Dayan smiled, turning his back to me. “I hear being devoured alive is actually quite an adventure in itself.”


“Well, do have fun with that,” Dayan said, walking away. “Oh, and GranDokugumon…bon appetite.” Dayan slammed the door behind him as he left, leaving me alone with GranDokugumon.

“…You…do you…know who I am…?” I asked, my voice just barely above a whisper. GranDokugumon roared, and pounced on me. “NO! GranDokugumon, stop it! PLEASE!” The last thing I could remember was the sharp fangs of my created Digimon sinking deep into my neck before it tore my head off entirely.