Lucia Delbray

The bulk of our group stood or sat around the site the campfire that would most likely be made once the sun had set. Of course, a simple fire was the least of our concerns. A chilling fear gripped at all of our hearts, thinking about the small group we sent to scout the large city up ahead that was known as Europa. With my back leaned against Mihiramon’s side, I turned my gaze to the sky. Rather late in the afternoon, the sun was still in the sky, but the very edges of the horizon were beginning to taint the pure, pale blue with an unnerving, dark orange, much like I’ve always imagined the flames of hell to look like. I sighed, and tightly wrapped my fingers around the handle of my pendulum axe.

We’ll get through this…just like everyone keeps saying, I kept thinking. Over and over again, this thought would race through my mind, like my very subconscious was trying to soothe the unrest I felt. But even so, a terrible foreboding wrenched my gut. We…we can do this…We will all get out of here alive…Karen will be waiting for each and every one of us at her ship, and she’ll take us all home.

“So, Lucia…still got the hots for Matthew?” Mihiramon asked.


“…You like my great, great, great…something grandson?” Zelda asked with a confused expression on her face.

“You like my brother?!” Eleanora asked with a maddened glare on her face.

“Seems to be that way ever since that special rock of his got stolen by that thief chick,” Mihiramon said.

“Poor, lucky Matthew,” Sparrow shook his head slowly.

“…I believe you’ve just contradicted yourself, Sir,” Alena said.

“Oh, he does that all the time,” Hawkmon said. I was tempted to laugh at Sparrow’s usual stupidity with all of the others, but my eye was locked with Eleanora’s.

“See what you started, Mihiramon?” I hissed. The large Ultimate shrugged his shoulders. Before I knew it, Eleanora was sitting right next to me, still glaring. “…Hi…?”

“…You really like him?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“…You take good care of him, all right?” Eleanora draped her arm across my chest and wrapped her hand around my shoulder, leaning her head atop my breast. “He means the world to me; don’t you dare break his heart…”

“Could’ve sworn it was Lilliana who liked him,” Edmund said.

“I thought it was Larraine,” Abigail said.

“Well, it probably isn’t me that he likes,” I whispered. “All I know is that he likes someone in our group, and I doubt that it’s me…”

“What do you mean?” Eleanora asked.

“…I think it’s about time for all of us to head out,” I said, trying to change the subject.

“Lucia is correct,” Ulysses said. “I am certain that Alicia has been able to scout the area and find us an escape route by now. Now we just need to meet up with her group and find that escape route, because I’m sure that there are enemies waiting for us in Europa.” All of us looked towards the large city. I picked up my axe and leapt onto Mihiramon’s back. “Everyone…be on your guard. Even you, Leopardmon.”

“Understood,” the Mega level said. I gripped tightly the reins strapped to my partner Digimon, and looked to the city as we all slowly, slowly approached it. My heart pounded faster and faster as we entered Europa. Each building we passed, each alleyway, my heart skipped, expecting a Cyllenian Knight to pop out and strike.

“I told Alicia and her group to wait near this side of the city for us,” Ulysses said. “We should find them soon enough…I hope…”

“…If we don’t find them, should we head back?” Flamedramon asked. From the corner of my eye, I noticed something hidden in the shadows move. Light reflected off of the polished metal surface of a sharpened sword.

“We might not have that option,” I whispered. “We’re not alone.”

“Yeah; I can smell some armor and weapons,” Mihiramon added. I looked to the side, and saw a few other figures shifting around in the alley shadows.

“…We’re surrounded,” Alena said.

“Already?!” Ulysses hissed. Sure enough, from every direction, armor-wearing Humans brandishing sinister weapons, and powerful Digimon marched forward. Hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers had surrounded us. “Where the hell is Alicia?! We need to get through this city to get closer to the castle!”

“You will not be going anywhere, I’m afraid,” a WaruSeadramon said.

“From the shore you stopped at, King Desmond knew you would have to cut through this city, so he positioned over one-thousand of us here in this city,” a Human said. “All of you from Lachesis are in for a rough time!”

“Everyone! Ready yourselves and your Digimon Partners!” Ulysses exclaimed. Those Humans who had Digivices pulled them out, and all of them began to glow as the Summoners retrieved their Talismans. I slid off Mihiramon’s back, and readied my pendulum axe. “Reload, Talosmon! AeroVeedramon! Andromon!”

“Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

“Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

“Come forth, Aquarimon!”

“Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

“Come forth, Mercurymon!”

The Digimon surrounding us all smirked at the Digimon on our side, and the Cyllenian Humans did the same for the Humans of Lachesis and Valencia.
“You may all be powerful,” another Cyllenian Knight said. “But you are all severely outnumbered. You have no chance of claiming victory!”

“Everyone; attack!” Ulysses yelled. And so it began. Army clashed against army, will against will, Human against Human, Digimon against Digimon. The civilians all began to panic and flee the sight of our battle. All at once, the Digimon on our side began firing off their strongest attacks at the Cyllenian army. The five Valencian Knights formed a protective ring around Zelda with Mercurymon directly in front of them, shields up and ready to protect his partner. Leopardmon and BioLadyDevimon flew overhead, fighting a Gryphonmon, while AeroVeedramon fought a large MetalGreymon. Edmund and Flamedramon stood back to back, surrounded by a crowd of Cyllenian knights. With all that was going on, it was hard to keep my focus on even a single knight.

Maybe I shouldn’t have climbed off Mihiramon’s back, I thought, holding up my axe to protect myself from a knight’s sword just barely in time. A large hand grasped my wrist from behind, while another wrenched my axe away. I was completely unarmed, and surrounded by heavily armed knights.

“Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon’s tail struck down all of the knights, and once more, I climbed onto his back. “You gotta quit daydreaming, Lucy. Can’t have you dying on us!”

“Flaming Arrowheads!” A huge Majiramon flew into the sky, and called forth a rain of fire that struck down nearly all of us. A single flame was all it took to knock Mihiramon over. Talosmon, Leopardmon, Mercurymon, and Flamedramon were the only ones still standing. I was barely conscious, and hardly anyone else was. “Impressive, huh?” Majiramon asked. “That attack has taken out Mega Digimon before; you should all consider yourself lucky to be—” Without warning, Majiramon instantly lowered to the ground. It was at that point that I noticed an arrow directly between his red eyes. More and more arrows flew out and pierced Majiramon’s eyes, and the rest of his long body until he fell all the way to the ground, dead.

“Al…Alicia…?” I looked up just in time to see even more arrows rain down from the top of a skyscraper and into the foreheads, necks, and chests of the Cyllenian Knights. The ones that were hit died instantly, leaving less than two-hundred of them alive.

“Hey! Everyone, get up!” Atop Firamon’s back, Alicia and Matthew descended to the ground. Next to him, Quetzalmon swooped down with Elizabeth, Giselle, and Bokomon on his back. “We gotta go, now!” Alicia yelled.

“Come on! We’ve found the way out!” Matthew added. “The shortcut we found will take us straight to the castle!”

“…Good work…all of you,” Ulysses grunted, using his claymore to help him stand up. “Let us hurry…before reinforcements arrive…” The master held up his Fusion Loader, and returned all of the Digimon to it.

“All right; the road’s kinda hidden, so it took us a bit of a while for us to find it,” Alicia said. “It’s this way…” Alicia began walking, when she came to a stop instantly.
“Alicia…what’s wrong?” I asked. I ran over to the sniper, and gasped. Protruding from her chest was an arrow.

Eliza Wilstrom

With my arrowgun, I could see up close the looks of anguish and despair as the westerners saw their own sniper fall to the ground on her knees. Standing next to me, Eeno whistled, and quietly applauded me.

“My, seems you quite deserve your fearsome reputation, Miss Eliza,” Eeno said. “Oh…but it seems as though she’s still standing…”

“You kiddin’ me? I'm surprised her big ol’ tits didn't block the arrow entirely,” I said. I fired another arrow at the enemy’s sniper, piercing clear through her left knee. BAM! One through her chest. BAM! One in her navel. One in the center of her forehead. One in her neck. One in her—

“I think she’s dead now, Miss Eliza,” Eeno said.

“Oh…so she is,” I said. “What a weakling…and she had the gall to call herself a sniper? Pathetic little slut.”

“Why didn’t you target all of them? Why just their sniper?” Eeno asked.

“…I don’t like thinking that there could be snipers better than me. I simply rid myself of the competition,” I replied. “Plus, with one of their own down, their morale will fall, making it that much easier to destroy them all at once! Or even one at a time, if we felt like it!”

“I see…Well, if you’re all done here, do I have your permission to…intercept them?”

“Do as you wish, Eeno Freightheart.”
“Many thanks, Black General Eliza.”

Lucia Delbray

I couldn’t bring myself to believe what had just happened. Alicia lay dead on the side of a road, drenched in her own blood. Her eyes had glazed over, and all the color had fled from her face. All of us stood around her body, gazing at it in a somber disbelief. Even Isole, who had hated Alicia, had tears filling her eyes as more and more of the dead sniper’s blood spilled out onto the stone pavement. While it was happening, I couldn’t move a muscle. All I could do was look on in horror as Alicia was continuously shot from afar, and while the shooting stopped a few moments after she died, all of us kept our distance from her in case it started up again.

…This cannot be happening, I thought. I promised Isole…I promised everybody that we would all return home safe and alive…Why…Who the hell killed you, Alicia?! Who did this to you?!

“Yikes! She really did a number on your sniper!” At the sound of the unfamiliar voice, I whipped around, gripping my axe tightly. A tall and slender man approached us; on his pale face was a disturbing grin. “Wow…I knew Liza was a good shot, but I never thought she’d be that good of a shot! Geez; an arrow right between the eyes from that far away, and one into her belly button, too…”

“Who the hell are you?!” Ulysses asked.

“Oh, do forgive me; my name is Eeno,” the man said. “I was simply marveling at my superior’s sublime accuracy. She’s one of the three generals of Cyllene, you know.”

“Take us to her! Right now!” I snapped.

“Sorry; ‘fraid I haven’t been given orders to do so,” Eeno shrugged. “But…Miss Eliza did give me permission to slit all of your throats.” From a scabbard hanging at his waist, Eeno retrieved a large bowie knife and held out in front of him, with its sharp blade pointed directly at my neck. “If none of yeh lasses wish to be deflowered, then I suggest you kill me; right here and now!”

“…You…YOU BASTARD! I’LL KILL YOU! I’LL KILL ALL OF YOU! I’LL KILL EVERY CYLLENIAN WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS!” I rushed forward, madly swinging my pendulum axe at Eeno’s head, but with a grin, he nimbly avoided each strike.

“You know…You’re a bit older than the girls I usually have fun with,” Eeno said. “But I’m not too terribly picky. So long as I can have my fun—”

“SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH!” I slammed my axe down hard, cutting into Eeno’s right shoulder, but as soon as I did, I realized I had made a big mistake.

“You axe wielders are always so predictable; your violent swings always leave you wide open for a hit,” Eeno said, shoving his knife deeper and deeper into my belly before violently taking it back out and back into his scabbard. I had been stabbed many times in my life, so I had grown somewhat used to the pain, but the pain I felt at this very moment was unlike any I’ve felt before. Eeno must have known, because as I began to collapse to the ground, he grabbed my chin and forced me to look into his revolting eyes. “My knife has been dipped into poison produced by a Digimon called Bacchusmon. If you don’t do anything soon…you’ll die, sweetheart.” And that was the last thing I remember him saying before I blacked out.