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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 81 - Demon of the Deep


    The musky scent of dampened wood was one that had admittedly taken me a while to get used to, but now that I have, it had very much grown on me in a nostalgic sense. The air, filled with mist and dust, had the same sense of familiarity as I descended down a spiraling, stone staircase deep below the earth. Upon reaching the end of the long stairway, an even longer hallway followed. Lining the walls were rows of empty rooms, separated from the hallway by a set of iron bars, and behind them, the occasional prisoner. To be perfectly honest, there were more empty rooms than there were captives. We weren’t known for taking prisoners. Except for the women, of course; why waste what you can…well, you get the idea. Of course, at the moment, the only ones behind the bars were our…let’s say, failed experiments. Yes…those who had failed to accept the darkness offered to them, and had succumbed to a life of pain and torture. Of course, those who did fail rarely survived; thus, making the survivors an utmost priority for experimentations on how to properly seduce one into a life of purest darkness. I, of course, was never too proud to accept the necessity and help of allies, or even friends, thus leading to my experiments with darkness in the first place. As I passed by another cell, a trembling hand reached out.

    “…Please…kill…me…” It was a Human man. The look in his eyes revealed that he was far beyond the breaking point. I knelt down and tapped my finger on the man’s forehead. A sharp icicle tore through the back of his head, and he lay dead instantly.

    “Do not think me a merciful being…I simply enjoy killing,” I whispered to the man’s corpse.

    “Still, do be sure to not kill all of these failures, IceDevimon.” From the direction I was headed, a single cloaked being, obscured by the light and hidden in shadows, slowly and steadily approached me.

    “…Greetings, master,” I said, bowing at the waist.

    “IceDevimon. How are things at Cyllene?”

    “Well, I have some good news and bad news,” I began. “Barbamon was killed by the members of Lachesis a few days ago.”

    “…Is that so.”

    “Indeed. We’re a bit more shorthanded with him gone, but…we are one step closer to achieving one of our goals,” I continued.

    “I am aware of this, IceDevimon. You need not waste our time rambling on about the little details.”


    “…If they defeated Barbamon…then they are on their way back to the Arcadian landmass…correct?” I nodded. “Unbelievable…it is astounding enough that they were able to get past Cetosmon to get to Cyllene in the first place. They just keep increasing their strength, IceDevimon.”

    “Do not fear. Cetosmon was not killed. I shall have him intercept Lachesis on their way home,” I said.

    “…One more thing, IceDevimon. Send out our…new recruit. Should they arrive safely back to their fortress, I would like to have someone there to welcome them home.”

    “Our new recruit? But, she is only a mercenary!” I exclaimed.

    “…And? What of it?”

    “Mercenaries like Celtinemon only answer to the sound of coin hitting the palms of their hands! Should the enemy hire her to fight us—”

    “Then it will be no big loss. Celtinemon is not plagued by darkness like the rest of us. She is not a chain, like Barbamon was.”

    “…Understood. I shall go send for Celtinemon immediately,” I said, bowing once more.
    “See that you do.”

    Mathew Kasuto

    The last traces of the continent of Cyllene disappeared beyond the dark, starry horizon. I closed my eyes, and leaned back against the railing of Karen’s ship, allowing the sensation of the gentle rocking of the waves to overtake my mind and thoughts. Katsumi had died. The woman I loved…she was dead. And to add insult to injury, there wasn’t anything I could do about it. The deaths of Alicia and Wayland had both taken be by surprise, and though I was deeply saddened by their loss, those feelings paled in comparison to the utter turmoil I felt over Katsumi’s death. All I could do while my Digimon partner bravely fought against that Digimon called Barbamon was sit and wait like a coward, holding the cold hand of the woman who I had hoped would someday become my lover. I was disgusted with myself for my cowardice and weakness, even though Coronamon has reassured me countless times that I had done nothing of the sort.

    “…Are you…Matthew Kasuto?” I looked up, and saw a young girl standing above me. I’d seen her briefly while first boarding Karen’s ship, but I didn’t have the chance to speak with her. Her hair was an odd color, as if transitioning between pitch black, grey, and pure white depending on the angle. “I apologize we haven’t had the chance to speak yet. I am Princess Tamiko Silverveil.”

    “A…princess?! I—”

    “Oh, no, don’t act formal! Please,” Tamiko said quickly. “I…actually ran away from home because I…I hated my father…I joined your missionary group, so I’d like for you to think of me as your equal, and not a princess.”

    “Okay, but—”

    “Not a princess! Just a girl named Tamiko! Okay?”

    “…Lachesis is a mercenary group, not missionary…”

    “…Oh.” Tamiko’s face flushed a rather lovely magenta. “…Well…I wanted to talk to you for a little bit, Matthew, if you don’t have a problem with me…”

    “…Why would I have a problem with you?” I asked.

    “Well…I’m a princess from Cyllene,” Tamiko said nervously. “You know…the empire you pretty much wiped out…the daughter of the mad king and all that…”

    “But you aren’t like that. You’re sweet.” Tamiko blushed again, and smiled.

    “Thank you…Um…Anyway, I was speaking with your sister, Elena, and—”


    “…Right. I was speaking to her…and…she told me…about what happened to your friend, Katherine—”


    “…It was…one of the soldiers from my kingdom who killed her, Matthew,” Tamiko said, sitting down next to me. “I would like to take full responsibility for the actions of Black General Eliza Wilstrom.”

    “…You don’t…need to do that…”

    “But…she…she also killed Alisson and Wallace, didn’t she? Please…”

    “…Why do you feel like you need to take the blame for something you didn’t do?” I asked, not bothering to correct her on Alicia’s and Wayland’s names.

    “I just…feel like maybe I could have done something to prevent all of this…Instead, I ran away from home instead of trying to prevent all of this madness,” Tamiko sighed. “…Your sister told me that you loved Katsumi…I know how painful it is to lose a loved one, Matthew…”

    “…Yes…I did love her…But for the longest time, the two of us were so shy…Recently, a thief named Lira stole a memento of my late mother, and ever since then, I’ve been feeling…I don’t know, less like a coward, I guess.”

    “…Did you say…Lira?” Tamiko asked.

    “She called herself the Great Thief Lira Elric. Why? Do you know of her?”

    “…I feel as though I’ve heard her name before,” Tamiko pondered. “And you said she was a thief…She sounds familiar, but I’m afraid I can’t remember where I might have heard her name in the first place…Oh, I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to go off topic. Please, continue, Matthew.”

    “…I found the shyness Katsumi possessed to be rather endearing. She cried all the time because she would get visions of the future.”

    “And…that made her cry?” Tamiko asked. “That sounds…ominous…”

    “She didn’t ever say what she saw in her visions,” I admitted. “But…whatever she had seen always seemed to traumatize her…”


    “…I…was so angry at myself…for not being able to do anything to save her,” I whispered. “All I could do was beg her not to die…and hold her hand for hours…until Flaremon came back for me once all the fighting was done…”

    “…Thank you for talking to me, Matthew; it must have taken a lot to say something that affected you that deeply,” Tamiko said. “I really appreciate the trust you’ve given to me by telling me your story.” Tamiko reached over and placed a hand on my shoulder. “Your sister is really worried about you, you know…and she…well…she kind of reminds me of myself…”

    “In what way?” I asked.

    “Well, she’s your twin, but she’s always treated you like her younger brother,” Tamiko smiled. “I, too, had a little brother…His name was Kelik. He…wasn’t my father’s son, though…and…and he…was…Desmond executed him.” I gasped.

    “…How could he do something like that?” I said breathlessly. Tamiko shook her head.

    “He…was only a little boy, eight years old…and Desmond outed him as a spy in order to have a good excuse to murder him,” Tamiko continued. “He felt that, with the blame placed, he would have a further good reason to go to war with the so-called invaders from the west.”

    “…So that’s what you meant,” I said. “You and El both care deeply about your brothers…” Tamiko smiled.

    “Yes…we do,” she replied. “Plus, we both have black hair.”

    “…Black?” I stared at Tamiko’s long hair, and still was unable to tell what color it was.

    “Oh, yes; when I ran away from home, my Digimon partner, Kudamon, used his attack to change my hair color,” Tamiko said, laughing shyly. “I…guess it wasn’t too necessary, though, since I ended up going back to the castle to help all of you fight Barbamon anyway…Gah, my hair looks so weird now! Ugh, I feel like such an ugly freak…”

    “Don’t say that; I actually think it’s quite lovely,” I said.

    “T—Thank you,” Tamiko said, blushing. “…Hopefully, I’ll be pretty once my hair makes up its mind about what color it wants to be…” As I was about to respond, a massive wave crashed into the side of the ship, rocking it violently back and forth.

    “Is everyone okay?!” Karen yelled. The ship’s deck was thoroughly flooded; everyone on it was soaked.

    “…I’m glad I’m not wearing one of my princess dresses,” Tamiko said, brushing her sopping hair out of her face.

    “Karen, I think there’s something out there!” Ulysses exclaimed. The pirate queen remained still and silent, carefully eyeing the horizon. “Karen!”

    “I heard you,” Karen replied calmly. “…This doesn’t look good…”

    “Is it Cetosmon again?” I asked.

    “It shouldn’t be; MetalSeadramon blasted him practically to the bottom of the ocean,” Karen mused. The ocean waters began to stir once again, and another wave struck the hull of Karen’s ship. I looked over the railing, and saw a shadow beneath the water. A big one.

    “…It’s about to surface,” I said. “Tamiko, go below deck with all of the others. This could get messy.” As if on cue, a massive head emerged from the sea.

    “That…isn’t Cetosmon,” Ulysses said. The Digimon, enormous and red, grinned as it eyed Karen’s ship. A large row of sharp teeth glimmered endlessly in the moonlight. It snapped its massive jaws together, and dove back into the water.

    “…What…was that thing?!” Tamiko asked.

    “It can’t be…”

    “Karen, what’s wrong?” I asked.

    “I’ve heard stories of it, but I never thought it to be real,” the pirate queen murmured. “We’re dealing with a Digimon called Leviamon.”

    “So, it really does exist,” Ulysses said quietly. “It has been said that Leviamon has strength rivaling that of Barbamon, along with five other Demon Lord Digimon.” An enormous tail rose out of the sea, striking the side of the ship.

    “It must have Digivolved from Cetosmon,” I said.

    “RIGHT YOU ARE!” Leviamon leaped out of the water, wearing a nasty grin on his face. “An old pal of mine found me after you almost killed me, and gave me a bit of an upgrade!” Leviamon swung his tail again, destroying the masts of the ship.

    “Damn it, we have to stop him!” Karen yelled.

    “Reload, Leopardmon! Kentaurosmon!” Ulysses held up his Fusion Loader, calling forth the two Exalted Knights.

    “…Him again,” Leopardmon sighed. “He survived?”

    “I care not how strong he is; I shall do everything in my power to protect Tamiko,” Kentaurosmon said. Both he and Leopardmon aimed an attack at the massive Leviamon, who didn’t even flinch when hit.

    “Thunder Breath!” Leviamon roared, roasting both Leopardmon and Kentaurosmon with a breath of flames.

    “Damn it; Ulysses, keep everyone else below deck! Make sure they stay safe!” Karen barked. A small burst of flames from Leviamon’s attack bounced and hit one of the broken masts, igniting it. “Matthew; take the princess down below!”


    “Do it, Matthew!” Kentaurosmon agreed. Reluctantly, I took Tamiko’s hand in mine, and as I headed towards the stairs, another wave struck the ship. This time, another Digimon arose from the depths.

    “MetalSeadramon!” Karen exclaimed.

    “…I see our old friend is back,” the Mega said, glaring up at Leviamon. “Let’s end this!”

    “Yes, let’s!” Leviamon agreed.

    “River of Power!”

    “Shell Shock!” Leviamon’s attack tore through MetalSeadramon’s in almost an instant. The attack continued on, tearing through MetalSeadramon’s neck. The force of the attack sent MetalSeadramon flying backwards onto the ship, breaking it completely in half. Ulysses was flung down the stairs to below what was left of the deck. Tamiko and I nearly fell into the water, had I not grabbed the stray rope of a fallen mast. A nearby flame, however, threatened the stability of said rope.

    “METALSEADRAMON!” Karen, acting as though her ship were in perfect condition, ran to the fallen Digimon’s side, but it was too late. MetalSeadramon had died.

    “That will teach you…That’ll teach all of you; DON’T MESS WITH ICEDEVIMON’S PLANS!” Leviamon roared, diving back into the water. A huge wave rose up, crashing into the broken ship, wrecking it even further and completely submerging it beneath the surface of the ocean, and all of us with it.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 82 - A Strange and Mysterious World

    Matthew Kasuto


    A familiar voice echoed in my mind. But whose was it? I was barely conscious, but still, I could clearly hear the voice. Was it Eleanora? Coronamon? A cold ocean wave splashed my face; the stinging saltwater flowed into my mouth, and up my nose, agitating my sinuses. Completely surprised, I leaped up out of the wet sand, immediately trying to snort and cough out the saltwater. Upon regaining my composure, I looked around. All around me, my friends laid unconscious on the shore, several in the water, but most on the sand. I quickly found Eleanora belly-up in the sea and pulled her out as fast as I could, relieved that I could find a pulse.

    “You have nothing to fear, young man. They all live yet.” Surprised for the second time that minute, I turned around to face the speaker to find a tall Digimon, one that I had never seen before, standing nearby. Above him, far up in the sky, I could faintly see two large Digimon circling around. “It was a close call, but due to the actions of a brave seafarer, I was able to bring you all back here safely.”

    “…Are we in Arcadia?” I asked.

    “Indeed you are. You are in Shendu Territory, to be more specific,” the Digimon answered. “You were all close to being annihilated by that Leviamon. In the end, I was only able to drive him off myself…”

    “…Who are you?” I asked. “I’ve never seen a Digimon like you before…”

    “Oh, do forgive my discourtesy; my name is Dynasmon. I am a knight in the Shendian military. The seafarer that I mentioned told me her name was Ansley.”

    “Ansley? …Did she have red hair?”

    “Ah, then you are acquainted with her!” Dynasmon exclaimed. “Well, I’m afraid I haven’t seen her since she helped me to bring you all back safely to the shore; she set sail immediately; that was about fifteen minutes ago.”

    Ansley…she helped us? I don’t understand…Barbossa’s daughter…The daughter of the leader of a group of bandits…

    “I’d have taken you all back to the castle in Acacia with my subordinates, but I didn’t wish to risk moving you in fear of worsening any injuries you may have,” Dynasmon continued. “Are you…feeling alright, sir? You seem a trifle confused…”

    “No…its nothing,” I whispered. “…Dynasmon…why did you save us?”

    “What do you mean? I saw that you were all in trouble, and I came to your assistance,” Dynasmon said. “…Did I meddle unnecessarily?”

    “No, it isn’t that…We came from the east,” I continued. “You knew we were coming from the east. With the currents we were in, that’s the only place we could have come from. So, why?”

    “Because I know that is not where you are from,” Dynasmon said. “It is a complicated story, but…I know you are a member of Lachesis. I know you are not from the Eastern Continent.”

    “You know about us? …Were you in Lachesis at some point?”

    “…In a sense,” Dynasmon replied.

    …Hmm…I don’t recall ever hearing of a Digimon called Dynasmon being part of Lachesis…Maybe he was part of that group Coronamon was in back when he used to be Apollomon? What was it called…the Celestial Vanguard or something?

    “Now, you don’t appear to be injured, young man. Might it be safe to assume the same of your friends? I believe it would be best to move you to the infirmary of Acacia Castle, but I don’t want to worsen any possible fractures in doing so.” Slowly and carefully, I examined myself, moving my arms and legs before feeling around my torso.

    “…I think I’m fine, but I can’t speak on the others’ behalf,” I said after a moment. “We should probably take them in anyway; if any fractured bones get worse, we can always just heal it up at the castle…”

    “If you think that is the best choice, sir,” Dynasmon said. The Digimon turned his head to the sky, eyeing the two flying Digimon I spotted earlier, and raised an arm, firing an attack into the air. At once, the two Digimon raced through the sky, and were at Dynasmon’s side in the blink of an eye. Both of them were exceedingly large Dragon Digimon. “My Lord Kasuto, may I introduce to you two more of the Digimon working with me in the Shendian military; their names are Majiramon and Magnadramon, and they are partnered to two of Shendu’s finest knights.”

    “Two of the finest?! Jeanette is better than among the finest!” the Digimon called Majiramon fumed.

    “…You mean Jeanette and Eirika,” Magnadramon replied. “My partner is as loyal as yours, Majiramon.”

    “Yeah, but Eirika’s still a newbie!” Majiramon whined. “And besides, she’s totally unrefined in mannerisms; Jeanette’s got class.”

    Hmm…Sounds like Giselle and Eleanora…

    “Now, don’t get me wrong, Magnadramon; Eirika’s pretty cute and all that, but she just doesn’t have Jen’s poise and elegance,” Majiramon continued. As the two dragons continued their argument, I glanced over at Dynasmon, who was quietly shaking his head in disapproval.

    …I never told him my name…How did he know my last name?

    “…Every time,” Dynasmon sighed. “If it isn’t their partners, which it rarely isn’t, it’s their own combat prowess…” The Exalted Knight stepped forward, and fired a Dragon’s Roar attack from his hand up into the sky, getting the attention of the two dragons. “Honestly, you two…you’d think that with how well Jeanette and Eirika get along, you two would be the best of friends!”

    “Yes, commander!” Magnadramon instantly saluted.

    “Yeah, whatever you say, boss,” Majiramon said, speaking in a far less formal tone than Magnadramon.

    “Now that you two are done arguing, perhaps you would like to assist me in taking these people to the castle infirmary?” Dynasmon asked.
    “Yes, sir!” Both Dragon Digimon saluted.


    “…Ready…aim…and release!” With the target in my sight, directly ahead of me and plastered to a castle wall, I pulled my arrow back as far as I could, and let go. It was only the slightest fraction of a second, one that seemed to last for minutes as I watched the arrow fly through the air and hit the target…roughly four inches away from the center. “Aww…I thought for sure I’d get it this time!” I pouted.

    “Do not despair, dear Eirika. You improve your skills vith each passing day.” I turned around and smiled, knowing that the voice belonged to my best friend. “You have improved much since the day vhen ve first met. You are among Shendu’s finest knights.”

    “Wow…you really think so, Jeanette?” I asked. “Gosh, I didn’t think I was anywhere near that good!”

    “Your dedication is something that I much admire, darling,” Jeanette said, giving me a gentle smile.

    “Whoa…really?!” I gasped. “You…admire me? But, Jenny, I’m the one who’s supposed to admire you! I mean…you’re just so much prettier than me, and more lady-like. Here, check it out; I even got my belly button pierced like yours so I could be more like you! But even still, I don’t feel as adequate as you are; I wanna be pretty and talented like you are, Jenny!”

    “Oh, dear Eirika, there is no need for you to feel so,” Jeannette said. “It is alvays the better option to live your life vithout comparing it to that of another, dear one. You are a vonderful person in your own vay, and you should not make a try to changing it. Are you understanding?”

    “Hmm…yeah, I guess so!”

    “Good; I am glad you are having the happier feelings now,” Jeanette said. “Magnadramon and Majiramon have been coming back to the castle vith Dynasmon; they have bring us many injured travelers, and I think ve should go and go to see them, Eirika.”

    “Wha-What happened?!” I asked.

    “I am not knowing the details very much, but there vas a shipwrecked on the beach vith those travelers, so they vere taken to the infirmary.”
    “Well, let’s go, then!”

    Matthew Kasuto

    This world is a very mysterious place. Karen’s ship had been completely destroyed. Everyone aboard had been injured in some way — none of them fatally or seriously, to my relief — but still, it confounded me. Why wasn’t I hurt? I had a few cuts and scrapes, and a bruise or two, but of everyone that had witnessed Leviamon’s rampage, I was the only one to escape without a single broken bone. Furthermore, I was the only one who was conscious, even two hours later after being brought to the infirmary at Shendu Castle by those dragon Digimon. Everyone had his or her own bed in a large and spacious room; the room had even been big enough for Majiramon and Magnadramon to enter without issue.

    “You need not worry, Matthew,” Dynasmon said in a calm voice. Once everyone had been transported to the castle and settled in a bed, Dynasmon has stayed exclusively at Zelda’s bedside. “They will all be fine…”

    “Dynasmon…why are you staring at Zelda?” I asked. The knight stretched his violet wings, and shifted his sitting position on the floor. His ivory armor blended well in the white room.

    “…It is…a complicated story,” Dynasmon whispered. “Let’s just say, for now…that she and I have crossed paths many years back.”

    “…You also told me you were a member of Lachesis,” I continued. “But, I don’t recall there being any record of a Dynasmon being part of the guild.”

    “As I’ve told you, Matthew, it is a long story; one that is difficult to explain,” the Exalted Knight said. Though the tone of his voice did not waver from its usual calm, I could tell that he did not wish to speak further of the subject. I glanced at Eleanora; there were a few bandages wrapped around her sword arm. I looked out of a window at the deep violet-orange sky.

    …Why am I fine? I thought once more. I don’t understand…and whose voice spoke to me when Dynasmon found us?

    Matthew…I froze. It was the voice. Whose was it? Matthew! The sudden loudness of the voice caused me to jump.

    “Is there a problem?” Dynasmon asked.

    “…Did you…hear…anything?” I asked.

    “I hear nothing apart from the breathing of your unconscious friends, my boy. What did you hear?”

    “…Nothing. Never mind…”

    Matthew! The voice was growing more and more clear; it was a woman who was speaking to me. However, it was just faint enough so that I could not fully tell whose voice it was, though it was indeed familiar to me. Come with me…I looked up into the window, and saw a pair of golden eyes staring back at me, rather than my own. I gasped.

    Those eyes…I’d recognize them anywhere! “…Katsumi?” The eyes blinked. Gradually, her form began to materialize outside the window. Hovering in midair, the ethereal form of the woman I had loved smiled gently at me.
    Come with me, Matthew… Katsumi stretched out an arm and held out her hand. Against my better judgment, I opened the window and jumped through, landing on the grass just inches below. Katsumi began to glide away, and as I followed her, I heard Dynasmon call after me. At least, I think I did. All of my focus was on Katsumi.

    Zelda Kasuto

    Slowly, my eyes began to drift open. With the memories of the previous night’s ferocious battle still clear in my head, I was not at all surprised to find myself in a pure white hospital room. I glanced around the room, and saw that nobody was completely covered by a sheet, signifying that there were no casualties. I breathed a sigh of relief and tried to sit up, but a terrible pain in my ribs kept me from doing so.

    “Please…you need to get some rest.” I blinked. Standing next to me was a Digimon I thought I would never see again.

    “…Dynasmon!” Instantly, my eyes filled with tears, and in spite of my pain, I stood up to embrace the Exalted Knight, but stopped myself almost immediately from doing so. “…No…you’re probably different…from the one I knew…”

    “…It’s good to see you again, Zelda,” Dynasmon said quietly. I gasped.

    “You…you are that Dynasmon!” I threw myself into the Digimon’s arms, and lost myself to time in his embrace. “You’re…alive…I can’t believe…How…I thought that your Talisman was destroyed by Lilithmon…”

    “Enough time has passed,” Dynasmon said. “I have been reborn, as all Digimon are when they die. I would imagine that Gallantmon, Renamon, and the others would have been reborn by now as well.” I smiled.

    “…And here I was, thinking that there might be some way to fix all of your shattered Talismans. I spent many hundreds of years traveling the continent with Abigail, Andromon, and Flamedramon,” I said. “But having you here, right now and in the flesh, is even better than I could ever have dreamed of…Oh, Dynasmon…”

    “…I apologize for not going directly to you when I was reborn,” Dynasmon whispered. “I wanted to…I went many times, but others had told me you had left on a journey…I didn’t know what else to do, so I became a knight here in Shendu, the land of my birth in my first lifetime.”

    “No…I guess I need to be the one apologizing, then, if you were so worried about me,” I said. By this point, my ribs began to hurt even more, so Dynasmon gently lay me back down on my bed.

    “…I see you have become a mother in my absence,” Dynasmon said. “The swordswoman who resembles you; the archer that resembles Thomas…”

    “…Yes…They are not my direct descendants, but they seem to be my youngest living descendants,” I said. “…If only Thomas could be here to see them…”

    “…I had forgotten that he did not have the Mark, as you do,” Dynasmon said. “But, could he not have gotten it rather easily…?”

    “He didn’t ever want to cheat on me. Those were his exact words,” I said. “…I…said that I wouldn’t ever mind if he did it…I…often wish that he would have…Is that selfish of me?”

    “All you wanted was to spend your long life with the man you love. There is nothing selfish about that.”

    “…I miss him, Dynasmon,” I whispered. “But, I’ve got Matthew and Eleanora…so the pain isn’t as bad as it used to be.”

    “…Speaking of Matthew,” Dynasmon began. “He…left just before you woke up. He asked me if I heard something, and he suddenly left through the window…”

    “…It’s okay,” I said, smiling up at the big Digimon. “Matthew is strong. He’ll be okay.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 83 - Undying Love


    The pain in my ribs had kept me from sleeping in the silence that followed my conversation with Dynasmon. I was undisturbed by this; as I had much on my mind, I doubt I could have slept anyway. For the most part, I was simply thinking back on everything that happened over on Cyllene. Princess Tamiko and Kentaurosmon joined us. Alicia, Wayland, and Katsumi were all killed. My eyes watered instantly in memory of Luna’s daughter. Well, her second one, technically.

    And to think…I knew her while she was still inside Luna’s tummy…I watched her grow up into a beautiful woman. And now…

    Gradually, one by one, the other members of Lachesis began to regain consciousness, although those who did were either too injured to talk, or too exhausted. “…Dynasmon…you said Matthew left, didn’t you?” I asked.

    “Yes…should I go after him?” the Exalted Knight asked.

    “Well…did he seem at all hurt to you?”

    “Now that you mention it, he was the only one who didn’t have any broken bones,” Dynasmon mused. “He was also the only one awake while I brought you all to Shendu Castle. Although, perhaps he may have taken a blow to the head? He did mention hearing something that I could not…”

    “…I trust him, though. If he says he heard something, then I believe him. If he were too weak to go out, then he would not have done so. I trust that he will come back. He will…”

    “…Yes…Although—” Before Dynasmon could speak any further, the doors of the infirmary opened wide. Two young women, one with long crimson hair, and the other a blonde, walked in. “Ah, Jeanette and Eirika…I’m glad you’re here.”

    “Whoa, you weren’t kidding, Jenny; there’s a ton of people here!” the blonde said.

    “Oh, my…I am glad to see that nobody is hurt,” the other woman said, speaking in a noticeable accent. “Vhat happened to you all?”

    “…It was a shipwreck,” Karen whispered through clenched teeth. “My ship…it was destroyed by a Digimon known as Leviamon. My partner…didn’t make it…”

    …That’s right…MetalSeadramon was killed, too…Poor Karen…I can’t even begin to imagine how she must be feeling…

    “Trust me…you do,” I heard Dynasmon whisper lightly.

    …Can he…read my thoughts? I wondered. Dynasmon nodded, but just barely. I…see…Well, I guess it isn’t so bad. At least I can trust Dynasmon with my thoughts.

    “Jeez, nobody else died?” Sparrow asked. “We must have some kinda angel watching over us…”

    “Yes, you are all lucky to not being injured,” Jeanette said.

    “Actually…there was one young man named Matthew who was fortunate enough to not be hurt at all, save for a few scrapes,” Dynasmon spoke up.

    “Mattie’s okay?!” Eleanora gasped. “Where…is he…? I don’t see him anywhere…”

    “You’re his sister, aren’t you?” Dynasmon asked. “I’m afraid he left a while back after mentioning hearing something—”

    “What was it? What did he hear? Where is he?! Is he okay?! Is—”

    “Eleanora, calm down!” I exclaimed. “Matthew is fine…he’ll be okay. I know he will.”

    “…My master is correct,” Dynasmon said.

    “Your…master?!” Eirika asked. She and the other members of Lachesis who were conscious had looks of confusion on their faces; all except for Abigail and Flamedramon.

    “…You never did tell us how you came to being a knight vith us,” Jeanette said. Dynasmon and I exchanged glances, and nodded.

    “Very well, then. I don’t want this to be a long story, so I’ll just say that, in my previous lifetime…I was a Digimon Spirit,” Dynasmon began. “My talisman fell into the possession of Zelda here, but my talisman was ultimately destroyed by a Digimon known as Lilithmon, essentially killing me. However, as I am a Digimon, I was eventually reborn. I knew not where to find Zelda, so I ended up becoming a knight of Shendu, my homeland.”

    “Whoa…that’s, like, a totally amazing story, Mr. Dynasmon!” Eirika exclaimed.

    “No…it really isn’t all too special,” Dynasmon said quietly. “There is…a more important subject that I wish to discuss with you.”

    “…Yes? What is it, Dynasmon?” I asked.

    “…It’s about the Emperor and his daughter. They wish to speak with your group.” Eirika and Jeanette both gasped.

    “Really…? Lord Tso Lan vishes to speaking vith them?” Jeanette asked.

    “Lana, too?” Eirika asked. “Er, I mean…Princess Lan Fan?”

    “Yes…but the Emperor did not tell me why; only that he wished to speak with you,” Dynasmon said.

    “Well, it’ll have to wait,” Eleanora said. In spite of the cast on her right leg, and the sling it rested upon, the young woman attempted to struggle her way out of her bed.

    “Vhat are you talking about?! You cannot simply be ask the Emperor to vaiting!” Jeanette exclaimed.

    “I don’t care; I won’t see anyone until I find my brother!”

    “Well, you can’t go find him in your condition!” Eirika exclaimed. “Can you at least get someone who, like, doesn’t have broken legs to go look for him?”

    “But…he’s my brother,” Eleanora said quietly.

    “…I can go look for him,” I suggested. “Um…I don’t know where he might have gone, though…and I don’t really know Shendu Territory very well…”

    “Oh, I’ll do it,” Karen said. “There’s no reason that the emperor would want to see me…right, Dynasmon?” I glanced over at the large Mega Digimon.
    “…Very well. You may go and search for Matthew, Karen Swan,” Dynasmon said.

    Matthew Kasuto

    Katsumi led me through a grassy plain and towards the setting sun. The two of us walked (well, Katsumi hovered in the air) in silence for over an hour, until we reached a more mountainous area. It was rather close to the shoreline, and I could smell the salty aroma of the sea that antagonized my sinuses. Katsumi turned around and looked at me, and then over her shoulder to glance at the familiar opening of a cave.

    “…This…is the King’s Spear Shrine,” I whispered. Katsumi nodded. “Katsumi…this is where all of those bandits live…Why did you bring me here?! And what’s going on?! I thought you were dead!”

    Matthew…go inside, Katsumi said. Her lips did not move, but remained in a gentle smile; instead, I heard her voice in my head. There is someone who needs your assistance in there…

    “Katsumi…” Blinking, the phantasmal woman hovered closer to me, and reached over in an attempt to place a hand over my cheek. From what I had heard of other’s supposed ghost encounters, I expected her touch to be chilling. I was surprised to feel warmth, as if she actually were touching me.

    Matthew…you are right…I am dead, Katsumi said. While I was dying…you told me that you loved me…Was that…true…?

    “Yes, Katsumi! I love you!” My eyes filled with tears, and I fell to the sandy ground on my knees. “I loved you…Katsumi…Why did you have to die?! I love you…so…much…”

    I know, Matthew…I loved you, too…And that’s why I’m here. Katsumi sat down on the ground next to me, and I could feel her place a hand over my shoulder. I’ll stay with you, Matthew. I’ll stay with you for as long as you want me to…Forever, if you wish…

    “…What do you mean?”

    Matthew…since I was a sorceress when I was alive…No…since I was her daughter…My spirit is now able to do as I wish…And I want to stay here…with you…Matthew…

    “…You want to haunt me?”

    Oh, Matthew! Goodness, no! Katsumi laughed. No…I…just want to be with you, Matthew. I know that, in this state, we cannot truly be together…but I would at least like to stay by your side for as long as you’d like me to.

    “Katsumi…” I reached over, thinking that I would place my hand over hers, but mine simply fell gently onto the sand as I fell through her. I felt her warmth, but that was it. “…I would prefer it if you were alive, to be perfectly honest…But I can’t keep you here if it’ll hurt you…”

    Well, it’s not like I have anything better to do, Katsumi shrugged. I’m already dead…this is pretty much my afterlife, I suppose you could say. Now, Matthew…I love you…and I know that you love me…but I don’t want you to feel like you have to be held back by me…I want you to be able to love another girl who is alive, if you ever find that you are able to. I want you to be happy.

    “…Katsumi. Losing you was even more painful than losing my parents…It hurts to think about them sometimes, but I hardly remember them because I was so young when they died. But you…” I shook my head. “I…don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get past losing you, Katsumi. Do you have any idea how painful it was for me, watching you die before me, when there was nothing that I could have done for you?!”

    Yes, Matthew. I can feel the turmoil that rages within your heart, Katsumi whispered. I’m so sorry…but there was nothing either of us could have done back then; you and Coronamon did everything you could to stop that woman. Thanks to you, she will never harm another person ever again…

    “But…why did she have to harm you?!” I screamed. “Why…did she have to…take you away from me?! Why?!”

    …I’m afraid that’s just the way things go, Mattie. But…I haven’t been completely taken away from you, Katsumi continued, giving me a small smile. And that’s okay…I’m glad I was able to use my life to protect someone I love so much.

    “…You knew that sniper was coming? She’d have killed me…if you weren’t there,” I said in a trembling voice. Slowly, Katsumi nodded. “…I…What…am I supposed to do now…? I don’t know…”

    That’s why I’m here, Matthew, Katsumi said. Well, part of why, anyway. Matthew…whenever you’re feeling lost…and you don’t know what to do…or who to talk to…I’ll be there for you. I’ll always…be with you…

    “Katsumi…” Feeling my eyes water with tears, I quickly brushed them away before the salty air could make my eyes burn. “…Did you bring me all the way out here…just to tell me this…?”

    No…Earlier, I told you that I brought you here because somebody needs your assistance.

    “…Some bandit?” Katsumi nodded. “…Why would I want to help one of them…?”

    Because it is the right thing to do. I looked up at the spirit of the woman I loved. Please, Matthew…

    “I could never say no to you…Katsumi,” I replied, smiling at her. Katsumi smiled back, and the two of us walked hand-in-hand, so to speak, into King’s Spear Shrine.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 84 - The Lunar Prince

    Micaiah Valencia

    Shendu Territory is such a pretty place! The interior of the castle is so ornately decorated with letters from ancient languages, painted onto wood plants with black ink. Various gold ornaments were built into the structure of the castle. Beautifully crafted vases holding even prettier flowers were lining the walls; the flowers themselves didn’t seem to be all that rare, but they looked beautiful and smelled heavenly. Even the trees here were breathtaking; varying shades of pink and magenta shone radiantly in the moonlight overlooking the clearest pond I had ever seen.

    “Are you enjoying your stay here, Micaiah?” I turned and looked over to the girl at my side; my best friend in the world, Lan Fan. “This is your first time so far away from home, isn’t it?”

    “Oh, yes! Your castle is so pretty, Lana!” I exclaimed. “It makes my castle in Valencia look so boring in comparison!” Lan Fan laughed.

    “Oh, Micky, your home has its own beautiful little charm to it,” Lan Fan said.

    “But it’s so plain compared to yours!”

    “Well, it is less decorated, I suppose…But it is far less gaudy than my home. Having the same decorations surrounding me day after day tends to get a little boring…”

    “Well, maybe we could swap castles for a little bit!” I suggested.

    “Ha ha…You know, sometimes, I forget that you’re the older one…”

    “Well, yeah! You’re taller than me, after all! That’s why I call you big sis!”

    “Yes…I know,” Lan Fan said gently.

    “Now, then…about my castle swapping idea…”

    “I’m not sure if father would approve of that, though,” Lan Fan said.

    “Well, I don’t have any objections if you wish to go spend a few extra nights here at Valencia Castle, my dear.”

    “Oh…hello, father,” Lan Fan smiled.

    The emperor…Lan Fan’s father, a tall and slender man with long, violet hair as deep as the evening sky.

    “Lan Fan. Lady Micaiah. Are you ready to meet with the group who arrived at the infirmary?” Tso Lan asked.

    “Oh…This is the first I’ve heard of this!” I exclaimed.

    “…Is it? I told Lady Eirika to relay this information to you and Lan Fan,” Tso Lan whispered.

    “Father…perhaps you ought to start giving more important information to Jeanette,” Lan Fan replied.

    “Yes…I know Eirika’s a bit…flighty…but I don’t want her to think that she isn’t valued.” I stared up at the infinitely tall and equally handsome man. Though only forty-two years of age, Tso Lan’s calm expression and gentle eyes made him seem all the younger.

    And he cares so much about his subjects, and knights, and everything! I thought. I wonder if I could ever be a ruler like Mr. Tso Lan…

    “Whatever could have happened to make such a large group end up in the infirmary?” Lan Fan asked.

    “It was a shipwreck,” Tso Lan replied. “Dynasmon and an unidentified third party dragged them out of the wreckage of a ship and brought them to shore, where Majiramon and Magnadramon helped him deliver them to the castle.”

    “Unidentified? Was it not the Pirate Queen who aided them?” Lan Fan asked.

    “No; she was among those who were injured,” Tso Lan said. “Dynasmon said that she was bringing a mercenary group back home from the eastern continent.”

    “Mercenaries…Lachesis?!” I exclaimed. Tso Lan nodded.

    “Do you know of them?” Lan Fan asked. I nodded.

    “Aegolius and I met with them to enlist their aid in destroying an evil Digimon a while back!”

    “And now they’re coming home from Cyllene? My, they lead busy lives…”

    “Well, I can introduce you all to them! They’re all super nice and friendly and….and nice!”
    “…Let’s go and see them. I’ve something I wish to discuss with them,” Tso Lan said.

    Matthew Kasuto

    The cold, dead body of the bandit leader Barbossa lay in a puddle of frozen blood on the hard, stone floor of the King’s Spear Shrine. Further in, the entire cave was frozen over; iced over bodies of the Thanatos bandits were scattered around, all dead.

    “…What happened here, Katsumi?” I asked.

    A powerful Digimon was here a while ago; I believe it may have been IceDevimon, the spirit replied. …I can only assume that he was using Barbossa as his host, and at some point, he left him to die. And I don’t sense Vikemon’s presence, so I believe IceDevimon may have killed him as well.

    “Man…what is going on here, Kitty? First, it was Fenrirmon and Behemotmon, then it was Barbamon, and now Leviamon and IceDevimon? Oh, and Geitz was turned into Duskmon, too…”

    …I do not know for certain what is being planned, Mattie…but I do know this; something big is about to happen. There will be many events that lead up to this…and I cannot say for certain if you will emerge triumphant…or not.

    “You don’t…? But…I thought you could see the future…”

    I’m afraid not…ever since I died, I haven’t been able to…I’m sorry…

    “No, don’t worry about it…” I looked back to the dead body of Barbossa Thanatos. “What should we do with him…?”

    Bury him, of course.

    Bury him?! But…but…”

    Matthew, you know as well as I do that it is the honorable thing to do…

    “Well, yeah, but he was a bandit…you know, the LEADER of the bandits that we all worked our asses off to kill!”

    “What are you blathering about?” The sudden voice nearly made me jump out of my skin. I turned around, and saw the Pirate Queen Karen standing behind me at the mouth of the cave. “How long have you been talking to yourself, Matt?”

    “What…? What are you doing here, Ms. Karen?” I asked.

    “Well, yer sis would’ve come instead, but she had a broken leg from the shipwreck,” Karen replied. “So, who’re you talkin’ to?”

    “Oh! Uh…”

    There’s no sense in explaining; you’re the only one who can see me, Matthew, Katsumi said. Besides, regular Humans and Digimon generally do not believe others capable in commuting with the deceased.

    “…Looks like Barbossa hit the bucket,” Karen said. “This why you’re here? Did you kill him? Can’t say that I blame you, but…”
    “No…he…was killed a while ago; probably while we were in Cyllene,” I said. “…We need to bury him, Karen. Will you help me?”

    Zelda Kasuto

    The emperor of Shendu Territory stood before us all at the center of the room; Princess Micaiah of Valencia and Princess Lan Fan of Shendu stood at his side; I noticed the former waving at Ulysses and Lucia.

    “…I am truly relieved that there were not any casualties,” Tso Lan said. “You and your group is free to stay here as long as necessary, Sir Ulysses.”

    “I appreciate that, Emperor,” Ulysses replied. “I do not wish to become an inconvenience to His Majesty; if we are all able to, I’d like to leave in a few days—”

    “Actually…As Lady Micaiah has done before, I would like to…enlist your aid,” Tso Lan said.

    “Is there…something wrong, Emperor?” I asked.

    “…You are Zelda, aren’t you?” The emperor was looking directly at me. “I had heard you last came here to Shendu Territory about 98 years ago asking for assistance, were you not?”

    “Yes, sir; it…um…it’s not very important, sir,” I said quietly.

    “Well, I regret asking for your aid when my ancestors were unable to do the same for you, Lady Zelda, but this matter is quite urgent,” Tso Lan said. “It has to do with the Royal Gem of Shendu Territory.” The emperor held out his hand; at the center of his palm was a small, diamond-shaped gem that was a deep silvery gray.

    That’s strange, I thought. Hmm…based on Eleanora’s description…isn’t that what Matthew’s stolen jewel looked like…? But the color’s different, of course…

    “This gem is important to Shendu Territory; without it, my kingdom will fall into a state of chaos,” Tso Lan continued.

    “What’s so special about it?” I asked. “Does it have some kind of magical power or something?”

    “…I’m not sure. All I know…is that it must stay in the possession of the emperor or empress of Shendu.”

    “And what’s the problem?” I asked.

    “My brother, Duke Tchang Zu of Amaryllis, plans on stealing the Royal Gemstone,” Tso Lan said.

    “…I used to have a gemstone like that,” Ulysses mused. “Yes…same size and everything, except mine was blue…”

    “What happened to it?” I asked. From the corner of my eye, I could see Giselle sink beneath her blanket.

    “…It was stolen from me,” Ulysses said in a dull voice. “Although, I strongly suspect that it was not your brother who did so.”

    “…It was a CaptainHookmon and Ikkakumon,” Giselle whispered.

    “Those are ocean Digimon…you are correct. My brother would not concern himself with them; he wouldn’t see value in them, even if they can move around on land,” Tso Lan said.

    “…They fought too well to simply be bandits,” Isole added. “So, if they weren’t with your brother, then there are two groups we need to be on the lookout for…”

    “Three,” Eleanora said. “Remember Lira? That bitch stole Mattie’s gem, remember?”

    “…There has to be a reason for all of this,” I lamented. “The gemstones surely must be connected, if they’re all the same size and shape…”

    “And the ones stealing them are likely unconnected,” Tso Lan said. “Although, their reasons might all be the same…” Tso Lan looked down at the gem in his hand, and gripped it firmly but gently. “…Warriors of Lachesis. May I ask you for your assistance in protecting this gem? I am aware it is quite a step below fighting bandits…”

    “No. We take every job given to us seriously,” Ulysses said. “You asked for aid, and so we shall give it our all. Those of us that can move, at any rate…”

    “I appreciate this; truly, I do,” Tso Lan said. His eyes were fixated on his gem the entire time he spoke; he barely ever glanced up when speaking to us.
    …Why do I get the feeling he isn’t telling us something…? I thought.

    Matthew Kasuto

    “…It’s over with,” Karen said. “He’s buried now.”

    “You were able to get through the ice?” I asked.

    “Aye; it wasn’t too hard,” the Pirate Queen said. “One of those idiot bandits had a shovel instead of an actual weapon, so digging the hole for old man Barbossa wasn’t difficult.” Karen sat down on the shoreline next to me, and looked out at the starry sky. The moon was nearly full, and it reflected in the smooth ocean waters even more radiantly than the sun. “Now, tell me, Matthew…who were you talking to? And don’t tell me it was Barbossa; I heard you. You were speaking to somebody else.”

    “…It was Katsumi.” Karen’s eyes widened.

    “Don’t fuck around with me, kid. She died on you…”

    “No…it was…her spirit. Her ghost, I guess you could say,” I whispered.

    “…Is that so…You don’t look like you got hit on the head, or nothing,” Karen said. “…Well, I never really understood how those magic folk did things, anyway. If you say it was her ghost, I’ll just take your word for it…But, why can’t I see her? Is it just you who can see her?”

    “…Because I…I loved her,” I said quietly. “She died in my arms…I couldn’t…save her…”

    “That’s rough, kid…But, hey; at least you can see her every day now, right?” I smiled.

    “Yes…you are…correct…” I gazed out unto the open sea for a few moments, when a memory pricked at my mind. “…Karen. Dynasmon told me…he told me that it was Ansley who saved us.”

    “Ansley? You mean that bandit skank who attacked us as soon as we set anchor at Cyllene?” I nodded. “Well, now…seems we got us a job to do, Matt.”

    “…What are you talking about?”

    “We’re going to find that red-haired slut and kick her ass until she spills out some answers for us,” Karen said.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 85 - Echoes of Daybreak

    Alena Sly

    The morning sun flooded into the hospital room, casting a ray of golden light directly into my eyes. Somewhat miffed, I turned to my side as best as my aching ribs would allow, where I noticed my liege, Princess Micaiah, slumped over on my bed in a nearby chair.

    …That’s right…I was somewhat out of it last night; I forgot that Micky was here too. Smiling, I reached out and placed a hand on top of her head. Just like a little sister…Why doesn’t Aegolius appreciate her kindness more? I just don’t understand it…I looked across the room at my fellow knights. Siebold was snoring loudly; it was a mystery to me how the others were still asleep. Charlotte’s massive belly rose and fell with each breath she took. Wikstrom and Pherania lay peacefully in their own beds. I breathed in carefully, and slowly crawled out of bed. The floor was cold against my bare feet, but it helped to wake me up. Quietly, I walked out of the room, where I was greeted by several knights of Shendu, a few of whom I recognized from joint training exercises between our two kingdoms. I reached one of the castle’s courtyards, and slumped my back against a wall, sinking down to the ground.

    Man…I might have overdone it a little…I thought a little walk would help me feel better. Guess not…I held up my sword, gazing at the reflection of my eyes in its cold steel.

    “…Taking a small break, my dear?” The sudden voice startled me somewhat; I looked up and saw the largest Human I had ever seen. Tall and dark-skinned like Pherania, he dressed in typical Shendian style armor, light but maneuverable and sturdy.

    “…Yes, sir.”

    “Tell me, now.” The large man gripped the hilt of a massive broadsword. “You…are with the group that recently arrived at the castle…aren’t you?”


    “In that case…you must be eliminated.” I looked up just in time for me to weave my head out of the way of the man’s sword just seconds before he could hit me. “Hear me; I am Dai Gui, general of Duke Tchang Zu’s army! It is by his decree that I will destroy you and leave your bones to merge with the earth itself!” Dai Gui swung his broadsword once more, but I held up my own sword just in time to protect myself. The large man reached and kicked me in my already-broken ribs, sending me tumbling to the ground, coughing up blood. “…Pathetic. I would assume a knight of Valencia would be more powerful than this…”

    “Don’t…underestimate me…because I’ve been weakened,” I gasped, keeping my arm over my chest while forcing myself to stand.

    “Then I am free to fight as hard I can!” Dai Gui said. The large man grabbed me by the face and picked me up. “Now, then…the only question that remains is…how should I kill you? Should I cut you into tiny pieces? Or should I simply crush your skull?”

    “Sword of Destruction: Black Aura Blast!” A powerful attack hit Dai Gui in the back, making the large man drop me onto the floor. I glanced up, and saw Leopardmon’s sword glinting in the bright morning sun. “Alena. I trust you are unharmed? No, that was a stupid question; why else would you be in the infirmary?”

    “…Leopardmon…” The tall Digimon knelt down, carefully positioning himself between me and Dai Gui.

    “C’mon…Don’t let this bully get to you, you hear?” Leopardmon carefully picked me up with only one hand, and turned to face Dai Gui. “Honestly…picking on a girl with broken ribs. Don’t you have anything better to do?”

    “I do only as my master dictates,” Dai Gui replied. “And my master…desires this land!”

    “…You’re pathetic. Continuing to serve a master even when you know them to be wrong…”

    You are wrong. I do as Duke Tchang Zu asks because I believe in him!”

    “Then you are a fool! Sword of Annihilation: Extinction Wave!” Leopardmon swung his rapier, sending a huge wave of energy towards Dai Gui. A cloud of dust erupted out of the ground from where his attack hit the floor. Dai Gui was nowhere to be seen.

    “…Did that…get…him?” I asked.

    “No…the scent of blood does not linger in the air,” Leopardmon said. “The bastard must’ve escaped.”

    “…T-Thank you…Leopard…mon…”

    “You’re lucky Ulysses let us out of his Fusion Loader. You shouldn’t do something like this while you’re still so weak, Colonel.”

    “…I’ll take you back for now. Get some rest…you sweet fool.”

    Matthew Kasuto
    Thalia Village
    “…How do you know she’s here?” I asked.

    “C’mon; where else would the so-called ‘Princess of the Open Seas’ be?” Karen asked.

    “She should be all the way back in Cyllene! There’s no way she’d be here in Shendu Territory!”

    Oh, Matthew, there’s no need to be so negative! Katsumi’s spirit exclaimed. Although…I guess that might sound a bit odd coming from me, of all people…

    “Well…I guess it isn’t the weirdest thing I’ve heard you say,” I said.

    Was the weirdest when I told you I loved you?

    “…Not so much weird as it was surprising…but yes.”

    “The hell are you talking about?” Karen asked. “Oh…that dead girl’s soul, right?”


    “Right…Carry on, then.”

    Matthew…I sense the presence of a ship nearby.

    “Wait, what?!”

    I said, I sensed—

    “No; how the hell do you sense the presence of a ship?!” I asked. “It’s a ship! It’s not a Digimon! Ships don’t even have presences…do they?”

    Well, whatever the case, it’s over to your west.

    “Hey, Matthew; there’s a huge-ass ship on the other side of town!” Karen exclaimed.


    “Well, this is a port town; what are the odds that it belongs to Ansley?” I asked.

    “It looks exactly like hers,” Karen replied.

    “…It’s. A. Ship. Of course it’s going to look like hers!”

    “Well…it’s got a sail with the emblem of Thanatos on it,” Karen said. “And, I see a few more along the side of its hull…”


    “That’s what comes of being a downer all the time. But, I suppose it helps to keep your hopes from getting too high…”

    “…Why did we want to find her, anyway? Just to thank her?”
    “No. I have something I need to discuss with her,” Karen said. “I want her to tell me everything she knows about Leviamon so that I can avenge MetalSeadramon.”


    “…It was Dai Gui who attacked you,” Dynasmon said quietly. “This is troubling…It certainly confirms your suspicions, My Lord…”

    “That’s the least of my concerns,” Tso Lan said. “If Tchang Zu sent his top general here, then he truly is serious about all of this…”

    “Your majesty, I’m still not quite sure I understand,” Eirika interjected. “What’s the worst thing that could happen if your brother takes that gem thingy?”

    “Perhaps…it would be best if you hand the gemstone to the members of Lachesis,” I said.

    “No. Nobody can take the gemstone. Nobody can have it!” Tso Lan exploded. “The Royal Gemstone of Shendu Territory is something that I would not even trust to my own daughter! Not even after she becomes empress!”

    Jeez…trust issues, much?

    “…I understand that it is important to you, your majesty,” Ulysses began. “And rest assured that we will not allow your brother to take it away from you. However, I feel that keeping it out of Tchang Zu’s reach may be the best option—”

    “NO! I refuse! Find some other way to keep that brother of mine from taking what does not belong to him! That is your job!” I glanced over at Dynasmon.
    …How did you guys survive this long with an emperor like that? I pondered. Dynasmon simply shook his head.
    “…You’ll just have to figure out how to stop them while still here in Shendu,” Tso Lan continued. “The gemstone will forever remain in my possession. That is all you need to know.”

    Dai Gui

    “…She fought well for having shattered ribs,” I said, bowing before my lord, Duke Tchang Zu. “I held back as you asked of me, sir. Had I gone all out as I desired, she’d have died within ten seconds.”

    “Well, now…She was a Valencian, though, was she not?” Tchang Zu asked. “And above that, she is a woman. I would expect no less from you, Dai Gui.”


    “And how goes the search for that rock, Dai?”

    “I’ve told you before, sir; it is in the possession of your brother, the emperor,” I said. “There is no special place he keeps it. He merely holds onto it at all times.”

    “Ah, yes…”

    “Now then, sire…What are your plans to retrieve the Royal Gem?” I asked. Tchang Zu stood up from his throne, and smirked down at me.

    “General…rally your men, and prepare yourself,” Tchang Zu said. “We will strike the castle tomorrow at dawn.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 86 - A Fallen Moon Rises

    Matthew Kasuto

    The sun was quite low in the sky by the time Karen and I reached the ship; the sky was a deep mix of orange, pink, and violet, and the clouds were a soft and pale lavender.

    “It’s getting late,” I whispered to Katsumi’s spirit.

    Don’t worry about it, Katsumi said. I don’t sense any malice; if Ansley is here, she doesn’t mean you any harm, my love.

    “…That’s not what I’m worried about,” I said. “We’ve been gone a long time; Eleanora and the others might be getting worried…”

    “Don’t worry about them, kid,” Karen said, gazing up at the large ship. “We’ve got our own shit to deal with.” Without any warning, the Pirate Queen lifted me up and tossed me over the ship’s railing and onto the deck. Upon landing face-first into the ship’s mast, I looked over my shoulder to see Karen leap up effortlessly onto the ship.

    “Yarr, maties; what in tha name o’ Davy Jones’ Locker are you bilge rats doin’ on me brig?!” The sudden voice made me freeze. I turned around, and spotted Ansley sitting atop a barrel, glaring at us. “Ye be walkin’ the plank iffen I don’t like yer answer!”

    “Ah, cut the pirate talk, you dumb skank,” Karen sighed. “Now, look; I’ve got some questions for you. Tell us about Leviamon.”

    “Avast; ye two attempt to overhaul me brig, and ye got tha balls to tells me whatta do?!” Ansley drew her sword from its sheath, and brandished it threateningly.

    “Are you kidding me? That little toothpick doesn’t look the slightest bit threatening!” Karen snapped, brandishing her large tomahawk.

    …Oh, no…This bodes very ill…

    “Matthew; you’d better take cover!” Karen yelled, giving her large tomahawk a toss at Ansley. The flat side of one of the axe’s blades hit the redhead in the face.

    Yay! Catfight! Katsumi exclaimed. I’ve never seen one before! This ought to be good!

    “Kitty…something tells me this isn’t going to be a typical…catfight,” I said. “They’re both too…pirate-y…” Ansley and Karen began wildly flailing their weapons around. The clanks of steel rang through the air. “See?”

    Hmm…that’s disappointing, Katsumi replied.

    “…You know, from the stories I’ve heard about her, I’d say you’re starting to sound like your mother, Kitty.”

    Think so? Well, now that you mention it, I guess I do feel a lot less depressed than when I was alive, Katsumi pondered. Also, I have this strange craving for blood; not sure what that's about…

    “You’re probably just imagining it.” Karen’s axe flew inches past my head before sticking into the railing of Ansley’s ship. Ansley’s sword flew in the opposite direction, finding itself lodged in the ship’s mast. A flash of rage sparked in Karen’s eyes as she tackled Ansley to the deck, and struck her in the face. “Well…I guess you’ll be getting your catfight after all, Kitty…”

    Yay! One-hundred Florin on Karen! Katsumi exclaimed. Karen punched Ansley directly in the eye.

    “Avast! Ye stupid sea cow!” Ansley reached up and slapped Karen across the face. The two began tumbling around the deck of the ship, occasionally slapping the other while pulling on each other’s hair.

    “Red-haired slut!”

    “Filthy bilge rat!”

    “Pot-bellied slut!”

    “Fat stinkin’ kraken!”


    “HEY! BOTH OF YOU, SHUT THE FUCK UP!” I screamed. “Karen…I don’t think that Ansley doesn’t know anything about Leviamon. Let’s just go…”

    “Now, hold on, laddie! I never be sayin’ that I don’t know ‘bout that scourge of the seas, now!” Ansley exclaimed. “…Ah! Crap…”

    “…Oh? Now, this is interesting,” I whispered. “Why don’t you tell us what you do know about Leviamon?”

    “…Ah…that be the one thing I can’t tell ya,” Ansley said.

    “And why not?” Karen asked. “…It’s because I tried to kill you just now, isn’t it…”

    “Nay, t’aint that,” Ansley replied. “I…give me word that I won’t tell of the beast. Gave me word to both King Desmond…and Leviamon himself.”

    “Leviamon…? You promised him…But then, why did you help us?” I asked.

    “…It weren’t part o’ the deal to let ye lot die, now,” Ansley answered. “In fact…the beast were s’pposed to keep ya sprogs all alive. He been forgettin’ his duty.”

    “…And what duty might that be?” I asked.

    “Ye won’t be gettin’ no answer from me, landlubbers; I gots no info on that. Just know that he weren’t s’pposed ta kill ya,” Ansley replied. “The slimy git just be forgettin’ his duty’s all, kay?”

    “And you don’t know what it is,” Karen said.


    “Because you are a complete idiot.”

    “Ri— HEY!”

    “Is that all you know about Leviamon?” I asked.

    “What, ye got chum fer brains? I ain’t tellin’ ya!” Ansley shouted. “…Unless…”

    “What, you want money?! Greedy pirate!” Karen spat.

    “Nah, nothin’ like that,” Ansley said. Her violet eyes were focused on mine. “Listen here, laddie. My belly’s a-rumbling; ya lot gimme enough food to fill me belly, and I’ll tell ya whatever.”


    “I ain’t kiddin’ ya. You gimme some good eats, I’ll tell ya what ya wanna know.”
    “…You’re the worst pirate ever,” Karen said.


    I don’t know why. Perhaps it was hundreds of years of experience speaking, but I just couldn’t shake the feeling that something big was about to go down here in Shendu Territory. A few times, I caught myself thinking if this was something that Lachesis really ought to be getting itself into. The issue going on between Emperor Tso Lan and his brother was essentially a power struggle between nobles, and it didn’t even seem that it would get the commoners involved.

    …But what if it did? Was another thought that continuously barged its way into my mind. And if it did, then we should stay…Although, if we stayed, we would simply be taking up excess space in the infirmary for the Shendian Knights. But we are mercenaries; the emperor himself asked us to stay here and help him…

    “…You still awake?” Eleanora’s voice broke me out of my thoughts for the moment. “You should be sleeping…”

    “I could say the same to you, Ellie,” I smiled. “What are you doing still awake?”

    “The question is, how could anybody else sleep over Sparrow’s snoring?” Eleanora giggled.

    “I’m used to it, after listening to Statch snore for over fifty years.”

    “…Who’s Statch?”

    “Oh…you were never told about him? I would think somebody as…boisterous as Statuedramon would be remembered for centuries…”

    “I only know him by Statuedramon, I’m afraid,” Eleanora said. “I’m guessing none of us newer members know about him much; do you suppose there’s a reason for that?”

    “…I have a theory…but if you don’t already know, then I can only assume Statuedramon didn’t wish for you to know, and I’d like to respect his privacy…”

    “Okay; I won’t ask anything else about him, then,” Eleanora said. “…So, why are you still awake?”

    “…I was just thinking about the situation here, and if this is something that we as a mercenary guild should be getting ourselves involved in,” I sighed.

    “But…the emperor asked us to help out, Zelda.”

    “I know; that thought always popped into my head. But at the same time…do we really have to?” I asked. “What I mean is…I just think it would be better for everyone else if we didn’t get involved. I mean, look at us; hardly any of us can so much as stand up and fight, and if we stay, we’d probably just be taking up space for wounded Shendian soldiers…”

    “But the reason why we do anything is—”

    “Is to keep all of the citizens of Arcadia safe, I know,” I interrupted. “…This is just a power struggle between two nobles, Eleanora. Why should mercenaries even get involved in the first place? The emperor hasn’t hired us to protect the citizens like we should be doing; he’s sending us into another war as his personal soldiers, Ellie.”

    “…What should we do?” Eleanora asked.

    “That’s what I was thinking about, dear…In all my years as a mercenary, we’ve never once been formally asked for help by a noble; just that one time Princess Micaiah and Prince Aegolius asked you newer generations for help against Fenrirmon…”

    “Would it be bad if we just…left? As soon as Karen returns with Mattie—”

    “Not an option. The emperor already asked us for help, and Ulysses already agreed to do so. It wouldn’t go well to make an enemy of the second most powerful Territory in Arcadia,” I replied. Slowly and carefully, I crawled out of my bed and walked over to Eleanora, sitting down next to her on her bed. “…We can’t just walk away without saying anything. I’m just trying to think of a way to resolve all of this peacefully…”

    “…You’re really nice, Zelda. Is that why Thomas married you?” Eleanora asked. I could sense from her tone of voice that she wished to change the subject.

    “W-Well…for some reason…he thought I was pretty,” I said quietly, feeling my face begin to redden. “F-For some reason, he…liked me…That made me so…happy…because I loved him so much, almost as soon as I met him; he had such a gentle expression in his eyes hidden behind the fierce glint of protectiveness over his friends. And I felt so safe around him, too. He wasn’t very large, but his arms felt so strong when they were wrapped around me, and he was always so warm…”

    “He sounds like such a wonderful person…” Eleanora reached over and placed her hand over mine. “Oh, and he must have been just dashing!”

    “Yes, he was very handsome; just like a prince from a fairy tale,” I said, giggling a little bit. “And he even knew how to cook, too! He’d spend all day cooking up these huge, enormous meals just to satiate that hunger that comes with carrying the Mark, as I’m sure you’re aware. And whenever I ate too much, he’d always rub my belly for me…so I made sure to eat too much whenever he cooked, tee hee!”

    “Wow…I wonder what it’s like to be full.” Eleanora pondered.

    “…It’s a very warm sensation, especially after not being able to eat enough to satisfy your hunger; even if you eat so much, that your stomach hurts so much that you can’t move,” I whispered. “When I first met Tommy, I was roughly thirty pounds underweight; I was literally starving. I had to hide who I was for so long before I met him, and I had to eat as much as a ‘regular’ Human in order to hide that fact…Even now, I’m probably about ten pounds underweight…”

    “My goodness…You were so lucky to have found such a wonderful man,” Eleanora whispered gently. “I hope to find someone like him to love me someday…”

    “Eleanora, to this day, I still cannot fathom why anybody would fall in love with me,” I replied, smiling at the younger girl. “I…haven’t told this to very many people…but…my mother would say horrible things about me; anything from the way I look, to the Mark…So much so that I began to believe her. That was over five-hundred years ago, and even so, those words have stuck to me…”

    “Didn’t she also have the Mark?”

    “She did…it was because of the Mark that my father left us; he couldn’t handle the societal pressure of being with a Human,” I sighed. “He left me and my sister in the hands of that cruel woman…before I could even talk. I never even learned his name…”


    “…You know, it’s funny. Even after all this time…I can’t bring myself to hate my father for leaving me with that…woman,” I said. “I…really want to meet him…I want to know what it’s like to have a father…That’s part of why I was gone for so long with Abigail and Flamedramon, you know. I was…looking for my father…”

    “Well, I’m sure you’ll find him someday,” Eleanora said gently. As I was about to thank her, a bright and blinding light shone through the window. It was intense, and I had to cover my eyes to avoid going blind. “…What…is that?” Eleanora asked. The light vanished as instantly as it started. But that wasn’t what worried me; far from it. What had me worried…was its color. “…Zelda? Are you okay…?”

    “…That light…was a deep violet,” I whispered to myself.

    “Is that…bad?”
    “…The last time I saw light of that color was more than five-hundred years ago,” I said. “…He’s close. Generalmon is nearby.”


    Alone stood I, at the center of a grassy knoll on this clear, moonlit eve. Why was I back, pondered I. The answer to me was clear. Revenge. It was all I had ever lived for. Revenge was the only thing that I knew; the only comfort to my grief. The woman I could not protect; she who was killed in some twisted game performed by nobles back in the day. Her descendants became my enemies when I was aligned with Lilithmon. I could not have that anymore. I could not betray dear Celina in such a manner. I gripped tightly the hilt of my axe. I turned my helmeted head to look towards the vast city on the horizon.

    “…Acacia. Once more…you shall feel my wrath,” said I.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 87 - An Oath Made Underground

    Eleanora Kasuto

    In spite of everything that had been going on, last night had proved to have been a very peaceful night. Several minutes after the flash of light last night, Zelda went to sleep at my side; the two of us snuggled close in the cold night, and she kept an arm wrapped around my body. Our heads were close together, and I could clearly hear her softly beating heart as I peacefully drifted off. All of that ended, however, when I was abruptly awoken by Zelda.

    “Ellie…please, you have to wake up!” she urged, gently shaking my body. “Eleanora…”

    “…Wa’s goin’ on…?” I mumbled, still half-asleep.

    “Eleanora…they’re here.”

    “…Mattie back?”

    “I’m afraid not…The emperor’s brother, Tchang Zu…he’s launching a full-scale attack on the castle. Right now.” At once, I was instantly awake and alert, though I could not move around much, as my leg was still raised up in a sling.

    “W-What are we going to do?!” I asked. “Most of us can’t even more!”

    “Eleanora, don’t worry,” Zelda whispered, speaking calmly and gently. “Ulysses said he’d deal with it all on his own…I have faith in our leader, but I thought I should tell you what was going on…”

    “All by himself?! He can’t possibly—”

    “Ellie, honey; it’s okay,” Zelda whispered, gently placing a finger over my lips. “…Ulysses still has his secret weapon.”

    “…Talosmon…” I had almost forgotten about the gargantuan Digimon; his vast height was what kept Ulysses from sending him into battle very often. “…Will Talosmon be able to handle it? I know he’s strong, but he’ll be outnumbered…”

    “It’ll be okay, sweetheart,” Zelda replied. “Remember, this is Talosmon we’re talking about. As long as we have him on our side, there’s no way that we’ll lose.”
    “…I hope you’re right…”

    Ulysses Melchett

    “…Stone Apocalypse!” Talosmon sliced his golden blade through the air, and instantly, a heavy rain of boulders crushed vast quantities of Tchang Zu’s troops. “Titan Inferno!” Talosmon’s entire body turned to flames, engulfing the few stragglers that had cleared the fallen boulders. Still, many, many more were coming, and I could tell that Talosmon began to grow weary; this didn’t surprise me; he had been fighting for almost half an hour by now.

    “…I don’t know what surprises me more,” I murmured as Talosmon stomped on a few escaping Humans. “…That Talosmon is growing tired, or that Tchang Zu actually has this many people under his command.”

    “A little of both, I’d say,” Talosmon said. Without turning to look behind, Talosmon flipped his sword around and jabbed an approaching Mammothmon from behind. “They haven’t even gotten a single hit on me yet, and I’m already wiped out…”

    “Hmm…maybe we should’ve allowed the Shendu Royal Army to help out?” I asked.

    “Nah; I owe them for saving my pals. I’ve got this!”

    “Are you certain that’s a good idea?” The words, though I was about to say them, were not mine. Rather, they belonged to a rather large man, tall and pale-skinned, standing fifty paces to my right and leaning up against the side of the castle.

    “And who might you be?” I demanded. At once, I felt a sharp blade placed up against my neck.

    “Insolent worm; bow your head when addressing Lord Tchang Zu!” A even larger man stood behind me, pressing the sharp edge of his sword up against my neck.

    “C’mon now, Dai Gui; no need to be so uncouth to my brother’s esteemed guest,” Tchang Zu said in a rather cheeky voice. “I would much prefer to show a more cordial atmosphere than this droll display of violence; now, doesn’t that sound nice…Sir Ulysses?” Tchang Zu snapped his fingers, and at once, Dai Gui lowered his blade and bowed to his lord. Momentarily, my eyes lowered to my Fusion Loader.

    “…What is it you would like…sir?” I asked.

    “Oh, so you mean my dear brother hasn’t told you yet…? About the Gem?” Tchang Zu asked. I remained silent. “I know you know about the Royal Gem…all you need do is hand it over to me, and all of this senseless violence will end.”

    “…Don’t be such an idiot,” I said calmly. “You and I both know that things won’t end up as simply as you say, even if I did give you that Gem.”

    “Hmm, is that so…well, you’ve had your chance, mercenary. Dai Gui.”

    “It will be done!” Dai Gui rose up, poised to strike, when out of nowhere, a thin stream of flame shot down and through Dai Gui’s sword arm. Dai Gui fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

    “W-What?! What the hell just happened?!” Tchang Zu exclaimed. I glanced up and the sky, and smiled at the faraway forms of two flying Digimon quickly but steadily descending.

    “Nice shooting, AeroVeedramon,” I said.

    “Eh, no need for thanks; just doing what needs to be done so I can go back to sleep,” the Ultimate Digimon yawned.

    “There will be time for that later; now, we’ve got to fight!” Quetzalmon exclaimed.

    “Are you two ready?” I asked. Quetzalmon bowed his head in the most dutiful way imaginable, while AeroVeedramon simply yawned. I held up my Fusion Loader, and aimed it at the two dragons. “Quetzalmon! AeroVeedramon! Digi-Fuse!”

    “Cyberdramon!” The new Digimon, much larger than AeroVeedramon, flew through the skies much faster than Quetzalmon ever seemed to.

    “Two Digimon against two Humans? That hardly seems fair,” Talosmon commented.

    “You make a valid point…allow me to fix that!” Tchang Zu held up one of his thick arms; a surge of electricity coiled around it, and blasted Talosmon down to the ground quicker than I could blink. “A body made of metal; surprised you’re still breathing. Allow me to fix that as well!”

    “GET AWAY FROM HIM!” I charged the emperor’s brother, but was tackled to the ground by Dai Gui.

    “Desolation Claw!” Cyberdramon gouged his claws into Dai Gui’s back, picking him up into the air. “Ulysses, go!” Duke Tchang Zu never had a chance; while he was busy charging up his following spell, I leaped up off the ground and swung my claymore. Moments later, Tchang Zu’s bloody arm hit the ground, still charging with electricity; the duke fell to his knees, tightly gripping his bloody stump of an arm while screaming in agony.

    “…Duke. Withdraw what little troops you have left,” I said. “Stay the hell away from your brother. Stay off his land…or you’ll regret it.”

    “I get the feeling he already does,” Cyberdramon grinned, lightly tossing Dai Gui’s squirming body to the ground. The Ultimate Digimon bent down, and picked up Tchang Zu’s arm by a finger, watching it dangle around in the air. “What should we do with this? Sell it for cash? Eat it? Stick it in Lucia’s pillow?”

    “…Should’ve known you’d be the base of that Fusion, AeroVeedramon,” I sighed. “You sick bastard…”

    “Hey, I can’t be anyone else. Well, except for Quetzalmon, since I fused with him, but you know what I mean. Anyway, I’m thinking Lucia’s pillow…”
    “She’s going to kill you, man…Just saying.” Cyberdramon, Talosmon and I watched calmly as Tchang Zu, helped into standing by Dai Gui, ordered his remaining troops to retreat, and slowly, one by one, they vanished beyond the horizon.

    Aegolius Valencia

    A ring of dimly lit candles lined the ancient, musty stairway that led Crush and me down towards the depths of the earth; even with their aid, it was difficult, nearly impossible, to see the stairs below me. It came as a relief to me that my Bio Link Digivice had a light installed near its screen. The sounds of our footsteps echoed deafeningly in the silence of the cold stone stairway.

    “Do you know if they’ll all be there this time?” Crush asked.

    “I believe so…all twelve of us haven’t been together in a long time; not since…let me think…I believe it was a few years before the two of us were ordered to track Behemotmon and NeoDevimon,” I replied. “Those two from your own mercenary guild will be there for the first time, I believe; I don’t think I’ve met them.”

    “They were just recently hired by our boss into the group, it’s no surprise to me that you haven’t,” Crush said. “…Widow…will take some getting used to…and Dagger…well, you probably won’t ever see him. I’ve only ever seen him once or twice before.”

    “Do you all have codenames in your guild?” I couldn’t resist asking.

    “Yeah…boss says it’s easier that way,” Crush answered. “Well, mercenary boss, not BOSS boss. You’ll see them for yourself…but you may regret it.”

    “As long as they aren’t like my sister, I think we’ll be fine.”

    “So you say…” Crush and I remained silent for the remainder of our walk down the stairs in silence, when finally, we reached the end. More and more candles lit the room we arrived in, illuminating a great round table at the room’s center, as well as several stone spires dotting the floor here and there.

    “…Have…a seat, you two.” The voice of our boss — a Digimon for certain, but not even his name was known to me — always had the ability to silence the clamoring of any room. Crush and I took our seats at the only remaining stone chairs at the stone table. Candles stood around the table — some lit, and some extinguished, leaving several faces illuminated, and the rest hidden in shadows. Of those five I could see, only two were recognizable. One of them was the Mega level Darkdramon, a silent and brooding individual from what I could gather from our few interactions. The other face belonged to none other than Fenrirmon. The other three faces were unknown to me — two Humans and one Digimon — I could not even suspect which of them might be from Crush’s guild.

    “Good to see you again, Ms. Widow,” Crush smirked. One of the two Humans, a beautiful woman with her ebon hair tied into a ponytail with a red ribbon, smiled at my large companion.

    “It has been far too long, Crush,” Widow said in a gentle voice. Her deep crimson eyes reflected the flickering lights of the candles. “How have you been, darling?”

    “Well, I’d be better if I could’ve gotten to spend more time with you, my little spider,” Crush said.

    “You’re too sweet,” Widow smiled.

    “And you, Dagger…How good to see you…for once,” Crush said, looking at the other Human, a cloaked man with a hood that obscured his face. Dagger said nothing, and remained still.

    “Now, then…if we are all done with the pleasantries…could we perhaps…get back…to what we need to discuss?” our boss’s chilling voice resonated.

    “Yes, sir; what is it that you need of us?” I asked.

    “I have been asked by my own master…to deal with the main problem at hand.”

    “…You mean Lachesis,” Fenrirmon growled.

    “I’ve heard of them, but I’ve yet to have the pleasure of engaging them in combat,” Widow mused.

    “Pleasure?! A battle’s a battle! All there is to it is kill or be killed!” Darkdramon yelled across the table.

    “You smallminded fool; battle is an art,” Widow argued. “Will against will; ideal against belief. And the ground beneath becomes stained in the crest of blood…”
    “Now who’s the fool?!” Darkdramon snapped. “Who cares about how it’s done?! I only wish for it to be done in the first place!”

    “That is enough,” our boss whispered. “Darkdramon…your desire for bloodshed will be satiated soon, I promise you that.”


    “Forgive me for asking, sir…” the voice belonged to the third and final individual who I could not recognize; a female Digimon with short orange hair and deep blue eyes. Two ears, like a fox, stood at the top of her head. Otherwise, she appeared to be a Human.

    “Yes…? What is it, Trionfimon?”

    “…Is the task really so problematic that it requires the full attention of all twelve of us?” Trionfimon asked.

    “Remember, my dear…this is Lachesis of whom our master speaks of,” a dull, monotoned voice from the shadows whispered.

    “Exactly my point. Are we not stronger than they…?”

    “The Ultimate makes a good point!” Darkdramon agreed.

    “…Indeed she does…but she is incorrect nonetheless,” our master said in a patient voice. “It is…because we fight Lachesis…that we must remain vigilant. One false move…could lead to our demise. My master would be most displeased…”

    His master? Then there’s someone above even him…

    “I have the utmost faith in all of your abilities…regardless…we must also acknowledge the strength of our enemy. In the past, they defeated Lilithmon, and the rest of the Order of the Enchantress. Recently…they have acquired victories against Behemotmon, Carmillamon, and Barbamon.”

    “Barbamon was killed?” Crush asked. “When was this?”

    “A few days ago…However, on their way back here to Arcadia, they were attacked…by Leviamon. I know not…if they remain alive still.”

    “Then why are we here?” Fenrirmon asked.

    “…I do not know for certain if they live yet…but I believe fully that they have. They are simply too stubborn…to give up fully on life in such a meager way. I wish for you all to prepare yourselves…for they shall soon be our target. Or, will we be theirs…?”

    “So…preparing for war, in a sense, are we?” I asked.

    “Indeed, prince. However…there remains a problem. One that you can solve easily.”

    “Oh yeah? And what’s that, boss?”

    “…Several knights in your Valencian military accompanied Lachesis across the sea to Cyllene in order to defeat Barbamon.”

    “Really…? Why was I not made aware of this?” I asked, looking over at Crush, who merely shrugged his big shoulders.

    “It is not important, Aegolius. What I need you to do is simple…The knights of your kingdom are known to be the strongest. It would convenience us all…if they were to be thrown into a state of disarray.”

    “Could you get to the point? I’m no good with riddles,” I said.

    “…Aegolius…Your parents…your sister…and Omnimon…You will have them all destroyed.”

    “Understood, sir.”

    “You do know…what I am asking of you…do you not?”

    “Yeah. You want me to murder my entire family, right? I can do it. It’ll take me a while, though; Micaiah’s at a slumber party in Shendu with the Princess Lan Fan.”

    “No matter…When she returns…see to it that she is slain.”

    “No problem, boss. I promise you…they will all die by my hand, and mine alone.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 88 - Lies and Secrets

    Matthew Kasuto

    “…And I’m afraid that’s everything I knows ‘bout Leviamon,” Ansley concluded. “…‘e’s a real monster, aye?”

    “Jaws…that could swallow the entire world,” I whispered. Just the thought of it made me feel as though I could drown in fear long before I even saw Leviamon again.

    “He didn’t look that big to me,” Karen protested. “He was barely even larger than my own ship!”

    “Dat’s what I been told, lass; dunno if it ‘r true er not,” Ansley replied.

    “And that’s all you can tell us?” I asked. “There isn’t some secret way to kill him, is there?”

    “I tolds ye all I do know ‘bout Leviamon. Trust me, I gave ye more info than I could have with what ya gave in return,” Ansley said.

    “Are you kidding me?! You ate five steaks that were bigger than your head!” Karen exclaimed. “I’d say you still owe us more information, especially since I paid for everything you shoved down your throat! Now, start talking!”

    “…Already told ye everything I know, me hearty. If I had more, I’d tell ye.”

    “Well, I’m afraid that just isn’t good enough!” Karen snapped. “How the hell am I supposed to avenge MetalSeadramon if I don’t even know where to find Leviamon, no less figure out a way to kill him?!”

    “Blimey, das a load ‘a rubbish, mate; t’aint none ‘a me concern, now! I gots no more to tell ye ‘bout the monster! I coulds help ya, but ye’d have ta make it worth me while.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding me!” Karen yelled. “I could’ve easily killed you at any time; if anything, you should make all of this shit worth our while!”

    Matthew, I don’t think this is going to end well, Katsumi whispered.

    “Probably not,” I replied. “…And why are you whispering? I’m the only one who can hear you, right?”

    …Because…I’m a ghost! And that’s what ghosts do. We whisper. A lot.

    “You whispered when you were alive, too,” I said.


    “That did not scare me.”

    “Now, don’t ye go an’ try ta hornswoggle me, now; just fill up me belly some more, and I’ll help ye some more, k?” Ansley asked.

    “What, more food?! If you keep eating the way you’ve been, then your belly will be all of you I can see!”

    “I can’t help withat, lassie; I ain’t a big help much when me belly’s a-rumbling.”

    “You aren’t helpful otherwise!” Karen snapped. “C’mon Matt, let’s go. We’re wasting our time here.”


    “Avast, ye scurvy wench! Ye climb on board me brig ana start askin’ me ‘bout dat blasted monster, and I done tells ya ever’thing I do know ‘bout it!”

    “And what you know is useless, Ansley. You don’t know a thing about Leviamon that I already did not know,” Karen said.

    “Now, wait justa sec there; ye attack me first, and right after I save yer arse from bein’ killed by Leviamon, now! T’aint very gracious of ye, scallywag!”

    “I don’t care. If you can’t help me avenge MetalSeadramon, then you’re useless to me.” Karen gently grabbed me by the arm and leaped over the side railing of Ansley’s ship, landing with a thud on the wooden-plank dock at the ship’s side. “…I guess I’d better get you back to the castle, Matt.”

    “Are you okay?” I asked quietly.

    “…I’ll be fine. Don’t start thinking I’ll hold a grudge against your group for not knowing anything more about Leviamon, okay?” Karen asked. “Besides, I’m sure that if I can count on anyone for help, it’ll be you guys.”
    “…Yeah. You’re right.” I smiled up at the Pirate Queen, and the two of us began our long walk back to Shendu Castle.

    Eleanora Kasuto

    My eyes were fixated on the horizon. It was the middle of the day, and Matthew still had not returned to me yet. In spite of this, Ulysses had insisted on us leaving Shendu Castle and returning home to the fortress in Valencia. And so as I stood now, prepared to board our Trailmon, I hesitated, hoping that with each passing second I would see Matthew approaching us from beyond the horizon. The fact that I had not, however, only served to contribute to my angst.

    “…C’mon, Ellie,” Zelda whispered, gently taking my hand in hers. “Let’s get going…”

    “…But…what about—”

    “Eleanora. Karen Swan is a remarkably responsible young woman,” Ulysses said kindly. “She won’t let anything happen to Matthew, okay? You can trust her. And she wouldn’t do anything to him herself, either.” That, of course, was not what worried me; Karen had every ounce of my respect and trust, and I knew she would keep my brother safe.

    …But what if she couldn’t? I thought. She’s hurt, too…What if she couldn’t…protect him?

    “C’mon, Eleanora; we have to go now,” Zelda said. “If we don’t go now, then we’ll have to wait for more than a week for our next Trailmon…”

    “And Alena said that she and her group would stay behind as well,” Ulysses added. “They’ll wait for Matthew to return, and when they find him, they’ll escort him all the way back to us, so you don’t need to worry too much.”

    “Plus, those two Shendian knights and Dynasmon are out looking for him at this moment,” Lunamon said.

    “It’ll be okay, Eleanora; Dynasmon’s as strong as they come, and very dependable,” Zelda said, gently rubbing her thumb over the back of my hand.

    “…Could I…stay behind as well…?” I asked.

    “I do not wish to impose upon the Emperor even farther than we have, but if it is what you desire…”

    “I’m not leaving without Matthew!” I exclaimed. “I don’t care what anyone else says, I won’t leave until I know that he’s okay!”

    “…Um…Ellie…?” Zelda gently tugged on my long raven hair, and pointed my head towards the sunlit horizon. There, behind me, stood my twin brother, wearing a smile as warm as the sun.

    “…Matthew! Where have you been?!” I inquired, embracing tightly my younger twin. “I was so worried about you; why did you leave like that?!”

    “Yeah…sorry about that,” Matthew whispered. “I, uh…just had a few things to attend to.”

    “What were you doing?” Zelda asked. “And did you find Karen? She went out looking for you…”

    “Oh, yeah, we met up; she went back home, but she told me that she’d be happy to help us whenever we may need her,” Matthew said.

    “But, why did you even leave in the first place?!” I asked.

    “…Nothing. It’s not important…”

    “Well, obviously it is, if it kept you away for so long!”

    “El, I told you, it’s nothing. Nothing worth talking about…”

    “…Why won’t you tell me?” I whispered. He continuously avoided making eye contact with me; I could tell instinctively that he was hiding something from me. “Matthew…” With a final glance in my direction, Matthew walked silently aboard the Trailmon, leaving me with Zelda and Lunamon.

    “Ellie, honey, don’t worry about it,” Zelda whispered gently, placing a comforting hand atop my shoulder. “He’ll talk to you when he’s ready…”

    “And when he’s ready to talk, you’ll be the first one he goes to,” Lunamon added.
    “…I hope you’re right,” I said quietly. “But I know he’s keeping something from me…and he doesn’t trust me enough to tell me what it is…It hurts…My own twin doesn’t trust me…”

    Augustus Maxwell

    The Trailmon Amber and I had chosen suddenly began shaking rather violently. I glanced out a window, and observed the unsteady landscape that was the cause for this turbulence. Amazingly, Amber had remained asleep through the entire ordeal. She had a peaceful look on her gaunt and pale face, and I could still faintly see the scratch marks Eeno had left on her cheek when the sunlight was on her face.

    …If anyone would be able to help her find her parents…It’s them. I was fortunate to have a map of the entire continent of Arcadia; apparently, our Trailmon was just on the edge between the borders of Elphierr and Valneva territories. Intel from a kindly stranger had directed Amber and me — hopefully in the right direction — to Valencia territory, where it is said that the mercenary guild Lachesis resides. But…would they be willing to help a former enemy? Were they even successful in stopping Desmond? And what of the other Generals; did Eliza and Agamemnon…? No. I can’t think about that right now…Enemy or not…I have to believe that they would be willing to help Amber. She’s innocent in all of this, after all…Surely they wouldn’t turn her down…?

    “…My lord…?” Amber was gazing at me with her eyes half-closed. “My Lord Augustus…Are we there yet, sir…?”

    “…We will be there soon, my dear,” I said, smiling at the small young woman. “If anyone can help you find your parents, it’s the mercenaries at Lachesis.”

    “…Oh…but…you’ll…you’ll stay with me…won’t you?” Amber asked. “Sir Augustus…will you…stay with me…when we arrive?” Honestly, I had not thought about it. I never once considered what I would do upon reuniting Amber with her parents. I couldn’t bring myself to tell her that the members of Lachesis would undoubtedly consider me an enemy; I felt as though my staying with her would create unwanted tension. And yet, I gave to her my answer. Was it a lie? I knew not, at the time I said what I did.
    “Of course, Amber. I’ll stay with you for as long as you want me to…”

    Tchang Zu

    “Damn it…I can’t believe I was defeated so easily!” I said between clenched teeth. “My army lies in tatters…That bastard of a brother just had to go and hire a pack of vagabond cutthroats, didn’t he?! And they were all injured, too; just how little does that son of a bitch think of me?!” From the grassy plain I sulked around in, I looked up at the bright sun; enraged by the sense of hope it seemed to embody, I raised up my remaining arm, blocking the sun from my eyes. At once, dark clouds filled the sky. Thunder resonated, and a heavy rain began to wash the stains of blood from my skin.

    “…My Lord…what will we do?” Dai Gui asked.

    “My brother…he’s onto me, I just know it. Getting that gem from him is important, but he’s close to figuring out our secret…if he does figure it out…”

    “…Your secret…you will…tell me what it is.” The voice, though unknown to me, immediately sent a chill down my spine. I turned around, facing a hulking suit of armor, wielding an axe nearly as tall as the behemoth.

    “W-Who the hell do you think you are…?!” I asked nervously. The tall figure simply remained silent. In spite of the rain, his armor seemed dry; in fact, it was as if the rain was avoiding him at all costs.

    “…My name is Generalmon. You, Tchang Zu…have many crimes you have to answer for. You…and your ancestors.”

    “…Are you…referring to The King’s Gambit?” I asked.

    “So…you continued it. Your ancestors…continued those horrid ‘games,’” Generalmon said. I sneered at the immense Digimon.

    “Yeah? What about it?” I asked. “They shouldn’t have even been stopped in the first place. My ancestors were in the right to keep it going.”

    “…You are a fool. Have you any idea…how many lives were lost to those games, after all these hundreds of years?” Generalmon asked. “Ten-thousand. That is a rough estimate of the number of casualties five-hundred years ago. By now, it’s likely a quarter of one-million deaths.”


    “…The King Byron and Queen Mana of the Ancient Kingdom sought to put an end to them. But you…Your ancestors, the descendants of Shendu himself; like your great ancestor, you sought to continue your twisted game, for your own amusement. But like the good king and queen of the lost kingdom, your brother, Tso Lan, seeks to put an end to The King’s Gambit.”

    “…Don’t…mention…that bastard’s name…in my presence…EVER AGAIN!” I screamed. Ignoring me, Generalmon continued his irksome speech.

    “Originally, there was no issue with The King’s Gambit. Warriors from around the world would fight at an arena’s center for a crowd’s amusement. A fine idea in itself, if I may say so. But…the way it was changed into the perversion it is now…is unforgiveable. Because of the influence of the corrupt nobles at the time, Celina lost her life. My partner…” Generalmon readied his massive axe, and behind his helmet, I could tell he was glaring at me. “Tchang Zu…for the crimes you have committed…I sentence you to death. Do not blame me for your fate, for this was your own doing!”

    “THINK AGAIN!” I raised my remaining arm, and a bright bolt of lightning fell from the sky and struck Generalmon. In the process, I made my escape with assistance from Dai Gui. And yet, as I ran, called out the voice that would forever haunt my nightmares, speaking the words that I would fear even further:

    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 89 - Fragments of Sorrow

    Matthew Kasuto

    Our long journey had finally been brought to a close. The ride on the Trailmon was more awkward than it should have been; Eleanora had stared at me the entire journey home, and I had a feeling she hadn’t slept, either. Katsumi, of course, had done the same; being a ghost, she was incapable of sleep. Although, I felt guilty for not talking to her, not wishing to arouse suspicion. I knew her ghost was still at my side, but even just thinking about the fact that she was dead, that she had literally died in my arms, filled me with grief; aside from the fact that I was certain that the others would not believe me about Katsumi’s ghost, I did not wish to be bombarded with questions about her demise.

    …Which I’m sure Larraine and the others will do, I thought. The fortress was clearly in sight now.

    “…I will speak to the others on my own,” Ulysses said. “As the current leader of Lachesis, it is my duty to inform them of the demise of our comrades…If…you lot had a better leader, then they would be alive, undoubtedly.”

    “You can’t blame yourself, boss!” Mia exclaimed. “It was the Cyllenian general who killed them!”

    “Yes…if anyone should be blamed, it is me,” Tamiko said quietly.

    “Well, I’m the tactician around here,” Isole said curtly. “Go ahead; blame me. It’s all I’m good for.”

    “No. I will be the one to inform the others,” Ulysses said. “Alicia, Wayland, and Katsumi were all killed because I’m a terrible boss. Geitz was right about me…”

    I suppose it’s just as well that I’m not there…I glanced over at Katsumi’s spirit, who gave me a kind and confident smile.

    “What are you looking at?” Eleanora asked.

    “…It’s nothing. Forget about it,” I whispered.

    “Matthew; please, tell me. Tell me what your secret is!”

    “Eleanora, I—” My words were interrupted by an immensely cheerful squeal, and the sight of Larraine running out of the fortress.

    “YOU’RE BACK! YOU’RE ALL BACK!” she screamed over and over again, giving each and every one of us a pleasant, if not choking, hug. “How was your trip? Did you have fun? Oh, hey, who are you? Did you bring me a present? Did you join Lachesis? Oh, and Heather’s still pregnant, but her tummy’s really getting huge! And Lloyd isn’t here at the moment; he’s out on a job with Neemon! Also, Giselle ran away! Oh, and I thought of three more dances while you were gone! And I see Giselle right there, so I guess you found her. And—”

    “Larraine! Breathe!” Ulysses exclaimed, gently grabbing the dancer by the shoulders. Larraine took a deep breath in, and sighed.

    “…Okay…So, who are you?” Larraine asked, looking over at Tamiko with a smile on her face.

    “M-My name is Tamiko, m’lady; it is a pleasure to meet you,” Tamiko curtsied. “I was accepted into your guild while your friends were in Cyllene…”

    “Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Miss Tamiko,” Larraine smiled. “Oh, and by the way, Mr. Ulysses, a man arrived a day or two ago wishing to ask for assistance.”

    “It’s going to have to wait, Larraine. There’s something I must discuss with you all,” Ulysses said.

    “Is everything okay, sir?” Larraine asked, observing the grim expression on our boss’s face.

    “I’ll tell all of you about it soon. Now, Larraine, I would like for you to gather up all who remained behind in the lounge; in the meantime, everyone who returned home with me shall be retiring to their rooms for the day. And that’s an order.”

    “Y-Yes sir!” Larraine, clearly unaccustomed to being given direct orders in such a way, stammered and walked in a rather clumsy manner back into the fortress, rather than with graceful strides as if she were dancing.

    “…Go and get some rest, everyone. You all earned it,” Ulysses said softly.

    “Are you certain you don’t want anyone at your side?” Lucia asked.
    “No…it’s okay. I have this under control.”

    Eleanora Kasuto

    Matthew lay rested on his bed, sound asleep with Coronamon. Lunamon was the same, resting on top of my pillow. And me? I sat on the circular rug at the center of our cold, stone room, and looked out the window towards the bright sunny sky to observe the clouds passing by. This was but scarcely efficient in the way of preventing my woes from making themselves known in my conscious mind. I picked up a tiny pebble off the floor, and placed it at the center of my hand. Small and grey, with a few specks of white, the pebble was roughly one-fourth the size of my little finger’s nail. The tiny pebble reminded me of myself, in a way — small and insignificant; if cast away, if thrown across the room, would there be anyone to notice? Likewise, if I were gone…had I died, over in Cyllene, in that fire…would I be missed? Would my death be noticed?

    I ran my ring finger over the surface of the pebble a few times, before finally tossing it across the room. It hit the stone floor with a light, almost unnoticeable, tink; it bounced a few times before finally coming to a stop close to the wall. I sighed, and looked up at the ceiling. Why was I feeling this way, I wondered oft to myself. Was it that my twin was keeping something a secret from me? That he did not trust me enough to tell me something that I could tell was clearly bothering him?

    What else would be bothering me? thought I. He had told me that he was smitten with Katsumi when I was informed of her demise, so I suppose I could not blame him for closing himself off. And yet, I worried still, a habit of mine that remained from when I acted as his mother rather than his twin. As I gazed up at the ceiling, I began to realize how sore my rear was getting from sitting on the stone floor, as well as after riding for hours on a Trailmon. I quietly stood up, and stretched my entire body. My arms were raised high up above my head, and my back was arched. I took a deep breath in, and reveled at the feeling of the cold, refreshing air that filled my lungs and belly. I looked over at Matthew, and smiled. As I was about to walk over to him, there came a light knock on my door. Matthew did not stir, even as I opened the door to allow Zelda to come in.

    “How are you feeling, Ellie?” she whispered.

    “…I guess I’m okay,” was my reply, glancing over once more at Matthew.

    “I’m worried about him too, you know, so you needn’t hide your true feelings,” Zelda said gently. “…He’s grieving Katsumi, isn’t he…”

    “How would I know? He won’t let me in; he’s…just shutting himself off from me,” I whispered. “It…It’s scaring me…He’s never done this before; he’s hiding something from me, but he doesn’t feel like he can trust me enough to tell me what it is that’s troubling him…”

    “Oh, Ellie, I’m sure that isn’t it…” Zelda placed a tenderly warm hand over my shoulder, and looked into my eyes. “You have a kind and gentle heart, Eleanora; everyone loves that about you. It’s like I said; when Matthew is ready to talk, it will be you he goes to first.”

    “…You were friends with Kitty’s mother, weren’t you?” I asked.

    “Yes…I met Luna many years before she married Wisemon. Katsumi didn’t really stir around much while she was in Luna’s tummy; I think Abigail is the only one to have felt her kick,” Zelda said. “All those years ago, she was born…and now…”

    “Wisemon must be devastated…”

    “…I wonder…if he may have already known?”

    “But…if he had seen Katsumi dying in one of his visions, wouldn’t he have gone with us to help prevent it?” I asked.

    “Perhaps…but…either way, she may have been doomed. Fate works that way; had Wisemon gone with us, fate would have found a different, and undoubtedly more horrid, way for Katsumi to die. Even if she had stayed behind…”

    “And…Matthew loved her…”

    “Yes…Katsumi was still so young, since she bore the Brand, and they would have made such a lovely couple,” Zelda said.

    “You know, it wasn’t that long ago that Matthew was scared to death of every girl here at Lachesis,” I said. “Could you imagine him getting married?”

    “Oh, yes; then Luna and I would have been related! And Kitty would have looked so pretty in a wedding dress…”


    “You don’t need to worry, Ellie. I know you’ll look just radiant in a wedding dress someday!” Zelda said.

    “W-What?! N-No, I—I wasn’t thinking…about that,” I stammered, turning bright red.

    “Oh…well, were you thinking about who you would be marrying, then?” Zelda asked. “Edmund seems quite nice!”
    “Auntie Zelda…”


    “…They…they’re…d-dead…?” I asked. Ulysses sat directly across from me, looking steadily down at the ground. At my side was a very pregnant Heather holding my hand as I processed my emotions. Loralyn, Lilliana, Kamemon, and Dominimon were also present, but only Lilliana seemed to be on the verge of tears.

    “Alicia…Katsumi…and Wayland…all of them?” Dominimon asked.

    “…Yes…I have failed you all,” Ulysses said in a trembling voice. “I am…a terrible leader…”

    “Do not blame yourself, sir,” Loralyn said. The enigmatic bard walked over to our leader, and sat down next to him. “It is not your fault that they were killed…the ones who killed them…are at fault.”

    “She’s right,” Dominimon said. “You cannot blame yourself for this, Ulysses.”

    “…Geitz was right, though,” Ulysses continued.

    “No, sir, he wasn’t!” Heather exclaimed. She, too, attempted to stand up, but her massive belly prevented that. “Just because they died…does not make you a terrible leader…” I tried to add on to Heather’s words, but my own words died in my mouth. I simply could not bring myself to speak without the crushing pain in my chest overwhelming me entirely. In all my years at Lachesis, apart from Geitz, this was my first experience with death. Even though I knew my mother, Kisara, was dead, I had no recollection of any of it. When finally I gained the strength to speak, I was interrupted by a loud blast that shook the entire castle.

    “What in the devil was that?!” Ulysses hollered. Grabbing his claymore, he raced out the front door. Quickly forgetting the pain in my chest, I hurried along after him where I saw, flying high in the sky, a Digimon I had never seen before.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 90 - Enter Celtinemon


    “What in the devil was that?!” Ulysses hollered. Grabbing his claymore, he raced out the front door. Quickly forgetting the pain in my chest, I hurried along after him where I saw, flying high in the sky, a Digimon I had never seen before.

    “Hello there!” the Digimon called out. “Oh, wait, that’s not right…Um…Puny Humans and Digimon of Lachesis! Bow before my mighty power, and, um…tremble in fear as I unleash my, uh, mighty power! No, wait, I already said that…”

    “…Who is that?” I asked. The Digimon in question was primarily clad in green; a tank top that left her belly exposed, and a skirt that did the same for a good portion of her thighs. A pair of pure white wings protruded from her back, and she carried a sword in her right hand.

    “O-Oh dear, did I not introduce myself again…? Oh, I’m so embarrassed!” the Digimon called out, covering her face with her hands. She shyly tapped the toes of her boots together, and turned away slightly. “M-My name is Celtinemon, and…um…”

    “What are you doing here?” Ulysses asked.

    “Oh yeah! I’m here to kill you all!” Celtinemon exclaimed, smiling once again.


    “Yep! I was given just the right amount of money to do the job!” Celtinemon said. “Oh, but try not to bleed, I don’t like it when other people bleed; it makes me sad…”

    …There is something seriously wrong with this Digimon! “Um, miss…? You know, if you don’t like blood, you don’t have to, you know…kill us…”

    “Well, but I promised I would! So I will! Faerie Divider!” Celtinemon brandished her sword and, flying at an incredible speed, attacked Dominimon, striking him repeatedly and powerfully until the Mega level fell to the ground. Ulysses glared at the flying Celtinemon.

    “Attacking a clergyman…absolutely DISGRACEFUL!” Ulysses swung his claymore, but the Digimon was too quick for him, and soon, Celtinemon was hovering overhead once again. “Lilliana, make Kamemon Digivolve at once!”

    “Um, y-yes sir!” The young girl slid a card against the side of her D-Power, and Kamemon began to glow.

    “Kamemon Digivolve to, Gwappamon! DJ Shooter!”

    “Nope; not gonna work!” Celtinemon said cheerfully, slicing through Gwappamon’s attacks with ease. “Faerie Divider!” Once again, Celtinemon flew faster than I could see, and struck down Gwappamon in a matter of seconds, making him de-Digivolve back into Kamemon. “Neat! I think I got all the Digimon down! Go me!” she cheered.

    “You foul INSECT!”

    …Mr. Ulysses is a lot more mad than he usually would be about situations like this, I thought. Is it because of…what happened over in Cyllene…? Ulysses flung his claymore with all his might at Celtinemon, but the Digimon simply fluttered around it, and watch it fall to the ground with a clatter.

    “Hm…you know, I don’t usually use this attack, since it’s so hard to control…but I’m starting to think that maybe I should, like, take you seriously; he did tell me you defeated Barbamon, after all,” Celtinemon said.

    “What are you…?” Ulysses stopped talking as Celtinemon held out her sword in front of her. At once, an enormous magic circle materialized in front of it, followed by two smaller ones connected to it. “…Everyone…get down. GET DOWN!”

    Unbelievable…I can sense so much power coming from that attack…Strength that I do not sense in Celtinemon herself…Ulysses rushed in front of me just as Celtinemon prepared to fire her attack, and Dominimon did the same for Lilliana.

    “Shooting Star Sword!” The magic circles called forth by Celtinemon’s sword began to glow; from the center of the circles, a rain of huge shooting stars began firing down at us. I closed my eyes as soon as it all began, bracing myself for the pain. All around me, the glowing meteors struck the earth with cacophonous explosions that sent flames and dust flying into the air. And yet, I did not hear anybody cry out in pain. Soon, the sound of the explosions came to an end, and after a few seconds of waiting, I was finally brave enough to open my eyes. To my relief, Ulysses was still standing, and didn’t seem to be injured in the slightest. Dust clouds obscured everyone else from view, but I could sense their locations, and I was able to tell, with some relief, that they all lived.

    “…What happened?” I asked.

    “I think she was right,” Ulysses whispered. “She really can’t control that attack…” I looked up in the sky, where I found Celtinemon breathing heavily; her wings were drooping, and she looked as though she were about to plummet from the sky.

    “Are you okay…?” I asked.

    “Yeah…I’ll be okay,” Celtinemon wheezed. “I just need to try again…then I’ll be able to get you!”

    “No! Celtinemon, don’t do it!” I cried. “That attack used up too much of your strength; if you use it again—”

    “Shooting Star Sword!”

    “…Need a little help, Miss Larraine?” As Celtinemon’s sword began forming the magic circles before it, a figure approached me from the shadows.

    “…Oh! Mr. Augustus!” I exclaimed. “Mr. Ulysses, I forgot to tell you, but this is the man who wished to speak with you—”

    “YOU?!” Ulysses yelled. “You…what are you doing here?!”

    “Please, do not misunderstand, Sir Ulysses,” Augustus said. “I promise you…I am here to help.”

    “LEAVE THIS PLACE IMMEDIATELY!” Ulysses screamed.

    …What’s going on? I thought, too scared to speak.


    “I’m helping you, whether you want me to or not.” Augustus reached into his pocket and, to my surprise, pulled out a Digimon Talisman. “Come forth…BlackWarGreymon!” The Digimon Spirit called forth by Augustus rushed up into the sky as soon as he materialized; holding up his shield, BlackWarGreymon was able to completely block Celtinemon’s attack.

    “…Unbelievable…his shield took that attack full-on, and he’s still standing,” I whispered.

    “Now, finish her,” Augustus said.

    “No, wait!” Ignoring my plea, the BlackWarGreymon flew up to Celtinemon. The Digimon Spirit raised a singly arm, and struck Celtinemon down to the ground the gauntlet that covered his arm. “No…”

    “Terra Destroy—”

    “NO! STOP!” I screamed, running over to Celtinemon. “Please…stop this…”

    “Larraine, what the hell are you doing?!” Ulysses yelled.

    “Lady Larraine, I must ask that you step away from that Digimon,” Augustus said calmly.

    “NO! I’m not going to let you hurt her any more!” I yelled back. “Please…she’s had enough…just let her go, okay…?”

    “…If that is what you desire. BlackWarGreymon.” The Digimon Spirit nodded, and returned to his Summoner’s side.

    “…Why are you…doing this…?” Celtinemon asked.

    “Because I can tell…you have a good heart, Celtinemon,” I said gently, kneeling down next to the exhausted Digimon. “I don’t like to see anybody get hurt, even the most hate-filled bandits. But someone like you…I just couldn’t stand it…”

    “But, you…shouldn’t feel that way,” Celtinemon said. “I just…tried to kill you all…”

    “…You were paid, weren’t you?”

    “Yes…that is all…that matters to me,” Celtinemon said, forcing herself to stand up. “I only care…about how much money I am given…to do something. Anything else…is unimportant.” Celtinemon spread her white wings, and alighted softly into the sky, soon vanishing from sight.

    “…You are a kind person, Miss Larraine,” Augustus said. “I do not wish for you to lose that trait, but…I would advise you to exert caution in the future nonetheless.”

    “I know…that’s what Lucy tells me all the time,” I said, smiling up at the sky.

    “Now, with all of that settled for the moment…You have some explaining to do.” Ulysses glared at Augustus. “What are you doing here?! Speak!”

    “Sir Ulysses. You’ve every right to distrust me. But, I come to you today, not as the Blue General of Cyllene…but as a man seeking to right the wrongs of his past.”

    …He’s…from Cyllene? A general…? Augustus placed his sword into the ground, and retrieved two more Digimon Talismans from his pockets, placing them on the ground next to his blade. At that moment, BlackWarGreymon vanished.

    “I am now fully disarmed, sir. I’ve no hidden weapons on my person, nor do I intend to lie to you in any way on this day,” Augustus continued.

    “…What is it you want?” Ulysses asked.

    “First…there is something I must tell you. I have abandoned my post as general.”

    “You…what?! You don’t expect me to believe you, do you?!”

    “…No sir, I do not, but it is the truth I speak,” Augustus said. “The reason I left — the reason I come to you today — is on account of a young maiden named Amber.”

    “Oh, that’s the girl that was with you earlier, right?” I asked.

    “Indeed — although, I’m not even sure if that was the name given to her by her parents. Amber…she was…originally, Amber was born here on Arcadia, but…fifteen years ago, during Desmond’s first attempt at war, Amber was among many children taken by the soldiers of the empire. She grew up as a slave…one who was…” Augustus closed his eyes, and sighed. “Amber…was severely mistreated by the other knights of the empire. I’m certain you know whom I speak of.”

    “Was it…Eliza and Agamemnon?” Ulysses asked. Augustus nodded solemnly.

    “She thought nothing of it, as it was all she knew. But I…I could not stand seeing her take the abuse any longer. But, what prompted my decision to leave…was when I found out what a certain knight did to her. A knight named Eeno…raped her.”

    “…Eeno…That was the man who stabbed Lucia,” Ulysses pondered. “…We couldn’t even retrieve…Alicia’s body…because of him…”

    …No…That’s…How can this be happening…

    “I met with Eeno later that evening. That was when I murdered him,” Augustus continued.

    “…You killed him? One of your own comrades?” Ulysses asked. His tone was no longer angry; rather, he seemed more surprised.

    “And what would you have done, sir, knowing what he did to that innocent young lady? Surely killing a man is far from a new experience to a mercenary leader; I daresay that it would be the same as killing a bandit. Regardless…after Eeno had been slain, I took Amber with me and fled Cyllene, hoping to take her to her birth parents. Please…I am not requesting your aid for myself. Sir Ulysses…will you help Amber?”

    “…I understand. Sir Augustus…where is Amber at this moment?” Ulysses asked. “I wish to speak with her.”

    “Before your return here, we were directed to wait in the blacksmith’s forge by Dominimon — I, however, told her to wait there when Celtinemon began her onslaught just recently,” Augustus answered. I turned my gaze towards Wayland’s forge, trying hard to fight back the tears I felt welling in my eyes. At the entrance to the forge, stood a lovely young woman. “Amber…it is safe to come out, now; that Digimon has left.”

    “…Yes, sir…” Slowly and unsteadily, Amber began walking towards Augustus, and into the sunlight, where I could better see her features. And what I did see only made me feel all the more disheartened. Pale and gaunt, with scratches running across her cheek; she was garbed in overly large clothing, which I could only assume belonged to Augustus at some point.

    “…Eeno had…torn her only clothing when he…during that incident,” Augustus whispered to me as Amber approached. “The only thing I could do was to cover her with my own clothing…”

    “Yes…but even with the differences in your builds, they still seem especially large on her,” Ulysses pondered.

    “…You don’t know how bad it was for her over there,” Augustus said. “They would hardly allow her to eat; just enough to keep her alive. And yet, there were times when they didn’t even give her that much, and even when they did, Eliza and Agamemnon would punch and kick her belly until she vomited what she had just eaten.”

    “…My god…” I glanced over at Amber, who simply had a calm expression on her face.

    “I tried many times to feed her; on the few times I was successful in reaching her before being caught, she simply wouldn’t eat,” Augustus said. “…The cruelty of knights from Cyllene knows no bounds. They simply worked her day and night, and she never complained.”

    “…I do not agree with you on that point,” Ulysses said. “You, for starters, are not so wicked. And then, there is your princess.”

    “Yes…Tamiko…Tell me; you didn’t harm her…did you?” Augustus asked.

    “On the contrary; she and Kentaurosmon both joined our guild.”

    “Wait…Tamiko’s a princess?!” I shouted.

    “Well…to be fair, she…resigned, in a sense,” Ulysses said. “Er…you can ask her of this later, Larraine.”

    “Now, then…I will leave Amber in your hands,” Augustus said.

    “…Wait…you…aren’t staying with me?” Amber asked. Augustus remained silent. “You…promised me…you would…”

    “Yes, there is no reason for you to depart; if you wish to stay, then I will tell everyone that there is no need to fear you,” Ulysses added.

    “…I do not know. I…do not think myself worthy of being amongst you.”

    “Sir Augustus…”

    “…Amber. You don’t need someone like me around. You need to be with your family.”

    “But…you promised me that you would stay with me until I found my parents,” Amber said tearfully.

    “…I believe I already have,” Augustus replied calmly. “That pregnant woman…Heather Reed. You resemble her a great deal.”

    “…Heather…Heather’s first daughter was taken…fifteen years ago,” I whispered.

    “And how long do you think Amber has been a slave in Cyllene?” Augustus asked. “The hair; the eyes; the voice…their kindness, and empathy for others…there’s no doubt about it, Amber. Heather Reed is your mother.” I heard a small gasp; I turned my head, and there stood Heather, wearing the most bewildered expression I had ever seen.

    “…What…what…are you…saying…this girl…she’s my…” Heather slowly walked up to Amber with tears beginning to form in her clear blue eyes. “…Madelyn…” Amber could do nothing but stare at the now-sobbing Heather as she wrapped her arms around the petite girl “Madelyn…it really is you…”

    “…Madelyn…? My name…it isn’t Amber…? I…Madelyn…that sounds…nice…” The young girl did her best to place her arms around Heather, but her mother’s pregnant belly made this difficult. And there the two stood, locked in the other’s embrace, holding each other as if forever. And, though nobody noticed — nobody apart from me, that is — Augustus began his departure…
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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