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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 71 - Creeping Shadow

    Matthew Kasuto

    “Stop hiding like a coward and face us, IceDevimon!” I yelled. The laugh of the bone-chilling voice seemed to emanate from every possible direction. Finally, the towering form of the Fallen Angel appeared before Sparrow and me.

    “Is this better?” the Digimon asked.

    “What the hell are you doing here?” Sparrow asked.

    “Well, I’ll be honest with you…I had heard that a dear friend of mine was recently in a bit of a bind, so I decided to rush over and see if I could lend a claw,” IceDevimon said. “But what did I find when I arrived…? The guild whose very name I’ve cursed! And that woman you two were with…I was not expecting her to arrive on this continent, you see. My plans had already been ruined by the efforts of her and her friend long, long ago.”

    “…Which one? We were traveling with two women,” Firamon said. IceDevimon glared down at the shorter Champion.

    “…Yes. How could I have forgotten? How rude of me. The woman known as Zelda…It was her, and her Digimon Spirit Gallantmon, who had destroyed me five-hundred years ago,” IceDevimon said. “So, you see…what I’m trying to say is…that woman must be eliminated at once! I must have her destroyed! With the most dangerous one taken out, searching for the one I seek will be that much easier!”

    “Who are you searching for?” I asked. “…If we help you find him or her…Could you maybe, like, not try to destroy Zelda, or something?”

    “…Perhaps…But…there is no way you would be able to help me. There is no way you would want to help me. I am, you see, the villain of this comedy of errors; the — how do you say — primary antagonist?”

    “Look, just tell us who you’re looking for already!” Sparrow said. “The sooner we help you, the sooner you’ll stop trying to hurt somebody we care about!”

    “…Do you really want to know?” IceDevimon asked. “…Then I will tell you. I, IceDevimon, am searching for none other than…my other half.”

    “Your…other half? What does that mean?” Allomon asked. IceDevimon grinned.

    “My other half…is the part of me that was left behind when I was split apart,” IceDevimon said. “Once upon a time, I was considered what some might call a perfect being. Human and Digimon. Male and female. But, unfortunately, certain events led to me splitting into two separate beings; one male Digimon, and one female Human. It is the female Human that I seek…for once I find her…once we are finally made one again…my power shall reach its zenith.” IceDevimon smiled at us. “Well, then…since I’m the villain…I think you know what it means if I were to have my strength augmented. None would survive. None would dare stand against me. I would finally have achieved my greatest desire! Destruction! Solitude! Genocide! I seek to create a world that is covered in death and corpses! A world where none dare go against my wishes! A world where I, IceDevimon, can—”

    “Dino Burst!”

    “Fira Bomb!” The attacks of Allomon and Firamon struck IceDevimon in the center of his chest.
    “…I’ve heard just about enough come out of your mouth,” I said. “So…allow us to shut it for you — permanently!”


    Where did Matthew and Sparrow go? I hope they’re okay…

    “HEY! Eyes on me, sweetheart!” Eaglemon shrieked. “I wanna see you cry your pretty eyes out when I tear that disgusting Mark right off of the back of your hand!”

    “Double Scissor Claw!” As Eaglemon dove down at me from the sky, Okuwamon struck him aside. “Are you okay, Zelda?”

    “Yes…I’m fine,” I said. “I’m just worried about Mattie and Sparrow…”

    “They’ll be fine,” Tactimon said. “I don’t know what Matthew might have seen, but I trust in his judgment.”

    “Kaiser Phoenix!” Eaglemon rammed into Tactimon’s back; the master swordsman went flying through the air and landed face down in the ground, unconscious. “Now, then…on to business!”

    “Hey, you! You’d better stay away from the ladies!” Okuwamon spat.

    “Out of my way; Mystic Break!” Eaglemon fired a white ray from his beak at Okuwamon, knocking the Ultimate away. Katsumi stepped behind me as Eaglemon landed on the ground and glared down at us. “…You two…seem rather familiar…”

    “…I don’t think we’ve met,” I said.

    “…Was it in a former life?” Eaglemon asked. “When I was healed by Murmuxmon, he returned my previous life’s memories…Yes, that’s it! I remember you, blondie!”

    “…You do?”

    “Yes! We didn’t actually meet, but in that life, I was a Parrotmon working for IceDevimon!” Eaglemon said.


    “The one and only! IceDevimon told us to be on the lookout for you, back when ChaosGallantmon was still working with us! Since we didn’t meet face-to-face, I got to deal with…Luna.”

    “Luna?” Katsumi asked.

    “That’s right; Bellaluna Rosalina was her name!” Eaglemon squawked. “And looking at you reminds me of that traitorous bitch!”

    “…Luna…is my…was my…mother,” Katsumi said.

    “…Mother, eh? Yes…you do resemble her,” Eaglemon mused. “Asuramon and I caught her foster daughter, and tortured her for information. That was when Luna killed the two of us.”

    “…I always knew she loved Chrysania more. Even though I was the one she gave birth to…”

    “Kitty, don’t say that!” I exclaimed. “Your mother loved you! She loved you and Chrysania equally! Wisemon, too! Trust me; I was there! You just never got the chance to see how happy Luna looked while you were in her tummy…If you’d…seen her smiling…”

    “Gawds, enough!” While we were distracted, Eaglemon reached out a talon and struck Katsumi in the hip.


    “Hahaha! I’ve been waiting so long to do that to Luna; doing it to the daughter who resembles her feels just as good, though!”

    “GET AWAY FROM HER!” A giant claw reached and grabbed Eaglemon, plucking him out of Katsumi’s stomach. “You will pay for hurting Zelda’s friend!” Okuwamon roared.

    “Make me!” Eaglemon taunted, breaking free of the Spirit’s claw. He wasn’t fast enough, though; Okuwamon caught hold of his wing, and as Eaglemon was flying away, Okuwamon was able to tear his left wing completely off. Eaglemon shrieked in pain, and began spiraling down out of the sky, plummeting into the forest.

    “Katsumi! Katsumi, are you okay?!” I screamed, holding onto the sorceress’s hand. I placed my hand on her belly where Eaglemon had struck, trying to find the wound.

    “Don’t worry…I’m a…witch…remember?” Katsumi asked. “I’ve already…closed the wound. So I won’t die…just yet. I’m fine…really…”

    “Zelda…I’m fine. But…could you help me…stand…? And walk? I’m…very tired…”


    Patiently, I waited near the entrance of Castle Silverveil. I had, of course, been asked by Ulysses to find Mia and her group, but I had gotten lost. Unsure of where to go, I decided to wait just outside the castle until either Mia or someone else showed up.

    Knew I should’ve brought a damn compass with me…

    “Wayland?” I looked up, and saw none other than Eliza approaching me. “Wayland, what are you doing here?”

    Oh, hell; this wasn’t part of the plan! “E-Eliza…I’m sorry, I just could wait to see you again,” I said nervously. “I wanted to find you in the castle, but I didn’t want to disturb you if you were busy…”

    “Aw, you’re so sweet. But…I was sort of busy, though,” Eliza said. “Remember that group of westerners I told you about? The ones who are trying to overthrow King Desmond?”

    That’s right; keep talking…

    “The knights have all been struggling to deal with them, apparently,” Eliza continued. “They’ve managed to capture a few forts close to the castle, and routing all the knights they find within. I fear they might storm the castle before the day is over…”

    “…What would happen then?” I couldn’t help myself from asking.

    “I don’t know, dear…but I’ll do whatever I can to stop them. I’ll snipe every last one of them if I have to!” Eliza turned from me and looked up at the castle. “I won’t let any of those bastards take the castle…” With her back to me, I reached into my pocket, and slowly pulled out a knife. “Wayland…”

    “Eliza.” The sniper turned once more to face me. As she did, I tore the blade of the knife across her throat. The look in her eyes was a mix of shock and anguish.


    “Eliza…I’m afraid I’m one of those western bastards,” I said. I wiped the sniper’s blood from my knife, and placed it back into my pocket. “Sorry. I was just with you to get information.” Leaving the dying sniper behind, I began to walk away.
    “Wayland…you…bastard!” Without any warning, an arrow pierced through my leg. I turned my head just in time to see Eliza fire another arrow from her arrowgun at me, hitting me clear through my forehead.


    “EbiBurgermon…has the deed been done?” I asked the small Digimon was he walked up to me. He was covered in blood, but none of it appeared to be his.
    “Yep…Eris is dead,” EbiBurgermon said. “She stopped being hungry, so I had to use my magic to transfer the food inside of her. But man, was she huge before it happened! It took almost 200 burgers for her to pop!”

    “And it looks like an accident?”

    “Yep! She’s just lying in a pile of burgers, covered in blood and guts with a gaping hole where her tummy used to be!”

    “You two did well.” A tall figure emerged from the shadows, wearing a grin on his face. “Desmond and Eris are both dead now…meaning I can finally take over!”

    “We live to serve…Barbamon,” I said, kneeling before the Digimon.

    “Nobody ever found out that you aren’t actually a knight?” EbiBurgermon asked.

    “Correct. Only the two of you are aware of this!” Barbamon cackled. “Now…I can finally rule my own kingdom — and a large one at that! Those idiots Desmond and Eris had no idea the powers they were meddling with. Humans should not be in charge of an entire nation; only beings as powerful as Digimon can truly be called kings!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 72 - Extreme Encounters

    Ulysses Melchett

    “…It is time for us to go,” I said. “We have given the four groups an ample amount of time to complete the missions given to them.”

    “What if they aren’t finished yet?” Lucia asked.

    “Their goal was to claim the four fortresses surrounding Silverveil Castle,” I said. “If they were unable to do so, then at the very least they will be able to stall fractions of the imperial army and drive them away from the castle. All we can do is pray that no more are killed as we march into the castle. We must bring this war to an end as soon as possible.” Lucia, Mihiramon, Edmund, Flamedramon, and Leopardmon all nodded in agreement.

    “There’s no turning back for us now,” Mihiramon sighed. “Guess it’s do or die from here on…”

    “Don’t say it like that,” Lucia said, patting the Digimon on the head. “This is the only chance we have to protect everyone we care about. If we don’t think you’ll get out of this alive…then we won’t.”

    “Lucia is correct,” Edmund said. “We must have faith not only in our comrades, but in ourselves as individuals.”

    “It’s like Alena always says; the side who has the greater conviction and trust in themselves and their allies will always come out the victor,” Leopardmon said.

    “In that case, we can already call ourselves the winners,” Flamedramon said.

    “My friends…are you already?” I asked. Everyone around me nodded. “Right. Then let’s do this. Let’s win this.” Looking straight up at the castle, the group I led began its advance. The castle’s outer gate was soon in sight, and to my surprise, no enemy troops were in sight. Just the castle. After crossing the gate, we had reached the courtyard. Still, there were no enemies in sight. Instead, I sighed with relief at the sight of one of the groups I had sent out.

    “Hey, boss! Glad you could make it!” Mia exclaimed. My relief was short lived, though. As our two groups met up, I could see that Mia, Sieglinde, and Abigail were all covered in cuts and wounds. Lupinemon was limping, favoring one of her hind legs. Andromon, however, seemed to be fine, but upon closer inspection, I saw there were a few burns on his metal body.

    “What happened to you guys?!” I asked. “You didn’t have any trouble taking the fort, did you?”

    “No, we took it,” Sieglinde said. “We fought off one of the three generals, UlforceVeedramon, and routed the remaining soldiers from inside.”

    “On our way here, we were ambushed,” Abigail said, holding out her arm to show a fresh cut along her forearm. Mia had a smaller one near her right shoulder, and her dress and cape were both torn here and there. Sieglinde had a large and thin scrape on her hip and one on her thigh, as I could see from her torn skirt.

    “Abigail…are you okay?” Flamedramon asked.

    “Aw, don’t worry about this little thing, honey! I barely even felt it!” Abigail exclaimed.

    “We’re all fine; we were just surprised is all,” Mia said. As she spoke, she kept a hand over left shoulder, close to her neck. “We can all keep fighting—” As she spoke, I gently grabbed Mia’s wrist and moved her arm. What I saw nearly made my heart stop; a festering, red-violet wound on the corner of her neck and shoulder about half the size of the young woman’s hand.


    “I’m fine, Mr. Ulysses,” Mia smiled. “I’m a Summoner…so I won’t be doing any fighting by myself…”

    “She was hit by a poison arrow,” Abigail said. “We were able to get it out in time before the poison spread to the rest of her body, but…”

    “I’ll do what I can,” Edmund said, approaching the young Summoner.

    “I’m fine…really,” Mia said. “You don’t have to do this for me…”

    “Well, that’s too bad, because I’m going to.”

    “…Lucia, show me the wound you received earlier,” I said, silently observing the young woman. Nodding, Lucia lifted her shirt; on her belly was a wound of similar size and color to the wound on Mia. “…You haven’t fully recovered, Lucia.”

    “But…sir, I’m fine!” Lucia protested.

    “HEY, BOSS!” a voice called out.

    “Isole?” Lucia turned around and saw her daughter approaching the group with Bokomon at her side. Behind her was Elizabeth, helping Eleanora limp after the tactician.

    “We’d better have Edmund take a look at these two; they were banged up pretty good by a general,” Isole said.

    “…Their bones are broken,” the archsage said. “It’ll take a few days for them to mend, even if I were to do something. And Mia, there isn’t anything more I can do for you or Lucia; your life is not endangered from the poison as it has left your blood. However, it still exists in your flesh, and it might continue to eat away at your skin for a while.”

    “Some fucking healer you are!” Isole spat.

    “I’ve said before; healing is not my forte,” Edmund said calmly. “All of these injuries can be healed with the proper spells, but I am afraid they are not spells I am familiar with. Katsumi should be able to concoct a potion to dispel the poison from Mia’s neck and Lucia’s stomach, but I’m afraid there isn’t anything that I can do all by myself other than heal cuts or scrapes.”

    “Well, isn’t that just convenient? I had heard that there was an archsage among you, but to know that he can only attack is quite a relief; there’s nothing more annoying than a multi-talented enemy, you know!”

    “Who’s there?!” I growled.

    “Look down!” Slowly, I lowered my head, and saw a small Digimon looking up at me. “Hello! I’m EbiBurgermon! Pleased to meet all of you!”

    “…You…are with the Cyllenian Empire?” I asked.

    “You bet! Now, it’s time for me to do my job, and defeat all of you!” EbiBurgermon squeaked.

    “Hah! I’ve eaten bigger Digimon than you for breakfast!” Mihiramon said.

    “I think we all have,” Abigail said.

    “EbiBurgermon Digivolve to, Ebidramon!”

    “Is that all you’ve got?!” Flamedramon asked.

    “You haven’t seen anything yet; Twin Scissors!”

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon intercepted Ebidramon’s attack, and easily struck down the Champion Digimon. “Pathetic. And here, I thought we were going to have to work up a sweat fighting you.”
    “You…haven’t won yet!” Ebidramon shouted, once more enveloping himself in the light of Digivolution. “Ebidramon Digivolve to, Orochimon!”


    Katsumi lay unconscious on the ground with her head nestled in my lap. Her face had grown more pale than usual due to her loss of blood. She looked so much like her mother, but her personality was about as opposite as you can get; where Luna was bold and outgoing, Katsumi was shy and timid. And yet, despite the difference in personality, I knew for a fact that Luna loved her biological daughter with all her heart. Nobody really knows how Luna died, to be honest, though she could have lived a long life with her daughter and husband, due to receiving the Mark from Wisemon.

    And it’s because Luna’s dead that Kitty thinks she loved Chrissy more, I thought. Chrysania, being Luna’s adopted daughter, did not receive the Mark. But…does Kitty really think Luna would have gone as far as to kill herself just to be with Chrysania in the afterlife? I brushed a strand of lavender hair away from Katsumi’s face, and gently brushed my fingertips across her cheek.

    “How is she doing?” Tactimon asked.

    “…I think she’ll be okay,” I said. “I’m a bit more worried about Matthew and—”

    “There’s no need to be,” Tactimon interrupted. “Your descendent is strong, and his friend is loyal. Between those two and their Digimon, there isn’t any cause for concern.”

    “I know…but…I’m still going to worry about him, okay? He’s practically my son, Tactimon.”

    “…In over four hundred years, Zelda, you haven’t changed in the slightest,” Tactimon said. “Inside and out, you’re the exact same as you were when I was working for SkullCaliphmon.”

    “…Thank you…” A few trees in the distance rustled, and from the surrounding forest, I saw the faces of my friends emerge.

    “Hey! Zelda!” Giselle exclaimed happily. “Zelda! Tactimon! There you are!”

    “Giselle; have you and your group accomplished your goal?” Tactimon asked.

    “The northern fortress has been secured, Sir Tactimon,” Alena said. “We cleared the area of every knight we could find, rest assured. There should no doubt be less soldiers in the castle due to our interference.”

    “Oh, hey; guess what? This girl here says she wants to join Lachesis!” Giselle said, pointing to a girl standing at her side. “Isn’t that awesome? Her name is Sapphira, and around her neck is her Digimon partner, Kudamon!”

    “I, uh…I would enjoy being a part of the group working to stop Desmond’s tyranny,” Sapphira said nervously. “I wouldn’t wish to impose upon you, though…”
    “You needn’t worry; we’d be more than happy to have you with us,” I smiled. Sapphira began to smile back, but it came out as a shocked frown when she noticed Katsumi.

    “…Is she okay?” Sapphira asked.

    “She’ll be fine; she just needs to rest,” Tactimon said. Sapphira’s eyes began to flood with tears, and the young woman turned her head to face the ground.

    “…I…I’m sorry,” Sapphira sobbed. “I…I didn’t mean for…for any of this…to happen…”

    “What are you talking about, dear? You…didn’t do anything wrong,” I said. I knew what I said was the truth. And yet, there was something about Sapphira; a regal air of sorts that made me think there was more to her than what met the eye.

    “Please, Sapphy, don’t cry,” Giselle said, placing her hand on the other girl’s shoulder.

    “I just…wanted…to stop my father!” Sapphira wailed. “I…I didn’t want anyone else to get hurt! But I didn’t know how else to…to stand up to him…”

    Her…father? Does she mean—

    “Sapphira, what are you saying?” Alena asked.

    “…Why don’t you tell us who you are, my dear?” Tactimon asked in a gentle voice. “Nobody here is going to get mad at you.”

    “…Are you certain of this?” Kudamon asked. “You may well change your mind when we tell you.”

    “No! I could never get mad at Sapphy! She’s my friend!” Giselle exclaimed, throwing her arms around Sapphira.

    “…I…My name…The way I look…All of it is a disguise…so that I could escape from my father. I am…Tamiko. I am the princess of Silverveil, and daughter of King Desmond.” Everybody stared wide-eyed at the small girl; everyone except for Alena and Tactimon. I, too, was surprised; I had a feeling that she was of noble lineage from the way she spoke and composed herself, but to think that she was the daughter of that madman? “I didn’t want anything to do with Desmond’s war…but I…I’m so scared of him. He…executed my brother, right in front of me. He’s a vicious and powerful, bloodthirsty man who would do anything to get what he wants. If he found out that I’d joined your guild…I don’t know what…he’d do to me…to you…”

    “Well…now you know,” Kudamon said. “Princess Tamiko is Desmond’s daughter. What will you do with us?”

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “I’m…the daughter of the king you are fighting against,” Tamiko said. “You should…all…hate me…”

    “Why?” Giselle asked.


    “You shouldn’t trust us,” Kudamon said. “The princess of the enemy kingdom? You don’t have any reason to believe anything she says.”

    “Kudamon is correct…you should all…hate me…For who my father is…”

    …This sounds…familiar, I thought. “…Tamiko. Whose blood you have in you doesn’t make you who you are as a person. Your father may have brought you into this world…but that doesn’t mean you’re automatically a terrible person, just because Desmond is. Tamiko…I can tell how much you despise your father for everything he’s done. Your eyes…your tears…Everything you’ve said is proof enough that you aren’t simply Desmond’s daughter. You are Tamiko. You are your own person. Don’t let your bloodline decide your fate before you have a chance to live your life the way you desire.”

    “Tamiko…Zelda speaks earnestly, and from experience,” Tactimon said. “Nobody knows better than she about a life of misery due to bloodlines.” I nodded, and held up my right hand, slowly removing my glove to show Tamiko my Mark.

    “…That? You…have one of those?” Tamiko gasped.

    “One of the Marked,” Kudamon said.

    “…I don’t normally show this to people I’ve just met,” I said. “When people find out what I am…they hate me. They attack me. But you, Tamiko…you showed the same fear I have upon others learning your secret, and you showed great courage in telling us willingly…So you deserved to know.”

    “…Zelda…the Mark…do you…really have Digimon blood in you?” Tamiko asked. I nodded. “…My daddy always told me that people who carry that Mark were evil; an insult to the Goddess. But you’re not…you’re…so nice…”

    “It was my husband who told me those words,” I said. “He was a normal Human, but he didn’t hate me when I told him what I am. He was the first to ever treat me with such kindness; how could I help but fall in love with him? So you see, Tamiko; whose blood you have doesn’t make you who you are.”

    “…Zelda…I…I don’t know what to say,” Tamiko said. “I…I’m kind of…surprised…that none of you hate me; I wasn’t expecting…”

    “Trust me; I’m the one who’s surprised,” I smiled. “Surprised that a man with a reputation as fearsome as Desmond could have a daughter as sweet and as adorable as you…”

    “If you were so afraid that we’d hate you, then why did you tell us who you were?” Giselle asked.

    “I…I don’t know…I just…I haven’t been able to think clearly, ever since Desmond killed my brother,” Tamiko whispered.

    “And I ask that you all do your best to keep her from remembering such a traumatic event!” Kudamon huffed.

    “Of course not,” I said.

    “…Is it…really okay…that I go with you?” Tamiko asked.

    “Oh, of course! Just don’t be surprised if I accidentally call you Sapphira!” Giselle giggled. Tamiko smiled, and wiped a stray tear from her cheek.

    “…That was well said, Zelda,” Tactimon said quietly.

    “…I guess so,” I replied. “I just wish I could take my own advice…”

    “Shall we get going, then?” Alena asked. “Now that our two groups have finished our jobs and rejoined, we ought to help Ulysses and the others at the castle.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 73 - When the Rush Comes

    Matthew Kasuto

    “Do you really think you will be capable of defeating me?” IceDevimon asked. “You remember what happened last time, don’t you? I was able to defeat your Digimon effortlessly. You two Humans are no better; what could you possibly do against a Digimon like me?”

    “We’ve grown stronger since our last encounter,” Firamon said.

    “And don’t underestimate the strength of these Humans!” Allomon added. “They’re both among Lachesis’s best fighters!”

    “Please; an archer and an axeman? If their archsage or Summoner was with them, then I might actually be afraid!” IceDevimon spat. “But, the four of you?! Even all at once, you don’t stand a chance against me as I am now!”

    “Flame Dive!”

    “Tundra Freeze!” IceDevimon blinked, and in an instant, Firamon became encased in ice. “See what I mean? I’m not merely a Champion level Digimon; my power goes far beyond the Mega level. Only a Digimon with strength comparable to Gallantmon stands a chance. Armor and Champion levels could easily die from just being in my presence!”

    “Dino Burst!” Allomon opened his massive jaws and showered IceDevimon with bright orange flames. Instead of attacking back, however, IceDevimon simply held up a hand; at once, Allomon’s flames gravitated to the center of IceDevimon’s palm, where the Fallen Angel fired it off back at Allomon.

    “You just don’t get it, do you?!” IceDevimon smirked.

    “Okay! You’re strong! You don’t need to keep reminding us every two seconds!” Sparrow snapped.

    “It seems to me that I do.” With a flick of his wrist, IceDevimon buried Allomon under a barrage of icicles.


    “Don’t, Sparrow!” I grabbed on to the arm of my friend to keep him from rushing to the side of his Digimon partner. “Stop it, Sparrow! IceDevimon will just attack you, too!”


    …Firamon…Please…We need you! We need your help…I firmly gripped my Digivice, which suddenly emitted a bright orange light. The flames on Firamon’s body seemed to grow wilder, and the ice which trapped him melted and evaporated into a white steam. “Firamon!”

    “Matthew…Your desire to protect your friends is giving me more power,” Firamon said.

    “…That glow…this is unexpected,” IceDevimon said. “…I don’t want to have to deal with him. I shall have to take my leave of you for now.”

    “What?! You can’t just leave in the middle of a fight!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    “Just watch me!” IceDevimon spread his massive wings and took flight, vanishing into the distance in just a matter of seconds.

    “Damn it; that bastard! C’mon, Mattie; we gotta go! We can’t let him get away!”

    “Peace, Sparrow. He’s long gone by now,” Firamon said.

    “Well, if we start moving, then maybe we can—”

    “It won’t do any good. And even if we could find him…what then?”

    “…What do you mean?” Sparrow asked.

    “He’s already proven a sufficient amount of times that he truly is stronger than the four of us. If we chase after him…what would we do? Get our asses kicked again? I fail to see how that would help our cause. And besides, Sparrow…aren’t you forgetting somebody? Somebody very important to you?”

    “Somebody…? Oh! Hawkmon!” Sparrow raced over to the pile of snow and ice that had buried his Digimon partner. “Hawkmon! Hawkmon!”

    “Sparrow…I’m fine.” A feathered head emerged from the snow. “You needn’t worry about me…I’m your Digimon partner, after all.”


    “But that’s beside the point. I agree with Firamon,” Hawkmon said. “We’d be doing our comrades a disservice if we were to get ourselves destroyed by IceDevimon when we’re here to help bring an end to Desmond’s tyranny.”

    “Yeah…I know,” Sparrow said quietly. “But that IceDevimon…I just keep letting him get to me…you know?”

    “I know what you mean,” I said. “Whenever he’s around, I can practically feel my blood freeze over.”
    “No…not like that,” Sparrow said. “For me…that Digimon makes my blood boil like crazy.”

    Katsumi Rosalina

    “Ebidramon Digivolve to, Orochimon!” The massive, eight-headed Digimon, larger even than Talosmon, slithered and wormed his way around the castle courtyard, making his eight heads comfortable. “Well, now…you see before you my most powerful form; Ultimate level Orochimon! Still feel like you can snag a victory from me, hmm?”

    “There are still more of us than you! Don’t think that you’ll be able to win easily, either!” Lucia said.

    …Something doesn’t seem right, I thought. All but one of Orochimon’s heads are supposed to be a fake; the center, black head is the only real one…but I don’t see it anywhere!

    “Everybody; prepare yourselves for battle!” Ulysses ordered. “Reload, Talosmon!”

    “Come forth, Aquarimon!”

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

    “No…something isn’t right!” I stammered. “Orochimon…”

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!”

    “Titan Inferno!”

    “Fire Rocket!”

    “Extinction Wave!”

    “Goddess Bow!”

    “Shining Force!”

    “Gatling Attack!”

    “Black Wing!”

    “Moon Night Kick!”

    “Freezing Wave!” In tandem with the Humans, the Digimon began their onslaught on Orochimon’s heads. However, the Demon Dragon merely snickered as each head was struck, knocked or sliced off. The laughter continued even after the eight heads were destroyed.

    “…Something isn’t right,” I repeated. “Where was the center head…?”

    “Very observant of you, my dear!” Orochimon’s laughter echoed, and before my very eyes, his heads began to grow back. For each one that had been struck down, two more popped up in its place. “I…have been granted abilities far beyond your comprehension. From the very beginning, I’ve had more heads than the usual eight of my species. My real head, as you might say…Do you really think that I would be so stupid as to reveal it right from the beginning?!”

    “What is he saying?” Mihiramon asked.

    “…The only way to destroy an Orochimon…is to destroy the center head,” I said quietly. “But…it isn’t here…”

    “Correct! All of you together won’t be able to hurt me as I am now!” Orochimon said. “If you truly wish to defeat me…then find it! Search the castle grounds and find the center head! If you strike down the wrong one, then more heads will materialize in the defeated head’s place! It could be anywhere in the castle!”

    “The entire castle?!” Lucia gasped.

    “Damn it…I have a feeling this means we’ll all have to split up again,” Flamedramon sighed.

    “Fine; everyone, go your own way for now!” Ulysses said. “Avoid killing one of the false heads; the real one is covered in pitch-black scales!” And so it began. Once more, our group divided itself up, with a person or two going down one of the many hallways of the castle. I, however, was left alone in the courtyard, standing face-to-face with Orochimon.

    “…Well? Aren’t you going to go off with your little friends?” Orochimon hissed. “You seem to know quite a bit about me…They could certainly use your help.”

    “…No. Nobody would want me around,” I whispered. “All I do is bring misery wherever I go…”

    “Well, maybe if you tried smiling—”

    “No. I am…a visionary,” I interrupted. Orochimon looked at me with surprise. “I saw a future…All around me had died…I do not know why…but…”

    “You think that it was your fault, do you?” Orochimon asked. Slowly, I nodded. “…Well, whatever. This is none of my business. Run along now, little Marked. I do not wish to harm someone who carries the same fate as my master.”

    “…Your…master?” I asked. One of Orochimon’s heads nodded.
    “My master…he is of the same fate, the same blood as you are. He is a wonderful man who gave me life…His name is Noir.”

    Zelda Kasuto

    Silverveil castle was now in full view. My heart was pounding as I apprehensively anticipated the upcoming events of the near future. The fact that Matthew and Sparrow were still missing didn’t help to ease my worries, but I had to keep reminding myself to not think too much of their disappearance. Tactimon was right, after all; they were both strong, and their Digimon partners were brave and loyal. I knew in my head that they would be safe, but still, my heart cringed with fear over their well-being.

    …There’s nothing I can do about it now, I thought. I have to stay with the others; they might need help from my Digimon Spirits when the fighting begins.

    “My lady; if you’d be so kind as to lead the way through the castle,” Alena said.

    “Oh, uh, yes; I’d be happy to,” Tamiko said, clearly caught off guard my Alena’s formality. “You don’t need to refer to me be titles, Dame Alena; you may just call me Tamiko…”

    “But…but that…that goes against everything I stand for as a knight!” Alena exclaimed. “You, my lady, are a princess; you are superior to us commoners! To refer to you so…so casually would be—”

    “It would be just fine with me,” Tamiko interrupted.


    “Hmm, I think her brain just fried,” Siebold said.

    “Oh, dear! Oh, I didn’t mean to hurt her! Is she going to be okay?!”

    “…It’s a figure of speech, doll.”

    “You don’t need to be that familiar!” Kudamon snapped.

    “Kudamon, it’s okay,” Tamiko said, gently scratching the small Rookie behind the ears. Kudamon’s eyes suddenly widened, and his tiny head began hurriedly looking around the trees surrounding the castle. “What’s wrong, Kudamon?”

    “…Something’s coming!”

    “Kaiser Phoenix!” A flash of gold shot down out of the sky, striking the ground next to Tamiko. The Cyllenian Princess was blown off her feet, and Kudamon fell off her neck.

    “Eaglemon?!” I gasped.

    “That’s right…thought you saw the last of me, huh?!” The Giant Bird, though missing a wing, flew back into the sky with remarkable speed and dexterity. “Tamiko! You will pay for betraying your father!”

    “…Who are you?” Tamiko asked.

    “Something tells me this guy used to be Parrotmon,” Kudamon said.

    “Glad to see you haven’t forgotten me, Kentaurosmon!” Eaglemon said. “Now, then; time to take care of unfinished business!” Eaglemon swooped down, and reached out a talon towards Tamiko.

    “Tamiko, get down! Zekkoushou!” Kudamon jumped up, emitting a blinding light from his entire body, but Eaglemon swatted him away with his remaining wing. With the Rookie out of the way, Eaglemon wrapped his talons around Tamiko’s waist, and hoisted her into the air. “No…Tamiko!”

    “Mystic Break!” Eaglemon fired a white ray from his mouth, striking the ground to stir up a huge cloud of dust from the resulting explosion. When the dust cleared, neither Tamiko nor Eaglemon were anywhere to be seen. Giselle, too, had vanished, but I could barely make her out on the edge of the horizon, giving chase after Eaglemon.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 74 - Rosalina's Shame

    Katsumi Rosalina

    Once more, I ran the events of one of my more recent dream visions through my head. The ruined fortress of Lachesis, engulfed in flames, was the most prominent feature of that memory. The bloodied and lifeless bodies of my friends, though a sight I had hoped never to see in real life, was one I had grown used to in my visions. I stood alone at the middle of it all, observing the destruction. I exited the fortress, and saw only more death. Trees were either burning or leafless and dead. The forest floor was covered in ash, and the sky was filled with soot. I looked down at my own hands, and saw blood. Was it my blood? Was it the blood of one of my dear friends? My visions of the future were never quite clear, to my dismay, so I feared I would never know the answer. And yet, the signs from that vision, and all similar visions, pointed to the fact that all of the death that surrounded me was my fault. My fault. My father says that it is not possible for that to be true; but is that not what a father is supposed to say to his daughter? He says that I’ve no evidence of the deaths of my friends in my visions being my fault, and how I wish it to be true.

    “And that’s why you try to avoid having friends?” Abigail asked. She and I sat alone in the corner of a room in Silverveil castle, one that was thankfully empty of Orochimon heads. “Sweetie, why didn’t you tell anyone you were feeling this way before?”

    “…I…I don’t know…I’m not even sure why I decided to tell anyone at all,” I said. “…I’m just so…tired of feeling this way…but I can’t stop these visions from coming, Abigail! And whenever I have them, I always feel—”

    “Kitty. Listen to me,” Abigail said. “No matter what you see in your ‘visions’ of the future, you cannot allow them to overwhelm you. If they do, then they might end up happening. Don’t allow your fear to control you; use what you’ve seen to help change whatever future you might have seen, but above all else, do not, under any circumstance, allow your fears to keep you from having friends.”


    “Katsumi; I can feel it. Hell, I can practically hear it. Your loneliness is eating you up from the inside. From inside of your heart. You have to put an end to this…please; nobody wants to see anything bad happen to you, honey. Everybody at Lachesis loves you so much…”


    “Yes, really! How can you say something like that?!” Abigail had raised her voice, but she sounded more upset than angry. “Kitty, I’ve known you for a long time, ever since you were in Luna’s tummy…I was one of the first to feel you kick…inside of her…She named me your godmother, for fuck’s sake! I couldn’t disgrace Luna by letting something bad happen to you!”

    “Abby…I…I didn’t mean…I just…can’t…bring myself to allow myself to have friends,” I said. “I don’t want any of those visions to become reality…so I…”

    “That isn’t why you won’t let yourself have any friends, Katsumi.”

    “…It isn’t?” Abigail shook her head.

    “Katsumi…you’re afraid of being alone. That’s why you won’t let yourself have friends. You’re afraid of being abandoned by those you feel like you can come to trust.” Abigail’s words hit me like in the slap in the face. “You’re afraid of being left alone above all else, Kitty. I’m sure you also feel guilty about your visions like you said, dear, and I know you would never want to hurt anyone you care about, but your fear of being alone is the biggest reason why you won’t let yourself have friends. And not just because of those dreams. You carry the Mark, Katsumi. I understand the pain that comes with having it. But this is just not good for you, Kitty. You need to have friends. You need to be happy…No…you deserve to be happy…”


    “Aw, ain’t this sweet? Two maidens with the curse console one another’s problems.” Abigail and I looked up; above us were three of Orochimon’s heads.

    “Kitty, get down!” Abigail pushed me to the floor just as one of the heads exhaled a stream of flames from its mouth. “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “Inferno Blast!”

    “Darkness Wave!” The attacks of the two Digimon collided, enveloping each other in their strength before vanishing into thin air. “Katsumi, get out of here!”

    “But, Abigail—”

    “No buts! Just do it!” the Bio Hybrid turned away from me to face the Digimon.
    “…Abigail…please…be careful…” It took every ounce of self-control to force myself to do as Abigail said, and leave her behind.

    Eleanora Kasuto

    My walk through a hallway of Silverveil castle had been mostly silent, save for the sound of my own footsteps. Lunamon had remained quiet ever since our group split up, and Giselle had found me, apparently searching for a friend of hers.

    Man…all of this silence is getting on my nerves! Well, at least Giselle’s feeling a little bit better now. Hmm…I’ll just think of something to ask her...hopefully without bringing her depression back. “…Uh…So, Giselle…Why did you decide to join Lachesis?” Instantly, Giselle’s smile faded.

    “…I didn’t have anywhere else to go,” the young girl replied. The look in her eyes was empty and blank, as was the expression on her face. And yet, at the same time, she looked as though she were about to cry.

    “Giselle…you’ve been so sad ever since Rosemon left; is there anything I can do for you?”

    “No…its fine…I’m…okay,” Giselle said. “…My mother died long before I joined Lachesis. Growing up, Rosemon was like a sister to me, and she was all I had left at that point. I didn’t know what else to do…I’d heard of your mercenary guild, so I thought that with Rosemon, I’d be able to get a job…and stay with you…And that way, I wouldn’t have felt so alone, or useless. But that’s all I’ve been to you; useless…”

    “Giselle, don’t say that! You are not useless! Despite what Isole might say,” I said. “Look…even without Rosemon, you aren’t useless. Don’t you know just how invigorating your smile is?”

    “…I’m far from being the prettiest girl at Lachesis. Why would my smile be so special? Besides, Larraine smiles all the time; you don’t need me…”

    “But…but we do need you!” I exclaimed. “Larraine…she’s kind of like…the guild’s mother, you know? Sure, she has a nice smile, but it’s more like this calm, motherly, gentle smile. Your smile is so…carefree! Innocent! You know?”

    “…How is that different?” Giselle asked.

    “…I don’t know. But I do know that nobody thinks you as being useless — just ignore Isole — and nobody wants you to leave — again, ignore Isole.”

    “Is this true?”

    “Oh, definitely!” Lunamon exclaimed. “So what if you aren’t able to fight? That doesn’t mean you’re useless to the guild! Just having someone sweet like you to talk to is really a big help to the group’s morale; Larraine certainly can’t speak with every last member of the guild individually, 24/7! Although I’m sure she’d try…”

    “People like talking to you, Giselle. You’re a really good listener,” Lunamon continued. “And forget about Rosemon! She’s the one who made the mistake, walking out on you! If you’d like, we can find you an even better Digimon partner!”

    “A…new Digimon…? I…guess so…Thanks, you two…”

    “Hey, anytime! Gotta look after someone now that Matthew’s all grown up now!”

    “Oh yeah…I forgot he stopped being so afraid of everything,” Giselle giggled. “Is he seriously not afraid of girls anymore?”

    “Not even Lucia.”

    “Wow…You know, he and Coronamon were the first two people of Lachesis that I had met. Matthew was so afraid of me; you’d think I was some Digimon trying to eat him or something!”

    “Yeah…he never told me how his fear began, but I’m just glad it’s all gone now.”

    “That’s not what you said yesterday!” Lunamon said teasingly.

    “S—Shut up!” Lunamon and Giselle both laughed, and I turned my face away from the two. With my head turned, I noticed a swift movement from the corner of my eye. “…Uh…Lunamon?”

    “Don’t move.” Lunamon held up her tiny arm; her large fuchsia eyes darted around the hallway. “…They’re here.”

    “Inferno Blast!”

    Get down!” With a force greater than what her small body would suggest, Lunamon leaped into the air and shoved both me and Giselle to the floor just as a stream of flames flew past us above. “Are you two okay?!”

    “Not for long, they won’t be!” Three large heads burst up through the stone floor. “Which of you ladies should we roast first?” one of Orochimon’s heads asked.

    “Eleanora. You keep Giselle safe,” Lunamon said, walking up to the three heads of the Digimon. “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

    “Hah! Good luck defeating the three of us, Champion! Inferno Blast!”

    “Moon Night Bomb!” Lekismon’s attack was completely swallowed up in Orochimon’s flames, doing nothing to slow the attack down before she herself was struck by it.


    “Ellie…I’m…fine!” Lekismon snapped, forcing herself to stand up in spite of the terrible burns she had just received. “Tear…Arrow!” Breathing heavily, Lekismon attacked once again, only to be once again consumed by Orochimon’s flames. “Moon Night—”

    “Inferno Blast!”

    “Lekismon, get down!” I screamed, but to no avail. Again and again and again, Lekismon was hit by Orochimon’s attacks. “Lekismon…please…”

    “No. I can’t…I won’t let…Orochimon…hurt…either of you,” Lekismon said.

    “How do you plan to do that if you die?” one of Orochimon’s heads hissed. “Inferno Blast!”


    “…Eleanora…” I could barely here the Digimon’s voice as she was enveloped in the orange flames. “Eleanora…lend me…your strength…”


    “Give it to me…so that I may protect you!” A blinding light tore through and dispersed Orochimon’s flames; Lekismon stood at the center of the light, still standing. “Eleanora. Hold out your Digivice.”

    “Lekismon…” I tried to protest, but no words escaped past my lips. Instead, I did as Lekismon said, and held out my Digivice.

    “Thank you, Eleanora. I promise…I will always protect you. You, and…those you hold dear!” The light emitted from Lekismon grew brighter and brighter, and once more, I lost sight of my Digimon partner. “Lekismon Digivolve to, Crescemon!” Where Lekismon stood now was a taller Digimon, holding a weapon in each hand and no longer covered in burns.

    “You…Digivolved,” I whispered. “The Ultimate level…”

    “Yes. And now, I possess strength sufficient to keep the promise I made to you the day we first met,” Crescemon said. “The vow I made to keep you safe from all harm, no matter the cost to my own life.”


    “Now, enough of this mushy crap. Time to kick some ass!” Crescemon exclaimed. “Lunatic Dance!” Crescemon briefly vanished from sight, reappearing behind the three heads of Orochimon. Gracefully twirling her two weapons in between her slim fingers, she struck down each of the heads in but a single strike. The heads fell to the floor in a fit of rage and shock. Two of them vanished from sight instantly, but one remained behind, dying slowly.

    “Heh…hahahahaha! Well done…westerners. But I’m afraid…the heads that you had so much trouble dealing with…were simply simulations. The real head is elsewhere…in the castle.”

    “…I suspected as much,” Crescemon sighed. “…Eleanora. Giselle. Are you two unharmed?”

    “Yes…I’m fine,” I replied.

    “I’m okay too,” Giselle said.


    What’s so bloody good about it?!” a familiar voice hissed. At that moment, six more heads of Orochimon burst into the room from the walls. “You have been warned…for every one false head that is slain…two more are brought into existence in its place!”

    “It doesn’t matter how many of you there are; I’ll cut you all down!” Crescemon said.

    “You think so? Inferno Blast!” The force of Orochimon’s attack knocked me off me feet.

    “Ow…damn it!” Thick black smoke began to fill the air, making me dizzy as I tried to stand back up. “…Giselle? Giselle, where are you?!” Wild flames surrounded me, blocking nearly everything else from sight.

    “Ellie!” Giselle’s voice rang out from behind the curtain of flames. “Ellie, are you okay?!”

    “I’m fine,” I said, nearly choking on the smoke. “Crescemon…”

    “She’s with me, Ellie!”

    “Okay…get her out of here…Crescemon,” I said.

    “Eleanora, I’m not leaving you behind! No Digimon would dare leave behind their partner!” the Ultimate retorted.
    “Just do it! Keep Giselle safe! I can handle myself…” The world around me grew dim as the flames grew stronger and the smoke grew thicker. “Crescemon…” No reply came from beyond the inferno. “…I can handle myself…huh? That’s what I said…but it looks like I’m…finished here…Matthew…I…I’ll see you later…”

    Matthew Kasuto


    “Hey, you okay, Matt?” Sparrow asked. The two of us stood before Silverveil castle. At our feet lay the dead, blood-soaked body of Wayland. “…Hard to believe he’s really gone…Never would’ve guessed he’d die on the front lines…you know?”

    “No…not that,” I whispered.

    “What’s wrong, Matthew?” Firamon asked.

    “I just felt…this really sharp pain…in my heart,” I whispered, holding a hand to my chest. “I don’t know…I can’t…explain it…it just…happened…”

    “It could just be shock over…you know…what happened to Wayland,” Sparrow suggested.

    “…I don’t know…”

    “Looks like he was killed the same was Alicia was,” Allomon mused. “By a sniper.”

    “Well, that’s all the more reason to march on in and raise some hell! You with me, Matt?” Sparrow asked.


    “Hey, Matthew!”


    “Someone’s coming,” Firamon said, looking to the opened gates of the castle.

    “Help! Please…help her!”

    “Giselle,” I whispered.

    “Who’s that with her?” Sparrow asked.

    “Is that…Lunamon? Did she Digivolve again?” Allomon asked.

    “Please; you have to help her!” Giselle exclaimed frantically, breathing heavily. “Please…Eleanora’s still in there!”

    “Giselle, slow down!” Firamon said in a firm but gentle voice. “Now, what’s going on?”

    “Ellie and I…we…we were attacked by Orochimon heads,” Giselle panted. “Lekismon Digivolved into Crescemon…but we were separated from Ellie…she’s still in there…with all of that fire…please…”

    No! Eleanora…please be okay!

    “All right, we’re going in!” Sparrow said. “C’mon, Matt!”


    “Crescemon, you wait outside with Giselle!” Allomon said.

    “Very well, then,” Crescemon nodded. Sparrow and I, along with our Digimon, ran into the castle. The first thing we noticed upon entering the first room was flames. Bright orange flames, and a thick cloud of smoke.

    “Okay…wait here, Matt; Allomon and I will go get her!” Sparrow leaped up onto his Digimon partner’s back, and I watched in silence as the two vanished into the flames.

    “…Should we really wait here?” Firamon asked. “She’s your twin sister, Matthew; don’t you want to go and save her?”

    “…I…I have a terrible feeling,” I said. “Something bad…has happened…or will happen…”

    “Matthew!” Walking into the room, Katsumi slowly approached me and Firamon. “Matthew…”

    “Katsumi, are you okay?” I asked. “…You’ve been crying again, haven’t you…”

    “I…no, I’m…fine,” Katsumi said. “I realized…Abigail helped me to realize that…I’ve been subconsciously pushing all of you away…because of my visions…”


    “…I haven’t told anyone else this…but in those visions…I was surrounded by the corpses of my dear friends,” Katsumi said. “I…was the reason you had died.”

    “That can’t be true!” Firamon exclaimed. “Kitty, you wouldn’t hurt a Flymon!”

    “…Those kinds of visions would flood my mind whenever I closed my eyes…whenever I did anything, for that matter…”

    “And that’s why you’re always crying…?” I whispered. Katsumi slowly nodded her head.

    “That’s why…I’ve pushed you and all the others away…so that maybe you wouldn’t die at my hands…That’s why I forced myself to not have any friends…”


    “Matthew…I…I don’t want to go on like this anymore!” Katsumi wailed. “I want to have friends! I don’t want to be alone anymore!” And that was the last thing she said before an arrow tore through her chest.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 75 - Beyond the End of Tomorrow

    Matthew Kasuto

    Before my very eyes, a very sharp arrow tore through Katsumi’s chest. Her blood practically burst out of the wound it made, and onto my face. The somber witch slowly fell to the ground; her eyes grew hazy and her face pale. She had hit the floor before I knew it, gasping for breath. Behind her stood a young blonde woman, holding an arrowgun similar to Alicia’s. With her hand to her neck, she began to walk up to me and Firamon.

    “That’s…three down,” she said in a raspy voice. “First the sniper…then the blacksmith…and now the witch.”

    “You…you were the one…” I tried to speak, but I found myself unable to. I was torn between rage at the enemy sniper, and grief over Katsumi dying. The woman I loved was dying, and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. “No…no!”

    “Who the hell are you?!” Firamon roared.

    “My name is…Eliza,” the woman said, removing her hand from her neck to reveal a fresh wound and a splotch of still-wet blood. “I am a general…in the Cyllenian Army. Death to all…who oppose us!”

    “You…you bitch!” My fingers were wrapped tightly around my Digivice, which began to emit a warm, orange light. “Firamon! Make her hurt! Make her pay for what she did!”

    “…Understood.” Firamon became enveloped in the light, and vanished from sight. “Firamon Digivolve to, Flaremon!”

    “Matthew…don’t,” I heard Katsumi whisper, however faint it may have been. “I’m not…worth it…please…”


    “Crimson Beast-King Wave!” With his arms outstretched, Firamon unleashed a blast of fire from his hands in the shape of a Leomon’s head. Eliza was consumed by the flames at once, and lay dead on the floor in the blink of an eye.

    “Katsumi!” I turned my attention back to the witch who, to my slight relief, was still breathing, although just barely. “Katsumi, no! Don’t die…you can’t die! Heal yourself…please!”

    “Matthew…you know as well as I…that healing spells don’t work on the caster,” Katsumi smiled. “It’s…okay. I’m ready…I’ve been ready for this…for far too long…”

    “Katsumi! You can’t die! I love you!” I screamed. “I love you, Katsumi! I…I…”

    “Matthew…I’m sorry…I wish it didn’t have to be this way either…You could have picked someone so much prettier than me,” Katsumi whispered. Still smiling, she reached out and grabbed hold of my hand.

    “That’s not what I meant, Katsumi!” I wailed. The witch slowly closed her golden eyes for the last time, and laughed quietly.

    “I know, Matthew…And…I love you…too…But…be happy…I want you to…find someone to share your happiness with…your love…and live for tomorrow…Matthew…” Her grip on my hand lessened, and her hand fell to the floor, lifeless.

    “…Kitty…” Before I allowed myself to become overcome with despair, I leaned down and kissed Katsumi on the lips. Forcing myself to stand back up, I looked back at the lifeless body of Eliza. “You…you did this to her. You took her away from me! You murdered her! You bitch! You worthless cunt!” My body began to move on its own. I yanked Eliza’s arrowgun from her hand, and began to stab her corpse with the pointed tip of the crossbow-like weapon. Over and over again, I stabbed her. Her blood flew everywhere — mostly onto me — and Eliza soon became an unrecognizable mess of blood. I raised the arrowgun high up above my head, prepared to stab her again, and a hand caught my arm.

    “That’s enough, Matthew,” Flaremon said. With my arm caught and the remainder of my body motionless, I began to breathe heavily. “…Let’s go now.”

    “…Katsumi…this woman…murdered her…” My voice nearly died in my throat.

    “I know. She murdered Katsumi, and Wayland, and Alicia. But she won’t hurt any more of our friends now,” the Ultimate said. “Come on…let’s get going.”

    “…No. I’m…not going,” I whispered. “I refuse to leave her side. You go on ahead without me, Flaremon…”
    “…Are you certain of this?” I nodded my head slowly. “…Very well. When all is done…I will come back for you…and her. And I will…come back.”

    Sparrow Lea

    “Damn it; not in this room either!” I said. “C’mon, Moosemon; let’s get going!”

    “We’re almost there!” Giselle exclaimed.

    “Quicken your pace, Moosemon; we haven’t a moment to lose!” I yelled to my Digimon partner.

    “Better hang on tight; it’s going to be a bumpy ride!” Moosemon reared up, and charged as fast as he could through the large, singed hallway.

    “Don’t worry; I know we’ll make it in time,” Lunamon said. “Eleanora and I share a close bond, not unlike the bond she has with Matthew. I can tell…she’s still okay.”

    “Not if I don’t hurry up!” Moosemon said.

    “Wait, there! I see it! I see flames!” Giselle screamed. Moosemon came to a screeching halt, nearly throwing the three of us off of his back.

    “Eleanora!” Lunamon jumped out of Giselle’s arms, and ran into the room just ahead.

    “Let’s go, Moosemon!” I said.

    “Roger!” My Digimon partner galloped after the small Rookie, and almost instantly, we were greeted by the sulfurous stench of the black smoke and orange flames.

    “Where is she?!” Giselle exclaimed.

    “That’s a good question!” Six heads burst through the flames, each with its own disgusting smirk plastered on its face.

    “What the hell are you?!” I asked.

    “Orochimon!” Lunamon exclaimed.

    “Oh, I see you’ve returned to the Rookie level, little Digimon!” Orochimon grinned. “Now, then…would you like to be burned alongside your Human partner or after?”

    “Damn it! You…you let her go now!” Lunamon screamed in a voice louder than I thought she ever could. “Lunamon Warp Digivolve to, Crescemon! Ice Archery!” Crescemon swung her two weapons in the air and fired off numerous icicles at the flames, instantly freezing them all solid. “Now, Sparrow!” I jumped off Moosemon’s back, and swung my axe at one of Orochimon’s heads, decapitating it instantly.

    “Horn Blade!” Moosemon charged past me, and sliced through two more of Orochimon’s heads.

    “Lunatic Dance!” Still swinging her weapons around, Crescemon ran through the remaining heads of Orochimon, instantly killing each of them. With no more heads in sight, I began to frantically look around the room in search of Eleanora; it wasn’t long until I found her at the center of a ring of icicles made from Crescemon’s attack, lying unconscious on the floor.

    “ELEANORA!” Dropping my axe to the floor, I ran over to her, brushing the ice away with my arm. “Eleanora! Eleanora, wake up! Speak to me!” Carefully, I placed my hands around her shoulders and lifted her upper body off the floor. “Ellie! C’mon…don’t die on us, El! Don’t die on Mattie!” Instantly, the raven-haired girl opened her eyes, and sat up.

    “MATTHEW!” she exclaimed. “Matthew…where…what?”

    “…You okay?” I asked.

    “Oh…Sparrow…Are we still in the castle?” Eleanora asked. “Matthew…where’s Matthew?!”

    “He’s…fine,” I said. “He’s at the entrance of the castle…”

    “Oh…I see.” Eleanora stood up, and looked around the room. “…I guess you defeated Orochimon…”

    “Are you okay, Eleanora?” Crescemon asked.

    “…No. I just felt…this incredibly sharp pain in my chest,” the swordswoman said, placing a hand over her heart. “I felt…Matthew…he…he was filled with despair just moments ago. Despair, anguish, grief…”

    “Yeah…Matt said he felt something like that before I came to find you,” I said. “…Listen. Alicia…she was killed by an enemy sniper, right?”


    “…Turns out she wasn’t the only one. The sniper…she also got to Wayland.” Eleanora’s eyes widened.

    “No…no, you can’t be serious!” she exclaimed.

    “Is he really gone?” Giselle asked tearfully.

    “Yeah…I’m afraid he is.”

    “…This can’t be happening,” Eleanora whispered. “We were all…supposed to make it back home alive, Sparrow! How could they…how could they go and die, damn it?!” The older of the twins threw herself into my chest, sobbing into the front of my shirt. “Why…Sparrow…why?!”

    “The woman behind those murders is no more.” I turned around, and saw a large, burly Digimon entering the room.

    “Who are you?” I asked.

    “I am Flaremon; Coronamon at the Ultimate level,” the Digimon responded. “The woman who killed those three…I killed her not long ago.”

    “…Three?!” Eleanora exclaimed. “Wayland and Alicia…who was the third?!” With a look of surprise on his face, Flaremon tightly closed his mouth. “FLAREMON! TELL ME RIGHT NOW! WHICH OF OUR FRIENDS DIED?! WHO ELSE WAS KILLED?!”
    “…I…regret to inform you that…the woman that Matthew loved…was killed,” Flaremon began slowly. “…Katsumi Rosalina is no longer with us.”

    As I write down these final words for this chapter, my hand cannot keep from shaking. My beloved daughter, my sweet baby girl, was taken away from me. And worse yet, there was nothing I could have done to prevent this from happening. Where I to go with Cyllene with her, she would simply have died in another manner. One far more gruesome, and at the hands of Eeno, the rapist. The way she died, at the side of the man who loved her, the man she had loved, I felt to be a more comforting way for her to ease into the afterlife. Grief shall consume me for a good deal of time, no doubt, but I shall not let it rule my entire being. Loathe as I am to admit it, Katsumi wished for death. She wished to be at her mother’s side again. And so even though it pains me, I shall continue on with the job given to me by my goddess. By Arcadia. I shall continue to chronicle the events of history as they occur, and not for how I envision them. And when it is all over, I shall join my beloved daughters, and my cherished wife.

    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 76 - The Strength Within

    Tamiko Silverveil

    Eaglemon had, after several minutes of flying me through the castle, finally set me down, although this was mostly to rest his remaining wing. Many times, I attempted to wrench myself free from his talons, but I only ended up cutting myself on his sharp claws.

    “…Where are you taking me, Eaglemon?” I was finally brave enough to ask.

    “The Grande Hall,” the Digimon said between breaths.

    “Why there?” I couldn’t help myself from asking. “The hall…it’s the biggest room in the entire castle, isn’t it? Why would—”

    “Keep your trap shut, girl!” Eaglemon snapped. “…In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit low on wings. I need the extra space to fly around…but in an indoor area where I could easily keep you confined…as my hostage…”

    “But…why me?” I asked meekly. “I…ran away from home; I am no longer a princess. Surely, father wouldn’t want—”

    “Yer father’s dead, lass.” The news, though surprising, did not fill me with any grief whatsoever. Quite the opposite, actually; I felt relieved by his death, like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders. He was, after all, the reason I ran away in the first place. And that lack of grief was what filled me with dread. “Apparently, it was an illness, or something. Either way, he’s gone — oh, him and Eris are both gone.”

    “Eris, too?” Eaglemon shrugged.

    “That’s all I know. So…rest easy; this kidnapping has nothing to do with yer father.”

    “…Does it have anything to do with all of the snakes I saw in the castle?” I whispered.

    “Snakes…? Oh, no; those were heads of Orochimon,” Eaglemon said. “You remember Noir, don’tcha?”

    “…How could I ever forget him? He and his Digimon were both so nice to me, and my brother…Is he…”

    “Yep. He’s the one behind all this. Him and EbiBurgermon.”

    “W—What?! What do you mean? He’s the one behind the war?!”

    “Something like that, yeah. That’s what he told me, at any rate. Anyway, Orochimon is the Ultimate form of EbiBurgermon; he was sent by Noir to keep all of those westerners busy while I bring you to him.”

    “…What does he want with me?” I asked. “I thought I was only supposed to be a hostage for you, Eaglemon…”

    “Beats me. Didn’t tell me. Got kind of a big beak, you know?” Eaglemon asked. “He just wanted me to take you to him—”

    “Zekkoushou!” A blinding radiance lit up the room, bouncing off Eaglemon’s metal body. “Release her at once, Eaglemon!”

    “Kudamon?” The light dissipated, and though it had blurred my vision, I was able to make out the small Rookie’s distinct body.

    “Hah! Look at how pathetic you’ve grown, Kentaurosmon! You’ve turned back to Rookie just because I stole your beloved Tamiko! Partnerships make one miserably weak!” Eaglemon sneered.

    “Kudamon Digivolve to, Reppamon! Shinkū Kamaitachi!” Dashing forwards, Reppamon jabbed his tail forward, and had Eaglemon not lifted me up off the ground and into the air, I too would’ve been hit. Eaglemon, however, was not so lucky, as Reppamon’s tail struck the side of his torso. “…You were saying, Eaglemon…?”

    “Ha…I’d be careful if I were you, Kentaurosmon! You almost nicked your little girlfriend here!” Eaglemon said.

    His…what?! His girlfriend?!

    “Please; I would never be so foolish as to engage in friendly fire,” Reppamon said. “Reppamon Digivolve to, Chirinmon!” Upon Digivolving, Chirinmon, with his newly developed wings, charged into the air after Eaglemon. “Knowledge of Swift!” Instantly, Chirinmon vanished, and the next thing I knew, I was on the Digimon’s back.

    “Wha—?! Hey; how’d you get her?!” Eaglemon squawked.

    “Wind Cutter Sword!” The horn on Chirinmon’s head grew roughly to the same height as my body; the Holy Beast flicked his head, and cleaved his horn through Eaglemon’s body. Chirinmon gracefully and gently alighted to the floor the same moment Eaglemon’s vanishing body landed in a bloody heap not five feet away from us. “Tamiko…are you unharmed?”

    “…I’m fine,” I whispered. “But…Noir…”

    “What about him, my lady?”
    “…Eaglemon said that Noir was behind everything that has happened with this kingdom; that he started this war…”

    Mia Kiru

    “Inferno Blast!”

    “Eek!” Elizabeth shoved me to the ground just as the flames of Orochimon shot overhead.

    “You cannot escape us!” Orochimon hissed.

    “Damn it; where’s Quetzalmon?!” I whispered.

    “I think he went with Flamedramon,” Elizabeth answered. “It’s just the two of us…”

    “If that is the case, then this will be easier than I thought!” Orochimon exclaimed.

    “Oh, yeah?! Come forth, MegaKabuterimon!” the Insect Digimon appeared before us, already prepared to attack Orochimon.

    “Horn Buster!”

    “Inferno Blast!” Orochimon’s flames consumed MegaKabuterimon’s attack, enveloping it in its all-consuming rage before striking down the Digimon Spirit.

    “Sorry…Mia,” MegaKabuterimon wheezed shortly before vanishing from sight.

    “Mia…let me fight,” Elizabeth said.

    “No way! You’re still all scratched up from fighting that general guy! Just stay behind me; I won’t let anything happen to you!” I smiled. “Come forth, Blastmon!”

    “Final Subago̅n Punch!” Blastmon aimed his massive fist at one of the Orochimon heads, but before he could make contact, he suddenly stopped.

    “Blastmon…what’s wrong?” I asked. “Are you okay…?”

    “Mia.” Elizabeth pointed at Blastmon’s legs, where I could see the long necks — or possibly bodies — of two of the Orochimon’s binding the legs of the Digimon Spirit together. It was then that I noticed that Blastmon did, in fact, make contact, with Orochimon, having his one of the necks. However, Orochimon took the opportunity to bind the Spirit’s arms together, rendering Blastmon completely immobile.

    “Inferno Blast!” A single, black-scaled head rose up from the ground and spit orange flames into Blastmon’s face, defeating him in a matter of seconds.

    “No…Blastmon…” Orochimon’s laughter filled the room, loud enough to keep me from hearing my own thoughts.

    “Mia!” Elizabeth tugged on my arm. “Mia, look!” Elizabeth pointed at the black-scaled head. “Remember what Katsumi told us?”

    “The head with black scales…It’s is the only real one!” I gasped. “If we can defeat this one…” Elizabeth gripped one of her kunai. “No. I won’t let you fight! I won’t let you get hurt any more…”


    “Besides…I still haven’t shown Mr. Snake in the Grass my trump card! Er, Talisman! My trump Talisman. Yeah!” I reached into my purse, and pulled out my final Talisman. “Come forth, Aquarimon!”

    “Mia…you know, if this doesn’t work…”

    “Then we’ll just have to run like hell.”

    “Do not fear; I shall not fail you, Mia,” Aquarimon said in her regular, gentle voice. “Goddess Urn!” A barrier of water burst up from the ground, surrounding me and Elizabeth completely. “But if I cannot win…then at least the monster will not be able to harm either of you.”

    “Enough talk; let’s get this fight over with!” Orochimon hissed.

    “Yes. Let’s! Goddess Bow!” Aquarimon fired a single arrow from her bow. The arrow lodged itself into Orochimon’s neck; blood came spurting out in mass quantities, covering the floor beneath in a small pool of crimson. All of the other heads of Orochimon in the room instantly vanished, while the one Aquarimon sniped became enveloped in the light of Digivolution, and began to shrink until it became a Digimon barely taller than my forearm. “…Hm. Didn’t think that would actually work.”

    “What did it turn into?” I asked. The small Digimon, with some effort, stood up, and glared up at me.

    “…I am EbiBurgermon. Faithful servant of Noir. And you…well…I wasn’t expecting…defeat…I must admit; I am rather impressed that a blonde bimbo like you would have an ability as rare as Digimon Summoning.”


    “As much as I hate to admit it…I’m afraid I must concede,” EbiBurgermon continued. The tiny Digimon bowed, and as he did, a savory aroma wafted into my nose.

    Mmm…that smells good! Like curry or something…kinda shrimpy, too…Whatever it is, it’s making my mouth water!

    “And to you two, I bid adieu.” Without turning to look back at us, EbiBurgermon staggered very slowly out of the room.

    “…Okay? I…guess I’ll be going back now,” Aquarimon said. “Call me if you need me, Mia…” Aquarimon became enveloped in light, and vanished from sight.

    “…Shall we continue, Mia?” Elizabeth asked. “…Mia?”

    “Lizzy…am I a bimbo?” I asked.

    “What?! Of course you aren’t!” Elizabeth exclaimed. “By the dictionary, a bimbo is an attractive woman who lacks intelligence. You, Mia, are an attractive woman with intelligence.”

    “Oh…I did not know that.”

    “Well…j—just because you might not have known that doesn’t mean you are! Just because EbiBurgermon said so…”

    “I mean, I know I’m not bad looking or anything; I just never really thought of myself as beautiful like how Zelda is, and for the smartness thing, I never even really thought about it before; I mean, I knew I wasn’t dumb like a Sukamon, but I—”

    “Mia. It’s okay,” Elizabeth interrupted. “Don’t pay any attention to EbiBurgermon. You are a sweet, pretty, and talented woman. Let’s just continue…going…” Elizabeth suddenly collapsed to the ground, clutching her stomach.

    “Lizzy, what’s wrong?!” I knelt down next to my friend, when I too fell to the floor with a horrible pain in my stomach, like I was being stabbed. “Lizzy…what…”

    “EbiBurgermon,” Elizabeth gasped. “That scent…did you…notice it?” I carefully nodded my head, not wanting to accidentally move the rest of my body and worsen the pain in my belly. “He did this…to us…That scent he gave off…like a curse of some kind…”
    “What should we do? It’s getting worse…” I didn’t even bother trying to fight back the tears beginning to well in my eyes; rather, I lay down on the floor next to Elizabeth, and remained still. Still as I possibly could, out of fear that any further movement would tear my belly apart.


    …All of the heads of Orochimon have vanished. Does that mean EbiBurgermon was defeated? Worse yet…is he…was he…

    “Noir. The time has come,” Barbamon said. I looked up at the tall Digimon, sitting upon the king’s throne. “You’ve had your fun. Now…it is time for me to have mine.” Barbamon stood up and picked up the wand leaning against the golden throne that had belonged to King Desmond. As he was about to step down, a slowly lumbering figure entered the chamber. “…Agamemnon. How good to see you again.”

    “Can it, Barbamon…” The general stepped out of the shadows, and I could see that he was covered in blood. In the middle of his stomach was a large wound. “Barbamon…you’re the one who put all that magic stuff into my blade, yeah?”

    “What about it?” Barbamon asked.

    “Look, I don’t wanna go too into it right now, but I was stabbed by my own sword by one of them insurgents from the west,” Agamemnon said. “Could ya…heal me? I can fight…some more…if you’ll heal me…”

    “…Done in by your own weapon? How pathetic.” Agamemnon’s eyes widened at Barbamon’s comment.

    “The hell? Do you know who yer talkin’ to?!” Agamemnon asked.

    “I could ask the same of you.” Barbamon lifted his wand, and looked Agamemnon directly in the eye. “Pandæmonium Lost!” Agamemnon was instantly lit ablaze. His choked screams were the last things I heard from him before his charred body fell to the ground in a thick pile of ashes. “You were never worth following, Agamemnon. Not even if I really were your subordinate.”


    “Oh, don’t fear, Noir. This will never happen to you.” Barbamon chuckled. “After all…you’ve been nothing but loyal to me, not to mention helpful, useful, and thorough. I need someone like you at my side…Noir.”

    “And me…”

    “EbiBurgermon!” The tiny Digimon stumbled into the room, almost falling down had I not rushed over to catch him in time. “EbiBurgermon, are you unharmed?!”

    “…I was defeated…Two girls did me in; a Summoner and…a fighter, I guess,” EbiBurgermon said. “I gave off my special scent, the one you modified, Noir; they won’t be causing us any more problems for a long time.”

    “But…you were still defeated,” Barbamon said. “…You are no longer of any use to me, EbiBurgermon.”

    “No! No, he can still fight!” I exclaimed, clutching the Digimon securely against my chest. “Please…”

    “Noir…I’m beat,” EbiBurgermon said.

    “Then I will just have to kill you right here and now!” Barbamon exclaimed.

    “No! He can…he can still fight…and win,” I said.

    “Noir…it’s all good. I don’t have the strength to get past them,” the tiny Rookie whispered.

    “…Then I’ll just have to give you the strength to win!” I gently placed EbiBurgermon down onto the floor, and held out my hands. At once, EbiBurgermon began to glow.

    “EbiBurgermon Warp Digivolve to, Hydramon!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 77 - United They Stand...

    Zelda Kasuto

    A gentle breeze swept across the lush greenery of Silverveil castle’s courtyard. And yet, this breeze did nothing to ease our woes; rather, it stoked the flames of our uncertainty and manifested the wildfire in our hearts that was known by many names; dread. Fear. Anxiety. Different words, but the same meaning, and the same feeling that wrapped its icy fingers around each of our hearts. And so as we ventured on past the front gates, ignoring whatever synonym of “dread” that we may have felt, we readied ourselves for battle as three large groups of Cyllenian knights approached us.

    Thomas…please watch over us. Those were my final thoughts before it all began. Alena and Charlotte led a small faction away by themselves, and began furiously tearing away at the enemy knights before most of them could even raise their weapons. Siebold flung spell after spell into the fray, blasting the knights with bolts of electricity or burning them with flames. Pherania, Wikstrom, and AeroVeedramon began fighting off huge groups of knights all on their own. Tactimon remained at my side, swatting down any knight that dared approach, while my Digimon Spirit, Mercurymon, lurked nearby in the shadows, reflecting the attacks of any Digimon that headed my way. In the meantime, a sword flew out of a knight’s grip, landing on the ground next to my feet. And at that instant, I knew what I must do. Around me, my friends were fighting their hardest, while I simply stood and watched. Five-hundred years ago, I had sworn to never again touch a weapon, after fighting that nameless swordsman in Shendu territory; however, with all that was going on, I knew I could not simply give in to my weakness and pacifism. I had to fight to protect those who I loved. I picked up the sword and, as a Growlmon approached me from behind, I twirled around and shoved the blade deep into the Digimon’s stomach. As blood spilled to the ground and data flew off into the sky, I quickly pulled the sword out, not once regretting my action. I turned to my side, and hacked off another knight’s arm, followed by his head.

    Thomas…am I…am I doing the right thing? I thought. No. I mustn’t let myself get distracted. I won’t just stand by and let my friends do all the work! Not this time! There’s too much at stake! As I removed my new sword from the chest of a knight who had nearly ambushed Alena, my attention was turned to a ShadowWereGarurumon rushing past Pherania, Wikstrom, and Siebold, cutting them with his sharp claws. Looking at Alena next, the Animal Digimon rushed past me at a blinding speed and aimed an attack at her, but Charlotte moved at a speed that always seemed to surprise me, and held up her shield just in time to protect Alena. Clearly surprised by the agile movements of the adorably pudgy young woman, the ShadowWereGarurumon simply stared as Charlotte swung her lance at his head. Had the Digimon not moved in time, his entire head would have been removed; Charlotte only succeeded in removing a few strands of fur, as well as a drop or two of blood.

    “We have to hurry this up; Wikstrom and the others won’t last long!” Alena said through clenched teeth just after the ShadowWereGarurumon struck her belly with a well-aimed kick.

    “Twister Sabre!” AeroVeedramon flew down at ShadowWereGarurumon, wildly swinging the blades on his arms as the opposing Ultimate slyly but gracefully ducked and weaved away from each strike. AeroVeedramon crossed his blades together, but ShadowWereGarurumon leaped into the air and struck him down with a Full Moon Kick. With his back turned, Tactimon began his assault on the Animal Digimon, and I did the same when his back was to me. Angered, the Digimon leaped into the air, and just as he was about to attack us both, a swarm of bats surrounded him, lifting him higher up into the air. Those Cyllenian knights that were still alive watched on in shock and confusion as another Digimon raced from the shadows and killed who seemed to be their leader by striking him in the chest with a spear. As bits and pieces of ShadowWereGarurumon drifted away on the wind, the remaining Cyllenians lay down their weapons, and fled the castle courtyard. Slowly and gently, BioLadyDevimon drifted down to the ground, pleased with herself for dispatching the Digimon. However, a quick look of pain flashed across her face, and she suddenly reverted back to her Human form, Abigail.

    “No cause for alarm; I’m fine,” she said before I even had a chance to speak. “Just a little tired, that’s all…”

    “Where are the others?” Tactimon asked.

    “Oh, yeah; forgot you weren’t there when it happened,” Abigail said. “We had to fight a Digimon called Orochimon; its heads would grow back each time one was cut down, and it spread its entire body around the whole castle, so we split up to try and find the real head. I fought it by myself; part of it, anyway. It suddenly disappeared for no reason; I suspect someone must have killed the real head.”

    “…Were Matthew and Sparrow there?” I whispered. “And Eleanora…? Is she okay?”

    “Can’t speak for Matthew; he wasn’t there when Orochimon attacked. Eleanora was kinda banged up pretty bad from fighting a general, but she was okay to go off on her own the last time I saw her.”

    “…I see…”

    “…They’ll be okay, Zelda. They have his blood, after all,” Abigail said. “And yours. If that combination doesn’t amount to something…”

    “Thank you, Abigail.”

    “Now, onto the task at hand…It would probably be best if the lot of us went in and regrouped with the others,” Abigail continued.

    “But…what about Wikstrom, Siebold, and Pherania?” I asked. Currently, Charlotte was at their side, and had stopped the bleeding from ShadowWereGarurumon’s attacks. The three knights, however, were unconscious.

    “Don’t worry about them; I’ll stay here and watch over them,” Charlotte said. “You can go on ahead with the others, Alena.”

    “Are you certain?” Alena asked. “I could help you with them…”

    “Thank you, Alena; but I’ve already stopped the bleeding. All they need now is someone to watch over them while they rest. You’re stronger than me…so you should help the others with the fighting.”
    “…All right. I’ll go. But I will come back,” Alena said. “We all will.”

    Sparrow Lea

    “How are you holding up, Eleanora?” I asked. The swordswoman, cradling a sleeping Lunamon in her arms, stopped walking, and looked up at me.

    “…I’m fine, Sparrow,” she said. “I’m fine…but…I don’t know if I can…I don’t know…”

    “If we have to fight, I want you and Giselle to stand back, okay?”


    “I know I say this to all the girls back home, but I really like you, Eleanora. And I truly mean that. I don’t want to see you get any more hurt than you already are, okay? Flaremon, Moosemon and I can deal with anything that comes our way.”

    “Yeah…you really do say that to all of the girls,” Eleanora giggled.

    “Can you blame me? All of you are super hot, after all. I wouldn’t want anything tampering with your beauty,” I replied.

    “Smooth. No wonder you’re still single,” Moosemon said.


    “Well…all of that aside…You especially should try to be careful,” Eleanora said. “With only Moosemon and Flaremon helping you fight, our little group here is shorthanded, and since you’re a Human, there’s no way you could compete with any Digimon we encounter.”

    “I know I can’t, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to just let the Digimon do all the work!”

    “Peace. There is no need to quarrel.” From the opposite end of the hallway, two figures approached us; one a Human girl, and the other a Digimon.

    “Sapphira!” Giselle suddenly exclaimed, running up to the two. “No, wait…I mean, uh…Tamiko, right?”

    “It is alright, Giselle; you may call me by whichever name you prefer,” the girl said, shortly before looking to me an Eleanora. “…Are you also…friends of Giselle?”

    “Yep! They’re all members of Lachesis!” Giselle said. “Oh! Did Kudamon Digivolve again?”

    “Correct; I am at the Ultimate level now; my name is Chirinmon,” the Digimon standing next to Tamiko bowed his head.

    Ultimate?! No way…I’m only a Human, but I…I can feel some kind of immense power emanating from this guy! Just who is he?! Not an ordinary Digimon, that’s for sure…
    “At any rate, Miss Giselle, you don’t have to worry about being outnumbered now that I’ve arrived. I promise to do everything I am able to in order to protect all of you,” Chirinmon said.

    Lucia Delbray

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon relentlessly and repeatedly struck the ground with his tail, sending Cyllenian knights flying into the air; I had to tightly grip his reins so I wouldn’t be tossed off, as Isole and Bokomon nearly were.

    “Mihiramon, slow down, for fuck’s sake!” Isole snapped.

    “Sorry, no can do; we don’t have a moment to waste!” the Digimon responded, tearing through the room as fast as he could.

    “Mihiramon, what’s going on?!” I asked.

    “…I can smell it. A powerful Digimon…it’s nearby! It must’ve just Digivolved; that’s why I didn’t sense anything earlier!”

    “Mihiramon, please—”

    “INCOMING!” Bokomon pointed up just as a Shurimon descended from the ceiling; just inches away from each of us, the Shurimon was knocked aside by another Digimon. “…Lupinemon?”

    “Heh. Looks like I got here just in time,” the female Digimon smirked.

    “Are any of you injured?” Sieglinde asked, approaching Mihiramon with Andromon at her side.

    “No, you got here just in time,” Mihiramon smiled.

    “We wouldn’t have been in a fix if you’d just slow your ass down!” Isole snapped.

    “Hey, c’mon now; I told you I sensed the presence of a Digimon…”

    “Cut him some slack,” Lupinemon chimed in. “That’s where Sieg and I were headed when we ran into you lot.”

    “…You sensed it, too?” Mihiramon asked. The golden wolf nodded her head.
    “…It’s a bit of a familiar presence to me…like I’ve met him before, or another Digimon of his species,” Lupinemon said. “Either way, we need to be careful.”

    Ulysses Melchett

    “…We’re almost there,” Flamedramon said.

    “Almost at the throne room?” I asked. “Yes, I can see—”

    “No, not the throne room. This presence I sense…”

    “It’s…unlike anything I’ve ever felt before,” Edmund said.

    “You can feel it too, son?” Flamedramon asked.

    “Remember, father, I am an archsage, after all.”

    “Even so, for a Human to feel this presence; it is almost unheard of,” Leopardmon remarked.

    “Well, I do carry the Mark; I’ve got Digimon blood coursing through my veins on top of my status as an archsage,” Edmund said. “But the presence I feel just up ahead…”

    “It isn’t Human or Digimon,” Quetzalmon said. “And it doesn’t have the same sort of aura that the Marked do…”

    “What is it?” I asked. “…Hello? Anybody? Just a regular Human here; can’t really tell what’s going on…”

    “We’ll know soon enough,” Flamedramon said dryly. “And when we are made aware of what it is, we will inform you.”

    “No! He can…he can still fight…and win!” an unfamiliar voice said desperately.

    “Who was that?” I asked.

    “No time; c’mon, old man!” Flamedramon grabbed my arm and pulled me along until we all finally reached the throne room at the end of the hallway.

    “Noir…it’s all good. I don’t have the strength to get past them,” another voice, this one much higher pitched and sounding exhausted, spoke up in response to the previous voice.

    “…Then I’ll just have to give you the strength to win!” A man, completely hidden from sight by a dark shroud, knelt down next to a small Digimon, and placed his hands on the Digimon’s head. Immediately, the Digimon began to glow with the light of Digivolution.

    “EbiBurgermon Warp Digivolve to, Hydramon!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 78 - ...Divided They Fall


    “EbiBurgermon Warp Digivolve to, Hydramon!” The Digimon, once small and demure, became enveloped in a harsh light; multiple heads emerged from his slowly growing body, and lastly, a long tail in the shape of a curved sword. The light soon faded, and the newly Digivolved Hydramon reared his three heads, and shot out bright, orange-colored flames at us. I intercepted his flames with my own, and though I pushed back as hard as I could, Hydramon’s flames were on the verge of overpowering mine.

    “Father!” Edmund exclaimed. “Don’t give in, father; I’m coming!”

    “Edmund! Stay back!” I yelled. “Don’t come…any closer…you hear me?!”

    “Sorry, didn’t catch that,” Edmund replied. With a rather smug grin on his face, my son held up his hand, and instantly, Hydramon’s flames were pushed back. “The roar of the flames was a bit too loud for me to make out what you were saying.” Hydramon’s Lernaean Inferno had now completely dissipated, and the colossal Digimon was consumed in the flames of my attack, as well as his own. The Human at his side looked on in horror as his Digimon roared and shrieked in pain, before finally collapsing to the ground, De-Digivolving back into EbiBurgermon.

    “…Edmund…Don’t you dare ever disobey your father ever again, you hear me?!” I screamed. “Do you know how dangerous that could have been for you?! What if I had lost control before you had a chance to do anything, huh?!”

    “Oh…father, I thought I told you; I wasn’t able to hear you—”

    “I saw that fucking smile! You knew exactly what I was saying!” I spat.

    “Well, of course I did! I just chose to ignore you,” Edmund replied, speaking calmly, though he seemed to be trying to keep himself from laughing.

    “I am your father, Edmund! You will do as I say!” I roared.

    “Yes, father.”

    “Now, stay back!

    “I am back. I stayed back this entire time,” Edmund said.

    “That’s true, Flamedramon; he hasn’t moved an inch,” Ulysses said.


    “You never said I couldn’t help you, father.”

    “…Damn it. I never should have let you become a mage! Too damn smart…”

    “So that’s why he’s so popular with all the girls,” Quetzalmon said. “Hmm…Maybe I should become a mage, too…”

    “…Is your group always so…carefree?” Leopardmon asked.

    “More or less,” I sighed. “It’s a pain in the ass, I know…”

    “…Are you all finished conversing amongst each other?” At the sound of the voice, a chill raced down my spine, a sensation that I very rarely felt. Kneeling beside EbiBurgermon was who I assumed was his Human partner. From him, I sensed only darkness. Human, Marked, he could have even been a Digimon for all I knew — such was the extent of the darkness surrounding his heart. “…My dear friend EbiBurgermon…You were beyond exhaustion, and yet I commanded you to fight. It was either that…or watch you die at the hands of Barbamon…”

    “Barbamon?!” The name slipped out of my mouth before I could stop it. “You can’t mean…the same, legendary Digimon whose power was said to rival that of the entire Order of the Enchantress!”

    “Indeed…the very one and the very same Barbamon is the one giving me orders,” the cloaked figure said. He slowly rose to his feet, and faced me and the others. “Flamedramon…I see…a dark cloud shrouding your past. It weighs heavily on your conscious.”

    “Funny; I was thinking something similar about you,” I said. The pressure surrounding the man was suffocating; I slowly stepped back a few inches to distance myself from him.

    “I can see…many things…the future ahead of you…it will be as dark as your past, but…there is a light. A small light piercing through the darkness of your future. A decision will be made that will greatly affect you. The only thing stopping you from allowing it to assist your friends and loved ones in their time of need…is you.”

    “…The hell are you talking about?” I asked.

    “My name is Noir. I am a bit of an oracle, I suppose you could say,” the man said. “Though my abilities are nowhere near as refined as Wisemon’s or his daughter’s, I am still able to see certain things here and there…”

    “An oracle? Then…you’re a mage, right?” Ulysses asked. Noir turned his hooded head to look at Ulysses.

    “A mage…yes…I am a mage,” Noir said slowly. “A mage…well…I find that term to be a bit misleading, to be honest. Really…what I am…is a dark mage.”

    “A dark—” Before I could finish my sentence, I was surrounded by darkness; a deep, obsidian black that obscured everything from sight. I raised my claw to attack, but nothing. I could move, but that was it. No words escaped past my lips. No flames emerged from my claws. Or, maybe they did, and it was simply too dark to see them? No, I would have felt the warmth. As soon as I began thinking that I had died, Noir appeared before me, in plain sight. Again, I opened my mouth to speak, but no words came out.

    “This spell is a special one,” Noir said. “…It is more of a curse, really…Eternal darkness surrounds you. It always has, and it always will…”

    “Is this some kind of metaphor?” I asked. Surprised, I glanced around the darkness; my mouth had not moved. It was as if the words, my thoughts, were being broadcasted for all to hear.

    “In a sense… The curse…draws out what the target’s heart is steeped in. In your case…darkness. This curse is one I placed on you specifically, Flamedramon; as such, your friends are in a similar predicament.”

    “…You…bastard!” I screamed. “HOW DARE YOU CURSE MY FRIENDS AND MY SON WITH THE DARKNESS THAT AFFLICTS ME?! That darkness…was meant for me, damn it! Don’t force it to harm my friends, you bastard!”

    “Oh, I did not curse them with your darkness; you did that yourself,” Noir replied. “Simply having this darkness in your heart is a burden to your loved ones; a…curse, if you will.”

    “…No! I won’t let that happen! The darkness in my heart is my own problem, not theirs!”

    “And that’s exactly why you are doomed to curse your friends, Flamedramon,” Noir said. “If you would simply allow those around you to embrace your darkness…then it will be easier for you to cleanse. But, you choose to hide it…that is what hurts them, Flamedramon. That is why you hurt them.”
    “Enough…ENOUGH OF THIS!” I raised my claw, poised to attack, but once again, nothing happened. No flames emerged. “Noir…what is the meaning of this?! Is this part of your curse, too?!”

    “…I suppose…A big part of your darkness stems from guilt from your past. Your use of the flames of vengeance burned those who had done nothing to wrong you, Flamedramon. And so, as you grew increasingly aware of your sins, you began to form hatred for yourself, rather than for mankind, and for the Digimon. Perhaps you even…wished you never had your ability to produce flames?”

    “…You couldn’t possibly know what it was like…”

    “Oh, but I do. You see, I also carry the Mark.” Noir lowered his head, and I could finally see his face. Long dark hair, falling elegantly past his shoulders; shimmering blue eyes that seemed to peer into my soul. Noir further removed his cloak, revealing an impressively toned physic for one who dabbled in spellcasting, and turned to show his muscular back to me. Right in the center was the Mark. “…I do know what it is like, Flamedramon. But unlike you, I had someone early in my life who didn’t hate me, and instead loved me. EbiBurgermon…he was always there for me. Always my friend, no matter what. He looked past the Mark, and stayed with me through thick and thin.”

    “…I have someone too…My wife…and my son…and all of Lachesis,” I said.

    “Then, why do you strive to push them away? To keep them away from your darkness? You’re pathetic.” I glared at the man as he wrapped his cloak back around himself, and drew his hood over his face once more. “If you continue down this path of darkness, you will only end up further hurting your friends. Ah…I believe I can hear them screaming now?” I gasped. I could hear it faintly while I was talking with Noir, but now that we were silent, I could clearly hear; my friends wailing in despair, choking in agony. My son…his voice was above all the rest. “This is your own fault, Flamedramon! This curse of mine extracted the darkness from your heart in order to further rain down misery and agony upon your friends and family!”

    “NO! No…please…stop this!” I raised my hands to cover my ears, but that only seemed to make the tortured cries of misery grow louder and clearer. “Please, stop…don’t…Don’t hurt them anymore; please, just hurt me instead!”

    “Oh, but I am. Haven’t you noticed?” I again I stared, speechless, at the hooded man. “Through the physical pain I wreak onto your friends, I exact an equally painful toll on that of your mind.”


    “Really, now; none of this is my fault,” Noir shrugged. “Had you no darkness in your heart, your friends would not be suffering so. As I have stated…their pain…their misery…and their agony…all of it is your fault.”

    “No…this…that can’t be…true…can it…?” I clenched my claws and fell to my knees. “No…Abigail…Edmund…have I been hurting you this whole time…?”

    “Don’t believe a word he says, father.” A blinding light, purest ivory in color, broke through the darkness. Edmund walked out from the light and held his hand out to me. “Stand up, father. A hero doesn’t belong on his knees.”


    “Father. You have darkness in your heart. That much is undeniable. But you cannot allow yourself to believe that it is harming either me or mother, because it is at that point that your darkness truly will begin to hurt us,” Edmund said. Slowly, tentatively, I reached out and took my son’s hand, and rose back up to face Noir. “Now then, father. Ulysses, Leopardmon, and Quetzalmon are still trapped by this curse. Let’s destroy this mage together so we can go home. I wouldn’t wish to worry mother or auntie Zelda.”

    “…Yes. My son…we shall succeed!” Flames twisted around both of our arms shortly before we both struck Noir with them. That I was able to finally attack caught me by surprise, but soon that surprise was overtaken by a larger feeling of astonishment as the darkness around me and Edmund began to dissipate.

    “Father…do you understand, now?” Edmund asked.

    “…Understand what?” I asked.

    “You were unable to attack when you were alone because you pushed me away. You felt like you could do everything by yourself. That was what led to you being unable to attack until I arrived; when you finally accepted the help everyone has been trying to give you for many decades.”

    “You are…as intelligent as rumor tells,” Noir said, lying on the floor. Smoke rose up from his singed robe, but he himself did not appear to be burned. “I’d heard of your prowess as an archsage, Edmund Luxord…but it seems you are far more capable than even I thought you could ever have been.”

    “Idle flattery shall get you nowhere,” Edmund said.

    “I wasn’t trying to…I was speaking the truth.” Noir, with a hand draped over his chest, forced himself to sit up. The front of his once dark violet robes were now singed black. “And you, Flamedramon…the time will come for you to make an important decision; one where you hold the lives of your friends in one hand, and the lives of every living being in existence in the other. All I ask is that you choose wise—”

    “Yeah, I’m picking my friends,” I interrupted. “I’ve got a reputation for being a giant prick anyway. Fuck everyone else.”

    “…Is that so…As I have said, my ability to see the future is not as clear as Wisemon’s or Katsumi’s…so I do not know if this will prove to be calamitous…or miraculous.”

    “…Father. I know that whatever you decide to do, if he is telling the truth, that it will be the right decision,” Edmund whispered. “But, Noir…why are you concerned about the future? You of all people ought to know the atrocities of this empire. And yet, you are still a part of it.”

    “You…are correct. I am fully aware of what Cyllene has done over the course of its history,” Noir said. “And that is why…I desire to take a stand against it.”
    “That’s quite enough, Noir.” A chill raced down my spine once again. A towering figure entered the room, holding a large scepter.

    It’s him…By Goddess Arcadia herself, its Barbamon! He really is here!
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 79 - Gathered in Darkness


    It’s him…By Goddess Arcadia herself, its Barbamon! He really is here! The enormous, bearded Digimon, as if sensing my angst and fear, looked in my direction and smiled.

    “Father…who is that?” Edmund asked. “You look as though you know him…”

    “…I know of him, son. His name is Barbamon,” I replied in a quiet voice. “He is…his power far exceeds that of any of Lilithmon’s allies, even combined…”

    “Well, then; it seems like we just came in at a bad time.” I turned around, only to see Sparrow standing behind me, having just entered the throne room. Allomon, Flaremon, Eleanora, Lunamon, and Giselle were with him, as were two others who I did not know. One of them, I recognized to be the Digimon Kentaurosmon. “Jeez; talk about shitty timing…”

    “Sparrow, don’t be rude; there’s a lady present!” Giselle snapped, eyeing the girl standing near Kentaurosmon.

    “Oh, right; sorry about that, Miss Tamiko,” Sparrow said. “Man, it’s gonna take some time for me to get used to having a princess in our group…”

    “No, it is quite fine; I do not disagree with you,” the girl said, looking up nervously at Barbamon. “I don’t exactly have the fondest words to say about the gentleman, I assure you.”

    “Oh, my sweet, pretty, princess Tamiko; I almost did not recognize you in your newest outfit! Though, I must say, this amount of skin showing is rather unseemly for a princess, wouldn’t you say?” Barbamon asked. Blushing, Tamiko lowered an arm to cover her stomach.

    “Watch your tongue, Barbamon!” Kentaurosmon threatened.

    “How good of you to return home where you belong!” Barbamon said, ignoring the other Mega. “Your father and aunt were very worried about you, young lady. Why don’t you go back to your room and wait for me to find them for you?”

    “No…I am not here to stay, Sir Barbamon,” Tamiko replied.

    “…Well, it’s just as well. Eris and Desmond are both dead, anyway. Eris murdered him, then ate herself into an early grave.” Tamiko’s face changed from a look of mild annoyance to pure, genuine shock.

    “W…What? Eris…ATE my father?” she asked in a trembling voice.

    “Hahaha! Now that’s a good look for you, princess!” Barbamon sneered. “Would you care to know how bloody their deaths were?!”

    “Shut your mouth, Barbamon!” Kentaurosmon yelled, aiming a crossbow at the taller Digimon.

    “Well, you see, Desmond was eaten by his little sister,” Barbamon began. “Only she wasn’t so little, you know? ‘specially after EbiBurgermon was done with her; kept on feeding her till her belly popped like a big fat balloon! Blood all over the place, I’ll bet!” Tamiko’s face became as white as snow. “Anyway, as I said, Eris ate yer father; seems she’d gotten a real taste for Human flesh, you know? Plus, since you had left, Desmond was the only one standing in her way of the throne. That’s why they orchestrated the execution of your so-called innocent brother!”

    “Inferno Frost!” Kentaurosmon raised his arm and fired countless arrows from his crossbow at Barbamon, who in turn twirled his scepter around and blocked the attack. I looked back over at Tamiko, who had since sunk to her knees, with tears gently falling down the sides of her flushed cheeks.

    “Oh, Kentaurosmon; so, even you have chosen to betray me?” Barbamon cackled. “I’d heard you left, but I merely assumed you were hunting down the princess to bring her back to the castle!”

    “Never. I could never force my Human partner to do something against her will!” Kentaurosmon yelled.

    “…Human…partner? Well…no wonder you’ve grown so much weaker since your departure! Humans do nothing but hold us Digimon back! Everyone except Noir!” Barbamon sneered. “At least…that was what I thought…until I learned of his true intentions.”

    “Yes…Noir, Eaglemon said you sent him to retrieve Tamiko!” Kentaurosmon said, catching the attention of the cloaked man. “He said you wished to speak with her; was this true?”

    “Oh, it’s true all right!” Barbamon shouted. “It seems the bastard has been against me ever since I began!”

    “…What…do you mean?” Tamiko asked in a quavering voice.

    “Well, you see, my dear; it all began fifteen years ago, when your father first called for the invasion of Arcadia,” the evil Digimon began. “Desmond has always been a bit of a warmonger, but it wasn’t until he was given very interesting information about a resistance group on the other side of the ocean…a group who planned to overthrow him and take the throne themselves. Utter bullshit, of course; but Desmond believed the information…and he sent many of his troops across the pond to ransack the continent; to level it to a field of dust.”

    “…But you were the one who gave him that information,” I said.

    “Bingo! Yes, it was me who gave him that absurd intel. I simply wanted Arcadia and Cyllene both to be brought to ruins, so I figured that the easiest way to do so was to manipulate the foolish king Desmond. Of course, that plan was brought to a halt when the Cyllenians were fought by several Valencian and Shendian knights; they retreated, and called off the attack.”

    “But…why? Why would you make daddy do something so…so horrid?” Tamiko asked.

    “…A very excellent question, my dear,” Barbamon said quietly. “Well, you see…people recovering from the terrors of a full-scale war are far easier to control than people who are able to fight back. What I sought…was control. Domination. Perhaps it is a bit trite, but that is my fondest desire. And so, during these past fifteen years, I learned of your mercenary group, Lachesis. The very group I knew would answer our call to war…and our only obstacle. I simply had to get your attention in order to get you to come here to Cyllene…where you would be severely disadvantaged. You don’t know the land or your surroundings, and you are horribly outnumbered. I figured that once you were all dealt with, a full invasion of Arcadia would be all the easier.”

    “…And what does this have to do with Noir?” Kentaurosmon asked.

    “Ah, yes…my partner in crime…the one Human who I assumed to be superior to all of the others,” Barbamon sighed. “In the end…he was merely trying to stop me. I never even suspected it until very recently.” Slowly, Barbamon walked up to Noir. “You…are a disappointment.”

    “You…are a monster,” Noir retorted. “You had no need to execute Kelik; he wasn’t the king’s biological son.”

    “And that’s why you tried to stop the execution, correct?” Barbamon asked.

    “…I tried…to reverse UlforceVeedramon’s Tensegrity Shield…but…it was beyond my ability,” Noir admitted. “…Tamiko…I have failed you…I wasn’t strong enough…to help you…”

    “Noir…don’t…You…you tried…that is enough,” Tamiko said, forcing herself to smile at the robed sorcerer. “You tried your hardest to save him…For that, you have my thanks…Noir.”

    “You really are pathetic, Noir.” Barbamon leaned down and picked up EbiBurgermon’s unconscious, tiny body.

    “No…don’t! Give him back…give him back to me!” Noir wailed.

    “This EbiBurgermon…was your only friend, wasn’t he?” Barbamon asked. “You were ridiculed by the other children your own age for your Mark. But the only one in your life who didn’t berate you…rather…the only one who couldn’t…was EbiBurgermon. Your most cherished, childhood toy.” A wave of darkness appeared around Barbamon’s hand, and instantly, EbiBurgermon turned into a stuffed toy of himself.

    What?! Unbelievable…that man had magic that strong at such a young age?!

    “Give…him…back,” Noir said.

    “…You used your magic to turn this toy into a real, live Digimon at a young age. From that point on, EbiBurgermon was always your friend…your confident. Your family.” Barbamon smiled down at Noir, and pinched the EbiBurgermon toy in between his sharp claws. At that instant, the toy was enveloped in flames, and burned away into a pile of ash that landed at Noir’s feet. “Well, that’s one more obstacle out of my way…on top of how many? Let me think…your blacksmith has perished, as has your witch, and your sniper. Any others?”

    …Wayland? And Katsumi? They’re…they were both killed? No…

    “…You’re kidding, right?” I turned around, and saw another group enter the throne room, led by my lovely wife, Abigail. Standing next to her were Zelda, AeroVeedramon, Tactimon, and Alena. “…Katsumi is…dead?” Abigail asked.

    “And Wayland?” Tactimon said in a silent, breathless voice.

    “All right; move, people! Time to take this bastard down!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    “No!” Kentaurosmon suddenly yelled. “I shall take care of Barbamon…all by myself!”

    “What?! Don’t be an idiot; even Flamedramon looks like he’s about to shit himself!” Sparrow retorted.

    “Don’t argue with me! Just keep the princess safe!” Kentaurosmon snapped. “Odin’s Breath!” The area around Barbamon suddenly became ravaged by a howling blizzard, but this did not seem to surprise the Demon Lord. Rather, the jewel on his staff lit up, and instantly, the blizzard dissipated.

    “Is that the best you’ve got, Kentaurosmon?” Barbamon asked. “Although I don’t particularly mind picking all of you off one at a time, I would heed the words of your friends if I were you; you cannot defeat me alone, Kentaurosmon!”

    “Can’t believe I’m about to say this, but listen to the bad guy, Kentaurosmon!” Sparrow said.

    “Hold on a minute, Sparrow!” I said. “Eleanora, you and Lunamon need to stay back. Help Giselle make sure Ulysses, Leopardmon, and Quetzalmon don’t end up in the line of fire!”

    “You, too, Eddie!” Abigail, said, walking up to our son. “Stay back; mommy doesn’t want you getting hurt, okay?”

    “Mother, I’m a grown man!” Edmund whined. “I’m over four-hundred—”

    “Shush; mommy’s not letting her baby get hurt,” Abigail said gently, placing a finger over Edmund’s lips, and a hand to his cheek. “You just do what mommy tells you, okay, angel baby?”

    “Yes, mother…”

    “Now, Zelda; I want you to stay back as well, okay?” Abigail asked. “AeroVeedramon and Tactimon, you cover Alena and Sparrow when they go in.”

    Heh; she’s as tough as ever. No wonder I married her…

    “Now, Johnny…shall we go at him together?” Abigail asked, turning into BioLadyDevimon.

    “…Yes. And we shall succeed!” I snapped my claws as Abigail prepared her Black Wing attack, and a swirl of flames twisted around it. She then flew at the Demon Lord, and jabbed him with the flaming lance directly in the chest.

    “Good heavens; did you and mother practice that attack while you were gone?” Edmund asked.

    “Before you were born, son,” I responded.

    “Tee hee! Long before you were in my tummy, sweetheart!” Abigail giggled. “But it really kicks ass, wouldn’t you say?”

    “I’d have to say…NOT!” Barbamon struck Abigail with his scepter, sending her plummeting to the ground. As she hit the ground, she turned back into her Human form.

    “ABBY!” I ran immediately to my wife’s side; to my relief, she was still breathing, but she was barely conscious. “Abigail! ABIGAIL!”

    “This bastard is going down!” Edmund shouted. I had never seen him upset like this before, not even as an infant. He had always been remarkably calm and collected. But at the moment Abigail hit the floor, a spark ignited in his eyes, as did a flame at the palms of his hands.

    Things have changed a lot since Lilithmon’s death, huh…Never thought I’d be out here fighting some evil douchebag in order to protect my loved ones again.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 80 - Masterless and Free

    Eleanora Kasuto

    “This bastard is going down!” Edmund shouted. I was caught off guard by how fierce his voice sounded, where usually it was filled with nothing but wisdom and gentleness.

    Because his mother was hurt, I thought. I…never really had a mother before…I wonder how I would…No, that isn’t true…If Zelda were hurt, I know I would react the same way as Edmund…I looked on with a gentle smile on my face as Zelda conjured Mercurymon from a Digimon Talisman. Instinctively, I placed my hand over Lunamon’s forehead; still sleeping, my Digimon partner did not stir in my arms, and instead snuggled closer to me.

    “Pandæmonium Lost!” A spiral of flames erupted from the ground around all of us, but at once, the attack was absorbed into Mercurymon’s shields, and reflected back at Barbamon.

    “Everyone; attack now!” the Digimon Spirit called.

    “Dino Burst!”

    “Crimson Beast-King Wave!”

    “Flame Fist!”

    “Inferno Frost!”

    “Dragon Impulse!”

    “Primary Tactic!” Barbamon was enveloped in the chaotic blast of all of the attacks, but still, he managed to raise up his wand up above his head.

    “Death Lure!” Though I could barely make out what he said, the flames of the combined attacks vanished, leaving Barbamon standing alone in a smoldering crater. “Pandæmonium—”

    “Odin’s Breath!” Kentaurosmon raised his shield, and instantly, the red crystal on Barbamon’s scepter became frozen in a block of ice. “Inferno Frost!”

    “Dark Inferno!” Barbamon held up his free hand, surrounding it with a pitch-black flame that blocked Kentaurosmon’s attack. He then placed his flaming hand over his wand, melting the ice that encased it. “Fools…ALL OF YOU ARE FOOLS! YOU REALLY MEAN TO STOP ME?! HOW PATHETIC! I SHALL DESTROY EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU IN A SINGLE ATTACK!” Barbamon raised his wand, and at that moment, two Digimon leaped out from the shadows, striking both of Barbamon’s shoulders and forcing the Demon Lord to the ground.

    “Mihiramon and…Lupinemon?” I asked.

    “Glad we got here just in time,” Lucia said from behind me. I gasped when I turned around to face her, noticing that she was covered in blood, and helping Isole to stand.

    “Don’t worry about us,” Isole breathed. “Just focus…on the fight, Ellie…” Sieglinde and Andromon stood behind her, looking on at Barbamon as he struggled underneath Mihiramon and Lupinemon. Bokomon, too, stood with them, but he had a more worried expression on his face.

    “Not everybody seems to be here,” the small Digimon said in a lamentful voice.

    “…There are a few things keeping them occupied at the moment,” I said. I didn’t want to yet reveal to them that Wayland and Katsumi had also been killed, if they didn’t know, as I had a feeling it would distract them from the fight against Barbamon. “…Matthew is…helping Katsumi with a small injury she received earlier. He said he wanted to stay at her side.”

    “…By her side?” Lucia asked in a quavering voice. “And not…mine?”

    “Oh, for the love of Arcadia, Lucia; focus!” I snapped. “Jeez, what happened to the days where you had to tell me to focus on the battle instead of my brother?!”
    “There’s something you aren’t telling us,” Sieglinde said, leaning in close. “Something…important, maybe?”

    “Look, we can talk after the battle, okay?! Now, let’s go!” I practically screamed.

    “Not…you,” Isole said between breaths. “You’re still hurt from fighting that general…”

    “I know, Isole; I’ve already been ordered to stay back,” I replied.

    “Then join the battle, the rest of us shall!” Andromon exclaimed, walking towards Barbamon with Sieglinde.

    …And that’s all of us…right? No, where are Mia and Elizabeth?! I see Alena here, I’m pretty sure I saw Charlotte outside with the other knights, so that just leaves those two…I gripped the hilt of my sword, and looked down. If…if they died, too…No. Can’t let myself get distracted. Even though I’m not fighting…I can’t let my fears take my mind off of Barbamon!

    “FOOLS! ALL OF YOU, FOOLS!” the Demon Lord screamed, trying to free himself from Mihiramon and Lupinemon.

    “Nope; sorry, but you’re staying down!” Mihiramon yelled back. “Tiger Wing Blade!”

    “Shining Force!” The two Digimon attacked, but this only served to make Barbamon even angrier.

    “I…HAVE HAD ENOUGH! PANDAEMONIUM LOST!” Mihiramon and Lupinemon were thrown off the Demon’s chest by a surge of flames. Barbamon’s attack continued to spiral around the room, but it was stopped in its place by Kentaurosmon’s Odin’s Breath attack shortly before Tamiko was hit by them. Kentaurosmon gasped as his partner hit the floor, still breathing but just barely.

    “…You’ve gone too far, Barbamon,” Kentaurosmon said. “Fighting against us Digimon who can fight back is one thing…but aiming your attack at one who cannot? At Tamiko? My Human partner?”

    “And just what are you going to do about it, Kentaurosmon?!” Barbamon asked.

    “I will destroy you! Odin’s Breath!” Once more, Barbamon’s flames began to stir, but this time, they flew in Barbamon’s direction, burning the Demon Lord and making him screech in pain. Parts of his skin were seared completely off, and his robes began to burn to threads. Completely immobilized, Barbamon was unable to do anything as Kentaurosmon showered him in Inferno Frost arrows that pierced clear through his body, as well as shattering the crystal orb on his staff. Bits and pieces of Barbamon’s data began to fade away as the huge Digimon collapsed to the ground, his staff dissolving away the very instant it fell from its owner’s hand and hit the floor.

    “…Ah…damn it…I hate to say it…but it looks like you all win,” Barbamon said. To my surprise, his voice was remarkably calm, and he almost appeared to be smiling.

    “What’s going on? Why are you smiling?” Kentaurosmon asked. Barbamon uttered a quiet laugh.

    “You have defeated me, Kentaurosmon…I am dying…but…This is far from over,” Barbamon said. “You fools…haven’t won anything by granting me an early death. By killing me, you have only brought yourselves one step closer to the brink of annihilation!”

    “What are you talking about?!” Flamedramon asked. Barbamon opened his mouth to speak, but only a spurt of blood came out as the Digimon began coughing uncontrollably. Finally, Barbamon closed his eyes, and was dead. There was nothing but silence now, though I’m sure everyone’s minds were buzzing with questions. I looked around the throne room, and sighed, but then gasped when I remembered that Noir hadn’t moved an inch since EbiBurgermon was burned. I started to walk over to him, but stopped when I saw that Giselle was already knelt down on the floor next to him.

    “…I…know what it’s like to lose a Digimon partner,” she said quietly.

    “Giselle, I’m not sure if what Noir had technically qualifies as a partnership,” Kentaurosmon said.

    “It hurts…it’s…just as painful as losing a family member, which I know is also painful,” Giselle continued, ignoring Kentaurosmon.

    “…Was your partner…also killed?” Noir asked.

    “No. My partner…abandoned me,” Giselle said, choking back a sob. “But I…I was the one who truly abandoned her…I betrayed Rosemon…I blamed her for something I did, because I was scared…so she left me…because I’m a coward…I’m a horrible person…” I glanced over at Ulysses, who was sitting upright on the floor. To my relief, there wasn’t a speck of anger in his eyes as he eyed the younger girl calmly and attentively. “I’ve never been able to forgive myself for what I did to Rosemon, and I doubt I ever will…An awful feeling at the pit of my stomach, and a fierce, stinging pain in my heart; they are both better than what I deserve…”

    “…EbiBurgermon…truly was my only friend,” Noir said. “I just wanted to have someone I could talk to…so I used my magic to make him come to life…I used my magic to help him Digivolve…I…I was the one who got him killed…”

    “No…he was happy to have been with you,” Giselle whispered. “He loved you, Noir…and he was proud to have been chosen to be your partner…And I’m certain he had no regrets when he was…”

    “…Thank you…Giselle…”

    “…Noir. Please…rise,” Tamiko said, approaching the cloaked man. Kentaurosmon was helping her stand, and she walked unsteadily. Noir did as he was told instantly.

    “…My lady…now that your father is dead…will you be accepting the throne?” Noir asked.

    “…No. I will not.” Kentaurosmon gasped.

    “But — Milady! You must! You are the princess of this country; it is only right that you succeed the throne!” the Digimon said.

    “I will not be succeeding anything,” Tamiko said calmly. “Why would I want to sit on the throne of that madman? Why would I want to rule a country that applauded the execution of a little boy?”


    “…Noir. I owe you a debt beyond words for trying to keep my brother from being…from being killed,” Tamiko said. “And so, it pains me to ask this of you…”

    “I’ll do it,” Noir said.

    “…You are one of the wisest men I know, Noir,” Tamiko continued. “I know…you will make a fine king for Silverveil. All I ask…is that you do everything you can to put an end to this madness…because if anyone can, it is you.”

    “Tamiko…is this a good idea?” Kentaurosmon asked.

    “Why wouldn’t it be? I know when someone is lying, Kentaurosmon. Noir truly did everything in his power to save Kelik,” Tamiko said. “…But I’m afraid I cannot order you to do anything, Noir. Eris was your master, and she now lies dead…you are free, Noir. Will you still accept the throne…in my stead?”

    “…You are correct, Tamiko; I haven’t any masters,” Noir said, rising to face the princess. “Which is why nobody can order me to not do this. I will make you proud, my dear. I will do everything in my power to reform this entire nation into one of peace…as I know you would have done.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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