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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 61 - Nocturne of Blood

    Lucia Delbray

    The bulk of our group stood or sat around the site the campfire that would most likely be made once the sun had set. Of course, a simple fire was the least of our concerns. A chilling fear gripped at all of our hearts, thinking about the small group we sent to scout the large city up ahead that was known as Europa. With my back leaned against Mihiramon’s side, I turned my gaze to the sky. Rather late in the afternoon, the sun was still in the sky, but the very edges of the horizon were beginning to taint the pure, pale blue with an unnerving, dark orange, much like I’ve always imagined the flames of hell to look like. I sighed, and tightly wrapped my fingers around the handle of my pendulum axe.

    We’ll get through this…just like everyone keeps saying, I kept thinking. Over and over again, this thought would race through my mind, like my very subconscious was trying to soothe the unrest I felt. But even so, a terrible foreboding wrenched my gut. We…we can do this…We will all get out of here alive…Karen will be waiting for each and every one of us at her ship, and she’ll take us all home.

    “So, Lucia…still got the hots for Matthew?” Mihiramon asked.

    “DAMN IT, MIHIRAMON!!!!!!”

    “…You like my great, great, great…something grandson?” Zelda asked with a confused expression on her face.

    “You like my brother?!” Eleanora asked with a maddened glare on her face.

    “Seems to be that way ever since that special rock of his got stolen by that thief chick,” Mihiramon said.

    “Poor, lucky Matthew,” Sparrow shook his head slowly.

    “…I believe you’ve just contradicted yourself, Sir,” Alena said.

    “Oh, he does that all the time,” Hawkmon said. I was tempted to laugh at Sparrow’s usual stupidity with all of the others, but my eye was locked with Eleanora’s.

    “See what you started, Mihiramon?” I hissed. The large Ultimate shrugged his shoulders. Before I knew it, Eleanora was sitting right next to me, still glaring. “…Hi…?”

    “…You really like him?”

    “Yeah. I do.”

    “…You take good care of him, all right?” Eleanora draped her arm across my chest and wrapped her hand around my shoulder, leaning her head atop my breast. “He means the world to me; don’t you dare break his heart…”

    “Could’ve sworn it was Lilliana who liked him,” Edmund said.

    “I thought it was Larraine,” Abigail said.

    “Well, it probably isn’t me that he likes,” I whispered. “All I know is that he likes someone in our group, and I doubt that it’s me…”

    “What do you mean?” Eleanora asked.

    “…I think it’s about time for all of us to head out,” I said, trying to change the subject.

    “Lucia is correct,” Ulysses said. “I am certain that Alicia has been able to scout the area and find us an escape route by now. Now we just need to meet up with her group and find that escape route, because I’m sure that there are enemies waiting for us in Europa.” All of us looked towards the large city. I picked up my axe and leapt onto Mihiramon’s back. “Everyone…be on your guard. Even you, Leopardmon.”

    “Understood,” the Mega level said. I gripped tightly the reins strapped to my partner Digimon, and looked to the city as we all slowly, slowly approached it. My heart pounded faster and faster as we entered Europa. Each building we passed, each alleyway, my heart skipped, expecting a Cyllenian Knight to pop out and strike.

    “I told Alicia and her group to wait near this side of the city for us,” Ulysses said. “We should find them soon enough…I hope…”

    “…If we don’t find them, should we head back?” Flamedramon asked. From the corner of my eye, I noticed something hidden in the shadows move. Light reflected off of the polished metal surface of a sharpened sword.

    “We might not have that option,” I whispered. “We’re not alone.”

    “Yeah; I can smell some armor and weapons,” Mihiramon added. I looked to the side, and saw a few other figures shifting around in the alley shadows.

    “…We’re surrounded,” Alena said.

    “Already?!” Ulysses hissed. Sure enough, from every direction, armor-wearing Humans brandishing sinister weapons, and powerful Digimon marched forward. Hundreds upon hundreds of soldiers had surrounded us. “Where the hell is Alicia?! We need to get through this city to get closer to the castle!”

    “You will not be going anywhere, I’m afraid,” a WaruSeadramon said.

    “From the shore you stopped at, King Desmond knew you would have to cut through this city, so he positioned over one-thousand of us here in this city,” a Human said. “All of you from Lachesis are in for a rough time!”

    “Everyone! Ready yourselves and your Digimon Partners!” Ulysses exclaimed. Those Humans who had Digivices pulled them out, and all of them began to glow as the Summoners retrieved their Talismans. I slid off Mihiramon’s back, and readied my pendulum axe. “Reload, Talosmon! AeroVeedramon! Andromon!”

    “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Come forth, Aquarimon!”

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “Come forth, Mercurymon!”

    The Digimon surrounding us all smirked at the Digimon on our side, and the Cyllenian Humans did the same for the Humans of Lachesis and Valencia.
    “You may all be powerful,” another Cyllenian Knight said. “But you are all severely outnumbered. You have no chance of claiming victory!”

    “Everyone; attack!” Ulysses yelled. And so it began. Army clashed against army, will against will, Human against Human, Digimon against Digimon. The civilians all began to panic and flee the sight of our battle. All at once, the Digimon on our side began firing off their strongest attacks at the Cyllenian army. The five Valencian Knights formed a protective ring around Zelda with Mercurymon directly in front of them, shields up and ready to protect his partner. Leopardmon and BioLadyDevimon flew overhead, fighting a Gryphonmon, while AeroVeedramon fought a large MetalGreymon. Edmund and Flamedramon stood back to back, surrounded by a crowd of Cyllenian knights. With all that was going on, it was hard to keep my focus on even a single knight.

    Maybe I shouldn’t have climbed off Mihiramon’s back, I thought, holding up my axe to protect myself from a knight’s sword just barely in time. A large hand grasped my wrist from behind, while another wrenched my axe away. I was completely unarmed, and surrounded by heavily armed knights.

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon’s tail struck down all of the knights, and once more, I climbed onto his back. “You gotta quit daydreaming, Lucy. Can’t have you dying on us!”

    “Flaming Arrowheads!” A huge Majiramon flew into the sky, and called forth a rain of fire that struck down nearly all of us. A single flame was all it took to knock Mihiramon over. Talosmon, Leopardmon, Mercurymon, and Flamedramon were the only ones still standing. I was barely conscious, and hardly anyone else was. “Impressive, huh?” Majiramon asked. “That attack has taken out Mega Digimon before; you should all consider yourself lucky to be—” Without warning, Majiramon instantly lowered to the ground. It was at that point that I noticed an arrow directly between his red eyes. More and more arrows flew out and pierced Majiramon’s eyes, and the rest of his long body until he fell all the way to the ground, dead.

    “Al…Alicia…?” I looked up just in time to see even more arrows rain down from the top of a skyscraper and into the foreheads, necks, and chests of the Cyllenian Knights. The ones that were hit died instantly, leaving less than two-hundred of them alive.

    “Hey! Everyone, get up!” Atop Firamon’s back, Alicia and Matthew descended to the ground. Next to him, Quetzalmon swooped down with Elizabeth, Giselle, and Bokomon on his back. “We gotta go, now!” Alicia yelled.

    “Come on! We’ve found the way out!” Matthew added. “The shortcut we found will take us straight to the castle!”

    “…Good work…all of you,” Ulysses grunted, using his claymore to help him stand up. “Let us hurry…before reinforcements arrive…” The master held up his Fusion Loader, and returned all of the Digimon to it.

    “All right; the road’s kinda hidden, so it took us a bit of a while for us to find it,” Alicia said. “It’s this way…” Alicia began walking, when she came to a stop instantly.
    “Alicia…what’s wrong?” I asked. I ran over to the sniper, and gasped. Protruding from her chest was an arrow.

    Eliza Wilstrom

    With my arrowgun, I could see up close the looks of anguish and despair as the westerners saw their own sniper fall to the ground on her knees. Standing next to me, Eeno whistled, and quietly applauded me.

    “My, my...it seems you quite deserve your fearsome reputation, Miss Eliza,” Eeno said. “Oh…but it seems as though she’s still standing…”

    “You kiddin’ me? I'm surprised her big ol’ tits didn't block the arrow entirely,” I said. I fired another arrow at the enemy’s sniper, piercing clear through her left knee. BAM! One through her chest. BAM! One in her navel. One in the center of her forehead. One in her neck. One in her—

    “I think she’s dead now, Miss Eliza,” Eeno said.

    “Oh…so she is,” I said. “What a weakling…and she had the gall to call herself a sniper? Pathetic little slut.”

    “Why didn’t you target all of them? Why just their sniper?” Eeno asked.

    “…I don’t like thinking that there could be snipers better than me. I simply rid myself of the competition,” I replied. “Plus, with one of their own down, their morale will fall, making it that much easier to destroy them all at once! Or even one at a time, if we felt like it!”

    “I see…Well, if you’re all done here, do I have your permission to…intercept them?”

    “Do as you wish, Eeno Freightheart.”
    “Many thanks, Black General Eliza.”

    Lucia Delbray

    I couldn’t bring myself to believe what had just happened. Alicia lay dead on the side of a road, drenched in her own blood. Her eyes had glazed over, and all the color had fled from her face. All of us stood around her body, gazing at it in a somber disbelief. Even Isole, who had hated Alicia, had tears filling her eyes as more and more of the dead sniper’s blood spilled out onto the stone pavement. While it was happening, I couldn’t move a muscle. All I could do was look on in horror as Alicia was continuously shot from afar, and while the shooting stopped a few moments after she died, all of us kept our distance from her in case it started up again.

    …This cannot be happening, I thought. I promised Isole…I promised everybody that we would all return home safe and alive…Why…Who the hell killed you, Alicia?! Who did this to you?!

    “Yikes! She really did a number on your sniper!” At the sound of the unfamiliar voice, I whipped around, gripping my axe tightly. A tall and slender man approached us; on his pale face was a disturbing grin. “Wow…I knew Liza was a good shot, but I never thought she’d be that good of a shot! Geez; an arrow right between the eyes from that far away, and one into her belly button, too…”

    “Who the hell are you?!” Ulysses asked.

    “Oh, do forgive me; my name is Eeno,” the man said. “I was simply marveling at my superior’s sublime accuracy. She’s one of the three generals of Cyllene, you know.”

    “Take us to her! Right now!” I snapped.

    “Sorry; ‘fraid I haven’t been given orders to do so,” Eeno shrugged. “But…Miss Eliza did give me permission to slit all of your throats.” From a scabbard hanging at his waist, Eeno retrieved a large bowie knife and held out in front of him, with its sharp blade pointed directly at my neck. “If none of yeh lasses wish to be deflowered, then I suggest you kill me; right here and now!”

    “…You…YOU BASTARD! I’LL KILL YOU! I’LL KILL ALL OF YOU! I’LL KILL EVERY CYLLENIAN WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS!” I rushed forward, madly swinging my pendulum axe at Eeno’s head, but with a grin, he nimbly avoided each strike.

    “You know…You’re a bit older than the girls I usually have fun with,” Eeno said. “But I’m not too terribly picky. So long as I can have my fun—”

    “SHUT UP! SHUT YOUR GODDAMN MOUTH!” I slammed my axe down hard, cutting into Eeno’s right shoulder, but as soon as I did, I realized I had made a big mistake.

    “You axe wielders are always so predictable; your violent swings always leave you wide open for a hit,” Eeno said, shoving his knife deeper and deeper into my belly before violently taking it back out and back into his scabbard. I had been stabbed many times in my life, so I had grown somewhat used to the pain, but the pain I felt at this very moment was unlike any I’ve felt before. Eeno must have known, because as I began to collapse to the ground, he grabbed my chin and forced me to look into his revolting eyes. “My knife has been dipped into poison produced by a Digimon called Bacchusmon. If you don’t do anything soon…you’ll die, sweetheart.” And that was the last thing I remember him saying before I blacked out.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 62 - Absolute Death

    Augustus Maxwell
    Cyllene Castle
    2 Hours

    “So, they were able to escape you?” Agamemnon asked.

    “I’m afraid so; they had their own Digimon Summoners among them, and their Spirits were able to overpower mine,” I replied.

    “Is that so…well, whatever. Eliza’s already reported back; apparently, she was able to take out their sniper. Pretty sure that Eeno’s out having himself a good time.”

    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least…

    “Well, don’t feel bad or nothing ‘bout losing to the enemy. Even the very best lose a battle every now and then. That’s what makes them the best; they learn from their mistakes, and use them to grow even stronger.”

    “Yes, sir. Thank you, Green General Agamemnon,” I said, bowing to my superior.

    “Anytime, Blue General Augustus,” the older man said. “Now, I need to go check in on a few things. Reflect on this loss, and use it to your advantage.”

    “Yes, sir.” Agamemnon and I saluted, and the Green General walked off, leaving me by myself. I turned and leaned on the railing, and looked out at the deepening orange sky. “…The war has begun, has it? …This’ll be the first war I get myself involved in…Did I make the right decision; joining these knights? It was my childhood dream to become a knight, but now I’m not so sure it was the right thing to do…” Behind me, I could hear the hurried shuffling of footsteps. I turned around, only to see the slave, Amber, walk past me. Alarmingly, her clothes were in tatters, leaving barely anything left of them, and there were several fresh cuts all over her body. “Amber!” The young blonde turned around, but she didn’t give me her usual smile. “Amber, what happened to you?! Are you okay?”

    “Oh…yes, sir, I am…quite all right,” Amber said, speaking slowly as if unsure of what to say. In one of her rare moments of timidity, she rose her arms to cover her almost naked body, and did her best to avoid my eyes.

    “…What happened to you? Why are your clothes torn up?”

    “N—Nothing…sir…I…I need to go—”

    “Who did this to you?” I gently grabbed the young woman’s shoulder to keep her from leaving. “Who hurt you?”

    “…It was…Sir Eeno,” Amber whispered. “But…I’m okay…He didn’t do…anything, really…He just…Ripped my clothes off…and scratched me up a little bit…” As the grim realization of what Eeno must have done to her came to mind, I gently took her arm in mine, and walked her to my room, quietly closing the door behind me.

    “…Amber…what did he do to you?” I whispered.

    “I…I’ve already told you, Sir…He…he just…” Amber looked down and away.

    “…Did he rape you?” Amber’s clear blue eyes began to fill with tears, but even so, she shook her head. After a moment, she threw herself into me, crying into the front of my shirt.

    “…I’m sorry…Sir…for lying to you…Eeno…he…he…” Without a word, I placed my arms around the maid’s body and embraced her.

    “I’m the one who should be apologizing,” I whispered. “I should have realized that he would have done this to you someday…I could’ve protected you…But I…” I forced myself to leave Amber’s embrace, and looked down at her. “Don’t worry…I’ll make sure that he suffers for what he did to you, Amber.” I slowly walked into my bathroom, and came back out with a few wet washcloths.

    “…Sir Augustus? What are you—?”

    “We…are going to leave Cyllene.” Amber’s eyes widened. “You were taken at a very young age, so I’m not surprised you don’t remember…but you came from the continent of Arcadia…and I’m going to take you back there.”

    “…You would…do that for me?” I nodded. “Augustus…Oh, Sir, Augustus—”

    “There’s no need for that now, Amber. I’m not a knight anymore,” I said somberly. Amber smiled up at me.

    “…What are the washcloths for?” she asked.

    “I want to get you cleaned up as best as I can…from all that’s happened. I’ll get you nice and prettied up for your parents when we find them.” Once more, Amber placed her arms around me, and I could hear her quietly whisper her thanks before sitting down on my bed. Gently, I ran a cloth on her face, removing many years’ worth of dirt and grime. It was then that I discovered that her skin was a pale white, having been kept inside the castle ever since her kidnapping. Upon closer inspection, it seemed that Amber had not been properly bathed or groomed during that time. I raised her legs, and wiped the dirt from her feet, which had left the bottom of them completely blackened. Her fingernails and toenails were a little over an inch long. Her arms and legs were thinned from lack of proper nourishment. I could clearly see her ribcage, and her stomach was caved in. Every last little inch of Amber’s body showed one form of this abuse or another. As I went on, it became harder and harder to look at her directly, and though she smiled, I sensed an overwhelming sadness within her.

    “…Am I pretty yet?” Amber asked.

    “You were always pretty, Amber; it was…just an expression,” I said, just a little bit surprised at her misunderstanding. “…I’ll need to get something to clean up these scratches so they don’t get infected.” After taking another look at Amber, I untied my cape, and gently wrapped it around her shoulders before walking off. Before I could find something in my bathroom, someone banged on my bedroom door.

    “‘Ey, August; you in there, man?” It was Eeno. Amber flinched at his voice, and drew herself up inside my cape. I motioned for her to hide inside my bathroom, and once she was out of sight, I opened the door, and Eeno let himself in. “Oi, this’s been one hell of a day, man; heard from Aggie that the enemy escaped you.”

    “…What do you want, Eeno?” I asked.

    “Just got back from fighting the enemy myself; stabbed a chick in the gut with my poisoned knife. From there, it was easy for me to escape. All their attention was placed on the girl, so I was able to slink away…but not before dragging away the body of their sniper to…enjoy it,” Eeno smirked. “Man, oh, man, was she delicious…”

    “What do you want?”

    “Oh, I just came to check in on you, man,” Eeno repeated. “Wanted to make sure those assholes didn’t rough you up or nothing, you know?”

    “…Like how you did with Amber?”

    “Oh, so you’ve found out, huh? Yeah, that was the most fun I’ve had in months. She was so…tender…”

    “…Do you not remember our previous conversation?” I asked. “What I would do to you…if you ever hurt Amber again?”

    “Huh? Oh, right…Well, no hard feelings, right, August?”

    “I told you not to hurt Amber. And you raped her.” I held up my golden sword, and pressed it against Eeno’s neck.

    “Ah, come on…Can’t you take a little joke, bro?”

    There is nothing funny about rape!” I screamed. “Eeno…your judgment day is at hand!”

    “Augustus, you bastard—” Before he could finish his sentence, I slit Eeno’s throat with the edge of my sword. His blood came spurting out and fell to the floor, and after it, his body. He was still and lifeless in less than a minute.

    “It is safe to come out, Amber,” I said. “He’s dead.” Slowly, Amber tiptoed back into my bedroom, taking care to keep her distance from Eeno’s corpse.

    “…Are you certain…?”

    “Watch out!” Inadvertently, Amber stepped foot in Eeno’s blood. At the sight of the crimson liquid, her lips went pale. “…Sorry…”

    “No, its…fine,” Amber whispered, wiping the sole of her bare foot across my floor to remove the blood.

    “…Are you…ready to leave?” I asked. “We should leave as soon as we can. Do you have anything you need to get before we go?”

    “You know they don’t let me have anything of my own,” Amber smiled. “And you…sir?”

    “All I need is my sword and my Digimon Spirits…” I looked across the bedroom that had long been my solace in times of need. The place I would hide when afflicted by high levels of stress. Of course, being here had only served to increase my worries and problems. “…I suppose I ought to get you some clothes, Amber.”

    “Sir Augustus, you don’t need to go through so much trouble on my behalf,” Amber replied.

    “…I sort of already did…” I looked down at Eeno’s corpse. From a dresser, I retrieved a few shirts and jeans, hoping that they wouldn’t be too loose on the malnourished maid.

    “…Thank you…for everything…Augustus,” Amber said. “I’ve always felt so…safe…in your presence…and happy…” I smiled at the young woman.
    “Save your thanks for when we get to Arcadia, my dear,” I said. “…Just in case…I’m not strong enough to protect you…”


    I lay in my bed for hours, staring up into the infinite darkness of night. I couldn’t even move after…what had happened…to Kelik. It was as though the sharpest knife in the world had torn through my chest and pierced my heart. At first, the pain had spread across the rest of body, but it eventually numbed over, leaving behind only the pain in my heart. And yet, after I had awoken, I found myself unable to shed a single tear anymore. Not a single droplet.

    I guess I ran out over the course of my life, I thought. And the knowledge I had recently obtained didn’t help me. I heard the entire conversation between my father and Kentaurosmon…and how my father…no, how Desmond had molested me when I was younger. And how he had planned on doing so tonight, and would have had Kentaurosmon not intervened. At this point, I just didn’t know what to think. My bedroom door opened, and once more, Kentaurosmon entered.
    “I know you’re awake, my lady,” the Mega level said, quietly closing the door behind him.

    “…Kentaurosmon…why…how…I…I don’t know where to begin…”

    “Perhaps…I am also to blame for what happened earlier today,” Kentaurosmon said. “Earlier, when I grabbed you…I knew nothing could penetrate UlforceVeedramon’s Tensegrity Shield, and the only thing I could have done for you was to make sure that you didn’t see…And I failed you…”

    “No, Kentaurosmon…You are…the only friend I have in the entire world right now,” I said. “And you…you did your best to protect me. I could never spite you for that…And you protected me once more tonight, too…”

    “…You were awake for that as well?” I nodded, even though I knew Kentaurosmon couldn’t have seen the small, almost unnoticeable gesture.

    “And I…must give you my thanks, Kentaurosmon,” I whispered. “For protecting me not once, but twice…”

    “No thanks are necessary, Milady. It is my job to ensure your safety and happiness.” I was surprised by the second word; none of the knights I’d ever heard of were bound to ensure something as trivial as happiness. But as I thought it over, remembering all the times Kentaurosmon had been there for me when my brother had not. I’d known him since I was a child. He had always permitted me to ride on his back, and I remember thinking back to the many hours of fun I spent riding him, which is why it pained me so much to say these next few words.

    “…Kentaurosmon…I’m leaving.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 63 - Dark Night


    “…Kentaurosmon…I’m leaving,” Tamiko whispered.

    “Where are you going?” I asked.

    “…It doesn’t matter. Anywhere…Any place in the world will be better than this place. Kentaurosmon…I am not coming back.”

    “You–You can’t mean that!” I exclaimed. “My lady…You are the princess of the kingdom of Silverveil; no, of the entire continent of Cyllene! You can’t simply leave!”

    “Can’t I?”

    “But…what about your people? You have a duty to—”

    “I don’t have to do a single thing for them,” Tamiko said flatly. “Why should I care about subjects who cheered at the execution of my brother?!”

    “But my lady, the had been misinformed by your father—”

    He was a child, Kentaurosmon!” Tamiko screamed. “Kelik…was eight years old…He was just an innocent child, Kentaurosmon! What kind of monsters would applaud the execution of someone his age, traitor or not?!” I stared at her blankly, and remained silent. Not once in my entire life had I ever heard her raise her voice. “…I really thought that you of all people would understand my feelings, Kentaurosmon. I thought we were friends. But you’ve proved me wrong.” Tamiko climbed out of her bed, and walked towards her bedroom door.

    “I don’t want you in my life anymore…Kentaurosmon.” The look in the princess’s eyes was a sight I would never forget. Cold, empty, and emotionless, when they had previously been filled with life, and a gentleness that one would think could forgive even the most heinous crimes. Tamiko closed her bedroom door behind her as she left. I, still in her room, stared down at the floor with remorse and a crushing guilt in my chest.

    Tamiko Silverveil

    Wiping the tears that were beginning to form in my eyes, I walked as quickly and as quietly as I could so as not to be noticed by Desmond. I’d no doubt that if he found me trying to leave the castle, then there would be nothing I could do to escape, and I would be forever trapped here. As I passed by a slightly ajar door, a hand reached out and grabbed my arm.

    “…And just where do you think you’re going, young lady?” my father asked, tightening his grip on my arm.

    “Release me at once, Desmond!” I shouted.

    “Hey, hey, that’s no way to speak to your father!” Parrotmon squawked loudly. “And don’t address the king by his name!”

    “You’re leaving, aren’t you?” Desmond asked, ignoring Parrotmon’s remarks. “Yes…I thought you might when I killed your brother.” To my surprise, the king released his grip on my arm.

    “…Why did you do it?” I asked. “Why did you kill my brother?!”

    “It simply fit into my agenda rather well,” Desmond said. “Plus, I finally rid myself of the result your mother’s betrayal of me.”

    “She left you because you are an evil person!” I retorted. “You were always hitting her; yelling at her; ordering her around like she was your slave!”

    “…I’ve decided to keep you alive because I need an heir to my throne,” Desmond continued. “I didn’t want that bastard claiming it as his own. But now, you are attempting to leave as well, aren’t you?”

    “I can’t be here anymore,” I whispered. “I refuse to inherit a country that applauded the execution of a child!”

    “…Very well, then, Tamiko. Go ahead and run. Run as far as you are able to,” Desmond said. I remained silent. “I will not try to stop you.”

    “But, Your Majesty; you need an heir!” Parrotmon said. Desmond grinned down maliciously and condescendingly at me.

    “She’ll be back. She’s nothing but a sheltered little bird that has no experience with the world outside her pampered life,” he said. “She has no knowledge of outdoor survival, and she’s never exercised once in her life. Tell me, Tamiko…just how far do you think you’ll be able to go until you give up and come crawling back home, hmm?”

    “You should just resign to your fate, Tamiko!” Parrotmon said.

    “I’m never coming back.”

    “So you say…go on, then; go. Leave if you feel that you must. But you and I both know you will never make it alone out there!” I glared at my father, looking at him for what I hoped to be the last time, and turned my back in him, continuing to leave. Without pausing, or taking a look back, I continued on and on, until I finally reached the outer gate. There, I stopped, and looked up at the inky night sky. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, and the light of the stars tore through the infinite blackness. I kicked off my heels, deciding it would be less tiring without them, and walked into the smooth grass. The cold beads of dew covering the blades of grass tickled my feet, but I kept on moving forward without regret. As I continued on, the sound of a thick pair of wings caught my notice. I turned my head just in time to see Parrotmon soar above my head before landing on the ground in front of me.

    “…What do you want, Parrotmon?” I asked.

    “You didn’t actually think that I would let you leave, did you?!” the Digimon asked. “Desmond might not think you’ll keep at it, but I know you better than that! I know you meant what you said about not coming back; I know you’d rather die out here than live your life in that castle with Desmond!”

    “So what’s your point?” I asked.

    “I’m not letting you do this to your father; I’m taking you back to the castle with me!” Parrotmon shrieked, soaring back into the air. “Mjollnir Lightning!” A huge bolt of electricity shot off from Parrotmon’s forehead, knocking me off my feet and to the ground. The Digimon was instantly on top of me, and grasped my arm in one of his talons.

    “No! Let go of me!” I struggled as hard as I could, trying to wrench free from Parrotmon’s clutch, but he only reached for me with his other claw. I moved my head just in time to avoid having an eye torn out, but Parrotmon’s claws ripped through my dress as they raked across my back.

    “Stop struggling, you bitch!”

    “Inferno Frost!” Parrotmon opened his beak, prepared to attack me, but before he could, a single arrow tore through the Digimon’s chest. Parrotmon’s blood splattered across my face and the front of my dress before he fell over backwards.

    “…Kentaurosmon?” the Mega Digimon began slowly approaching me. “…Why…did you follow me?” I asked. “You’re not…going to try to take me back to the castle, are you?”

    “Where is it you seek to go, my lady?” Kentaurosmon asked.

    “…What?” I stared blankly at the Digimon. Kentaurosmon reached out his hand.

    “Ken…Kentaurosmon…” Parrotmon wheezed, coughing up a handful of blood. “You…are betraying…Des…mond”

    “My lady…Wherever it is you wish to go, I will help you get there,” Kentaurosmon said. “I swear on my life…on everything that I have in this world…that I will help you in any way you desire.”

    “…Kentaurosmon…” Tears began to form in my eyes, and no matter how hard I tried to blink them back, they wouldn’t stop.

    “What is it, my lady?”

    “…I…I’m sorry…I’m sorry about what I said to you earlier!” I ran to the Digimon. He placed his hands around my shoulders as I began to sob uncontrollably.

    “No. It is I who should be apologizing. When I spoke to you earlier, I didn’t take your feelings into consideration as I should have. My lady—”

    “Kentaurosmon…please…I am no longer the princess of Silverveil Kingdom, or the Cyllene continent,” I said. “Just…call me Tamiko. We are equals. We always have been, I think. We’re friends…and nothing can ever change that. Not Desmond…not even death can change how much I care about you.”
    “My…Tamiko…I care…very much about you as well,” Kentaurosmon said. “Now, then; climb onto my back. I shall take you wherever you wish.” I smiled up at my friend, and took his hand, climbing up onto his back as I had done many times in my youth. The two of us rode off into the night sky’s horizon.


    My vision began to grow hazy. Blood began pouring out faster and faster from the arrow wound on my chest. It was becoming nigh impossible to breathe. My last moments were spent staring up at the quarter moon. Or whatever this phase was called; I never bothered to learn them. However, a shadowed figure blocked my view of it.

    “What a shame…first, I learn of Zudomon’s betrayal, and now I see you, too, on the verge of death,” the figure said.

    “Who…are…you?” I asked.

    “…Of the three of us, IceDevimon had given me the highest authority, giving me the ability to Digivolve into my Mega form. In our previous lifetimes, I was known as Asuramon. Now…you may call me Murmuxmon.”

    “What…do you want?” I mouthed. Or beaked. Whatever. I didn’t have the voice to talk anymore.

    “I have come to save you from the brink of death…Parrotmon,” Murmuxmon said. “Now, just hold still…IceDevimon needs all the pawns he can get. You, me, even the ocean if need be…” I gently shut my eyes, not caring what Murmuxmon was doing anymore. I was simply ready to die.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 64 - The Red General


    “Finally…it is morning,” I said. I grinned widely as sunlight shone through my bedroom window. I sat up in the center of my large bed. Directly across from me stood a lone man, dressed in a dark violet cloak that kept every inch of his body hidden from sight. Every inch, that is, save for his mouth. “Noir…is everything ready for my plan to spring into action?”

    “Of course, Your Grace,” the man said. “Everything has gone exactly as I had predicted. Kelik was originally intended to inherit the throne from Desmond, being male. With him now deceased, Tamiko was next in line; but, with her brother murdered, Tamiko removed herself from the picture…leaving you, Queen Eris…the next in line to succeed the Cyllenian Throne.”

    “Yes…all that stands in my way of truly becoming queen is my elder brother,” I said. “And there is already a plan underway for that obstacle.” The hooded figure nodded, though for once, it was not Noir who had concocted the plan running through my mind, and thus, I chose not to tell it to him, even though he was the most loyal and tight-lipped aid at my side. My stomach growled as I thought of the plan once more, and I climbed out of bed. “Dear Noir…you have my gratitude for everything you have done for me. Without you, I would forever be stuck as a lowly duchess in some barren, ungodly kingdom that nobody remembers the name of. My name would have been lost to the sands of history if not for you…”

    “No, my queen…Your success is all that is important to me,” Noir said. “Now, it is time for us to depart; your brother has requested our presence at a meeting.”

    “Oh, did he, now? And I suppose he didn’t have anything to say about why it is so important for me to be there?” Noir remained silent. “…That is so like Desmond. Well, no matter. Come along, Noir.” With the smallest struggle, I worked my way out of my bed, and walked over to a mirror to examine myself. My shirt was a good deal snugger than it had been, and it left a bit of my belly exposed, and my breasts had grown much larger.

    “How goes the gain, my queen?” Noir asked, smiling kindly at me.

    “Very good…I started at about one-hundred, and now, I’m around one-thirty. My belly’s gotten much softer, but it isn’t quite round yet.”

    “Do not worry, my queen. It will be soon enough.”

    “I should think so! You know, Noir, in more ancient times, being fat was one of the topmost indicators of wealth, as the wealthy have the money to spend on as much food as they can gorge themselves on, leaving the commoners to wither and starve in the streets.”

    “How very true, my queen.”

    “…Tamiko just doesn’t know what she’s missing. She really was quite pretty, you know; if she had stayed, I’d have helped to fatten her up as much as I could. Wouldn’t she be just adorable with a little potbelly?”

    “Very lovely, my queen, but not as exquisite as yourself.” I turned and smiled at Noir.

    That man always knows what to say to make a girl happy! “Well, let’s go and get this pointless meeting of Desmond’s over with.”

    “As you desire, my queen.” Noir followed me out of my room, and all the way to Desmond’s throne room just a short distance away.

    “…So good of you to join us, dear sister,” my elder brother said. The generals Eliza and Agamemnon were in the room as well, and so were UlforceVeedramon and Barbamon. Augustus and Eeno, however, were missing. “Do you know why you have been summoned, Eris?”

    “No, brother. Why don’t you enlighten me?” I asked.

    “…It seems that last night, Augustus murdered Eeno, and ran off with the slave known as Amber,” Desmond said. “So now, we seem to be one general short. Additionally, my daughter, Tamiko, seems to have run away with Kentaurosmon, murdering my beloved partner Digimon, Parrotmon, in the process.”

    “…I see…that is…quite an interesting tale, brother,” I said. Of course, from what Noir had told me, I already knew all of this.

    “So, as a result of this, I will be promoting UlforceVeedramon to general in place of Augustus,” Desmond continued.

    “Me? A…general?” UlforceVeedramon asked. “Sir, I…I am honored!”

    “As of now, I name thee, UlforceVeedramon, the Red General of the Cyllenian Imperial Army.” I glanced over at Noir. The man’s jaw was somewhat ajar.

    Strange; this wasn’t something that he had predicted. He told me that Barbamon would be selected…Well, no matter. We don’t know what that one is planning. Perhaps it is for the best that UlforceVeedramon to be in a higher position of power.

    “Red General UlforceVeedramon. Black General Eliza Wilstrom. Green General Agamemnon Makovel. You have all been given your orders earlier; now, go out and accomplish your missions. And you as well, Barbamon; go with your superior, Agamemnon.”

    “Same old, same old, eh? Well, that’s quite alright with me!” Barbamon cackled.

    “You are all dismissed.” The four knights saluted their king, and quietly left the room without another word.

    “…Desmond…why was my presence necessary for a simple promotion of a knight?” I asked.

    “It wasn’t. Not for the promotion, anyway. I have some…other things I wish to discuss with you, sister,” Desmond said. “…Tamiko has left, as I have told you. That means you, sister, are the next in line to inherit the throne should something befall me.”

    “Oh…is that so?”

    “I will be watching you carefully, Eris. I know you’ve desired the throne since we were children. If I see you do anything…suspicious…I will have you executed faster than my wife and bastard son!”

    “Desmond; I would never do anything like that!” I exclaimed, feigning shock and hurt.
    “You have been warned, Eris. And you should know better than anyone else…that I am a man of my word.”

    Lucia Delbray

    After many hours of wandering the darkest corners of my unconscious mind, my eye instantly flashed open.

    “Lucia! You’re awake!” Zelda exclaimed, sitting beside my body on the ground.

    “…Zelda…did we all…make it out of Europa?” I asked. My mind was foggy, and my entire body ached with fatigue. “…Alicia! Is she—” I tried to sit up, but a sharp pain in my belly kept me from doing so. With help from Zelda, I slowly lay back down. “What…happened?”

    “…Alicia didn’t make it,” Zelda whispered. “We…weren’t even able to…recover her body…We all had to leave as soon as we could; we couldn’t risk sitting out in the open where their sniper could easily take out more of us, and we didn’t want that man to…you know…stab any more of us…”

    “…Stab…is that…why I’m in so much pain…?”

    “No. The man’s knife was dipped in the poison of a rare Digimon,” Edmund’s voice said. “It took me a while to distill that poison before it spread to the rest of your body. But you’re going to have to lay off the fighting for a while now.”

    “…I understand. Tell me…is everybody else…Did…anyone…”

    “Nobody else got hurt,” Zelda said. “Mr. Ulysses and Flamedramon have set up a camp just outside of Europa; we’re right in between that city and the castle, according to them.”

    “Just a few days on this path should lead us to the castle.” I glanced up, and saw our leader standing, tightly holding onto his claymore. “When you get better, Lucia, we will divide up into groups, and tackle Castle Cyllene from different angles.”

    “Yes, sir,” I said weakly.

    “You going to be okay to walk?” Mihiramon asked. “I can carry you if you want; we definitely need you to rest up.”

    “…I hate it when I’m an inconvenience to everyone,” I whispered. “You should just leave me behind—”

    “That is not going to happen,” Ulysses interjected. “You’re one of our best, and we need you in peak condition. But more than that, Lucia, we of Lachesis do not abandon our friends. We don’t leave them behind. We don’t let them die. That is what makes our guild what it is. We are not just going to leave you behind because you were injured, Lucia. Do you understand?”

    “…Yes, sir.”

    “Very good. We will stay here and rest until your injury has fully recovered. With Edmund’s help, that should only take a few days at the most.”

    “But what if they find us while we’re waiting?” I asked.

    “There is no need to be concerned; a sentry has been appointed to watch over our base while we rest,” Edmund said. “We would have had to do so with or without your injury, Lucia, so you need not feel guilty about anything that has happened.”

    “Speaking of, our shift just ended,” Sparrow said, walking up to me with Hawkmon at his side. “Didn’t see anything suspicious, sir.”

    “I see. Now, AeroVeedramon…it is your turn,” Ulysses said.

    “Again? Damn…just when I got comfortable for my next nap,” the dragon said, lazily spreading his wings and taking flight. “For fuck’s sake…why does this always happen to—” Before the Digimon could finish his sentence, an unseen force struck his wing, making him spiral back down to the ground.

    What?! What the hell just happened?! AeroVeedramon landed face-first into the ground. His right wing was torn, and bent at an unnatural angle. Flying above him was an even larger Digimon with a similar coloration. “Who the hell are you?!” I yelled.

    “Hear me, warriors of Lachesis; you stand before UlforceVeedramon, Red General of the Cyllene Imperial Army! I stand before you on orders of King Desmond!” the Digimon said, slowly descending to the ground. AeroVeedramon dug his face out of the ground, and glared at the larger Digimon. “I apologize for doing this to you, my evolutionary relative. But you are an enemy of Cyllene…and you must be destroyed as per King Desmond’s wishes!”

    “Oh, bite me!” AeroVeedramon snapped. “I’ve heard enough of you idiot soldiers praising that pathetic son of a bitch, so just shut your mouth and fight me!”

    Wow…I’ve never seen AeroVeedramon so pumped to fight,
    I thought. Is this…because of what happened to Alicia?

    “As you desire, Ultimate. Ulforce Sabre!” UlforceVeedramon thrusted his sabre into AeroVeedramon’s undamaged wing, moving so fast that I blinked and missed the Mega level’s movements.

    “Magnum Crusher!” AeroVeedramon grabbed the opposing Digimon by the neck, and with his other arm, cut into the Mega’s body with a Twister Sabre.

    “The Ray of Victory!” UlforceVeedramon blasted AeroVeedramon with a beam fired from his chest, breaking free of the Ultimate’s grasp.

    “V-Wing Blade!”

    “Dragon Impulse X!” The attacks of the two dragon Digimon collided, sending both Digimon flying backwards. “Damn it…he actually hurt me?!” UlforceVeedramon stood immediately back up, readying his sword for another attack, but stopped when he saw AeroVeedramon on the ground, defeated and unconscious. “…To think that a non-Spirit Ultimate-level like him was strong enough to hurt me…I didn’t see this coming…”

    “Black Aura Blast!” Leopardmon’s attack caught UlforceVeedramon off guard, knocking the Cyllenian off his feet and to the ground. “You may be able to defeat an Ultimate…but do you think you stand a chance against me?!” Leopardmon asked.

    “…And a Digimon as strong as Leopardmon amongst them…This is not good…” UlforceVeedramon looked around at our group, carefully observing all of us. “…I shall retreat for now, warriors of Lachesis. But know this; you may have defeated me, and Blue General Augustus, but there are many, many more you will be forced to clash against; most of them are even more powerful than I.” In an instant, UlforceVeedramon vanished from sight.

    “…He wasn’t trying to destroy us,” I said. “From the way he fought…I could tell that he was only fighting to see just how strong we all are.”

    “So, he wasn’t giving it his all?” Charlotte asked. I shook my head. I looked around my group of friends, comforted by their presence in wake of recent events.
    …Wait a minute. Where’s Wayland?!

    Eliza Wilstrom
    1 Hour

    He’s almost here; he’s almost here! I excitedly scurried around my room in the castle, checking to see that I had everything that I needed. I examined myself in a mirror, and for the fifteenth time, I straightened out the pretty black dress that I bought for tonight. My heart was aquiver with joy, anticipation, and slight nervousness at the thought of my expected guest. Nervousness, and fear mostly of rejection. The man I was expecting to night was the first man who had ever shown any romantic interest in me, and though I wanted nothing more than to spend the entirety of my day off gazing into his soulful eyes, I readied myself for possible rejection, as I had done many times before. But the man was kind and gentle, and seemed to show interest in the fact that I was a knight. And to think, I simply chanced upon him walking down the streets of Europa! A knock on my door broke me free from my thoughts, and my heart jumped to a stop. Okay, he’s here, now. Don’t blow it, Eliza! Slowly, I opened my door, hoping that it wasn’t somebody else. But, to my relief, it was the man I had been yearning to be with since the moment I laid eyes upon him.

    “Good afternoon, Eliza,” he said, smiling kindly at me. “…You look very beautiful.”

    “Why, thank you, Wayland!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 65 - Forever Yours

    Tamiko Silverveil

    “Tamiko…how are you holding up?” Kentaurosmon asked. “We can stop to rest for a while if you wish.”

    “I’m fine, Kentaurosmon; remember, you’re the one doing all the walking. I should be asking how you are holding up,” I replied, smiling up at the Mega Digimon from his back. “I’m not too heavy for you to carry anymore, am I? Because I can walk if you get too tired…”

    “…Tamiko…there’s something that I’ve been meaning to discuss with you.” Kentaurosmon stopped walking, and turned around to face me. “My lady…I have no doubt in my mind that, wherever we go, people will recognize you.”

    “…Okay? Is that…bad?” I asked.

    “My lady, we are trying to stay low so as not to alert your father’s attention,” Kentaurosmon continued. “If people see you…then your father could easily find us.”

    “So…are you saying we should be disguised or something?”

    “I believe it may be our wisest course of action at this time, my lady.”

    “I see…Oh, but; I don’t have anything I could disguise myself with,” I said. “And all I have to wear is this dress that Parrotmon tore up…”

    “We’re very close to Europa, my lady. Once there, we can find a store to produce a good disguise for you, Tamiko. As for me…”

    “…Are you going to wear clothes, too?”

    “No, my lady. May I ask that you climb down off my back?”

    “Of course!” Smiling at the Digimon, I slid down off of his back, and watched as he crossed his arms over his chest. Kentaurosmon began to shine brilliantly, and I watched in amazement as his glowing figure shrunk before my eyes.

    “Tamiko…As Kentaurosmon, I would have been far too easily recognized. To ensure our security, I have turned myself back into my Rookie level for the first time in over ten years. My name now is Kudamon.”

    “Kudamon…? You…You’re so…so…cute!!!!” I picked up the tiny Digimon, and nestled his soft fur against my cheek.

    “…Y—Yes…quite,” Kudamon mumbled. “N—Now, my lady…I’ve an attack that can help with your disguise, if you’d like.” Without any effort, Kudamon was able to squirm his thin body out of my hands and back onto the ground. “Close your eyes, my lady. Zekkoushou!” Once again, Kudamon emitted a blinding light; closing my eyes wasn’t even enough to block the light, and I had to raise my arms to block the harsh light. Soon, the light vanished, and when I opened my eyes, nothing seemed to be different.

    “…Kudamon? What did you do?” I asked.

    “I’ve changed the color of your hair,” the small Digimon answered. “It isn’t much, but I changed your hair from black to white. That should at least fool whoever we see at Europa into thinking you’re someone else for the time being. But we should try to keep your face hidden; try to avoid eye contact, and keep your face low. Or try to pretend you’re shy or…something to that effect.”

    “…I can do the other things, but pretending to be shy sounds difficult,” I admitted.

    “Well, no matter. Let’s get going to Europa. I’ve got enough Florin with me to be able to afford more appropriate clothing for traveling and a disguise, as well as for food and supplies.”

    “…Hey, Kudamon…where should we go?” I asked.

    “I do not know, Tamiko. But I know you’ll be able to think of something; you’re smart. I have the utmost faith in your abilities, my lady.”

    “Oh…Thank you,” I said, feeling my face heat up in a blush. Kudamon smiled up at me and leaped into the air before curling around my shoulders.

    “We’re almost at Europa, my lady. Let’s keep going,” Kudamon said. I gently scratched the small Digimon behind the ears, and continued walking until we finally reached the city.

    “…Um, Kudamon? I…I’ve never been here before,” I whispered. “Could you…help me navigate? I don’t want to get lost…”

    “Never fear, my lady. Just stay on this road,” Kudamon said. “At the very end should be a supermarket of sorts with a boutique inside…Ah, yes; there it is!”

    “Wow! It’s almost as big as—”

    “Shhh!” Kudamon placed his tiny hand over my mouth to stop me from saying how it neared Castle Silverveil in size.

    “…Sorry, Kudamon,” I whispered. After a moment of staring up at the vastly large market, I walked right in. At once, I was able to locate the boutique. “Wow! There’s so many people and clothes!” I ran right in to the store, completely mesmerized by the assortment they had on display. Not just clothes, but also jewelry, makeup, shoes, and even apparel for men and Digimon. “Oh, look at this necklace, Kudamon! It’s so sparkly and pretty—!”

    “Uh, Milady…that is not a necklace,” Kudamon said. “That is…uh…it’s…worn around the, uh…the waist, if you will, milady…”

    “…My waist? Oh, but…nobody will be able to see it through my clothes...”

    “Yes, well…That is…sort of the point, milady,” Kudamon said, his cheeks beginning to flush with embarrassment. “Typically, the people who wear this sort of thing…are dancers…Dancers who often leave their midriffs exposed, uh, milady…”

    “They leave their midriffs...exposed?!”

    “Not just, milady,” Kudamon continued. “Their legs, their chests, their, er…buttocks…”

    “But…Oh, b—but father would never approve if I were to wear clothing so…Oh…” I sat down on a nearby bench, and ran the gold-colored chain through my fingers. It was metal, but felt surprisingly soft, almost as if it were made of silk. “Kudamon…I’ve come a long way from home, haven’t I?”

    “It’s too late to have regrets now, milady,” Kudamon said. “What’s done is done. You were the princess of Silverveil, but you are now your own person, who is free to make decisions for herself…Tamiko.”

    “…Yes. You are right, Kudamon.” I smiled at the small Rookie. “And thank you…for calling me by my name. I am no longer the princess of Silverveil. We are now equals…and friends forever.”

    “Mila…Tamiko…I am pleased to hear you say so,” Kudamon bowed.

    “But even though I used to be a princess, I will still need a disguise,” I continued. “And if that means I have to dress in clothes a princess would never wear…If I must show more skin than what I am used to…then I will do it.”


    “Also, if I'm going to be in disguise, I will need a different name,” I said.

    “Do you have anything in mind, Tamiko?”

    “…Well…I was thinking…maybe my mother’s name,” I said.

    “Sapphira? Yes, that is a very lovely name; it shall suit you perfectly, Tamiko,” Kudamon said. “Now, then…what sort of clothing would you prefer to wear for your disguise…?”

    “Hey there! You look kinda lost!” A smiling girl, looking to be close to my age, walked up to me and Kudamon. “Is this your first time at a boutique? I could help you out if you’d like!”

    “Oh…uh, actually, this is my first time here,” I said.

    Be careful, Tamiko,” Kudamon whispered into my ear.

    “…Um…I’m looking for…um…Some clothes?”

    “Well…you’ve come to the right place, then! Oh, my name is Giselle! It’s nice to meet you!”

    “Yes…My name is Sapphira,” I said. “I don’t really know what I’m really looking for…”

    “Are you a dancer?” Giselle asked. “That’s a really pretty belly dance chain you’ve got there!”

    “I…yes, I wish to become a better dancer,” I replied. That, at least, was true; before she was killed, my mother was in the middle of teaching me how to dance. I had been meaning to continue learning to honor her memory, but I didn’t exactly have anyone else in my life to teach me.

    “You do? Oh, I’ve got a friend who’s a dancer back home! Oh yeah, I’m not from around here; I came from across the ocean…um…because I’m on vacation!” Giselle said. “Anyway, I could help you pick out something for you to wear, if you’d like!”

    “Would you really? I really appreciate that, Giselle,” I said. “Um…I hate to admit it, but I don’t really know anything about fashion or clothes or anything…”

    “You don’t? But that’s such a pretty dress you’re wearing!” Giselle said. “Oh, but I guess it’s a little torn up in the back. Well, don’t you worry about a thing, Sapphira! Ol’ Giselle will help you pick out the cutest outfit you can imagine!”

    “…Will you be okay on your own, Sapphira?” Kudamon asked. “I’ve got a few things I need to do while we’re here.”

    “I…Yes, I’ll be okay,” I said, giving Giselle a smile.

    “…Very well. I’ll meet up with you soon.” Kudamon slinked off of my shoulders, and left the boutique.

    “Okay! Now, I think something blue might match your eyes, and…” For over an hour, I followed Giselle throughout the entire boutique. Over and over again, she’d march me over to the dressing room to try out countless combinations of clothes. “…Nah, that shirt doesn’t go with your eyes…No, this dress makes you look too fat…That skirt is too short…You’ll probably want a shirt that’ll show your belly if you want to get that chain…Well, that’s…no, it doesn’t match your shoes…How about these…?”

    Man, oh man…I never knew shopping for clothes could be this exhausting! And a lot of these clothes are so…immodest…

    “What do you think of this?” Giselle asked.

    “…I can’t breathe,” I wheezed.

    “Try sucking in your tummy!”

    “I am…Too…tight…”

    “Oh…oh, dear…Okay, okay…” With Giselle’s help, I was able to wiggle out of the skirt she had chosen, and gently rubbed the red marks it had left on my belly. “Okay…how about this…?” I sighed. Giselle was very friendly, so it was impossible to dislike her in any way. But I was so tired! “Whoa!”

    “…What’s wrong?” I asked.

    “Um…nothing…Just…doesn’t leave much to the imagination,” Giselle said. Without even bothering to look in the mirror, I went back to the dressing room and removed the apparently revealing clothes. Another hour passed until Giselle had found me the perfect disguise, though she simply thought it to be a cute outfit. A blue halter top, leaving my belly completely exposed, and a matching blue dress with a leg split. I tied the golden chain that I had grown so fond of around my waist, just above my navel. “Wow…Sapphira, you look so pretty!”

    “T—Thank you, Giselle,” I said. Wow…I guess being shy is a little easier than I thought it would be!

    “Oh, it was my pleasure, Sapphira! I’m glad I was able to help you!” Giselle said, smiling wide. “Is there anything else I can help you with? Oh, I guess you need to meet up with your Digimon, though…”

    “Yes…It was nice meeting you, though, Giselle,” I said. “I hope we get to meet again.”

    “Hey, me too! You’re, like, so much fun to shop with! And you’re, like, totally super nice and everything! See ya soon, k?” Giselle waved at me, and then happily walked out of the boutique. I sighed, and looked around. I couldn’t see Kudamon anywhere.

    “…I guess I have some time to look around,” I said. Walking slowly on my tired feet, I walked around the mall until a different store caught my attention. “…This place…they sell…those?” After looking at a display window in awe, I entered the store, and bought the item.

    “Ah, Sapphira; there you are,” Kudamon said. “I’m glad I found you. I just finished buying all of the necessary food and supplies for our journey. And I see you’ve found yourself a lovely disguise with help from that girl.”

    “Yes; she was very sweet to help me like that,” I said. “…Kudamon…I, uh…also got a little something else with what was left of the money you gave me…just for the two of us…” I held out my hand, and showed the little Digimon what I had bought.

    “…Sapphira…is that…”

    “It’s a Digivice,” I said. “Kentaurosmon…Kudamon…you’ve always been my best friend. You were always there for me when I was sad, or lonely, or scared. And you’ve always protected me…”


    “Kudamon…will you please be my Digimon Partner?” I asked.
    “…You don’t need to ask, my dear. I’d be honored…to be yours forever…”

    Giselle Devereaux

    “Hi, everybody! I’m back!” I exclaimed, carrying large bags of supplies over to the large group.

    “Jeez, took you long enough!” Isole snapped. “What the hell took so long?! You didn’t even have to get too many supplies!”

    “Oh…well…I just…sort of…got caught up in a boutique helping another girl find something cute for her to wear,” I admitted. Isole rolled her eyes.

    “…Well, whatever. Just so long as you didn’t say anything about why we’re here,” the tactician grumbled under her breath.

    “Nope! I didn’t say anything like that! Just that I was from the west on a vacation!”

    “You told her you were from the west?!”

    “Peace, Isole. It does no harm for others to know where Giselle is from,” Lucia said. “Look at her; does she look the slightest bit suspicious or menacing?”

    “Lucia is correct. But that’s beside the point,” Ulysses said. “With help from Isole and Bokomon, I was able to put the finishing touches on our plan of attack, and as soon as Lucia fully recovers, we can put the plan into action.”

    “Basically, our large group will split up into five smaller ones,” Isole said. “Four of those groups will lay siege on fortresses surrounding Castle Cyllene from the north, south, east, and west, diverting the attention of most of their knights on the smaller groups. The fifth group is the main force, consisting of our strongest members; while the fortresses are under attack from the cardinal directions, the main force will move out. There’s not a doubt in my mind that the strongest knights — those Generals — will be waiting inside for all of us, but our main force should be able to easily handle them.”

    “The main group will consist of Lucia, Mihiramon, Edmund, Talosmon, Ulysses, Flamedramon, and Leopardmon,” Bokomon continued. “The group attacking the northern area will consist of Alena, Charlotte, Siebold, Wikstrom, Pherania, Giselle, and AeroVeedramon.”

    “Wait…I’m…part of a group?” I asked.

    “Well, we couldn’t just leave you behind,” Zelda said.

    “No matter how hard I tried,” Isole muttered.

    “You’ve nothing to fear, Giselle; we shall all do our part to protect you,” Alena said, giving me a reassuring smile. “After all, is it not the duty of a knight to protect the defenseless?”

    “…Thank you, Alena,” I said. Bokomon cleared his throat.

    “Anyway…The southern group will consist of Sparrow, Hawkmon, Matthew, Coronamon, Katsumi, Tactimon, and Zelda,” the Rookie said impatiently. “The eastern group will consist of Eleanora, Lunamon, Isole, Elizabeth, Quetzalmon, and myself. The final group, the western group, will consist of Mia, Wayland, Sieglinde, Lupinemon, Abigail, and Andromon.”

    “…Where is Wayland?” Lucia asked.

    “I haven’t seen him all day,” Matthew said.

    “Oh, uh…I just…sent him out on an errand,” Ulysses said nervously. “There’s no cause for alarm. I’ve instructed for him to join the western group once he finished his job.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 66 - Burning Ambition


    After Desmond had threatened me earlier in the day, I made sure to stay clear of him as much as I could. I wasn’t scared, of course; I simply didn’t want him to realize what I was planning. Being my older brother, he’s learned to be able to tell what I’m thinking by my facial expression. Furthermore, he was already suspicious of me, and I didn’t need anything or anyone else giving me away. Rather, I spent all day in bed, stuffing myself with every last morsel of food Noir brought me.

    “How are you doing, my queen?” the man asked, walking into my room for the third time that hour; this time, however, he wasn’t carrying a tray loaded with food.

    “…Already up to one-forty two,” I said, leaning back to show Noir the effect my hourly binge had on my distended belly.

    “I see. That’s ten more since this morning,” Noir said.

    “And twelve since yesterday morning,” I added with a smile. “I’m getting kinda full, though…”

    “Well, this is good practice for you,” Noir replied. “UlforceVeedramon has returned from his job.”

    “…He has?” Noir nodded. “…I see…”

    “Remember, my queen; just as he does every night, Desmond will go off alone to his private chambers. Nobody will be watching,” Noir said. “My Digimon partner, EbiBurgermon, will distract any nearby guards so you can continue without fear.”

    “Don’t worry. I’ve got the plan memorized,” I said. “I won’t leave a speck of evidence behind.”

    “Shall we get going then, my queen?” I smiled at Noir, and with a little help from the robed man, I was able to climb out of bed, and follow him once more into the throne room.

    “How was the mission, UlforceVeedramon?” Desmond asked. The Digimon, though kneeling before his majesty, was quite a bit taller.

    “I have successfully scouted the extent of their power,” UlforceVeedramon said. “Though I was unsuccessful in eliminating any of them, I have discovered that the AeroVeedramon amongst them should be considered almost as dangerous to the kingdom as the Leopardmon.”

    “…A Leopardmon, you say? This is most troubling,” Desmond grumbled.

    “I was able to defeat him, but just barely, and he lives still,” UlforceVeedramon continued. “Also…among the westerners is what seemed to be a mage.”

    “…Seemed to be? You are uncertain, Red General?”

    “That Human…his very presence radiated a powerful magic aura, much more powerful than that of the Bio Hybrid or the Marked. It was overwhelming…and I believe he might be the strongest among all of our enemies. His name is Edmund Luxord.”

    “I see. You did an excellent job, UlforceVeedramon,” Desmond said. “You are dismissed, Red General.”

    “Sir.” The Mega Digimon spread his massive wings, and took flight out of the throne room.

    “…Did you need something, Eris?” Desmond asked.

    “No, brother; I just heard that UlforceVeedramon was back, and I simply assumed you wanted me to be here, like this morning,” I said.

    “…Come with me.” My heart quickened. I turned to Noir, who nodded.

    He wants me to come with him? Could the fool possibly make this any easier for me? “Yes, brother.” Quietly, I followed after my elder brother through a silent, empty hallway of the castle.

    “…About what I said to you…earlier today,” Desmond began. “About you taking the throne by force, if you so desired…”

    “Yes, brother…? What about it?”

    “You and that man, Noir…I know you’ve been plotting my demise from the first moment I saw him with you.”

    “…If that’s the case, then why do you want me following you?” I whispered. Desmond stopped. “…You aren’t planning on killing me, are you?” Desmond remained silent. “What do you want from me?” Desmond turned from me, and continued walking. We continued walking in silence until we reached his chambers. Just as Noir said…

    “…Eris. How stupid do you think me to be?!” With the door shut tight behind us, Desmond grabbed me and shoved me against the wall of his room. “I’ve known you your entire life, Eris! Don’t think I don’t know of your plan to kill me tonight!”

    “…I knew I couldn’t hide anything from you, brother,” I said. “You brought me with you so you could kill me before I you.” Desmond’s eyes flashed with rage, but instead of striking me, he remained still. “…Desmond. Did you know that Human flesh doesn’t taste like chicken like other people say?”


    “It tastes more like pork…” I removed a knife I had hidden in my dress, and pressed it against my brother’s throat.


    “…Babies are a little different, though,” I said. “They taste a bit more like…fish, I would say.” All of the color drained from my brother’s face.

    “Eris…you aren’t…” I smiled at my brother, and slowly patted my belly.
    “That’s what it tastes like…cooked. Raw flesh…is simply delicious!” Unable to resist myself any longer, I thrusted the blade of my knife into Desmond’s neck. As he fell to the floor, dying quickly, I licked the blood from my knife before jamming it into the back of his head. Desmond died instantly, crumpled on the floor like a ragdoll. “Oh, how I have hungered for this moment…Dear older brother; I promise to savor the sweet taste of your flesh for as long as I can!”

    Sapphira (Tamiko)

    Shadows danced on the edge of the horizon as the sun vanished to the other side of the world. Kudamon had started a lively campfire that radiated in a comforting, warm glow.

    Let’s see…it was left, left, right…Or was it left, left—“…Ah!” For about the fifth time in a row, I lost my balance, and fell to the ground. “Ow…” I gently yet firmly gripped my ankle and rubbed it, hoping it wasn’t sprained.

    “Tamiko, are you all right?” Kudamon asked. The Rookie had a concerned look on his face.

    “Yeah…I’m fine…” Slowly and carefully, I stood back up, and glanced at the campfire.

    “…What were you doing, Tamiko? Were you…dancing?”

    “Yeah…I just have two left feet,” I said. “I was…trying to pick up where my mother left off. When that girl was helping pick out my disguise, she thought I was a dancer, so I just…kinda got to thinking about her…you know? But I’m just doing a terrible job…”

    “Would you care for some assistance?”

    “…You can dance, Kudamon?” I asked. “…I think I may have a few inches on you, though…”

    “You needn’t worry, Tamiko. Just hold out your Digivice.” I did as I was told, and both the Digivice began to glow luminously. “Kudamon Warp Digivolve to, Kentaurosmon!”

    “…Digivolution,” I whispered. “I’ve never seen it firsthand…”

    “I may not be as graceful as your mother was, but I know my way around a ballroom floor, even though I literally have three left feet,” Kentaurosmon said.

    “Oh…Thank you, Kentaurosmon,” I smiled. “…Um…I haven’t danced with another person yet…”

    “Don’t fear; it really isn’t too different from dancing alone, in a way. Now, allow me to lead; just stand on my hooves,” Kentaurosmon said. “Now…my…my hand…goes…” The Digimon mumbled something under his breath.

    “…What was that?” I asked. I had a feeling that I already knew what he said, though.

    “My…ahem…My…hand…goes…” I smiled up at the taller Digimon. Taking his trembling hand in mine, I placed it at my waist. “…Yes…”

    “It’s okay,” I whispered, keeping my hand on his. Slowly at first, Kentaurosmon began pacing back and forth. As this continued on, I gently leaned my head against his chest. “…Thank you for being here with me, Kentaurosmon…I’ve always felt so…safe…in your presence…And warm, and…happy…”

    “…I too…am happy,” Kentaurosmon said. “…And I share…your feelings…”

    “Kentaurosmon? Is there something wrong?” I asked.

    “…Tamiko…I’ve been thinking…ever since we’ve left the castle…There may come a time when my strength alone will not be enough to protect you.”


    “…Tamiko. I want to train you how to fight.”

    “Fight…you mean…you want me to…learn how to hurt others?” I asked, pulling away from the Digimon’s embrace.

    “Tamiko, I am asking you to learn how to protect yourself,” Kentaurosmon replied. “I care about you…so much that it scares me…It scares me to think of what might happen to you in my absence. Please…I know you don’t enjoy senseless bloodshed, so don’t learn how to fight for the sake of fighting. Learn how to fight for the sake of protecting yourself…and maybe others.” After a moment’s thought, I smiled at the Digimon.

    “…Okay. I’ll do it.”


    “And Kentaurosmon…I care about you, too,” I said. “I’ll learn how to fight…and I’ll do anything I can to stop my father’s tyrannical conquest.”

    “…Tamiko. Do you wish to join the westerners?” That question truly caught me off guard. “I know the real reason they’ve come here…They’re here to stop your father, not to take control of this land like your father said…on that day.”

    “…Are you certain of this?” I asked. Kentaurosmon nodded. “…Okay. Let’s do it. Let’s join the westerners…and help them stop my father’s conquest!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 67 - The Northern Keep


    Desmond has been dead for a good number of days now. As she set out to do, Eris cannibalized and devoured the entire body of her older brother in as little as two days. She grew fatter and fatter with each passing hour she spent eating, and she didn’t stop until nothing remained of Desmond but his bones. And now that the deed had been accomplished, Eris had ascended to the throne of Cyllene, telling the soldiers that the king was murdered by the “western invaders.” All was going exactly as I planned it, as usual.

    “Hello, Noir!” a tiny Digimon said. I bent down, and smiled at him.

    “Good morning, EbiBurgermon,” I said. “How are you, my little friend?”

    “I’m happy? You know why? Because your plan was a success!” EbiBurgermon squeaked.

    “Well…not yet,” I said. “So far, it is, but the plan isn’t finished yet.”

    “I know; but I’m happy because I know that it will be a success!”

    “Thank you, EbiBurgermon. Tell me; have you seen Eris?”

    “Yep; she’s at the throne, having her fifth breakfast! And it isn’t even noon, yet!”

    “Thank you, my friend. Now…you know what needs to be done,” I said.

    “Yep! I’ll begin right away!” EbiBurgermon waved at me, and ran off in the opposite direction of my destination. It didn’t take me too long to find the throne room.

    “Hello, Noir,” the new queen said.

    “Has Desmond been entirely…disposed of?” I asked. Eris smirked, and patted her fat belly.

    “Eating him shot my weight up to one-eighty,” Eris said.

    Yes…Keep up the good work, I thought. “Congratulations, my queen. Is there anything you would like for me to do for you now?”

    “Yes, actually…I don’t really know much about war,” Eris said. “As you know, my small kingdom was near a ravaged wasteland, so none dared to come near. Do you think you could…?”

    “Have no fear, my queen. I shall direct our troops,” I said.

    “Thank you, Noir.”
    “My pleasure…Queen Eris.”

    Giselle Devereaux

    Lucia had recovered a good number of days ago. Since then, our large group split into the five smaller ones devised by Isole and Bokomon. Along with AeroVeedramon, I had been placed into the group with the Valencian Knights. Alena, I had actually known for a long time now; she was a dear friend who I had known since my childhood. I met her at school, where she defended another kid from a bully; she even ended up punching the bully in the nose! Of course, she was suspended for a few days, but I knew at that very instant that she was going to grow up to be a knight. I was a little bit afraid of her at first, but when she returned and I spoke to her for the first time, and I saw that she was the sweetest, friendliest person at that school, I felt like the luckiest person in the world when she said she wanted to be my friend. She was two years older than me, and was like the big sister I never had. She was always there for me, and when my mother died when I was seven, she had comforted me, and made me feel better, like I was no longer alone in the world. She held on to my tiny little hand all through the funeral, and held me tight when I cried.

    “How have you been holding up, Giselle?” Alena asked. “I know you aren’t as used to all of this walking around like us knights, so we can stop to rest if you’d like.”

    “No…I’m fine,” I said. “I don’t want to be more in the way than I already am…”

    “Don’t you dare say anything about leaving you behind, Giselle!” Alena said firmly, ruffling my hair like she used to do in our youth.

    “Nah, if we’d leave anyone behind, it’d be this fat-ass here,” Siebold said, jerking his thumb over at Charlotte.

    “That was mean!” I gasped as Alena punched Siebold in the face.

    “Oh, he says stuff like that all the time,” Charlotte said.

    “Yeah, and Alena’s the one who gets insulted. Bloody hell, that hurt!”

    “Then stop insulting my friend!”

    “You would all do well to keep your voices down, lest the entire imperial army discover our location,” Wikstrom said.

    “Or at least so I can finish my nap,” AeroVeedramon yawned.

    “You vould zleep at a time like dis?” Pherania asked.

    “He sleeps all the time,” I said.

    “When people aren’t talking, I do.”

    “Dat is not good; you should stay avake in case de enemy vinds us,” Pherania said.

    “Meh. I’m fine…”

    “Let him be, Pherania. We’ve arrived at our destination,” Wikstrom said. “If you wish to sleep, then go ahead and do so…after the job is complete.”

    “Fine, fine…” I looked up at the fortress that stood before our group of seven. “So, all we need to do is kill all the soldiers here, and claim this fort as our own before laying siege to the castle…right?”

    “Essentially, but it might not be as easy as it sounds,” Alena said.

    “Of course it won’t…”

    “Claiming this fort will not only cut down on a good number of the imperial army’s knights, but it should also prove to serve as an effective means of lowering the enemy’s morale,” Siebold said.

    “Giselle, I want you to stay behind,” Alena said.

    “What?! But…but I—”

    “Giselle, you don’t even have a partner Digimon anymore,” AeroVeedramon said. “You haven’t been trained to fight like the others.” The front gate of the fortress slowly opened up, but I seemed to be the only one to notice.

    “Please, Giselle…I don’t want to see you get hurt,” Alena said. A tall figure walked out from the fort, slowly and quietly.


    “We’re going now,” Wikstrom said. “Keep yourself hidden so you are not discovered.” The approaching figure, which I soon realized to be that of a Digimon, drew closer and closer to us.

    “Guys, there’s a—”

    “Stay safe,” Charlotte said, smiling kindly at me.

    “Well, well…What do we have here?” the Digimon ask once it finally reached our group. AeroVeedramon and the Valencian Knights turned to face him, and all but the Dragon retained their calm but wary composition.

    “You…I’ve heard of you,” AeroVeedramon said. “You’re called Barbamon, aren’t you?”

    “Ah, so you’ve heard of me? Truly, I am flattered!” The tall Digimon, stroking his equally long beard, smiled down at us. “Well, allow me to properly introduce myself, then. I am Barbamon, subordinate of the Green General Agamemnon of the Cyllenian Imperial Army. As per the request of my general, I have stationed myself at this fortress north of the castle, and patiently awaited your arrival.”

    “…You were expecting us?” Alena whispered.

    “Indeed. At the castle resides a man of unparalleled genius, ingenuity, and tactical prowess,” Barbamon continued. “He knew at once that your big group would dissolve to smaller ones to capture the four keeps north, south, west, and east of the castle. Truly, a good plan; where it to go unnoticed by us, I can almost say that it would have succeeded…But, of course…Your luck has run out, running into me…” Barbamon swung his wand in the air, and at that instant, a large number of Cyllenian Knights had us all surrounded.

    “…Stand back, all of you,” AeroVeedramon said, walking up to the tall Barbamon.

    “You’re going to fight him alone?!” Siebold asked.

    “Dare is no vay for you to vin!” Pherania exclaimed.

    “Perhaps not…with all of these enemy knights in my way. You five…make sure they don’t get in my way! Dragon Impulse!”

    “Dark Inferno!” Barbamon was able to quickly counterattack and protect himself from the flames of the Dragon Impulse. The two roaring flames collided, and sparks flew out from the collision. Several of the Cyllenian Knights were caught up in the middle of the blast, and those that were died instantly. “I must admit, I am impressed! I have heard that you are the one who crossed swords with UlforceVeedramon and lived to tell of it!”

    “…Not that it’s any of my business, or that I care, but do you realize you burned some of your own men to a crisp?” AeroVeedramon asked.

    “So what? It was their own fault for getting in the way of our battle, Dragon!” Barbamon cackled. “Besides, all the knights you see before you are naught but mindless pawns in a battle of politics their puny minds could never fathom to comprehend!” At that, the “mindless pawns” advanced towards us; the Valencians formed a protective ring around me.

    “…Giselle…when the opportunity arises, I want you to make a run for it,” Alena said.

    “Vhy vait?” Pherania asked. In a single, fluid movement, the large woman grabbed me by the arm and hurled me into the far-up branches of a tree.

    “Uh, Giselle? Are you okay?” Alena asked. I tried to open my mouth to speak, but found that I could not. All I could do was give my dear friend a thumbs-up.

    “Twister Sabre!” AeroVeedramon began another assault on Barbamon, slashing at the Mega with the blades on his arms, but Barbamon was able to easily block each strike with his wand. Some of the knights had attempted to intervene with the Digimon’s attacks, but Alena, Wikstrom, and Pherania made quick work of them. Charlotte as well, in spite of appearances, defeated enemy after enemy with her lance, gracefully moving across the battlefield as she did. Siebold, being a mage, stayed further back and cast various offensive spells to defeat straggling Valencian who were attempting to escape. Soon, it was just Barbamon left; he and AeroVeedramon continued exchanging minor and indecisive blows without paying any mind to those nearby. “Magnum Crusher!”

    “Pandæmonium Lost!” As soon as AeroVeedramon’s fist came into contact with Barbamon’s staff, the jewel at the top of the staff released a swirl of flames that enveloped the Dragon. AeroVeedramon fell to the ground, defeated. Barbamon grinned. “…Next?”

    “Zekkoushou!” From my place in the tree, all I could see was a glimmering ball of light fly directly into Barbamon, causing the Mega Digimon to fall to the ground.

    “Are all of you all right?” a woman’s voice asked.

    Wait a minute…I know that voice!

    “Sapphira, stay back!” another voice said. After a moment, I could see a tiny Digimon standing on top of Barbamon’s chest.

    I knew it! Sapphira and Kudamon! My heart beat with excitement at seeing my new friends, but I remained quiet nonetheless.

    “Get…off…of me!” Barbamon grunted, flicking the small Kudamon off of his chest.

    “Sapphira, now!” Kudamon twisted himself around in the air and gracefully landed on his hind legs. Sapphira held out a Data Link Digivice, and placed her hand over its screen.

    “D.N.A Charge!”

    “Kudamon Digivolve to, Reppamon!”

    “…Wait a minute…I know you,” Barbamon said. “You used to be—”

    “Kurukuru Rekkūzan!” Reppamon dashed forwards, and jabbed his blade-like tail into Barbamon’s shoulder. “Jūga Rangeki!” With his tail secured into Barbamon’s shoulder, Reppamon began tearing the Mega’s face and chest with his sharp claws.

    “Dark Inferno!” Barbamon readied an attack, but Reppamon pulled his tail from the Demon Lord’s shoulder and ran to safety before the attack could hurt him.
    “Shinkū Kamaitachi!” Reppamon swung his tail, and Barbamon was knocked back by an unseen force.

    “…You caught me off guard,” Barbamon said. “Really…I didn’t expect to see you fighting against us…” Using his staff as support, Barbamon stood back up, and turned away from the Champion. “…If our paths cross again, Beast…don’t expect my surprise to diminish my power as it did today.” Barbamon held his wand up to the sky, and vanished into the shadows.

    “Hey! Sapphira!” I called down to the girl. Upon seeing me, she smiled.

    “Giselle…I was hoping I would run into you again,” she said.

    “Hold that thought! I…I don’t know how to get down from here…”

    “Please, allow me,” Reppamon said. In a single bound, Reppamon reached the sturdy branch I was thrown to. I climbed onto the Digimon’s back, and was out of the tree in an instant.

    “So, what are you doing here, Sapphira?” I asked.

    “Your arrival was well timed; had you arrived any later, I am unsure if we would have survived,” Alena said.

    “…It was my pleasure to be of some help to you,” Sapphira said. “…Tell me…are you all from the west?”

    “Yep! All of us came from the west!” I said.

    “Then…you must be here to put a stop to my f…to stop Desmond’s conquest.”

    …She knows?

    “…I hate to impose on you…but…would it be fine with you if I joined you?” Sapphira asked.

    “I don’t see why not,” Alena said. “You and your Digimon partner saved us when we needed saving; we’d appreciate having the two of you around.”

    “We’re going to need all the help we can get if we’re going to storm the castle soon,” Siebold added.
    “Thank you…I promise to do whatever I can to assist you,” Sapphira said. “I wish only to put an end to this madness that Desmond started.”

    Ulysses Melchett

    “When is Wayland coming back?” Lucia asked.

    “Lucia. You keep asking me the same question, and I’ll keep giving you the same answer. Wayland will return when he has finished his job,” I said.

    “But I’m worried about him. I haven’t seen him in days…”

    “I’m worried about him too, Lucia. But he will return…I promise you.”

    “But he isn’t a fighter,” Edmund said. “Where he to be surrounded by enemy troops, he could easily be captured.”

    “I assure you; that is not going to happen.”

    “Will you just tell us what you’re having him do so Lucia will shut up already?” Flamedramon asked.

    “I can fill that one in.” My ancient heart nearly did a backflip at the sound of Wayland’s voice, and the sight of the gruff blacksmith approaching our group.

    “Where the hell have you been?!” Lucia asked.

    “Nothing too complicated. Just undercover business,” Wayland said. “…Boss had me go undercover and date one of the generals. Her name’s Eliza.”

    “Oooh, is she cute?” Lucia asked.

    “…Not bad looking. The gals at Lachesis are all prettier, though. Work aside, she’s kind of a sweet gal. But on the job…”

    “A total bitch, right?” Mihiramon said. Wayland nodded.

    “Did you get any good information on the enemy’s movement or strategy?” I asked.

    “Fraid not. Eliza’s pretty tight-lipped about that sort of thing,” Wayland said. “…But she does brag about her accomplishments.”

    “…What sort of accomplishments?” Flamedramon asked.

    “As it turns out, Eliza was the one who murdered Alicia.” All eyes were on the blacksmith at this point.

    “…I see,” I whispered.

    “I’m afraid I didn’t find out really anything useful about strategies or nothing, but she did give me a little bit of…interesting information,” Wayland continued. “Apparently, the Princess of Cyllene, Tamiko, has ran off with a Digimon called Kentaurosmon.”

    “Ran off? Why would she do something like that?” Edmund asked.

    “Dunno. Lize thinks that she did it b’cause the princess didn’t want to have any part of whatever Desmond has in mind.”

    “…Did you just call her ‘Lize?’” Lucia asked. Wayland’s face immediately reddened.

    “Just a nickname that’s used undercover…on the job.”

    “You like her, don’t you,” Mihiramon teased.

    “Not really. Kind of a bitch. Cute, but still a bitch. Came pretty close to hammering her skull in when she told me she killed Alicia.”

    “Why didn’t you?” Flamedramon asked.

    “I thought I could still potentially get some more info from her. Plus, I hadn’t been ordered to.”

    “Permission granted,” I said.

    “I didn’t ask.”

    “I know you wanted to,” I replied. “When you see her next…eliminate her.”

    “Yes, sir.”

    “…Wayland. This group is en route to the castle. I want you to head west, and find Mia and her group heading for a fortress. Do you think you can find your way?” I asked.

    “Yes, sir. It won’t be a problem at all,” Wayland said.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 68 - Ruled by Madness

    Mia Kiru

    The west side of Castle Cyllene was covered in a dense forest, not unlike Lotisea Province. The trees weren’t as large or as close together, and as our group neared the western fort, we found a beautiful lake, and decided to take a small break before continuing on with our job to capture the fort. A gentle breeze strode across the surface of the lake every now and then, sending transfixing ripples dancing all the way to the other side of the shore. I sat on a log, and looked deep into the pure blue water.

    It’s hard to believe anything on this continent could be so peaceful…so beautiful…Makes me wonder how such a land could produce a king as crazy and evil as that Desmond. My reflection in the clear blue lake stared back at me, blinking when I did and sighing when I did. From differing angles, my reflection looked more anxious than I did, and from other angles, it looked less.

    “You okay, Mia?” Sieglinde asked, sitting down on the log next to me. “Are you just nervous like all the others?”

    “Yeah…You know, Sieglinde, a lot of the others have said that nobody would get hurt…that we would all get back home…you know? But…Alicia…”

    “Mia…” Sieglinde too looked into the lake, and into the reflection of my eyes. “Life and death are two very fickle things; not even someone like Wisemon can truly predict how it will all turn out. The only things we Humans and Digimon can do is ensure that those around us do not succumb to the cruel twists and turns of life. But even when we let our guard down, and destiny ensnares the life of a friend, we can’t allow ourselves to stop moving; to do so would be the ultimate dishonor to that friend. Mia…our friends always want us to be happy, no matter what. Stay happy, and keep moving forwards…that is what it means to truly be alive. We can’t let Alicia’s death keep us from doing our job; if we do, then the only thing that will happen is more and more death. More of our friends will die if we stop now, Mia, and I know that isn’t something that Alicia would want.”

    “…I understand…Thank you, Sieglinde,” I said. “…You always know just what to say, you know that?”

    “Well, I do kind of speak from experience on matters like this,” Sieglinde giggled. “Remember, I did technically die once before. I…I too am saddened by Alicia’s death. She may have seemed a bit…adulterous…at times. But she truly was good at heart; you saw how she looked after Lilliana on her first training mission, didn’t you? All of us loved her…and she will be missed. But life will continue going on; the world will continue to spin. And like it, we shall continue to go on.”

    “…Yeah. Yeah!” I smiled at Sieglinde, and hugged the other blonde. “Thank you, Sieg!”

    “There will be time for grieving later, anyway,” Abigail added. “Once we end this madness…we can grieve all we want for everyone that we’ve lost.”

    “Right! Let’s go, everyone!” Sieglinde and I stood up, and looked towards the ancient structure. Lupinemon wrapped her tail around Sieglinde’s legs.

    “Carefully, we shall act,” Andromon said.

    “HALT!” A familiar voice roared and quaked the very sky. I looked up, and saw none other than UlforceVeedramon flying over our heads. “NONE SHALL PASS!”

    “Ah, crap,” Abigail sighed. The immense Mega landed on the ground, and drew his sword.

    “By the order of King Desmond, I sentence you to death!” UlforceVeedramon said. “Do not blame me for the way fate has decided to end your lives; it is your own doing!”

    “…Sieglinde…stand back,” Lupinemon said. “Abigail and I will handle him. Andromon, you watch over Mia and Sieglinde.”

    “Protect the lovely ladies, I shall,” Andromon said.

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “…So you all mean to stand against me, in spite of the overwhelming odds,” UlforceVeedramon said. “And how unlucky you all are…Neither AeroVeedramon nor Leopardmon seem to be with you. They were the only ones who stood a chance against me.”

    “…Are you ready to rumble, Abigail?” Lupinemon asked.

    “I was born ready!” the Bio Hybrid replied. “Darkness Wave!”

    “Shining Force!” UlforceVeedramon alighted to the sky just moments before the two attacks could hit him.

    “Ulforce Sabre!” The knight slammed the edge of his sword onto the ground. The ground split apart instantly; the beautiful water of the lake spilled into the crevasse. If Andromon hadn’t grabbed onto us, I’m sure Sieglinde and I would have fallen in as well.

    “Nocturne of Wolf’s Howl!” Lupinemon charged into the Exalted Knight, clamping her jaws around the Digimon’s neck.

    “Tensegrity Shield!” A brilliantly shining force field surrounded UlforceVeedramon, sending Lupinemon flying backwards and away from the Dragon. As the Exalted Beast fell to the ground, UlforceVeedramon rushed forwards, Ulforce Sabre extended.

    “Black Wing!” UlforceVeedramon’s sword and BioLadyDevimon’s spear collided just seconds before the Dragon could hit Lupinemon.

    “Shining Force!”

    “Tensegrity Shield!” Once again, UlforceVeedramon erected a barrier that protected him from Lupinemon’s attack.

    “Damn it…we need to find some way to get past that cheap-ass shield!” Lupinemon growled.

    “…Honestly. Why are you even trying?” UlforceVeedramon asked. “It’s obvious you aren’t going to win. Your attacks can’t get past my shield, and you’re going to run out of energy sooner or later just by dodging my attacks.”

    “So, you’re saying we should just sit by and let Desmond do what he wants?!” I asked.

    “Well, why not? He’s working to unify the continent — no, the world — under his rule!” the Exalted Knight replied. “Once all is under his command, there will be no more need for senseless bloodshed! There will be no more wars!”

    “How could you be so blind?!” I yelled back. “Desmond doesn’t want this so-called unification to create a peaceful nation! He wants to place everyone under his command so that everybody else will be too scared to stand up to his tyranny!”

    “Mia’s right!” Sieglinde said. “Desmond is nothing but a coward who doesn’t dare step down from his throne into battle! His foolish game has killed thousands over the past fifteen years! He cares nothing for his people, or for knights like you!”

    “…How dare you…How dare you speak such insolence towards his majesty?!” UlforceVeedramon screamed. “How can you say things like that when you’ve never even met him before?!”

    “Need to meet him, we do not!” Andromon jumped in. “Complete and total madness, this war is!”

    “He has no reason to go around conquering foreign lands that have nothing to do with him!” Abigail said.

    “You say he’s trying to stop war? Then why is it that the only war going on is the one that he started?!” I asked.

    “…SILENCE!” UlforceVeedramon flew up high into the sky. The V symbol on his chest began to glow. “The Ray of Victory!”

    “Come forth, MegaKabuterimon!”

    “Horn Buster!” The large Insect Digimon immediately followed after UlforceVeedramon as soon as he was Summoned, and fired an incredibly powerful blast of energy from his horn just as UlforceVeedramon fired his. However, the Exalted Knight was just barely too late. MegaKabuterimon’s attack hit him at point blank range, sending him plummeting to the ground while his Ray of Victory backfired on him, hitting UlforceVeedramon with the full force of the attack.

    “…Un…believable,” UlforceVeedramon wheezed. “…I…I lost?”

    “Now that we’ve knocked some sense into you, do you finally understand?” Sieglinde asked.

    “…I…know what you are saying…to be true,” the Exalted Knight said. “…I knew it from the very day Desmond invaded Arcadia fifteen years ago. I just…did not want to admit the truth to myself…Being a knight…was all I had…I had no home…no family…I just couldn’t…allow myself to stray from the path Desmond set out for me, and as a result, I allowed his madness to corrupt me, and dictate my every move. Even though I was blind, I could see…And though I could see clearly what was going on, I did nothing. I…have nobody but myself to blame for this. I could have stopped him…but I chose not to. I felt…indebted to my king, in spite of his transgressions. I forced myself to believe the lies I told you because they were the only things keeping me going. My comrade, Augustus…he was far more powerful than I…on the inside. He murdered one of the General’s subordinates, and fled with a slave to grant her her freedom. All I could do…was allow myself to be ruled…by my king…my station.” A wordless silence fell, and I walked over to the Digimon.

    “…UlforceVeedramon…It isn’t too late for you,” I said. “You’ve made a mistake…but you are still alive to correct it…or to atone for it. Join us…and help us bring peace to not only Cyllene, but to everyone alive.”

    “…But what right would I have to do such a thing?” UlforceVeedramon asked. “I tried to kill all of you…and you would welcome me to your group?”


    “…Your name…is Mia?” the Exalted Knight sat up, and looked down at me. “Mia…you are far too…naïve…for your own good…Kindhearted…and gentle…I only pray that this will not lead to the demise of you or any of your friends.” UlforceVeedramon spread his wings, and once again, took to the skies.

    “Where are you going?” I asked.

    “…I need some time…to be alone…and to think,” was all the Digimon said before he vanished from sight.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 69 - Fattened for Slaughter


    Everything is happening faster than I expected it to, I thought. I wonder…will that be a boon or a hindrance to the way things will turn out to be…? I looked down off the balcony of the castle’s inner garden, and in my mind raced the thoughts of what was happening. The westerners were successfully capturing forts, and drawing ever closer to the castle. UlforceVeedramon had been defeated just under an hour ago, and had fled to parts unknown, leaving Cyllene with only two generals. With each fortress that fell to the westerners, Cyllene’s army lost that many more troops, not to mention morale. But did Queen Eris care? Nope. That, at least, was working in my favor. Now we just need her out of the way…and once the final domino falls, the plan will finally be complete. Once I hear EbiBurgermon give the okay—

    “Hey, boss!” My thoughts were interrupted by the tiny squeak of EbiBurgermon’s voice.

    “…My friend. Are your preparations complete?” I asked.

    “Yup! Eris is in her room, and I’ve got all the food prepared!” EbiBurgermon said. “But…wouldn’t it just be easier to have just made one burger and poisoned—?”

    “No. This needs to look like an accident,” I interrupted. “Just keep feeding her. Do not let her stop. Do not stop…until she bursts.”


    “…Is there a problem?” I asked.

    “No, no…I was just wondering if people were going to be suspicious about all of these…tiny ‘accidents,’” EbiBurgermon said.

    “I haven’t told anyone that Desmond was killed, and Eris has said nothing about consuming his flesh,” I replied. “I’ve simply told the three generals that the king has gone bedridden with some passing illness. They know nothing. However, if word gets out about the same time of the deaths of both Eris and Desmond, then people surely will be suspicious, and not even telling them that Desmond had an ‘illness’ would slake their doubts. That’s why Eris’s death must look like an accident of her own doing. That way, nobody will be able to connect them.”

    “…Okay. I understand!” the tiny Rookie smiled. “Don’t you worry, Noir! You can count on me to do this!”
    “I know I can count on you…because you are the only one I can count on,” I whispered to myself as the small Digimon happily walked off.


    “Good morning, Queen Eris!” I exclaimed, happily letting myself into the queen’s chamber.

    “EbiBurgermon…is it time for lunch already?” Eris asked.

    Damn, she’s really let herself go! I kept myself from saying out loud…even though it was true. Especially since it was true. Although, it doesn’t seem like she cares very much…Eris sat atop Desmond’s throne. In just the short week or two since Eris came to Silverveil, she had put on well over eighty pounds, and it seemed that every last ounce of it went straight to her belly. Her clothes had been stretched to the max, and her shirt finally gave up covering her stomach altogether. Eating Desmond must’ve really helped with that…

    “Well, EbiBurgermon?” Eris pressed.

    “Oh, yes, my queen!” I squeaked. “To celebrate you taking the throne, I’ve prepared a special lunch for you!”

    “Oh, really? Then I suppose that means more than one of your wonderful burgers?”

    “Yup! In fact…I was awake for several days in a row to make you…over one-thousand burgers!” I snapped my fingers, and at once, the food that I had made materialized directly in front of the rotund queen.

    “One…thousand?!” Eris exclaimed with a shocked expression on her face.

    More than one thousand, my queen!” I replied. “Well…? Enjoy!”

    “…I most certainly will! Many thanks, EbiBurgermon!” With great effort, Eris forced herself out of the throne and without even bothering to walk, she instead belly flopped into the pile of food I made and began eating ravenously.
    Hmm…I wonder how many it will take for her to burst? It thought. I looked at the huge pile of food I made, and then over to the bloated queen. I think I should make more…

    Eleanora Kasuto

    The eastern fortress was in clear sight. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only thing I could see. Standing right outside was a small platoon of Cyllenian Knights.

    “…What should we do?” I whispered.

    We?! You’re the fighter!” Isole shot back.

    “You can’t expect me and Elizabeth to be able to fight forty well-trained knights all by ourselves!”

    “Well, of course not! You’ll have Lunamon and Quetzalmon at your sides! Now, hop to it!” I glanced over at Elizabeth, who merely shrugged.

    “…Fine, whatever…” With Elizabeth and Lunamon on either side, and with my sword securely grasped in my hands, I quietly left the thicket where Isole and Bokomon hid. The soldiers, however, did not notice our presence until Elizabeth hurled one of her knives into the forehead of a knight, instantly killing him. Immediately, the other knights surrounded us with weapons in hands. “Get ready, Lunamon!”

    “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon! Moon Night Kick!” An approaching knight was instantly knocked to the ground when Lekismon jabbed him in the groin with her foot.

    “Freezing Wave!” A blast from Quetzalmon’s eyes knocked no more than ten knights into the air, where Lekismon was able to easily pick them off with her Tear Arrow attacks.

    Boy…it’s a good thing all of these knights are Humans! I ducked and weaved my body out of the way of several lance thrusts of a particularly slow knight. Annoyed, the knight attempted to hasten his strikes just as I cut his throat with my sword. I glanced over at Elizabeth to make sure she was okay, just in time to see her strike down a knight with one of her kunai in a single, fluid movement. The elegant manner in which she moved was rivaled only by that of her own beauty, and she moved as if she had a body like Quetzalmon’s.

    “Freezing Wave!” With one final attack from Quetzalmon, the platoon of knights was successfully defeated.

    “…Was that it?” I asked.

    “That appears to be every soldier, yes,” Elizabeth replied. “Is there a problem, Eleanora?”

    “…I dunno. I just got a feeling in my gut that’s telling me this should have been…more difficult,” I said.

    “If that’s the case…then your stomach is a helluva lot smarter than you, missy.” The large doors of the fortress opened up, and a lone man donned in black armor advanced towards us.

    “Who are you?” I asked.

    “The name’s Agamemnon Makovel; I’m the Green General of the Cyllene Imperial Army, thank you very much,” the man said.

    “…A general?” Elizabeth asked. “But…”

    “You’re only a Human!” Quetzalmon exclaimed. The general glanced up at the Mythical Animal, and swung his sword. In an instant, Quetzalmon fell to the ground.

    N…No way! He didn’t even have to make contact with Quetzalmon…A magical sword! This is bad!

    “Now, then…which of you purdy ladies wants to get cut up next?” Agamemnon asked.

    “Moon Night Bomb!” Agamemnon held up his armored hand, and Lekismon’s attack dispersed upon hitting the knight’s gauntlet.

    “You…are pathetic!” Agamemnon swung his sword in the air, and Lekismon was knocked off her feet. Turning back into Lunamon, my Digimon partner was out cold the moment she hit the ground. The older man looked back and forth between Elizabeth and me. “…You there. Sword girl. That thing, right there…” Agamemnon lifted his arm, and pointed at my belly. “…That the Mark?”

    “…So what if it is?” I asked.

    “Well, then, that just means I’ll have to crush you before your friend!” Before I could raise my sword, Agamemnon had me pinned. With his arms clasped firmly around my shoulders, the older general had rammed his fully-armored body into mine and shoved me into a tree.

    “Ellie!” Elizabeth ran over to help me, but without even turning around, Agamemnon swung his free arm and struck Elizabeth in the stomach.

    “No…Lizzy…” Agamemnon’s fingers tightened around my throat. From the ground, Elizabeth reached for a knife, but Agamemnon slammed his foot down onto her wrist. I tried to raise my blade, but the general grabbed my arm and twisted it around behind my back before turning my entire body so that my back was to him.

    “…C’mon…lemme hear you scream,” the man whispered into my ear. “Go on, cunt; beg for mercy!”


    “Look, the only reason I ain’t rapin’ yer ass is that filthy Mark!” Agamemnon growled. “But if you beg…and make me believe you mean it…I might spare your friend from the pain…”


    “Go on, then; beg fer mercy! Surrender your lives to me!” Agamemnon snarled.

    “No…don’t do it,” Elizabeth said.

    Quiet!” Agamemnon kicked the side of Elizabeth’s head. “Well, then?! Do it!!!” The sulfurous stench from the general’s cigarette and the look of rage on his face made my eyes water, and tears began to fall gently down my face.

    “…Please…don’t…hurt…my…friends…” After a moment of silence, Agamemnon breathed a wisp of smoke into my face. He released me from his painful grip, and as soon as I was free, he struck me across the face. “…That all you got?”

    “You dare taunt me?!”

    “Well, I’m sure you must feel so strong, having beaten up two tiny little women,” I said sarcastically. “…Even though we can technically defend ourselves. But still!” Glaring at me, the general began to raise his sword once again, but suddenly, he stopped. Standing behind Agamemnon was Elizabeth; her hand was around his wrist. Her emerald hair was a haphazard mess covered in dirt, and it obscured most of her face; all that could be seen was her left eye, the violet one, glowing enigmatically between the strands of her hair.

    “…The hell?! Get off a’ me, you—” Without a word, Elizabeth twisted the general’s arm behind his back and skewered him with his own sword. Apparently as surprised as I was by Elizabeth’s sudden display of strength, Agamemnon tried but was unable to break loose from the smaller girl’s grasp

    “I’m not letting you go,” I heard Elizabeth say in a hoarse whisper. “Not until I see the last bit of your life drain from your eyes!”

    “Elizabeth! Elizabeth, stop this!” I yelled.


    “It’s over, Elizabeth! He’s dying! There’s no need to punish him any further! Just let him go…”

    “But…Eleanora…he tried to kill you,” Elizabeth said.

    “I know…but is that any different from anybody else that we fight?” Cautiously, I began to approach my friend. As I drew closer and closer, the look of rage made her seem almost…inhuman.

    “…I don’t get it…Why you protectin’ me?” Agamemnon asked. I looked down at the old man.

    “…I hate you. I hate people like you. I never want to see someone like you again for as long as I live,” I spat. “…But…Lizzy…you’ve already inflicted a mortal wound on him. He’s going to die soon…you don’t need to continue hurting him just because of who he is. Please…” I reached out and placed my hand over Elizabeth’s.

    “Ellie…I’m sorry.” I could feel her grip on Agamemnon’s arm lessen, and soon, the general was able to squirm away. “…I…I don’t know what came over me,” she whispered. “I’ve never…done something like that before…”
    “…Don’t worry about it, Lizzy,” I whispered. “The important thing is that you aren’t hurt…We’ve taken this fortress. Let’s go get Isole and Bokomon, okay?”


    In just one, seemingly short hour, Eris had gorged herself on fifty burgers. She had slowed her eating pace considerably, but showed no signs of bursting yet.
    Come on…come on! You’ve already had your starting weight in burgers, probably! Explode already! Noir wills it! Slowly, Eris lifted another burger to her chubby face, and began eating. With each burger she ate, her belly swelled up larger and rounder. Almost to sixty…just finish that one in your hand, and—

    “…I don’t think I can eat anymore tonight, EbiBurgermon,” Eris sighed.


    “Seriously…I think I’m about to burst here…”

    Then do it already!!! To my dismay, Eris placed her half-eaten burger down, and slowly rubbed her enormous belly.

    “…C’mon, Eris! You can’t stop now!” I climbed up next to her, and grabbed the largest burger I could find. “You must live up to your ancestor’s expectations, Eris! Remember what you always say? Being fat means being wealthy!”

    “I know, but I just can’t—”
    “Sure you can! Look, I’ll help you!” I shoved the burger into her open mouth. And then another. And another. In no time at all, I had helped her eat twenty more, and with each time she swallowed, she grew fatter and fatter. I will feed you until you burst! Noir wills it! You must die, Eris! And it must look like an accident!


    It had been a little over an hour since I sent EbiBurgermon out to deal with Eris.

    I wonder how it’s going? I kept thinking. Is she dead yet? No; EbiBurgermon would have told me by now if she was…Oh, well. There’s nothing to do but sit and wait…

    “…Hey! You; your name is Noir…isn’t it?!” The voice startled me; I knew not who spoke, but the voice seemed familiar. As I looked around the room, a Digimon flew in from an open window.

    “…Who might you be?” I asked.

    “Hey! Get on your knees when you speak to the advisor of his royal highness, King Desmond!” the Digimon squawked. “My name is Eaglemon!”

    “Eaglemon…didn’t you used to be Parrotmon?” I asked.

    “Yes! When Tamiko tried to run away from the castle, I tried to get her back! But unfortunately, Kentaurosmon almost killed me!” Eaglemon said. “However, an old acquaintance of mine saved me from the brink of death and helped me to Digivolve into my Mega form!”

    “Is that so…”

    “Whaddya mean, is that so?! Direct me to his royal highness immediately!” Eaglemon screeched.

    “I’m afraid that isn’t possible,” I said. “King Desmond has succumbed to illness not too long ago. Eris is now queen of Silverveil Kingdom, and therefore the entire continent of Cyllene. She has placed me, her royal advisor, in charge of all military operations.”

    “…So…Desmond’s dead…huh…That’s too bad; rather liked the old sod,” Eaglemon said. “…Whatever. Just tell me what to do—” Eaglemon was interrupted by the sound of a loud explosion that shook the entire floor. “What the hell was that?!” I smiled.

    “That was my mission. Getting accomplished,” I replied. “Now then, Eaglemon; head to the fortress south of the castle. A fraction of the enemy forces should be there by now.”
    “Yes, sir!”

    Agamemnon Makovel

    Eleanora and Elizabeth had left me just minutes ago. My fingers were clamped around the hilt of my sword.

    Damn it…I can’t…die here…Not like this, I thought. Enduring the pain, I forced myself to stand up. Where I had been on the ground was a large puddle of blood. This sword…it had an enchantment placed on it by my subordinate, Barbamon…Maybe…if I go to him…he’ll be able to save me…I looked up at Silverveil castle. “Barbamon…you better not have been done in, you bastard…” With a hand on my side, I slowly limped my way to the castle.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 70 - Waves of Discord

    Matthew Kasuto

    The group I had been assigned to by Ulysses and Bokomon, consisting of Sparrow, Katsumi, Tactimon, and Zelda, had reached its destination, a fortress south of Castle Silverveil, in just a short amount of time. In an even shorter time, we had defeated the knights residing within it, and claimed the fort without a problem. And yet, that only seemed to augment my uncertainty. The battle had simply been too easy. There wasn’t a single general, or even a Digimon, for my group to fight. The enemy had only been a platoon of thirty or so Human knights. I could tell that, based on the way the acted, the others in my group felt the same as I, but the worry-free expressions on their faces seemed to belie their inner thoughts. Well, except for Katsumi. But then, she always looked worried and scared. Zelda, being the kind and gentle soul that she is, never strayed too far from her side, and though her golden eyes glistened with tears as they always did, I could tell that she appreciated Zelda’s company.

    I certainly can’t blame her for that, I thought. There was just something about the mysterious blonde that seemed to put everyone’s mind at ease; her comforting presence and nurturing personality, mixed with the loving and calming gaze of her sapphire eyes, made me forget all about my worries of the Cyllenian Empire whenever I was near her. I doubt she’s forgotten, though. None of us can afford to let down our guard. We had left the empty fortress behind as soon as we cleared out all of the knights, and began our advance on Castle Silverveil. And that’s where those generals will be waiting…

    “Everyone, stay alert,” Tactimon said. “It is very possible that we will have an encounter with the enemy before reaching the castle.”

    “I don’t know about that,” I said. “That battle back there…it was way too easy, Tactimon. If they were going to attack us by now, they would have done so already. They’re probably waiting for us at the castle.”

    “…Yes…that is another possibility,” the Digimon mused. “…If that’s the case…then we’re probably walking right into a trap.”

    “Then should we really be going?” Sparrow asked.

    “We’re going to have to fight them anyway,” I said. “As long as we know it’s a trap, then at the very least, we’ll probably be prepared for whatever is going to happen.” I glanced over my shoulder at Zelda and Katsumi. “…Katsumi…what do you think we should do?”

    “…Me? You’re asking…me?” Katsumi asked timidly. “But…why…? My visions…they aren’t very strong…not like my father’s…”

    “…I know that you aren’t able to clearly see the future like Wisemon can,” I said. “And I know that intentionally looking into the future only drains you of your energy…But I trust you, Katsumi. It’s because of your visions that we’ve gotten this far, you know? If you didn’t have that dream about the Goddess’ Rebuke, we wouldn’t have been able to stop them in time, and thousands of innocent lives would have ended. That’s why I’m asking you…Kitty.” The somber mage looked at me with a mixed look of shyness, embarrassment, and modesty. It was quite adorable, really. But then, she smiled. For the first time in many, many years, I finally got to see Katsumi’s beautiful smile; the one that made me fall in love with her all those years ago.

    “…T—Thank you…Mattie,” Katsumi said with her face ablush. “…I’ll try my best…But…I don’t know if I’ll see anything useful. I’ll do my best not to let you down, though…”

    “Don’t let that concern you. You could never disappoint me, Kitty.” Looking down and away from me in embarrassment, the beautiful sorceress closed her eyes. In a few moments, her brow furrowed and her legs began to tremble. Had Zelda not been standing next to her to catch her, Katsumi would have fallen to the ground.

    “…I’m…sorry…I…I couldn’t see…anything,” Katsumi whispered. “I’m sorry…Matthew…”

    “No…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have asked you to do such a thing,” I replied. “You just take it easy for now, okay? Don’t push yourself too hard.”


    “Well, that didn’t get us anywhere,” Sparrow said. “Hawkmon, what should we do? Should we keep going into an obvious trap, or should we—”

    “We will obey our orders,” Tactimon interrupted. “Trap or no…we must do what Ulysses expects of us, if we are to win.” The Digimon turned to face us, and suddenly gasped. With his face to the sky, Tactimon held up his sheathed blade. A giant Digimon soared down from the sky, striking Tactimon’s sword with its talons. “Wild God’s Thrust!” Tactimon thrust the butt end of his sheath at the Digimon, who nimbly flew around it and raked his talons across Tactimon’s face.

    “Hear me, vermin of the west! My name is Eaglemon!” the Digimon shrieked. “I am the advisor of the one and only King Desmond! As the king’s most trusted servant, I advise you all to leave before I run you all down!”

    “Primary Tactic!”

    “Mystic Break!” The attacks of Eaglemon and Tactimon collided in the air, creating an explosion that sent the two Digimon flying backwards. “Kaiser Phoenix!” Eaglemon rammed his body into Tactimon before he had a chance to raise his sword.

    “Coronamon, let’s help him out!” I said, pulling out my Digivice.

    “Coronamon Digivolve to, Firamon!”

    “Digi Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Come forth, Okuwamon!” Zelda held a Talisman up above her head, and the form of the enormous Digimon instantly materialized before her.

    “I…I can fight…too,” Katsumi said.

    “Don’t, Katsumi! You need to rest!” Tactimon exclaimed.

    “Please, dear; don’t overexert yourself,” Zelda said, holding onto the sorceress’s arm. “I couldn’t bear it if I let anything happen to you…”

    “…Please, Katsumi,” I whispered.

    “…Okay. I’m…sorry…”

    “There isn’t any need for you to be sorry. Just stay safe,” I whispered. “Now, Firamon; attack!”

    “Flame Dive!”

    “Dino Burst!”

    “Primary Tactic!”

    “Double Scissor Claw!”

    “Hah! You’re all too slow to be able to hit me!” Eaglemon cackled, skillfully maneuvering across the sky and around all of the Digimon’s attacks.

    “Matthew; what should we do?” Firamon asked. I observed Eaglemon dart around in the air when an idea came to me.

    “…We trap him, of course.” A cold shiver ran down my spine, but I ignored it, and readied an arrow in my bow. As soon as I fired it, the arrow became encased in ice. “…What?!”

    “What the hell just happened?” Firamon asked. Another chill, this one much more noticeable and daunting, shot up and down my spine.

    …What is this? This sensation…I’ve felt it before…haven’t I? Ignoring Eaglemon, my eyes darted around the landscape in search of another entity. “…Come on, Firamon! We’ve got to go!” I hopped onto the Champion’s back, and took to the sky immediately.

    “Where the hell do you think you’re going?!” Eaglemon squawked. “That’s not even the direction the castle’s in, dumbass!”

    “Matthew, where are you going?!” Tactimon asked.

    “Wait here, everyone; I’ll go get him!” I heard Sparrow say.

    “…Where are we going?” Firamon asked.

    “Just keep going,” I whispered. “I think…he’s here…”

    “Matthew, where are you going?!” Sparrow asked, following after me on Allomon’s back.

    “…You felt it too, didn’t you?” I asked. “That same chill…the one we felt back then…”

    “I did feel it; that’s why I want to know why you’re deliberately going to it!”

    “…Because if he’s here, then he might be behind all of this.”

    “How right you are.” The voice that chilled my very bones spoke up; as it did, I felt the temperature drop by at least twenty degrees. “I’ll be honest…I was not expecting you to come after me, like your friend said.”

    “I knew it; I knew you were involved with the Cyllenian Empire!” I yelled. “Now, stop hiding like a coward and face us…IceDevimon!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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