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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 51 - Ghost Love Score


    Analetta was dead. That could never be changed. And Mephistomon’s words still rang painfully in my ears, that her death was my fault. But as I saw Isole lay on Drask’s bed before me, slowly removing her gray mage’s robe, I could feel some of my loneliness, guilt, and despair vanish. At first, I had hoped that my attack would hit the Digimon Mihiramon; he was quite handsome, really, and an Ultimate level like myself. But as her robe fell all the way off her slim body, I was glad it was Isole that my attack hit instead of Mihiramon. She really was very beautiful; her brown eyes, at a first glance, seemed dim and lifeless, but each time she looked up at me with a reddish-pink blush on her cheeks, I could see a light in those eyes that burned with a passionate love. Her soft lavender hair fell past her shoulders; she had undone her intricate ponytail and let if fall longer and almost down to her belly. In spite of her age — I assumed late teens, roughly seventeen or eighteen — her chest was quite flat, but I didn’t care. In my eyes, this only added an air of sweet innocence to her delicate beauty.
    “…I’m sorry for what my allies…sorry, ex-allies, have done to you,” Isole said shyly. She drew her legs up to her chest, giving me a timid and sad look with her eyes. “I…I’m sorry about Analetta…I know I can’t replace her, but—”

    “Isole, listen to me,” I interrupted. I sat down on the bed next to her, and clasped my hand over her shoulder. “I…I loved Analetta; that is true. I feel like I might always…love her. But…like you said, she…she was killed. But I promise you this; I will never, ever think of you in comparison to Analetta. You, my dear, are your own person. I love you for who you are, Isole.”

    “…Cammy…Thank you,” Isole said, giving me a shy smile. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. I took this chance to slowly run my hand down her back. I delicately wrapped my claws around the strap of her red bra, and unhooked it. Isole moved her lips from my cheek down to my neck, and gently began sucking. While doing so, she reached over and pulled down on the straps of my dress. Not wanting to waste another second, I tore my dress off, as Analetta had done only hours ago before me. Isole leaned back and stretched out her upper body. I reached down and brushed my fingers on her belly, below her navel, making her laugh.

    “It is erogenous…after all,” I whispered. Slowly, after lingering around her navel, my hand reached farther and farther up her belly until my fingers reached her small breasts. Her smile widened as I gently groped them.
    “What are you waiting for?” Isole asked. “Go on…dive in.” As she requested, I lowered myself onto the bed, and placed my face on her chest, directly between her breasts.

    Lucia Delbray

    I hadn’t been able to move ever since Isole had disappeared. I simply stared at the ground where she had been moments before she vanished. My knees had gone weak, and I had to lean on my axe for support.

    “Lucia…we can’t just stand here,” Mihiramon said. “Do you wanna find Isole, or not?! C’mon!”

    “…Mihiramon…She just…got up and left,” I whispered, barely able to speak. “You’ve never had kids; how could you…possibly understand…what it’s like…? What I’m feeling…”

    She isn’t even your daughter!” Mihiramon roared. I tightened my fingers around my axe, and glared at my Digimon partner.

    “…I told you not to ever say that…didn’t I?”

    “Lucia, stop it. I’m sure this is just what the Rebuke would want from us,” Bokomon said.

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon’s attack completely took me by surprise; he struck my sword hand with his tail, making me drop my weapon. “Lucia, shut up and start thinking clearly! You’ve done nothing but stand there ever since Isole left; and you dare call yourself her mother?! Pull your head out of your ass and take action! Don’t just stand still like a useless piece of shit, and save Isole…no…save your daughter from whatever spell Carmillamon’s put on her!”
    “Mihiramon!” Bokomon gasped. I stood still, staring blankly at my partner Digimon.

    “…Thanks, Mihiramon. I needed that,” I said, smiling at the Ultimate.

    “We just need to figure out where they’ve all been hiding,” Bokomon said.

    “Well then, why don’t you come with us?” I turned around, and saw Flamedramon looking down at us from atop a ledge. With him were Abigail, Edmund, Sieglinde, and Lupinemon. “They’ve taken refuge in a house not too far away from here, on the outskirts of a small town.”

    “Probably murdered everyone in it, too,” Edmund added.

    “…And you’re certain that she’d be there?” I asked.

    “There isn’t a doubt in my mind,” Abigail said.

    “The two of us were able to defeat LadyDevimon,” Flamedramon said.

    “I was able to convince Karatenmon to leave the Rebuke,” Edmund said.

    “Anyone know how many left there are?” I asked.

    “Probably not too many,” Mihiramon said. “From the sound of Carmillamon’s voice, she sounded pretty bummed about something.”
    “Yes…I can feel it; the overwhelming power I felt earlier when they all arrived at once as diminished,” Edmund said. “I feel…the only one left…should be Carmillamon.”

    Isole Frost

    Carmillamon and I lay on the bed in blissful silence, cuddled in each other’s arms.

    “Isole…I am glad to have you in my life,” Carmillamon whispered.

    “…And I you,” I replied. “Oh…I almost forgot…Now that we’re together, Carmillamon…I suppose this means I’m in the Cyllenian Imperial Army, right?”

    “Not exactly, my love,” Carmillamon said. “It’s true that we answer to King Desmond, but we still aren’t part of the Imperial Army. But…well, it’s a bit of a secret, but I alone answer to the Duchess of a neighboring kingdom, Eris.”

    “Eris? I…I’ve never heard of her,” I whispered.

    “That doesn’t surprise me. She’s the younger sister of King Desmond, but she prefers to keep something of a…low profile.” Carmillamon looked deep into my eyes. “Wanna know a secret?”

    “Always.” Carmillamon slowly ran her tongue across her upper lip.

    “Well…Since I am among the few that Duchess Eris herself trusts, she told me something rather…intriguing…”

    “C’mon, what’s the secret? Tell me already!” I giggled.

    “Well…Eris told me that she has plans for…dethroning King Desmond,” Carmillamon whispered. My heart nearly skipped a beat.


    “Yes…however, she feels that if this information got out, things could turn out pretty bad for her. She supports King Desmond’s conquest for this shoddy continent; she just wants it to belong to her. However, since she does support the war effort…If word got out about how she plans to dethrone Desmond…well, needless to say, it would be pretty dire for her. Soldiers wouldn’t listen to her, there would be mass rioting in the streets; there wouldn’t be anyone for her to depend on to continue the war. Cyllene could easily fall to ruins, sort of like Mandala Island many hundreds of years ago.”

    “…I see…That is…intriguing,” I said.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 52 - Grimoire Number 25

    Isole Frost

    “…They should be here soon,” I said, nestling my head against Carmillamon’s chest.


    “My fr…my old friends,” I said. “We’re together now…remember? We should expect them to try their hardest to tear me away from you…”

    “Well, I won’t let that happen,” Carmillamon said, gently running her fingers through my hair. “I won’t let anyone take you away from me…ever!”

    Yeah…I’m sure…

    “Should we prepare ourselves?” Carmillamon asked.

    “I suppose we should…” Carmillamon kissed me on the forehead, and climbed out of bed. I watched her carefully until I was certain that she had left the room. As quickly and quietly as I could, I too climbed out of bed and reached underneath it. Ah, there it is! I gently wrapped my fingers around the worn leather spine of a dusty book, and pulled it out from under the bed. “The Grimoires of B…..mon Volume 25: Carmillamon.” It was an old book, and many of the words were nearly worn away; I couldn’t even make out who wrote this book. But as I opened it, my heart sang with relief as I saw that the contents were perfectly legible. “Let’s see…Oh, there’s a prologue; The Birth of the Demon…”

    Now, before we begin, I would like to point out that it is substantially more difficult to conjure a demon of the opposite sex; this is mainly due to the fact that conjuring demons requires one to use, or rather, sacrifice, a part of their own soul. Now, obviously, it is different for me, for those of you who read my first volume.

    First volume…where could that be? I thought. Could whoever wrote these gramayre be the one who’s controlling everything…? Or…no, wait; where did that thought even come from? Someone trying to control everything; I must be tired still…I flipped through the pages of the book, looking for some useful information. “Let’s see…Chapter 2; Laura’s Temptation…Wait, that was the attack Carmillamon used!”

    Carmillamon was born rather differently from my other female demons. Of course, that was because there was no other way for me to first bring this species into existence. In my more early years, I met a Human woman who went by the name ‘Laura.’ Laura and I were something akin to a couple, but of course, as you might know by now, I am incapable of feeling anything. But that did not stop Laura from feeling anything towards me. And that feeling…was love. Oh, she was a good-looking lass, but I am incapable of feeling emotions of any sort. She loved me. She craved me. Her lust for me was beginning to hinder my plans…so I decided to use her to my advantage. Of course, she did not object. Why would she? Those inflicted by the curse of lust are forever doomed to do the bidding of whoever their sin has them enraptured with. And so, the basis of Carmillamon began. From myself, I removed just over a gallon of blood (as I am a Digimon, such a thing would not endanger my life), as per the requirements of the ritual. I ordered her to drink it. I ordered her to drink until her belly ached, and to continue drinking through the pain. And drink, she did. Every last drop of blood I presented to her went past her lips, and with her belly fattened and pouring out from her unbuttoned shirt, she laid back and gently rubbed it. And I began the ritual. The blood that was crammed into her round belly intertwined with her own blood, and thus the transformation began. Laura was no more. Where she lay was an Ultimate level Digimon nearly identical to her. There were a few differences here and there, naturally; her skin had gone from the regular and plain soft pink to a pale color with the slightest hint of green. Her eyes were now red, and slits, like an angered Guilmon. She wore a maroon dress, and her fingernails had lengthened into sharpened claws, and were painted red. Carmillamon rose from the altar of mists and gazed at me with a dreamy look on her face. She still loved me, even though she was transformed into a completely different individual altogether. And so I killed her. Such an emotion would have become an even greater hurdle in my quest. But with the first Carmillamon killed, the newest species I had created would now be free to be born, Digivolved into or from, and to live.

    “…Nothing that will really help me,” I grumbled. “C’mon…I need better information! Wait…Chapter 13; The Fall of the Temptress. This is it!”

    Now, you might be wondering; why did I create such a Digimon as Carmillamon? I have no need for love, nor am I able to experience it. But I do know that others can experience it. I know that others do have a need for love. Carmillamon was created with the intention of using such desires to my own advantage. As you may recall from Chapter 2, Laura was required to gorge herself on a gallon of my own blood. That, according to my spellbook, was the requirement for creating an Ultimate level Virus type Digimon in the manner that I did. Yes, Carmillamon is a Virus Digimon, and a Fallen Angel at that; so, it should go without saying that Carmillamon as a species is an evil Digimon. But, like other beings who can feel, she is not without faults. As love is the Carmillamon’s greatest weapon, so it is that it is also her greatest weakness. Her ‘secret’ attack, Laura’s Temptation, forces others to fall in love with her, be they man or woman, Human or Digimon. Those enamored with Carmillamon will do what she says without question. However, there is also the chance that the one under the spell of Carmillamon will have Carmillamon drawn to them instead. In that case, if they are a being of goodness, an Angel Digimon perchance, then Carmillamon too will become a being of goodness. And so we come to the main point of the final chapter of this Grimoire numbered 25; how to end the life of Carmillamon. Carmillamon is a vampiric Digimon, meaning she is, for all practical purposes, immortal. However, I must confess to you that there is no such thing as immortality, and thus, even those blessed (or cursed) with the title of immortal have their weakness, and can die or be killed. This holds true with Carmillamon. However, should there be someone who is under the curse of Laura’s Temptation, let it be known that they are the only ones capable of ending Carmillamon’s life, and it is only at these times when Carmillamon’s life is vulnerable. Recall, reader, if you will, Chapter 2 once again, when Laura was required to drink my blood to bring Carmillamon into existence. Laura’s belly swelled and expanded with each passing second, which then became a hint for me as how to end the life of a Carmillamon. My blood, which rests at the pit of Carmillamon’s belly, is the essence of her life force. Should this blood be expelled from her, her life would be ended immediately.

    “…That’s all there is too it, huh?” I closed the book, and quietly slid it back underneath the bed. “I knew that she was immortal…But a cut to the belly is all that’ll take to kill her? Not even a shot to the head ’ll work. Huh. No big deal. This is why I always carry a knife…”

    “Isole.” I gasped, and looked up. Carmillamon stood, wet and naked, standing in the bedroom doorway with a towel in her hands.


    “They’re here. Your old friends have found us,” Carmillamon said. “I saw a couple of them through the shower window. They’re ready to fight. Get ready, my love.”

    “…Yes. Of course…my love,” I whispered.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 53 - Blood Dawn

    Isole Frost

    The golden sun hung low in the deep crimson sky, surrounded by feathery clouds of amethyst. Carmillamon and I stood, side by side, and faced down my friends. Each and every one of my friends that accompanied me to Shendu Territory stood, waiting for us to move. I held my spellbook in hand, and held tight the dagger secured at my waist in my other hand, and eyed Carmillamon carefully.

    Not yet…I need to wait just a little longer, I thought. She can still see me; if I tried to attack her now, I wouldn’t have a chance. She could easily kill me, or…If the “spell” on me is broken and cast on another, cast successfully…we may lose our only chance to defeat her! Hmm…come to think of it, I still don’t understand why I wasn’t affected by Laura’s Temptation; maybe she was still a bit out of whack over Analetta’s death or something? I dunno…

    “I hope you weren’t expecting to win!” Carmillamon said. “Together…my lover and I are invincible!”

    “Yes; I told the others about the nature of your attack,” Edmund said. “Isole is your unwilling slave; a puppet for you to use as you see fit.”

    “Close, but…with a bit of difference.” Carmillamon placed her hand gently on my shoulder. “The two of us are in love. We are both equals. There is no manipulation whatsoever.”

    “You will be destroyed!” Lucia yelled. “We will all vanquish you, and bring Isole back to where she belongs!”

    “I will never let that happen! Shattered Dreams!”

    “Andromon, reload!” Ulysses held up his Fusion Loader. A bright light shone, and the Android Digimon materialized in front of Lucia.

    “Prepared for this, I was,” Andromon said. “A heart, I have none. Your attacks…hurt me, they will not.”

    “Yes, I remember,” Carmillamon snapped. “But your slow attacks can’t hit me! So…we’re back to square one again, huh?”

    “But can you dodge attacks from all of us at once?” Mihiramon growled.

    “…Maybe.” Carmillamon bit her lip, and a small trickle of blood poured out. “Right, Isole?”

    “…Whatever you say,” I said, avoiding her eyes. Almost…just a little closer…Ah, fuck it. I slowly walked over to Carmillamon, and gently placed my arms around her shoulders. “You can do it…I know you can…”

    “Thank you, Isole,” Carmillamon whispered seductively.

    “…Actually…that was a lie.” I removed my dagger from my belt, and quickly slashed it across her belly. Carmillamon looked back at me in shock, and blood came spilling from her mouth and stomach. “The blood of your creator sits in your belly…If that blood is spilled, you lose your life.”


    “From the very beginning…I was planning on this,” I said. Carmillamon clutched her belly, and fell to her knees. “I wanted to get any information I could from you. I knew you were immortal if someone was under the influence of Laura’s Temptation, so I also wanted to find out a way to stop you. Imagine my surprise when I figured out that I was the only one who could kill you.”

    “But…why…? I…loved you…Isole…”

    “And that’s all there was to it. I found that book under your bed, and read it while you were in the shower. From there, all I had to do is slit your belly and free the blood of your creator.”

    “…My…creator? Who…who is it?” Carmillamon gasped. “I’ve read that book…I’ve read it…many times…But who…wrote it? Do you…know? Does…anybody?”
    “I don’t know. But I’m glad I found it,” I said. “Now…die.”

    “…No…no!” Carmillamon tried to force herself up, but I kicked her across the face and back down to the ground. A few seconds later, her data disappeared, and was gone forever.

    “Isole…what just happened?!” Lucia asked.

    “…Sorry I left like that, Luci — M…Mother,” I stuttered. “But it was just as I said. I’d heard of Carmillamon before, and I knew before we came here that she would be immortal if anyone was under the trance of Laura’s Temptation. I needed to figure out how to kill her…and to find out anything else I could about the Cyllenian Invasion.”

    “Well, why didn’t her attack work on you, then?” Sparrow asked. I shrugged.

    “I’m just as surprised as you lot; I figure it might’ve been because she was still mourning over Analetta, so her powers or whatever were off-kilter or something. I dunno, but the important thing is that it didn’t affect me.”

    “The important thing, young lady, is that you scared me half to death!” Lucia exclaimed. “I…I was so worried about you…You went off with that…that monster! I almost…gave up hope on finding you…”

    “Well, if we’re being honest here, I did a little more than ‘go off’ with her,” I said, laughing nervously.

    “OOOooo…like what?” Sparrow asked.

    “Well…I have a feeling I might have said too much already…”

    “ISOLE DELBRAY, DID YOU SLEEP WITH THAT DIGIMON?!” Lucia screamed. Sparrow, Alicia, and Mihiramon were both attempting to stifle their laughter, but were failing miserably. Siebold didn’t even try to hide his amusement, and was rolling on the ground in a fit of laughter. Eleanora placed her hands over Matthew’s ears. Zelda’s face was a deep scarlet. Flamedramon, however, had the usual look of boredom on his face.



    “Well…we didn’t really take off all of our clothes…”

    “I like where this is going,” Sparrow said, shortly before Lucia kicked him in the shins.

    “Jeez, relax, mother; I kept my panties on at least!”

    “Hurray for mental imagery!” Sparrow exclaimed, shortly before Lucia punched him in the groin.

    “So…you didn’t…you know…”

    “You didn’t screw her, didja?” Flamedramon asked. Abigail elbowed him in the ribs with a disapproving look on her face.

    “No, I did not have sex with Carmillamon, and yes, I am still a virgin, and yes, I look both ways before crossing the street! Happy now?”

    “…A bit of trivial information at the end there…but I guess that drives the point home,” Edmund said.

    “But…she saw you naked?!” Lucia exclaimed.

    “Lucky slut,” Sparrow groaned from the ground.

    “Oh, relax; my chest is flatter than Matthew’s! Er, no offence there, uh, buddy…”

    “None taken,” Matthew shrugged.

    “…Don’t scare me like that again, Isole. Do you hear me? I know I’ve said this more than enough times, but you are my daughter. I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

    “Is that why you replaced my last name with yours?” I asked.


    “Earlier…didn’t you notice? You called me Isole Delbray,” I said. “My last name is Frost, remember? A last name to match my icy personality?”

    “I’m sorry…I didn’t notice…”

    “No harm done. I was thinking of changing my last name to Delbray anyway.”

    “Why? Frost is the last name your family gave you…”

    “But you’re my family, Lucia. My parents were killed before I could ever meet them, and you’ve raised me ever since. My birth parents are just faceless strangers. But, hey, enough with all the mushy crap; I got some good info from Carmillamon a few hours ago.”

    “What did you hear?” Ulysses asked.

    “I dunno if it’s true or not, but apparently, Desmond’s younger sister, Eris, is a duchess of a neighboring area, and from what I was told, Eris is planning on finding a way to dethrone Desmond.”

    “…She means to take his power?!” Flamedramon asked.

    “There’s a bit more to it than that,” I continued. “If this information were to get out on Cyllene, then it would be pretty bad for Eris; she’d lose all her allies, and all of her soldiers would vanish.”

    “How would that help us?” Ulysses asked.

    “I can answer that, sir, if I may,” Alena said. Ulysses gave the young knight a nod of approval. “Currently, Eris is the Duchess of the kingdom of Erigor, and is one of the few allies that King Desmond of Cyllene has. Her knights take up a large portion of the Imperial Army; so, if her soldiers were to desert her, then Desmond’s army would lose a great deal of manpower…roughly one or two fifths are not from Erigor, I believe.”

    “It’s also been said that the knights of Erigor are not only a large portion of the overall Imperial Army, but also some of its greatest and more powerful knights,” Siebold added.

    “I see…So it would be both wise and prudent for us to leak this information when we travel to Cyllene,” Ulysses said.
    “But…how will we get there?” Eleanora asked. All of us fell silent.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 54 - King's Spear Shrine

    Lucia Delbray

    “How will we get to Cyllene?” Eleanora asked.

    “By ship,” Isole replied bluntly.

    “Well, not shit; but where in the Seven Hells are we going to find this bloody ship?” Siebold asked.

    “Even if we Digimon were to wait in Ulysses’ Fusion Loader, it would still need to be a fairly large ship for this big a group,” Leopardmon mused.

    “…There…might be a way,” Flamedramon said quietly.

    “What is it, honey?” Abigail asked.


    “Pirates?!” I gasped. “Wait…you don’t mean the Thanatos Bandits, do you?! The enemy we all spend our day-to-day lives fighting?! You’re thinking of asking them for help?!”

    “Do you have a better idea?” Flamedramon asked. “Their main group deserted the mountains long ago, and set up base here in Shendu Territory, and they are in possession of a good number of ships, some of which are surely more than large enough to hold all of us and then some.”

    “…No. We will not work with those monsters!” I yelled.

    “Enough, Lucia!” Ulysses demanded. “Flamedramon…is right. We have no other choice. We must…ask them for help.”

    “Now, we will go to where they reside. The King’s Spear shrine.”

    Acacia City
    Shendu Territory
    30 Minutes

    This is the first time I’ve been to Acacia. The capital city of Shendu Territory…It really is as big as they say…if not bigger! Just how does the boss know where he’s going? Even if he’s been here before, this place is…too damn big!

    “…This really brings back memories,” I heard Zelda whisper.

    “Oh, you mean back when Lilithmon was still alive?” Abigail asked.

    “Yes…Luna and…and Thomas were both with me at the time,” Zelda answered. “We were looking for a Horcrux at the bottom of the ocean, and we were fighting a Gesomon who Digivolved into a red MarineDevimon. Tommy was blinded by Gesomon’s attack, so he wasn’t able to help…”

    “So…didja spend any time at the beach?” Abigail asked, playfully nudging Zelda’s shoulder with her elbow.

    “…Y…Yes…” Zelda’s face turned a deep red.

    “Did he get to see you in your swimsuit?” Abigail whispered. Zelda lowered her head, hiding her face in her golden hair.

    …Abigail seems…so carefree, even with all that’s going on. How does she do it? Her son and her husband are here with her, and she’s still all right! My “daughter” is here, but I’m scared out of my mind over her safety! Well, I guess Edmund and Flamedramon can handle themselves in a fight, I guess; in fact, they’re probably our best fighters, now that I think about it. But Isole…if she were to get separated from us…I don’t even want to think about it…

    “We’re almost at the shrine, everyone,” Ulysses said. “We’re at the northern outskirts of Acacia, and the shine is probably less than a minute or so away.” Sure enough, like the boss said, as we left the city, the stone shrine could be seen rising high out of the earth, molded by weather and seemingly purposely chiseled into a vast and regal construction that almost appeared to shine and glow a rich ambery gold in the early afternoon sun. A pure blue stream of water trickled out from the entrance of the shrine, widening as it furthered itself from the cavern.

    “…This is where the Ambrosia River begins its life,” I whispered, speaking to no one in particular.

    “And from it…from the pure, blue water, many new lives are born,” Ulysses said. “Fish Digimon like Swimmon are born in the pure water of Ambrosia. They, in turn, are consumed by Humans and Digimon, providing life energy to those who feed on them. In turn, we will die, and provide nourishment for the soil and plants.” Our group entered the shrine, and we were all enshrouded in darkness. Further in, there was an opening in the ceiling where the sun’s light shone through.

    “The great circle of life…One is all, and all is one,” Edmund whispered.

    “We should stay quiet,” Flamedramon said. “We should try to find them before they find us.” The Armor level suddenly stopped in his tracks. “…Although…we might already be too late…”

    “…You’re right. I can smell them coming,” Abigail agreed.

    “You mean the bandits?” I asked. “They’re coming?”

    “No mistaking it,” Abigail said. “They’re stench is unmistakable; it’s worse than a Raremon, and that’s definitely saying something.” Abigail pulled out her Bio Link Digivice, and looked to the shadowed walls of the shrine. “Stay close, Eddie; mommy will protect you.”

    “Mother, I’m a grown man!” Edmund whined. The sound of several quiet footsteps echoed through the shrine. The fur on Mihiramon’s neck stood up on ends.
    I guess they’ve found us! Several figures stepped out of the shadows, each one a Human bearing a weapon.

    “…To have found us…you must have known about our location.” The visible figures knelt down and bowed to the hidden speaker. A large Human stepped out from the shadows now, and was followed by an even larger Digimon. Torches lining the walls of the shrine instantly lit up, showing the face of the approaching bandit. The Digimon was a Vikemon, and the Human was a bandit I had hoped I would never see again.


    “Huh? Oh, so you remember me, do ya?” The man was missing his left arm, and his left leg was a peg leg. His left eye was covered by an eyepatch. “Good to see ya ‘gain, sweetheart. Now…where’s that purdy friend of yers? That tiny one with the blue ‘air?”

    “Lucia, who is this man?” Sparrow asked. “And who is he talking about? Lilliana, or Larraine?”

    “This man…is the leader of the Thanatos Bandits,” I said through clenched teeth. “His name is…Barbossa Thanatos. He was speaking…of Larraine.”

    “Yes…Larraine was her name! Is she not among your big group, Lucia?!” Barbossa asked.

    “…She is far away from you. Somewhere where you can no longer touch her,” I said.

    “I see…Well, when next you see her, tell her I thank her…FOR MAKING ME LOOK LIKE THIS!” Barbossa tore off his eyepatch, revealing a sickening wound where his eye had once been. The large bandit pulled a rather large scimitar from his belt, and swung it at me, barely missing my neck.

    “This bullcrap again, huh?!” I retrieved my pendulum axe from the sheath strapped around Mihiramon and held it up to protect myself from another of Barbossa’s attacks. “Everyone, stay back! I’m taking him out myself!”

    “Huh…sure didn’t have that there axe last time I tried to rape yer friend!” I swung my weapon at Barbossa, who was able to doge quite well in spite of his peg leg. “Now…lemme cut dem buttons offa yer shirt!” Once more, Barbossa swung his blade, and once again, I held up my axe to protect myself. The moment the two weapons connected, Barbossa raised his left leg and jammed the peg deep into my belly.


    “No…stay back…Isole,” I said, gasping for breath while doing my best to dodge Barbossa’s scimitar. “I told you…all of you…that I’ll kick his ass on my own! For what he almost did to Larraine!” Barbossa swung again, and though my head and neck were spared, the scimitar tor through the top of my left shoulder. It was painful, but I took the predicted opportunity to swing my pendulum axe at Barbossa’s peg leg, slicing it cleanly in two. A look of anger and shock spread across the face of the head bandit as he fell to the ground on his ass. I held my axe to his neck. “Checkmate…you dirty old bastard!”

    “Lucia, don’t kill him!” Ulysses said sternly.

    “Yeah…I know,” I said sadly.

    “…Why’re you lot not killin’ me, huh?” Barbossa asked. “It’s the goodest chance yeh got, right?”

    “No; we aren’t going to kill you. At least…not yet,” Ulysses replied grimly.

    “Um…if it’s all right, I’d like to ask him something first,” Mia said.

    “…That’s fine. I have a feeling it’s a question I’d like to ask as well. Go ahead, my dear,” Ulysses said.

    “…Um…Mr. Thanatos, sir? You said that you lost your limbs and eye because of Larraine,” Mia said, speaking in a meek and timid voice. “But…Larraine’s just a dancer, so…how could she have done that to you?”

    “Well, darlin’, ‘fraid I don’t know how she did,” Barbossa sighed. “All I saw was…a flash of blue light…blue as the sky, like ‘er ‘air.”

    “You deserved all the pain in the world for what you almost did to her!” I yelled. Barbossa shrugged his only shoulder.

    “Won’t argue with you there, darlin. But…let down your guard, and I’d try it again in a ‘eartbeat.” Barbossa grinned a nauseating smile, filled with yellowed and missing teeth.

    “…What happened…on that day?” Ulysses asked. “How did Larraine tear your limbs? That girl probably weighs less than your sword. How?!”

    “…Yer the boss of this here group, ain’t ya?” Barbossa asked. “You sure you wanna hear how I just about raped dem lasses?”

    “I wish only to hear how such a tiny girl was able to harm you. That is all,” Ulysses replied.

    “…Fine. I’ll tell ya…But you ain’t gonna like it. It was about ten years ago…”

    It was a dark and stormy night. Ten years ago, when I was in Valencia Territory, I came across that dancer, Larraine. She was soaking wet in the rain, but she didn’t seem the least bit disturbed, kinda happy actually. She still had a bit of sand on her from the desert, so I guess she just came up from Cyprus. She didn’t see me coming. I had her pinned to the ground in less than a second. She looked up at me, and screamed. She screamed, and tried to struggle away, but she were too bony an’ weak to get up. She screamed louder and louder, and suddenly, Lucia came, ridin’ in on her pet tiger; but me pal Vikemon, when ‘e were just a wee little Zudomon, knocked ‘em both away, and another pall o’ mine tried to have his way with her. That was when it happened. Larraine began ta glow in a light blue…well, light. That light were blindin’, and I couldn’t see nothin’. I could feel somethin’ hit me, ya know? Couldn’t see what, couldn’t even tell what it was, but it felt like claws or somethin’. When that damn light faded, I wound up like I am now; missin’ my left arm and leg, and me eye were torn out.

    “…That night…that was the night I first met Larraine,” I said, shivering at the memory.

    “…A bright blue light,” Zelda whispered. “Bright blue…who else had that glow? Who…”

    “I’m afraid dat’s all the intel I got for ya’s,” Barbossa sighed. “That blue light’s the only thing I kin remember.”

    “…I’ll ask her of this when we return,” Ulysses mumbled.

    “Don’t bother; I’ve tried asking her a few times, but she doesn’t remember a thing,” I said.

    “But…how did you not bleed to death?” Isole asked. “An arm and a leg, your eye…You could have bled to death in minutes!”

    “Yeah, I almost would’ve, if that guy hadn’t saved me when ‘e started livin’ in me shadow,” Barbossa said. Zelda gasped.

    “…In you shadow?!” Zelda exclaimed. “Is…By any chance, is his name…IceDevimon?!”

    “So…yeh know of ‘im too, do ya?” Barbossa asked.

    “IceDevimon?! Just how long has that bastard been alive?!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    “You’ve seen him, too?” Zelda asked.

    “A month or two ago, he, Matthew, and their Digimon had a fight with him at the Trillium Mountains,” Ulysses said. Zelda had an exceedingly troubled expression on her face.

    “…One of my Digimon Spirits killed him over five hundred years ago…Was he reborn so quickly?”

    “Well, whatever. Now that I’ve told ya my story, I think it’s ‘bout time you tell me why yer here,” Barbossa said. “I don’t think ya’ came here to ask me ‘bout that lovely young gal. Why’d ya come ‘ere to us?”

    “…We need your help,” Ulysses said. Barbossa’s eye widened.

    “…Me ‘elp?! Waddya want me help fer?!” Barbossa exclaimed. “Yeh lot barge inna ‘ere, break me fake leg an’ kick me arse, and then yeh ask for me ‘elp?!”

    “…You haven’t said no,” Edmond said. Barbossa bit his lip, and remained silent. Ulysses sighed, and approached the bandit leader.

    “Barbossa. Are you aware of the continent Cyllene across the ocean to the west?”

    “Yeh think me dumb cuz imma bloody bandit?! …I could never forget…what dem bastards did fifteen years ago…” Barbossa clenched his fist. “Me daughter…not me actual daughter, mind ye, but a wee lass that joined our group. All of us refrained from touchin’ ‘er hurtin’ the gal, an’ we came teh love the lass. But then…those bastards from Cyllene came over…They found us, and we fought ‘em. But that lass…‘er name was Ansley…dem bastards…they killed her. I…I did me best to protect ‘er, but…I just weren’t strong enough. I’d heard they’d be takin’ wee dames as slaves ‘er prisoners er somethin’…but dey killed ‘er. I almost wish dey’d ‘ve taken ‘er…I dunno now. Never will…” As the bandit spoke, I noticed the look in his eye. I could see tears begin to form. Unexpectedly, I felt a tinge of sadness. I sat down on the shrine floor next to Barbossa.

    “…Barbossa…that girl, over there…” I pointed at Isole. “She’s…my daughter. Not by birth, but I’ve raised her like I would a daughter. So, I…I can kind of understand how you might be feeling…”

    “…The lot of us…we’d all take turns combin’ ‘er purdy red hair…She had such a cute smile, ya know? To make sure dem other bandits didn’t touch ‘er, we marked her with our group’s tattoo, on ‘er right arm…She…had a good time with us, pillagin’ an’ killin’ an’ all that stuff…And then…and then those bastards came, an’ they…they took it all away. They cut ‘er throat right before me eyes…”

    “Barbossa…those are the very same bastards we’re going to fight,” I said. “Please…take us across the ocean to Cyllene; you can get revenge for Ansley…”

    “…No. I can’t do it.”

    “What do you mean?!” I shouted.

    “I’m a bandit…I ain’t a pirate. Bandits pillage on land, pirates be at sea. I ain’t got no ships, anyway…And I ain’t got no right to avenge dat sweet lass. I…couldn’t even protect ‘er. I ain’t goin’ with ya’. Now…leave…Get outta here!”

    “…Fine. We’ll go.” I stood up, and faced my numerous allies. “…Let’s go, guys.” Without looking directly into the faces of any of them, I walked to the exit of the shrine.

    “What should we do?” Mihiramon asked, following after me out of the shrine.

    “They don’t want to help us, and they’re not even able to,” Ulysses said. “Well, now…this is a bit of a problem…” I looked back at the King’s Spear Shrine, and sighed. At that moment, a large figure emerged from the mouth of the shrine.

    “…Vikemon? Why did you follow us?” I asked.

    “I was told to give you some information by my partner, Barbossa,” the huge Mega responded. “But…I feel like that would be no fun at all. If any one of you can defeat me in a fight…I will tell you what you wish to know.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 55 - The Pirate Queen


    “So, what’ll it be?” Vikemon asked. “Will yeh fight me? Or will ya puss out? I’ve gots good info for ya; be a right shame if yeh let it go ta waste, yeah?”

    Vikemon’s…so big…and he’s a Mega. Can any of us…win? Maybe Flamedramon…I looked up, just in time to see Leopardmon stepping forward.

    “So…yeh think yeh got what it takes to take me out?” Vikemon asked.

    “Leopardmon, are you certain?” Alena asked. “He looks pretty strong…”

    “Do you desire any assistance?” Ulysses asked.

    “…No. I will be fine, all on my own,” Leopardmon said.

    “Enough talk; now, we fight! Arctic Blizzard!” Vikemon rammed his fists together, and layers upon layers of sharpened spikes, made entirely of ice, rushed towards the Exalted Knight.

    “Extinction Wave!” As Leopardmon swung his rapier, his attack tore through Vikemon’s, shattering the ice and striking the Beast Man directly in the chest. “Black Aura Blast!”

    “Mjollnir!” Before Leopardmon could attack, Vikemon tossed one of his morning stars at the knight, striking him in the face and knocking him to the ground. “Viking Flare!” Vikemon jumped onto Leopardmon, and began pummeling Leopardmon in the face with his remaining morning star. Leopardmon held up his sword just as Vikemon swung once again. The two weapons collided, and both flew out of their owner’s hands. Vikemon let out a roar, and began vigorously punching Leopardmon in the face.

    “Leopardmon!” Alena exclaimed, running to the Exalted Knight. Vikemon aimed one more punch at Leopardmon, and at that moment, stone pillars burst through the ground, throwing Vikemon into the air. “…Leopardmon?”

    “He’s…changed,” I said. “Did he…Digivolve?”

    “…No. What I did…was a simple Mode Change,” Leopardmon said, climbing back onto four feet. “Now…I am in my Leopard Mode.” Vikemon finally landed on the ground, and glared furiously at Leopardmon. “Did you enjoy my Skyscraper attack?”

    “You cheap bastard,” Vikemon said, breathing heavily.

    “Blockade!” Leopardmon vanished, and seconds later, blood came spilling out of Vikemon from nearly every place on his body. Leopardmon reappeared, standing before us in his original forme, and Vikemon fell backwards to the ground. “…You’d best stand down. The damage is not as bad as it feels, so you’ll be fine. Don’t push me to fight you any further, or you will not survive.”

    “…Pheh! Well done…knight,” Vikemon muttered. “Very well…the info I gots…South from Acacia…not too far…is a small fishin’ town goin’ by the name a’ Thalia. When ya gets there, look for the Pirate Queen.”

    “The Pirate Queen? What’s her name?” I asked.

    “…Dunno. She ain’t one ta consort with bandits,” Vikemon said. “She’s a good sort, though. Always protectin’ all she can from other pirates and bandits. She’ll help ya’s.”

    “And you’re certain of this?” Leopardmon asked, pointing his sword at Vikemon’s face.

    “Dem’s da words I’s told by me pal,” Vikemon said. “She be a real lass, though; I’s not makin’ ‘er up. Dunno if she’s there at the moment, but she be willin’ to take ya’s. No doubts.”

    “…Thank you, Vikemon,” I said.

    “Don’t be thankin’ me, now. It be my pal ‘o tell me to tell ya this.” Vikemon stood back up, and walked back into the shrine, and disappeared into darkness.
    “…Thalia’s not too far away from here,” Ulysses said. “Let’s go. We need to get this all over with as soon as we are able to.


    Thalia was about everything you could expect from a fishing town. Built halfway over the ocean and consisting of many wooden docks and stone bridges. Many Humans, and a few Digimon, stood still and patiently over the water, each and every one holding a fishing rod, and waiting patiently for their targets to take the bait. The peaceful sound of a slowly moving river could be heard above the occasional conversation between fishermen. My stomach churned from the near-overwhelming scent of dead fish.

    Well, I suppose I always did have an aversion to fish…

    “…I don’t see any large ships around here,” Lucia said.

    “Jeez, the smell of all this fish is gonna make me puke!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    Oh, no…

    “Yeah, that’s pretty common for out-of-towners,” an elderly man said. “All of us grew up here, so we’re all used to the smell of rotting flesh, heh heh heh!” I felt a surge of dizziness, and gently gripped my belly.

    “Really? I think it smells quite nice,” Mihiramon commented.

    “…You have problems, man,” Flamedramon said.

    “Excuse me, good sir, but we happen to be looking for somebody,” Ulysses said.

    “Oh, you lot are lookin’ for the Pirate Queen too, eh?”

    “How did you—”

    “If you’ve come to visit Thalia, there can be no other reason than to seek the aid of her,” the man said. “See that small peninsula sticking out into the sea? Her Majesty can usually be found there, through a cavern. On the other side, her great ship rests.”

    “I see. You have our thanks, good sir,” Ulysses said.

    “And you all don’t have to worry; her home of choice smells nothing of fish.”

    Oh, thank the Goddess…

    “That is…good to know,” Ulysses said. “Thank you, sir.” I looked up at the peninsula the man spoke of. It was a great rock formation, clearly formed through natural means. There was a thin layer of green atop it, and from a distance, I could make out a tree or two. “Let’s get going, everyone; and pray that she’ll help us…” Ulysses looked back at all of us for a moment. “…Zelda, why don’t you and Flamedramon come with me? I don’t wish to crowd the Pirate Queen in that small cavern; it looks to be quite a bit smaller than King’s Spear.”

    “Yes, sir,” I said, quietly following after Flamedramon.

    “Don’t screw it up. But hey; no pressure,” AeroVeedramon sighed.

    I wonder what this Pirate Queen will be like. Will she be like Lucia, or Dianamon perhaps? I thought, walking into the cavern.

    “Who goes there?” a stern, but calm voice asked, echoing rather quietly through the cavern.

    “Is this the dwelling of the Pirate Queen?” Ulysses asked.

    “…Who wants to know?”

    “Look, will you just come out already?! I think it’s pretty damn obvious you’re the so called ‘queen’ of pirates!” Flamedramon shouted.

    “…Very well said, Digimon.” The voice laughed, and its owner stepped out from behind a stone pillar. The woman that spoke was not exactly what I expected. She was rather tall, but had a slender and almost petit frame, and had long blonde hair. In her hand, she held a massive tomahawk that looked like it could have weighed more than its owner, and she had a huge scar running across her belly. Her manner of speaking was vastly different from that of the bandits we had spoken to earlier today; she spoke in a clear voice, and each word that passed from her lips was enunciated perfectly. “I am indeed the Pirate Queen, as many desire to call me. My name is Karen Swan. Have you come here seeking aid?”

    “You…might say that,” Ulysses said. “I am Ulysses Melchett, the current leader of Lachesis.”

    “Lachesis…Yeah, I’ve heard of you lot,” Karen smiled. She slowly walked up to us, still smiling. “You kill Thanatos Bandits for a living, don’t you?”

    “Yes, that is our…forte, I guess you could say. These are among my oldest, bravest, and strongest companions, Flamedramon, and Zelda Kasuto.”

    “…Old, huh?” Karen asked, gazing at me with a single ruby eye, the other of which was hidden by a tuft of her blonde hair. “Yeah, I can see your Mark there, sweet. Must’ve had a rough life before joining this lot, eh?”

    “Um…I…guess so,” I said.

    “Well, aren’t you a cute little thing? Don’t worry, sweet; I’m not going to hurt you,” Karen chuckled. “So, what is it you lot desire, then? You need some help cutting down a few Thanatos cunts?”

    “No, that is not our current problem,” Flamedramon said. “Although, it was a Thanatos who directed us to you.” Karen raised an eyebrow at Flamedramon’s comment.

    “Miss Swan…we need you to take us across the ocean to Cyllene,” Ulysses said. Karen stared blankly at him.

    “…So…those bastards are starting to act up again, are they?”

    “We’ve heard that your ship might be large enough to carry all of the allies we brought with us,” Ulysses continued. “We’ll be able to pay you up front if you desire…”

    “Tell me…you plan on fighting them, right?” Karen asked.

    “Of course we do!” Flamedramon shouted, a small flame twisting around his body.

    “…Pay me after you’ve taken those bastards out,” Karen said. “You won’t be able to pay me if you die. That should be enough incentive for you all to come back here alive.”

    “I see. Fair enough,” Ulysses said. “We have twenty Humans among us, and—”
    “You don’t need to worry about numbers. My ship’s big enough to store a few Whamon, you know?” Karen asked. “I’ll only need a few minutes to get everything ready to go; I keep supplies and the like on the ship just in case I need to leave on a moment’s notice. Bring the rest of your friends to the end of this cave when you’re all ready to go.”


    “Barbossa…how’re you holding up?” I asked.

    “I’s gettin’ old, Vike,” my master replied. “Maybe…it be time for me to retire…I’m runnin’ low on…energy…”

    “Barbossa, are you okay?!” I gasped. In the fraction of a second, Barbossa’s skin turned a ghastly white. “Barbossa!”

    Now, now, my loyal servant. There is no need for you to be alarmed.

    “W—Who said that?!” I asked. “Who are you?!”

    Have you forgotten me already…Zudomon?” The shadow underneath Barbossa extended, and from it a Digimon emerged.

    “Are…are you IceDevimon?”

    “…What a shame. I was hoping you’d at least remember my appearance, Vikemon,” the Digimon said. “Whatever. Yes, I am IceDevimon. In your previous lifetime — and I guess mine as well — you worked for me as a Zudomon. Do you not remember hunting for the Diadem of Spiritual Balance in Nymphaea Province? Do you not remember Asuramon or Parrotmon?” I stared down at IceDevimon. “…Do you fear for this man’s life, Vikemon?”

    “…Course I do! He’s my…partner…”

    “Well, you don’t need to fear any longer, for he has no more life in him. He died the moment I left his soul.” I glared at the Champion, but I stopped myself from charging at him. I noticed myself trembling.

    What is…this? He’s smaller than me…and he’s a Champion! But…I don’t feel like I can beat ‘im…

    “You are correct,” IceDevimon said. I gasped. “Apologies. Did I forget to mention that I’m a mind reader? I forget to sometimes.” I took a step back.

    “…Why did you kill him?!” I asked. “You saved him ten years ago…why did you kill him?!”

    “…In my previous life, I was in a similar situation,” IceDevimon said. “I rested in the soul of a man named Clive Howell. In a few ways, he was similar to Barbossa; a bloody pervert who enjoyed raping and spreading misery, just like me. But Clive was a coward. He couldn’t do a single thing without me, so I abandoned him and left him to die at the hands of Thomas Kasuto and Statuedramon. The reason I needed Clive to be my host was because I was dying. Staying inside another helped me to rest, and gave me ample time to heal my wounds. Barbossa was different. He was powerful. He wasn’t a coward in the slightest. Dumb as a rock, maybe, but at least he was more intelligent than Clive, and far more independent. Because of his great power, I needed him to stay alive. Oh, I was able to come and go as I pleased…but as I left, I stole the very life force that dwells in every living being. I robbed him of his quintessence to further my own power so that one day…I’ll be able to find who I’m looking for.” IceDevimon looked up at me. “Now, tell me, Vikemon. Parrotmon and Asuramon remain loyal to me to this very day. What of you? Do you wish to rebel? Or, do you wish to receive my graces when I fulfill my goal?”

    “You…you bastard!” I aimed a punch at the Fallen Angel, but he vanished before I could strike him.

    “What a pity…When you were Zudomon, you were such a wonderful servant. I was blessed to have you. But as you’ve chosen to rebel, you are going to have to perish,” IceDevimon said. “Experience the ice that’s powerful enough to freeze over the flames of hell!” I reached for a morning star, but before I could get it, I was completely frozen over. That was the last thing I remembered.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 56 - Fury of the Storm


    This was the second time I had ever been out to sea. The sun was right in the middle of the sky, and the ocean shined brightly beneath it. Many of the others were spread out on the main deck, talking. A few others had gone below deck with seasickness. I myself sat with my back against the captain’s cabin. I was a bit surprised, though, that the rocking of the ship didn’t make me feel seasick like it did with many of the others, Lucia included.

    Even someone as strong as her can’t handle the rocking of this ship…Those few left on the deck included the six Valencian Knights, Ulysses, Mihiramon, Flamedramon, Abigail, Edmund, AeroVeedramon, and Karen. I guess AeroVeedramon doesn’t even notice this tribulation, does he?

    HEY, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?!” The suddenness of Isole’s voice surprised me much more than the volume. I ran to the entrance of the staterooms below the deck in time to see Isole walking up. Securely in the grip of her left hand was the wrist of Giselle’s right arm.

    “Giselle, what are you doing here?” I asked.

    “…I thought about what Isole told me after you all left,” Giselle said in a somber tone. “I…I’m useless without Rosemon. Ever since she left me, I haven’t been able to do anything for Lachesis. So I thought that…maybe I could be of some use, like you said, Isole…about becoming a shield when the enemy starts open-firing—”

    “Giselle, no! You can’t do that!” I exclaimed. “Just because someone you love isn’t with you anymore…that doesn’t mean your life doesn’t have any meaning! My husband…he died hundreds of years ago, but I haven’t given up on life! To do that…that would mean he merely wasted his time protecting me! I couldn’t dishonor him like that…”

    “But…Rosemon didn’t die…she abandoned me,” Giselle said. “She was right to do so…She left me because I was an idiot…I was a stupid, selfish coward…”

    “…Dumbass! I didn’t mean for you to take my words seriously!” Isole hissed, lightly pushing Giselle away. A short but thick wave hit the ship’s hull, causing the entire vessel to rock back and forth violently. Isole and Giselle both fell to the floor, and both had a hand over their bellies.

    “…Abigail, why don’t you take those two below deck so they can rest?” Ulysses asked.

    “Yes, sir.” The Bio Hybrid bowed to our boss, and walked the two girls down below. I breathed a deep sigh, and sat back down to look up at the sky. The sound of footsteps caught my attention, and I turned to see Karen approaching me.

    “Hey there. How’s it going?” she asked, sitting down on the deck next to me.

    “Who’s steering the ship?” I asked.

    “Oh, don’t worry about that, sweet; Pherania knows how to steer pretty damn good, so she volunteered,” Karen said. “So, then…You got something troubling you, don’t you, sweet?”

    “…Nothing in particular,” I said. “I’m just worried about the whole situation in general. We’re fighting the Cyllene Imperial Army. I’m just…scared…”

    “…You’ve had a rough life because of that Mark, haven’t you?” Karen asked. “Wanna talk about it? I’m a good listener, you know? If you want to talk, I’ll listen…”

    “…Nothing too…out of the ordinary, I suppose,” I said quietly. “My father left us before I could even see his face. My mother was an abusive drunk who belittled and assaulted me whenever she could. Everyone I met hated me…until I met Thomas. He was the first regular Human who was ever nice to me, and he was still nice to me even after he found out what I am…I married him a few years later, and had a beautiful daughter with him, Hannah Victoria Kasuto…Of course, he didn’t have the Mark, so he…he’s dead now…” Karen’s hand gently clasped my shoulder.

    “…Sorry…I didn’t mean to bring up any bad memories or anything,” she said. “I was just…I just wanted to know if there was something I could do…”

    “Karen…You know, you aren’t exactly what I was expecting,” I said. “When I heard you were a pirate…”

    “Aw, don’t worry about that; you wouldn’t be the first to think I’d be a coldhearted bitch because I’m called the Pirate Queen.” I looked up at her and smiled. Well, I tried to look up, but the huge gash on her belly kept drawing my attention. Karen seemed to notice; she leaned back against the railing and patted her stomach. “Beautiful, isn’t it? This scar came from a fight to remember, for sure. Oh, I just love it when people notice it; it’s like my prized possession!”

    “Oh…didn’t it…hurt?” I asked.

    “Meh; a little bit, I suppose,” Karen shrugged. “Want to know how I got it?”

    “Um…not rea—”

    “Well, it was a little over a month ago…”

    There I was, standing face-to-face with the hugest Snimon you’d ever see. I don’t know why, but that thing was pissed off about something or other, so he was having a bit of a temper tantrum back in Thalia. Well, I didn’t want anyone to get hurt, so I stood up to that Snimon all by myself. It was a pretty easy fight. Just a few swings of my axe was all it took to dispatch of him. Well, before I could lop off his head, one of his sickles cut into my belly. I took the opportunity to smash his head in, and I killed him. I was able to stop the bleeding, but I could never get the scar to go away. Not that I actually tried hard.

    “And that’s how it happened,” Karen said. “Wanna touch it?”

    “No…thank you,” I said.

    “Suit yourself.” Another big wave hit the ship, making the ship much more violently than before. “…No…something isn’t right,” Karen muttered. The sky gradually darkened, as did the ocean water. A heavy rain suddenly began. “Everybody, something’s coming!” The water began swirling next to the ship, forming a whirlpool. From its center, an enormous black head rose from the depths.

    “What…what is that thing?!” I asked. The rain was now pouring down, flooding the main deck.

    “No, it can’t be,” Karen said. “That Digimon is called Cetosmon. It is one of the most hideous Digimon that lurks among the ocean floor, and one of the very strongest…” The Digimon leapt out of the whirlpool, and began flying in the sky. Six eyes, three on each side of its black and whale-like body, were glowing a frightening yellow color. “Cetosmon is an Ultimate level Digimon, a Whamon that has been infected by an evil virus. Its nose is pointed and made of iron; if it rams into a ship, it can easily break a hole, flooding the ship with water. All of this rain was caused by one of his attacks, the Endless Night. This is not good…”
    “What should we do, Karen?” Ulysses asked. Karen looked down the stairs leading to the staterooms.

    “We’ll have to take him out in the air, before he can ram into the ship,” the Pirate Queen said. “We can’t count on those burdened with seasickness to fight. Leopardmon, Mihiramon, and AeroVeedramon, can you handle him?”

    “Yeah, no problem,” Mihiramon said. “HEY, AEROVEEDRAMON! LUCIA SAID IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP RIGHT NOW, SHE’LL CUT OFF YOUR—” The sleeping Dragon instantly jumped to his feet, and took flight after Cetosmon. Mihiramon flew off after him.

    “Well, I’ll be damned; that actually worked,” Leopardmon sighed, taking to the dark, clouded skies as well.

    “Shipwrecker!” Cetosmon began flying through the air slowly, almost appearing to be slithering.

    “Magnum Crusher!” AeroVeedramon held up both claws, catching the flying whale by the nose.

    “The two of you, listen up; with a Digimon this gargantuan, we’ll have to attack together!” Leopardmon commanded. “Black Aura Blast!”

    “Dragon Impulse!”

    “Tiger Wing Blade!”

    “Blood Tide!” Eyeing the three Digimon that opposed him, Cetosmon shot a forceful stream of blood red water from three of his eyes and struck all three of the Digimon, nearly shooting them out of the sky.

    “Black Wing!” Catching Cetosmon by surprise, BioLadyDevimon soared out from the ship and struck the Sea Animal in one of his eyes. Cetosmon roared as blood erupted from his now empty eye socket. The remaining two eyes from that side eyed the third, dangling from the tip of Abigail’s spear.

    “Abigail!” Flamedramon called out.

    “Don’t worry, dear; we’ve got this!” BioLadyDevimon said, blowing her husband a kiss. “Now, let’s take this freak down!” The Bio Hybrid swung her spear-arm, tossing Cetosmon’s eye into the churning waves of the deep, black ocean.

    “Blood Tide!” The ocean turned from an infinite blackness to a deep crimson red, and resembled an ocean made entirely of blood. Geysers of deep crimson shot up from the violent sea and struck the four Digimon that opposed him. BioLadyDevimon, Leopardmon, AeroVeedramon, and Mihiramon fell, and soon disappeared beneath the surface of the ocean.

    “No! Abigail! ABIGAIL!”

    “Don’t jump, father! You’ll never make it!” Edmund exclaimed, holding tightly onto his father’s arm. Cetosmon began circling the ship from above, occasionally dripping a large splat of blood onto the deck.

    Abigail…this…this can’t be happening…I had never had a loving mother in my life. After Thomas died, I was beside myself with grief. But Abigail was always there for me. By the time we, Flamedramon, and Mercurymon began traveling alone on Apollomon’s final request, I had already come to see her as a mother figure. She was a Bio Hybrid who could turn herself into a Fallen Angel Digimon. But she was always so…so kind to me. She comforted me when Thomas died. She was very gentle, and loving. I think, in a way, I sort of reminded her of Irene, who she seemed to be close to, so I was told.

    “ABIGAIL!” Flamedramon screamed and screamed the name of his wife, but no response. No response, that is, until a huge, silver head emerged from the reddened sea.

    “MetalSeadramon!” Karen said, smiling wide. The silver-colored MetalSeadramon rose up entirely from the ocean, and four figures were resting on his back.

    “Abigail! Is she…Is she—”

    “Don’t worry about a thing; all four of them are fine,” MetalSeadramon said, lowering his large head down and gently rolling the four off and onto the deck.

    “What brings you here, old friend?” Karen asked.

    “What do you think?! The whole ocean turned red!” MetalSeadramon exclaimed. “Thought you might be in trouble, so I came to check on you. Glad I came when I did; Cetosmon ain’t exactly an easy opponent, even for a Mega.”

    “…You’re a special case, though,” the Pirate Queen said.

    “I suppose I could be.” MetalSeadramon looked up. Cetosmon was still circling Karen’s ship, not seeming to have noticed MetalSeadramon’s presence. “Thousand Florin says I can take it down in one attack.”

    “What?! No! Leopardmon couldn’t even hurt it! It should take you at least two or three attacks!” Karen retorted.

    “Whatever; challenge accepted! River of Power!” MetalSeadramon unleashed a powerful energy blast from his nose, striking Cetosmon’s left flank clear through. A huge gush of blood spilled from the Sea Animal’s mouth, and slowly descended to the crimson waters that were changing to a deep dark blue. Soon, the huge Ultimate was completely out of sight. The dark clouds in the sky vanished, and the rain stopped. “Hand it over, Karen. I earned that thousand Florin.”

    “Yeah, yeah, I’ll get it for you later. I’ve got a job over in Cyllene with this lot here.”

    “Yeah, I heard about the war and everything,” MetalSeadramon said. “…Honestly…I really would love nothing more than to help you and all of those Arcadian folk…But…I’ve got some business to attend to, you know?”

    “Oh, that’s right…Well, that’s all right. You go and take care of that…job,” Karen said.

    “…See you later, Karen.” The large, coiling serpent flew off, heading back to Arcadia.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 57 - The Deflowering of Amber

    Augustus Maxwell
    Cyllene Imperial Continent
    1 Day

    To my dismay, I sat once again with the other two generals of the Cyllenian Royal Army, Eliza and Agamemnon, and their subordinates, Eeno and Barbamon. To my side was UlforceVeedramon. The six of us sat or stood in a rather large storage room of the castle.

    “Our scouts have conveyed that they spotted a large ship approaching from the west,” Agamemnon said. The grey haired knight pulled a cigarette from his mouth and exhaled. “Should be here in ‘bout a day or so, if ‘m not mistaken.”

    “Looks like they’ve responded to the invitation,” Eeno smirked. “But what of the Goddess’ Rebuke?”

    “They must have all died,” Eliza said in her usual dull voice. “If Carmillamon weren’t such a whore, she’d have won for certain.”

    “Win what?” I asked. “I had assumed that the Rebuke was sent to entice the Arcadians into war by killing innocent people. Was there another mission for them?”

    “You’ll have to excuse me; I had simply forgotten to mention,” Eliza replied. “Before I sent the Rebuke off, King Desmond asked that I have them fight that mercenary group should they show themselves. It seems that they did, in fact, encounter that group.”

    “By mercenary group…do you mean Lachesis?” Agamemnon asked.

    “I can think of no other. His majesty predicted that they would interfere, as they did with the revival of Lilithmon and the rest of the Order of the Enchantress five hundred years ago,” Eliza said.

    “So…that means we’ll have our fun soon; very soon,” Barbamon cackled. Eliza nodded.

    “Oh, man I can’t wait to touch those ladies,” Eeno said, running his tongue across his lips. “Once we’ve defeated them, I’ll take my time laying down with ‘em, one at a time, over and over…”

    “IF we defeat them,” UlforceVeedramon asked. “Whore or not, Carmillamon was still defeated. They cannot be taken lightly under any circumstances.”

    “Why, UlforceVeedramon; that is precisely why we cheat,” Eliza said.

    “That’s why you cheat, sniper,” Agamemnon grumbled. “I prefer crushing the skulls of our enemies with my bare hands.”

    “I generally prefer crushing the ladies’—”

    “Nobody wants to hear what you like, Eeno,” I interrupted. The assassin sneered, and turned away when the room’s door opened.

    Amber…why did you have to come in here? Why…When those four are all together…You know what they do to you! The dirt-and-grime-covered maid walked in, carrying a small plate with a cup of tea on it.

    “Here’s your tea, Miss Eliza,” Amber said, handing the beverage to the sniper.

    “Jeez, took ya long enough!” Eliza snapped. She took a sip, and immediately spit it out onto Amber’s face. “What the fuck is this?! Tastes like piss and shit!” Eliza threw the cup, hitting Amber in the face shortly before shattering to pieces, several of which cut the maid’s skin before falling to the stone floor, shattering into even more, smaller pieces. Without seeming to notice what had just happened, Amber stooped down and began quietly gathering the pieces of the broken cup, only to have Eliza drop the plate onto her head, which also shattered. “Don’t just stand there, cunt! Get a broom and clean up the mess you’ve made!”

    “At once, my lady,” Amber said.

    …Even after all that, she’s still smiling? ...How could they do this to her…

    “Watch yer step!” Agamemnon snickered, throwing his still-lit cigarette to the floor just in time for Amber to step on it with her bare feet. A small flicker of pain crossed her eyes, but quickly vanished, and the slave left the room. Eliza, Eeno, Agamemnon, and Barbamon all began laughing uncontrollably. I eyed UlforceVeedramon, and quietly left the room after Amber.

    “Amber!” I called out. “Amber, wait up!” The maid turned around and smiled at me. In her tiny hands was another cup of tea.

    “Is there something I can do for you, Sir Augustus?” Amber asked.

    “…Are you okay?” I asked.

    “What do you mean, sir? Of course I am alright,” she smiled.

    “But…Eliza…she…And Agamemnon…they…”

    “There is nothing to worry about, Sir Augustus,” Madelyn whispered. I looked deep into her eyes, a vibrant color that matched her name. Thin streaks of blood slowly trickled down her lovely face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out a clean, white handkerchief, and slowly blotted clean her face. “S…Sir Augustus…you know, there…there really isn’t any reason to worry about me…This happens…all the time…you know?”

    “Yes, I do know…and that is precisely why I worry,” I said. “Why do you let them do this to you?”

    “Because I am a slave.”

    “…And do you know why you are a slave, Amber?”

    “Because it’s my job.” I sighed. I took the cup of tea from her, and looked into her pretty eyes.

    “…Amber…if any of those four…do something like that to you ever again, you come to me. Okay?”

    “…If that is what you wish, Sir Augustus.”

    “Yes, I do wish. I…I order you to tell me if they hurt you again. All right?”

    “Yes, sir!” The young blonde bowed at the waist, and turned to walk off. Her long hair trailed behind her in the air. I clenched my fist, and walked back into the storage room. Eliza and Eeno looked at me, both with a disgusting grin on their faces.

    “What took ya?” Eeno asked. “Babyin’ the slave again, August?” I walked past the man, and slammed the cup of tea on the top of a barrel next to Eliza.

    “Is that from the slave?” Eliza sneered.

    “Drink it or I’ll pour it down your throat,” I said. Eliza rolled her eyes and looked away. I shoved the sniper against a wall, and as I said, I poured every last drop of tea into her mouth. As soon as she swallowed, I rammed my fist into her belly. Eliza fell, coughing up spots of tea onto the floor. Agamemnon looked past us, with his usual stone faced expression. Eeno and Barbamon both looked rather amused. UlforceVeedramon stood at the far corner of the room with his arms crossed, and remained silent. “The next time I catch any of you four hurting Amber…You’re dead.”
    “I’m going to be honest, I was expecting a more intimidating threat from you, Blue General,” Eeno said. I struck the man in the face, and quickly left the room again.

    Eeno Freightheart
    4 Hours

    Casually, I walked through one of many vast hallways of Cyllene Castle. My nose, covered in dry blood, was probably broken from Augustus’s punch, but I didn’t care very much. Not with what I had on my mind; or rather, with whom I had on my mind. And that somebody was none other than our slave, Amber. If memory served, she was around fifteen years old, and I thirty-six.

    The perfect age, she is, I thought. I slowed my pace, and looked up at a door. The door. The door leading to Amber’s bedroom. Quietly, I turned the ancient bronze doorknob and slowly opened the door, releasing a wave of dust into the air. I snuck into her surprisingly large bedroom, and to my delight, she was standing at the opposing side of the room, looking at me.

    “Sir Eeno, is there anything I can do for you?” Amber asked, smiling as always. My pulse was racing with excitement. I had been waiting for this moment for so very long.

    “Yes, actually…there is something that I would like you to do,” I said, closing the door behind me before slowly approaching the maid. “Amber…I would like for you to take off your clothes.” Her smile faded away for the first time in years.

    “You…uh…E…Excuse me?” she asked timidly. I struck her across the face.

    “I said for you to take your clothes off, you stupid little cunt.” Amber began to blink back a few tears as she began to realize the inescapable fate that was about to befall her. Ah, there’s the look I’ve been waiting for! She reached up to her shoulder, and slowly, very slowly, pulled down on her sleeve. “No, idiot; you gotta do it faster! Like this!” I grabbed Amber by the collar of her gown, and ripped the entire dress down the front, and tossed it to the floor. I grinned at the frightened and embarrassed expression on her face as she attempted to cover herself with her hands. “We ain’t done yet, doll. Now, don’t move; don’t want to kill you before I can have my fun.” I pulled my stiletto from its holster and slid it underneath her bra strap near her armpit, and cleanly sliced the garment off. Next came her panties; I slid my thin stiletto carefully down the side of her leg, and slit apart her final article of clothing. Amber stood naked in the middle of her room, tightly hugging herself out of fear and humiliation. My pulse was racing quicker than it ever had before, and I thought for certain a vein or two of mine might burst from the sheer speed.

    “…Um…M—Mister Eeno…Am I…done…now?” Amber asked. Her cheeks were nearly as red as blood by now.

    “Finished? Oh, no, my dear; why, I’ve only just begun!” I grabbed her by a single shoulder, and violently shoved her down onto her bed. I held both of her arms down, and took a moment to examine her naked body. Her breasts were still rather small, due to her age, but they were still sufficiently rounded. I could control myself no longer. Having gone mad with lust and excitement, I threw myself onto the bed on top of Amber, and at long last, my fun began.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 58 - The Promised Land Far Away


    It had been a trip much shorter than anticipated – we had all expected it to be longer due to the vast distance between Arcadia and Cyllene – but at the same time, it felt as though it took forever for Karen’s ship to pull up to a dock on the continent of Cyllene.

    “Just a few more minutes, everyone!” Karen shouted. “We’ll arrive at Cyllene shortly!”

    “Are you ready for this, Zelda?” Abigail asked.

    “…I guess I have to be, don’t I?” I replied. “But…nobody here knows their way around; we don’t even have any maps of this continent!”

    “All of us will pull through it safely,” Ulysses said. “Don’t worry, Zelda.”

    “…I just wish Statuedramon was here to help us,” I whispered. “He always stole maps wherever he went, because he was always getting lost…”

    “And then he lost them,” Flamedramon added.

    “…And then he lost them. Yes.” I smiled, thinking of the fond memories I had with my late husband’s partner Digimon. “Maybe we should have tried to find—”
    “We don’t know exactly where he is, Zelda,” Abigail interrupted. “All we know is that he was asked by one of your Spirits to be a ‘guardian of the east’ or something; that narrows it down to the entire Celosia Province. Celosia isn’t exactly small, dear.”

    “And neither was Statch’s mouth,” Flamedramon said. “Or is ego, or his temper, or his…mouth…again, or his—”

    “Yeah, yeah, we get the point, darling. The point is, Zelda, is that even if we could have found Statch, I doubt he would have been able to come with us, you know? You saw how deeply he wished to fulfill the wishes of Fanglongmon, and he would have been torn between obligation and helping his friends. It’s better that he doesn’t find out about this.” Ulysses stared hardly at us during our conversation, as if in deep thought. Finally, he turned to AeroVeedramon.

    “You got that, Aero?” he asked.

    “Right; if things go wrong, I fly back to Arcadia and find Statch, wherever the fuck he is,” the Dragon yawned. I blinked.

    …It’s like words don’t even need to be said between the two, I thought.

    “INCOMING!” Karen yelled. Her eyes were fixated on another, much larger ship with several cannons pointed at hers.

    “FIRE!!!” a woman’s voice called out.

    “Tiger Wing Blade!” At once, the numerous cannons of the opposing ship open fired, and had Mihiramon not attacked when he did, deflecting the fire of the enemy ship, Karen’s ship would have undoubtedly sunk to the bottom of the ocean. The larger ship drew in closer and closer, and in no time, it had Karen’s pinned against the side of a cove.

    …What do they want from us?

    “Those bastards…they’re with the Royal Army,” Karen grumbled.

    “…The Cyllenian Army?” I asked. “But…they’re pirates…aren’t they?”

    “Doesn’t matter to the bastards on this side of the pond,” Karen replied. “Clearly, they’re good at their job, which I’m guessing is the usual pirating business of taking control of other ships and their crew and valuables.” I looked back at the larger ship. A tall woman with deep crimson hair had a smug grin on her face.

    “Ahoy there! You the Kapp’n of this ship, blondie?” she asked, looking at Karen.

    “Who the hell do you think you are?! Do you know who you’re speaking to?!” Karen asked. “I am Karen Swan, the Pirate Queen!”

    “Oooh! Impressive!” the redhead said sarcastically. “And I be Ansley; the Crimson Queen of the Pirate’s Sea!”

    Ansley?! Wasn’t that the name of Barbossa’s—?!

    “What do you want with us, Crimson Queen?!” Karen sneered.

    “I be ordered by Desmond ‘eself to keep me eye out fer a ship comin’ this way from tha west!” Ansley said proudly. “And lookie here; a shipfull a morons come an’ sail right inna our waters! Talka ‘bout good luck, ai, boys?” From Ansley’s ship, howls and cheers of triumph rang out. “Well, whaddya lot say, uh? Ready fer us to decapitate you, then?” Ansley held up a brilliantly shinning rapier above her head, and leaped over from her ship to Karen’s. The two captains glared each other down, and gripped tightly in their hands a weapon; Karen’s massive tomahawk, and Ansley’s slim rapier. Ansley made the first move, and rushed Karen with her rapier aimed at the blonde’s chest. Karen, however, responded by swinging her tomahawk just in time to block Ansley’s attack, and with the lightest flick of her writs, sliced Ansley’s rapier in two.

    “…Nobody…pirates…MY…ship!” Karen yelled, grabbing Ansley by the neck and shoving her against the railing of the ship.

    “…You ain’t too bad a fighter,” Ansley chuckled, punching Karen in the throat to break free from her grasp. “…This be takin’ too long, and I ain’t had no breakfast yet; my belly’s a-rumbling!”

    “Leaving so soon, coward?” Karen asked. Ansley shrugged, climbing the railing and jumping back to her ship. “…You aren’t abandoning your orders, are you?”

    “All orders be followed ‘till me belly’s empty,” Ansley said, turning away. “Oi! We lot are headin’ fer somewhere with some grub! Time fer me to stuff me belly with everythin’ in sight!” More excited cheering came from Ansley’s ship, which turned away from Karen’s and sailed off towards the horizon.

    “…That…was an incredibly short fight,” I said.

    “I doubt that’s the last we’ve seen of her,” Karen said.

    “If we do, we might be able to count our fortunes,” Ulysses said. “Her name was Ansley, right?”

    “…You think so too, Mister Ulysses?” I asked.
    “There’s not a doubt in my mind. That young lady was the very same Ansley that Barbossa thought had died fifteen years ago.”

    Augustus Maxwell

    “…They have arrived,” Agamemnon said.

    “Those from the Western Continent?” I asked. Agamemnon nodded.

    “I saw it. Our pirates pinned their ship against a cove, but something drove her away,” the older man sighed. “If I know that Ansley, it was probably because of her gut. No amount of food can fill up that empty void, I swear…”

    “Speaking of guts…have any of you seen Duchess Eris?” Enno said, hanging upside-down from the rafters of the ceiling.

    “How could we not? She’s been her for a few days,” Eliza said. “…But I see your point. She just keeps getting fatter and fatter with each passing day.”

    “Eris has been known to honor her family’s older traditions, and elder traditions in general,” Barbamon said. “In the old days when money was scarce, being fat was considered a sign of wealth and being small was a sign poverty. Eris has always been a show-off, I suppose…”

    What fools these knights can be. The enemy has already stepped foot on our soil, and the only thing they’re talking about is how fat Eris is!

    “…I kinda miss those days,” Eeno said. “I like a girl with a little meat on her bones. Very sexy…”

    “Then you and Eris are a match made in heaven,” UlforceVeedramon sighed.

    “Tch. If Ansley keeps eating the way she does, soon she’ll make Eris look tiny,” Agamemnon said. “If it weren’t for that quick-ass metabolism of hers, that is…”

    “Some girls get all the luck,” Eliza sighed. The sniper squeezed what little of her belly as could be seen from her top. “Getting prepped for war makes me stress eat, and I’ve got a date early next week. Hope he doesn’t dump me for being too fat…”

    You of all people?! I wanted to scream out loud. You of all people have a date…What is this world coming to, Goddess Arcadia…

    “Nah, don’t you worry about that, missy,” Agamemnon said. “You’re really purdy, no doubt. The guy ’d have to be gay, blind, or married to turn you down.”

    “Why thank you, Agamemnon,” Eliza said.

    “Now, onto business. Augustus; try and intercept that group from the west, would ya?” the older general asked. “You’re young and you’re strong. I know you can handle each of them on your own, even if they all fight you at once.”

    “Thank you, Green General,” I said. “I swear…I will not let you down.”

    “Not a possibility with you, Blue General.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 59 - Cold Wind to Valhalla

    Desmond Silverveil

    A ship has approached from the west. It’s time…by Goddess Arcadia, it is finally time! My dreams of conquest will finally come to fruition…

    “Good day, brother.” I looked up from my bedroom window, and saw my younger sister, Eris, walking up to me. “Is it time?”

    “…Almost,” I said quietly.

    “Almost? What do you mean, brother?” Eris asked.

    “…That bastard child of mine…He continues to badger me with questions about his mother, as he has done all his life. It is beginning to grow bothersome.”

    “What does that have to do with anything?”

    “…I’ve been looking for a way to rid myself of that pest,” I continued. “With the upcoming war…I believe I have the answer I have been seeking.” I looked down into my sister’s crimson eyes. “He will be killed…the same way Sapphira was.”

    “Oh; you’ll publicly announce him as a traitor?” Eris batted her eyes. I nodded.

    “Yes…word will go out that he is why there are invaders from the west,” I said. “The idiot masses won’t know a thing about what is truly going on; but if they are given a reason as to why our country has been invaded, they will be all the more willing to go along with whatever bullshit I tell them.”

    “…That’s a good plan, brother. But what of your harlot daughter?”

    “I require an heir. She must stay alive, and she must remain here, at all costs. I grow old, dear sister; naturally, I would hand the throne to you should something befall me, but protocol insists that a direct descendent of mine rule after my passing. If both were to die, the people would grow suspicious.”

    “Yes…I understand, brother,” Eris said. For a moment, I saw a flicker of rage in my sister’s eyes, but it vanished soon after. I ignored it, and left my bedroom to find UlforceVeedramon standing just outside, as I had ordered him to mere moments before.

    “UlforceVeedramon…I have a request to make,” I said.

    “Whatever it is you desire, Your Majesty, I shall do so,” the Exalted Knight said. I grinned.
    “I need you to bring Kelik to me. Immediately.”

    Tamiko Silverveil

    My precious younger brother was curled up, fast asleep, in the middle of my bed. I sat on the floor, with my back to the side of my bed. Every once in a while, I would hear Kelik whimper in his sleep; when I’d reach up to gently stroke the side of his face, he’d stop, and smile. This went on for a few hours for the past few days. He hadn’t left my room once since Eris came to the castle, and I hadn’t left his side. A knight I had posted to guard my bedroom, Kentaurosmon, would visit us to bring us both our meals. I hadn’t been too hungry, though; my stomach was in knots worrying about Kelik, in spite of growling with hunger occasionally.

    Poor little thing…I swear, if Eris places a stubby, fat finger on him, I’ll—

    “My lady. I am here to visit.” My door had opened without my notice, and UlforceVeedramon looked down at me with a sad look in his eyes.

    “…What is it, Ul?”

    “…King Desmond has…requested the presence of your brother,” the Exalted Knight said. My eyes widened.

    “…But…he can’t,” I whispered. “Ul, don’t you realize what my father and Eris want to do to Kelik?! That’s why the two of us have stayed in my room for days! You can’t…you can’t take him away from me…”

    “I’m afraid I haven’t any choice, my lady. This is what the king has ordered of me.”

    “…Kentaurosmon!” The red-armored Mega poked his head into the room. “Kentaurosmon…you can’t let him take Kelik away…” Kentaurosmon walked all the way into my room.

    “UlforceVeedramon…why don’t you give Tamiko a break?” he asked. “You know as well as I do how much Desmond loathes his son. Do you not think it unwise to bring Kelik in alone to His Majesty?”

    “Of course I do, Kentaurosmon. But I am a knight of Cyllene. And knights of Cyllene always follow their orders!” Kentaurosmon clenched his fist, but didn’t back down from the other Mega Digimon. “Stand aside…old friend.”

    “…No. I was ordered by Milady Tamiko to ensure that she and her brother were not disturbed, and I do believe taking Kelik against their wish would do much more than disturb them!” Kentaurosmon exclaimed, holding up his crossbow at UlforceVeedramon.

    “…You mean to turn your hand against me?” UlforceVeedramon asked. “…I do not wish to fight a fellow Exalted Knight…especially an old friend of mine. But I must do what His Majesty has ordered of me! Ulforce Saber!” Before Kentaurosmon could react, UlforceVeedramon’s attack struck the side of his torso. Kentaurosmon fell to the ground, clutching his side as blood began to spill from the wound when UlforceVeedramon kicked him in the face and knocked him out cold. I stepped all the way to the far end of my room, trembling with fright over UlforceVeedramon’s actions. Miraculously, Kelik had not awaken, even when the Exalted Knight reached and hoisted him up off of my bed by the arm.
    “…No…No, don’t take him!” I screamed. “You can’t…you just can’t…” UlforceVeedramon gazed at me, unmoving for what seemed to be hours before he turned to leave my room. “No…Get back here!” I grabbed Kelik’s wrist, but UlforceVeedramon shoved me to the floor, and quickly left my room. “…No…Kelik…Please…Don’t hurt him, father…”

    Desmond Silverveil
    5 Hours

    It had all happened much quicker than I could ever have hoped for. Thanks to a messenger, word had gotten around to the nearest town of Kelik’s “treason.” A large crowd had gathered in a ring just outside the castle. At the center of the ring of Humans and Digimon was a wooden platform. There was a cacophony of cheers, yelling, and simple conversations among the crowd — mostly angry — that made one incapable of thought. I didn’t mind. It was all going according to plan. Eris and I approached the platform and walked up a few stairs. At the very center stood Kelik; his arms and legs were bound with chains and a heavy iron ball, and above him hovered a Phantomon.

    “It is time, brother,” Eris whispered excitedly.
    “Yes…it is…” I turned to face my unknowing people. “Everyone gathered here today, remember these words!”

    Tamiko Silverveil

    Kelik…Kelik…Where could father have taken you?! I must have searched the entire castle two or three times over since UlforceVeedramon had taken Kelik away. My stomach churned in agonizing pain every time I checked the dungeons, not only from fear of seeing Kelik chained up behind bars, but also from seeing the other prisoners covered in blood, grime, and chains. I made a vow to myself to free them after I found Kelik. I had removed my heels long ago so I could run easier and faster, and though my bare feet and chest ached from nonstop running, I continued on my search. I ran outside the castle, hoping I might find Kelik outside. Instead, I found an enormous crowd of people. …No…Could Kelik…could he be— I ended my thought immediately, and continued running to the crowd.
    “Remember these words!” Desmond roared. “Armed soldiers from the western continent have breached our shore, and they plan on bringing us into a needless bloodshed! Although it pains me to admit this, it was recently revealed to me that my son, my very own flesh and blood, Kelik Silverveil, has been leaking information of our knights’ formations to the great western enemy, and it is for this reason that they were able to breach our shores on this very day!” This comment rose up a surge of outbursts among the crowd. I kept trying to force my way through the hundreds of people, but the sheer number of them slowed my advance drastically.

    “I saw a ship arrive on the shore just a few hours back!” several people said.

    “The king speaks the truth!” a few others said.

    “How could the prince do something like that?!”

    “…Who is Kelik? I never knew the king had another child besides Princess Tamiko…”

    “I recall hearing of a bard living at the castle going by the name Kelik.”

    “Now, my people; hear me!” Desmond continued. “For my son’s treason, a decision has been made by my cabinet.” Desmond raised his arms, and looked towards the sky. “On this day, my son, Kelik Silverveil, shall be executed!” My heart instantly stopped. My entire body froze over with numbness.

    …No…He…can’t be…serious…I've always known my father hated my little brother. My mother, Sapphira, had grown weary of Desmond’s abuse and cruelty. She had decided to leave him for another man, one far more kind, and she took me with her. As fate would have it, Desmond found us. The man was instantly killed, and it was soon discovered that my mother was pregnant with that man’s child. After the child was born, my mother was killed as well.

    “Phantomon! If you would do the honors!” My father locked eyes with me. It was as if he was expecting me. I ran quicker and quicker through the crowd, but I ran into something.

    An…invisible wall?!

    “Ready yourself!” Phantomon held his scythe up to the sky.

    “No…no! Kelik! KELIK!!!!” I tried forcing way through the barrier, but to no avail. “NOOOOO!!!!!!”

    “Tamiko! Don’t look!” A hand grasped around my arm, and pulled me back. “There is…nothing that can break through UlforceVeedramon’s Tensegrity Shield,” Kentaurosmon said.

    “NO! LET ME GO! I HAVE TO SAVE HIM! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    “Turn away! This is not something you need to see!” Kentaurosmon exclaimed.

    “Shadow Scythe!” Somehow, I was able to wrench free from Kentaurosmon’s grasp just as the Phantomon lowered his scythe. Time seemed to slow as much as it could have. The scythe tore into the back of Kelik’s neck. He tried to scream, but nothing made it past the gag in his mouth but blood. And soon, his head fell and hit the platform. The crowd went wild with applause and cheering. I fainted at once.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 60 - Spirits of the Past

    Continent of Cyllene

    Cyllene wasn’t very different from Arcadia. The large city our group walked through looked no different from a place like Acacia or Yew. The Humans all looked the same, and pretty much every Digimon I saw I had already seen or known of beforehand. Still, I was racked with fear.

    I guess I’m still the same old coward I’ve always been…Can’t do anything without Tommy by my side.

    “Keep your eyes open, everyone,” Ulysses said. “I’m sure the Imperial Soldiers are aware of our presence by now, and we’re sure to run into some sooner or later.”

    “We have a plan, right?” Sparrow asked.

    “…Sort of,” the boss replied. “We’re short on numbers here, so we should try to make this quick. Our plan is this; we storm the castle, take either King Desmond or Duchess Eris hostage, and force their hand.”

    “I can see why Geitz knew you weren’t a good leader,” Alicia muttered under her breath.

    “Oh, like you can do any better, slut?!” Isole asked.

    “I would think that you could, you insufferable, flat-chested—”

    “Enough,” Ulysses said in a calm, quiet voice. “It was — and is — Isole’s plan. She didn’t say we’d all simply rush into the castle all at once to our deaths, Alicia.
    “No; the plan is a bit more…complex…than that, I suppose you could say,” Bokomon said. “In the end, it probably is the same, though, but the plan is for our large group to split up into several smaller ones, thereby dividing up Cyllene’s army and giving our groups an easier time defeating our enemy. With the task complete, the groups are to rejoin at a designated locale, and then storm Castle Cyllene. There will be a few soldiers left, but our groups will undoubtedly have decimated most of the remaining forces.”

    “What do you mean by ‘remaining’?” I asked.

    “Remember what I learned from Carmillamon? That Duchess Eris plans on assassinating King Desmond?” Isole asked. “Our groups will be dropping off this bit of information here and there to the point where the knights don’t fully trust Eris. Of course…we’ll have to wait to storm the castle until we hear word of Eris’s plan working, but with that knowledge in mind, I highly doubt most of Desmond’s troops will be willing to do what Eris tells them. With them out of the way, our job becomes a hell of a lot easier.”

    “…I see…So that is what you are planning,” an unknown voice said. All in our group instantly became alert, as a tall swordsman, garbed in a blue cape and wielding an enormous golden broadsword. “In truth, I had no idea Eris planned on murdering Desmond. If I may ask, how did you come upon this information?”

    “And just who the hell do you think you are?!” Flamedramon snapped.

    “Oh, do forgive me. I am Augustus Maxwell, Blue General of the Cyllene Imperial Army,” the man said.

    A…general?! So soon?! We haven’t even fought any regular soldiers yet! And he’s so young, too! Just how strong could he possibly be in order to be a general?

    “We got the info from Carmillamon,” Isole stepped forward. “There really is no advantage or disadvantage in me telling you. All of the Goddess’ Rebuke have been annihilated, with the exception of Karatenmon.” To my surprise, the young general smiled.

    “I see. So, the rumors are true,” Augustus said. “Well, now…I guess if you lot were capable of taking nine of them down, I suppose I oughtn’t take you lightly.” The man slammed his golden sword into the ground, and reached to his pocket. “I see many powerful Digimon, and even Humans, amongst your ranks. Such a serious battle I’ve got ahead of me; I shouldn’t leave it up to the strength of a weak Human like myself.” From his pocket, Augustus pulled a grey pouch.

    No way…Is he…Could he possibly be a—

    “My friend…come from the other side and aid me in this battle,” Augustus chanted, holding a small stone in the palm of his hand.

    He is…He’s a Summoner!

    “Come forth, Beelzemon!” The general held the Talisman up high, and before him, the Digimon Spirit appeared at once.

    “Yeah…hear ya loud ‘n clear, boss man,” Beelzemon smirked.

    “Yeesh…just got a chill down my spine from the memory of that Digimon,” Abigail said.

    “Don’t worry; I won’t let him touch you this time,” Flamedramon said. “Even if this one isn’t Michalis, I’ll keep you and Edmund safe!”

    “No…let me handle this!” Mia exclaimed, reaching into her own pouch. “Spirit Digimon are much stronger than others of their species, and Beelzemon was already strong to begin with! Come forth, Blastmon!” The massive Digimon appeared from a golden light emitted by Mia’s Talisman, and glared down at the vastly smaller Beelzemon.

    “Ho boy…You’re gonna owe me for the headache I’m gonna get from fighting this big lug, boss,” Beelzemon sighed.

    “Yes; whatever you wish, my friend,” Augustus replied.

    “…Mia, let me help you,” I said. “I’m a Summoner too, and—”

    “If you wish to fight as well, Milady, then you will have to face a different Digimon than Beelzemon,” Augustus said, pulling out another Digimon Talisman. “Come forth, BlackWarGreymon!” Another Mega Digimon appeared before the general, looking directly at me.

    Not another Mega! I don’t have any Digimon Spirits past Ultimate anymore…

    “…Well? Do you wish to aid your friend?” I looked over at the younger Summoner, who gave me a reassuring smile.

    “…Yes! I will! Come forth, Greymon!”

    “A…Greymon?” BlackWarGreymon asked. “Are you certain you wish to send my…Champion form to battle me?”

    “I do have an Ultimate Spirit…But I trust my friends! And I trust Greymon to be able to handle you!” I shouted.

    “If you insist. Terra Destroyer!”

    “Nova Blast!” The two fireballs collided in the sky, swallowing each other up and vanishing.

    “Huh…not half bad,” the opposing Spirit said.

    “Final Subago̅n Punch!” Blastmon rammed his fist to the earth, creating a mighty tremor but just barely missing the nimble Beelzemon.

    “Double Impact!” Beelzemon’s attack hit Blastmon directly in the face, making the massive Spirit raise his thick arms to his face, looking like he was trying to wipe the pain away as one would do so for a face full of sand or dust.

    “Dramon Killer!” BlackWarGreymon held up his gauntlets just in time to protect himself from being skewered by Greymon’s piercing fangs. Greymon pushed down harder, and BlackWarGreymon’s legs began to sink into the earth.

    “Hold tight, BlackWarGreymon!” Augustus commanded.

    “Got it…boss,” the Spirit grunted.

    “Diamond Machine Gun!”

    “Double Impact!” Blastmon fired all of the crystals from his body, but Beelzemon shot them all in the air before they could travel too far, and shattered gemstones sparkling in the sunlight rained down onto the ground. “Darkness Claw!” Beelzemon leaped into the air, and raked his claws across the larger Spirit’s face.

    “No, Blastmon!” Mia reached into her pouch once again. “Come forth, Aquarimon!”

    “Premenitmon!” I nearly choked and gagged in shock from the newest Digimon Spirit that popped into existence.

    “Well, now…it seems that almost all seven are here again,” Abigail laughed.

    “…Sephyrus,” I whispered. As I went through the memories I had of that man’s Bio Hybrid form, I realized that Abigail was right. Augustus had Summoned Beelzemon, BlackWarGreymon, and Premenitmon, the Digimon forms of Michalis, Saias, and Sephyrus. Mia had Summoned Blastmon and Aquarimon, the Digimon forms of Magnus and Irene. Abigail herself was LadyDevimon. The only one missing was Arbormon, the Digimon form of Adrian.

    “Premenitmon, you know what needs to be done. Handle Aquarimon,” Augustus said.

    “Anything for you, boss!” Premenitmon replied, holding his staff up to the target given to him. “Golden Ankh!”

    “Aquarius Knight!” Water erupted from Aquarimon’s urn, taking the form of a knight that protected her from Premenitmon’s attack. “Aquarius Wyvern!” The knight shifted into the form of a dragon that flew headfirst into Premenitmon, knocking the Spirit off his feet and flying backwards into the air. “Goddess Urn!” Gallons of water shot from the urn, once more striking Premenitmon until his back slammed into a tree. Premenitmon vanished from sight, and the tree he hit had nearly fallen over from the force of Aquarimon’s attack.

    “Diamond Machine Gun!” Blastmon attacked once again, and while Beelzemon attempted to shoot down each of the airborne crystals, Blastmon rammed his fist down onto him, defeating Beelzemon with a Final Subago̅n Punch.

    “Nova Blast!” With his arms still clamping Greymon’s jaws open, BlackWarGreymon was struck by a stream of flames, and was miraculously defeated in mere moments.

    “…I see…You were able to defeat all three of my Digimon,” Augustus said. “Very impressive; especially your Greymon, Milady. It isn’t very often you see a Champion level Digimon defeat its Mega form.”

    “It’s my bond with my owner that’s made me as powerful as I am now,” Greymon said.

    “I can see that each and every one of you will prove to be an insurmountable obstacle for the Royal Army,” Augustus continued. “…You should count yourselves lucky. If I were one of the other two generals, I’d take it upon myself to end your lives here and now to prevent any further casualties for my army.”

    “But…you aren’t,” I whispered, looking into the eyes of the general. “You’re letting us go…?” Augustus nodded.

    “That’s the plan. I’ll stand down for now, and I will not call any soldiers after you. But I have a feeling I’ll be seeing all of you again soon enough,” the general said, smiling at us before drawing his blade from the soil before turning to walk away.

    “…Should we follow him?” Sparrow asked.

    “No. For all we know, he could be expecting us to follow him, and he could easily lead us into a trap, or an ambush,” Ulysses said.

    “But…do we believe him?” Lucia asked. “What if he’s…I don’t know…preparing to ambush us from behind? What if he does call a bunch of knights to fight us?”
    “…No. He wasn’t lying,” I said. “I could see it…in his eyes. A man like him…he would never lie.”

    “Very well then. Now, I’d like to place our plan into action,” Ulysses said. “There’s a fairly large city up ahead, according to my Fusion Loader. Now…Alicia, I’d like you to lead a group to that city, and scout things out for us. The main group will go in later. I’m expecting some number of soldiers, maybe even a general, to be waiting for us to appear. If things go wrong, Alicia and her group will lead us out. Does that sound like something you could do?”

    “No sweat!” Alicia smiled.

    “Very good. Take…Bokomon, Matthew, Coronamon, Giselle, Elizabeth, and Quetzalmon with you.”


    Tamiko had lain unconscious in her bed since Kelik’s execution. I realized that it may have been wrong to attempt to stop her, but if I wouldn’t have been able to break through UlforceVeedramon’s Tensegrity Shield, Tamiko would have fared much worse. The only thing I could do was ensure that Tamiko didn’t see her brother die, but I even failed to do something as simple as that.

    “Yes…how truly pathetic you are.” I jumped at the sound of Desmond’s voice. I glared at the king. His partner Digimon, Parrotmon, stood behind him, laughing silently to himself. “That…is what you were thinking…wasn’t it, Kentaurosmon?”

    “What are you doing here, Desmond?” I asked. The king gave me a smug, triumphant grin.

    “What do you think? I’m here to gloat,” Desmond said.

    “Not very kingly of you,” I muttered under my breath.

    “Perhaps…but…Either way…I’ve got that bastard child out of my castle for good. Now then…”

    “Don’t tell me you plan on executing Tamiko too!”

    “Don’t be ridiculous, Kentaurosmon. I need an heir, after all. She’s no use to me dead.”

    “Yeah! Use yer head, will ya?!” Parrotmon exclaimed.

    “…Desmond. Why have you come here?”

    “…You know, Kentaurosmon, I was really hoping you wouldn’t be here,” Desmond sighed. “Just like that time about ten years ago.”

    “You…you plan on molesting Tamiko again?!” I aimed my crossbow at the king’s throat, glaring daggers at the man whose cruelty knew no bounds.

    “…Yes…this was how you stopped me back then, wasn’t it?”

    “You keep your grubby weapon out of His Majesty’s face!” Parrotmon squawked.

    “Don’t worry about it, Parrotmon,” Desmond said. “Kentaurosmon…we both knew each other’s secret, so we both agreed to keep quiet. Isn’t that correct…?” Slowly, I lowered my crossbow. “You have no need to worry…I won’t try anything tonight. Not with your presence ruining everything.”

    “You better pray to the Goddess that you don’t try anything ever again,” I said firmly.

    “…You always have amused me, Kentaurosmon,” Desmond chuckled.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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