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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 41 - A Battle and a Beginning

    Katsumi Rosalina

    The back of my head was still throbbing from where Devimon’s attack had hit me earlier today. Trying my best to ignore the pain, I continued onwards in silence.

    Devimon said he had visions of the future, like I do. Does that mean he can see anything…? Probably not, but…why does this worry me? I stopped walking, and looked down. His visions could easily be more powerful than mine…What if he can choose to have his visions at will? That could make him nearly impossible to defeat. Oh, dear…

    “Heeeeey! Kitty!” The voice broke me out of my thoughts. I turned around, and saw Mia running up to me.

    “Mia…weren’t you with Flamedramon and Abigail?” I asked.

    “Yeah, but we all decided to split up after fighting Karatenmon. I gotta say, Kat; it didn’t end well,” Mia said. “Even tough ol’ Flamedramon didn’t do very good. We really might be in trouble here…”

    “I…see…What…do you think we should do?” I asked.

    “Well, Karatenmon said that Leopardmon was the only one who could defeat him…but I don’t think we should force all the work onto Leopardmon, you know? Oh, and by the way, Karatenmon told us that he has the Mark, and he showed it to us. Um…does that help you think of anything we could do?”

    “…Uh…No…I’m terribly sorry…”
    “Oh, don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll think of something!” Mia smiled at me. At once, I felt my angst vanish. Mia’s smile always seemed to do this for me.


    …The Goddess’ Rebuke…Something about them…Something about their presence…it…bothers me. It feels as though my brain is being tickled or poked at by one of those demons. But why? Why would I have any memories with them? The tree I stood high up on began to sway in a gentle wind. I don’t have any memories of my life before joining Lachesis…but how long ago was that? Mia was still a little girl at that time. Ten years maybe? And I haven’t aged, either. I’ve looked all over my body, but I haven’t found the Mark. What am I? Just what the hell am I?! WHO am I?! I want to know, but every time I try to remember, I end up more confused than when I started! What the hell is wrong with me?!

    “…You seek answers.” At once, I was alert. Below me, my shadow began to expand, and from it, the form of Devimon emerged. Instinctively, I reached down to the strap on my thigh to retrieve a kunai when Devimon reached down and gently clasped my hand in his. “Now, now, my dear…there is no need for violence. I simply wish to help you, if I am able to do so.”

    “…And just why would you want to do that?” I just barely managed to choke out in a hoarse whisper.

    “Because, my dear, it pains my frozen heart to see such a beautiful young woman like yourself in such inner anguish. Like your friend, Katsumi, I too am something of a mystic. If you’d like…I can try to find you some answers.”

    “Katsumi’s father is also a mystic. He…literally knows almost everything…and yet he has found no answers for me. What makes you so certain that you’ll find anything?”

    “Because…your scent is familiar. Yes, very familiar, my dear.” With my tiny hand still clasped in his big one, Devimon stepped closer to me, making me feel more self-conscious than I realized. “Oh, do forgive my words; I do not mean the scent of your body. I mean the scent of your soul. Yes…perhaps…aura would be a more accurate term. Yes, a good deal more accurate.”

    “…What do you mean by familiar?”

    “Well…it simply means that your aura is similar to one I’ve met.”

    “Who? Who do I remind you of?!” I yelled. Devimon released my hand, and jumped to the next treetop over.

    “Oh, so you are desperate for knowledge. Yes, oh so desperate. Exactly like he said…”

    “Like who said?! Tell me!” Devimon grinned, baring his sharp fangs. I pulled my kunai from the strap on my thigh, and hurled it at the Fallen Angel. Devimon flew up, and my knife became stuck in a rather large branch. Devimon lunged at me, blood-red claws extended, put I jumped over to the next tree and retrieved my knife.

    “Touch of Evil!” One claw shot past my hip, which I was just barely dodged, but at the cost of my balance. I fell from the branch, and moments before I landed on the ground, I grabbed onto a different branch with my legs. Hanging upside-down, I could see Devimon land on the same branch and look down at me. “You know…you were the one to attack me. If you hadn’t, I just might have told you what you wanted to hear. But now…”

    “You will…tell me…what you know!” I hurled my knife up and caught it between the hallux and second toe of my left foot. Hanging on tightly to the branch with my right leg, I swung my left through the air and jabbed Devimon in the leg. Clearly surprised, Devimon kicked my right leg, and I fell the rest of the way to the ground. Well, it would have been the ground had I not fallen on top of a person. “Oh…Mia…Sorry about that…”

    “Glad to be here for you…” A shriek rattled the air. I climbed off Mia and dragged her out of the way of Devimon’s claws just in time.

    “Are you okay, Elizabeth?” Katsumi asked.

    “Well, well…three little beauties for me peel and slice…Oh, yes, your skin looks so soft and delicate…And ssssoft…”

    “O-kay, this just became a little too creepy,” Mia said. She reached down into her purse to pull out a Talisman, but Devimon reached out and grabbed her arm before she could.

    “Now, now; there won’t be any need for that, my lovely. You’re thinking I’m a mystic; and guess what? You’re right! I can see what will happen before it will happen, just like that orchid-haired lovely behind you. Only, I can have my visions at will…whereas she can only have them in dreams. Yes, I’d say that puts you three at quite the distinct disadvantage. Yes, very distinct…”

    “…I’m more than just a mystic,” Katsumi said. “I’m also…a mage!” Devimon’s eyes widened, and his wings suddenly became enveloped in violet flames. Mia pulled her arm free of Devimon’s grasp and pulled out a Talisman.

    “Come forth, Blastmon!”

    “Nope! Not gonna work!” Devimon yelled, with just a hint of madness in his voice. He spread his wings out far and extinguished Katsumi’s flames. “Death Hand!”

    “Crystal Breath!” Devimon’s and Blastmon’s attacks collided in the air, creating a huge explosion that sent both Digimon flying backwards. Devimon flew through the smoke of the explosion and jabbed his claws into Blastmon’s face, instantly defeating the Digimon Spirit.

    “No…MegaKabuterimon is still tired from the previous battle, and Aquarimon is still with Abigail,” Mia said.

    “Go somewhere and hide,” I whispered.

    “What?! No! I would never abandon my friends like that! I won’t leave!” Mia exclaimed.

    “Please, Mia…go and hide!” Katsumi said, waving her arms through the air as part of a spell. Devimon smirked just moments before a bolt of blue lightning dropped from the sky and hit him.

    “N—No…how…how did this…” The Fallen Angel fell to the ground with steam flying off his body. “How did I not…see that…coming?! You’re a dangerous one, aren’t you? Yes, very dangerous…”

    “If you stay down, I won’t attack you anymore,” Katsumi said. Devimon grinned, and was suddenly standing directly in front of her. The fallen angel grabbed her by the shoulders and rammed his knee deep into her belly. Katsumi fell to the ground, unconscious.

    “Well, now…that’s two threats out of the way…” Devimon turned to look at me. “And soon, the third shall fall as well!” Devimon began to fly in my direction, and I held up my kunai. He reached out his claws, and I quickly jabbed at his neck. My knife stuck, and blood came spurting out. In vain, Devimon reached for the knife, but his hands began to dissolve into bits of data. His bright red eyes drooped, and he fell onto his back.

    “Devimon…tell me what you know!” I screamed. “Tell me…everything…about what you know about me! NOW!”

    “Y—You…you remind me…of…Ice…” Devimon tried to say more, but it was too late. He had already died and faded away, leaving my kunai behind to fall into the blood-stained grass.

    “…Ice? What did he mean by that?” Mia asked.

    “…Before the fight began…he told me my ‘aura’ reminded me of someone he knew. He didn’t ever say who…”

    “Your memories haven’t returned yet?”

    “…No. Nothing…All I have are memories of Lachesis…and memories with you, Mia.”

    “…By the way, where’s Quetzalmon?” Mia asked.

    “He went off with AeroVeedramon to make sure he didn’t fall asleep,” I said. “…Help me pick up Katsumi, will you? I don’t want anyone to hurt her while she’s unconscious…”

    “Yeah, sure thing! We’ll take her somewhere safe!” Mia smiled at me. At once, I felt my angst vanish. Mia’s smile always seemed to do this for me.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 42 - Beauty is a Mad Mistress


    “I told you the name Irene has no meaning to me,” Aquarimon said. “That is true, but…You told me your little friend was alive roughly around five-hundred years ago, correct?”

    “Yes. She was…killed by Lilithmon,” I whispered.

    “I remember being killed around that time,” Aquarimon continued. “It is possible that it was my data that was injected into your friend’s blood, turning into her Bio Hybrid. The same seems to hold true for Mia’s Spirit Blastmon; he was killed around the same time, if memory serves, so it is possible that he was the cause of Magnus’s turn into a Bio Hybrid.”

    “…I see…” I looked up at the Spirit. “You…look exactly like her…Your eyes; your hair; even your voice…”

    “I have heard of such things happening, and it isn’t too unusual. Sometimes, there are Humans who look like a humanlike Digimon like myself. Or maybe it is I who looks like her. You can never tell.” Aquarimon placed her hand on my shoulder. “What was your relationship with Irene?”

    “…It’s rather difficult to explain…Irene and I were both part of a group of Bio Hybrids working for Lilithmon; she promised each of us something in return for our service. She and I wanted to have someone brought back from the dead. However, Lilithmon had the nerve to go and tell us that she wouldn’t be able to bring anyone back, that it wasn’t possible…so we both left her. Irene was also a member of Lachesis. Her heart was torn between loyalty to Lachesis and wanting to have her mother brought back. She just didn’t know what to do; Lilithmon forced her to kill her father figure, SlashAngemon, because he had found out too much about her plans. That just about pushed her over the edge.”

    “And you were there for her,” Aquarimon finished.

    “…Yeah…She was such a delicate little thing, and then she did what she did. She herself looked dead…” I turned away in hopes that nobody would notice my eyes tearing up.

    “Why didn’t she just come to us…?” Zelda asked.

    “…I had forgotten you were there, too,” I whispered. “I don’t know…She was scared…She didn’t know what to do…”

    “…Abigail…Zelda…I know I could never take her place…” Aquarimon took hold of my hand and Zelda’s. “But if you ever want to see little Irene ever again…All you have to do is ask. I’ll stay with you for as long as you wish…” I gently tightened my grip around Aquarimon’s tiny fingers.

    “Thank you for staying back to talk with us,” I said.

    “It wasn’t a problem at all…” Instantly, her deep blue eyes became alert, and she began looking around frantically.

    “What’s wrong?” I heard Flamedramon asked.

    “Someone’s here…somebody strong!” she said. “No…no!”

    “Darkness Wave!”

    “Aquarimon, move!” I screamed, pulling my Digivice out from my cleavage. “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon! Darkness Wave!” At once, my attack collided with that of the opposing LadyDevimon.

    “Well, well; the slut who think she’s hot,” LadyDevimon said. “Heh; bet you all think you’re all beautiful.”

    “…I don’t think I am,” Zelda whispered. “My mom didn’t seem to think so, anyway…”

    Silence! I am the only one who is beautiful!” LadyDevimon snapped.

    “And again, you are wrong,” Flamedramon snorted. “It is as I said before, LadyDevimon; my wife is far more beautiful than you could ever hope to be, Human form or Digimon, inside and out. And the same goes for Zelda and Aquarimon.” LadyDevimon glared at the Armor level.

    “…I’ll kill you first! Black Wing!”

    “Black Wing!” Once again, out attacks collided.

    “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” With her free hand, LadyDevimon reached and wrapped her thin claws around my neck. Securely in her grasp, she began to jab her lance-arm, aiming at my torso.

    “Flame Fist!” Flamedramon clicked his claws, and LadyDevimon’s wings were caught ablaze. I jabbed my elbow into her neck and broke free of her grasp.

    “Zelda, summon Mercurymon,” I said. “He might still be injured, but we need his help!”

    “Yes, he is still injured from Ghoulmon’s attack. Seadramon’s still not feeling too well, either,” Zelda said, reaching into the satchel at her waist. “They might be my only ones suited for fighting head-on, but that doesn’t mean any of my other Spirits won’t be helpful right now. Come forth, Dokugumon!” Zelda’s Talisman shined, and the form of the giant Insectoid Digimon appeared before her.

    “What would you have me do, my queen?” Dokugumon asked.

    “Start spinning your web! We need you to slow down the red LadyDevimon!”

    “Got it; Poison Thread!” An enormous and ornate spider web shot out from underneath Dokugumon’s body.

    “Black Wing!” My attack snagged LadyDevimon’s hair as I pushed her into Dokugumon’s web.

    “Dokugumon, you should head back now,” Zelda said, holding out her Talisman.

    “Goin’ with the usual plan, eh? Sure thing,” Dokugumon said, vanishing from sight.

    “Hold on tight, now,” Flamedramon said, placing both Zelda and Aquarimon on his shoulders. “Flame Fist!” Flamedramon’s attack set Dokugumon’s web on fire. It spread wide and fast, and in no time, the flames had reached LadyDevimon.

    “Now, burn in hell where you belong,” I muttered. LadyDevimon glared fiercely at me as the flames consumed her body. She shrieked, but soon broke free from the web and charged at me. Still covered in flames, she shoved me to the ground. We rolled around in the dirt, smothering the flames, and once more, LadyDevimon grabbed me by the neck and squeezed as hard as she could.

    “Goddess Bow!” One of Aquarimon’s arrows instantly struck the opposing LadyDevimon in the shoulder, but this did not deter the Fallen Angel from her attempt on my life. Flamedramon’s attack had burned her skin savagely, and her clothes were in tatters. I attempted to reach up to strangle her back, but my arm was simply swatted away. Instinctively, I rammed my knee into her stomach and pushed her off. Her claws had dug into my neck, leaving thin streaks of blood behind as she was pushed off.

    “Darkness Wave!” I raised my arms to defend myself from the other LadyDevimon’s attack, but the attack shot over my head and directly into Aquarimon’s chest. At once, the Digimon Spirit vanished from sight. I reached out to attack LadyDevimon, but the Fallen Angel simply slapped me across the face. It was confusing more than it was painful, but I reached out and slapped her back. Over and over again, we slapped each other.

    “…Uh…Abigail…? How long are you going to—”

    “Ack—Stop pulling my hair!!!”


    “…Never mind…”

    “Black Wing!” The red LadyDevimon, with my hair snagged on her claws, struck me clear through the back with her arm, and tore through my belly. At once, I turned back into my Human form. “So…not as tough as you think!” LadyDevimon, gently at first, pressed her foot against the back of my head. The heel of her shoe dug into the back of my neck. Gradually, she began to press harder and harder.

    “Fire Rocket!”

    “Darkness Wave!” LadyDevimon’s attack tore through Flamedramon’s flame barrier and kept him suspended in the air. In doing so, her leg lifted up slightly, enabling me to slip away. Once again, I held out my Bio Link Digivice, but instead of transforming myself, I opened a separate compartment near the bottom and extended a sharp stiletto knife.

    Now’s my chance! With LadyDevimon’s attention on Flamedramon, I snuck up behind the Fallen Angel, clasped my hand over her mouth, and jabbed the knife deep into her neck. LadyDevimon tried to pull away, but I tore the stiletto directly across her neck. The red LadyDevimon fell, blood pouring heavily from her neck and mouth.

    “N—No…how…how did this…happen?” she gasped. “My power…my…beauty…How was I…defeated…so easily…? The Goddess’ Rebuke…will we…win? Or is our defeat…certain…?” LadyDevimon closed her eyes one final time and faded away, dead. I sat down on the ground, breathing heavily and covered in blood and sweat.

    “You okay…Abigail?” Flamedramon asked.


    “I’m fine.” Flamedramon looked down at me and smiled. “That was one hell of a catfight you had there…”

    “Don’t remind me. My entire head feels like it’s on fire from all that slapping and hair pulling…”

    “Are you sure you’re okay, Abby? You were stabbed in the back,” Zelda said.

    “C’mon, Zelda; give your favorite Bio Hybrid some credit, huh? I’m a Bio Hybrid on top of having the Mark; I’m more Digimon than I am Human,” I smirked. “…Something on your mind?”

    “…I was just thinking about Matthew and Eleanora,” she whispered. “I don’t know if you heard us, but they…they’re my descendants…Probably my youngest living relatives, for all I know…”

    “Really? Y’know, now that you mention it, I guess I do see some sort of resemblance between you three,” Flamedramon remarked.

    “They’ve already decided to start calling me ‘auntie,’” Zelda continued. “And already…they’re just like my very own children, instead of great-great…great…something…grandchildren…”

    “Would you like me to go with you to find them?” Flamedramon asked.

    “No…I’ll be fine by myself. I know you said we’ll be better off in groups of at least two or three, but I’ll be okay…And I just want to make sure my babies are okay…”

    “…Spoken like a true mother,” I smiled. “I was just thinking about tracking down little Eddie. I won’t stop you.”

    “…Thank you, Abigail.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 43 - Comfort's Call


    “I hope Leopardmon’s doing okay,” Charlotte said. The five of us sat on the flat surfaces of rocks arranged in a ring.

    “He gave us orders to wait for him to return; there isn’t much else we can do,” I said. I, too, was worried about him, but orders are orders. Man; sometimes, being a knight sucks! Don’t move until I return; what bullshit! I mean, if I saw a big group of bandits advancing on a village, I wouldn’t just sit on my ass and watch all those innocent people die!

    “Well, I could go find him if you’d like,” Siebold said. “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve disobeyed orders.”

    “Yeah…like not listening to me when I tell you to stop teasing Charlotte!” I hissed at the mage knight.

    “Oh, you know that fat fuck has it coming.”


    “Alena, it’s fine,” Charlotte said quietly.

    …Was that a smile I saw? She doesn’t actually enjoy Siebold’s insults, does she?! No, that’s ridiculous! I’m just not thinking straight because of all that’s been going on…

    “So, vut should ve do?” Pherania asked.

    “Well…Siebold has a point; if we disobey orders, we might actually be able to do some damage to that group of Fallen Angels,” Wikstrom contemplated. “But that could easily demean the entire idea of us five being knights; we’ve all prided ourselves in listening to our superior officers. That would not only make the five of us to look bad, but also the Valencian Knights as a whole. That could be disastrous…”

    “You’re thinking on too large a scale there, big guy,” Siebold said. “Just…try to keep things in perspective, wouldja? Now, c’mon; I say we just get off our asses and try to kick some ass while we’re here in Shendu!”

    “I’m all for that,” Charlotte grinned, picking up her shield and spear.

    “…Right. I guess I’m a bit outvoted here,” I said. I picked up my own sword and Wikstrom his. Pherania’s grip tightened around her axe, and Siebold closed his spellbook. The five of us stood up as one. “Company; move!”

    “Black Statue.” An enormous ebon statue fell from the sky, landing in the middle of the five of us.

    “…Phelesmon.” I looked up, and saw the Fallen Angel hovering in the sky.

    “That strike…was but a mere warning,” Phelesmon said. “Among assassins…I am know to be rather merciful. If you lay down your arms…and surrender…No harm shall come to you.”

    “Phelesmon, be honest; has that ever actually worked for you?” Siebold asked.

    “Hmm…against the knights of our good king’s targeted conquest, no. Against innocents…many times over has that worked. In fact…I was on my way to a dwelling of such innocents when I ran into you lot. I figured…it would be…far easier to eliminate the innocents once the opposition…is no longer opposing us!”

    This could bad…none of the five of us are Summoners; there aren’t any Digimon around to help us. We’re on our own! But, that’s never stopped us before!
    “All right; let’s get this over with, then!” Siebold flipped open his spellbook, and held up his hand. A white, glowing sphere materialized in the palm of his hand.

    “Demon’s Shout.” Siebold’s spell blackened, and vanished.

    No way! That was just like Mephistomon’s attack!

    “Right! I’m next!” Charlotte began skillfully swinging her lance at the Fallen Angel. By the look on his face, he seemed to be struggling against my best friend. As best as he could, Phelesmon tried to block each of Charlotte’s swings and jabs with his trident, but most of them made contact with the Digimon’s skin, and tore through both flesh and cloth.

    “Your appearance…belies…your skill,” Phelesmon said.

    “Been sayin’ that forever,” Siebold muttered quietly. With a tiny flick of her wrist, Charlotte skewered Phelesmon in the center of his chest.

    “Demon’s…Sho—!” Phelesmon attempted once more to attack, but only ended up coughing up a large spurt of blood.

    The size and shape of her body has nothing to do with it. Her big belly is not a hindrance. Charlotte’s skill in combat is the real thing. I gave a proud smile as Charlotte forcefully removed her lance from Phelesmon’s chest before shoving its tip into the Digimon’s neck. “Remember this on your way to the Dark Area,” I said. “The knights of Valencia are all equally powerful, regardless of appearance. And all of us…can go toe-to-toe with the strongest of Digimon. The Goddess’ Rebuke never stood a chance with us as your enemy.” Phelesmon glared.

    “Don’t feel…like you’ve won just yet,” Phelesmon growled. “I am…the weakest…of the Rebuke. The others…even the two Humans…the Champion, Devimon…they are all stronger than I. You…have achieved NOTHING!” Charlotte, with her lance still in the Fallen Angel’s neck, swung it to the side and lopped off the Digimon’s head.

    “Very impressive,” Pherania said. “You ah de greenest of all of us, and yet you ah capable of such veats.”

    “Thank you, Miss Pherania,” Charlotte said bashfully.

    “Now, what should we do about our…current situation?” Wikstrom asked. “Alena; you are the ranking officer of us five. What should we do?”
    “…We should find Leopardmon,” I said. “I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Charlotte, you may have done well against Phelesmon, but we struggled against all ten at once. And if what Phelesmon said is true, then…I don’t know. I just…feel like something bad is going to happen…”


    “…It is done,” Drask said. “Our small skirmish…I have won.”

    “You…what are you?!” I asked. “You haven’t the scent of one of the Marked, or even a Bio Hybrid…But you fight…the way you fight…How are you Human?! Just what the hell are you?!”

    “I am Human…and I am not a Digimon. You are correct, Leopardmon,” Drask said. “Analetta and I…we are not Bio Hybrids. Neither of us carry the Mark. And yet, we have the strength of Digimon. Do you truly wish to know why…we are so vehemently powerful?” I stared the man straight in the eyes. “Analetta and I…feast solely on the blood of the Digimon we fight. Their blood is our sustenance, and not their data.”

    “Their blood…You survive only by drinking their blood?! How is that even possible?!”

    “Well, I will admit that it was tough at first. But once you’ve gotten a taste for Digimon’s blood…there is no going back. Your body rejects everything else…until you are able to stay alive on nothing…but…blood…”

    “…You’re vampires?” I whispered.

    “I suppose…you could call us that. You wouldn’t be wrong…but you wouldn’t be one-hundred percent correct. You see…even though mine and Analetta’s bodies reject actual food, I’ve acquired something of a taste for garlic. We are able to walk around in the daylight hours without any negative effects. But…we do feed on the blood of Digimon. We drink from their necks. And…well, I suppose that’s about it, really. But that’s why…I am so powerful. That is why you will never defeat me, Leopardmon.”

    “Black Aura Blast!” Without even turning around, Drask held up his sword and blocked my attack.
    “…Don’t try anything else foolish, Leopardmon. I would wish to share your blood with my darling Analetta. She really is quite cute while enjoying herself on one’s blood…And I’d rather not kill you before we are able to drink your elixir of life. No, Leopardmon, I will not kill you now.” Drask raised his sword and faced me. “But I will…keep you from escaping!” I tried to raise my own sword to defend myself, but Drask was too fast. He struck me on the side of my head, and knocked me unconscious.


    “…I think we’re going to have to rest here for now, Mia,” I said. “It’s starting to get dark; we should try to find some of the others before…before we find any more of the Rebuke.”

    “Yeah, that’s a good idea, Lizzy,” Mia said, looking up at the blue-orange sky. “Geez; I didn’t think Kitty would be so heavy; you’re helping me carry her, but still…”

    “You know as well as I do about the poor metabolism of those who carry the Mark. Katsumi is precisely 118.05 pounds. I suppose you could say that among the Marked…she could be considered ‘fat,’ despite the fact that she is at a healthy weight for her small frame and height. But even then, she’s just barely at a healthy weight for her size.”

    “Oh, poor baby…” I looked up at the darkening sky. Through the trees, I could see the outline of a building.

    “…There seems to be a temple up ahead, Mia. Perhaps we should rest there for the night,” I said.

    “A temple? Are you sure?”

    “Yes; in Shendu, there are many such structures from the ancient times when people believed in multiple deities. That was one of many reasons that caused the Great War nearly 1,300 years ago.”

    “Oh…is that why we began using a different system for the date?”

    “…Partially. There wasn’t really a dating system around that time until the war. But now, years later, we go backwards through the years from that period of time.”

    “Wow…history can be really confusing sometimes,” Mia said softly. The two of us had reached the entrance of the old temple and walked inside. It felt rather cool, and I could feel that there was nobody nearby. Mia and I placed Katsumi’s body down on the white stone floor.

    “…I don’t like this, Mia…I feel like something bad is going to happen…”

    “I know what you mean…Ever since we got off that Trailmon, I’ve had this horrible and painful angst in the pit of my stomach…I just…I don’t feel safe at all, Lizzy…not with all of these professional assassins lurking around. They could literally be around the corner, for all we know! What should we do, Lizzy?! What should…we…” Mia turned her face from me, but I knew that she was crying. She didn’t cry very often, and she kept choking on her own sobs.

    “We’ll be okay.” I looked up, and saw Flamedramon and Abigail standing above us. “Lachesis has been through much more pressing times than fighting a group of professional assassins,” Flamedramon continued. “Lilithmon and her allies were far more powerful than the Rebuke, and there were twelve of them. Eleven, if you exclude Lupinemon, who chose to align with Lachesis.”

    “Yeah, but remember, honey; the Order of the Enchantress grew weaker with each member that was killed,” Abigail said.

    “We’ll be fine,” Flamedramon insisted. “I know we will be. Lachesis is a group that was never meant to be defeated. I know…In my misguided past, I have tried. You have too, Abigail. And neither of us were ever successful.”

    “Well, you worked alone, but…I know what you mean,” Abigail smiled. “Well, don’t you worry about it, Mia. We’ll all be fine…I know we will.”

    “…Okay…sniff…I know…I’m just…scared,” Mia whimpered.

    “Everything will be fine,” I whispered gently, placing my hand over my friend’s trembling shoulder. “We’ll be fine, Mia.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 44 - Dilemma


    I stared up at the big, full moon; what a beautiful celestial orb it was, hanging high in the sky. Up I stared at the blue-red violet sky, for hours and hours. I held up my hand, holding it against the moon. The outline of the moon just barely poked out from the tips of my claws.

    I wonder if there are Digimon on the moon, I thought. I wonder if there are Humans…if there are those who carry the Mark. I wonder…are they hated…as we are? Is there anywhere we can stay without being hated, or isolated? A place without war…without darkness or violence, or unfounded hatred. Could such a place…ever…truly exist? Or are Humans and Digimon too foolish for such a thing? Could it be our destiny to always fight? From the corner of my eye, I caught sight of a shooting star. Even with such lovely natural sights such as that star, and this moon…even still, we fight amongst ourselves? How… pathetic we must be in the eyes of Arcadia. The sweet and beautiful woman who created us so she wouldn’t be alone. So she would have friends…no wonder she disappeared. Her poor, gentle heart must not have been able to handle all the bloodshed and violence. The Goddess has abandoned her creations because they could not be kept in line. Are we who carry the Mark the only sane living beings in this world?

    “Human beings…Digimon…we’re really both the same, if you think about it,” a voice from behind said.

    Without even bothering to turn around, I asked, “You are the archsage, are you not? Edmund Luxord, if I’m not mistaken.”

    “You aren’t. Edmund is my name,” the man said. “And I am an archsage.”

    “…I take it you were reading my mind?” I asked. Edmund remained silent. “What did you mean? We really are the same? What did you mean by that?”

    “On the outside, we are different, perhaps. Our abilities differ, yes,” Edmund said. “But on the inside, Karatenmon. We are the same, really. We are both living beings created by Goddess Arcadia. Digimon and Humans will never be able to separate from each other. We are the same, really, and it is only when that is recognized that our next evolution will begin.”

    “Next…evolution…You mean…us?”

    “Yes. We, who carry the Mark, have been considered by some to be the perfect beings, and not an accident,” Edmund continued. “You and I contain traits of both races. I have a Digimon’s longevity and strength. You, Karatenmon…you have the sensibilities of a Human.”

    “…Sensibilities?” I asked. “Tell me, Edmund…what good are they?!”

    “More so than you might think, Karatenmon. Sure, a Digimon can learn sensibilities, and many with ease, but Humans are born with them. You see, Karatenmon, this is why Humans are often referred to as the Children of Wisdom while the Digimon are referred to as the Children of Strength by many ancient historians. With the thinking, sensibilities, and wisdom of a Human, Karatenmon, you are able to see things differently than even us Humans who have the Mark. Take what you were thinking earlier, about how you felt that we have all been abandoned by the Goddess. However…I suspect that is not what you truly think.”

    “…You are right,” I said. “The Goddess would never abandon those she created. It is us who have abandoned Arcadia. We foolish, selfish creations of hers…”

    “…Why haven’t you tried fighting me yet?” Edmund asked.

    “I couldn’t bring myself to do it. Not again…I can’t fight another Marked any more. I’ve done too much of that already today.”

    “I thought all you knights were all about following orders and kissing ass.”

    “Don’t misunderstand, Edmund; I am no knight…like Leopardmon. I am an assassin. We are…superior to the knights where I come from. We answer directly to King Desmond of the Cyllene continent,” I said.

    “Directly to the king…Yes…So as I was told,” Edmund said. “Karatenmon…just imagine the look on your king’s face when he realizes that his oh so precious assassination unit has itself been assassinated.”

    “…You’re prepared to kill me?” I asked.

    “Only if you are prepared to do the same to me, Karatenmon.”

    “…I hate to break it to you, Edmund…But I am…not.” I held up my sword, and dropped it to the ground. “Edmund…I told you. I cannot fight another Marked today…or any day after that.”

    “You’re…surrendering?” Edmund asked.

    “I am. But I ask this of you, Edmund Luxord; if you see any of the Order…do not tell them I…decided to desert them for this reason.”
    “…I promise…Karatenmon,” Edmund said. “I wish thee luck, wherever it is you decide to go from here…my fellow Marked.”


    “…Karatenmon has left us,” I said.

    “He has? How do you know?” Analetta asked. My lover turned to lay on her side, and looked deep into my eyes. The two of us lay on one of the beds of the house the Rebuke emptied. We were both under the soft, fleece quilt…and we were both naked.

    “He has been unhappy for the longest time now. I have always felt like he would one day leave the Rebuke…and now, I feel his presence growing smaller. He’s leaving us, my love.”

    “…Should we find him?” Analetta asked.

    “No. We must focus on our mission…to kill as many insurgents as we can while on Arcadia,” I said. “Phelesmon, Devimon, and LadyDevimon have all perished as well; we can simply tell Desmond that Karatenmon has fallen in battle as well.”

    “…I simply can’t bring myself to be mad at Karatenmon; I just want him to be happy, you know?” Analetta asked.

    “You’ve always had such a gentle little heart, Annie,” I said. “I love you.”

    “Drask…I love you too…”

    “You love me…but?” Her hand was resting on my chest. She gently clenched her dainty and slender fingers. “But…you also love Carmillamon...”

    “…Yes…I am…confused…How…am I able to love you both, Drask? Both Human and Digimon? Both man and woman? I don't understand…”

    “…It matters to me not if you crave the same sex, or even the opposite race. What matters to me is that you love me, or that you say you do, and I would like very much to keep hearing you say it…to just me…and only me…” I rose from the bed. A small snap of my fingers, and my clothes instantly materialized around me. “Analetta…I will…prove my love to you…I will destroy all who oppose us…all in the name of King Desmond, but more importantly…you.”

    I took a quick look back at her. The sheets of my bed were wrapped around her slender waist, covering the lower half of her naked body. Everything there was to see, I made sure to see it, for I knew that this could very well be the last time I laid eyes on my sweet, beautiful Analetta. My eyes went up and down each and every rise and fall of the soft, voluptuous rise and fall of her slender yet curvaceous body. Her flat stomach, rising and falling with each quiet breath, and her deep navel, partially covered by the bed sheets. Her long and silky hair, flowing endlessly down her back like molten gold. Her soft and enticing breasts that she rarely made secret of to me. Her endlessly deep and endlessly beautiful crimson eyes that seemed to stare into the very soul of those who saw them. All of this I saw when I turned back, but the one thing I wished to see above all else, the thing I did not see, eluded my gaze…the sight of her beautiful smile.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 45 - Love and Blood


    For Analetta…I will fulfill my duty. I will slaughter them all. And we shall both feast on their blood! Five tall figures had appeared before me. It was the five knights from Valencia. Five ordinary Humans, with none of them bearing the Mark.

    “You mean to fight me?” I asked.

    “That’s why we’re here,” Siebold sighed.

    “I’ve already defeated Leopardmon hours ago,” I said. The eyes of the knights widened.

    “…You’re lying,” Alena said.

    “I’ve no reason to lie about such a thing. And besides, I am a very honest man,” I replied. “I told Leopardmon that I feed on the blood of the Humans and Digimon I slay. It is my only source of nourishment, really.”

    “A vampire, huh?” Siebold asked. I shrugged.

    “More or less. A few differences here and there, but…for all practical purposes, yes; I am essentially a vampire.”

    “But you aren’t immortal, are you?” Wikstrom asked.

    “No, I am far from immortal. We all are. You see, there is no such thing as eternal life. Not even Goddess Arcadia could be considered truly ‘immortal.’”

    “And what about that blonde girl that was with you?” Alena asked. “Is she like you, too?”

    “Yes…If all goes as planned, we will both feed on your blood. And she will gorge herself on your blood first of all…” I poked the knight known as Charlotte in her big, soft belly with the tip of my cane. “Yes…plenty of blood here alone. She will have a glorious feast.”

    “You will die here and now!” Siebold snapped. The mage knight fired a blast of electricity from his hand, missing my head by a few inches.

    “You…are a mage, I see. The blood of spellcasters tastes dreadful,” I said. The knight Alena charged at me, wildly swinging at me with her shortsword. “You, my lovely…you have such a fierce look in your eyes. The blood of ladies like you is the sweetest!” I swung my own sword, striking the knight in the shoulder. I quickly licked up the blood that spilled onto my sword. “Yes…I shall try to keep you alive as long as I am able to…Just as I thought; your blood is sweeter than the reddest of wines.” Charlotte charged at me next, swinging her lance at me faster than her appearance would suggest. “But it lacks a certain…something that I’m certain this young lady has!” I struck Charlotte in the arm, drawing even more blood for me to drink and enjoy. “Yes…even better than Dame Alena’s! You, Dame Alena, I shall have to fatten up. It shall further enhance the richness of the flavor! And Dame Charlotte shall grow even fatter still!” Pherania swung her massive axe, striking me in the shoulder.

    “You will never hurt another one of us again!” Wikstrom shouted, running towards me as Pherania tore her axe across my chest. Wikstrom jabbed his sword at me, but I kicked Pherania back, nearly skewering her on her fellow knight’s weapon. From the corner of my eye, I could see Siebold madly flipping through the pages of his spellbook.

    “Well…mage blood tastes awful, but it does contain certain nutrients that you can’t get from the blood of normal people!” I jabbed my sword deep into Siebold’s gut, making the knight drop his spellbook onto the ground. I removed my weapon and licked it clean. “Very bitter…it’s like the vegetable of blood, mage blood is.”

    “SIEBOLD!!!” Wikstrom began furiously attacking me in unison with Pherania.

    “…This is too easy!” Wikstrom and Pherania held their weapons, ready to strike, when I jumped back at the last second. Pherania, with her massive axe in a single hand, fell off balance. I grabbed Wikstrom’s wrist and jabbed his sword into Pherania’s arm as I jabbed my own sword into Wikstrom’s chest. I glanced down, and saw Alena’s and Charlotte’s weapons at my neck. Both of them were beginning to breathe heavily from the blood they had lost earlier. “Are you sure you’re both up to this?”

    “You hurt…our friends,” Alena said. The hand holding her shortsword was trembling, but Alena never lost her grip.

    Bearing with the pain to stop the man who hurt her friends. How admirable…

    “We won’t let you get away with what you’ve done,” Charlotte huffed. “Siebold and Wikstrom aren’t dead…but we won’t let you—”

    “Kill them? Well then, by all means, try to stop me!”

    “Black Aura Blast!” The lance and the shortsword retracted immediately. I looked up just in time to see Leopardmon high up in the sky, ready to attack. Ready to kill. I embraced the pain as I was consumed by the dark energy of Leopardmon’s attack.

    I…have no regrets. Because I lived my life…my way. Farewell, Analetta…my love…I fell to the ground, scorched and burned. My sword shattered to thousands of pieces. Blood came out in a small trickle from my mouth. But I was not dead. I gazed up into the infinite darkness of the night sky, and then into the bright emerald eyes of Leopardmon.

    “You said I couldn’t defeat you, monster. And yet, there you lie, inches from death,” Leopardmon said.

    “…Good show, Leopardmon. That was very well done,” I said. My overcoat was nearly burned all the way off my person. With great effort, I stood up and faced the Exalted Knight.

    “Do you have any final words, Drask?” Leopardmon’s rapier was pressed against my neck.

    “…I would like to see Analetta…one last time,” I said. “When I left her, I…I didn’t get to see her smile…”

    “And you expect me to just let you go?!” Leopardmon yelled.

    “Well, why not? You see what condition I’m in. I can barely stand. I’m covered in terrible burns. I haven’t any weapons. Even if I did have a hidden knife, it would have shared the same fate as my shattered blade. As I am now…I couldn’t even be a threat to a young child. I might even die on my way to see her.”

    “…Fine. Go. Get out of my sight, monster.”

    “Leopardmon!” Alena gasped.

    “He tells the truth, my dear. He is in no shape to harm another. And he will…die…very soon.”

    “I appreciate your generosity, Sir Leopardmon. Your mercy is without equal. By your leave, I excuse myself.” I bowed to the tall Mega, and turned away. I could hear them arguing amongst themselves, but I did not lie. I had no intention fighting any more today…or for the rest of what life I had left. I walked past the entrance of a peaceful and lovely forest path, completely enclosed by trees. The cool air was a great relief to the burns covering my body. The rustling of leaves was a soothing noise, as was the slow trickle of a nearby stream or river. I quickened my pace as much as my shaking legs would allow, impatiently awaiting Analetta’s smile upon my return. “Analetta…I’ll be home soon. Just wait a little longer, my love…”

    “Oh, I’m afraid she’ll be waiting a bit longer than you’d like, Drask.”

    “…Carmillamon?!” I looked around, trying to find the Ultimate Digimon. Carmillamon stepped out from the trees with a malicious smile on her face. “Carmillamon…is there something I can help you with?”

    “Don’t play dumb, Drask. You and I both knew it would always come to this,” Carmillamon whispered.

    “What are you talking—” A sharp dagger dove into my chest. Carmillamon’s fingers were wrapped around the hilt.

    “I’m afraid only one of us can have Analetta, dear Drask. It would be most unfair of us both to simply share her as if she were an object. She is a living being,” Carmillamon said. “And I…will be the one to be with her.” The Fallen Angel forcible pulled the dagger from my chest, and thrust its blade into my neck. I knew I had only seconds to live, so I forced my mind to think solely of Analetta as Carmillamon placed her lips on the side of my neck. Her sharp fangs piercing my neck was the last thing I remembered.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 46 - Conquest


    I shouldn’t have let him go…I shouldn’t have let him go alone! I paced back and forth in a hallway of the house the Rebuke had taken. Ghoulmon and SkullSatamon were watching me from the living room.

    “Geez, Anal, yer gonna make a groove in the floor if ya keep walkin’ like that!” SkullSatamon barked.

    “I can’t help it…I’m worried about Drask,” I whispered. “And don’t call me ‘Anal!’”

    “Aw, it’s all in good fun, lassie!”

    “Don’t torment the poor dame,” Ghoulmon said. “It’s bad enough she’s torn between Drask and Carmillamon without you being…you!”

    “What the hell is that supposed to mean?!” SkullSatamon snapped.

    “Silence! I grow weary of you,” Ghoulmon sighed.

    Man, I never can tell if those two are best friends or best enemies! At least Ghoulmon is nice to me...

    “Take this!” SkullSatamon swung his staff but Ghoulmon ducked, and SkullSatamon struck a lamp, shattering it to pieces. SkullSatamon swung again, nearly hitting me before striking Ghoulmon.

    “Hey, watch where you’re swinging that thing!” I shrieked as Carmillamon burst through the front door.

    Both of you, knock it off!” the Fallen Angel screamed. SkullSatamon and Ghoulmon instantly snapped to attention, saluting Carmillamon as she entered the living room. “Ghoulmon, what are you still doing here?! You have orders to kill!”

    “I apologize, Second Lieutenant Carmillamon!” Ghoulmon exclaimed. “Lieutenant Analetta seemed most distressed, so I chose to remain behind with her to ensure that she was all right!”

    “Really? Well, that was very sweet of you,” Carmillamon replied, speaking in a much gentler tone. “You run along now; Mephistomon and Phelesmon were also given orders to slay innocents with you while Devimon and LadyDevimon were ordered to deal with those nuisances.”

    “Yes, ma’am!” Ghoulmon said, leaving the room without another word.

    “And you, SkullSatamon!” Carmillamon snapped, startling the Undead Digimon. “You…you go and keep guard outside. Those who resisted us are liable to find us; if they come here, destroy them!”

    “Oh, yes, of course!” SkullSatamon saluted, and followed after Ghoulmon, but not before muttering, “Of course; give me the boring job, why don’tcha…” SkullSatamon closed the door behind him, leaving me alone with Carmillamon.

    “…Are you okay, Carmillamon? You seem a bit…bloated,” I said, looking at her slightly rounded midsection. “Why is your belly distended like that?”

    “Huh? Oh; I just killed someone a few minutes ago,” Carmillamon smiled. “Their blood was so delicious, I just couldn’t help myself; I just kept drinking until nothing was left!” In a seductive manner, Carmillamon walked up to me and placed her lips against my cheek. “It’s really starting to ache quite a bit, Annie…Perhaps you could…rub…me?” she whispered seductively. I said nothing. “…You worried about Drask, aren’t you…”

    “…I’m sorry…I can’t help it,” I said, fighting back tears as best as I could.

    “Well…I’m afraid I have some bad news, then.” Carmillamon pulled away from me. She stepped a few paces away, and looked me straight in the eye. “Soooo…Drask is dead,” Carmillamon said nervously. I remained silent and stayed unmoving. I soon found Carmillamon’s hand resting against my cheek, an act which raised my head slightly to look into her eyes.

    “I…don’t know what to do…how to feel,” I admitted as Carmillamon lead me into Drask’s bedroom. “I loved him…but I also love…you…Tell me. Tell me who it was who murdered Drask! Tell me who took him away from me!”

    “Drask…was murdered by the swordswoman named Eleanora; the one bearing the Mark on her belly,” Carmillamon said. “She and her Digimon ruthlessly and savagely attacked him even after he could no longer stand.”

    “But he is gone now. The dead do not come back to life. He’s gone, Analetta, and you won’t ever see him again. You are now completely alone in this world…except for me…” With a quick snap of her shoulders, Carmillamon shimmied out of her long, red dress and sat down naked on the bed behind her, kicking off her red high heels. I stared transfixed at her body. A surge of ecstasy flowed through my body, and I did as she did, though much less refined; I savagely tore my dress apart until I wore nothing and joined the seductive Digimon. Lips pressed against lips, belly pressed against belly, breasts pressed against soft breasts. It was not until after the deed was done that I realized that we made love, right then and there, on Drask’s bed.


    As the full moon closed in on the very center of the deep navy sky, I began to notice what I thought at first to be a trick of the light. But now, I could clearly see it; the moon was beginning to turn red.

    “What does this mean?” I asked. “Could the Rebuke be winning this war…? Are they…killing my friends? Is there anyone left alive?!”

    “You should not be worrying about others.” The voice startled me. Above me flew a Digimon with a single eye as red as the moon. “Once I, Ghoulmon, defeat you, your little alliance of fighters should fall like a ripened fruit!” I held up my sheathed blade, and stared down the descending Ghoulmon. “What…you aren’t even going to draw your weapon? Are you giving up already?”

    “Wild God’s Thrust!” As soon as Ghoulmon landed on the grass before me, I charged him, jabbing him in the eye with the tip of my sheathed sword.

    “Arrgh! You bastard! Death Arrow!” Ghoulmon opened up his claws, revealing two more blood-red eyes on each of his palms.

    “Primary Tactic!” The twin cannons on my back flipped over, and fired two immense energy blasts into Ghoulmon’s hands before he could attack. The Demon Lord fell onto his back, howling in pain. I walked up to him, and rammed my foot into his chest and the tip of my sword onto an arm. “Now then, Ghoulmon; it seems you don’t have a chance of winning…wouldn’t you say?”

    “Explosion Eye!” I sighed.

    “Ultimate Tactic!” The butt end of my sheath began to glow with a luminescent and pearly white radiance. I slashed downwards and once more struck Ghoulmon in the eye. This time, however, instead of merely poking him, I pushed down as hard as I could, skewering his eye. Ghoulmon was now shrieking with shear agony. “Ghoulmon…perhaps you’d care to answer a few questions I have. Tell me…why has it been decided that Cyllene would invade Arcadia?! Tell me!”

    “I…I…I’m not entirely certain,” Ghoulmon stammered. “Desmond has always desired more land, so some say he never gave up from that time fifteen years ago! And trust me; with the Goddess’ Rebuke helping out this time, they will succeed!”

    “‘They?’ Who exactly is ‘they?’” I asked.

    “…King Desmond’s most trusted generals,” Ghoulmon said, beginning to laugh. “Eliza the Black General. Augustus Maxwell, the Blue General. And finally…the commander of the Rebuke…Agamemnon, the Green General. Heh heh heh…You might defeat me, Tactimon…but if you were to fight someone as powerful as General Agamemnon…you wouldn’t last a second. And some say that Augustus, even when unarmed, is even stronger…even deadlier than Agamemnon with his sword! A killer to the core, that Augustus! Able to kill Mega level Digimon with ease, he is!” My fingers tightened around the hilt of my blade, and I yanked it out of Ghoulmon’s now-empty eye socket; the eye dangled on the edge of my sheath.

    “…Is there anything else that you can tell me?” I asked, removing my foot from his chest.

    “One more thing…THIS ATTACK WILL BE THE ONE TO SEND YOU STRAIGHT TO HELL, TACTIMON!” Ghoulmon jumped up and into the air, poised to attack. Remaining calm, I held up my hand.
    “Star Splitter!” Ghoulmon instantly froze. His body began shining brightly, and soon Ghoulmon’s body vanished from sight, hidden by an explosion of light. At long last, the Demon Lord was no more. “…A Human who can go head-to-head with a Mega level Digimon…Just how powerful is this Augustus Maxwell?” I pondered.

    Augustus Maxwell
    Cyllene Imperial Continent

    My heart immediately sank upon entering the dim, musky room. The other two generals, Eliza and Agamemnon, were not exactly what you would call “good company.” To be fair, Eliza was rather easy on the eyes, but she spoke in a dull, monotoned voice that was reflected by her personality. Agamemnon, on the other hand, while being a fair and honorable warrior who would never hurt an innocent, was just about as rude and cruel as they came. Their two subordinates were no better. Eeno, Eliza’s subordinate, had a sadistic and creepy smile on his face at all times. Barbamon, Agamemnon’s subordinate, shared all of the negative traits as his superior officer.

    Wonder how I ended up so lucky, then. I glanced back, taking note of my own subordinate, UlforceVeedramon. While it could be said that the personality of the Exalted Knight didn’t enable him to stand out in a crowd, being quiet and shy, this always came as a huge relief to me whenever I had to attend a meeting with the other generals. His lack of a stand-out personality really stood out in a place where everyone else was either cruel, perverted, or whatever.

    “…Took ya’ long enough, Blue General Augustus,” Agamemnon grunted.

    “Forgive my tardiness. The messenger had only arrived at my door mere moments before, Green General Agamemnon,” I replied. “It won’t happen again, sir.”

    “Yeah, it won’t…Not after I burn that messenger to a crisp!” Barbamon cackled.

    “Why was this meeting called?” UlforceVeedramon asked.

    “It is only a simple discussion about the upcoming invasion of the Arcadia continent,” Eliza answered.

    “So, are we all to agree that, in a month’s time, if the Rebuke ain’t back yet, we’re all to get on over to that trash continent?” Agamemnon asked.

    “Ah, that’s so boring! Why can’t we just go now?!” Eeno asked. “I wanna slit some throats and touch some girls!”

    Every time he speaks, I get chills up and down my spine…

    “We can’t go yet, because the order has yet to be given,” I said.

    “Augustus makes an excellent point,” Eliza said. “Though it is King Desmond’s wish, we cannot go on and invade without order of the king.”

    “Yeah, but it’ll happen any time, now,” Agamemnon added. “So, just in case, we oughta draw up a plan er somethin’ fer when we get there, right?” The Green General laid out a map of the continent of Arcadia across a wooden table. “There’re four provinces, right? But only one of ‘em is populated by Humans; Celosia. Celosia’s got five different territories in it, each of ‘em led by a king ‘er somethin’.”

    …We really are going through with this…This mad, mad conquest that is doomed to failure. The door behind me opened, and in walked one of the castle’s maids, Amber. In general, the maids at Cyllene Castle were surprisingly well-treated, with the sole exception of Amber. Amber was a slave, captured during Cyllene’s previous invasion to Arcadia. As such, she was abused at every opportunity by the other two generals and their subordinates, in addition to more or else every last soldier in the imperial army. Though covered in cuts, bruises, and dirt, Amber never lost her smile, like now, when she began serving tea to the generals.

    “Now, I think we should target this place…here,” Agamemnon pointed to an area marked ‘Valneva.’ “It seems that this place here is the head of the five territories.”

    “…I don’t think that’s right,” Amber interjected. “I remember that Valencia is the head—”

    “Was I talkin’ to you, cupcake?!” Agamemnon snapped.

    “…No, sir…”

    “Then keep yer purdy lil’ trap shut…Or somethin’s liable to fly into it!”

    “Llllike mmmmmyyyyyyy ccccooooccckkkk,” Eeno sneered.

    “Well…I was thinkin’ somethin’ a lil’ bigger…But I guess that…could work,” Agamemnon pondered, earning him a snicker from Eliza and Barbamon, and the middle finger from Eeno.

    “The slave wasn’t wrong, though,” Barbamon said. “Valencia is the capital of Celosia; particularly, the city of Yew, where the King and Queen reside. It has been said that Valencia’s military is the strongest of all five.”

    “Is that so…Well, it’s purdy landlocked, so maybe we oughta go fer Shendu or Cherifia, then,” Agamemnon said.

    “Wherever we go…we shall succeed,” Eliza said.

    I wonder…Will we really be successful? If we go through with such a pathetic conquest…
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 47 - Schrezo di Notte


    Just my rotten luck; stuck keepin’ guard at this goddessforasken house when I could be out having a good time slaughtering some innocents! Stupid Carmillamon, bossing me around like that; who does she think she is?! From atop the roof, I looked down at the house. Man; bet she and Anal are having’ some good sex down there. Bet she and Anal are…having anal! Gwahahaha! Wouldn’t mind getting in between those two at the moment, show ‘em me Bone Blaster…

    “Monster! I’ve found you!” The shout startled me. I nearly lost my balance and fell off the roof of our hideaway. I looked down and saw the leader of Lachesis, the one known as Ulysses Melchett, standing, glaring up at me. Behind him was the Digimon Andromon, and a man who looked and smelled like a blacksmith.

    “Well, well…and I thought this was going to be a boring shift!” I jumped down off the roof, and smiled at the three. “There’s nothing I hate absolutely more than keeping guard! Keep me entertained, you three!”

    “Battle us, you should not,” Andromon said. “Too strong for you, we are!”

    “Wayland, you go—”

    “Yeah, yeah, I got it; go and hide,” the blacksmith interrupted, cutting of Ulysses.

    “Enough talk! Now…we fight! Nail Bone!”

    “Lightning Blade!” Andromon’s attack intercepted my own, resulting in an explosion. Two missiles flew through the smoke of the explosion, and struck me in the head.

    “Well, that was certainly cheap!” I spat, flying at the Ultimate.

    “Reload, Talosmon!” I halted my flight at once.

    Talosmon?! No, not…the Bronze Giant?! Is it him?! To my fear, the Digimon I thought of turned out to be the one called forth by Ulysses. Talosmon was even more massive than I had dared imagined.

    “Talosmon…destroy this monster!” Ulysses exclaimed.

    “Understood! Titan Inferno!” Talosmon’s sword turned to fire as the massive Digimon cleaved through my staff, which promptly burned to cinders. I could only look on in awe as the towering Mega prepared to attack me.

    “Shattered Dreams!” An unseen force instantly forced Talosmon back a few steps. At my side was Carmillamon, and behind me, Analetta. “Don’t tell me you can’t handle yourself against such opponents…SkullSatamon.”

    “Shut yer trap!” I snapped.

    “SkullSatamon, I order you to leave,” Carmillamon said firmly. “You don’t have your weapon anymore, and we can’t afford to suffer any more losses. You’re useless. Don’t get in my way!”

    “…Yeah, fine. Whatever…” Rolling my eyes at my superior, I turned my back on Talosmon and ran for the forest behind our house. Jeez, it’s harder workin’ my way through these damn trees without my staff! After working my way through a dense thicket, I found a clearing in the forest.

    “Running is futile.” I jumped, and turned to see Ulysses standing behind me. The old man held out his claymore, and shot me a fierce glare.

    “Y—You don’t scare me!” I snickered. “No Human can beat me — even without my weapon, I’m too strong for you!”

    “Is that so…” Ulysses glared at me for a few more seconds, and then rushed at me, cleaving all the way through my body with his sword.
    “W—What…?! But…how?!” I tried to turn my skull for one final glance at the man who killed me, but my head falling off was the last thing I remembered before darkness surrounded me.


    Ulysses is a real genius, I thought. He really deserves the title of “The King.” Fusing Andromon and Talosmon together to create Jupitermon on the fly like that…He must have planned this some time ago, and fusing a Digimon as large and powerful as Talosmon with another Digimon must not have been easy to do.

    “So, a member of the Olympus XII was created by a Human,” Carmillamon smirked, staring up at the newly created Jupitermon.

    “You know who I am…and yet you still mean to face me in battle? You are a fool, witch,” Jupitermon said, glowing in a bright light. “Jupitermon Mode Change to, Wrath Mode!” The weapons in the God Man's hand’s merged into one titanic blade that vaguely resembled the claymore of Ulysses.

    “…Analetta, darling; go and seek out the one who killed your beloved Drask,” Carmillamon said. “I can take care of him.”

    “Yes; the swordswoman Eleanora is responsible for his death,” Analetta said spitefully.

    Eleanora? She was successful against one of them? I’m glad she’s okay, then. Analetta gave Carmillamon a quick kiss on the cheek before leaving.

    “Wide Plasment!” Jupitermon held his sword up high, and brought it down to the ground where Carmillamon had been only seconds before.

    “Shattered Dreams!” From the air, Carmillamon held up her hand, but nothing seemed to happen.

    “Your attack is useless. If I were the real Jupitermon, and not a composite…it would work,” Jupitermon said. “I am Talosmon at my base…but I was fused with Andromon, a man turned Digimon by force…a Digimon lacking a heart. Therefore, as a result, now that I have fused with Andromon, I have no heart, just as he does.”

    “A Digimon without a heart?! How is that possible?! Even Machine Digimon have hearts!” Carmillamon exclaimed.

    “I cannot claim to understand the situation. But…though Andromon does not have the physical organ that pumps blood…he, in a sense, does have one. At least, compared to you heartless assassins! You, who would kill the innocent solely for the enjoyment of killing! Wide Plasment!” Once again, Jupitermon swung his sword, and once more, he just barely missed Carmillamon.

    “Well…it seems that this fighting is getting us nowhere,” Carmillamon said. “I shall take my leave of you, then.” Carmillamon snapped her fingers, and vanished in an instant.

    “…She got away,” I sighed.

    “Do not worry, Wayland. It is as she said; there could have been no conclusion to that battle,” Jupitermon said. “My attacks could not hit her, but her attacks could not hurt me.”

    “Well, you did your best.” I turned my head, and saw Ulysses approaching us. “I thank you for trying, my dear old friend.” Jupitermon nodded, and turned back into Talosmon and Andromon. “Also, I was able to kill SkullSatamon.”

    “Spoke to Flamedramon earlier, I did,” Andromon said. “Able to defeat LadyDevimon, he and Abigail were.”

    “Yeah, and I saw Mia and Elizabeth a little bit before joining up with you, boss,” I said. “Said they were both able to kill Devimon.”

    “…I wonder how many of those monsters are left, then,” Ulysses said.

    “Carmillamon said something about Drask being dead,” I said. “There should be at most six left by now.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 48 - Anguish

    Eleanora Kasuto

    “Matthew, aren’t you tired?” I asked. “It’s pretty late; don’t you want to stop and take a rest?”

    “I’ve rested all day. I’m fine, El,” my twin replied.

    “We’re all fine; we just need to know what we’re going to do about the Goddess’ Rebuke,” Sparrow said.

    “You mean, other than kick their asses?” Coronamon asked.

    “I think he means how we’re going to do so…If we are able to do so at all,” Hawkmon replied.

    “Don’t say that!” Lunamon shouted. “We can’t think things like that, or else we really won’t be able to win! And we have to be able to win…We can’t afford to lose, with what’s at stake…because if we lose…then lots of people are going to die…”

    “Lunamon…” I picked up the tiny Rookie and hugged her tightly. “We’ll be okay…We will. Somehow…we’ll get out of this okay.”

    “…I’m so happy to hear you say that…”

    “Zelda!” I smiled. “Oh, I’m sorry…Auntie Zelda…”

    “No, Zelda’s fine, dear,” the blonde replied. “Oh, I’m so happy to see that you’re both all right, Eleanora…Matthew…”

    “Did something happen?” I asked.

    “No, no…Well, Abigail was able to kill LadyDevimon, and…well…I guess I just got a little worried about the two of you, seeing how powerful that LadyDevimon was,” Zelda said.

    “We haven’t fought any of them yet, but I’m not sure what we’d do about them when we do find them,” Coronamon said.

    “Coronamon…that reminds me; you used to be Apollomon, right?” Zelda asked.

    “I believe so, yes. Why?”

    “…You don’t…remember me, do you?”

    “Sorry, lovely; don’t remember much from my past life. I think I may have been a leader or…something like that…”

    “Yes; you were the leader of Lachesis five-hundred years ago, and a great leader at that. You and Dianamon were killed in the same battle about one-hundred and fifty years after I joined Lachesis, and…not…not much longer…after my husband died…” Zelda’s eyes began to fill with tears.

    “Auntie, don’t cry…” I placed my hand over her shoulder and pulled her into a hug.

    “You were married?” Hawkmon asked. “I was wondering why you weren’t hitting on her, Sparrow.”

    “Yeah…it’s taken every ounce of self-control, and then some,” Sparrow said, staring at Zelda. “So…beautiful…Just…breathtaking…But she’s still got the ring, so…yeah…”

    “Oh…well…Tommy always said that he didn’t mind if I remarried after he died, because he didn’t want me to be lonely…But I can’t even muster up the courage to take off the ring,” Zelda said, looking at the silver ring around her slender finger. “He was the first real Human who was ever genuinely kind to me, even after he found out about the Mark…”

    “…A curse from the Goddess, it’s called,” I whispered.

    “I certainly felt as though I was cursed…I hope…you and Matthew haven’t been demonized like I was in my childhood,” Zelda said.

    “Well, if we were, I don’t remember it happening,” Matthew said.

    “Did…did anybody ever hurt you?” I asked.

    “…Everyone I’ve ever met in my childhood…even my own mother…She was the worst of them all,” Zelda said in a surprisingly spiteful tone. “She’d get drunk, and when she’d come home, she’d…hit me…beat me…One time, she went as far as cutting the skin off the back of my hand…to get rid of the Mark. All because my father ran out on us as soon as I was born. He couldn’t handle being the father of two Marked…He himself bore the Mark, as did my mother and older sister, Hannah. I never even got to see his face; I never even heard his name. Hannah didn’t know, and I was too scared of my mother to ask her.”

    That’s…the complete opposite of our parents, back when they were still alive…

    “Our parents…Our mother…she was a lot like you, Zelda,” Matthew said. “Before they were killed by bandits, they always made certain that Ellie and I were safe and happy.”

    “…I’m happy to hear that,” Zelda smiled, and turned her head to look at Sparrow. “And what about you, young man? What’s your story?”

    “Me? Uh…I’m hot for your daughter?” Sparrow said. I rolled my eyes. “Uh…I don’t have the Mark, if that’s what you’re wondering, though…”

    “He just flirts with every cute girl he sees,” Matthew said.

    “Hey, I’m only Human! Cut me some slack, lil’ buddy!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    “…Obviously, he is younger than me and El, but even still, he’s like a big brother to me,” Matthew continued.

    “And now look at you! When I first met you, you were so afraid of every girl you saw, you couldn’t even talk to sweet, harmless little Larraine!”

    “Ever since that thief, Lira, stole my lucky rock…my only keepsake of my mother…I’ve just felt this…I don’t know…I’ve just felt a lot…braver…ever since she took it,” Matthew said.

    “I wonder why she took it; it was just a rock,” I said. “…Wasn’t it?”

    “It didn’t seem like a precious gemstone when I held it; just like an ordinary rock.”

    “…What color was it?” Zelda asked.

    “It was green. Why?” I asked.

    “…Nothing. Never mind.”

    …I wonder what she’s thinking…Could it have been more than a rock? Nah, don’t be stupid, El. A rock is just a rock…

    “Who’s there?!” Hawkmon shouted, breaking me out of my thoughts. I looked up, and my heart skipped a beat. One of the Goddess’ Rebuke was approaching us.

    “…Analetta,” I whispered.

    “…Eleanora…you…You were the one,” Analetta whispered through clenched teeth. “You were the one who killed my beloved Drask…Give him back. Give him back to me!”

    “Whoa, what are you talking about?! I haven’t killed anyone from the Rebuke…yet!” I exclaimed.

    “SILENCE! Give him back….Give my Drask back to me!” The maddened swordswoman charged at me, madly swinging her blood-stained sword at me as I desperately tried to block with my own.

    “Lunamon, help!” I screamed.

    “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

    “Coronamon Digivolve to, Firamon!”

    “Digi Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Moosemon, the Prongs of Hope!”

    “Come forth, Greymon!” The sight of the four Digimon halted Analetta’s attack, but instead of a look of fear on her face, there was only grief.

    “…You think you can stop me?! I’ve killed many Digimon stronger than any of you!” Firamon attacked first, but was stopped midair by Analetta’s sword, piercing the Beast in the shoulder. Moosemon and Lekismon attacked next, but they too were struck by Analetta’s blade. All three of the Digimon turned back into their Rookie forms.

    “Nova Blast!” At the last second, Analetta backflipped and jumped onto Greymon’s head, thrusting the tip of her sword deep into the Digimon Spirit’s skull. At once, Greymon disappeared from sight, and Analetta gracefully landed on the grass. Her deep, crimson eyes were fixated on mine in a spiteful glare.

    “Give him back…Give…Drask…back to me!” With tears streaming down her face, the blonde once more rushed me, quickly jabbing her sword at me. An arrow flew past the woman’s head without her notice. Then, another and yet another until one finally struck Analetta in the hip. She let out a shriek as it pierced her skin, and I took the opportunity to slash my own sword across her neck. Analetta fell to her back and into a puddle of her own blood.

    “Analetta…I did not kill Drask,” I whispered. “I…I am…sorry…for your loss…but I was not the one who killed him.” The dying swordswoman tried to speak, but only coughed up a spurt of blood. Her fingers tightened around the hilt of her sword, and in one clean motion, Analetta threw her weapon at Matthew. As soon as she sat up, I plunged my sword into her chest, killing her the instant her sword left her hand, which missed my twin by only a few inches. “…Let’s go. We should get out of here…before they find her body.”
    “…Such a shame, though,” Sparrow said. “Damn beautiful girl…Shame it was our job to murder her. Such a waste…”


    Hmm…The moon is beginning to descend. I looked up in the sky. The reddened moon that signified the presence of our group was slowly descending down the sky, towards the west. The shade of red was gradually turning a pale pink. “…That must mean most of us are gone,” I pondered. Maybe I shouldn’t have killed Drask…And not just for the fact that I’m still bloated with over a gallon of blood of his in my stomach... “…I can feel…their presences,” I murmured. “Only two of the Rebuke…remains…Analetta…please…Please still be alive…I can’t…I can’t live without you!” I quickened my pace, growing more and more frantic with each passing second until I came to a clearing in the forest. Near the middle of the clearing was a body. Still, and soaked in blood. “…Analetta…” My knees gave out as I approached the unmoving corpse of my lover. Her face was pale. There was a huge gash across her throat, and a stab wound in the middle of her chest. I reached out to gently stroke her sweet face, and closed her open eyes. “…Analetta…why…Why did you…have to…die? Why…Why?!”

    “Because you sent her to die.” Behind me, Mephistomon had alighted to the ground, staring coldly at me.

    “Mephistomon…what are you saying?!” I screamed. “It’s…my fault…Analetta’s dead?!”

    “Yes, it is. You are the one who killed Drask, and yet you pinned his cold-blooded murder on the swordswoman, Eleanora,” Mephistomon said. “Analetta went to fight her out of revenge…and was killed in doing so.” I shook my head in disbelief.


    “You are responsible for the death of two in our circle, Carmillamon. If the king were to find out about this…he might be liable to see it as treason,” Mephistomon continued. “You and I are the only survivors. We can’t afford to lose either of us. We must both stay alive to fulfill King Desmond’s wishes of glory and conquest.”


    “…We were all fond of her, Carmillamon. You and Drask enjoyed her in a romantic and sexual manner, but the other seven of us liked her, too. I am as saddened by her death as you are,” Mephistomon said. “Make no mistake…I will find the one responsible for Anna’s death. I will bring you the head of Eleanora Kasuto, madam.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 49 - The Divine Right of Kings


    “This is the longest I’ve ever seen you awake,” Quetzalmon said.

    “I know…I feel like we’ve been flying for hours,” I yawned.

    “Correction; I have been flying for hours. You’ve only been awake for about three minutes,” Quetzalmon replied. “You have been sleep-flying most of the time.”

    “Really? Shit, I didn’t know I could do that…”

    “Just keep your eyes open, will ya?! I don’t wanna have to fight one of those Rebuke guys all by myself!”

    “You won’t. I’ll fight this one all on my own.”

    “This one? What do you—”

    “Black Sabbath.” A wave of dark energy shot across the sky. I was able to weave up and out of the way, but Quetzalmon was not so lucky. The attack hit him, and he fell straight to the ground, unconscious.

    “Hey, hey…That was a bit excessive there, pal,” I said. A tall Digimon flew up to me and looked me straight in the eye.

    “You are not my concern, dragon,” Mephistomon said. “I seek only Eleanora Kasuto. I seek…to remove her head.”

    “You do, huh? Well, I hate to break it to ya, but if you take her head off, she might die.”

    “I know. That is why I seek to remove it and present it to my master.”

    “…V-Wing Blade!” Before Mephistomon could react, I spread my wings and fired off my most powerful attack, striking the Fallen Angel dead on.

    “Damn it; didn’t even give me a warning…You’re a bit of an odd one, aren’t you?” Mephistomon asked.

    “Nah; just lazy.”

    “Well, it seems I shall have to take this battle seriously, then. Dark Cloud!”

    “Twister Saber!” Our two attacks collided, generating a bright explosion. “Magnum Crusher!” Without hesitation, I flew through the blast and grabbed Mephistomon by the face, and slammed his entire body down onto the ground with enough force to split the ground beneath him. The Fallen Angel stood back up instantly, but once more, I attacked him with a Magnum Crusher to the face, knocking him back a few feet.

    “For a lazy Digimon, you sure move well,” Mephistomon said, covering his bloody face with his hand. “It is as they say; those governed by sloth have much potential, but they chose to waste it.”

    “Wha? I’m not governed by any sloth; I eat sloths for breakfast!”

    “No, no, sloth as in—”

    “V-Breath Arrow!” Before Mephistomon could finish his sentence, I enveloped him in the flames of my attack.

    “Black Sabbath!” Another wave of dark energy surged from under Mephistomon, extinguishing my flames and nearly knocking me onto my back. Mephistomon ran towards me, prepared to strike, but I was too fast for him, jabbing him in the face with yet another Magnum Crusher.

    Gasping for breath…now’s my chance! I lunged at the Fallen Angel and grasped my hand around his neck before shoving him to the ground. “Now, I want you to tell me something, Mephistopheles.”

    “It’s Mephistomon, you twit!”

    “Yeah, whatever. Why did King Desmond send you guys out here? I’d like to know why he’d be foolish enough to think he’d be able to annex this entire continent.”

    “You…you don’t understand…Desmond isn’t one to think that he could be bested at anything,” Mephistomon gasped. “He will keep attacking Arcadia until it is his. I promise you that. And when Arcadia falls, the remaining continents will be his for the taking!”

    “…The king has children, doesn’t he?” I asked. “This hardly seems like appropriate behavior for a father. Doesn’t he care about his children at all?!”

    “Ha! Hardly!” Mephistomon laughed. “Prince Kelik is a bastard child, born to his wife by another man. Princess Tamiko…well, she’s a sweet lass, so I doubt she has any desire for this war. That being said, you can understand how a tyrant like Desmond wouldn’t care for either progeny.”
    “…Pathetic! Dragon Impulse!” With Mephistomon still pinned to the ground, I surrounded myself with the aura of my attack and unleashed it with all my might. The Fallen Angel was consumed and burned in mere seconds. Mephistomon had died. “Well, well…You’d better still be alive, Eleanora; I’d hate to think I wasted my time protecting someone who had already died.”

    Tamiko Silverveil

    The hallways of the castle are as empty as ever…I sighed, more so from weariness than loneliness. “I suppose it’s better this way…All of the knights are either perverted or callous murderers…” I shuddered, particularly at the thought of the knight Eeno, who always seemed to be staring at me whenever our paths crossed. I looked down at the palace courtyard, seemingly the only peaceful place on the entire continent. With all of the knights gone and preparing for the war my father was planning on starting, there might be no other peaceful place in the entire world, and even this lovely garden might end up a blood-soaked battlefield. The very thought made my heart ache.

    “Tami! Hey, Tami!” The voice that never ceased to raise my spirits echoed through the grand hall. Behind me, I could see my little brother, Kelik, running up to me. With a big smile on his face, he threw his arms around me, and I picked him up.

    “How are you today, Kelik?” I asked.

    “I’m okay, Tami!” Kelik said. “…Um…Daddy said Auntie Eris is coming over today…”

    “…Eris…” The duchess of a neighboring kingdom and sister of my father, Eris was every bit as cruel as my father.

    “Tami…I’m scared…” Kelik laid his head down on my chest and snuggled up closer to me. I could feel his small body tremble.

    “Aw, don’t worry, Kelik; I’ll keep you safe, okay?” I began walking towards my bedroom. “You just hang out with me until she’s gone, okay?”

    “In that case, you might expect him to stay in your room for a long, long time.” My heart nearly stopped.


    “Tamiko…I’m afraid you’ll both be expected to visit with your aunt during her stay here,” Desmond said. “Don’t think you can safeguard your…your ‘brother’ forever, young lady.”

    “Don’t think I’ll let my baby brother visit that fat, evil witch!” I snapped.

    “How dare you take that tone with your father?! And don’t disrespect your aunt, young lady!” I stood still, glaring at my father, and turned away. “Where do you think you’re going?! Get back here, now!”

    “Oh, Desmond, don’t go making a scene!” The voice of my aunt stopped me in my tracks. Eris walked up to me from behind my father with a disgusting smirk on her face. “So…you think I’m a witch, do you?”

    “…You can put me down, Tami…” In spite of my brother’s words, I clutched him tighter against my body. I glared at Eris, who reached out and grabbed Kelik by the ear and forcefully yanked him out of my arms.

    “Hmph. Was disgustingly…ordinary clothes your son wears, Desmond,” Eris scoffed.

    “He’s no son of mine. Sapphira had the nerve to have him with another man,” Desmond growled. “I keep the little rat dressed as a bard so nobody will know that he’s her bastard.”

    “Ah, I was wondering why you had her killed. How dare that little whore cheat on my big brother…”

    Don’t talk about my mother like that!” I screamed. Eris turned back to face me, and slapped me as hard as she could across the face.

    “You know…you really are kinda cute, Tamiko,” Eris sneered. “You just need to put on a little weight. Getting fat would help to show off that you are truly wealthy, you know, and you would not be mistaken for a skinny peasant.”

    “…What do you want with me and my brother?” I asked. “Why are you here?”

    “Aw, can’t I just visit my darling little niece and my…nephew?”

    “I know you better than that, Eris. Why are you here?!” I repeated.

    “Don’t you dare take that tone with your aunt!” Desmond snapped.

    “Relax, Desmond,” Eris said firmly. “Tamiko, I am here to aid your father in the upcoming war.”

    “…You’re really going through with it…”

    “Idiot girl; the more land I have under my control, the more power I shall have!” Desmond exclaimed. “As the king of Cyllene, it is my duty…no, my Goddess-given right to conquer all lands unknown!”

    “…You’d murder countless innocents just for more power?! That’s all?! You…you’re mad…You’re mad! This is madness!”

    “…Tamiko. This is Cyllene,” Eris said calmly. “Get used to it…for soon, it shall all be yours.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 50 - A Terrible Beauty

    Lucia Delbray

    Isole, with her head resting in my lap, turned over and mumbled something unintelligible in her sleep. Every now and then, I would reach down and stroke her face, or brush a strand of her lavender hair away from her face. It had taken a great deal of arguing, but I was finally able to convince her to take this well-needed and well-deserved rest.

    We can’t have our chief tactician falling asleep when we need her guidance, I had said. From the sound of a loud snore, I could see that Bokomon had also taken my advice, and was resting atop the big, fuzzy head of Mihiramon, also asleep. I leaned back, and nestled my face against the Exalted Beast’s scraggly but soft fur. Isole turned around once again, and rested her head on my tummy. She’s so sweet when she’s asleep…And a bit of a jerk when awake. But I wouldn’t have her any other way. She’s the best daughter anyone could ever ask for…Well, in spite of the fact that she isn’t actually my daughter, and we’re only ten years apart, but whatever.


    She knows she’s adopted, and she still thinks of me as her mother…


    “Oh…you’re awake?” I asked. “Are you okay, Isole? You only call me mommy when you’re sick…”

    “…Or when I’m scared out of my mind,” Isole whispered. “…I’m scared, mommy…”

    “Isole! What are you so afraid of, sweetheart?” I asked as gently as possible.

    “…It isn’t just the Rebuke,” Isole said. “I’m…I’m afraid…of going to war…War tactics is one of my specialties, but I had always hoped that I wouldn’t ever have to use that particular knowledge…I’ve read enough about it to know that I would never want to experience it firsthand. I mean…our friends could die! I don’t…want to see anyone here get hurt, but I know that even something as simple as that is foolish, wishful thinking. You’re a frontline fighter, so you have the greatest chance of getting…k…ki…killed…I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE, MOMMY! I DON’T WANT YOU TO DIE!” Isole promptly burst into tears, throwing her arms around my waist and burying her face in my chest.

    …I’ve never seen her like this…She hardly ever shows her emotions like this…

    “Good heavens, Lucia; what ever has gotten into Isole?” Bokomon asked.

    “Doesn’t wanna go to war,” Mihiramon mumbled. “Now, get off my head, Rookie.”

    “Well, no sense in trying to go back to sleep now; it’s almost morning,” Bokomon lamented.

    “Just a few hours till sunrise,” I whispered. “Aw, Isole, it’s okay…Everything will be okay, sweetie…”

    “N—No…sniff…no…Someone…Someone is going…t-t-to die!!!”

    “Hey, give us a little credit here, love,” Mihiramon said, licking the tactician’s face. “We’re a lot stronger than you think.”

    “N—No…that isn’t…hic…it…We can’t just assume that everything will be okay; we’re going up against a whole, fucking army of an entire, goddamned imperial nation! How do you honestly expect any of us to be fine?! How?!?!

    “…We don’t have a choice, Isole,” I said. “We have to at least try…They’re coming, whether we want them to or not, so the only thing we really can do is try to fight them back before they get here. I don’t want anyone to die — especially you — so that’s why I fight. We…we will go to Cyllene, and fight them until they can’t fight anymore. We will do so, because it is our duty. It is our job…The job of those of us at Lachesis…”

    “It is for the sake of the entire world that we must do this,” Bokomon said.

    “Yeah, and if we don’t,” Mihiramon began. “If we don’t at least try to stop them…Well, it’ll just leave a bad taste in my mouth to die doing nothing as opposed to dying while trying to do something about it.”

    “…I know I have to do this,” Isole muttered. “I just…never thought I would have to…”

    “And you’ve been worried about that all this time, haven’t you? Isole…” I gently ran my fingers through her lavender hair. “We’ll be okay…we all will. We’ll all go to Cyllene together, and we’ll all come back together. I promise you, Isole. Have I ever broken a promise to you before?”


    “You did to me a few times,” Mihiramon interrupted. “Last week, you said we’d be having steak for dinner, but we had salmon instead. What the hell, man?!”


    “I know, I know; shut up, Mihiramon…Sheesh…”

    “…Are you feeling better, Isole?” I asked.

    “…I guess so,” the tactician replied. “Thanks, Lucia…”

    “What, no more ‘mommy?’”

    S—Shut up!” Isole said, turning her reddening face away.

    “Aw, but you’re so adorable when you’re timid and bashful!”


    “Well, just so long as you aren’t scared and crying anymore, I’m a happy mom.”

    “…Thank you, Lucia. I…I love you…mother,” Isole whispered.

    “I love you to, sweetheart.”

    “Oi, that’s nice to see and all,” Mihiramon said. “But…”

    “…But what?” I asked.

    “…But someone is coming,” Mihiramon continued. “An evil presence is approaching.” Isole jumped out of my lap, and looked in the direction Mihiramon was glaring. I picked up my axe, and stood up as another Digimon joined us. “You…you’re Carmillamon…”

    “…All will fall into ruin,” Carmillamon said dully. Her eyes were glazed over, and her face was pale and sweaty. “All will fall into ruin…As long as those who spread conflict and strife continue to act on their own desires, the world will continue to stay this path of destruction until nothing is left; not even the dust of those who’ve parted…”

    “What are you saying?” I asked. Carmillamon’s eyes shifted, and looked at me. Those eyes…they’ve become so…so lifeless…

    “…Well…looks like someone’s been busy killing some Rebuke members,” Mihiramon chuckled. Carmillamon glared at the Ultimate.

    “You…it’s because of scum like you…that Analetta was taken away from me!” Carmillamon shrieked. “Eleanora…the swordswoman, Eleanora…she killed her…she murdered Analetta!”

    “…Okay,” I said.

    “…Okay?! No, it isn’t okay! My lover was murdered! How dare you?!”

    “Well, for starters, she was kind of an assassin who enjoyed in taking the lives of the innocent…so…I, for one, really don’t see any problem with her death,” Mihiramon said.

    “…No…this isn’t right,” Carmillamon whispered. “Mephistomon promised…he promised to bring me the head of Eleanora…I shall leave her to him…and deal with you four!!! Shattered Dreams!”

    “Tiger Wing Blade!” Mihiramon slammed his tail on the ground; the resulting shockwave nearly knocked Carmillamon off her feet. “I doubt anyone’s ever noticed before…but I see how your attack works.”


    “Your attack supposedly makes those hit by it feel like their heart has been broken. Perhaps it could, though, if you really tried,” Mihiramon continued. “But it isn’t an emotional heartbreak that they feel. Your attack…it is similar to the one I just used. You produce a shockwave, but you are able to control it so that it targets the opponent’s heart, and only their heart. As a shockwave attack…it is capable of tearing opponents up from the inside without harming the skin. The heart experiences pain…and so the one you attack assumes that it is an emotional pain, and not a physical one.”

    “…You’re right…Nobody ever has noticed. And for that, you deserve a special…treat,” Carmillamon whispered. Mihiramon reared back, ready to jump. “Laura’s Temptation!” Carmillamon raised her arm and pointed, and at that instant, Mihiramon jumped. A pink beam of energy shot out from Carmillamon’s finger, and instead of striking Mihiramon, Isole was hit.

    “ISOLE!” The tactician fell to her knees, breathing heavily.

    “So…the curse has inflicted you, child,” Carmillamon whispered.

    “What did you do to her?!” I yelled, kneeling down next to Isole.

    “Relax; it isn’t an offensive technique,” Carmillamon said. “Now, Isole…can you rise?”

    “…Yes…of course…” To my shock, my daughter rose to her feet, and walked over to Carmillamon.

    “Isole, what are you…” Carmillamon held out her hand. My heart wrenched with pain as I saw Isole take it in hers.

    “Isole…now, my dear, you will never again be restrained by the incompetence of your former allies,” Carmillamon whispered into Isole’s ear in a seductive voice. “You will forever be at my side, my beauty…You will be…forever…mine.” Isole nodded.

    “Isole, get away from—” The tactician whipped around and held up her arm. She’s…casting a spell?! Instantly, a huge gust of wind swirled up from the ground in front of me, kicking up dirt that blocked Isole and Carmillamon from view. The spell ended a few seconds later. Neither Isole nor Carmillamon could be seen.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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