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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 41 - A Battle and a Beginning

    Katsumi Rosalina

    The back of my head was still throbbing from where Devimon’s attack had hit me earlier today. Trying my best to ignore the pain, I continued onwards in silence.

    Devimon said he had visions of the future, like I do. Does that mean he can see anything…? Probably not, but…why does this worry me? I stopped walking, and looked down. His visions could easily be more powerful than mine…What if he can choose to have his visions at will? That could make him nearly impossible to defeat. Oh, dear…

    “Heeeeey! Kitty!” The voice broke me out of my thoughts. I turned around, and saw Mia running up to me.

    “Mia…weren’t you with Flamedramon and Abigail?” I asked.

    “Yeah, but we all decided to split up after fighting Karatenmon. I gotta say, Kat; it didn’t end well,” Mia said. “Even tough ol’ Flamedramon didn’t do very good. We really might be in trouble here…”

    “I…see…What…do you think we should do?” I asked.

    “Well, Karatenmon said that Leopardmon was the only one who could defeat him…but I don’t think we should force all the work onto Leopardmon, you know? Oh, and by the way, Karatenmon told us that he has the Mark, and he showed it to us. Um…does that help you think of anything we could do?”

    “…Uh…No…I’m terribly sorry…”
    “Oh, don’t worry! I’m sure we’ll think of something!” Mia smiled at me. At once, I felt my angst vanish. Mia’s smile always seemed to do this for me.


    …The Goddess’ Rebuke…Something about them…Something about their presence…it…bothers me. It feels as though my brain is being tickled or poked at by one of those demons. But why? Why would I have any memories with them? The tree I stood high up on began to sway in a gentle wind. I don’t have any memories of my life before joining Lachesis…but how long ago was that? Mia was still a little girl at that time. Ten years maybe? And I haven’t aged, either. I’ve looked all over my body, but I haven’t found the Mark. What am I? Just what the hell am I?! WHO am I?! I want to know, but every time I try to remember, I end up more confused than when I started! What the hell is wrong with me?!

    “…You seek answers.” At once, I was alert. Below me, my shadow began to expand, and from it, the form of Devimon emerged. Instinctively, I reached down to the strap on my thigh to retrieve a kunai when Devimon reached down and gently clasped my hand in his. “Now, now, my dear…there is no need for violence. I simply wish to help you, if I am able to do so.”

    “…And just why would you want to do that?” I just barely managed to choke out in a hoarse whisper.

    “Because, my dear, it pains my frozen heart to see such a beautiful young woman like yourself in such inner anguish. Like your friend, Katsumi, I too am something of a mystic. If you’d like…I can try to find you some answers.”

    “Katsumi’s father is also a mystic. He…literally knows almost everything…and yet he has found no answers for me. What makes you so certain that you’ll find anything?”

    “Because…your scent is familiar. Yes, very familiar, my dear.” With my tiny hand still clasped in his big one, Devimon stepped closer to me, making me feel more self-conscious than I realized. “Oh, do forgive my words; I do not mean the scent of your body. I mean the scent of your soul. Yes…perhaps…aura would be a more accurate term. Yes, a good deal more accurate.”

    “…What do you mean by familiar?”

    “Well…it simply means that your aura is similar to one I’ve met.”

    “Who? Who do I remind you of?!” I yelled. Devimon released my hand, and jumped to the next treetop over.

    “Oh, so you are desperate for knowledge. Yes, oh so desperate. Exactly like he said…”

    “Like who said?! Tell me!” Devimon grinned, baring his sharp fangs. I pulled my kunai from the strap on my thigh, and hurled it at the Fallen Angel. Devimon flew up, and my knife became stuck in a rather large branch. Devimon lunged at me, blood-red claws extended, put I jumped over to the next tree and retrieved my knife.

    “Touch of Evil!” One claw shot past my hip, which I was just barely dodged, but at the cost of my balance. I fell from the branch, and moments before I landed on the ground, I grabbed onto a different branch with my legs. Hanging upside-down, I could see Devimon land on the same branch and look down at me. “You know…you were the one to attack me. If you hadn’t, I just might have told you what you wanted to hear. But now…”

    “You will…tell me…what you know!” I hurled my knife up and caught it between the hallux and second toe of my left foot. Hanging on tightly to the branch with my right leg, I swung my left through the air and jabbed Devimon in the leg. Clearly surprised, Devimon kicked my right leg, and I fell the rest of the way to the ground. Well, it would have been the ground had I not fallen on top of a person. “Oh…Mia…Sorry about that…”

    “Glad to be here for you…” A shriek rattled the air. I climbed off Mia and dragged her out of the way of Devimon’s claws just in time.

    “Are you okay, Elizabeth?” Katsumi asked.

    “Well, well…three little beauties for me peel and slice…Oh, yes, your skin looks so soft and delicate…And ssssoft…”

    “O-kay, this just became a little too creepy,” Mia said. She reached down into her purse to pull out a Talisman, but Devimon reached out and grabbed her arm before she could.

    “Now, now; there won’t be any need for that, my lovely. You’re thinking I’m a mystic; and guess what? You’re right! I can see what will happen before it will happen, just like that orchid-haired lovely behind you. Only, I can have my visions at will…whereas she can only have them in dreams. Yes, I’d say that puts you three at quite the distinct disadvantage. Yes, very distinct…”

    “…I’m more than just a mystic,” Katsumi said. “I’m also…a mage!” Devimon’s eyes widened, and his wings suddenly became enveloped in violet flames. Mia pulled her arm free of Devimon’s grasp and pulled out a Talisman.

    “Come forth, Blastmon!”

    “Nope! Not gonna work!” Devimon yelled, with just a hint of madness in his voice. He spread his wings out far and extinguished Katsumi’s flames. “Death Hand!”

    “Crystal Breath!” Devimon’s and Blastmon’s attacks collided in the air, creating a huge explosion that sent both Digimon flying backwards. Devimon flew through the smoke of the explosion and jabbed his claws into Blastmon’s face, instantly defeating the Digimon Spirit.

    “No…MegaKabuterimon is still tired from the previous battle, and Aquarimon is still with Abigail,” Mia said.

    “Go somewhere and hide,” I whispered.

    “What?! No! I would never abandon my friends like that! I won’t leave!” Mia exclaimed.

    “Please, Mia…go and hide!” Katsumi said, waving her arms through the air as part of a spell. Devimon smirked just moments before a bolt of blue lightning dropped from the sky and hit him.

    “N—No…how…how did this…” The Fallen Angel fell to the ground with steam flying off his body. “How did I not…see that…coming?! You’re a dangerous one, aren’t you? Yes, very dangerous…”

    “If you stay down, I won’t attack you anymore,” Katsumi said. Devimon grinned, and was suddenly standing directly in front of her. The fallen angel grabbed her by the shoulders and rammed his knee deep into her belly. Katsumi fell to the ground, unconscious.

    “Well, now…that’s two threats out of the way…” Devimon turned to look at me. “And soon, the third shall fall as well!” Devimon began to fly in my direction, and I held up my kunai. He reached out his claws, and I quickly jabbed at his neck. My knife stuck, and blood came spurting out. In vain, Devimon reached for the knife, but his hands began to dissolve into bits of data. His bright red eyes drooped, and he fell onto his back.

    “Devimon…tell me what you know!” I screamed. “Tell me…everything…about what you know about me! NOW!”

    “Y—You…you remind me…of…Ice…” Devimon tried to say more, but it was too late. He had already died and faded away, leaving my kunai behind to fall into the blood-stained grass.

    “…Ice? What did he mean by that?” Mia asked.

    “…Before the fight began…he told me my ‘aura’ reminded me of someone he knew. He didn’t ever say who…”

    “Your memories haven’t returned yet?”

    “…No. Nothing…All I have are memories of Lachesis…and memories with you, Mia.”

    “…By the way, where’s Quetzalmon?” Mia asked.

    “He went off with AeroVeedramon to make sure he didn’t fall asleep,” I said. “…Help me pick up Katsumi, will you? I don’t want anyone to hurt her while she’s unconscious…”

    “Yeah, sure thing! We’ll take her somewhere safe!” Mia smiled at me. At once, I felt my angst vanish. Mia’s smile always seemed to do this for me.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 42 - Beauty is a Mad Mistress


    “I told you the name Irene has no meaning to me,” Aquarimon said. “That is true, but…You told me your little friend was alive roughly around five-hundred years ago, correct?”

    “Yes. She was…killed by Lilithmon,” I whispered.

    “I remember being killed around that time,” Aquarimon continued. “It is possible that it was my data that was injected into your friend’s blood, turning into her Bio Hybrid. The same seems to hold true for Mia’s Spirit Blastmon; he was killed around the same time, if memory serves, so it is possible that he was the cause of Magnus’s turn into a Bio Hybrid.”

    “…I see…” I looked up at the Spirit. “You…look exactly like her…Your eyes; your hair; even your voice…”

    “I have heard of such things happening, and it isn’t too unusual. Sometimes, there are Humans who look like a humanlike Digimon like myself. Or maybe it is I who looks like her. You can never tell.” Aquarimon placed her hand on my shoulder. “What was your relationship with Irene?”

    “…It’s rather difficult to explain…Irene and I were both part of a group of Bio Hybrids working for Lilithmon; she promised each of us something in return for our service. She and I wanted to have someone brought back from the dead. However, Lilithmon had the nerve to go and tell us that she wouldn’t be able to bring anyone back, that it wasn’t possible…so we both left her. Irene was also a member of Lachesis. Her heart was torn between loyalty to Lachesis and wanting to have her mother brought back. She just didn’t know what to do; Lilithmon forced her to kill her father figure, SlashAngemon, because he had found out too much about her plans. That just about pushed her over the edge.”

    “And you were there for her,” Aquarimon finished.

    “…Yeah…She was such a delicate little thing, and then she did what she did. She herself looked dead…” I turned away in hopes that nobody would notice my eyes tearing up.

    “Why didn’t she just come to us…?” Zelda asked.

    “…I had forgotten you were there, too,” I whispered. “I don’t know…She was scared…She didn’t know what to do…”

    “…Abigail…Zelda…I know I could never take her place…” Aquarimon took hold of my hand and Zelda’s. “But if you ever want to see little Irene ever again…All you have to do is ask. I’ll stay with you for as long as you wish…” I gently tightened my grip around Aquarimon’s tiny fingers.

    “Thank you for staying back to talk with us,” I said.

    “It wasn’t a problem at all…” Instantly, her deep blue eyes became alert, and she began looking around frantically.

    “What’s wrong?” I heard Flamedramon asked.

    “Someone’s here…somebody strong!” she said. “No…no!”

    “Darkness Wave!”

    “Aquarimon, move!” I screamed, pulling my Digivice out from my cleavage. “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon! Darkness Wave!” At once, my attack collided with that of the opposing LadyDevimon.

    “Well, well; the slut who think she’s hot,” LadyDevimon said. “Heh; bet you all think you’re all beautiful.”

    “…I don’t think I am,” Zelda whispered. “My mom didn’t seem to think so, anyway…”

    Silence! I am the only one who is beautiful!” LadyDevimon snapped.

    “And again, you are wrong,” Flamedramon snorted. “It is as I said before, LadyDevimon; my wife is far more beautiful than you could ever hope to be, Human form or Digimon, inside and out. And the same goes for Zelda and Aquarimon.” LadyDevimon glared at the Armor level.

    “…I’ll kill you first! Black Wing!”

    “Black Wing!” Once again, out attacks collided.

    “GET OUT OF MY WAY!” With her free hand, LadyDevimon reached and wrapped her thin claws around my neck. Securely in her grasp, she began to jab her lance-arm, aiming at my torso.

    “Flame Fist!” Flamedramon clicked his claws, and LadyDevimon’s wings were caught ablaze. I jabbed my elbow into her neck and broke free of her grasp.

    “Zelda, summon Mercurymon,” I said. “He might still be injured, but we need his help!”

    “Yes, he is still injured from Ghoulmon’s attack. Seadramon’s still not feeling too well, either,” Zelda said, reaching into the satchel at her waist. “They might be my only ones suited for fighting head-on, but that doesn’t mean any of my other Spirits won’t be helpful right now. Come forth, Dokugumon!” Zelda’s Talisman shined, and the form of the giant Insectoid Digimon appeared before her.

    “What would you have me do, my queen?” Dokugumon asked.

    “Start spinning your web! We need you to slow down the red LadyDevimon!”

    “Got it; Poison Thread!” An enormous and ornate spider web shot out from underneath Dokugumon’s body.

    “Black Wing!” My attack snagged LadyDevimon’s hair as I pushed her into Dokugumon’s web.

    “Dokugumon, you should head back now,” Zelda said, holding out her Talisman.

    “Goin’ with the usual plan, eh? Sure thing,” Dokugumon said, vanishing from sight.

    “Hold on tight, now,” Flamedramon said, placing both Zelda and Aquarimon on his shoulders. “Flame Fist!” Flamedramon’s attack set Dokugumon’s web on fire. It spread wide and fast, and in no time, the flames had reached LadyDevimon.

    “Now, burn in hell where you belong,” I muttered. LadyDevimon glared fiercely at me as the flames consumed her body. She shrieked, but soon broke free from the web and charged at me. Still covered in flames, she shoved me to the ground. We rolled around in the dirt, smothering the flames, and once more, LadyDevimon grabbed me by the neck and squeezed as hard as she could.

    “Goddess Bow!” One of Aquarimon’s arrows instantly struck the opposing LadyDevimon in the shoulder, but this did not deter the Fallen Angel from her attempt on my life. Flamedramon’s attack had burned her skin savagely, and her clothes were in tatters. I attempted to reach up to strangle her back, but my arm was simply swatted away. Instinctively, I rammed my knee into her stomach and pushed her off. Her claws had dug into my neck, leaving thin streaks of blood behind as she was pushed off.

    “Darkness Wave!” I raised my arms to defend myself from the other LadyDevimon’s attack, but the attack shot over my head and directly into Aquarimon’s chest. At once, the Digimon Spirit vanished from sight. I reached out to attack LadyDevimon, but the Fallen Angel simply slapped me across the face. It was confusing more than it was painful, but I reached out and slapped her back. Over and over again, we slapped each other.

    “…Uh…Abigail…? How long are you going to—”

    “Ack—Stop pulling my hair!!!”


    “…Never mind…”

    “Black Wing!” The red LadyDevimon, with my hair snagged on her claws, struck me clear through the back with her arm, and tore through my belly. At once, I turned back into my Human form. “So…not as tough as you think!” LadyDevimon, gently at first, pressed her foot against the back of my head. The heel of her shoe dug into the back of my neck. Gradually, she began to press harder and harder.

    “Fire Rocket!”

    “Darkness Wave!” LadyDevimon’s attack tore through Flamedramon’s flame barrier and kept him suspended in the air. In doing so, her leg lifted up slightly, enabling me to slip away. Once again, I held out my Bio Link Digivice, but instead of transforming myself, I opened a separate compartment near the bottom and extended a sharp stiletto knife.

    Now’s my chance! With LadyDevimon’s attention on Flamedramon, I snuck up behind the Fallen Angel, clasped my hand over her mouth, and jabbed the knife deep into her neck. LadyDevimon tried to pull away, but I tore the stiletto directly across her neck. The red LadyDevimon fell, blood pouring heavily from her neck and mouth.

    “N—No…how…how did this…happen?” she gasped. “My power…my…beauty…How was I…defeated…so easily…? The Goddess’ Rebuke…will we…win? Or is our defeat…certain…?” LadyDevimon closed her eyes one final time and faded away, dead. I sat down on the ground, breathing heavily and covered in blood and sweat.

    “You okay…Abigail?” Flamedramon asked.


    “I’m fine.” Flamedramon looked down at me and smiled. “That was one hell of a catfight you had there…”

    “Don’t remind me. My entire head feels like it’s on fire from all that slapping and hair pulling…”

    “Are you sure you’re okay, Abby? You were stabbed in the back,” Zelda said.

    “C’mon, Zelda; give your favorite Bio Hybrid some credit, huh? I’m a Bio Hybrid on top of having the Mark; I’m more Digimon than I am Human,” I smirked. “…Something on your mind?”

    “…I was just thinking about Matthew and Eleanora,” she whispered. “I don’t know if you heard us, but they…they’re my descendants…Probably my youngest living relatives, for all I know…”

    “Really? Y’know, now that you mention it, I guess I do see some sort of resemblance between you three,” Flamedramon remarked.

    “They’ve already decided to start calling me ‘auntie,’” Zelda continued. “And already…they’re just like my very own children, instead of great-great…great…something…grandchildren…”

    “Would you like me to go with you to find them?” Flamedramon asked.

    “No…I’ll be fine by myself. I know you said we’ll be better off in groups of at least two or three, but I’ll be okay…And I just want to make sure my babies are okay…”

    “…Spoken like a true mother,” I smiled. “I was just thinking about tracking down little Eddie. I won’t stop you.”

    “…Thank you, Abigail.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 43 - Comfort's Call


    “I hope Leopardmon’s doing okay,” Charlotte said. The five of us sat on the flat surfaces of rocks arranged in a ring.

    “He gave us orders to wait for him to return; there isn’t much else we can do,” I said. I, too, was worried about him, but orders are orders. Man; sometimes, being a knight sucks! Don’t move until I return; what bullshit! I mean, if I saw a big group of bandits advancing on a village, I wouldn’t just sit on my ass and watch all those innocent people die!

    “Well, I could go find him if you’d like,” Siebold said. “Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve disobeyed orders.”

    “Yeah…like not listening to me when I tell you to stop teasing Charlotte!” I hissed at the mage knight.

    “Oh, you know that fat fuck has it coming.”


    “Alena, it’s fine,” Charlotte said quietly.

    …Was that a smile I saw? She doesn’t actually enjoy Siebold’s insults, does she?! No, that’s ridiculous! I’m just not thinking straight because of all that’s been going on…

    “So, vut should ve do?” Pherania asked.

    “Well…Siebold has a point; if we disobey orders, we might actually be able to do some damage to that group of Fallen Angels,” Wikstrom contemplated. “But that could easily demean the entire idea of us five being knights; we’ve all prided ourselves in listening to our superior officers. That would not only make the five of us to look bad, but also the Valencian Knights as a whole. That could be disastrous…”

    “You’re thinking on too large a scale there, big guy,” Siebold said. “Just…try to keep things in perspective, wouldja? Now, c’mon; I say we just get off our asses and try to kick some ass while we’re here in Shendu!”

    “I’m all for that,” Charlotte grinned, picking up her shield and spear.

    “…Right. I guess I’m a bit outvoted here,” I said. I picked up my own sword and Wikstrom his. Pherania’s grip tightened around her axe, and Siebold closed his spellbook. The five of us stood up as one. “Company; move!”

    “Black Statue.” An enormous ebon statue fell from the sky, landing in the middle of the five of us.

    “…Phelesmon.” I looked up, and saw the Fallen Angel hovering in the sky.

    “That strike…was but a mere warning,” Phelesmon said. “Among assassins…I am know to be rather merciful. If you lay down your arms…and surrender…No harm shall come to you.”

    “Phelesmon, be honest; has that ever actually worked for you?” Siebold asked.

    “Hmm…against the knights of our good king’s targeted conquest, no. Against innocents…many times over has that worked. In fact…I was on my way to a dwelling of such innocents when I ran into you lot. I figured…it would be…far easier to eliminate the innocents once the opposition…is no longer opposing us!”

    This could bad…none of the five of us are Summoners; there aren’t any Digimon around to help us. We’re on our own! But, that’s never stopped us before!
    “All right; let’s get this over with, then!” Siebold flipped open his spellbook, and held up his hand. A white, glowing sphere materialized in the palm of his hand.

    “Demon’s Shout.” Siebold’s spell blackened, and vanished.

    No way! That was just like Mephistomon’s attack!

    “Right! I’m next!” Charlotte began skillfully swinging her lance at the Fallen Angel. By the look on his face, he seemed to be struggling against my best friend. As best as he could, Phelesmon tried to block each of Charlotte’s swings and jabs with his trident, but most of them made contact with the Digimon’s skin, and tore through both flesh and cloth.

    “Your appearance…belies…your skill,” Phelesmon said.

    “Been sayin’ that forever,” Siebold muttered quietly. With a tiny flick of her wrist, Charlotte skewered Phelesmon in the center of his chest.

    “Demon’s…Sho—!” Phelesmon attempted once more to attack, but only ended up coughing up a large spurt of blood.

    The size and shape of her body has nothing to do with it. Her big belly is not a hindrance. Charlotte’s skill in combat is the real thing. I gave a proud smile as Charlotte forcefully removed her lance from Phelesmon’s chest before shoving its tip into the Digimon’s neck. “Remember this on your way to the Dark Area,” I said. “The knights of Valencia are all equally powerful, regardless of appearance. And all of us…can go toe-to-toe with the strongest of Digimon. The Goddess’ Rebuke never stood a chance with us as your enemy.” Phelesmon glared.

    “Don’t feel…like you’ve won just yet,” Phelesmon growled. “I am…the weakest…of the Rebuke. The others…even the two Humans…the Champion, Devimon…they are all stronger than I. You…have achieved NOTHING!” Charlotte, with her lance still in the Fallen Angel’s neck, swung it to the side and lopped off the Digimon’s head.

    “Very impressive,” Pherania said. “You ah de greenest of all of us, and yet you ah capable of such veats.”

    “Thank you, Miss Pherania,” Charlotte said bashfully.

    “Now, what should we do about our…current situation?” Wikstrom asked. “Alena; you are the ranking officer of us five. What should we do?”
    “…We should find Leopardmon,” I said. “I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. Charlotte, you may have done well against Phelesmon, but we struggled against all ten at once. And if what Phelesmon said is true, then…I don’t know. I just…feel like something bad is going to happen…”


    “…It is done,” Drask said. “Our small skirmish…I have won.”

    “You…what are you?!” I asked. “You haven’t the scent of one of the Marked, or even a Bio Hybrid…But you fight…the way you fight…How are you Human?! Just what the hell are you?!”

    “I am Human…and I am not a Digimon. You are correct, Leopardmon,” Drask said. “Analetta and I…we are not Bio Hybrids. Neither of us carry the Mark. And yet, we have the strength of Digimon. Do you truly wish to know why…we are so vehemently powerful?” I stared the man straight in the eyes. “Analetta and I…feast solely on the blood of the Digimon we fight. Their blood is our sustenance, and not their data.”

    “Their blood…You survive only by drinking their blood?! How is that even possible?!”

    “Well, I will admit that it was tough at first. But once you’ve gotten a taste for Digimon’s blood…there is no going back. Your body rejects everything else…until you are able to stay alive on nothing…but…blood…”

    “…You’re vampires?” I whispered.

    “I suppose…you could call us that. You wouldn’t be wrong…but you wouldn’t be one-hundred percent correct. You see…even though mine and Analetta’s bodies reject actual food, I’ve acquired something of a taste for garlic. We are able to walk around in the daylight hours without any negative effects. But…we do feed on the blood of Digimon. We drink from their necks. And…well, I suppose that’s about it, really. But that’s why…I am so powerful. That is why you will never defeat me, Leopardmon.”

    “Black Aura Blast!” Without even turning around, Drask held up his sword and blocked my attack.
    “…Don’t try anything else foolish, Leopardmon. I would wish to share your blood with my darling Analetta. She really is quite cute while enjoying herself on one’s blood…And I’d rather not kill you before we are able to drink your elixir of life. No, Leopardmon, I will not kill you now.” Drask raised his sword and faced me. “But I will…keep you from escaping!” I tried to raise my own sword to defend myself, but Drask was too fast. He struck me on the side of my head, and knocked me unconscious.


    “…I think we’re going to have to rest here for now, Mia,” I said. “It’s starting to get dark; we should try to find some of the others before…before we find any more of the Rebuke.”

    “Yeah, that’s a good idea, Lizzy,” Mia said, looking up at the blue-orange sky. “Geez; I didn’t think Kitty would be so heavy; you’re helping me carry her, but still…”

    “You know as well as I do about the poor metabolism of those who carry the Mark. Katsumi is precisely 118.05 pounds. I suppose you could say that among the Marked…she could be considered ‘fat,’ despite the fact that she is at a healthy weight for her small frame and height. But even then, she’s just barely at a healthy weight for her size.”

    “Oh, poor baby…” I looked up at the darkening sky. Through the trees, I could see the outline of a building.

    “…There seems to be a temple up ahead, Mia. Perhaps we should rest there for the night,” I said.

    “A temple? Are you sure?”

    “Yes; in Shendu, there are many such structures from the ancient times when people believed in multiple deities. That was one of many reasons that caused the Great War nearly 1,300 years ago.”

    “Oh…is that why we began using a different system for the date?”

    “…Partially. There wasn’t really a dating system around that time until the war. But now, years later, we go backwards through the years from that period of time.”

    “Wow…history can be really confusing sometimes,” Mia said softly. The two of us had reached the entrance of the old temple and walked inside. It felt rather cool, and I could feel that there was nobody nearby. Mia and I placed Katsumi’s body down on the white stone floor.

    “…I don’t like this, Mia…I feel like something bad is going to happen…”

    “I know what you mean…Ever since we got off that Trailmon, I’ve had this horrible and painful angst in the pit of my stomach…I just…I don’t feel safe at all, Lizzy…not with all of these professional assassins lurking around. They could literally be around the corner, for all we know! What should we do, Lizzy?! What should…we…” Mia turned her face from me, but I knew that she was crying. She didn’t cry very often, and she kept choking on her own sobs.

    “We’ll be okay.” I looked up, and saw Flamedramon and Abigail standing above us. “Lachesis has been through much more pressing times than fighting a group of professional assassins,” Flamedramon continued. “Lilithmon and her allies were far more powerful than the Rebuke, and there were twelve of them. Eleven, if you exclude Lupinemon, who chose to align with Lachesis.”

    “Yeah, but remember, honey; the Order of the Enchantress grew weaker with each member that was killed,” Abigail said.

    “We’ll be fine,” Flamedramon insisted. “I know we will be. Lachesis is a group that was never meant to be defeated. I know…In my misguided past, I have tried. You have too, Abigail. And neither of us were ever successful.”

    “Well, you worked alone, but…I know what you mean,” Abigail smiled. “Well, don’t you worry about it, Mia. We’ll all be fine…I know we will.”

    “…Okay…sniff…I know…I’m just…scared,” Mia whimpered.

    “Everything will be fine,” I whispered gently, placing my hand over my friend’s trembling shoulder. “We’ll be fine, Mia.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you read my story, check this out!: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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