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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 31 - Grim Journey

    Lucia Delbray
    17 Hours

    “…We’re home,” I smiled. The side of the fortress we approached was illuminated in the golden light of the rising sun. I regretted not stopping to eat or even rest; I forced the three of us to skip breakfast this morning and dinner last night so we could get home as quickly as possible. But now, as my stomach painfully roared, I silently cursed my decision. “How are you holding up, Matthew?”

    “I’d be better if you’d have let us stop to rest at least once on our way back home,” the archer said.

    “Hey, at least she let you eat!” Coronamon snapped. “She didn’t let me eat, you know!”

    “Hey, don’t think I’m not hungry either, pal!” I snapped. “I’m so hungry, it feels like I’m being stabbed in the belly!”

    “It’s your own fault,” Coronamon muttered as the three of us walked into the fort. To my relief, there were a few people in the lounge having lunch, but the scent of their various meals made my stomach growl and hurt even more.

    “Welcome back, everyone,” Heather smiled, sitting on a couch. “Matthew, sweetie, Eleanora’s waiting for you in your bedroom.”

    “Oh, yeah; I guess I’ve been gone pretty long,” Matthew said. “Go ahead and eat if you’d like, Coronamon; I’m going to go talk with El about Fenrirmon.”

    “…Fenrirmon?” Elizabeth was looking intently at us. Her voice was as distant and empty as ever. “So, he’s awoken at last, has he…?”

    “I’m afraid so,” I said. “Sparrow, Hawkmon, and Mihiramon are currently tracking him down, but when we all fought Fenrirmon, we were no match for him. We’ll need to get everyone I can get to help fight him, or he’ll never be defeated.”

    “Well, we’d both be happy to accompany you, Lucia,” Quetzalmon said, slithering up next to Elizabeth.

    “Count me in!” Heather exclaimed.



    “No, Heather. You’re heavily pregnant, and I don’t want you or your unborn children to get hurt!” I said.

    “I don’t either, but—”

    “But nothing! I will not let Fenrirmon tear those babies out of your belly, so you’re staying here!”

    “Okay, okay…”

    “Well, I’m afraid that almost everyone else is still out doing some jobs,” Quetzalmon said.

    “The boss hasn’t returned yet,” Elizabeth said.

    “Please tell me Edmund’s here,” I said.

    “I’m afraid not,” Quetzalmon said. “Aside from Lizzy and Heather, the only ones here are Larraine, Eleanora and Katsumi.”

    “Damn it; Matthew was hurt earlier, so I’d prefer it if Eleanora stayed behind with him,” I said. “I guess I’ll just have to take you and Kit with me.”

    “I’ve no objections,” Elizabeth said.
    “Great! I’ll go and find Kitty so we can all get going!” Quetzalmon exclaimed, coiling and flying out of the room.

    Eleanora Kasuto

    “Eleanora, you shouldn’t stay in bed all day, every day like this,” Lunamon said. The small Rookie sat next to me on my bed. I looked at her and smiled, gently placing a hand over the crescent on her forehead. As she said, I’ve hardly done anything else but lay in bed, staring up at the ceiling during Matthew’s absence, other than going down for a nice, big meal. “A day off once in a short while is quite fine, maybe necessary for most of us here, Ellie, and I know you’re just worried about Matthew, but if you keep doing this, sooner or later, your belly will turn soft…and…which will…uh…”

    “That’s okay, sweetheart; a soft belly is a sign of a mature woman,” I said quietly. “If that happens, you can just use it as a pillow; that’ll help keep us both warm at night.”

    “…Okay…But promise me you’ll at least sit up when Matthew returns.”

    “I will. He’ll be here any second now…I can smell him coming,” I said.

    “You can what…? Oh, I forgot; the Marked have the heightened senses of Digimon,” Lunamon giggled. As I suspected, the door opened at that very moment, and my twin brother walked in.

    “Eleanora…I’m sorry I was gone so long,” Matthew said. I saw him instantly avert his eyes. “Sorry…I didn’t realize you were changing…”

    “…Don’t worry about it, Mattie,” I said. “This is our room, remember? If I were uncomfortable changing in front of my twin, I wouldn’t be sharing a room with him. But that’s beside the point; like you, I’ve decided to show more pride in my heritage as one of the Marked, so I will choose to have it showing at all times like you, my brother.”

    “…I’m proud of you, Eleanora,” Matthew said, sitting down on my bed next to me. Yes, we are the closest of siblings, even as twins go. Yes, we share a bedroom. And yes…we occasionally bathe together. But we don’t share a bed. That would be just plain weird. “Anyway…the reason I was gone was because Lucia dragged Sparrow and me our three partner Digimon away to go and fight Fenrirmon.” A surge of rage pulsed through my body.

    “She did what?! Just the six of you?!” I exclaimed. “Jeez, how irresponsible can you get?!”

    “Well, if it’s any consolation, Lucia developed a crush on me for some reason and more or less did my share of the fighting.”


    “Well, I wasn’t sure if she was kidding at first or not, but I think she actually has fallen for me…”

    “That’s not what I meant, Matthew!” I yelled. “What…?! How…? Lucia, of all people?!”

    “Jeez, El, don’t sell your twin short, now,” Lunamon said.

    “N—No, I wasn’t…I mean…”

    “Well, we were able to find Fenrirmon, the six of us, but he beat us senseless, and because I was hurt, Lucia brought me and Coronamon back home to get as many people as possible to fight Fenrirmon, and—”

    “Matthew, slow down!” I said. “You were hurt?! What happened?! Are you okay?!”

    “Well, Fenrirmon had a Human form, and I shot an arrow at him, but he caught it and threw it back at me and it wound up in my shoulder, but after that, he turned into Fenrirmon and attacked us, and we all passed out, but when I came to, the wound was healed up like it had never happened.”

    “…And where is Lucia right now?” I asked.

    “She’s probably gone by now,” Matthew replied. “She wanted to get as many people as possible to go with her to fight Fenrirmon, but she told me to stay here with you, El.”
    “…I swear, I will never understand that woman,” Lunamon said.

    Lucia Delbray

    “Thanks for flying us, Quetzalmon,” I said. “I left Sparrow and Mihiramon near the base of the Trillium Mountains; if we’d have walked, it would have taken us all day.”

    “No problem! You ladies are all light as feathers!” Quetzalmon exclaimed.

    “…You’ve always known how to sweet talk the ladies,” Elizabeth said.

    “Well, sure! How do you think we became partners in the first place? Unless it was my rugged good looks, of course.”

    “Hmm…it must’ve been your sweet-talking,” Elizabeth giggled, making no effort to hide her blush.

    Ha, ha…” Quetzalmon began undulating his long body in a casual, playful way.

    “How are you holding up, Katsumi?” I asked.

    “…I’m okay,” the sad witch replied. “…I hope I don’t slow you down, Lucy…I know…you wanted Edmund…but you’re stuck with me…”

    “Oh, Kitty; you know I love having you around…You’re a very talented sorceress; I think you could even be better than Edmund in some aspects.”


    “…You’re really adorable?”

    “I knew it. I’m useless…”

    “Katsumi, you are not useless! You’re a powerful spellcaster! You’re sweet, and your pretty; you don’t have a single ounce of mean in your entire body! You’re Wisemon’s daughter, after all; your magic power is more than likely off the charts!”

    “…T—Thank you…Lucy…” Katsumi raised her head, giving me a faint, tiny smile, but a smile much bigger than any I have ever seen on her lovely face. However, it was short-lived, as she raised her head and began looking around anxiously.

    “What’s wrong?” I asked.

    “…It’s getting…brighter,” Katsumi whispered. “It’s not sunlight…It’s from an organic source…”

    “Radiance of Spica!” Bright rings of conjured light surrounded the entirety of Quetzalmon’s long body, promptly exploding on contact. The Mythical Animal began spiraling downwards; the three of us hung on tightly to avoid being tossed off.

    “What’s going on; who attacked us?!” I yelled at the top of my lungs.

    “Quetzalmon, wake up!” Elizabeth shrieked over and over, but her Digimon partner would not respond. As we were plummeting, I saw the form of an Angel Digimon, watching us in the sky.

    “Who are you?!” I asked. I was certain it was her who attacked us, but she had such a forlorn expression, not unlike Katsumi, my anger instantly faded. She looked down at the rugged ground, which was when we noticed we were only a few feet from crash-landing. I looked back up at the angel, and saw her raise her slender arms. I blinked, and we were on the ground, all of us in one piece, nobody splattered. The angel lighted down before us.

    “…It can only be called destiny…that we would meet on the field of battle as enemies,” the Digimon said. “Rather than meet as comrades, we are being forced to fight for our own individual beliefs. But I, Virgomon, shall do my duty…and put an end to you and your group!”

    “…You don’t want to fight, though,” I said. “There isn’t any point of fighting one who has no will to do so much as defend themselves.”

    “It is not I who I defend,” Virgomon said. The Angel raised her arms. Her hands were glowing with light, and she was ready to attack again. Quetzalmon raised his head, glaring down Virgomon.

    “Your reasons are of no concern to us, angel; the only thing that matters is that you threatened the lives of my friends!” he said.

    “…And do you honestly think you can defeat me, Armor-level?”

    “I don’t care. I will protect Elizabeth until the very end!” Quetzalmon lunged forwards to attack, but Virgomon jumped back at the last second.

    “Screams of the Siren!” Virgomon began humming a lovely and melodic song. Quetzalmon stared at her intently, completely enraptured with her voice.

    But I don’t understand; why is she singing…?

    “Quetzalmon, what’s wrong?” Elizabeth asked. I looked over at Katsumi, who had a similar look of enamorment on her face. “Quetzalmon…”

    “Elizabeth; I think she’s producing a sound wave hidden in her song that only the Digimon can hear,” I said. “Katsumi has the Mark, so she’s able to hear it too. We have to do something!”

    “I’ve got it covered.” Between two of her slender fingers was one of her kunai. It was gone in an instant, the blade of her weapon having found its way into the middle of Virgomon’s thigh. Her sad expression did not fade, not even with the slightest flash of pain. Instead, she resumed humming the same lovely tune, and before my eyes, the blood that had been spilled vanished, the kunai along with it; even the tear in her pure white dress vanished.

    “…It was you,” I said. “You were the one who healed us after our battle with Fenrirmon…” Virgomon shook her head.

    “Please…don’t say things like that…Let us just get this senseless bloodshed behind us so I can…so I can accomplish my goal.”

    “I’m not going to fight you, Virgomon,” I said. “You did more than heal my own wounds, Virgomon; you saved Matthew’s life. You saved the life of the man I love…” The Angel Digimon tightly shut her eyes.

    “Please…stop…Keep fighting…Please…I can’t afford…to be friends with you! I just want to save my baby sister, and I won’t do anything to ruin my chances of doing so! So, please; stop talking and fight me so I can save her!” Virgomon seemed shocked by her own words. “…No…I didn’t…Why did I…?”

    “The moment you stopped your song, I was able to move again,” Katsumi said. “That gave me enough time to cast a tiny spell; it works sort of like a truth serum, but its main purpose is to get information from whoever the spell was cast on. I wanted to know why you continued to fight while on the verge of tears…”

    “N—No…you don’t understand…If they find out I told you…they’ll kill her,” Virgomon whispered. “They have her Digi-Egg; if I do something they don’t like, they’ll smash it!”

    “We won’t let that happen,” I said calmly. “Fight us if you must…but I promise you that we will not allow anything to happen to your sister’s Digi-Egg.”

    “…Radiance of Spica!” Virgomon once again readied her attack as a giant shadow passed overhead.

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!”

    “Mihiramon!” I gasped. My Digimon partner struck Virgomon in the ribs with his tail. “Mihiramon, what are you doing here?!”

    “Well, I guess you could say I was simply in the neighborhood,” Mihiramon said. “Sparrow sent me out on someone’s trail; apparently, they’re allies of Fenrirmon.”

    “…That monster has allies?!” I gasped.

    “Yeah; I just happened to run into the lot of you while tailing them.” I turned to look at the Angel.

    “Are they the ones who are holding your sister’s Digi-Egg hostage?” I asked. Virgomon stepped back, and twitched her wings. That’s an almost definite ‘yes.’ Virgomon clenched her small fists, and rose to the sky.

    “Radiance of Spica!”

    “Horn Blade!” Once again, Virgomon’s attack was interrupted by the attack of yet another Digimon, this time, Moosemon, with Sparrow on his back. Virgomon caught Moosemon’s horns in her hands, but was still forced to the ground.

    “Sparrow, what brings you here?” Mihiramon asked. “Nothing happened…right?”

    “I’m afraid it’s pretty bad,” Sparrow said, climbing off Moosemon’s back. “Fenrirmon woke up. He’s heading right this way.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 32 - Into the Shadow of Triumph

    Lucia Delbray

    “Fenrirmon is headed right this way,” Sparrow said. “He’ll be here any minute now.”

    “That can’t be right,” Mihiramon said. “We were told by those two that Fenrirmon only wakes at night, and it’s the middle of the day!”

    “Well, he woke up!” Sparrow said testily. “Now, come on! We’ve got to get ready! Forget about this gorgeous…beautiful…golden haired…Sorry, what’s your name?”

    “I…I’m Virgomon…”

    “Ah, Virgomon; I’ve heard of your species,” Sparrow said. “It has been said that many would travel the world to glimpse your smile. My dear, I would travel two or more to see you happy.” Virgomon’s face turned a deeper red than Sparrow’s hair.

    “…Sparrow? About Fenrirmon?” I asked.

    “Oh, yes. Katsumi, you lay low and take cover. Elizabeth and I will cover you while you cast your spells,” Sparrow said.

    Hmm…He’s a lot smarter than his flirtatious side leads one to believe. Almost as good a tactician as Isole…

    “Lucia, you and the Digimon are our strongest frontline fighters, so you’ll be the bulk of our offences, other than Katsumi, of course,” Sparrow continued. “And you, Virgomon…You go back to your sister’s Digi-Egg. Make sure those two creeps don’t smash it.”

    “Who were those two that you fought, Sparrow?” I asked.

    “One of them was a Bio Hybrid,” Mihiramon grunted. “He was able to turn into a powerful Aegisdramon. There was a large man with him named Crush, who Sparrow was able to beat pretty easily.”

    “Tell me; who are they, Virgomon?” Sparrow asked.

    “…What makes you think I know them?” Virgomon asked.

    “You looked down and away, and you shut your eyes as soon as Aegisdramon’s name was said. Pretty obvious tell for an obviously pretty girl.” Virgomon looked back up at Sparrow, then again at me. “…Go on. Get back to the Digi-Egg if you aren’t going to tell us who they are.”

    “You ought to take that advice, little lady.” My entire body froze over in fear as I turned around to see who spoke. Standing directly in front of me was none other than Fenrirmon. “You kept me from killin’ these other guys last time we met, but I’m all for givin’ cute gals like you a second chance.”

    “Katsumi, now!” I yelled. In the blink of an eye, Fenrirmon was covered in flames. The huge beast dug his claws into the ground to endure the pain, and began running towards us in a maddened frenzy.

    “Iron Claw Ragnarok!” Fenrirmon lunged at Sparrow, the tips of his claws burning with the light of molten steel.

    “Tiger Wing Blades!” Mihiramon struck the ground with his tail, creating a shockwave that knocked Fenrirmon out of the sky.

    “Hawkmon, Armor Digivolve!” Sparrow held up his D-3. “Digi Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Now, you and Quetzalmon attack him together!”

    “Dino Burst!”

    “Toltec Wind!” The two Digimon’s attacks combined into one, enveloping Fenrirmon in a scorching wind. The Beast charged through his flames, with his red eyes squinted in a feral and agonized frenzy.

    “Katsumi, hit him again!” I shouted. Fenrirmon turned his head to the sorceress just as she slung a fireball at the Mega.

    “Iron Claw Ragnarok!” Fenrirmon tore through Katsumi’s spell with ease, and leaped through the next wall of flames she sent at him.

    “You bastard!” Sparrow swung his axe, aiming for the Digimon’s head but missing when he ducked and weaved out of the wave. One of Elizabeth’s kunai was suddenly lodged into Fenrirmon’s right eye.

    “Iron Claw Ragnarok!” Fenrirmon grabbed both Sparrow and Elizabeth by the necks and shoved them both headfirst into the ground before turning to face Katsumi once again. “Well, now…I’d say it’s time for my strongest attack; Odin’s Demise!”

    “Katsumi, get down!” I shouted. “That’s his most powerful attack! Get down!” Dark energy began to swirl around Fenrirmon; even the nearby shadows seemed to bend towards him.

    “Dino Burst!”

    “Tiger Wing Blades!”

    “Freezing Wave!” The three Digimon desperately fired off their attacks at Fenrirmon, but the Mega simply ignored them as each attack hit him.

    “Odin’s Demise!”

    “Radiance of Spica!” From the sky, bright rays of light rained down on Fenrirmon, making him drop to the ground. Virgomon gently alighted to the ground before me.

    “…This was not what they wanted of me; the ones holding my baby sister hostage,” she said. “But if he had launched that attack, your lives would have ended at that very moment. I just couldn’t let that happen…”

    “Damn…never thought you’d have defied Li’s demands again,” Fenrirmon grunted. “Damn it…you aren’t any stronger than Mihiramon there, but your attack always knocks the wind outta me…”

    “It is because your soul is composed of nothing but darkness,” Virgomon said. “My attack is light based. Light and darkness are enemies. So it is only natural that my attack would cause you a great deal more harm than those of any other Digimon.”

    “Huh…is that so…” Fenrirmon stood up, and turned away. “Well…if yer feelin’ brave, why don’t you go and get back that Digi-Egg of yours? Who knows? You might actually pull it off.” In the blink of an eye, Fenrirmon vanished into the shadows.

    “…Virgomon…why did you come back?” I asked. “If your enemies were to find out about this…”

    “I know…but I don’t want to live in constant fear of her life any longer. I want to protect my baby sister!” Virgomon exclaimed. “Please…will you help me…save her Digi-Egg?”

    “It would be my honor, Virgomon,” Sparrow said before I could answer. Not that it mattered; I’d have said the same thing. Virgomon smiled gently.

    “…Thank you…Sparrow…”

    “But first, you must tell me; who are those two who have your sister’s Digi-Egg?” I asked. “Tell me who they are.” Virgomon winced, and looked away from me.

    “One of them…is a mercenary codenamed Crush,” she whispered. “He is in employment of the other, the Bio Hybrid Aegisdramon.”

    “…And? Who is the Bio Hybrid?” I asked.

    “………The…The Bio Hybrid…his name…he is…the Valencian Prince Aegolius.” I knew this information should have surprised me. And yet, it didn’t. It was as if I were expecting to hear his name. But why? I sensed that something was off about him when I met with him and his sister. But why didn’t something this extreme surprise me? “They are the ones who are the allies of Fenrirmon,” Virgomon continued.

    “…That doesn’t make any sense,” I said. “Why would he go through all of the trouble to warn us about Fenrirmon if they’re allies?”

    “It’s all part of his plan,” Virgomon answered. “I…can’t go too deep into it right now, but there is another Digimon, much more powerful and far more evil than Fenrirmon. However, the two Digimon are enemies, and so they needed Fenrirmon to defeat him. However, they are also enemies of Lachesis, so he sent out your group to find Fenrirmon so that the Beast would destroy you before moving on to the other. The other Digimon, Behemotmon, is who your attention should be focused on, and not Fenrirmon. Fenrirmon could easily destroy you if he wanted, but he’s a bit of a wild card, according to the prince, and he has no extreme desire to destroy the land as Behemotmon does. You all need to go and deal with Behemotmon. Now.”

    “And where is he?” Elizabeth asked.

    “…I can take you to where he dwells,” Virgomon said. “That’s where the Valencian prince is keeping my sister’s Digi-Egg. I’ll do whatever I can to help you destroy Behemotmon and his ally, NeoDevimon.”

    “And we’ll all do everything in our power to make sure your baby sister comes to no harm,” I said.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 33 - Blood of Angels


    It wasn’t a long journey to the cave where NeoDevimon and Behemotmon hid. Behemotmon was still recovering his strength, so the colossal Digimon had decided to lay low until he was ready to go.

    More like ready to wreak havoc, I thought. The cave stood before us like a looming black hole, ready to pull our souls from our very bodies and into the infinite void of darkness. “Please…allow me to go in first. I would like to secure my sister’s Digi-Egg before any fighting can begin…”

    “I understand. Take your time,” Lucia said. “But we’ll remain nearby in case something goes wrong.” I looked back one last time at the small group behind me. Lucia stood closest, and was holding her axe in her hands. Behind her were Sparrow, Elizabeth, and Katsumi, and behind them were the Digimon Hawkmon, Mihiramon, and Quetzalmon. I stepped into the inky darkness of the stone cave, deeper and deeper into the shadows until I came upon a round room, lighted with flames.

    “Welcome back, Virgomon,” NeoDevimon said. He was off to my side, observing me high up from atop a large stalagmite. “I take it your mission was successful.”

    “…I’m afraid I have terrible news to report, NeoDevimon,” I said. “Prince Aegolius and Crush…I’m afraid they’ve betrayed us.” I figured if I told him about Aegolius, then he would be more sympathetic…all though, bits and pieces of the truth may have to be distorted here and there.

    “Betrayed us?! What do you mean?!” NeoDevimon asked.

    “They were never on our side to begin with,” I continued. “They were always with Fenrirmon; they only helped you out all this time because of your mutual enemy in Lachesis. But they are enemies of Behemotmon, NeoDevimon, and they will do everything in their power to put a stop to him…and to you. When they found out that I knew…they tried to attack me, but I was able to get away when Aegolius turned into BioAegisdramon.”

    “Ah, yes; that moron can’t handle the power of a Digimon like that,” NeoDevimon mused. “Damn it; we’ve known each other for years; I never suspected he would be my enemy…”

    “I’m afraid he is; he’s preparing Fenrirmon to fight and destroy Behemotmon as we speak,” I continued. “They’re intending to force me to help them strengthen themselves with my light powers while weakening yours…but they were foolish enough to leave my sister’s Digi-Egg right here in this cave.”

    “Ah, yes…this is it, isn’t it?” NeoDevimon held up the soft pink Digi-Egg. “Yes…they murdered your little sister and held her Digi-Egg hostage to use your powers for their own. But, you see…your powers aren’t a necessity to Lord Behemotmon any further.” My heart skipped a beat. I couldn’t tell if I were relieved or frightened.

    “I…see…so…you will…give her egg back to me?” I asked in a small voice. NeoDevimon shrugged.
    “I could. But you see, my dear…the thing is; I’m an evil Digimon, a Fallen Angel,” NeoDevimon said. I shook my head. “It’s been fun working you like a slave…but now, it’s time to see you suffer!” My entire body froze. I could feel my heart beat quicker and painfully in my chest as NeoDevimon’s sharp claws tore into my sister’s Digi-Egg. My entire life shattered before my eyes as the shattered pieces of eggshell hit the cave floor, and then all went dark around me.

    Lucia Delbray

    A piercing shriek could be heard from the depths of the cave, eating away at the silence that had consumed us.

    “Okay; we’re going in!” I ordered. I ran into the cave first, followed closely by Mihiramon, and then the others. A lit up area of the cave soon came into view. “Virgomon!” The Angel Digimon was curled up on the floor, shaking with uncontrollable sobs. Standing above her was a tall Digimon I instantly recognized as NeoDevimon. “You…what did you do to her?!” NeoDevimon chuckled.

    “I only did as I was commanded,” NeoDevimon said. “My Lord Behemotmon only asked that I make this Angel suffer before her life was cut short. And so, I chose to crush her beloved sister’s Digi-Egg.”

    “You…how could you do something like that?!” I asked. “Don’t you know what happens…when a Digi-Egg is destroyed?!”

    “Of course I do. The Digimon is destroyed forever…they can never be reborn ever again!”

    “You…I’ll kill you…I’ll kill you!” I madly began swinging my axe at the Fallen Angel’s Head, but NeoDevimon seemed to be enjoying himself as he ducked and weaved away.

    “Stun Claw!” NeoDevimon jabbed his claw into my side. A few drops of blood spilled out, and at once, my entire body went numb. “Like it? My Stun Claw isn’t particularly powerful, but it is fast, and it can paralyze whoever it hits! Leaving me with plenty of time…to strike with a much more powerful attack!” I tried to speak, but even my lips were unable to move.

    “Lucia, move! Get back!” Mihiramon roared.

    “Deep Sorrow!” NeoDevimon’s shadow spread out over the entire room of the cave. My friends and NeoDevimon were the only ones I could see.

    “Lucia…I can’t move!” Mihiramon said. “NeoDevimon; don’t you dare hurt her!”

    “Too late; Guilty Claw!” NeoDevimon reached his sharp claws out. I tried my best to move, but I couldn’t.

    “Lucia!” Before I knew it, I was shoved to the ground. Above me stood Virgomon. NeoDevimon’s claw was shoved deep into her belly. Crimson blood stained her pure white dress a deep magenta. The Angel Digimon limply fell to the ground, and at that moment, I felt my strength return to me. My fingers tightened around the thin handle of my axe, and in one powerful blow, I sliced off NeoDevimon’s head.

    “VIRGOMON!” I knelt down beside the dying Angel. “Virgomon…please, don’t…”

    “Do not fear…Lucia…this way…I may join my little sister…once again,” Virgomon smiled as blood welled from her mouth. Her once bright blue eyes grew dim and hazy. “Thank you…for your help, Lucia…We’ll meet again soon…I know it…” Virgomon closed her eyes one final time, and disappeared.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 34 - Destiny's Force

    Lucia Delbray

    The blood of Virgomon that had been spilled by NeoDevimon still remained on the stony floor of the dreadful, murky cavern. My body was still partially numb from NeoDevimon’s attack, but more so from the death of Virgomon. I couldn’t move; I couldn’t look away from the spot where she had been moments before dying, and yet I knew that with each second that passed, the entire continent of Arcadia was hours closer to total destruction at the hands of Behemotmon.

    “Lucia…we need to keep moving,” Mihiramon said.

    “…I know. We need to destroy Behemotmon,” I whispered. I forced myself to stand up, and dusted off my skirt. “We need to destroy him…to keep more people like Virgomon from suffering…Let’s go.” The entire cave began to shake violently. Stalactites dropped down from the ceiling before shattering to pieces on the floor.

    “Lucia! We have to get out of here!” I looked up. All the others had already left, except for Sparrow. “Lucia! Hurry up!” A rather small stalactite fell from the ceiling and landed on Sparrow’s head, causing the man to blurt out a loud obscenity. Sparrow grabbed me by the arm, and dragged me out of the cave. “What the hell is wrong with you?! Come on!” Finally, we reached the exit of the cave, where we found the others looking up with varying looks of fear on their faces.

    “Good day to you all…members of Lachesis!” As I too looked up, the largest and most hideous Digimon I had ever seen was standing atop the cave where we had all been. “My name is Behemotmon…as I’m certain you have guessed by now. I am a Mega level Phantom Beast type Digimon.” I opened my mouth to speak, but nothing came out. For the first time in my life, I was truly frightened. Behemotmon’s teeth were longer than some trees, and sharper than any weapon I had ever seen. His body was as pitch-black as the murky depths of the cave where Virgomon had died. “What a pleasure it will be…to destroy you all!” The massive Digimon jumped off the cave, landing on the ground behind us. The earth beneath him cratered, and even the air itself seemed to quake when he landed. “Let’s just see how long you are capable of surviving, Humans! You and your weak Digimon! All of you shall crumble before my very presence before long! And after you all have fallen, so too shall the entire world!”

    “We won’t let that happen! Hawkmon, Armor Digivolve!” Sparrow yelled, holding out his Digivice. “Digi Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Katsumi, you and Elizabeth stay low,” I said, attempting to climb onto Mihiramon’s back.

    “No, Lucia. I can’t let you come with me,” the Exalted Beast said. “Quetzalmon, Allomon and I shall fight this monster alone.”

    “…Fine. But don’t you dare lose, you hear me?!”

    “I wouldn’t dream of it, my dear,” Mihiramon smirked, taking flight alongside Quetzalmon.

    “Dino Burst!” A large fireball shot out from Allomon’s mouth, striking Behemotmon right in the face, though Behemotmon didn’t much seem to notice.

    “Freezing Wave!”

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon and Quetzalmon struck the massive Behemotmon with their strongest attacks, but again, he didn’t even flinch.

    “You three…are absolutely PATHETIC!” Behemotmon roared. “I’ll show you what real power looks like! Earth Ravager!” Dark, thunderous clouds swirled above Behemotmon’s long and massive form. From them, dark mahogany flames rained down onto the earth and our Digimon. The ground that was struck by the attack simply dissipated, leaving behind nothing but a smoldering, blackened crater. So far, our Digimon were able to avoid each of the flames with ease, but soon, the flames began to fall faster and faster.

    “Tiger Wing Blades!” Mihiramon roared as loud as he could, creating a shockwave that dispersed the flames that were close to hitting him, but one that he did not notice from above struck him on the back, making him fall to the earth in flames. Allomon and Quetzalmon soon shared the same fate.

    “Pathetic; you fools didn’t even last one minute!” Behemotmon spat. He began advancing towards the Digimon, but Mihiramon took flight once again and struck the Phantom Beast with an Armored Tiger Tail. Over and over again, Mihiramon attacked, but to no avail. “Since you seem so eager to die…I shall grant your wish, Exalted Beast! Jaws of Demise!” The shadow beneath Behemotmon stretched out and over Mihiramon. Massive, fanged jaws, formed entirely from darkness, surrounded my partner Digimon’s midsection, and clamped down.

    “Mihiramon! NO!” To my utter horror, I saw small droplets of blood fall to the ground.

    “Now…perish!” The shadow jaws began to slowly tighten around Mihiramon’s middle. Just when I thought it was all over, a huge boulder fell from the sky and landed directly in the middle of Behemotmon’s back. Dazed, the colossal Mega fell to the ground, releasing Mihiramon from the grasp of his shadow
    “What…happened?” Elizabeth asked. I had a good guess as to what happened, but I ignored Elizabeth’s question, and ran over to Mihiramon.

    “Mihiramon! Mihiramon! Please…don’t die! Don’t you dare die on me, you bastard!”

    “You needn’t worry,” a gruff and familiar voice said from behind me. I turned, and saw Ulysses Melchett standing above me. “Those wounds aren’t fatal. You don’t have to worry about your dear friend.”

    “Boss! Hey, where the hell have you been?” Sparrow asked.

    “…I didn’t trust that Valencian Prince from the moment I laid eyes on him,” Ulysses said. “The day I went out, I decided to spy on him; that’s when I overheard his plans about using Fenrirmon to destroy Behemotmon. The reason I’ve been gone for so long…well, I needed to wait for Behemotmon to leave his cave…so that my old friend could let loose.” It was at that moment that I realized that we were being watched from above by a silent Digimon. Tall and golden, the Warrior Digimon stood even taller than Behemotmon. “It has been far too long since Talosmon has been able to have a proper fight. But now, he can fight to his heart’s content without worrying about hurting civilians. Isn’t that right…old pal?”

    “Indeed. Oh, I am going to enjoy this,” Talosmon said. Behemotmon stood back up and faced Talosmon, seemingly not worried about the obvious difference in size. “Stone Apocalypse!” Just as Behemotmon’s attack had rained down flames earlier, Talosmon’s rained down huge shards of earth directly onto Behemotmon, each boulder or spire large than the previous. Behemotmon struggled against the attack.

    “Earth Ravager!” In unison with Talosmon’s attack, more dark flames rained down from the sky onto Talosmon, but the taller Warrior held up his bronze shield to protect himself. Still, there were too many flames from Behemotmon’s attack for Talosmon to safely attack.

    “Damn it; we’ve got to cover him!” Ulysses said. Turning to Allomon and Quetzalmon, he held up his Fusion Loader. “Are you to ready to get back into the fight?”

    “Always, sir,” Quetzalmon said. Allomon nodded in agreement.

    “Very good. Quetzalmon! Allomon! Digi-Fuse!”

    “Megadramon!” The new Digimon took flight instantly, flying towards Talosmon. “Dark Side Attack!” Megadramon released countless missiles from his claws at Behemotmon’s flames, cleaving through both the flames and the dark clouds summoned by the Phantom Beast.

    “Thanks for the help,” Talosmon said. “Titan Inferno!” Talosmon’s entire body turned into bright, roaring orange flames. Behemotmon, clearly surprised, began to back away, but Talosmon struck him with his giant sword. The Phantom Beast’s pitch-black skin curled off and burned where the sword struck, and soon his entire body was completely enveloped in flames. The great beast roared in pain and sank to the ground in an attempt to smother the flames. With a great kick to his stomach, Talosmon sent Behemotmon flying back to the cave he had crawled out of. “Stone Apocalypse!” More and more enormous boulders rained down from the sky, burying Behemotmon in the earthen avalanche. The ground beneath the Phantom Beast cracked open, and Behemotmon fell down into a huge chasm, followed by more and more boulders until it seemed as though the chasm was completely filled. “…Well, now…that wasn’t as difficult as he made it out to be. What a shame; I was hoping for a victory that wouldn’t come so easily.”

    “That’s probably for the best, old friend,” Ulysses said. “If Behemotmon were any stronger than he already was, I doubt that even you would have been able to win. And if you couldn’t win…then we would all be doomed.”

    “I suppose…”

    “…He isn’t dead though…is he?” I asked. “He was buried…but might he be still alive?”

    “He could; in fact, it’s almost certain that he is still alive down there,” Ulysses said. “But you saw the way Talosmon defeated him so easily. Even before that last attack, he had taken massive damage, but now that he’s buried once more, I doubt he’ll ever be able to climb back out of that chasm ever again. He’ll be stuck down there for the rest of his miserable life.”

    “…I apologize we had to be gone for so long,” Talosmon said. “And if we had arrived here sooner…”

    “No…this was how she wanted it,” I whispered. “This way…she will be able to reunite with her sister on the other side…”

    Behemotmon has fallen in battle, but it is just as Ulysses said. The beast lives still. And though he remains buried, in my visions, I have seen him in yet another role further down destiny’s road. But what role could he possibly have? Will he remain an enemy? Will he become an ally? Will he be killed? My visions are far too blurred for me to be certain. But one vision I have seen is clear. Soon…very, very soon…destiny will begin its march forward into inevitable destruction.

    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 35 - Dream of a Witch's Sabbath

    Katsumi Rosalina

    I stood alone in the dark, surrounded by a thick, silvery fog. At least, I thought I was alone at first. But then, I heard voices. I counted at least seven, but there could have easily been as many as nine or ten. It seemed like they were far away, and yet I could hear them clearly.

    “Is it time for us to make our move yet?” one voice asked.

    “Soon. There is talk of us moving out, but we must wait to receive our orders,” a woman’s voice replied.

    I grow weary of all this waiting! I say we just go and do it already!” an agitated third voice exclaimed.

    …Tomorrow. We shall make our move…tomorrow. This, I promise you!” another voice said. “Tomorrow…the Goddess’s Rebuke shall finally make its move!

    I awoke with a start. My heart beat rapidly inside my chest, and I lay in a cold sweat.

    “Are you all right, my dear?” I looked off to my side, and saw my father, Wisemon, sitting close to my bed. “Eleanora told me you were yelling out in your sleep, so she came to get me.”

    “I was…yelling?” I whispered. “I…see…”

    “Are you all right?” Wisemon repeated. “…Were you having a vision?”

    “…I think so,” I said. “There were voices…I heard them, but I think it was near the end of their conversation…”

    “…Yes? Go on, sweetheart.”

    “They…They called themselves…the Goddess’s Rebuke…” I saw my father’s eyes widen.

    “You’re kidding me!” he exclaimed. “I—I mean…I know you aren’t a liar, sweetie…But…”

    “Daddy? Who’s the Goddess’s Rebuke?” I asked.

    “…I don’t know too much about them,” Wisemon said. “But I’ve been told they’re a group of Fallen Angel Digimon of the strongest caliber. And they come…they come from the imperialistic continent to the east; Cyllene.”

    “Cyllene…the continent ruled by the Mad Tyrant?” Wisemon nodded.

    “About twelve years back, they were attempting to invade Arcadia, but the knights of Valencia, Shendu, and Cherifia were able to drive them back.”

    “Twelve years…Wasn’t that about the time Heather had her first child?” I asked.

    “Had…yes…and lost…We were told she was killed, but I have a feeling something else happened…”

    “Something? Like what?”

    “…Maybe she was taken away somewhere…Somewhere far away…like Cyllene. I’ve heard rumors of kidnappings during their brief invasion, and some part of me always thought that was what happened to little Madelyn. If she’s still alive, she should be about fifteen by now.”

    “Daddy…if they’re coming here now…does that mean they plan to go to war with us?” I asked.
    “If you dreamed it, dear, then it is almost certain…”

    Edmund Luxord

    “Any minute now…they’ll be back any minute,” I said, staring out the entrance of the fortress. Most of the others sat behind me at a table, eating lunch.

    “Who will?” Sparrow asked.

    “He’s waiting on his mother and father,” Lucia said.

    “Oh, so Flamedramon and Abigail are coming back,” Dominimon said.

    “Yes; they went out with a few other members hundreds of years ago,” Lucia said. “A Digimon named Andromon, and…another girl. I forget her name…”

    “Her name is Zelda,” Tactimon said. “She’s a Digimon Summoner, like Mia.”

    “Another summoner? Oh, goody; I’ve always wanted to meet another!” Mia exclaimed happily. “What’s she like, Edmund?”

    “…My memories of her are quite vague; I’ve only met her a few times, back when I was a child,” I said. “But I do remember her being very kind and gentle; very beautiful. Her husband was a lucky man to have her.”

    “Oh, she’s married? What’s her husband like?” Mia asked.

    “He’s dead,” Tactimon said dryly. “He didn’t carry the Mark like she and I do.”

    “But if she had the Mark, then why didn’t he ever get it when…well, when she got pregnant?” Elizabeth asked.

    “The Mark doesn’t get passed from one who has it; only between two opposite species,” I said.

    “Thomas didn’t ever want to cheat on her just to get the Mark from a Digimon, but he also didn’t want her to be lonely when he passed. Poor lad was pretty conflicted inwardly,” Sieglinde said. “Still, they were happy together; never saw a happier couple than those two…Thomas and Zelda Kasuto.”

    “…I think they’re here!” I exclaimed. “They’re here! I can hear them coming!” It’s been so long since I’ve seen my parents! I wonder if mother’s aged yet. Probably looks younger than me at this point. My heart skipped a beat as figures materialized out of the shadows of the fortress’s front hallway. My mother was the first to enter, followed by my father, and then Zelda, along with two other Digimon. “…Mother…Father…you’re back…”

    “Oh, Edmund, is that you?” Abigail asked, approaching me. “Oh, my little baby’s grown up! My baby boy…” Abigail pulled me into a tight hug. “You were so tiny when we last saw you…You’re such a handsome man now…”

    “You could say that again,” I heard Mia whisper. My father walked up to me with a smile on his face.

    “Where’s Apollomon?” Flamedramon asked.

    “Oh, I forgot; you left before it happened,” I said. “Apollomon was killed in action, and he was reborn into Coronamon. The same thing happened to Dianamon; she was killed, and is now Lunamon.”

    “Oh…that’s terrible,” Zelda said. “Well, I’m glad they’re okay now…”

    “…It’s good to see you again, Zelda,” Tactimon said, approaching us. Zelda’s face brightened when she saw him, Lupinemon, and Sieglinde.

    “Tactimon; you’re back too?” she exclaimed. “Oh, and Lupinemon…”

    “Actually, I’m kinda Lupinemon, Zel,” Sieglinde said. “Remember when we last met, and I could turn into Linoan? Well, somehow, that affected the way I was reborn; my memory as one of Lilithmon’s ex-allies was placed into Linoan’s body, while Lupinemon was simply reborn as a normal Digimon. Also, I go by Sieglinde now, ‘cuz this kinda technically isn’t really my body…so…yeah…”

    “Oh…well, whatever the case, I’m glad to see you both again,” Zelda smiled.

    “Would you like me to fetch Coronamon and Lunamon for you? You sounded as though you wanted to speak to Apollomon about something important,” Tactimon said, looking at Flamedramon.

    “…Well…we were all just going to check in with him, that we weren’t able to find anything,” Abigail said. “We can just speak to the current boss. Where is he?”

    “Room in the back; same as Apollomon’s room, from what I was told,” Sieglinde said.

    “I can go see him alone, honey,” Flamedramon said. “You just wait here and…talk. You’re more of a people person than I am.”

    “Okay. See you soon,” Abigail said. Flamedramon smiled back at her as he left the room. As he did, Mia walked up behind me.

    “Um…Zelda?” she asked. “My name is Mia…I, uh…I’ve just always wanted to meet another Summoner…”

    “Oh, you too? Well, it’s very nice to meet you, dear,” Zelda smiled.

    “Are these two your Digimon Spirits?” Mia asked.

    “Uh…Well, it’s sort of difficult to explain,” Zelda looked to the green Digimon who stood behind her.

    “Andromon, my name is,” the other Digimon said. “A Digimon Spirit, I am not, but a member of Lachesis I am.”

    “And I am Mercurymon,” the other Digimon said. “I…am, and yet I am not a Digimon Spirit. I was never killed, but my Spirit was placed inside a Talisman by my master, the Guardian of Knowledge.”

    “Oh…I, uh…guess that makes sense,” Mia said.

    “Many a year ago, my Talisman broke, and my spirit freed. Even with freedom, I chose to remain by this young lady’s side,” Mercurymon looked down at Zelda. “Well…the Guardian of Knowledge has passed many a year ago, and now I await his rebirth. But I take great pride and joy in being in this young lady’s presence. She truly is a wonderful person…” Zelda blushed, and looked around the room.

    “…The old fortress hasn’t changed much,” she said. “Soon after I first joined, it was destroyed by…it was burned down, so we all had to live at the villa of a knight named Saias.”

    “Yeah, but it was rebuilt about ten or twenty years after that,” Abigail said.

    “…The fortress hasn’t changed, but the group’s changed a lot,” Zelda added, looking at those in the room, namely me, Mia, Sieglinde, Tactimon, Lupinemon, Sparrow, Lucia, Elizabeth, Quetzalmon, Mihiramon, Hawkmon, and Dominimon.

    “And there are still a few more who are asleep,” I said. “The partners of Apollomon and Dianamon’s reborn forms are the twins Matthew and Eleanora, an archer and a swordswoman. Mrs. Luna’s daughter, Katsumi, is amongst our ranks as well, Zelda.”

    “Oh, Kitty’s here?” Zelda exclaimed.

    “She’s busy speaking to Wisemon, milady,” I said. “Apparently, Miss Rosalina was having a terrible dream so Eleanora sent for her father, and I presume they are conversing now.”

    “Oh, poor baby,” Abigail whispered. “You know, it’s been so long, I can never remember if she’s younger than you or not, you know?”

    “I believe it has been said that she is older than I,” I said.

    “Oh, yes; I remember her curling up to nap with me when you were still in my belly,” Abigail said.

    “Oh, that reminds me; there’s a woman here named Heather who’s also pregnant,” Mia said. “Her husband is Lloyd, and she’s about four months in with twins!”

    “Oh, how exciting!” Zelda squealed.

    “This is her second time, though,” Dominimon said in a quiet and serious time. “I don’t think she’d like it if I told you this, but I wouldn’t want you to accidentally say anything…”

    “…What happened to her?” Abigail asked.

    “…A few years back…do you remember when the Cyllenian Empire was invading the continent, trying to push us to war?”

    “Sort of…I was gone with Flamedramon and the other searching for…for something,” Zelda said vaguely.

    “Well…it was during that time that Heather’s first-born daughter, Madelyn, was lost,” Dominimon said. “She was presumed dead, but many assume she was kidnapped and enslaved, as was common during those horrid times.”

    “In fact, it is almost certain that she was kidnapped,” Wisemon said, suddenly walking into the room.

    “How’s Katsumi?” Elizabeth asked.

    “Eleanora was right; she was having another nightmare that was a vision,” Wisemon said ominously.

    “…Well? What was the dream about, Mr. Bishop?” Abigail asked.
    “Well, Mrs. Demon, she was having a premonition about the Cyllene Empire,” Wisemon answered. “About them possibly attempting to start a war…but more specifically, it was about the empire’s independent unit of assassins…the Goddess’ Rebuke.”


    “…So…in the end, you weren’t able to find any of them,” Ulysses said. “Yes…I was told of your mission by my old master, Murmuxmon. It really is a shame you couldn’t find anybody…”

    “Yes…it appears that when Zelda’s Talismans were crushed by Lilithmon, the spirits she had were freed and reborn into living Digimon; besides Mercurymon, who was always alive in the first place,” I said. “But we weren’t able to find any of them. Renamon; Gallantmon; Vajramon; Leomon; Dynasmon; Gigasmon; Lobomon; and Fanglongmon. I am fully aware that many Digimon lose memories from one life to the next, but nobody knows if that remains true for those who were Spirits.”

    “I see…Well, whatever the case, I am glad to have you back, and it is an honor to meet you,” Ulysses said. “In my old age, I thought I’d never get the chance.”

    “You’re making too big a deal out of this…you do…know my past, don’t you?” I asked.

    “I do; and that is precisely why I have a favor to ask of you…If something should happen to me,” Ulysses said in a stern voice.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 36 - Preparing for War

    Lucia Delbray

    The name of the Goddess’ Rebuke echoed unnervingly around the room. Looks of fear spread across the faces of most people in the room, along with several of confusion.

    “It seems that some among us have no memory of the group in question,” Wisemon said. “The story of the Goddess’ Rebuke is a common fairy tale for young children as a bedtime story, although I understand many here happen to be…well, orphans.”

    “They are spoken of in ancient lore as well,” Lilliana mentioned.

    “So, they’re an old group?” Mia asked.

    “Several of them are. Most notably, SkullSatamon, Mephistomon, and Ghoulmon, the founding members of the rebuke,” I continued. “Currently, they number ten, and it is rumored there are a few Humans with them, but the group is primarily composed of Fallen Angel and Demon Lord Digimon. As Wisemon said, they act independently from the knights of the imperialistic Cyllene, but their loyalties still lie with the kingdom.”

    “And they deal in assassinations,” Abigail said thoughtfully. “So, if Kitty had a premonition about them, then it seems inevitable that we’ll fight…”

    “Our return home couldn’t be better timed, then,” Mercurymon said.

    “Undoubtedly. You, Abigail, and Flamedramon are our oldest and most skilled fighters,” Dominimon said.

    “We’d best hurry,” Wisemon said. “Kitty said she dreamed of them making their move tomorrow.”

    “That’s rather sudden,” Elizabeth said. “Do we even know where they will show up?”

    “They haven’t any sorcerers among them; they’ll have to arrive by ship or by flight,” I said. “They’ll have to arrive at Shendu Territory. Valneva is too cold, and there aren’t any good spots to dock a ship at Cherifia.”

    “Wait; how do we know that what Katsumi saw was going to happen this day?” Mia asked. “It could just as easily have been a vision of the future…or the past…”

    “It’s the present. I had a similar vision,” Wisemon said.

    “…You have them, too?” I asked. Wisemon nodded.

    “I am the reason she has those visions…because I too have them. However, it seems she only has her visions while sleeping, where they are less clear. Due to my age, my visions are more…complete. And what I saw…is the Rebuke heading this way. They are coming. And we haven’t much time to meet them when they arrive. If we fail to get to Shendu before them, then hundreds of thousands of innocents will be murdered in cold blood.”

    “Why would they do something like that?” Zelda asked. “Their aim is to start a war with us…why would anybody do something so horrid?”

    “Because they think they can win,” I said. “And when they win…if they win…the land of Arcadia will be theirs for the taking. Their empire will expand, as will their control. And with more control, with more continents and land, and people to control, they wouldn’t have any more enemies to come after them. Those at Cyllene are a paranoid lot; the tyrant king, Desmond, feels that with all lands, peoples, continents or anything else under his reign, there won’t be anyone willing to rise up against him and remove him from power.”

    “What are we going to do?” Mia asked with an unmistakable hint of fear in her voice.

    “What else can we do? We rise up against King Desmond and remove him from power,” I replied.

    “A rebellion, eh? Well, count me in,” Flamedramon said, walking into the room with Ulysses.

    “I always knew it might come to this,” Ulysses said. Behind him were Matthew, Eleanora, AeroVeedramon, Bokomon, Alicia, Wayland, Katsumi, and Isole. “I heard your conversation from my room, and as your leader…I say we go forwards with as many allies as possible.”

    “What do you mean?” I asked.

    “Those Valencian Knights we met — Alena and her friends — we will request aid from them,” Ulysses said.

    “A very good idea,” Mercurymon said. “But shall we enlist aid from knights other territories as well?”

    “No. Not many others have the nerve to stand up to the Cyllenian Empire, but we know Alena,” Ulysses said. “She’s a kind girl. I’ve no doubt that she’d want to aid us.”

    “…What about the prince?” I asked. “He’s a Bio Hybrid on the enemy’s side…on Fenrirmon’s side.”

    “What about him?” Ulysses asked. “We won’t directly look for him, due to circumstances, but if we find him, we describe the situation. He might actually be willing to help us.”

    “…I’d rather not get help from someone who tried to murder me,” Sparrow muttered.

    “Yes, well; as I said, we will not seek him out directly,” Ulysses said before slowly looking around the room. “Lucia. Matthew. Eleanora. Sparrow. Alicia. Elizabeth. Mia. Tactimon. Bokomon. Isole. AeroVeedramon. Wayland. Edmund. Katsumi. Sieglinde. Zelda. Flamedramon. Abigail. Andromon. And all Digimon partnered to those I listed…We shall all go to the Cyllene Empire today. You will all go by Trailmon ahead of me while I go to Castle Valencia to see if I can get Alena and her friends to help us out.”

    “What about me?” Heather asked.

    “…Seriously?” I asked. “You…really didn’t think you’d get to come with us? You’re over five months pregnant.”

    “No, Heather. You will remain behind with Lloyd, Larraine, Neemon, Giselle, Wisemon, Loralyn, Lilliana, and Kamemon. Dominimon, you will be in charge in my absence.”

    “…Yes, sir…”

    “I don’t get to go either?” Giselle asked.

    “Don’t be retarded!” Isole snapped. “Rosemon walked out on you like she should have the instant the two of you became partners! How the hell do you think you’d be able to help us without getting your stupid ass in the way?! Were you planning on becoming a shield?!”

    “That’s enough, Isole,” I said firmly. “Giselle, dear, we don’t want you to get hurt—”

    “I do,” Isole interrupted.

    “—so you will remain behind so you will remain safe,” I finished, glaring at my foster daughter.

    “We will have to leave as soon as we can. Does anybody else have any objections?” Ulysses asked, glancing at Heather and Giselle.

    “So, nothing too different from the norm,” I said.

    “I apologize for the suddenness, but this mission is of the utmost urgency,” Ulysses said.

    “Same old, same old,” Sparrow chuckled.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 37 - Reinforcements of the Army

    Ulysses Melchett
    Valencia Castle

    The ancient, yet pristine castle of Valencia Territory stood before me. Soldiers passing by glanced, but passed without a word. My heart was racing with the thought of the incoming invasion of the Cyllene Empire. I took a deep breath in to compose myself, and began walking forwards. I walked past many knights, many more of whom recognized me and waved at me. It wasn’t long until I found Alena and her friends at the mess hall.

    Thank the goddess she’s here; I hardly know my way around this place…Alena instantly spotted me and hailed me over.

    “Hello there, Sir Ulysses. How are you today?” she asked. “You don’t look well; are you feeling okay?”

    “Well, I’ve had better days, I’m afraid…”

    “…Do you require our help with anything?” Charlotte asked shyly.

    “It’s…sort of a big deal, really. Huge. Enormous, actually,” I said. “Do, uh…any of you remember that time around fifteen years ago…when we were—”

    “When we were being attacked by the Cyllene Empire,” Wikstrom finished.

    “I don’t think I like where this conversation is headed,” Siebold said.

    “Well, at least you won’t be in for a surprise. I’m afraid the Cyllene Empire is preparing to invade Arcadia once again.” Even Wikstrom’s deadpan face became contorted with worry.

    “So, vunce more, day ah trying to conquer us,” Pherania commented.

    “Yes. And we need to act fast. They’ll most likely be here tomorrow. Our, uh…our mystic had a vision of their assassination unit arriving first.”

    “By assassination unit…do you by chance mean the Goddess’ Rebuke?” Siebold asked.

    “…Yes. That’s why I’m here. I request your assistance in fighting off the Goddess’ Rebuke. As I said, they’ll be here tomorrow, probably on the shoreline of Shendu Territory.”

    “I understand,” Alena said. “I promise to lend all the aid I am able to.” Siebold, Wikstrom, Pherania, and Charlotte all nodded.
    “Alone, the five of us will not be able to assist you very much,” Wikstrom said. “But…our close friend might just be able to give you and Lachesis the edge.”

    Matthew Kasuto
    24 Hours

    The Trailmon we rode on, a Franken model, took a sharp turn that caused Coronamon to fall out of my lap and onto the floor. Landing on his head, the small Rookie woke up, groggy and annoyed.

    “We should be getting there soon,” Eleanora said quietly.

    “Yeah…” Across from us, an attractive young blonde woman looked curiously at me and my sister. “…May I…help you?”

    “Oh, I’m sorry…You just…May I ask for your last name?” she asked.

    “Kasuto. I’m Matthew Kasuto,” I said. “This is my twin sister Eleanora.” The woman’s face brightened.


    “And who are you?” Eleanora asked.

    “I…My name is Zelda…Zelda Kasuto,” she whispered. “I…think I might be…maybe your grandmother?”

    “Well, you aren’t our mother; she was killed, and her name was Irene,” I said.

    “Irene…I think that may have been my great-granddaughter’s name,” Zelda said. “My daughter’s children didn’t want to live the dangerous life of a mercenary, so they cut off all contact with us.”

    “Great-great-grandmother feels…awkward,” I said. “You look like you’re, like, eighteen, or something.”

    “Oh…does it? I never really thought about it like that…I...I know I’m not…your mother…but…”

    “Well, we’ll call you Auntie, then,” Eleanora smiled.

    “…Really? Are…you sure…?”

    “Yeah, no problem. And not only just because great-great-grandmother is a bit of a mouthful,” I said. “You…remind us of our mother. You’re really pretty…and nice…Yeah; just like her. But…Our parents are both dead…”

    “Matthew…Eleanora…I…I’m so sorry…” Just then, the Trailmon came to a screeching halt, throwing nearly everyone out of their seats.

    “Okay, all; end of the line! Get out and get lost!” Trailmon shouted. The walls and ceiling of the train car opened up, and the Machine Digimon spilled us all out onto the ground. “Okay, now; enjoy yourselves here. Don’t get yourselves killed or whatever…”

    “Jeez; didn’t have to dump us out like that. Jackass,” Isole muttered as the Trailmon drove off, disappearing from sight very quickly. I stood up, and stared off to the horizon, towards the beach. To my relief, there was nobody in sight, other than the lot of us.

    “It’s been so long since I’ve last been here,” Zelda said. “The last time…it was about five-hundred years ago, when we were fighting against Lilithmon and her allies. My friend Luna had to fight a Digimon called Generalmon all by herself. Thomas was blinded by a Gesomon, and I had to fight a mysterious swordsman all by himself on his behalf…I wonder whatever happened to that man…”

    “What do you mean?” Lucia asked.

    “Well, he said he was a Human Spirit, like a Digimon Spirit; he said he had lived and died many times, but he never had any other memories of his past lives other than his deaths, not even his own name,” Zelda said. “I fought him, and eventually…he…he died…I was just wondering where he ended up this time…”

    “Even I have never heard of a Human Spirit like him before,” Mercurymon said. “I mean this in the most modest was possible, but I know a great deal about…well, everything. I am the successor to the Guardian of Knowledge, and yet I have never heard of a Human Spirit.”

    “Well…I wouldn’t worry about it too much,” I said.

    “…I can’t help but worry about it. That time was…it was the first time I had even touched a weapon, no less use one in a fight. I killed him…I hurt him…”

    “…You know…you’re just as kindhearted as the stories about you say,” Lucia said. “Well, whatever. Let’s get going…shall we? They should be here any minute now…”

    “Any minute? How insulting!” a mysterious voice laughed. All of us were instantly alert.

    “To be fair, the phrase ‘half an hour ago’ would be far more appropriate,” another voice said. I couldn’t tell where these voices were coming from; they seemed to come from every direction. But one thing was for certain; I knew that it was the Goddess’ Rebuke speaking to us.

    “Show yourselves!” Lucia yelled.

    “Are you sure? Us Fallen Angels tend to make folks lose their lunch!” a third voice said.

    “Speak for yourself; you look like a rotting corpse!” the second voice said, which was met with a round of empty laughter.

    “But if you truly insist, we will reveal ourselves,” yet another voice said. One at a time, ten shadowy figures materialized before us all. Eight Digimon, and two Humans, based on their scents. “Well, then…let the games begin!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 38 - The Goddess' Rebuke

    Eleanora Kasuto
    Shendu Territory

    “…If you truly insist, we will reveal ourselves,” a voice said. One at a time, ten shadowy figures materialized before us all. Eight Digimon, and two Humans, based on their scents. “Well, then…let the games begin!” My heart was beating faster than it ever had in my entire life. The stories I had heard of the Rebuke’s brutality and sheer vileness were all racing through my mind at once. They would kill without provocation, and bathe themselves in their victims’ blood.

    “Isole, Bokomon; get to somewhere safe,” I heard Lucia whisper.

    “Silly Human; when we are around, there is nowhere safe to hide. Now, allow me to introduce myself; I am Drask, the…more or less…leader of this merry band.” The taller of the two Humans was the one who spoke. In spite of things, he spoke in a rather gentlemanly demeanor, and did not seem the least bit condescending. His right hand was clasped over a tall, thin cane cloaked in blood. “This young lady here is my lieutenant.”

    “I am Analetta,” the blonde woman said. In her hand was a sword, also cloaked in blood. “I wonder how sweet your blood tastes…How I long to find out!” Analetta ran her tongue over her pale lips, and one by one, the eight Digimon began introducing themselves.

    “I am Carmillamon, the most powerful of the Digimon you see before you.” I had never heard the name Carmillamon before; the Digimon greatly resembled a Human, but she had a pale blue-green skin, blood red eyes, and sharp fangs protruding from her menacing smile.

    “I am Karatenmon. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintances, warriors of Lachesis.”

    “Oh, don’t go all honor-bound with this trash! The great SkullSatamon hates to see such a display!” The Undead Digimon swung his staff over Karatenmon’s head.

    “Ghoulmon, I am.” This particular Ghoulmon was the black variation of his species, although his eye was blood red, like those of his comrades, rather than yellow.

    “I am Devimon!”

    “Quite obviously, I am LadyDevimon, the most beautiful Digimon in all the continents!” Behind me, I could hear Abigail snort. This LadyDevimon had red clothes as opposed to the usual black of the species.

    “My name is Mephistomon.”

    “And finally…I…am Phelesmon…”

    “The ten of us are the Goddess’ Rebuke!” Drask exclaimed. “We dare to step foot on this continent of Arcadia on order of our one and only master; King Desmond!”

    “So, they really are planning an invasion over there,” I said.

    “The plan was never abandoned,” Karatenmon said.

    “The king was simply…biding his time,” Phelesmon said, speaking in a hushed, slow voice.

    “And now, the time is right!” Devimon exclaimed.

    “For us to feast on your blood,” Analetta giggled. She placed a hand on her hip and raised her sword.

    “And you are indeed the assassination guild we’ve heard tell of, I take it,” Lucia said.

    “Assassinations…yes, we deal much in that trade,” Drask smirked. “But mostly…we seek only to enjoy ourselves. Yes…we seek to revel in bloodshed; to roll in the blood we spill! To gorge ourselves on the souls we reap!”

    “We won’t let that happen,” Flamedramon said.

    “Yes, I assumed you lot would attempt to stop us,” Carmillamon said.

    “Though our paths have never crossed, we have heard much of your guild. I am truly honored for the chance to fight you!” Karatenmon said.

    “You knew we would be here? But…how?” Katsumi asked.

    “You, my dear. You are a mystic…just as I am!” Devimon exclaimed excitedly. “I’ve had visions of you, my lovely; we gave you that dream so you would know of our arrival!”

    “Just so you could fight Lachesis…Well, you wouldn’t be the first,” Abigail said.

    “Enough chatting; let’s get on with the goddamned battle already!” SkullSatamon shrieked.

    “Digimon, prepare yourselves!” Lucia ordered. I pulled out my Digivice just as the others did.

    “Digi Armor Energize!” Sparrow shouted

    “Hawkmon armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

    “Coronamon Digivolve to, Firamon!”

    “Come forth, MegaKabuterimon!” Mia exclaimed. The form of the enormous Ultimate appeared before the petite summoner.

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge!” Abigail placed her hand over her own Digivice.

    Wait…she’s a Bio Hybrid?! But I always thought they were evil…like the Valencian Prince…

    “Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “Ooh, so we’ve got someone who thinks they can outdo me in beauty?!” LadyDevimon squealed.

    “Human or Digimon forme; it matters not. My wife will always be more beautiful than you, fiend!” Flamedramon exclaimed, shooting a stream of fire at the enemy LadyDevimon, who jumped up and out of the way.

    “Darkness Wave!”

    “Tiger Wing Blades!” Mihiramon flapped his tattered wings and fired out a shockwave that neutralized LadyDevimon’s attack. I blinked, and suddenly, SkullSatamon was in front of me. I barely had enough to draw my sword before the Undead Digimon attacked me with his Nail Bone attack. SkullSatamon cackled madly as my entire body tingled and froze completely from the attack.

    Damn it…he’s so…fast! SkullSatamon flew up, where I could see Ghoulmon standing, patiently waiting to fire an attack at me. I tried to move, but SkullSatamon’s attack had left me completely paralyzed.

    “Explosion Eye!” A hand materialized out of nowhere; its fingers snapped, and suddenly, Mercurymon stood in front of me.

    “Dark Reflection!” Mercurymon absorbed Ghoulmon’s attack in one of his shields before blasting it out the other at the Ghoulmon, who took flight to avoid the attack.

    “Eleanora, are you okay?!” Zelda was at my side with a worried expression on her face. I tried to speak, but even my lips were paralyzed. All I could do was glance and blink at her. “Don’t worry, sweetie; I won’t leave your side.”

    “And I shan’t leave hers,” Mercurymon smiled.

    “Death Claw!” Devimon reached forwards with his sharp claws at Sparrow, but the young man swung his axe just in time to protect himself.

    “Dino Burst!”

    “Touch of Evil!” Devimon fired a red and black blast of energy from his hands that tore through Allomon’s attack and struck the Dinosaur directly in the chest. The force of the attack forced Allomon flying backwards until he turned back into Hawkmon, when he promptly fell onto the ground unconscious. Sparrow ran after his Digimon partner, and LadyDevimon flew after him, aiming to strike him in the back with her Black Wing attack when Abigail flew at her, knocking the evil LadyDevimon out of the air. Sparrow watched in awe as the two LadyDevimon clashed, not noticing until it was too late that Karatenmon had snuck up on him, slicing through his back with his twin swords.

    “Things begin to look bleak,” Mercurymon said.

    “I know; I can’t just stand here!” Zelda reached into the satchel at her waist and pulled out a Digimon Talisman. “Come forth; Seadramon!” A large blue Digimon came spiraling out of the Digimon Zelda head, and faced the enemy with a deadly glare in his eyes.

    “Ice Blast!” Seadramon opened his mouth and unleashed a freezing-cold blast at Analetta, freezing her bare feet to the ground before she could swing her sword at Elizabeth’s neck, giving Matthew enough time to shoot an arrow into the woman’s hip. Anger flashed over Carmillamon’s face as she saw blood poor from Analetta’s belly. In her rage, the Fallen Angel pointed at Matthew.

    “Shattered Dreams!” Dread filled my twin’s face. He dropped his bow, and fell to his knees. To my horror, I was blood well slowly from his mouth. Once more, I tried to move, but I was still paralyzed by SkullSatamon’s attack. Drask struck the ice at Analetta’s feet with his cane and shattered it just as Carmillamon lunged at Matthew.

    “Flame Dive!”

    “Moon Night Kick!” Lekismon and Firamon both leaped into the air and crashed into Carmillamon, pinning her to the ground. Drask smirked, and removed a sword hidden in his cane.

    “Matthew! Move!” Zelda shouted. The archer looked up, but it was too late. Drask’s sword was already deep into his shoulder. Meanwhile, Carmillamon attacked Lekismon and Firamon, turning them both back into their Rookie levels. At the same time, Analetta resumed her assault on Elizabeth, striking her in the leg and hitting Quetzalmon near the tail.

    “That’s enough!” Edmund snapped his fingers, and huge bolts of lightning fell from the sky at all of the Goddess’ Rebuke.

    “Black Sabbath.” Mephistomon clasped his hands together, and the bolts of lightning all turned black, and simply vanished.

    “Oh, this is simply too easy! Nail Bone!” SkullSatamon struck MegaKabuterimon, defeating the Digimon Spirit with ease. Mia reached for another Talisman, but SkullSatamon was too quick for her. She was struck by his attack, and just as I was, she became paralyzed.

    “Samurai Tiger Tail!” Mihiramon madly swung his tail at Karatenmon as Lucia snuck up on the Wizard Digimon.

    “You two can hardly be called warriors with such paltry tactics as these!” In one movement, Karatenmon swung his two swords, striking both Lucia and Mihiramon at the same time.

    “What a pitiful excuse for an archer!” Ghoulmon cackled, dodging each and every one of Alicia’s arrows from her twin arrowguns. “Death Arrow!” Ghoulmon fired arrows from his own hands, striking each of Alicia’s strikes spot on with his own.

    “Fire Rocket!” Flamedramon shot into the air, but Ghoulmon swerved out of the way just in time.

    “Black Statue.” Phelesmon pointed his trident at Flamedramon, and an enormous ebon statue fell from the sky and landed on Flamedramon, pinning him to the ground.

    “Flamedramon! I’m coming!”

    “Oh, no you don’t!” LadyDevimon charged and pierced Abigail through the back with her Black Wing attack, making the Bio Hybrid turn back to her Human form.


    “Dark Cloud!” Once more, Mephistomon put his hands together, and a dark energy pulsed from underneath him, striking Edmund before he could reach Abigail.
    “Explosion Eye!” Alicia was hit by a blast from Ghoulmon’s center eye, knocking her unconscious instantly.

    “Mercurymon…please…help them,” Zelda said. “Don’t stay by my side; please…”

    “…I understand.”

    “Explosion Eye!” Another blast hit Seadramon directly in the head, making the Spirit fall to the ground, and on top of Mercurymon before vanishing. Mercurymon raised his shields, but he did so too slowly, and he too was knocked unconscious by another of Ghoulmon’s attacks.

    “Oh, no…Seadramon was the only Spirit I had who was strong enough to fight them,” Zelda whispered.

    Don’t worry, auntie…we’ll be fine, was what I tried to say, but still, I was paralyzed. From the corner of my eye, I could see Karatenmon fight both Sieglinde and Tactimon simultaneously while Mephistomon faced down Lupinemon.

    “Harmony Swords!” A flash of violet was emitted from Karatenmon’s eyes, and in an instant, both Sieglinde and Tactimon fell to the ground.

    “V-Wing Blade!”

    “Nu uh! Sorry, big guy, but I’m not letting you launch something that dangerous! Nail Bone!” Before AeroVeedramon could attack, he was struck down out of the sky by SkullSatamon’s attack.

    “Gatling Attack!” Andromon launched a pair of missiles from his chest, but Drask, with a simple flick of his wrist, swung his blade and shot Andromon’s attack back at him. Katsumi, as I did, stood motionless the entire time. She, however, was in the midst of casting a spell, and not simply paralyzed.

    “Didn’t think I’d forget about you, didja?!” Devimon exclaimed, suddenly emerging from Katsumi’s shadow. “Touch of Evil!” Katsumi was attacked by the same powerful blast that took Allomon out of the fight; she fell to the ground several feet away from Devimon. Her clothes were in tatters and she was bleeding, but I could tell that she was still alive.

    “Shattered Dreams!” Carmillamon simply pointed at Lupinemon, and the Exalted Beast fell to the ground, unconscious.

    “Well, well…I do believe that takes care of your little group here,” Drask said.

    “NOT JUST YET!” A towering, golden figure slowly made its way towards the Goddess’ Rebuke, some of whom seemed surprised by the sheer height of the Digimon.

    “Well, I’ll be damned; the old codger actually sent Talosmon to do the dirty work,” Drask smiled.

    “Lay down your arms and surrender!” Talosmon boomed.

    “Now, why would we do that?” Analetta asked. “Your arrival does not designate our defeat.”

    “You are a fool! Stone Apocalypse!” Massive boulders and sharp stone spires began to rain down from the sky.


    “Understood, Drask. Black Sabbath!” Just as he did when Edmund attacked, Mephistomon chanted, and the boulders that fell from the sky turned pitch-black and disappeared.


    “Oh, I was beginning to think you’d never ask! Nail Bone!” Talosmon was struck by an electrical blast from SkullSatamon’s staff, but unlike me and Mia, he didn’t seem too phased by it. Instead, he raised his massive sword, and swatted the Undead Digimon out of the sky.

    “Well, well…this is getting interesting,” Drask said.

    “Titan Inferno—!” Talosmon raised his sword to attack again, but at the last second he dropped his weapon to the ground. His eyes glazed over, and he fell to the ground with an earth-shattering thud.

    “There are none who can overcome the inner pain of my attack,” Carmillamon said.

    “That may be, witch.” Ulysses stepped forward, and held up his Fusion Loader, and in an instant, Talosmon vanished. “But that will never stop of from trying!” Our leader quickly raised his claymore into the air and struck Carmillamon across the chest with it. The Fallen Angel fell onto her back, with blood seeping out the slim cut on her chest. “You…will never be victorious!” At that moment, several Human knights donned in Valencian armor stepped forward. “Alena…are you and your friends ready?”

    “Always, sir!” the young woman replied.

    “Harmony Swords!” Before Ulysses or any of the knights could react, Karatenmon rushed forward and struck each and every one of them with his swords.
    No…no, this…this can’t be happening! Ulysses and the knights fell to the ground one at a time as Karatenmon flew past them. His task complete, the Wizard sheathed his twin blades.

    “It’s all over,” Drask said.

    “Extinction Wave!” From the sky, a surge of energy whizzed and struck the Goddess’ Rebuke. At that time, a Digimon I had never met but one that I recognized instantly gracefully alighted to the ground.

    That Digimon…he’s Leopardmon! Even Drask seemed surprised by the arrival of the Digimon, but he quickly regained his composure.

    “So, you had a Holy Knight waiting to strike, did you?” he asked. “This just got interesting.”

    “Black Aura Blast!” A powerful blast of energy fired from the tip of Leopardmon’s sword, but Drask simply held up his own blade and blocked Leopardmon’s attack. “But…how? You’re only Human; you don’t even carry the Mark…”

    “It’s true; I am not one of the Marked. But still, I…Well; I guess you could say that I have inherited a Digimon’s strength in a different manner!” Drask ran forth, and struck the mighty Leopardmon across the stomach with his sword. As all of us had done before, Leopardmon fell, defeated. Drask smiled; not in a gloating or conceited manner, but a truly happy smile. “I am honored to have had this chance to fight against the group Lachesis.”

    “You never stood a chance!” SkullSatamon laughed.

    “If any of you think you still have a chance, you should just forget about it!” Devimon sneered.

    “Yes; you fare much better off lying on the ground like the pathetic miscreants you are,” Analetta said.

    “However, if you ever feel up to another challenge, just come and find us. We shall grant you your wish,” Karatenmon said.

    “Do not…expect…any…mercy,” Phelesmon rasped slowly. In the blink of an eye, the Goddess’ Rebuke vanished. That was the last thing I remembered before darkness overcame me.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 39 - The Morning After


    It has been many hours since our defeat of Lachesis. We found a house somewhere in Shendu Territory, in a city named Acacia, I believe. It was occupied, but Drask and the others made quick work of the family and occupants. The moon had risen, and the sky was a deep navy blue.

    “The stars here are different,” I said to no one in particular.

    “What do you mean? A star’s a star!” SkullSatamon said.

    “…Maybe to you. Maybe to anyone else. But not to me.”

    “You’re so weird,” the Undead Digimon grunted. I ignored his remark, and continued staring at the sky from the windows of the house’s living room.

    “I wouldn’t speak to that pigeon that way if I were you, Skull. Remember what he can do with those swords,” Ghoulmon said.

    “How long must we remain trapped here?” LadyDevimon moaned. “Our power is greater at night. Why must we wait?!”

    “Because those…are our orders,” Phelesmon said.

    “This is what Drask wishes of us,” Mephistomon added.

    “But I grow weary of all this waiting!” SkullSatamon yelled. He turned his skull to look at Ghoulmon. “Hey, did you hear? There’s a rumor going ‘round that Carmillamon and Analetta are lovers!” SkullSatamon snickered to Ghoulmon. At the opposite end of the room, Analetta rolled her eyes.

    “...And? What if we were?” Carmillamon asked, walking into the room. “What if Analetta and I were lovers? Would that be so bad?” Analetta glanced nervously at the Ultimate.

    “Uh...Miss Carmillamon...”

    “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie!” Carmillamon added hastily. “You needn't worry; I don’t bite...unless you're into that...”

    “Could’ve sworn she were screwin’ Drask,” SkullSatamon mumbled. Ghoulmon shrugged.

    “Who knows? Humans that drink Digimon blood go all weird in the head, so they say…”

    What fools these Undead Digimon can be…All they desire is to kill. None seek to relish in the enjoyment of a blood-boiling fight between true warriors…Maybe SkullSatamon has been right about me all along; maybe I don’t belong with the other nine…

    “Well, whatever the case, we have a big job ahead of us,” Carmillamon said. “We weren’t deployed during the last invasion, so Desmond expects more out of us than our usual workload. Drask wishes for us to rest as much as we can before tomorrow. After all, we did have a long trip across the ocean, and we just fought Lachesis, and in spite of an overwhelming victory for us, we still exerted a great deal of energy. Starting tomorrow, we’ll be spending most of our time slaughtering anyone and everyone we see. Is that clear?”
    “Well…as long as I can stuff myself with their blood, I don’t care about anything else,” Analetta said.


    The golden light of the sun shimmered endlessly on the surface of the calm, blue ocean. A vast majority of the others were still unconscious. Eleanora’s head rested in my lap, and every now and then, I would gently stroke her sleek, black hair, or the side of her face. I looked up and around, at all of my friends and allies. Other than me, Flamedramon, Mercurymon, Edmund, Katsumi, and Matthew were the only ones who were awake.

    “The others shall be fine…Do not worry,” Mercurymon said.

    “…I know…But…I can’t do anything but worry. We have to stop the Goddess’ Rebuke, but…we’re all just so much weaker than they, especially me…”

    “You aren’t weak, Zelda. And trust me; I should know,” Flamedramon said. “And they’re only strong when they’re a group; that’s where we have them beat. Both our groups have a strong bond of camaraderie, but we are all powerful as individuals. They can only fight as a group.”

    “Are you certain about that, father?” Edmund asked.

    “It’s the only chance we’ve got. We gotta break that little group of theirs up by breaking ours up. It might just work.”

    “…In that case…I’d better get started,” Katsumi stood up. “I’ve got a lot of people to heal before we can go and fight them.”

    “Do you need any help, Kitty?” I asked. The Marked sorceress smiled at me.
    “I’ll be fine, Zelda, but thank you. I’ll get started now…”


    “…And now…it is morning,” I said to himself.

    “No shit, Sherlock!” SkullSatamon snapped.

    “And now, the feast can begin,” Analetta said.

    “We shall…dance…in the blood we spill,” Phelesmon said.

    “I don’t care what we do with these fools’ blood; just so long as we’re aloud to spill it onto the rotten soil of their rotten continent, I shall be satisfied!” SkullSatamon said. The Undead Digimon spread his wings and took flight, soon vanishing from sight. One by one, the others began to follow suit, until only I was left with Drask and Analetta.

    “Are you feeling alright, Karatenmon?” Analetta asked. “You don’t seem to be yourself lately…”

    “Still tired from that flight, are you? You may rest some more if you desire,” Drask said.

    “…No…it’s not that,” I said. “I sense…someone approaching us…”

    “Who could know where we are?!” Analetta asked.

    “It’s them, no doubt. Remember — they’ve a mystic amongst them, like our very own Devimon,” Drask said.

    “So they’ve come to fight back,” I said. “They might actually stand a chance…If anyone does…it is them…”

    “You make an excellent point,” Drask said. “Analetta, my love, I must ask that you go forth with extreme caution for now.”

    “I understand, Drask,” Analetta said. “You be careful too, Karatenmon, okay?” I nodded.

    “I shall.” Those were the last words I said before the figures approaching us on the horizon drew closer and closer to us.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 40 - Gossamer Mist

    Abigail Luxord
    Shendu Territory

    One by one, I could see the various members of the Goddess’ Rebuke fly off, ready to spill blood. Soon, only three were left at what I could only assume was not their house to begin with. I had a dreadful feeling of why that was. Only a few of the others had come with me when our large group split up. Right now, only Mia and Flamedramon were with me.

    Oh, I hope Eddie’s doing okay without me…

    “…You think that by dividing everyone up, you stand a chance,” Karatenmon said as we approached him and his two allies, Drask and Analetta.

    “It is always possible, Karatenmon,” Drask said.

    “If any of us are going to die, I’d wager it would be Devimon first. He’s only a Champion level, after all,” Analetta added. “Drask, what do you think, darling?”
    “Hmm…I was thinking SkullSatamon,” Drask replied. “He has a bit of a temper, after all; it would be easy to take advantage of that.”

    Are they…betting on which of their friends will get killed first?!

    “You have a good point…”

    “Well, whatever the case, it won’t be any of the three of us,” Karatenmon said.

    “Don’t be so sure of yourself,” I said, holding out my Bio Link Digivice.

    “If you plan on fighting the three of us…then you haven’t got a chance,” Flamedramon said.

    “…Drask…Analetta…I can handle them without any assistance,” Karatenmon said, carefully observing us.

    “Are you sure?” Analetta asked. Karatenmon nodded.

    “Don’t forget who you’re speaking to, my dear,” Drask said. “Karatenmon is not all talk; he has true skill with those swords of his. I place my full trust in him.”

    “…Thank you, sir.”

    “We’re better off this way,” Flamedramon whispered. “He’s right; Karatenmon is powerful. We will need to be careful.” I began to open my mouth to reply, but before I could do anything, Karatenmon rushed forward and struck Flamedramon with the thin edges of his swords. For a brief instant, surprise flashed across my husband’s face as he began to fall backwards, bleeding. However, he easily regained his balance and composure and shot a stream of flames at Karatenmon, but the Wizard Digimon easily moved out of the way. “Abigail, Mia; time to go to work!”

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “Come forth, Aquarimon!” My heart nearly leaped out of my throat as I heard the name of Mia’s spirit. Instantly, the familiar form of Aquarimon materialized in front of the petite young girl.

    “…I…Irene…” Aquarimon glanced over at me.

    “That name has no meaning to me,” the Spirit said. She didn’t speak in the timid, quavering voice of the precious little girl I once knew. While she was still very soft-spoken, her voice was filled with confidence.

    “You look…just like her,” I whispered. “How can that be…?”

    “…I’m afraid we’ll have to talk later,” Aquarimon replied. “It seems this Karatenmon is prepared to fight.”

    “I’m a very patient Digimon. You may talk now, if you wish,” Karatenmon said as Aquarimon readied her bow. “…If you insist.”

    “Goddess Bow!”

    “Harmony Swords!” As instantly as Aquarimon let go of her arrow, Karatenmon swung his swords, deflecting the attack. “Feather Flare!”

    “Aquarius Knight!” Water erupted from the urn sitting behind Aquarimon, taking the form of a heavily armored knight. The conjured knight held up its shield and blocked Karatenmon’s attack. “Aquarius Beast!” Aquarimon raised her arms, and the summoned knight took the form of a beast resembling Garurumon. The attack leaped into the air and pounced on Karatenmon, pinning him to the ground.

    “Darkness Wave!” Aquarimon’s attack vanished at the last second, allowing my attack to hit Karatenmon. The Ultimate tried to move, but my attack was hitting him to fast for him to be able to.

    “Flame Fist!” Flamedramon’s attack came next, burning through my attack to hit Karatenmon.

    “You said we didn’t stand a chance; care to revise your little statement?” I asked.

    “…No.” Karatenmon, in one swift motion, leaped to his talons, and then into the air. He brandished his blades, and flew directly at me. “Harmony Swords!” As quick as I could, I readied my Black Wing attack to defend myself, but I just wasn’t fast enough, and Karatenmon’s swords tore through my hips. At once, I turned back to my Human form. Karatenmon then flew at Aquarimon and sliced her bow in two before striking the Spirit in the chest, instantly defeating her. “You see, I am not overly arrogant like a great deal of my comrades; but I do know exactly where my strengths lie, and I do know where yours lie, warriors of Lachesis. And I do know…that my strengths far exceed those of you three! In fact…of your group, the only one who could defeat me is that Exalted Knight; Leopardmon.”

    Leopardmon…just my luck; Ulysses sent him out after that Ghoulmon! Please; a Champion could defeat a Digimon like that!

    “…There are more reasons why I am not like my allies,” Karatenmon continued. “I do not revel in senseless bloodshed. I derive no joy from spilling the blood of the innocent. And I do not continue a fight with another warrior who was no energy left to fight…or those who cannot fight at all.”

    “Then why are you part of an assassin’s group?” Mia asked.

    “…King Desmond complimented my skill with a blade many years back. It is a big honor…to be recognized as an individual by a man such as he. He requested that I join the Goddess’ Rebuke. And so I did.” Karatenmon sheathed his blades, and turned away.

    “I can still fight,” Flamedramon wheezed.

    “I still have Spirits who can fight,” Mia added.

    “No. It would be…disgraceful. As I recall, MegaKabuterimon was defeated soundlessly by SkullSatamon, and now Aquarimon has fallen by my hand. And…your remaining Spirit…is Blastmon, is it not?”

    “…How do you know that?” Mia asked.

    Your spirit, my dear. For one like you…one who is kind and gentle…the spirit is an easy thing for me to read. You see, the spirit is rather like a fog or a mist, or rather, it is surrounded by it. For one who is clouded with evil, the mist is harder to see through. For one who is gentle, like you, the mist grows delicate, and it dissipates in their light…making the spirit easier to read. You, my dear, I can read like an open book, if not better.” After a moment of silence, I saw Mia reach down into her purse. “Please…don’t call forth Blastmon. It will not end well, and I do not wish to harm another being. And you two.” Karatenmon looked back and forth between me and Flamedramon. “You two carry the Mark.”

    “…So, you can tell,” I whispered. I forced myself to stand, and faced Karatenmon. “You have it too, don’t you?” The Ultimate closed his eyes, and smiled.

    “Yes. I do.” Karatenmon held up his right hand, where I could see the Mark in the middle of his palm. He lifted his head and gazed at my belly, at the Mark. “We…have all been cursed…haven’t we? Cursed for something we can never hope to understand…”

    “You should leave.” Flamedramon walked up beside me. “A few hundred years ago…I guess you could say that I was in a similar position that you are in. Before I joined Lachesis, I was their enemy. I fought against them and, like you, I had them beaten easily. That was when a knight stepped forth. Saias was his name…and in the center of his eye was the Mark. Had he not stepped up, I would have killed them all on that day. Because he revealed himself, I chose to leave. I couldn’t bring myself to harm a fellow Marked.”

    “…I understand. I shall…leave the three of you alone, then. For now.” Karatenmon spread his ebon wings and took to the air. “But remember…there may come a time where I will be left with no choice but to kill you all. That is what it means…to serve a king.” I blinked, and Karatenmon was gone.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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