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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 151 - Recollection of a Petal

    Lucia Delbray (past self)
    Lachesis Fortress — Outside

    “ISA REED!” Almost as if he expected to hear my voice, Isa gripped the hilt of his claymore and turned around. Directly behind me was none other than Leila, lying unconscious on the ground.

    “…Are you here to stop me?” Isa asked. “Because I won’t let that happen.”

    “What the hell did you do to Leila?!” I yelled. Isa glanced over his shoulder at his twin, and shrugged.

    “Dunno…wasn’t like that when we got here,” he sighed.

    “You expect me to believe that?! I swear, if you hurt her—!”

    “Oh, relax; she probably just fainted because you yelled too loud,” Isa interrupted. “She’s quite a dainty little thing, you know; she needs to be handled delicately, like a baby bird.”

    “Isa…Why did you come here in the first place?” Melanie asked.

    “Oh, you know why, gorgeous. This portal you opened up to the past…you weren’t able to close it on your own, so I’m using it for myself to get what once was lost.”

    “That’s what you say, but…”

    “…You think I’m the traitor, right? Think I’ve got plans for opening a gate to the Dark Area with this portal?”


    “Well, to be honest, I don’t care what any one of you think of me; I’m doing this…because it needs to be done. And I won’t allow you to interrupt me,” Isa said. “…That being said, I’ve no doubt that you lot fully intend to do so.”

    He’s not being very direct with his answers…on purpose, no doubt. But, does that mean he really is the traitor? Or…

    “Leila deserves to be happy. I will not let you stand in the way of her happiness!” Leaping through the air, Isa swung his massive sword, holding it in only one hand. I picked up the sword I took from Kieran when Mihiramon killed him, and blocked Isa’s wild assault. With our swords locked together, I was unable to notice WereGarurumon until it was too late; the Ultimate level Digimon had jumped above his partner, and hit me in the center of my chest with a Garuru Kick, knocking me off of Mihiramon’s back. Mihiramon reared up on his hind legs and swatted a massive claw in retaliation, but both Isa and WereGarurumon were too fast. In seconds, Mihiramon joined me on the ground, just before I climbed up to my feet to fight again.

    “Lucia…do you need any help?” I heard Flamedramon ask.

    “…Nah. The two of them together are nowhere near as strong as Kieran was…I can handle this,” I said.

    “Think so…? You know, I wouldn’t object to having to fight more of you guys at once,” Isa suggested.

    “That’s okay; I can tell, you aren’t really into it,” I replied. “You’re forcing yourself to fight, but you aren’t sure if it’s the right thing to do, huh?”

    “Sh-Shut up!” Isa screamed.

    “You don’t really want to open the gate to the Dark Area, do you? So…why bother?” I asked. “Is someone forcing you two to do it?”

    “I told you to shut up! WereGarurumon, attack!”

    “Wolf Claw!”

    “Armored Tiger Tail!” The attacks of the two Ultimates collided, filling the air with the sounds of their metallic grinding and the light of the sparks that erupted from their clash.

    “Now, then…Isa…There’s no point in trying to lie to me, you know. I can see it in your eyes…You don’t want to do this anymore than we want it to happen,” I continued. “Let’s put a stop to all of this…We promise to protect the both of you from whomever or whatever is forcing you to do this, okay? Just tell me…”

    “No…nobody is…forcing us to do this,” Isa whispered. “We’re doing this…of our own volition. Nothing more to it…”

    “Enough bullshitting; I know you’re lying, okay?! Just answer me!” I screamed. Isa remained silent, and looked away from me, down towards the ground.

    “Well…if he doesn’t want to tell you, I guess I will.” My heart froze at the chill in the air brought upon by her voice. I looked down on the ground where Leila was, and watched as she rose to her feet unhindered. “Oh, well…and here, I was hoping to be able to pin the blame on Isa for just a little while longer. I wish I’d remembered that you were this intelligent, Lucia Delbray, but the you from my time went missing in action while I was still young…What a fool,” Leila scoffed.

    “What…are you talking about?” This pressure around her…I can barely speak…

    “Oh, Lucia, you big dummy…I almost laughed when I heard that you all thought Isa to be the one who’s the traitor,” Leila said. “Of course…the two of us both know that couldn’t be farther from the truth, since I’m the traitor.”

    “…You…Leila…? We thought…we all thought…that Isa had attacked you…”

    “Oh, that? Yeah, just trying to make him look more likely a suspect than me,” Leila continued. “Of course the stubborn fool couldn’t ever find it in himself to attack his pwecious wittle sister, no matter how evil she became…”

    “…Why…why are you doing this?” I asked.

    “Why? Hm…I dunno. I guess it’s just something to do to pass the time,” Leila sighed. With a snap of her fingers, her torn white nightgown changed into a small and skimpy black dress. Her deep crimson eyes were brimming with darkness. “Oh, and…nobody is forcing me to do anything. It’s more like…I feel obligated to do as he asks in return for his generosity.”

    “For who…? Leila, who are you doing this for?!” I screamed.

    “Oh, you want a name! I see…Well, I guess I’ll see you later. I have a past to return to.”

    “NO! STOP!” Striding past me, Melanie glared at Leila, who merely gave a coy smirk to the older mage. “Leila…I will not allow you to do as you please! This portal was opened by me with noble intentions, and I will not let you sully it with your evil!”

    “…Fine. I suppose I have a few minutes to kill,” Leila whispered to herself. “Minutes, idiots, whatever. Now, just die already!” With a wild swing of her slender arm, Leila unleashed a burst of magical energy aimed directly at Melanie’s head. With an air of calmness about her, Melanie simply clasped her hands together, and Leila’s attack erupted into flames, and vanished.

    “You don’t seriously think you can defeat me, do you?! I’ve been practicing magic long before you were even in your mother’s belly!” Melanie snapped.

    “With the power given to me…his power…I know I can!” Leila ginned widely, and sent out several more attacks at Melanie, all of which met the same fate as her first assault.

    “Don’t think I know only dispelling magic; thanks to Isole, I’ve learned some offensive spells as well! Like THIS!” Melanie snapped her fingers, sending a bolt of lightning sailing past Leila; although at first it seemed as though she dodged it, the evil twin placed a hand on her hip, were I could see that her dress had been partially torn by Melanie’s attack. Noiramon gasped at the sight of her Human partner in pain, but my attention was soon transfixed upon Isa.

    Hmm…he hasn’t moved an inch since Leila revealed herself as the traitor…did he know? No, he doesn’t look surprised…But, just whose side is he on…?

    “…Damn it. I’ve wasted too much time here…Lilliana! While I thank you for setting the stage for me, I will not allow you to get in my way any longer!” Leila screamed. “Time to say goodbye…TO YOUR PAST!” At these words, I immediately shifted my gaze from the solemn Isa to the enraged Leila. The sorceress held out her arm, forming a mass of dark energy around the tips of her slim fingers. With a yell of frustration, Leila fired the energy ball not at Melanie, but at her past self. The young Lilliana Meadows trembled in fear, but before the attack could reach her, before Kamemon or anyone else could move to protect her, Melanie stepped forward, taking the full force of the attack directly in the center of her belly, and clear through her back.

    “MELANIE!” Immediately, I was at the mage’s side, resting her upper body in my lap. “Melanie…don’t…”

    “…Serves you right. Next time, don’t get in my way!” Leila snapped her fingers, and the portal behind her turned from pure white to a deep, crimson red.

    “Leila Reed…now…is the time…come to me, my dear. Now…” A dark voice spoke through from the other side of the portal, sending chills down my spine.

    “Yes, master.” Leila bowed to the portal, and without wasting a second, stepped through the portal, with Noiramon following along after her. Within a matter of seconds, the portal vanished from sight, leaving no trace of it behind.

    “N-No…This…this is worse…than I thought,” Melanie gasped, coughing up a few drops of blood.

    “Melanie, don’t speak; try to rest,” I said in a quavering voice. “…Can’t you…heal yourself…?”

    “No…it doesn’t work on mortal injuries like this one…but that’s okay…I have…just enough energy…to help you out one last time,” Melanie whispered. “Leila Reed…must not be allowed to do as she pleases…in my past…your present…Go…stop her…” Melanie lifted a trembling arm and, with a lot of effort as evidenced by her face, her hand emitted a bright, ivory gleam. Directly above us in the sky opened another time portal. “Go…stop Leila…before it’s too late…”

    “…M-Melanie…I…I don’t know what to say,” Lilliana whispered. With tears streaming down her face, she slowly approached her slowly dying future self. “You…saved me…”

    “Of course…you…are me, after all…and besides that…I almost began to see you as a little sister…rather than my own past self…” With her arm still raised, Melanie brushed her fingers against Lilliana’s cheek. “Isn’t that…weird…”

    “Melanie…How…can I repay you…? For saving me…”

    “…That book…the one you keep in your purse,” Melanie whispered. Trying to steady her shaking legs, Lilliana reached into her purse, and pulled out a book, which I instantly recognized as her favorite: The Little Mermaimon. “It’s been so long…since I’ve seen it…long ago…I thought I’d grown too old to be reading fairy tales…but I…missed that book so much, every day…” Without hesitation, Lilliana handed the book to her future self, who clutched it gently and tenderly against her chest. “T-Thank you…Lilliana…you…were the first one from my past who believed in me…If not for you…I would never have been able to save my friends…Thank…you…” Melanie breathed in one final time, and then lay dead, cold and blood-soaked on the hard ground.

    “…Leila…You’ll pay for this!” I whispered through clenched teeth. “Let’s go…Let’s go back home, everyone. The others are waiting for us…and so is Leila. And her master…We need to stop them.” Climbing atop Mihiramon’s back, I looked up to the portal Melanie created mere minutes before, and then helped Lilliana climb up behind me on the Ultimate’s back. “We’re coming for you, Leila. I swear on my life, I will personally destroy you!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 152 - Eternal Bond

    Matthew Kasuto

    I opened my eyes, slowly at first as they adjusted to the bright, sunny sky that was the complete opposite of the dark, foreboding sky of the future.

    The very future that I have to prevent…I glanced over at Lilliana, teary-eyed but otherwise motionless as she sat upon Mihiramon’s back behind Lucia. Eleanora gently took hold of her hand and helped her down of the Ultimate Digimon’s back, while Alphonse wrapped his jacket around her tiny shoulders. Lilliana…I swear, your future self will not have died in vain. And also…I’ll make sure you yourself won’t ever have to go through what she did. I won’t let you die. I promise.

    “Wait a minute…Isa?! What the hell are you doing here?!” I heard Lucia scream.

    “Ah…so you noticed me…I was kinda hoping you wouldn’t.” The calm, soothing voice that belonged to none other than Isa Reed caught the attention of not only myself, but all of my comrades as well.

    “Why did you come with us?” Lucia asked. “You shouldn’t be here! Why didn’t you stay in the future where you belong?!”

    “Yeah, about that…I, uh…I just want to help my sister. That’s all,” Isa whispered. “But…at the same time, I also don’t want to side with her. I want to save her from herself…and whatever darkness lurks within her heart…”

    “Then why did you help her before? Did you know she was evil?” Mia asked.

    “…Yes. I did. And so did Noiramon and WereGarurumon. I only went along with her because…well, you know why. She’s my sister. My twin. She’s a part of me, you know? That’s why I made it seem like she was innocent. I didn’t want anyone to suspect her, because I knew they’d have…hurt her. I couldn’t have that…”


    “…All I want is to protect her. I don’t care what needs to be done…but at the same time, I can’t bear to go against the rest of my comrades at Lachesis. So this time…I’ll try and save her…from the other side,” Isa said.

    “…Isa. She spoke of owing her abilities to some ‘master’ of hers. Do you know who she means?” I asked. The male twin turned to me, and closed his eyes.
    “Her…master…yes. His name is…”

    Leila Eleanora Reed

    “So…this is what the Black Rose Mountains looked like when we were born,” I mused. “…Not really that different, actually.”

    “Yes; it is the rest of Arcadia that is different,” Noiramon said quietly. “Because of IceDevimon, the rest of the continent had a similar, dark landscape to these mountains.”

    “IceDevimon…? Oh, right…”

    “Remember? He’s your master’s master,” Noiramon said.

    “…Just another way of saying the boss is a slave to that guy, isn’t it?” I asked. “I’m sure IceDevimon has plenty of other dopes to spare, am I right?”

    “Not necessarily, Leila. I’ve heard that, due to the influence of Lachesis, Lilithmon, Behemotmon, Carmillamon, Daemon, Barbamon, Lucemon, Eaglemon, and Murmuxmon have all been slain. Furthermore, in this time, they have also had encounters with Leviamon and ShadowSeraphimon, but have yet to defeat them.”

    “Huh…Levi and Shadow, eh? Wonder if we should go and find them…”

    “No need. They are indeed powerful allies, but not the likes of which your master needs assistance from,” Noiramon added.
    “Yeah, you’re right. So…should we go and find him, then?” I asked. Noiramon nodded. “All right. He lives somewhere among these mountains, he said…”

    Matthew Kasuto

    “…His name…is Reapermon,” Isa whispered.

    “Reapermon…” Just the sound of the name was more than enough to send a chill racing down my spine.

    “I first met him myself a few years back, my time,” Isa continued. “From what I could gather from his conversation with Leila, he gave her the power she now wields, so I’ve no doubt that he’s the one responsible for turning her evil.”

    “Why would she come to the past, then, if she got his power in the future?” I asked.

    “No…Reapermon’s a special case. He isn’t a Digimon of the future…he comes from your time,” Isa said. “He was only able to speak with Leila through portals in distortions of time and space, but he wasn’t able to physically come to the future himself. If Leila came here, it’s only because Reapermon asked her to. The only question is why he may have…”

    “That doesn’t matter right now,” Lucia said, placing a hand over Isa’s shoulder. “All we need to do is defeat this Reapermon, and Leila will be free of his influence, correct?”

    “…I hope so,” Isa whispered.

    “No. Not ‘I hope so.’ We WILL save Leila,” Lucia said firmly. “Now, then, can you tell us where Reapermon lives?”
    “…I…don’t know…I’m sorry…”
    “Don’t apologize. It’s not your fault. For now, let’s return to the fortress, and come up with a plan for finding him,” Lucia said.


    Damn, those guys that went to the past sure have been gone for a hell of a long time…I guess I just thought that they’d be back in the blink of an eye…Oh well. Not like it matters…I looked up at the mouth of the dark, foreboding cave that lay before me, and sighed. “…How many times have I walked this path, I wonder…? Better yet, how many times have I tripped over a rock and broken my fucking nose? Heh…” As I walked through the cave, memories of my last conversation with my daughter, Larraine, flooded my preferably empty mind. The look of rage that had transfixed me with fear and sadness; the spite in the words she said to me…I shook my head. I knew I deserved such treatment; and yet, even with that thought, there were moments when I, filled with naught but despair, thought of nothing more than removing all traces of myself from the face of the earth. Unfortunately, my position bound me to protect the very earth I wished to leave. I was a Sovereign. I was Azulongmon. Leaving Arcadia unprotected was unthinkable, and I felt that Larraine would hate me even more if I had left her again.

    “Greetings, Statuedramon.” I looked up. Standing before me was my old friend Baez. “I apologize for notifying you on such short notice. Thank you for coming.”

    “Nah, it wasn’t a problem; thanks to Wisemon, I was able to get your message earlier than I usually would,” I replied. “…Besides…I had a feeling it would be better for me to get away from the guild for a little while…”

    “Oh, did something happen?” Baez asked.

    “…I don’t want to talk about it.” Silently, I strode past Baez, and walked into the moderately lit cavern the man had decided to call home. “How’s training with Geitz going?”

    “Very smoothly, admittedly. I must say, I had my doubts about his willingness to learn and his…stubbornness, let’s say; and yet, he’s among the best students I’ve had to this day,” Baez said, smiling kindly at me. “He’s further towards the back of the cavern meditating at the moment. He’s managed to become Loewemon a total of three times in your absence.”

    “Three?! Wow, I wasn’t expecting that many transformations…What about Duskmon? Has he become that one at all?” I asked.

    “…Forty-seven times.”

    “Jeez…ShadowSeraphimon just had to pick that jackass, didn’t he…”

    “He’s far too dependent on power for his own good,” Baez lamented. “He’s learning otherwise, but this is something that’s deeply rooted into his way of thinking. It’ll take some time to overwrite.”

    “That’s fine; we have plenty of time before we have to make our move,” I said. “Now, why did you ask me here, my old friend?”

    “…Statuedramon. While it is not yet time for Geitz to move out, it is time…for you,” Baez said in a stern, solemn voice. “Zhuqiaomon. Baihumon. Ebonwumon. All of them have perished in many, many ages past, as you are aware. Now is the time to find their successors.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 153 - Fade to Block

    Isa Matthew Reed

    “…There he is. Reapermon…” Sitting quietly for the longest time at a desk in the fortress’s library and hunched over a pile of books, Isole finally spoke up after countless dozens of hours of waiting. “It says here that he’s a Mega level Digimon, and a strong one at that. In the beginning, the three Celestial Digimon banished him to the underworld, but rumor has it that he escaped, and so there’s a price on his head. But at the same time, the books also say that he’s a bounty hunter himself, looking for wanted criminals and other evil Humans and Digimon to decapitate with the Judgment Sickle attached to his right arm while holding them in place with the Guilty Chain equipped on his left arm…”

    “Wow…so, is he evil or not?” Sparrow asked.

    “It doesn’t say…But, he is a Virus type, so it’s always possible,” Isole said quietly, not once lifting her gaze from the books before her. “…He’s also a Cyborg Digimon like Andromon, so if we do have to fight him, then fire, water, and light-based attacks may prove to be the most effective.”

    “Well, I’m two thirds of those elements!” Coronamon exclaimed, jumping up from the floor and landing on Matthew’s shoulder. “Matt and I can handle this guy on our own, right, buddy?”

    “…Maybe,” Matthew whispered.

    “I’ll go, too,” Flamedramon added. “To be honest, I’d rather do this alone, but I know that Coronamon used to be Apollomon, so just the three of us should be fine.”

    “Um…I can’t actually Digivolve to Mega yet,” Coronamon said. “I can go as far as Ultimate, but…”

    “Don’t worry about it. You may not remember it, but you were a member of a powerful organization known as the Celestial Vanguard. I myself am a descendant of one of their members. So, trust me when I say the three of us will be fine,” Flamedramon said. “Now, then; Wisemon, have you found Reapermon’s location yet?”

    “Not yet, I’m afraid; I’ve nothing to help me with my divination regarding Reapermon, so I’m focusing all of my efforts on locating Leila instead,” Wisemon said. “Fortunately…I have something tying me to her location; her twin brother.” The tall Ultimate gazed into my eyes, and I gazed back, although somewhat reluctantly. The eyes of the Digimon were pure, bright yellow, glowing an eerie shade beneath the hood of his cloak. “Because Isa never came into contact with Reapermon, I can only utilize him to discern his sister’s locale.”

    “That’s fine; just keep working with that,” Flamedramon nodded, and then turned away to face the rest of the group gathered in the library.

    “…You’ve found her, haven’t you?” I whispered. Wisemon nodded his head just barely.

    “I know how important she is to you. I figured I’d give you a head start,” Wisemon whispered back. “She’s at the Black Rose Mountains.” Almost instinctively, I winced. I had heard those very mountains were where my parents had been killed in battle. But why would Leila be there?

    “It doesn’t help that I don’t know her exact goals,” I murmured.

    “You need not worry about that,” Wisemon replied. “If anyone can save her…I know you and WereGarurumon can. Now, go. Go and save your sister, Isa.”
    “…Thank you, Wisemon.”

    30 Minutes

    “…Is this your first time to these mountains, Isa?” WereGarurumon asked.

    “Yes…I…always made it a point to avoid jobs that required me to come here,” I said. “Jeez, just look at them…it’s like they’re stabbing clear through the dark sky…”

    “Indeed; it’s a foreboding landscape, and a far more unforgiving terrain to visit,” WereGarurumon commented. “…Are you certain that you’re up for this?”

    “…I am. I need to…I will save her.”

    “I can appreciate the protectiveness you feel for your twin, but I can see that this will be a far more trying task to your mentality than it will be physically,” WereGarurumon said. “If you’d like, I could go by myself…”

    “…No. Thanks, buddy, but…I need to do this. I need to be the one to go and save Leila,” I said. “But…I know I can’t do it alone.” The tall Ultimate Digimon smiled and nodded.
    “I understand. I will stay by your side no matter what may happen.”

    Lucia Delbray

    “…And so, with that attack of his in mind, you’re sure to be able to defeat Reapermon,” Isole said, lightly closing the thick book she had been reading aloud. “Flamedramon…I know you’re one of the last people I need to warn about him, but—”

    “Don’t worry, darling; Flamedramon will be just fine,” Abigail whispered, sliding her hand gently around Isole’s shoulders.

    “Are you sure you don’t need anyone else to accompany you?” I asked, looking at the Digimon who was our new guildmaster.

    “Thank you, but Matthew and I will be just fine by ourselves,” Flamedramon nodded. “Although, Statch would probably be a better choice than me since he’s one of the Sovereigns—” I heard Larraine snort at this, and mutter a sizeable number of foul words about him that I was not aware she knew “—since he isn’t here at the moment, as the new leader of Lachesis, I feel that it is my duty to go.”

    “Now, we just need to decide what to do with Isa,” I added. Turning my head, I glanced over my shoulder at Wisemon and asked, “Have you found Leila yet?”

    “…Yes, I have. She is at the Black Rose Mountains,” the tall Ultimate Digimon responded quietly. “…I’m sorry.”

    “What are you sorry for? You did your job!” I exclaimed.

    “Yes…I…was able to find her…almost immediately,” Wisemon said. “As soon as we arrived down here.”

    “Wait…you knew this whole time?” Flamedramon asked. “Why would you wait until now to tell us?!”

    “Because this matter is personal to Isa!” Wisemon responded, raising his voice and speaking louder than I had ever heard him speak. “I know you aren’t fully trusting of him yet, but I believe in him. He will save Leila, but he needs to do it by himself.”

    “…I get what you’re trying to say…but, I just can’t let the kid go alone there,” Flamedramon said, walking past the taller Digimon. “C’mon, Matt. We’re going to Black Rose. Everyone else, please stand by. If we don’t return within a day, form a search party. That is all.” Flamedramon and Matthew, with Coronamon in tow, quickly left the basement of the guild, and vanished from sight.

    “…I guess there’s nothing else we can do right now,” Mia sighed.

    “Damn it; I hate sitting around, doing nothing,” Sparrow muttered. A few others stated their own disliking of being forced to stay behind, until it was just me and Mihiramon left in the basement’s library.

    “Aren’t you coming?” The ancient Digimon asked.

    “…No. There’s something that I…need to check on,” I replied, slowly and cautiously glancing around the room.

    “I’ll wait here, then.”

    “No, go on ahead. I won’t take long…”


    “Get going!” I snapped.

    “Jeez, you’re pushy…don’t know how you got anyone to get you pregnant with that attitude…”

    “I was never pregnant! Isole was adopted, you dumb bastard!”

    “Okay, okay! Don’t get your panties in a twist…” Chuckling to himself, the lumbering Ultimate made his way up the stairs and left the basement.

    “…Okay. The others have left…why don’t you come out now?! Show yourself!” Glancing around, I saw no signs of movement. “…Where the hell are you?! I know there’s someone here…”

    “…Surprise, bitch.” The unfamiliar voice made me jump, but when I turned around, I still saw nothing. Nobody, nothing, no movement whatsoever. “Trump Sword!” I remained perfectly still, and two swords sailed directly past my head, just inches away from cutting my hair. “Nice…if you’d moved, I’d have killed you. But, you…you’re far from being prone to such amateurish mistakes, my dear Lucia.”

    “Who the hell are you?! Show yourself!” I yelled.

    “Oh, no, not yet. The fun part is much, much later…”


    “Trump Sword!” The back hilt of one of the swords struck me on the back of my neck, while another struck the back of my head. I took one final look around the room before blacking out.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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