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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 131 - A Grasping Truth

    Ulysses Melchett

    The bright blue sky, filled with pure white clouds, was the only sign of hope that I could draw from our current situation. We stood in a large dirt clearing, with a large forest off in the distance. Abigail and Flamedramon, to my immense relief and amazement, were able to find the members of the guild. The small group I had arrived in the past with met with this much larger group, minus Melanie and Madelyn. This thought remained in the back of my mind as we spoke of what happened.

    According to Isole, Melanie had teleported herself away to Arcadia knows where, and I had no idea where Madelyn had gone off to; I felt the two disappearances were undoubtedly connected, but I tried not to worry about it. But, of course, worries have their own unique way of gripping the mind.

    “I’ll go out and search for them,” Lucia said, jumping onto Mihiramon’s back. “We will also have to be on the lookout for our enemy. We don’t know how powerful they are, so we should travel in groups, at least two or three.”

    “Yes…I’ll be fine on my own,” I said absentmindedly. This feeling…We’re being watched. But by who…?

    “Sir? Is there something wrong?” Lucia asked.

    “…No. Nothing’s wrong. There’s just something I need to take care of. All of you go on ahead and divide up into your groups…I’ve got something I need to take care of.”

    “If you insist. Be careful, boss.” Lucia took charge as she usually did. She divided our large group into many smaller ones. Sparrow and Hawkmon went one way, and Eleanora, Lunamon, Mia, Isole, Giselle, and Celtinemon went another; AeroVeedramon, Elizabeth, and Quetzalmon; Sieglinde, Lupinemon, and Tactimon; Tamiko, Kentaurosmon, and Zelda; Edmund and Trionfimon; Flamedramon and Abigail; and finally, she and Mihiramon would be going off with Matthew and Coronamon. A few were reluctant to leave me alone, but when they finally did leave, I thrust my claymore into the dirt.

    “Now, then…Come on out, wherever the hell you are.”

    “…Very wise of you to send your comrades away. You obviously do not wish to see them harmed…Is that not right?” a dark voice echoed throughout the area.

    “Something like that…” The voice sent chills down my spine. It wasn’t the way the voice sounded that filled me with fear; it was the familiarity I felt when I heard it.

    “It certainly has been a while, hasn’t it…Ulysses Melchett?” From the shadows in the nearby forest, a large and imposing figure approached. My heart sank a hundred yards.

    “…Master…Murmuxmon…What…W-What are you doing here?!” I yelled. The Digimon before me laughed.

    “Oh, Ulysses, I am not the master anymore…That title was the one I gave to you, remember?” Murmuxmon asked kindly. “Master Ulysses…”

    “What are you doing here, Master? Murmuxmon…How did you get here, in the past?” I stared at the Mega Digimon. I was unsure whether to feel joy at the sight of my old Master, or suspicious towards his very presence here in the past. Though, in the back of my mind, I felt that I already knew the answer…

    “Why, Ulysses…you already know why I’m here. I can see the realization forming within your beady, black eyes.” Murmuxmon grinned. “If I didn’t arrive here with you…then that can mean only one thing…”

    “…So…You are…with the enemy…”

    “You were always so naïve, Ulysses…Haven’t you ever wondered why I asked you to lead the guild when I left?” Murmuxmon asked.

    “You told me…it because…you had faith in me…” I mumbled. Murmuxmon laughed; a typical villainous laugh.

    “Oh, absolutely! Yes…I had faith in you…and your ineptness to screw everything up for Lachesis!” Murmuxmon was laughing maniacally now; I had never seen him act this way before. “I thought your entire damned organization would crumble to the ground underneath your sheer stupidity within a single year, Melchett! But as each year passed and Lachesis remained, my blood boiled over. I seethed with rage! How could you not screw up the one time I actually wanted you to screw up?!”

    “Master Murmuxmon…What are you saying…?” I asked.

    “What am I saying?! How stupid can you possibly be, Ulysses?! I was sent to infiltrate Lachesis by my master, IceDevimon. I was named second leader by Apollomon shortly before he died in battle. But, I was not to stay forever…IceDevimon needed me to return as soon as I was able to, so I picked the stupidest man I could find, and placed him in charge of your sorry organization. But man, it was exhausting; after Zelda and the others left on their little trip, it was another 244 years before you joined. I had to wait 353 years at that damned guild before you were named as the next leader!”

    “Why…Why does IceDevimon hate us so much, Murmuxmon?!” I inquired.

    “He isn’t completely heartless, you know. He was enraged when I was killed back when I was Asuramon. He had nothing against you lot at the time, but when I died…when Parrotmon, and Zudomon died…and ChaosGallantmon betrayed him…That’s when his ire began to grow. Zelda believed him to have died, and he very nearly did. But he can never die. He bided his time, and revived me, his most loyal henchman. Zudomon and Parrotmon had to do it on their own; he had only enough power to revive me.”

    “What is IceDevimon after?! What are you planning, Murmuxmon?!”

    “I really don’t think that’s any of your business, Ulysses,” Murmuxmon said in a haughty voice. “…But, I guess it wouldn’t hurt to tell you that I…was the one who killed King Byron.”

    “You…what?! The king is DEAD?!”

    “You heard me. I murdered the king seven years ago when I first arrived…and I took his place.”

    “Took his place…? The queen isn’t blind. You look nothing like Byron! You are a fool, Murmuxmon!”

    “A fool?! I prefer to save that word for someone who falls for such an obvious trick like this!” Right before my very eyes, Murmuxmon changed his shape from a winged Digimon to the man I knew as king. “See…?! Now, who’s the fool again? Because I don’t think it’s me!”

    “…Talosmon, Realize!” The form of the bronze giant appeared between me and Murmuxmon.

    “Murmuxmon…I remember the day you left like it was yesterday. There were hardly any of us at that time compared to as we are now. Just me, Ulysses, Wisemon, Edmund, Katsumi, Tactimon, Matthew, Coronamon, Eleanora, and Lunamon. You made me so proud to be the partner Digimon of Ulysses Melchett,” Talosmon began. “You had faith in him when no one else did. It was because of your motivation that Ulysses was able to do everything he did. Sure, he may not have made the best decisions from time to time, but nobody cares more than he does. Ulysses has been a good master, Murmuxmon! I will not stand by as you say that your motivation was nothing but a lie!”

    “And what do you plan to do about it, Bronze Giant?!” Murmuxmon turned back into his Digimon form, glaring deep into Talosmon’s eyes. Talosmon readied his giant sword, but it was too late, as Murmuxmon launched a Gehenna Flame from his mouth at the gargantuan Mega. Talosmon was launched backwards several feet, and fell flat on his back. I brandished my claymore, and swung it at Murmuxmon, but missed. “You don’t seriously mean to defeat me, Melchett?! Talosmon is no match, and you’re only a Human! You’re nothing to me!”

    “That isn’t important! Our reason for being here in the past is to put a stop to whoever intends to change the future we came from!” I shouted boldly. “Stopping whoever seeks to harm others…That’s what you taught me to do, Murmuxmon! All I’m doing, all I’ve ever done, is following your command…even if that means I have to destroy you!”

    “Well, when you phrase it like that, I can certainly understand your logic,” Murmuxmon pondered. “Even though it will be the death of you…will you still continue…?” Without giving my old master a response, I charged at him, striking him directly in the chest with my claymore. “…You poor, contemptable, fool…But your last act will be one of courage. I will make sure your friends know that after I burn you to a crisp! Gehenna Flame!” Before I could so much as blink, the flames of Murmuxmon surrounded me. My skin seared away instantly; my hair blackened and burned away. The blade of my sword melted, and I could feel the fluids in my eyes evaporate. I tried to scream, but no sound came out over the roar of the inferno. All of this happened within the span of just a few seconds. I was nothing more than a charred skeleton by the time I hit the ash-covered ground. Murmuxmon’s dreadful, victorious laughter was the last thing I heard.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 132 - Sincerity

    Sparrow Lea

    “Okay…So, what exactly should we be looking for, Hawkmon?” I asked. The surrounding territory was quite dull; nothing much but dirt and sand, and little plant-life. However, at the bottom of a cliff nearby was a dense forest. “The enemy? Madelyn and Melanie? Madelyn and Melanie…mmm, what a combination…”

    “Sparrow, you do realize that trying to flirt with Madelyn will result in a highly bloody death at the hands of Lloyd, do you not?” Hawkmon asked. “Lloyd aside, I do not advise in attempting a relation with the young lady. I heard from Heather that during her time as a slave, a horrid man…well, he…he raped her.”

    “O-Oh…I, uh…didn’t know…Well, they should’ve told me! I wouldn’t try to make advances on her and traumatize her if I had known! Jeez…”

    “It’s kind of a personal thing, you know,” Hawkmon said. “I don’t even know if I should’ve told you; I just don’t want you to hurt her.”

    “Oh, come on! I only hit on girls unless they’ll hit back!” I protested.

    “You know what I mean. You flirt with every girl you see. On the off chance you actually could get a girlfriend, you’d just leave her for the next pretty face you saw!”

    “…Leave, Hawkmon. Get out of my sight.”

    “Oh, don’t be like that! You know I’m right!” Hawkmon said.

    “No, Hawkmon. You couldn’t be any further from the truth. Yes, I do flirt with every girl I see. But, if I were committed to another…I can’t believe you’d say that right to my face, Hawkmon. Some friend…”

    “Everyone in Lachesis thinks that!” Something inside me snapped. I pulled my Digivice out from my pocket, and hurled it right at the Rookie Digimon, striking him in the face. “Sparrow…”

    “I’ll tell you only one more time. Get out of my sight. Our partnership is over!”

    “Very well…I shall do as you wish…and disappear.” Without even batting an eye, Hawkmon turned his back to me, and flew off into the distance.

    “Hawkmon…how could you say that to me?! That isn’t something you say lightly and expect it to be forgotten just like that.”

    “If it’s any consolation, Sparrow…I never once thought that about you.” I sighed, and slowly turned around. Melanie stood behind me, the hood of her cloak somewhat ajar; light reflected off one of her eyes, and I could see a lovely shade of sky blue. At her side was Madelyn, and behind them, the unconscious bodies of Dominimon and Bokomon.

    “…What do you mean by never? We only met, like, a few days ago,” I said.

    “N-Never mind. But, Sparrow…You will need to reconcile with Hawkmon before this journey is at an end,” Melanie said.

    “I know…although, I did briefly consider leaving him behind in the past when we go back…So, um…how long were you, uh…listening to us…?” I asked.

    “L-Long enough for me to hear your plans for flirting with me,” Madelyn whispered. “And, um, for Hawkmon to tell you not to…and why…”

    “Right…well, this is awkward.”

    “Don’t worry about it, Mr. Sparrow. I know you aren’t anything like the man who raped me,” Madelyn whispered.

    “I should certainly hope so; that isn’t exactly something I condone!”

    “Aw, well isn’t this sweet?!?!?!” An obnoxious, maniacal laughter burned the air around us. I tightly gripped my axe and turned around just in time for a flame-covered fist to strike me directly in the middle of my face. The flame burned like none other I’ve felt as I hit the ground — granted, I’ve felt very few flames beforehand, but this fire almost seemed to be alive in its own way, a separate being than the one who threw the punch, and the flame was filled with a much deeper hatred than its owner. I looked up at the one who hit me; a red-armored Digimon with flowing blond hair stood above me. “Sorry, take you by surprise? Boss man always said the element of surprise was second only to that of fire! The name’s Agunimon!”

    “Agunimon…one of those Digimon who went back in time, I take it?” I asked.

    “You take right! Or, took…taken? Tooked…?”

    “Not the brightest flame in the campfire, are you…” Agunimon’s blue eyes narrowed with utter contempt.

    “Pyro Punch!” Another one of Agunimon’s punches just narrowly missed my head. My vision still blurred somewhat from his previous attack. I blindly swung my axe in the air, but missed quite pathetically. Agunimon took this opportunity to kick the side of my head. Once again, I fell to the ground, and Agunimon hit me with his Pyro Darts attack.

    “Hold steady, Sparrow; I’m coming!” Melanie exclaimed.

    “NO!” I could easily imagine the startled look on the mage’s face. “I’ve got this…I ain’t going to let this freak burn either of you ladies. You just keep watch over Dominimon and Bokomon over there, okay?”

    “…Understood,” Melanie whispered.

    “You hear me, Agunimon?! You aren’t going to lay a finger on these ladies while I’m still here!” I screamed, swinging my axe once more at Agunimon.

    “Fine; then let me fix that!” Agunimon chuckled gleefully. “You’re here now…but not for much longer! I’ll start by burning YOUR fingers! Pyro Tornado!” Agunimon’s attack hit me in the chest; the flames seared my skin, and I feared my heart would melt from the sheer intensity. I staggered, and dropped my axe to the ground.

    “Sparrow, watch out!” Madelyn shrieked. Had I been more conscious, I doubt it would have made a difference. I fell over backwards, and fell off the cliff I noticed earlier.

    Back when…I was with Hawkmon…Hawkmon…You bastard…You had to fly away before I could forgive you. I fell through the tops of the trees, hitting over and over again the thick branches, the sharp, thin twigs of the forest, until I finally hit the ground. I was bleeding in more places than I could count from the fall alone. I looked up and around. Nobody. I looked up the steep cliff; it was a lot bigger than it felt when I fell down. Is that…a meteor…? No! “Agunimon!”

    “PYRO PUNCH!” I rolled away just in time; the force of Agunimon’s impact cracked the earth. Flames rose up from the shattered ground, and singed the back of coat. “Ready to surrender? I’ll make your death less painful if you do! Can’t promise the same for the ladies, though…”

    “N-Never…I will not give up…” I reached to pick up my axe, but quickly remembered that I had dropped it before falling from the cliff.

    “What makes you so…what’s the word…determined?” Agunimon asked.

    “…Well…if it were any other situation, I’d probably say something cheesy about fighting for my friends,” I said. “I’d mean it, of course…but this time…It’s a bit more selfish. I’m trying to prove a friend wrong.”

    “Oh? Interesting…I’ve never heard that one before. Do go on.”

    “He insulted me, right to my face. I’d never…I’d never do what he said…to a woman I loved. Hasn’t he known me long enough to know that…? I would never…do that!” A shimmering green light erupted from the ground between me and Agunimon. The earth rose and crumbled, and from it, a Digi-Egg rose, and floated over to me.

    “…Sparrow. I should never have said that.” My heart skipped a beat; I looked towards the sky, and saw Hawkmon flying towards me. “I’d never be so foolish as to beg forgiveness, Sparrow Lea…but I will do whatever it takes to make it up to you,” Hawkmon said.

    “ENOUGH of this! Pyro Tornado!” Agunimon unleashed a flaming tornado from his hands, but before it could hit me, Hawkmon jumped in front of me.

    “HAWKMON! NO!” The flames vanished, and Hawkmon fell, badly singed, to the ground.


    “Y-You’re forgiven…Hawkmon…just…don’t die…Don’t you dare die on me, you son of a bitch!” I screamed. The Digi-Egg in my hand began to glow once more, and with it, Hawkmon. “…Time to deal with this crazy Digimon. Are you ready?!” Hawkmon nodded. “All right; prepare yourself, Agunimon! Digi-Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Shurimon, the Samurai of Sincerity!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 133 - Enter the Dragon

    Sparrow Lea

    “…Time to deal with this crazy Digimon. Are you ready?!” Hawkmon nodded. “All right; prepare yourself, Agunimon! Digi-Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Shurimon, the Samurai of Sincerity!” Hawkmon, in his new, leaf-clad form, stood tall and proud above Agunimon. “…This power…it’s different from when I Digivolved into Allomon or Moosemon. So much stronger…”

    “You may be powerful; but it’ll never be enough,” Agunimon said. “It never pays…to anger a dragon.”

    “A dragon…? You aren’t a dragon,” Shurimon scoffed. Agunimon closed his eyes, and lowered his head to face the ground.

    “When the mark of the dragon shines bright in the sky…legends tell of a terrible flame that will scorch the land and bring humanity to its knees,” Agunimon said. The tall Digimon snapped his fingers, and a spark of flames flew up into the air. The shape of a dragon made of fire formed in the sky, looking like over a mile long, and burning intensely.

    “Be careful,” I whispered. “Something’s going to happen…Be on your guard.”

    “Affirmative,” Shurimon nodded. The flaming dragon Agunimon conjured twisted around the sky, and flew down to envelop its summoner.

    “You think you’re the only one who can change form, ninja. Digivolution is normally reserved for the strongest of Digimon; but then, I suppose I don’t really know about Armor evolution,” Agunimon said. The flames now had him completely hidden from sight, save for his sky blue eyes. “Agunimon Digivolve to, BurningGreymon!”

    “…Well, fuck, that’s not good,” I muttered. “And I thought he was tall before…Sure you can handle this, Shurimon?”

    “I am. Do not fear, Sparrow…I shall not let you down. Ever! Kusanagi!” BurningGreymon spread his massive wings and took flight, flying above Shurimon’s thrown shuriken.

    “Pyro Barrage!”

    “Double Stars!” Shurimon jammed two of his shuriken into the weapons on BurningGreymon’s arms before the Dark Dragon could even ready his attacks; the weapons promptly burst into flame and seared BurningGreymon’s arms. Shurimon then threw the massive shuriken on his back at the dragon, and knocked him flat on his back.

    “If I were you, buddy, I’d stay down!” I shouted triumphantly.

    “Well, you aren’t me, buddy! And I ain’t staying down! Wildfire Tsunami!” BurningGreymon took flight once more, and became covered in flames that he shot out at Shurimon. My partner tried to strike back, but the flames of BurningGreymon’s attack proved to be too much for him. He fell to the ground, landing face first into the dirt. “HA! See?! Why stay down when you’re obviously stronger than your enemies?!”

    “No…you aren’t strong!” I yelled. “Shurimon will defeat you! Just because you knocked him down doesn’t mean you’ve won!”

    “Perhaps you’re correct…Well then, allow me to ensure that he doesn’t ever get back up again!” BurningGreymon dove down, reaching his claws out to Shurimon’s chest. As soon as he made contact, Shurimon’s body shattered into hundreds of leaves. “W-What?! What is this?!”

    “You’re right, BurningGreymon; there’s no need to stay down when you’re obviously stronger than your foe!” Shurimon exclaimed, hovering in the air above BurningGreymon. “Kusanagi!” One final time, Shurimon threw his large shuriken. The weapon tore through BurningGreymon’s chest, and the dragon came crashing down to the ground.

    “N-No…hah, damn it…guess you really were stronger, huh…” BurningGreymon was breathing heavily, and turned back into Agunimon. Blood came spurting from his mouth, and his voice was as ragged as his messy hair. “Stronger than me…but my master…he’s on a whole other level…All of us servants combined couldn’t come close to matching his power. So, Shurimon…I suggest you be afraid…be very afraid…of what is yet to come. Because…mark my words…it will be the end of you all…” Agunimon coughed up one final spurt of blood, and disintegrated into millions of bits of data.

    “…Well, that was fucking ominous,” I said. “How are you holding up, buddy?” Shurimon lowered himself to the ground, and turned back into Hawkmon.

    “I’ve been better, admittedly,” Hawkmon nodded, speaking slowly. “Fortunately, that last attack of his missed…I doubt I’d have been able to keep my heart in my chest where it belongs with that dragon attempting to claw it out…”

    “Yeah, you’d have to be Andromon or Talosmon to survive that,” I agreed. “…Or Lucia.”

    “You’d best ensure she never finds out you’ve said that,” Hawkmon laughed.
    “Well, she’d only prove my point if she did find out.”

    Tamiko Silverveil

    I looked around the surprisingly barren landscape of our past world from atop Kentaurosmon’s back. It was actually quite similar to my homeland of Silverveil, on the continent of Cyllene. Empty, dusty, and rather disheartening, devoid of hope and happiness. I looked over my shoulder at Zelda; the older girl had her arms fastened comfortably around my waist. “I haven’t seen a single living thing since we’ve split up, and that was almost an hour ago…Should we go back?”

    “Let’s keep going for a little while longer, dear. We need to keep going and find those evil Digimon before they hurt anyone,” Zelda replied.

    “I can keep going for quite a while, whatever your decision may be, ladies,” Kentaurosmon said. “But…I would advise you climb off my back soon. Someone is approaching; an unfamiliar presence…and a violent one.” Sure enough, I looked in front of Kentaurosmon, and saw one of the largest Humans I’d ever seen, with a dire expression on his scarred face, approaching us.

    “…You’re Kentaurosmon, aren’t you?” the man asked. “A noble knight of the not-so-noble kingdom of Silverveil. Even on Arcadia, your prowess was noted before you came to us.”

    “What is it you want of us?” Kentaurosmon asked. The Digimon held up his shield, blocking us from view as we quietly slid off his back.

    “…I’ve wanted to fight you ever since I’d heard you’d come to the Arcadian Continent. But unfortunately, duty called at the time, and I had to travel back in time with my master. But now…my responsibilities and my desires just so happen to intermingle perfectly. I, Kieran, challenge thee, Kentaurosmon, to single combat!”

    “Surely you jest,” Kentaurosmon scoffed. “A mere Human like you is nothing to the might of a Mega Digimon!”

    “…Perhaps it would interest you to know that I defeated Dominimon earlier in the day?” Kieran offered.

    “N-No! That can’t be possible!” Zelda yelled. “Not Dominimon…There’s no way he could lose to you…!”

    Oh, that’s right…Dominimon is her father…I…wonder what it’s like to care one’s father. I’ve never known…

    “He can and did, maiden. Now, step aside. I challenged Kentaurosmon, not you or your Spirits!” Kieran yelled. “Now, unless either of you wish to die, stay out of my way!”

    “Inferno Frost!” Kentaurosmon fired countless arrows from his crossbow, all of which Kieran was able to nimbly dodge with a speed that his buff physique would not suggest was possible. “I will not allow you to speak ill of my partner or her dear friends! Stand back, ruffian!”

    “Is that the best line you could think of?!” Kieran swung his axe, and struck the front Kentaurosmon’s shield. I could hear the sound of metal chipping, and a chunk of red iron flew off from the Digimon’s shield.

    “Inferno Frost—!”

    “Not fast enough!” With all his might, Kieran pressed his axe down further into Kentaurosmon’s shield; the entire thing shattered into hundreds of tiny pieces.


    “Fret not, Tamiko; it shall take more than this to defeat me! Inferno Frost!” Before Kentaurosmon could attack once again, Kieran threw his axe to the ground and swung his sword, cutting through the crossbow on Kentaurosmon’s arm. Another sing cut through the armor on his chest and spilled some blood.


    “Yes! I’ll destroy Kentaurosmon and take all the glory that comes with it! I’ll take it all!” Kieran yelled maniacally.

    “S-Stand back Tamiko,” Kentaurosmon whispered raggedly.

    “No…No, I won’t! I’m not going to stand by and watch you get destroyed by this…nobody!” I shouted.

    “Don’t do it, Tamiko! Don’t get involved…” I, of course, ignored him, and pulled out my Digivice.

    “I don’t care! I won’t let you get hurt, Kentaurosmon! Charge! D.N.A. Burst Mode!”

    “…Kentaurosmon Burst Mode!”

    “…Hm. The Burst Mode…Ultimate evolution…A power achieved by a Digimon joining its power with that of its Human partner,” Kieran pondered. “Hmm…The foreign princess is indeed a viable threat to his majesty. I shall eliminate her first!”

    “NO! Gungnir Thrust!” An immense spear materialized in Kentaurosmon’s hand, and he jabbed it out directly at Kieran’s chest, but once more, the nimble Human was able to avoid the strike. “This fight is between the two of us, miscreant! Focus on me, or be destroyed!”

    “…I think I’ll be the one doing the destroying here!” Kieran picked up his sword once again, and thrust its blade deep into Kentaurosmon’s gut. The Gungnir fell to the ground, and following it, Kentaurosmon. “My weapons were given to me by my lord Murmuxmon. They are infused with the power of some of the strongest Digimon. I will not be defeated so easily. Not by you weaklings!” A bright glow enveloped Kentaurosmon, and he turned back into Kudamon. Kieran raised his sword and axe into the air, prepared to kill.

    “Come forth, Mercurymon!” The form of the tall Digimon Spirit materialized in front of my Digimon partner. Both of Kieran’s weapons bounced effortlessly off of Mercurymon’s shields.

    “…My opponent has fallen. There is no need for me to stay here any further…” Kieran sheathed both of his weapons, and turned away. “Be gracious that I choose to spare your lives. But be aware…this will not be for long. Whether it is me, my master, or one of my allies…your end will come soon.” As Kieran walked away slowly, I ran over to Kudamon and picked up his tiny, blood-soaked body.

    “Kudamon…Kudamon, please…be okay,” I sobbed, clutching him close to my chest.

    “He lives still, but just barely,” Mercurymon said. “We shall remain vigilant, for his sake.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 134 - Life is no Game


    “AeroVeedramon…wake up!” I shouted. The snoring Ultimate twitched his wings in his sleep, but remained otherwise motionless. “AeroVeedramon, wake up. WAKE UP.”

    “Don’t waste your breath, my dear,” Quetzalmon said. “Lucia is the only one bitchy enough to wake him up. You’re just too gentle…”

    “That…is an absurd reason as to why I am incapable of waking him,” I whispered.

    “Well, it just means he isn’t afraid of you. That’s reserved solely for the Tiger Woman.”

    “Marvelous…so, when whatever enemy shows up to fight, we’ll be left on our own…”

    “Pretty much. But, at least we can handle ourselves, right?” Quetzalmon winked. He had always been a bit of a flirt, but he always had a special tone of voice reserved for flirting with me specifically. I knew it should bother me, but his voice was always so warm and kind, and it always put my woes at ease, of which I had many, in part due to my amnesia. The Mythical Animal twisted his serpentine body around mine, and snuggled his head right up against mine. I smiled, and gently placed my arms around him.

    “…Thank you, Quetzalmon. Thank you for always being with me…and for always staying by my side, no matter what happens,” I whispered.

    “And by your side, I shall remain as long as you need me to,” Quetzalmon whispered back. I closed my eyes, and embraced the warmth of the moment before a slight chill ran up my spine. “Are you okay, Lizzy?”

    “…Are we being watched?” I glanced over at AeroVeedramon, but the dragon was sound asleep.

    “Watched? I do not think so, my dear…” I pulled away from Quetzalmon, and surveyed the area. A small, golden lamp sat amidst the dirt and dist.

    “Was that there before…?” I asked.

    “I don’t think so, but…” The lamp was beyond eerie. An excessively grotesque smile sat beneath two beady, red eyes. I drew a kunai from my leg holster, and jammed it into the top of the lamp, which howled in pain.

    “I knew it…Now, who are you? Why are you following us?” I pulled the knife out from the lamp, and a vaporous, purple mist erupted from the shattered crack, followed by a green vapor that took on a humanoid form. “…Lampmon…?” My jaw dropped as the mist took the form of the Digimon that acted as the announcer of those barbaric Games.

    “Ah…My emerald-haired goddess; what a blessing to gaze into those beautiful eyes of differing colors!” Lampmon bellowed. “…Hm? You aren’t crying, now are you?”

    “Just don’t talk about her eyes, got it?!” Quetzalmon asked.

    “N-No, it’s fine,” I whimpered. “D-Did you need something, Mr. Lampmon…?”

    “Oh, just to destroy you and your friends; nothing big!” Lampmon laughed.


    “Oh, yes, did I not mention that before when you were a prisoner?!” Lampmon asked. “Ah, well; no matter. My true master is Murmuxmon — that’s the baddie you and your guild came to the past to destroy. I’ve been here in the past my entire life, but when Murmuxmon arrived seven years ago, I pledged my service to him at once! Ogremon never found out about him; he never was the smartest guy around…But now, why don’t you fall to the ground like a dog and prepare for your untimely demise, my dear?”

    “…I’m no dog. I’ll bow to nobody evil! I’ll not lower my belly to the ground and cower in fear while I still draw breath!” I screamed.

    “Hm…I’d not have guessed you to have so much courage based on your demeanor,” Lampmon grinned. “This ought to be more satisfying than I dared dream! Phantom Turban!”

    “V-Wing Blade!” A wide beam of energy tore through the ground and struck Lampmon in the chest and knocked the Mega to the ground.

    “Well, look who’s finally awake,” Quetzalmon muttered under his breath.

    “Meh, heard the whole thing,” AeroVeedramon yawned. “This’s the guy who kept us in that arena or whatever, right…?”

    “Yes, I do remember you!” Lampmon exclaimed. “I’d have sent you out to fight, but you were always sleeping. Not even Ogremon could wake you up by smacking you in the head with his cudgel!”

    “Yeah, people hit me on the head a lot, I just got used to it,” the Holy Dragon said, uttering another air-quaking yawn. “Ah, all this talking’s wearin’ me out. I’ll just kill you now, kay?”

    “I think not! You see, my goal of destroying you was born seven years ago, here in the past. Long before any of you were even born!” At these words, another chill fell down my spine.

    Long before…I was born? Why…why doesn’t that sound right to me? There’s no way I was alive at this time, but these surroundings all seem so familiar for some reason…like…I’ve been here, but not in our future…

    “V-Breath Arrow!”

    “Phantom Turban!” The turban sitting atop Lampmon’s fat head shifted around on its own, and took the form of a shield that completely blocked AeroVeedramon’s attack. The ribbons composing the shield squirmed around once more, and took the form of a dragon that flew out at the Holy Dragon. AeroVeedramon readied his Twister Saber attack and tore through a few ribbons of Lampmon’s attack, but the split ends tied themselves around AeroVeedramon’s arms and neck.

    “Freezing Wave!” Quetzalmon’s attack struck dead in the middle of Lampmon’s back, distracting the Mega long enough for me to cut through the ribbons encasing AeroVeedramon.

    “Magnum Crusher!” With Lampmon’s face at the center of the palm of his hand, AeroVeedramon slammed Lampmon’s head deep into the ground.

    “Phantom Turban!” Lampmon’s turban changed into a large sword, and cut almost all the way through AeroVeedramon’s left wing. AeroVeedramon roared, and tore himself away from Lampmon, and the Wizard Digimon flew back up into the air to strike the Holy Dragon in the face. I plunged one of my kunai into Lampmon’s back, but no blood came out. I felt nothing, really; my knife passed through as if through a mist. I felt my face go pale at the utter uselessness of my attack, and then felt Lampmon’s ribbons tightening everywhere around me. Two around my left arm, one on my right wrist; two around both legs, one around my waist, and the tightest was around my throat. I was lifted up into the air, and my arms and legs were spread out. My body started to become numb, starting with my fingers and toes before spreading all the way up the rest of my limbs from the cut-off circulation. AeroVeedramon was in a similar hold; miraculously, his left wing had not torn off the rest of the way. Quetzalmon, due to his snake-like body, only had two ribbons around his neck.

    “L-Let go…of Elizabeth!” Quetzalmon hissed.

    “You mean my emerald goddess? Oh, you need not worry; only a few scratches to contrast with her delicate beauty,” Lampmon grinned. “Her life shall remain intact.”

    “In that case…release…my friends,” I coughed.

    “Oh, no no no no no! You, my gorgeous, are all that I need. These dragons will die soon enough…and I’ll have you all to myself!”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 135 - A Battle of Spirit

    Mia Kiru

    A peaceful clearing in the forest presented itself to my group, consisting of Eleanora, Lunamon, Isole, Giselle, Celtinemon, and myself. This provided us a nice opportunity to rest after over an hour of walking. What looked to be an ancient city was at the outer edge of the forest; even in these early years, the white-brick structures looked old and weathered, but whether it was from age or some battle I could not tell.

    “…What part of Arcadia are we at?” Eleanora asked.

    “Queen Mana’s kingdom is a big one; its capital is where Yew is now,” I said. “Although, it is possible we are in the place that will become Lotisea Province, based on the architecture of this old city.”

    “Hard to believe anything can look old at this point in time,” Isole said. “We came from the year 1300 all the way to the year 57…”

    “Whoa, we traveled back almost 1,300 years into the past?!” Giselle gasped so loud that she almost choked on the inhaled air. “I didn’t think we’d come THAT far…”

    “And yet, there is still so much that is familiar,” I added. “It’s almost like one can tell, instinctively, where everything is going to end up in the future.” The others all nodded in agreement. “And then, when you go into town; everyone smiles at you, just like back home…”

    “…Mia? Are you getting homesick?” Eleanora asked.

    “Maybe a little bit…I’m starting to miss the others who didn’t come with us, but it really is like when we were back home, too, when we would go out on jobs, you know? But still…something about this seems different about this…”

    “It most likely is the severity of the situation,” Isole said. “So much more is at stake, even compared to when we were at the Cyllene Empire. We can’t risk altering our future too much. Time travel is dangerous work…”

    “Indeed it can be. But, I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I mean, sure, the future might be changed, but there are a whole lot of awful things that have happened. Wouldn’t it be nice if those bad things changed into good things?” It was a man who spoke, and his voice was not familiar.

    “…W-Who said that…?” I asked. I looked around, but saw nobody.

    “Look!” Giselle pointed up at the roof of one of the destroyed buildings. A blond man with a kind smile sat, looking down at all of us. A fine black suit seemed the appropriate choice of outfit for him, based on the sophisticated way spoke, down to his words of choice to his gentlemanly tone of voice.

    “Who are you?” Isole asked bluntly. “Are you with them?!”

    “‘Them’ who? If you mean the bad guys you came to stop, that’s a big yes!” The man smiled and clapped his hands. “The name’s Alphonse! Alphonse Lincoln! Murmuxmon entrusted me with hunting you all down, but I gotta say, I don’t think he could’ve picked a worse choice; there’s nothing I hate more than having to hurt pretty girls like you…” Alphonse gazed at all of us, fondly admiring our very presence.

    Ah, just like Sparrow…This won’t be too problematic, I suppose. I’ll use this to my advantage!

    “But, of course, I won’t be the one doing the fighting.” Alphonse slid off the building’s roof, and landed gracefully on the ground below.

    “Oh, you have some super-powerful Digimon partner that you think can take us on?” Eleanora asked smugly.

    “Hmm…in a manner of speaking, I guess you could say that!” Alphonse chirped. He slipped his hand into his pocket, and his gentle smile became quite menacing.

    No…he couldn’t be…like me and Zelda?! He can—?!

    “Come forth, Cerberusmon!” At the center of Alphonse’s hand was a Digimon Talisman. The dreadful Digimon he conjured lunged at us and leaped overhead, landing on the ground behind us. “Cerberus, my boy, time to get to work! Do try to make it rather painless, if you can.”

    “Quick, eh? Probably not my usual greeting, then,” Cerberumon growled.

    “…Eleanora. Take the others…and get out of here,” I said.

    “What?! Don’t be so blonde! It’s not like you!” Eleanora shouted.

    “Don’t argue with me. He’s a Summoner; I can handle him,” I retorted. “Remember; Summoned Digimon are stronger than living Digimon. And since I’m a Summoner, I’ll be fine. Okay?”

    “…You better know what you’re doing, Mia,” Isole sighed.

    “Go on. I’ll keep Cerberusmon distracted long enough for you to get out of here.” I reached into my purse and pulled out MegaKabuterimon’s Talisman. The enormous Insect tackled Cerberumon and pinned him up against a building with his large horn.

    “Well, that was a little rough; I wasn’t going to try and hurt them while they leave,” Alphonse said. “And I sure wasn’t going to order Cerberusmon to do it, either; I told you, I don’t like hurting pretty ladies.”

    “I’d have to defeat Cerberusmon anyway; might as well get an early start,” I shrugged. I looked back, and saw that Eleanora and the others had safely gotten away. “Let ‘er rip, Mega!”

    “Absolutely, my dear! Horn Buster!” A bright light surrounded the two Digimon Spirits, and soon, Cerberusmon had vanished from sight completely. MegaKabuterimon stood triumphant above Alphonse.

    “Well? Do my Spirits pwn or what?” I exclaimed triumphantly. Alphonse remained silent. “What? You were so confident before. Was the puppy your only Spirit?”

    “…You…by the Goddess, you…”

    “Is there…a problem?” I asked.

    “Problem? Oh, no, …I was simply marveling at your beauty…You are so very exquisite standing in a patch of sunlight; the way it reflects off your shimmering gold hair is just…Oh wow. I cannot believe I can still breathe in the face of such beauty!” Now, it was my turn to remain silent. I was used to Sparrow flirting with me, but Alphonse was far more suave with his words that it caught me off guard. “Hey, how ‘bout one date?” he asked. Now, I was truly stunned. Here he was, an enemy, asking me to go on a date with him! The nerve!

    But, he is kinda cute. Hell of a lot more formal than Sparrow, that’s for sure. No, wait! He’s the enemy! I’ll have to get one of my Spirits to kill him.

    “Well? What do you say, gorgeous?”

    “…If you can defeat me, I’ll consider it,” I said.

    “Ah! Excellent! I guess this means I’ll get to go all out! Now, let me see…” Alphonse reached into his pocket, and pulled out several Digimon Talismans, more than I had ever seen in one place at one time. “Hm…If we’re fighting MegaKabuterimon, then Togemon probably won’t cut it…Scorpiomon, Sepikmon, Tankmon, Raremon …Oh! I could try my new one!” Alphonse held up a single Digimon Talisman to the sky, and gazed at it lovingly. “Yes; probably my strongest Spirit, other than Gaiomon.”

    Wait…he has EIGHT Digimon Spirits?! Are you KIDDING ME?! That’s impossible…but, didn’t Zelda say she had nine once…? Aw, and I’m stuck with three…

    “All right! Get ready, gorgeous; I’m getting this one to go all out!” Alphonse held the Talisman directly above his head. “Come forth, MetalSeadramon!” A long, coiling serpent slithered down through the air, and I gasped as I recognized it as the same silver-colored MetalSeadramon that was the partner of Karen Swan. MetalSeadramon held the same recognition in his eyes as he stared down at me and MegaKabuterimon.

    “…Glad to see you lot survived that night,” MetalSeadramon whispered. “…Did you all make it back home safely? Karen…?”

    “Yeah, we all made it back just fine,” I replied. “Karen was really shaken up about losing you, though…”

    “…I miss her too…If you see her again, though…tell her that I’m fine,” MetalSeadramon said. “I’m happy with my current owner, so she won’t need to worry.”

    “…I will. Don’t worry…”

    “Ahem…I hate to interrupt this sweet reunion, but I must remind you, MetalSeadramon, that this is a business meeting,” Alphonse said. “And, as I recall you saying when we first me, you are a business Mon.”

    “…Yeah…you’re right. Sorry for this, Mia,” MetalSeadramon said.

    “Don’t worry…Just do what you have to do,” I whispered back.

    “River of Power!”

    “Horn Buster!” The attacks of the two Digimon Spirits collided in the air, but MetalSeadramon’s proved to be the stronger. The River of Power surged onwards, and blasted MegaKabuterimon into small flecks of data.

    “Damn it…Come forth, Blastmon!”

    “Final Subagōn Punch!” With a mighty leap, Blastomon rocketed into the air and slammed his two fists onto MetalSeadramon’s back, forcing the opposing Spirit to the ground. This, however, enabled MetalSeadramon to coil his long body around Blastmon. The crystal gems began to shatter and crack, and soon, Blastmon was destroyed.

    “All right! That’s one more down!” Alphonse exclaimed. “Hey, how many Spirits do you have left, lovely Mia?”

    “…Just this one. Come forth, Aquarimon!”

    “Excellent! Just defeat this one, and I’ll get a date with that Summoner!”

    “As you desire. Poseidon Dive!” An enormous tidal wave rose up from the ground just beyond this ancient city, and in a matter of seconds, the deluge crashed down on us. The cold water made my skin crawl, but to my amazement, I was able to breathe. I looked to my left, and saw that Aquarimon had changed to her underwater form.

    “Don’t worry; as long as I keep this form, you’ll be able to breathe underwater,” Aquarimon whispered. MetalSeadramon shot past her, missing her by a few inches. “Now, pardon me as I take care of this beast! Water Nebula!” MetalSeadramon roared as his shining silver armor became crumpled and dented. “Goddess Blades: Seven Slice Dance!” As Aquarimon swam past MetalSeadramon, the fins on her arms extended into long blades which she used to cut through MetalSeadramon’s armor and scales. The surrounding water reddened with the Digimon’s blood. Two final strikes from Aquarimon’s Goddess Blades sent MetalSeadramon sinking to the ground as the water he conjured from his attack receded until it vanished from sight completely, and with it, MetalSeadramon. Aquarimon shifted to her land form, and pointed her Goddess Bow directly at Alphonse’s chest.

    “Care to summon another Spirit? Aquarimon will just defeat them!” I exclaimed.

    “…Yeah…you’re probably right,” Alphonse sighed. “Well, there’s nothing much I can do. I submit…”

    “…Just…like that?” I asked. “You’re just going to let me go?”

    “Oh, no no no. I didn’t say I’d let you go,” Alphonse winked. “I’ll be going with you.”

    “Why? So you can stab her in the back when she’s not looking?” Aquarimon snapped.

    “Only if she wants me to.”


    “Oh, and I’ll be joining your guild, too. Hope that’s fine!”

    “Why would I let you join after you—?!”

    Alphonse tilted his head, but kept his charming smile. “Don’t tell me your guild has never accepted past enemies before; I know Flamedramon treated you far worse than I would ever imagine doing,” he said.

    “I…guess…Why do you want to join us, though…?” I asked.

    “Well, we agreed that if I defeated you, you’d go on a date with me. But then, it occurred to me that we never discussed what would happen if I lost,” Alphonse said. “So, I figured I’d might as well join you. A guild with someone as beautiful as you can’t be all bad, now can it?”

    “…And that’s…the only reason you want to join? Me?”

    “Yep! But, that doesn’t mean I won’t be betraying any of your pals or anything! Wouldn’t want to eliminate that lovely smile of yours.” Alphonse winked once again, and I couldn’t help but smile.

    “…Fine, I give up. But, if you do anything to make me think that you’re not loyal to my guild, I won’t hesitate to get Aquarimon to snipe you in the face,” I snapped. “…Or lower, if you catch my drift.”

    “Yeah…I got it, my love,” Alphonse said, not in the least off-put by my threat.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 136 - Thread of Life

    Eleanora Kasuto

    My mind, already burdened with worry over Matthew, was now unbearably crammed by unease over leaving Mia behind. Every five seconds, I’d subconsciously turn around to look back, but saw nothing but forest.

    “Ellie, just stop worrying about her; Mia’s going to be fine,” Isole said.

    “It’s not just her; she’s worried about Matthew, as well,” Lunamon whispered. “She just has a lot on her mind is all…”

    “Look, if you’re worried about them, then go and look for either one; I don’t care,” Isole snapped. “Find your brother; find Mia. Just stop moping around, would you?”

    “But…what about you?” I asked. Isole sighed.

    “Just go. We’re going to look for Ulysses, okay? Go look for Matthew and Mia,” Giselle said.
    “…Okay. Thank you.” I picked up the small Lunamon, and ran in the opposite direction we came from, hoping Mia would be safe and sound.

    Sparrow Lea

    “So…now that Agunimon’s dead, what should we do?” I asked. “Should we try to find the old man?”

    “That may be the optimal decision,” Hawkmon said. “Although, it may be wise to find Madelyn and Melanie; they aren’t safe by themselves.”

    “Yeah, good point. But, our fight against Agunimon took us a long way away from them, so finding them might take a while,” I said, more to myself than to Hawkmon. A loud yawn broke though the silence, nearly making me jump out of my skin. “…AeroVeedramon…?”

    “Mmm…who’s that…? I don’t know any AeroVeedramon…” It was a woman’s voice who spoke; a soft and soothing voice that made my heart race. The woman who spoke was far lovelier than her voice; bright orange hair and deep violet eyes, with a complexion fair and loose, black clothing.

    “Oh, no need to worry about him, gorgeous; let’s talk about us,” I smiled kindly at the woman. “My name’s Sparrow; and who might you be, my little dove?”

    “Huh…? Oh…I’m Marissa…an assassin,” the woman said through several yawns. The casual tone of voice with which she spoke was rather unsettling, but she was just so pretty that I paid it no mind. “Came back in time with my boss to do something…don’t know what…just something…”

    “Back in time?! You’re trying to change the past!” Hawkmon screeched. “Then you must be with Agunimon!”

    “Hm…? Yeah, guess so…Is that weird…?” Marissa asked. “He’s kind of a jerk…”

    “Well, the good news is that he’s dead,” I said.

    “Oh…is that so…? Oh well…bound to happen sooner or later,” Marissa yawned. “But…if you killed him, I guess this means we gotta fight now, huh…?”

    “It’s starting to appear that way,” Hawkmon said.

    “Well…Just don’t be too surprised when you see what I can do,” Marissa said. Without even bothering to ask what it was she could do, I pulled my Digivice from my pocket.

    “Digi Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Shurimon, the Samurai of Sincerity!”

    “…Armor…pretty neat,” Marissa whispered. She pulled her own Digivice out from her pocket, and held it up above her head. “Bio Hybrid D.N.A. Charge!”

    “Wha…she’s one of them?! Like Abigail?!” I exclaimed.
    “Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioNymphmon!” Marissa, upon turning to her Digimon form, grew much smaller, shorter even than Hawkmon or Coronamon, and darter around the sky faster than I could see. “Get ready for this! My Human side is all lazy and stuff, but I’m in a whole ‘nother league!”

    Tamiko Silverveil

    Kudamon lay, a small and curled, fuzzy lump underneath a soft fleece blanket, next to an unconscious Kamemon. Zelda and Lilliana sat by either side of me as I gently stroked Kudamon behind the ears.

    “They’ll be okay, dear; they just need to rest,” Zelda whispered.

    “…Shawjamon…and even Kentaurosmon…for them to be defeated…these bad guys must be really strong,” Lilliana said in a barely audible voice.

    “…It…It’s all my fault…if I were a better partner…then Kentaurosmon…he’d have—”

    “It’s nobody’s fault.” I looked over my shoulder, and saw AeroVeedramon crash unsteadily to the ground. On his back was a badly injured Elizabeth, and in his hands an equally hurt Quetzalmon. “They’re really strong…too strong…Lampmon’s powerful, even for a Mega. There was nothing I could do…”


    “Don’t talk for now; just rest, and save your energy,” Zelda whispered.

    “…I’m pathetic…I couldn’t protect my friends…from that bastard,” AeroVeedramon wheezed. “It was all I could do to keep them from getting killed…”
    “…We need to find the others,” Lilliana whispered. “If the enemy found us now, we wouldn’t be able to protect ourselves, strong as they are…We have to…we can’t lose…everybody’s future depends on it…”


    “…I should have guessed…the moment she asked to stop to rest…that she would FALL ASLEEP!” Isole screamed. Giselle squirmed around in her sleep, but remained as such through my outburst.

    “Try not to be too hard on her, Miss Isole; all of this walking around is exhausting for all of us, even me,” I said in a gentle voice.

    “Yeah, but this is important! We can’t afford to waste time, OR sleep out in the open!” Isole snapped. “This is ridiculous; we need to find Ulysses, not conserve our own energy!”

    “…Why don’t you go on ahead, then? I’ll stay here with Giselle; I know you act like you don’t like her, but I think that you care about her deep down,” I replied.

    “N-No I don’t! Really! Honestly!” Isole shouted. “…But, she is your partner, and, er, not…mean, so I guess it makes more sense for you to stay with her anyway…” I smiled.

    “I wish you luck, Isole. Please, be careful.” Isole nodded, and ran back to the forest. I sighed, and then sat down on the ground next to Giselle. I stoked her brown hair out of her face, and looked up at the sky. My right arm suddenly jerked up into the air and reached for my sword. “W-What’s going on?! No!” My sword lowered closer and closer to Giselle. I tried to loosen my fingers, but they wouldn’t budge. “G-Giselle! Wake up!” My partner didn’t stir. “GISELLE!”

    “Ah, ain’t gonna work, lady. Try an’ struggle all yeh want, you ain’t gonna break free!” Slowly, my head raised up, again, without my doing. A rather short Digimon sat above me in the trees, looking down at me with a devilish grin. “Ah, there’s them pretty eyes! Can’t wait to see ‘em fill with despair when ya cut yer pal’s throat!”

    “Who are you?!” I screamed.

    “The name’s Puppetmon. Mega level, by the way,” the Digimon said. “Lachesis, right? Yep? Here to kill you all. Hope that’s cool with yous.”

    “N-No, that’s NOT cool with us! Now let go of me!”

    “‘Fraid I can’t do that’s. Gotta kill you on order of Murmuxmon, after alls,” Puppetmon said. “Won’t do you any good to wake up yer pal, either. I’ll just make you chase ‘er till she dies!”

    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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