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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 121 - Daughter to Dragons


    Those first few golden rays of the early dawn sun gently stretched across the cool stone floor, pouring in from my bedroom window. Unable to resist its powerful tug into the conscious world, I sat straight up in my bed, partially covered by my haphazard blanket. Groggy and dazed, I sleepily looked around my nearly empty bedroom with blurred morning vision. My bed was the only piece of furniture I kept in my bedroom, so as to leave ample space to practice my dances; although, this did not necessarily stop me from bumping into it and falling flat on my face from time to time…

    “Larraine? Are you awake yet, my dear?” Bokomon’s voice called out from the other side of my closed bedroom door. The small Rookie Digimon’s head poked out from behind my door, and smiled when he saw me.

    “Hey…What time is it?” I yawned.

    “It is around four in the afternoon,” Bokomon whispered. “You must have been dancing late last night, weren’t you?”

    “Yeah…It helps calm me down, you know? I was…Well, you know.”

    “…I know. We were all worried about our friends, my dear,” Bokomon said.

    “Yeah…I just couldn’t fall asleep even after dancing for hours…I don’t think I even went to bed until about three in the morning…” I yawned once again, and plopped back down on my bed, staring up at the ceiling.

    “…You know, for such a graceful dancer, you do certainly have the most unruly pillow hair I’ve seen,” Bokomon chuckled.

    “Just a part of my charm, wouldn’t ya’ say?” I asked

    “Absolutely, my dear,” Bokomon said.

    “…Bokomon? Has there been any word from the others…?” Bokomon smiled, and leaped up onto my bed with me.

    “All of them arrived back, safe and sound, early in the morning,” the Rookie Digimon replied. “I’d have woken you up earlier, since I knew how worried you’ve been about them, but I knew you needed your rest…and quite obviously, they did as well. Most of them are still sleeping, actually.”

    “But…they’re all safe? None of them were hurt? Lucia? Zelda? Edmund?” Again, Bokomon smiled.

    “Not at all. All of them are safe, and alive. Omnimon has taken Princess Micaiah back to Castle Valencia, without even bothering to give his thanks or say goodbye…Oh, and another thing; Statuedramon wished to have a word with you when you woke up.”

    “Statuedramon did? Whatever for?”

    “He did not say…but, he did seem quite serious…which, considering that lazy lizard, must mean that this is a grave matter indeed,” Bokomon chuckled.


    Goodness, has he been waiting in the hallway all day for me?!

    “You may come in; the young lady is awake and about,” Bokomon called back. My door opened once again, and the ancient warrior quietly stepped into my room. “I will be just outside if either of you have need of me.” Bokomon bowed his head to me and stepped out of the room, leaving me alone with Statuedramon.

    “U-Um…hello,” I said shyly.

    “Hey…um…Larraine…this…has been bothering me for a really long time, but…you…just look so…familiar to me,” Statuedramon began. “I, uh, I’m not exactly the brightest Digimon; I forget things all the time, but…”

    “Oh, I remember you,” I said. “I saw you in that church in Cyclamen City about 500 years ago when Mr. Sephyrus was looking after me.”

    “Right, yeah, I remember that; just spoke about that with Daemon a bit earlier. He said he…Daemon told me what Sephyrus did to you…”

    “…You mean how he abandoned me when I was begging him for help?” I asked. “That man…was so kind to me, and all of the other orphans…but, after seeing that hate-filled look in his eyes, just thinking about him makes me sick to my stomach…”

    “Well…you don’t have to worry about him anymore, I guess; a good friend of mine defeated him in battle a long time ago,” Statuedramon said.

    “…Good. I’m glad he’s dead. I hope it was painful.”

    “Larraine…I didn’t think that just by looking at you that you could be capable of feeling hatred for another living being…”

    “Sephyrus is my exception. I hate him. I hate him!”

    “…Sorry…I…I probably shouldn’t have mentioned him in the first place; I was just trying to reassure you, I guess; I don’t know how much it might have traumatized you, so I just wanted to make you feel better…”

    “Well, thank you for that, Statuedramon; I really appreciate your kindness,” I said, smiling at the Digimon. “…Is that…the only reason you asked to see me…?”

    “Oh, right, my bad; I get sidetracked a lot, too…Anyway, I said I recognize you, yeah? But, it’s not just from that day I saw you in Cyclamen. You…look like someone I’ve met…”

    “I see…Well, I’m not sure how I could help you; I never knew my father, and my mother died soon after giving birth to me…Sephyrus did say that I resembled her, though, and that she was friends with him back when she was pregnant with me; maybe you’ve seen her…?”

    “…What was her name?” Statuedramon’s voice was just barely above a whisper, and his face appeared graver than I had seen of it before.

    “H-Her name was Kisara,” I replied. “Sephyrus didn’t ever tell me my father’s name; he was waiting for me to get older, but—”

    “Larraine. I…think I may know your father’s name. But first…do you have the Mark?”

    “Yes; it’s on the back of my left thigh; here…”

    “…Yeah. That’s it all right. I didn’t find this out for a little while after I left Lachesis, but I have it, too,” Statuedramon continued. “Mine’s on my back, hidden by my armor. Zelda was confused as to why a Digimon like me was unable to sense that she had it as well, but it was because I have it. Since we both have the Mark, I wasn’t able to tell that she was different.”

    “Statuedramon…what are you trying to say? Who’s my father?” I asked.

    “…Your father…is me.” I said nothing at first, and simply stared at the Digimon.

    “…Um…wha…what? What…are you…you…”

    “500 years ago, I met…the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her name was Kisara, and—”

    “Wait…if…if you really are my father, Statuedramon…why…why didn’t you stay with my mother?” I asked. “Why did you leave her to die in childbirth, Statuedramon?!”

    “I didn’t even know she was pregnant! It was just a one-night fling!”

    “Well, that doesn’t make me feel any better!”

    “Yeah, I realized that as soon as I said it…Ah, jeez…This isn’t really going the way I expected…”

    “What the hell did you think would happen, you two-timing bastard?!”

    “Hey, now, don’t call me a bastard; I’m still your father—”

    “Only by blood.”


    “Get out of my room. You…are not my father. My father is SkullMeramon.”

    “…Skull…Meramon? In the desert…?”

    “My father is the Digimon who found me, lost and alone in the desert, and saved me from dying. My father clothed me, put food in my tummy and a roof over my head, and cared for me, even though I have this damn Mark, thanks to you! It’s the only thing you ever gave me, and it hasn’t ever done anything good for me!”


    “GET OUT!”

    “…Okay. Good-bye…Larraine.”

    “And good riddance to you.” I heard the door quietly close behind Statuedramon, and I hurled myself back onto my bed, and under my blanket. Instantly, I began to cry.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 122 - Desire for All that is Lost


    “…She really said that to you?” Abigail gasped.

    “Yeah. She did. She doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. And I…I don’t blame her at all. I hate myself, too…If I had known Kisara were pregnant, I wouldn’t have left…”

    “Well, see, this is kinda why you don’t have one-night stands in the first place,” Flamedramon said.

    “Fuck off.”

    “I was just saying; jeez…”

    “…I don’t understand, though; I wasn’t mad at Dominimon for leaving me and my sister,” Zelda said. “I mean, I hate my mother for what she did to me and Hannah, but I wasn’t ever even slightly mad at my father, even before I knew he was Dominimon…”

    “Maybe it’s the age difference? Larraine is, what, ten or so years younger than Zelda?” Abigail suggested in a desperate voice. “Like, in about ten years, she’ll probably stop hating you? Maybe…?”

    “Abby, we’re both over five-hundred years old; I really don’t think that age has anything to do with it,” Zelda responded. “…Would you like for me to talk to her? I can’t stand seeing you so miserable…”

    “…Nah…she doesn’t want to have anything to do with me…so, I’ll respect that,” I whispered. “She already has a SkullMeramon as a father figure, apparently. No need for me to butt in on that…”

    “A SkullMeramon? Really?” Flamedramon asked, looking somewhat confused.

    “Yeah; Zelda and I met him a while back in Linnea Village when he was a Meramon.”

    “Oh, that Meramon that owns the restaurant? She said he was her father?” Zelda asked. I nodded.

    “I know he’s a good guy…He’s already done a better job of being her father than I could ever be. I…I’m useless.”

    “Don’t say that!” Flamedramon exclaimed. “…Okay, that probably sounded odd coming from me, but…C’mon, you’re still the girl’s father, right? You brought her into this world! I mean…if Edmund ever…if he had ever hated me like Larraine does for you, I…I don’t know what I’d do with myself…”

    “It’s fine…I…I’ll be okay. I guess I…I’m kinda used to this…First, Victoria was murdered; then Thomas died…and now, Larraine…doesn’t want to have anything to do with…her father…I’m…I’ll be fine…”

    “Statuedramon; you quite obviously are NOT fine,” Abigail interjected. “I can see the pain in your eyes, dear. I can feel your angst, all bottled up.”


    “Statch, listen; this is exactly what happened to Seraphimon,” Flamedramon said. “You can’t keep ignoring the way you feel, because if you do, you’ll become a Digimon like Daemon…and I don’t know if we’d be able to help you at that point any more. You’re one of the Four Sovereigns, far stronger than one of the three Celestial Digimon. We wouldn’t be strong enough to save you from yourself, or the rest of the world from…well, from you.”

    “Don’t give me that crap. Seraphimon was whining like a little bitch, being all alone when he could’ve chosen to have friends around him. I still have you guys…and I always will.”

    “Well, what’s stopping any of us from getting killed?” Zelda asked. “We’re mercenaries. Getting killed might as well be on the job description.”

    “…I’ll tell you what’s stopping you from getting killed. I am. I ain’t going to let any of you get killed while I’m here,” I protested, giving each of them a sharp glance from my one eye.

    “Guess I can’t argue with that,” Flamedramon chuckled.

    “…Where is Larraine now?” Zelda asked.
    “Up in her room. Lucia’s in there with her right now…which probably means she’ll come down to beat my ass any minute,” I sighed.

    Geitz Felgrande

    “So…old man Baez; how long do I gotta stay here with you?” I asked.

    “Patience, young Warrior of Darkness,” Baez replied in his kind, fatherly voice, without the slightest speck of impatience. The two of us, underground in a stony cave dimly lit with torches, had been here for many days by this point; I had stopped counting a while ago. “You have successfully become Loewemon, but only once. Every other attempt has led to you simply becoming Duskmon once more.”

    “What’s the big deal?” I asked. “They’re both powerful; what difference does it make which one I become?”

    “…And that is why you will remain Duskmon, until our training has completed,” Baez said. “I am prepared to stay here for many years until you realize that true strength comes from within. Once you realize this, you will gain full control over your evolution, and beyond that, your future — your destiny.”

    “But, that’s what I don’t really understand; why’s it bad if I keep turning into Duskmon?”

    “…Duskmon…and Loewemon…are both the Legendary Warrior of Darkness.”

    “…Both of them? How can two—”

    “They are the same being, essentially. Duskmon, however, is a corruption — a mistake, a genetic mutation if you will — whereas Loewemon is the true Warrior of Darkness. Yes, Duskmon is powerful; in some ways, his power could easily exceed that of Loewemon. But, due to the nature of his origins, his darkness is not that which can be controlled. If you remain as Duskmon…the darkness will envelop you once more, and you will be tossed back into the Dark Area…and I don’t know if I will be able to retrieve you a second time.”

    “…Was it…ShadowSeraphimon? Did he want me to go to the Dark Area in the first place?” Baez nodded. “So, why did he pick me in the first place?”

    “I’m afraid that I am not at liberty to give you much information on the matter. All I will say is this…Geitz. You are destined for something very important. It was ShadowSeraphimon’s intention to throw you off course of that destiny; you and a few others.”

    “Others…? Those guys back at the guild?”

    “Yes, some of them. Others, however, are not presently at the guild.”

    “…Baez…who are you…really?” I asked for the fiftieth time that week. And, for the fiftieth time, Baez gave me a sad smile, and for the fiftieth time, he gave me the same explanation.

    “I will tell you when the time is right, Geitz Felgrande. But, please know that it is not my intention to keep this information from you, my son.”

    “Yer not my dad; my dad’s dead ‘cuz of that old codger in charge of the guild…”

    “Sorry; it is a priestly habit of mine,” Baez chuckled. And then, a look very grim spread across his pale face.

    “What is it?” I asked, mildly interested.

    “…I sense…a distortion…a distortion in time and space,” Baez said, his voice barely above a whisper.

    “What does that mean?”
    “…Someone is about to alter the very fabric of reality; of time and space itself,” Baez said. “Clockmon…”


    Eaglemon had died recently — and it wasn’t too long after I had already saved him from the brink of death. Vikemon, I had killed myself. I was all that remained of IceDevimon’s original forces, consisting of Parrotmon, Zudomon, and Asuramon. But, that didn’t bother me much; Parrotmon was an insufferable loudmouth, and Zudomon had become treasonous since his rebirth as Vikemon. And besides, I had my own squad of powerful fighters — my Demons, as I liked to call them — who would be more than able to help me unfurl the grand red carpet to my goal. But, alas, their help would not be enough. I needed the abilities of one Digimon in particular in order to set the stage for my grand scheme in the first place. Vehemently neutral, and difficult to locate for that very reason; it would be even harder to convince him to aid me without harming him — and I most definitely needed him alive and unharmed. And so, as I quietly entered the lair of Clockmon, I was not surprised in the least to find myself initially ignored by the Machine Digimon.

    “…I take it this means you’re ready, Murmuxmon,” Clockmon finally said after a few moments spent in silence, reading. I nodded solemnly, although the Digimon had his back to me.

    “It is time. We must go.”

    “I already told you, I don’t want any part in whatever it is you’re planning,” Clockmon said in a surprisingly calm voice.

    “Yes, yes, you’ve made your position on the matter very clear when last we met three years ago,” I said.

    “Then why come here again, if you know my answer?” Clockmon asked. “I know as well as you do…that you will not harm me. You need me for your oh-so precious scheme.”

    “Indeed; that is very true, Clockmon. I have no intention of having any harm befall you,” I answered. “But…I do need your abilities. You, who governs time, Clockmon…I wish to travel to the past.”

    “You told me of this countless times; but my answer will remain the same. I will not help you travel back to the Ancient Kingdom.”

    “Oh, but you will…Surely, you know by now, what the Ancient Kingdom did to Celicia Kingdom, do you not?”

    “…Yes. SkullCaliphmon waged a bloody war that lasted many years, resulting in the deaths of many innocent Humans and Digimon, for it was the desire of SkullCaliphmon to annex Celicia, which is now today all of the continent of Arcadia, and make it a part of his own, where Cyprus Desert stands now.”

    “Very good; none can beat a Clockmon when it comes to memorizing the ebbs and flows of history.”

    “Flattery will do you no good, Murmuxmon,” Clockmon said. “Threats will do you no good. Killing me will do you less than no good. I’ve no friends, none to call family, that you can threaten into making me do as you wish. I would feel no shame in watching you slaughter an innocent in return for my neutrality.”

    “I am aware of that.”

    “Then why are you here?!” Clockmon asked once more, finally with a hint of anger in his dull voice.

    “…Because I can still force you to do as I wish.” Clockmon gazed at me, silently, glaring spitefully. I smiled. “I promise you, Clockmon…no harm shall befall you. History shall hardly be changed at all.”

    “I warn you, Murmuxmon; there is no such thing as a ‘slight alteration’ when history itself is changed! This change will lead to your very demise, mark my words! The past is better off left as is — forgotten and unchanged for all eternity!”

    “Necro Interrogation!” A dark violet light shone from my eyes; Clockmon was completely enveloped in its gleam, and then his arms fell limply at his side. “…Now, then…be a good boy, Clockmon, and wait for me. My Demons await their master’s call to action.”

    “…Yes…Master,” Clockmon said dully.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 123 - Distant Utopia

    Isole Frost

    The vast library in the city of Yew had always been a favorite place of mine to stay when I knew that Lucia was going to be in one of her regular, bitchy moods. Today, however, was different; I had been sent by Master Ulysses to do research on the ancient kingdom known as Celicia, together with Lilliana and Kamemon.
    There was very little known about the kingdom, as it had been destroyed around 1,300 years ago, and very little documents of it existed, apart from the varying speculation of many historians. Apparently, Statuedramon had been alive at that time, but as his memory was still partially lost, it would be no use attempting to retrieve any information from him. Cherubimon and Ophanimon were also alive at that time, but they had departed so soon after Daemon had been defeated, that nobody seems to know where they went. And so, I was stuck with the various and aggravatingly differing accounts of countless scholars.

    “Um…Isole?” Lilliana spoke up in her small, timid voice. “I, um, found a few more books on Cyprus Kingdom when SkullCaliphmon was its king, but I couldn’t find any more on the kingdom SkullCaliphmon attempted to take over…”

    “That’s fine; I think we’ve got plenty of reading material for now,” I replied, looking up at the mountain of books towering over us; unfortunately, nearly all of them were the usual blathering of a scholar attempting to refute another scholar. “It’s just so annoying; one book says that a Digimon called Murmuxmon leveled SkullCaliphmon’s Cyprus Kingdom to the ground before destroying all of Celicia, but this one says that Murmuxmon worked with the Three Celestial Digimon to protect Celicia from SkullCaliphmon! Not to mention the fact that the master we had before Ulysses was also a Murmuxmon!”

    “Couldn’t they have been two different Murmuxmon, though?” Lilliana suggested.

    “It’s possible, but keep in mind that Digimon have indefinite lifespans. Coupled with the fact that Murmuxmon are so rare, they are said to be only mythological…”

    “But…wouldn’t that mean that the master we had before Ulysses was an evil Digimon?” Kamemon asked.

    “…Ugh! This is all so damn confusing! These stupid scholars can’t even agree on one thing! Is Murmuxmon a good or an evil Digimon?!”

    “…Isole? Why are we studying these ancient kingdoms anyway?” Lilliana asked. “Did Master tell you why?”

    “He just mumbled something under his breath about Wisemon; I didn’t care enough to ask him any more…”

    “Oh! Wisemon! Why don’t we just ask him?” Lilliana asked.

    “Because he’s out doing some other kind of job,” I replied. “Probably looking for Cherubimon and Ophanimon, if I didn’t know any better.”

    “Okay…Well, I’m sure we can probably think of something with just the two of us!” Lilliana exclaimed. I smiled at the younger girl, equally affected by her enthusiasm.

    “Yeah, you’re right. The two of us are obviously the smartest Humans at Lachesis, other than Edmund,” I said, whispering the name of the archsage in an almost dreamy tone that I hoped Lilliana and Kamemon didn’t notice. “Now, then…If we can just figure out why King Byron decided to sell out Celicia to SkullCaliphmon…”

    “King Byron did no such thing. The good king was too devoted to his wife, daughter, and kingdom to commit such an atrocity.” I looked up and over at a young woman who had approached us. That, however, was all that I was able to tell about her; she dressed herself in a black cloak and shroud that covered her face and most of her body, save for her legs — both of which seemed rather scrawny — her neck, and her face from the lips down. Two thin strands of azure hair hung at either side of her face. She had spoken to us in a quiet, somber voice.

    “…And who are you?” I asked. She might be with all of those evil Digimon; she could be with IceDevimon! She could BE IceDevimon! If he’s a shapeshifter…I’d better be careful!

    “…My name is Melanie,” the woman said. I noticed her gazing at Lilliana, as did Kamemon. Lilliana in turn could not take her eyes off of the woman, but immediately, Melanie turned to face me. “King Byron was a good man, Isole. He would never condone such a terrible act.”

    “How do you know my name?” I asked, growing more suspicious of this strange, somber woman by the minute.

    “I…I heard it spoken by the little one, and her Digimon partner,” Melanie replied. “Now, you must listen to me, Isole—”

    “Why should I?!” I snapped. “Look, I don’t have any idea who you are, but the two of us are busy at the moment, so if you could just get lost, that’d be great, thank you.”

    “Isole, don’t be so mean!” I heard Lilliana whisper. Her words were bolder than any I’ve heard from her before, but the look on her face made it clear that she wished she hadn’t said them. Looking steadily away from me, she would glance at me with a scared look in her eyes every few seconds. And so, I deigned to do as Lilliana asked — I adored her, after all, being the quietest member of the guild. And she was smart! What a combination…

    “…Look, I’m sorry. I’m just frustrated with all of these notes and speculations contradicting each other; it makes it damn near impossible to study!”

    “Oh, you need not apologize, Isole; I understand perfectly well how difficult it is,” Melanie said.

    “So, um, what were you saying about that king? It almost sounded like you knew him…”

    “King Byron was a good king, Isole; you need to understand that above all else if you wish to learn about the ancient kingdom.”

    “…Okay…? Um…I don’t think I was that debated on the subject myself, even though every note contradicted each other…”

    “Isole, listen to me. It is important that you understand that with your heart and soul,” Melanie pressed.

    “Okay, okay! I believe you! Jeez…”

    “Do you promise?”

    “Yes, I do! What’s the big deal?”

    “The entire situation is a big deal, Isole. And you will need to act without prejudice in order to resolve the chaos that has been wrought.”

    “…What is this all about?” I asked. “Who are you really, Melanie?”
    “I…cannot tell you who I am…but…why I am here…has very much to do with the ancient kingdoms you study,” Melanie began. “…Isole…you will need to go there.”


    Ancient buildings constructed entirely of white stones dotted the landscape. We had done it. The ones behind me, my servants, had all safely arrived with me, as well as Clockmon.

    “So, this is really it, eh?” a blond, well-dressed man named Alphonse Lincoln said in his regular, enthusiastic voice. I grinned.

    “Yes; this is Celicia, the Ancient Kingdom!” I roared.

    “…Neat! I wonder if the women are as gorgeous as they say,” Alphonse asked.

    “Nyah, that’s all what you worrys about,” a Digimon called Puppetmon said. “It’s always da dames on da mind which you, eh?”

    “Pretty much,” Alphonse agreed.

    “Not much of a Summoner, if you ask me,” a large, red-haired man named Kieran said. “Not much of a warrior, either.”

    “Hey, no need to take a risk when you’ve got somebody who’ll gladly do it for you!” Alphonse exclaimed.

    “Exactly my point. You are weak.”

    “Will you two shut up?! I’m sick of listening to you two arguing!” another Digimon, Agunimon, screamed. In his rage, he had completely enveloped himself in his own flames.

    “Yeah, yous guys are boring,” Puppetmon added.

    “Who asked you to talk?!” Agunimon snapped.

    “That is enough, my children,” I said, stepping between Agunimon and Puppetmon. “Marissa will be back at any moment with a report on our position.”

    “…Really?” Kieran asked.

    “…I realized how stupid that sounded as soon as I said it,” I admitted.

    “Well, when she’s awake, she certainly can be trusted,” Alphonse said. “And wow, talk about a total babe…” Alphonse’s normally wide smile grew even larger as he caught sight of the orange-haired woman slowly walking up to me and my followers.

    “Mm…Lord Murmuxmon…sorry for the wait,” Marissa Ruby yawned, something she could often be seen doing. “It…looks like we’re ‘bout one city away from the capital…not too far to Celicia proper…”

    “Excellent work, my dear,” I smiled. “You did the job much faster than we all expected…”

    “I’m narcoleptic, not lethargic, you know…”

    “I know, my dear, I know. You are my most dependable follower…aside from the narcolepsy,” I said. Marissa nodded and smiled, letting out another yawn as she did. “Well now, is everybody ready to proceed?” I asked, looking back to my followers; my Demons. There were no words of dissent, and so I lead us all into the nearby city Marissa had come from, looking for a shortcut to the capital city of Celicia kingdom. As we walked through the streets, I ignored the stares we all got from the passersby. My attention, however, was diverted to something of a riot towards the center of the old city. A young woman, bearing skin as pure white as snow, ran past.

    “Yowza,” Alphonse whispered, staring at the woman, in awe of her beauty that had even taken my own breath away.

    “Bit of an insurgence going on?” Kieran asked. A huge crowd of people were chasing after the young woman. Intrigued, I stepped before the mob, making them all come to a halt.

    “Whatever is the problem?” I asked. I knew not whether to be helpful to the mob of the young lady, so I maintained a neutral tone of voice.

    “That girl over there; she be the problem!” one member of the mob said.

    “A tiny little thing like her? I can hardly see how she could be so problematic,” I said honestly.

    “T’aint wha’ she did; ‘tis what she be!” another person said.

    “…Does she have the Mark?” I asked.

    “Aye, that she do, right in ‘er belly; but she do be a witch also!” a woman exclaimed. “See that skin? Pure white! And them red eyes! T’aint right!”

    Ah, yes…I’d forgotten that the Humans of this time had tanner skin from sun exposure. Differing skin color…what a ridiculously pointless reason to hate another living being. I looked back at the woman the mob had been chasing; she had not said a word in protest of the accusations thrown at her; her somber face neither flinched nor cringed. Her long raven hair waved gently in a passing breeze. Alphonse could not take her eyes off of the solemn beauty. “And, are you certain that the young lady is, in fact, a witch?”

    “W-Well, jus’ look at ‘er!” someone said. “She got th’ red eyes of th’ Devil!”

    “She needa’ be killed!”

    “Now, that’s completely unnecessary,” I commented. “Surely, a more reasonable solution can be reached without the need for violence?” From behind, I could hear a few confused mutters amongst my Demons. “Perhaps…I could take her?” Those in the mob glanced at one another, equally confused.

    “Well, if ya promise ta keep this Devil spawn away from us, you kin’ keep ‘er!” someone said. “Just keep this trash outta our town!” The large mob shot dozens of spiteful glares at the woman.

    “…What’cha thinking, boss?” Puppetmon asked as the mob began to disperse.

    “Who cares? He just spared this little cutie! Would’ve been such a waste,” Alphonse lamented. The woman slowly walked up to me, bowing her head.

    “…You have my gratitude, sir,” she whispered, speaking slowly. “My name is Elderia…I…I can never thank you enough…”

    “So, then…are you actually a witch? Or were they simply being an ignorant lot?” I asked.

    “I…sort of…I’m a gypsy…but…I know magic…I can use magic…”

    “Interesting…You may be far more useful than I imagined,” I muttered. “…Elderia. Your life is now mine to do with as I desire, now that I have saved it. Do you understand? You belong to me.”
    “Yes…I shall…do whatever you want of me…anything…For saving my life…I will do anything for you, My Lord,” Elderia whispered.

    Eleanora Kasuto

    I loved nothing more than lazy Sundays, were the only thing to do was sleep in, eat lunch late, and stuff myself silly with cheesecake until I could do nothing apart from lay back on a sofa and stare at the ceiling. Lunamon nestled her head against my plumpened belly, sleeping soundly. Across from me, Matthew sat in a chair, with his arms and legs crossed, fast asleep.

    “Ellie, darling, you look almost as pregnant as I do,” Heather giggled, sitting down on the sofa next to me.

    “Fifteen slices of cheesecake will do that to a girl,” I laughed in response. “Is this what it feels like to be pregnant…?”

    “Sort of; except that I do get hungry,” Heather smiled.

    “Oh, jeez; I definitely won’t be feeling like that for a LONG time…”

    “You say that now, but remember; you’ve got the Mark. I’m sure you’ll be hungry in about ten minutes,” Lunamon mumbled. Ignoring her remark, I looked up at Heather and smiled.

    “…How’s it going? Felt anything yet?”

    “No…just some kicks, but I haven’t felt anything signifying that it’s time,” Heather responded, placing her hands on her round belly. “It should be any day now…That’s what the doctor keeps saying, anyway…”

    “Doctors have been wrong before; they might come sooner,” I suggested.

    “Oh, I hope so; I love being pregnant, and feeling them move around in my tummy, but I just want these sweet little miracles to be born so I can hold them…Like I used to with Madelyn…”

    “…But Madelyn’s back now, Eathie,” I whispered. Heather was beaming now, and her eyes were brimming with tears of joy.

    “I never thought I’d see her again…It was so…difficult…to become pregnant with her…and these two…So when Madelyn was taken away from me, I thought my life was over; I never thought I’d get to be a mother again…But now, I’m pregnant with twins, and my beloved Madelyn has returned to me! I just feel so…so…”



    “…I did not need to know that, Heather.”

    “No! Wet…I think…I think my water just broke…” I instantly shot straight up, knocking Lunamon onto the floor and waking up Matthew. Heather and I locked eyes.

    “…S-Surely you jest…”

    “Eleanora, my water just broke! I wouldn’t kid about that!” Heather snapped testily.

    “B-But…But, I was just kidding about doctors being wrong and the babies coming early! Doctors are never wrong!”

    “Well, the babies are coming! NOW!” I felt on the verge of fainting. Lunamon, Heather, Matthew, and I were the only ones in the entire fortress. It was too far and too late to go to Yew and get a doctor…
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 124 - Departure for a New Era

    Matthew Kasuto

    “Well, the babies are coming! NOW!” My sister looked on the verge of fainting. Lunamon, Heather, Eleanora, and I were the only ones in the entire fortress. It was too far and too late to go to Yew and get a doctor…

    Madelyn was there as well, but then Heather began moaning in agony, and the moans shortly turned into screams, so we decided to not bring her to her suffering mother so as not to traumatize her, and prayed that she would not hear the screams. “Oh, Goddess, THEY’RE COMING! THEY’RE COMING!!!!!” Eleanora’s screams synchronized with those of Heather’s, until Lunamon jumped up and slapped her on the back of the head.

    “Pull yourself together, woman!” the small Digimon snapped. “Now, we’re the only three here right now, so we have to help Heather! Now…who here knows…how…to deliver a baby…?” A dead silence fell over us.

    …Katsumi, please tell me you know how to deliver a baby! I thought.

    Yep, I sure do! Now, this is going to get kinda…um, how should I say this…

    Complicated? I suggested.

    Bloody. Very, very…bloody. Now, first of all, you’re going to need to go boil some water.

    Why is that? I’ve heard that, but I never knew why, I pondered.

    Honestly…I don’t know either. Just do it. Careful not to burn yourself!

    “MATTHEW!” Eleanora screamed. “C’mon, stop spacing out and help me!”

    “…Okay…need to go boil some water first,” I muttered.
    Don’t worry, Mattie. I’ll walk you through every step, Katsumi said in a very calm voice.

    Isole Frost

    “…I…cannot tell you who I am…but…why I am here…has very much to do with the ancient kingdom you study,” Melanie began. “…Isole…you will need to go there.”

    “…Excuse me?” I asked, certain that I had misheard her. “You…must be joking…”

    “This is no joke, Isole Frost. You and your friends at Lachesis will need to go to the ancient kingdom.”

    “You’ve got to be kidding! They don’t call it the ‘ancient’ kingdom for nothing, you know! It fell about 1,300 years ago!”

    “Um…Miss Melanie? Do you perhaps mean for us to go where the kingdom was?” Lilliana asked.

    “…That would be redundant, for you are already there. Where Celicia was…Yew is. The city of Yew was built in commemoration of Celicia.”

    “Melanie, I’m sorry, but I just don’t understand what you’re asking,” I said. “Could you please just tell us what you want us to do?”

    “…Of course. I am requesting that you and several members of Lachesis travel through time to go to the ancient kingdom.”

    “Time travel?! But that’s impossible!” I yelled, forgetting that I was in a library. I lowered my voice, and said, “Melanie, time travel is forbidden magic! Only a Digimon called Clockmon is able to perform it without any repercussion. Besides which, it’s impossible for anyone else to do it!”

    “No. It is not…impossible. It is only labeled as such due to the nature of its unpredictability,” Melanie said. “It is very difficult to perform, though; it requires a bit of time for a large group…”

    “So you…are going to send us back in time,” I began.


    “To the ancient kingdom…”


    “…And you expect me to go along with that?!” I shouted, once more forgetting that I was in a library.

    “Oh, of course I don’t expect you to believe me; trust me, I know how…unbelievable all of this might sound right now,” Melanie said. “But, Isole…it is very important that you and your friends at Lachesis do this.”

    “Sounds like end of the world time again,” I muttered. Melanie shook her head.

    “No…It will be far worse than that.” The tone of calm sorrow in Melanie’s voice sent a sharp twinge of chilling fear through my heart. “There are those who have already gone back in time; they seek to alter the course of history. If that happens…then…”

    “Then what…?” Lilliana asked in a frightened voice.

    “…It’s possible that we may never even know about it; if they alter the course of history, your own pasts will conform to the changes. That’s what makes it all so dangerous…The evil ones; I know not what exactly they plan…but they must be stopped.”

    “…Isole…I believe her,” Lilliana whispered. “She sounds so sad…I want to help her!”
    “I believe her too, but…it’s…just so astonishing, is all,” I replied. “But…Miss Melanie, I will take you up on your offer. I’ll take you to our guild hall, but I can’t guarantee that the boss’ll decide to come through with anything…”

    Matthew Kasuto

    Katsumi was right; it had been a very bloody ordeal. Several times, I felt like vomiting — but I knew I shouldn’t. I knew the pain Heather was in was excruciating beyond belief, so to complain would have felt wrong. Of course, the arrival of Isole was a big help — as was that of a woman named Melanie. Lilliana had simply been sent to her room — being only twelve, nobody wanted to scar her for life. But finally, it had been done. Two lives had been brought into this world, and out of Heather’s belly. One, a tiny dark-haired girl, was being cradled by Eleanora. The other, a blond boy, was held by a teary, smiling Heather. Sitting next to her was Madelyn, gently running her fingers through her new little brother’s hair.

    “…What are their names going to be?” Eleanora asked.

    “Lloyd…Lloyd and I have already discussed this,” Heather said in a shaky voice. “This little man here…his name will be Isa Matthew Reed.”

    “My name…?” I asked

    “And that little cutie will be Leila Eleanora Reed,” Heather concluded.

    “But…why our names?” Eleanora asked.

    “It was something I decided just now, their middle names; if you two hadn’t been here for me…I don’t know what would’ve happened…I can never thank you enough for helping me bring these little ones into the world…So, your names are their middle names.”

    “Oh…H-Heather…” Eleanora brought little Leila up to her face so as to hide her tears.

    “And you, Mattie…come here.” I did as Heather ask, and sat down on the floor next to the smiling woman. She leaned over and placed a big kiss on the middle of my forehead, right where my Mark was. “…Because of everything you knew…everything you knew how to do…all of this went so much safer than it could have been…Thank you, Matthew, sweetheart…”

    “How did you know how to do all that stuff, anyway?” Isole asked.

    “I, um…well…I mean…” I glanced over at Katsumi’s spirit.

    You don’t have to tell them, she smiled. You don’t have to tell them about me until you’re ready, my love.

    “…Well, back before I decided to train as an archer, I would just stay in the guild’s library, and…I guess I must’ve read a book on childbirth or something,” I mumbled.

    “Is that so…” I knew right away that she didn’t believe me. But, fortunately, that was not the most important thing right now. Everyone was too focused on Heather, and her newborn twins, so Isole simply dropped the subject. “…When will Ulysses and the others return?”
    “It’ll be a while,” Lunamon stated. “Everyone’s out on a job right now, but the master should return within a few hours.

    That Night

    Ulysses sat, cross-legged and his head lowered, towards the center of the lounge of the guild. Various looks of confusion and disbelief passed in the eyes of my friends upon hearing Melanie’s story.

    “…In all my years of magical study, I’d never once dreamed of such a thing being a possibility,” Edmund said.

    “That’s pretty awesome! I’ve always wanted to travel through time!” Sparrow remarked. “Chicks dig time traveling men! I think…”

    “Do you believe her, Isole?” Lucia asked.

    “Yes, I do. I can sense the sadness in her voice when she first spoke to me and Lilly…” At this point, Ulysses raised his head, and looked over at Melanie.

    “My dear, are you yourself capable of Time magic?” he asked. Melanie nodded.

    “I would not be suggesting this otherwise; I will travel with you all to the ancient kingdom, and I will do whatever I can to aid you in stopping the evil ones,” Melanie said. “…I’m afraid I do not know their identities, but I do know this; they are not capable of time travel…so they had to force a Digimon named Clockmon to help them.”

    “Clockmon?! No way! He’s supposed to be neutral!” Statuedramon exclaimed. “Man, I just spoke with him, like, a month ago, too…What a drag…”

    “Well, they found some way to either coerce or force him to assist him,” Melanie said. “That is why I make this request of you, members of Lachesis. Please…come with me to the ancient kingdom. We must stop the evil ones at all costs; the very fabric of reality is at risk.”

    “What’ll it be, boss?” Lucia asked. “We gonna help her?”

    “…Yes. We will. Even if what she says is a lie, it is too risky to simply ignore.”

    “S-Sir Ulysses…I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” Melanie whispered. “I am prepared for us all to go whenever you are finished preparing…”

    “Miss Melanie? Something you gotta understand…Us here at Lachesis? We’re always prepared to go,” Ulysses said. “Really, the only thing that needs to be done is decide who’s going with us.”

    “Not Heather,” Lucia interjected.

    “Oh, come on!”

    “No, Heather; the twins need their mother! They were just born,” Lloyd said. “I’ll stay with you too, okay?” Heather said nothing, and looked somewhat disappointed, but still, she smiled.

    “…So, aside from you two, who else is staying?” Lucia asked. “Larraine and Lilliana, obviously.”

    “No, let me go, too!” Lilliana protested, much to Lucia’s surprise.

    “I think that’s a good idea, mom — er, Lucia,” I said. “Lilliana knows a lot about the ancient kingdom, as do I; I think having us both would be rather helpful.”

    “…Very well, then. So, Sparrow, Lilliana, Isole, who else wants to go?”

    “I…think most of us ought to go,” Ulysses said. “If things are as bad as Melanie says, then we’ll need as many fighters as we can get.”

    “I am in full agreement; the enemy is powerful, if they are able to convince Clockmon to aid them,” Melanie said.

    “…Statuedramon, Lloyd, Heather, Madelyn, Larraine, Neemon, Bokomon, Loralyn, and Dominimon,” Ulysses began. “All of you shall remain behind. Anyone else who does not wish to go will not be forced to do so.” Not a sound was uttered by those present in the room. Everyone looked enthralled by the thought of traveling through time, even Flamedramon.

    “…I’m not going with you this time?” Bokomon whispered.

    “Do not fret, Bokomon; from your perspective, we’ll hardly be gone at all; such is the nature of time travel,” Melanie said. Ulysses looked around the group crowded around him, and nodded.

    “We shall go in the morning. Rest well, my comrades…and prepare for the upcoming day.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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