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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 111 - Lionheart

    Zelda Kasuto

    A single SkullSatamon walked up to me, grinning a vile, toothy…well, grin. The skeletal Fallen Angel raised his staff, poised to attack me, but I was prepared. This is exactly what Thomas had trained me for, shortly after my original nine Talismans shattered. The SkullSatamon lowered his staff, and I held up my hand to block it perfectly, catching it directly at the center of one hand. With my free hand, I struck at SkullSatamon’s wrist, making him drop his weapon for me to retrieve.

    Thomas…I’ll make you proud! I jabbed the tip of the staff into the SkullSatamon’s chest. His ribs cracked, and he died instantly. Okay…just think of them as soulless dolls…Don’t think of them as living beings…and I can do this. The staff in my hands dissolved into nothingness as did its owner, the third SkullSatamon I managed to defeat that day.

    “Oh, Zelda…did you just…defeat one of these Digimon?” Sieglinde asked, running up to me with Lupinemon.

    “Y-Yes…Thomas and Abigail trained me so that I could protect myself, but I’d much rather protect other people,” I replied.

    “Heh; you haven’t changed, even in five-hundred years,” Sieglinde said.

    “Well, she’s ready to fight on her own; that much at least is different,” Lupinemon said.

    “…Well…to be honest, I’ve had to keep telling myself that all of these Digimon are nothing but lifeless dolls constructed of darkness…that they don’t have souls…that their pain isn’t real,” I said. “For the most part, it’s been working…at least, it’s been working well enough for me to keep going.”

    “You really have gotten much stronger,” Tactimon said, walking up to us. “When I first met you, these thoughts wouldn’t have even crossed your mind…”

    “I know…That was…selfish of me. I never fought for myself because I never wanted to see anyone in pain,” I said. “I can’t think of myself now…I need to fight to help my friends; to keep all of these innocent people safe.”

    “To be honest, it’s hard to imagine you thinking of yourself at all,” Sieglinde grinned. I smiled in return, and looked up towards the dark, cloudy sky. The figure of a large Digimon shot by overhead. I gasped.

    “That Digimon…that was Darkdramon!” I exclaimed.

    “Is he one of them?” Tactimon asked. I nodded.

    “He’s going to the Black Rose Mountains,” Lupinemon murmured.

    “…BanchoLeomon…I have to go!”

    “Hey, you’re just going to leave and go to the mountains right now?!” Sieglinde asked.

    “I’m sorry…but I can’t let BanchoLeomon fight Darkdramon all by himself!”

    “Well, you aren’t going to go alone,” Tactimon said. “For we shall accompany you.”
    “…Thanks, you guys,” I smiled.


    A fierce battle raged on in the nearby city of Yew. I stood atop the edge of a cliff, observing what I could of the battle. I knew that Zelda was in there. Should I go down? Dare I get myself involved in whatever was transpiring down there?

    “…I have secluded myself for far too long if I am asking questions like that,” I said quietly, shaking my head.

    “So, BanchoLeomon…you decided to stay after all.”

    “…Darkdramon!” I looked around the craggy landscape, finding Darkdramon perched above me on a sheer cliff. The malevolent dragon grinned at me.

    “You had me worried…I was afraid you’d go and join the fight…and die before I could get to you!” Darkdramon flew down, landing on the ground before me.

    “What do you want now, Darkdramon?” I asked. “Your so-called master; did he send you here?”

    “I am here on no one’s orders but my own,” Darkdramon replied. “If you refuse to join us…then I’ll have to destroy you, BanchoLeomon…You know too much for me to let you live.”

    “Then why did you tell me anything in the first place?!” I roared.

    “I…thought you would join. We are friends…aren’t we…? I simply thought you would join the same organization as your friend.”

    “…No. Not anymore…you are no longer the Digimon I thought you were.”

    “Is that so? I was afraid of this…Well, BanchoLeomon…time for you to die! Gigastick Lance!”

    “King Lion!” Sword and lance collided in the air, sending sparks of metal flying about the pale dusk sky.

    “Dark Roar!” Darkdramon’s attack came too fast for me to dodge or block it; the attack hit me in the face, sending me flying backwards into the rocky terrain. “Gigastick Lance!” Darkdramon flew up high, and dove down at me at a high speed, pointing his lance directly at my chest.

    “Wild God’s Thrust!” A blur raced over me, and blocked Darkdramon’s attack with a single swing of its sword.


    “…Zelda…?” I looked over my shoulder to see the blonde Summoner racing towards me with another woman and a Digimon.

    “Kick his ass, Tactimon!” the other woman shouted.

    “Primary Tactic!” the Digimon that stood above me fired a powerful blast at Darkdramon, sending the Cyborg flying backwards into a cliffside.

    “BanchoLeomon, are you okay?” Zelda asked, helping me to stand back up.

    “Yeah…I’ll be fine,” I muttered. “How did you know that I was fighting him…?”

    “We saw him fly overhead to the Black Rose Mountains, and before we could stop her, Zelda ran after him to help you,” the woman at Zelda’s side said, whom Zelda had introduced as Sieglinde, along with her Digimon partner, Lupinemon.

    “You don’t have to worry; we’re here to help you!” Zelda said.

    “Thanks…but…I don’t need it,” I replied. “I’ll destroy Darkdramon all by myself.”

    “You can’t be serious,” Lupinemon said.

    “I am. Deadly serious.” I walked past Tactimon, and towards Darkdramon.

    “It makes no difference to me…I’ll be killing all of you in the end; I don’t care about the order in which you die!” Darkdramon roared.

    “King Lion!”

    “Gigastick Lance!” Countering my attack with his own, Darkdramon knocked my sword out of my hand, far out of reach. “Dark Roar!” Darkdramon’s attack hit me in the chest, sending me flying backwards once again.


    “Zelda…stay back!” I shouted.

    “I can always just kill her first…whaddya say, Bancho?” Darkdramon asked.


    “Gigastick Lance!”

    “Ultimate Tactic!” Tactimon, holding up his sheathed blade, jumped above Zelda to defend her, but Darkdramon was just too quick; Tactimon was knocked away effortlessly.

    “You…are all pathetic!” Darkdramon screamed.

    He isn’t looking…now’s my chance! Using Tactimon’s falling body as cover, I too leaped up at Darkdramon, catching him by surprise. “Flash Bancho Punch!” My fist tore all the way through Darkdramon’s chest, clear his back. Darkdramon said nothing; rather, he roared in agony as bits of his data began to dissolve away after I landed on the ground. With one final roar, Darkdramon faded away for good. “…Ha…Good riddance…”


    “…Don’t worry. I’m okay, Zelda,” I said. “…I never expected Darkdramon to…fall into darkness so easily, like that, though…I was a little surprised…but I prepared myself for this. He was…no longer my friend…when I killed him. He means nothing to me now.”

    “…Would you…like to join our guild now?” Zelda asked.

    “Yes…I would…but…in a little bit. I’ll come find you when I’m good and ready,” I answered. “I just need to think…for a little bit. He may have been my enemy now, but…he truly was a friend, long ago…”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 112 - Golden Dragon's Ire

    Edmund Luxord

    “So…you lot expect to be able to take me on, huh?” the massive Fenrirmon asked. His glowing crimson eyes looked past each person in our group of three; Ulysses and me, and Kentaurosmon. In terms of numbers, we of Lachesis had the advantage, and yet, I felt that the upcoming battle would be a most difficult one. Kentaurosmon, clearly the strongest member of our group, hadn’t the usual look of confidence on his face — he didn’t appear fearful, however. It was more an expression of determination; determination to defeat Fenrirmon; to protect his Human partner. Tamiko and Giselle had been taken to a safe location by Celtinemon, who was just now returning. Fenrirmon waited patiently for her to do so, to my surprise.

    “It matters not what you think; those with the stronger conviction shall always prove triumphant!” Ulysses retorted to the Digimon.

    We’ll have to be careful, though, I thought. From Lucia’s description on this Digimon, he’s very powerful…

    “Faerie Divider!”

    “Iron Claw Ragnarok!” As fast as Celtinemon had raised her sword to attack, Fenrirmon raised his claws to defend. Claw and blade struck over and over in the air, with neither Digimon giving the other a clear opportunity to strike directly.

    “Celtinemon; move!” Kentaurosmon bellowed, aiming an attack at Fenrirmon. Celtinemon did as she was ordered, allowing Kentaurosmon to fire a glowing arrow directly into Fenrirmon’s chest. At least, that’s what appeared to happen at first, but upon closer inspection, I saw that the arrow had been stopped just inches from Fenrirmon by his Threads of Gleipnir.

    “Good try…I’ll admit, your teamwork is top-notch; I’m a little jealous,” Fenrirmon said, tossing Kentaurosmon’s arrow aside. “Ah, well, a job’s a job, right? Gotta get this one over with, I suppose.”

    “Everyone; get behind me!” Kentaurosmon yelled.

    “Odin’s Demise!” Fenrirmon began absorbing dark energy into his fur, and Kentaurosmon, holding up his shield, leaped in front of us just as Fenrirmon unleashed the energy he had gathered as a powerful beam. Hitting Kentaurosmon’s shield directly in the center, Fenrirmon’s attack sent sparks flying out in every which direction; Kentaurosmon was being forced back inches at a time by the power of Fenrirmon’s attack, but with his extra legs, he was able to dig in to the ground and hold tight.

    “Celtinemon…now’s your chance…Hit Fenrirmon with everything you’ve got!” Kentaurosmon said.

    “Gotcha! Shooting Star Sword!” Celtinemon took to the air, and pointed her sword down at Fenrirmon; a single magic circle formed around the tip of her blade, which fired a powerful beam of energy, not unlike Fenrirmon’s attack, down at the Phantom Beast himself. Fenrirmon was halted by the attack at once, allowing Kentaurosmon to charge up his Odin’s Breath attack to freeze Fenrirmon solid.

    “…All right…this one’s out of the way; for now, at least,” Ulysses sighed.

    “Sir…I’m sensing another presence nearby,” I said. “It’s different from Fenrirmon; it’s big, but…it’s dark…pure darkness…”

    “Well then…I suppose there’s no sense in hiding.” A dark shadow appeared on the ground, growing larger and larger. From its center, a Digimon rose up; in all my years of living, I’d never seen such a Digimon before. Covered in crimson red robes, and wings sprouting from his back, he wasn’t altogether too frightening by appearance, and yet his presence made him the scariest Digimon I had ever encountered. My entire body went numb with the fear this Digimon seemed to exude; a glance over towards Kentaurosmon told me that he felt the same.

    “W-Who are you?” I finally managed to ask.

    “…I never imagined things would go this far,” the Digimon said in a deep, but quiet, voice. “Already, Darkdramon has been destroyed; KingChessmon, Jourmungandrmon, and even Fenrirmon have been defeated. If you had just heeded our warning…you would not have needed to get involved.”

    “Warning?! What warning?!” Ulysses demanded.

    “…Our only target for tonight was supposed to be Dominimon; if one of your strongest was defeated by us…if you had any common sense, you would have stayed clear of our path.”

    “Then I’m afraid you don’t know us very well,” I responded. “If any of us are defeated…then we do not stop until the ones responsible have paid for their crime.”

    “Yes…I did indeed consider that a possibility…but, you entered the scene far sooner than we had anticipated. My master…will be heavily displeased…but…as you are now too deeply involved…I believe he would prefer it if you were eliminated.”

    “Your master…? Are you referring to IceDevimon? Or ShadowSeraphimon?” I asked.

    “…That detail is not important. But I at least will give you the name you requested earlier,” the Digimon said. “My name…is Daemon.” The name hit me like a ton of bricks; I’d read his name a few times in some old texts in the library of our guild. A Digimon with power exceeding that of our strongest guildmates, possibly combined; a Digimon whose darkness knew no bounds…

    “…Ulysses…we can’t fight him,” I said.

    “I’m aware of that…but we can’t run,” the leader replied. “He won’t give us that chance…and I’d rather die facing the enemy than running away.”

    “…Well spoken. It seems you deserve the title of ‘King’ more than young Geitz assumed,” Daemon said. “As you desire…then I shall burn you as you look me in the eye. I shall burn you all to a crisp! Evil Inferno!” A ring of fire rose up from the ground around our group.

    “Odin’s Breath!” Kentaurosmon raised his shield and called forth a blizzard, trying to quell the flames, but the attempt only made Daemon’s flames roar and expand. I used my own magic in order to do the same, but to no avail. I could hear Daemon laugh over the roar of his flames; an eerie, bone-chilling laugh, one that seemed to lack emotion of any kind other than the Digimon’s ire. The flames conjured by Daemon rose up into the air, twisting around like a serpent, and then it happened. The sentient flames lunged out at us, and just when I thought it was all over, at that instant, a small figure rushed out from the flames, standing before us all. The figure, a Digimon, held up a shield, and the flames were absorbed into it.

    “Sword of Dragon’s Soul!” The short Digimon held out an impressive-looking blade, and shot out a powerful blast of flames from it at Daemon, knocking the larger Mega backwards with enough force to break through the wall of a house his back slammed against. The short Digimon twirled his sword in a confident manner, sticking it blade-first into the ground. He turned around to face us, and my jaw nearly hit the floor when I saw his face.

    “…Statuedramon!” I exclaimed.

    “Ah, you know me, huh? Wait a sec, don’t tell me…you’re Abigail’s kid, right?” Statuedramon asked. “You sure grew up, little guy! You were no taller than me ‘bout the time I left!”

    “Statuedramon, we will save the sentimentality for later,” Ulysses said. “For now, we—”

    “Yeah, yeah, I know; Daemon. Jeez, you’re a pushy boss,” Statch laughed.

    “…No. I do not wish…to raise my hand against you, if I can help it,” Daemon said, climbing out from beneath the rubble. “Sovereign of the East…I know your power…better than you know it yourself. After all…I was the one who gave it to you…was I not?”

    “Statch? What’s he talking about?” I asked.

    “This Digimon…used to be known as Seraphimon,” Statuedramon replied.

    …Seraphimon…then…Sparrow’s theory…The young lad was right, it seems…

    “What happened to ya, Seraphimon? How’d this even happen, eh?” Statch asked.

    “…You know as well as I the pain of losing those close to you,” Daemon replied.

    “Yeah…yeah, I do, Seraphimon. So, what, you’re just going to let that darkness run all over your soul? Jeez, yer pathetic…”

    “Evil Inferno!” Before Seraphimon could unleash his attack, Statuedramon pulled his blade from the earth, and tore through the dark flames, blowing them away with a single slice. Statuedramon became enveloped in a near-blinding golden light, and changed shape to a much larger dragon.

    “…Did he…just Digivolve?” Kentaurosmon asked. I nodded.

    “Yes…this is Statuedramon at the Champion level,” I replied. “This…is Shenlongmon.” Statuedramon’s new form lunged at Daemon, and pinned the Mega level to the ground.

    “Seraphimon…don’t make me kill the last of you three,” Shenlongmon said. “How do you think Arcadia would feel if she knew—”

    “SHE DOESN’T CARE! SHE DOESN’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF US! OUR GODDESS…HAS ABANDONED US ALL!” Daemon screamed. Beneath him, his shadow expanded, and Daemon, along with Fenrirmon’s frozen body, sank into it, vanishing into the depths of darkness.

    “…Ah, hell…this’s turned into a big, fucking mess,” Shenlongmon muttered.

    “Still…you came to help us at just the right time,” I said. “Thank you, Statuedramon.”

    “Heh; no problem, little buddy. Now, what say we mop up the rest of these Fallen Angels and head back to the base?” Shenlongmon asked. “There are…some things I need to discuss with you.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 113 - Promises in the Dark

    Matthew Kasuto

    Trionfimon and I had just arrived at the outskirts of the city of Yew. What we saw was unforgettable. Katsumi’s spirit and I were surprised; however, Trionfimon had a stern expression on her face, but looked otherwise calm. The city before us lay in ruins; several buildings were aflame, lighting up the night sky and sending smoke upwards to block the full moon from view.

    “What happened here?!” I asked.

    “…An invasion, no doubt,” Trionfimon replied. “You told me of those SkullSatamon and the other Fallen Angels who separated you from your friends; undoubtedly, they were involved. That’s just the kind of Digimon they are…”

    “Yeah…but it seems like it’s over now; I don’t hear any screams, or laughter from those SkullSatamon,” I said.

    “All the same, we’d best be on our guard,” Trionfimon said. “You never know what might happen in a place like this…”
    Indeed…my guard is always up, I thought, holding tightly to my bow. The cautious words of Katsumi’s spirit rang softly in my ears; darkness rested not inside Trionfimon’s heart, but around it. And so, I followed along after the Shaman Digimon, poised to strike if need be.

    Lucia Delbray

    “…And so, I can declare with much relief that there were no casualties for the members of Lachesis,” I said. “There are, however, several who remain missing, those being Zelda, Sieglinde, Lupinemon, and Tactimon.”

    “So…she’s here too, eh? That makes things a bit easier,” Statuedramon said. “I should hope the group you sent out finds them soon, Miss Delbray.”

    “Sir Statuedramon, you have nothing to fear; Eleanora and Edmund will find our friends,” I replied. “Zelda is strong; she and the others will no doubt return unharmed.”

    “…Think so, huh? Lucia…you are right when you say Zelda is strong…but you have no idea just how strong she is,” Statch smirked.

    I honestly can’t tell if he’s agreeing with me or contradicting me…

    “All right, Statuedramon; what was it you wished to discuss with us?” Ulysses asked. I glanced over at the Rookie Digimon, only to find him gazing at Larraine. “…Statuedramon?”

    “Oh…sorry ‘bout that; you just looked…a bit familiar is all,” Statch said, nervously looking away from the dancer. “Mind if I ask for your name?”

    “It is Larraine, sir,” the small dancer replied, smiling kindly at the Digimon.

    “Larraine…Yeah, that’s what I thought…Back in the desert…” Statuedramon spoke under his breath, and I was unable to understand him.

    “Statuedramon!” Ulysses hollered.

    “Wha—? Oh, yeah, my bad…All right…So, about Daemon…”

    “Yes…He said that he was the one who gave you your strength long ago; is this true?” our boss asked.

    “Kinda; it was back when he was Seraphimon, so technically yes,” Statuedramon answered. “Well, first of all, you don’t have anything to worry about; even though Seraphimon was corrupted by darkness, I myself shall not follow along the same path as a result. The power he gave to me is mine alone, and it is with this power…that I shall defeat him. All by myself.”

    “…By yourself?!” I asked. “You can’t be serious!”

    “Listen, lady; you don’t have the slightest idea just how powerful Daemon is,” Statuedramon said in a firm voice. “He wasn’t even using half of his strength against Kentaurosmon and Edmund, and he still almost won! His power stems from his origins; his origin as one of the Three Celestial Digimon created by Arcadia. Seraphimon was designed to be the executor of the laws set up by our Goddess, so he was made the strongest of the three Angels. Daemon’s power…rivals that of the Goddess herself.”

    “…So, what makes you think you can defeat him alone?” Ulysses asked.

    “Because my strength is…similar, I guess you could say,” Statuedramon said. “…The reason I was gone for so long…I was paying my old master a visit.”

    “Master…you don’t mean Murmuxmon, do you?” Ulysses asked.

    “No; not our second Guildmaster; my master. Baez. Well…that’s not his real name, but it’s easier to say. Anyway, I was with Baez to help restore the memories I had lost; the memories I lost before I met Thomas Kasuto. With him, I was able to awaken the power I had within myself; power I knew I had, but power that I had forgotten how to access. Digivolution. While I was with Thomas, I thought I would never be able to do it…until we fought a Digimon called Horusmon up at the Black Rose Mountains, where I Warped into my Mega form for the first time in a long time…I became Azulongmon, and defeated Horusmon.”

    “Indeed…A battle to remember, that was,” Andromon said quietly.

    “I sure like to think so,” Statch chuckled. “Anyway, I was with Baez for a long-ass time, working to get my erased memories back. I still haven’t quite gotten them all back — for example, I have no idea how I lost those memories to begin with — but, I was able to get back the most important ones…like Seraphimon giving me some of his power; that’s the reason I’m able to become Azulongmon at all, because of him. That power…I am what Baez calls a Sovereign…and it is with this power — Seraphimon’s power – that I shall destroy Daemon.”

    “But…how can you be sure that you’ll be strong enough to defeat him alone?” I asked. “Sure, you were given power by Seraphimon, but what if he was given even more power when he became Daemon?”

    “…No. I will win…because my will to do so is greater than his. I don’t care how strong Daemon is…I will not let his grief burn this world to ashes.”

    “Holy crap…you mean I was actually right?!” Sparrow exclaimed. “My theory about Seraphimon…was actually RIGHT?!”

    “Guess so,” Statch shrugged. “You got a good head on your shoulders if you thought that up by yourself, kid.”

    “…So, you won’t even allow us to accompany you, is that it?!” I asked.

    “Sorry…but it’s better if you don’t. Look, I don’t even want Flamedramon or Abigail to come with me; that’s just how strong Daemon is. I’m not going to risk getting any of you killed by that fiend.”


    “That’s my decision,” Statuedramon interrupted. “Look, I appreciate having a beautiful lady like yourself care about me, but…this isn’t about pride. I’m not fighting him alone because I think it’ll be no problem, because it won’t be. I might not even survive myself…but I will take that bastard down with me, I promise you that.”

    “…Okay.” I sighed, and looked down at the floor. I had heard much about Statuedramon from the guild’s records; he was an infamously loudmouthed, oafish, and clueless glutton…nothing like the brave and strong Digimon that sat before us. “…If you don’t think that even Flamedramon and Abigail stand a chance against him…then I’ll trust you.”

    “Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me!” Ulysses exclaimed. “I sent Flamedramon and Abigail out to find you since it seemed to be an appropriate time to do so. Why aren’t they with you?”

    “Oh, yeah…uh…about that…I, uh…kinda sent them out to look for…someone else,” Statuedramon said. “I’d tell ya, but…who doesn’t love surprises, eh? Now then, where are Apollomon and Dianamon? Or, well, I guess their reborn selves?”

    “Um…right here, sir,” Lunamon said, walking up to the larger Rookie. At her side stood Coronamon.

    “Ah…there you are!” Statch glared down at the two Rookies. “Both reborn as Rookies…this will be delightful!

    “U-Um…w-what will…sir?” Lunamon asked.

    “Oy, you sure got a dirty mind, man,” Coronamon said.

    “What?! No! Not that! Jeez…you perv, Apollo,” Statuedramon grimaced. “Oh, yes…revenge will be oh so sweet!”

    “…I’m scared Larraine, hide me,” Lunamon said, speaking in a voice that was just barely above a whisper.


    Eleanora Kasuto

    The section of city of Yew I had found myself in lay in complete ruin. I hadn’t noticed it at the time, being too busy decapitating countless Devimon at the time, but as Edmund and I walked through the eerily empty street, the deafening silence sent chills running down my spine. I stayed close to Edmund’s side, not wishing to become separated from him in the darkness of night. We slowly and carefully walked around the debris of the decisive battle, until we had finally found Zelda and Sieglinde.

    “…I’m sorry to have worried you,” was what she said as soon as we met up.

    “She was following after Darkdramon,” Lupinemon said. “We had to track him all the way up to the Black Rose Mountains before we could fight him.”

    “I see…well, I am glad you weren’t alone for the ordeal,” Edmund said.

    “…There wasn’t any…did anybody—”

    “Nobody died,” I interrupted, smiling at Sieglinde. “At least, nobody on our side.”

    “And now, the only missing is Matthew,” Edmund added. “And we’ve not the slightest clue where he may be…”

    “And yet, we cannot give up,” Tactimon nodded. “Shall we…search for him? Just us?”

    “I don’t care who goes with me; but, I’m not going back,” I said. “I won’t come back home until I find—”

    “Eleanora!” My heart skipped a beat. There, off in the distance, climbing through the rubble of a house, was none other than my brother.

    “MATTHEW!” Without even bothering to get a good look at the Digimon behind him, I ran up to my twin brother and pulled him into a tight hug. “Matthew…Oh, thank the Goddess you’re okay…”

    “El, I’m fine; I was just taken away by a SkullSatamon during that last battle,” Matthew said. He stood at an awkward angle in my embrace, as if he were trying to avoid contact with me. I let go immediately, but continued smiling at him.

    “Matthew…are you okay? You aren’t hurt, are you?” I asked.

    “Nah; he’s fine,” the Digimon behind Matthew spoke up. “He was a little banged up when I got to him, but I kept him safe until he was good enough to walk on his own.”

    “Oh, I see…Thank you very much, ma’am; I am eternally in your debt,” I said, bowing to the Digimon.

    “No need for formality, dear; you can just call me Trionfimon,” the Digimon said in an embarrassed voice. “Well…here, uh…here’s your brother…I’d better get going.”

    “Wait, where—”

    “Trionfimon…You have been a very naughty girl…” A deep, monotone voice echoed in the night sky. A black shadow formed in the sky, blocking the moon from sight; from it, a Digimon descended down to the ground.

    “Lucemon!” Sieglinde gasped. “Lucemon…what are you doing here?!” The Digimon turned his head to the blonde swordswoman, and blinked.

    “…Lucemon knows who you are…You wear different skin, but you are still the Lupinemon that Lucemon remembers,” Lucemon replied. “Lupinemon is a traitor to Lilithmon…she must be punished. But now is not the time for that. Lucemon is here…only to retrieve Trionfimon.”

    “Trionfimon?! What do you want with her?!” I asked, glaring at the tall Digimon. Though I had placed myself between him and her, to my surprise, Trionfimon willingly walked over to Lucemon. “…Trionfimon…?”

    “…I return the boy with my humblest apologies,” Trionfimon said sadly.

    “Daemon isn’t very happy with Trionfimon at the moment; she aided a member of Lachesis,” Lucemon said sternly.

    “…All I saw was an injured child. I knew nothing of his ties to Lachesis,” Trionfimon said. “That…is all I’ll say on the matter.”

    “Trionfimon had better hope that Daemon believes her,” Lucemon smirked. Trionfimon said nothing. “Trionfimon may have joined Daemon of her own will…but Trionfimon’s actions leave Lord Daemon most displeased.”

    “…You keep repeating yourself,” Trionfimon said. “Are we going, or what?” Lucemon smiled, and rather forcefully grabbed ahold of Trionfimon’s wrist. The two ascended into the sky, and into the shadow Lucemon had come out of, vanishing from sight completely.

    “…So, she really was involved in the darkness,” Matthew said to himself.

    “You don’t seem all too surprised about it,” I said.

    “I had a feeling; that’s all,” he replied, purposely avoiding my gaze.

    …He’s lying to me again, I thought. What isn’t he telling me? What is he hiding from me?! Why doesn’t he trust me enough to tell me what’s troubling him…?

    “You say she is evil, lad,” Edmund began. “But…I cannot help but feel the opposite.”

    “I said nothing about her being evil,” Matthew smiled. “Just that she was with them. Darkness surrounds her heart…but it isn’t inside her heart.”

    “…Then she needs to be saved,” Edmund mused. “…Very well then. I’d have had to thank her some way or another; surely pulling her out of the darkness should suffice.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 114 - Night of the Wolf


    “…Darkdramon has been slain in battle…because of my carelessness,” Daemon said. “And it seems that KingChessmon has fled altogether…”

    “Lucemon thinks the deserter should be punished,” the tall and creepy Angel Digimon said.

    “Tracking him down would take too much time and effort; I do not believe it would be worth it,” Jourmungandrmon said. “KingChessmon isn’t a threat to us, and he knows it. And he isn’t stupid enough to go back to Cherifia, either. Too many here have seen him; he would be imprisoned almost immediately after returning.”

    “Regardless, it would be simple for me to find him,” Fenrirmon added. “…But, it’s up to you, boss. You want him found?”

    “…No. It is as Jourmungandrmon said…KingChessmon isn’t a threat…and so we shall not waste time finding him,” Daemon said. “We shall instead focus…on the real problem at hand.”

    “…You mean Lachesis,” I whispered. Daemon nodded.

    “Why is Trionfimon even still here? Lucemon thinks we should simply eradicate her!” Lucemon bellowed.

    “Yeah, it’s pretty obvious you were helping them out; saying that you didn’t know the kid was from Lachesis doesn’t help your case,” Fenrirmon said coldly. “The kid had the Mark; that guild is the only place that’ll accept people like that.”

    “Gentlemen…Trionfimon has proven her loyalty time after time…I do not think it to be fair to judge her in her entirety for one mistake,” Daemon interrupted. “She is our beloved oracle…If we are to win this fight, we will have need of her special abilities.”

    “…You are very gracious, my lord,” I said, bowing to the shadows Daemon hid himself in. “I live to serve, in both body and soul. You are my master…and your life is yours to use as you see fit.”

    “Now then…Oracle, what should we do?” Daemon asked. “Your ability to see into the future is a most wondrous thing…How should we proceed?” I gazed into the shadows, into the two crimson eyes that stared back at me, and then closed mine.

    “…They will come for us. They know not our location…but they will find us, and very soon,” I said.

    “And how should we prepare for this?” Jourmungandrmon asked. “We will have to fight them at some point. Where should that be?”

    “…Victory…I see victory…in the mountains,” I replied. “The Black Rose Mountains…that will be our battlefield…”

    “Lucemon has fought there before; this should be therefore an easy win,” Lucemon said.

    “If I recall correctly, that’s where you were killed by Dianamon,” Fenrirmon said under his breath.

    “Lucemon chooses to ignore this statement.”

    “Now, Trionfimon…you are certain we are to go there?” Daemon asked.

    “…It will serve as the most advantageous battlefield, yes,” I replied. “The darkness…the landscape…it will serve well.”

    “…And what if they don’t find us?” Fenrirmon asked. “We could be up there for months, you know!”

    “Which is why you will go and lure them to us,” Daemon said. Fenrirmon grimaced, but said nothing in objection. “Lucemon; Trionfimon; Jourmungandrmon; you will all accompany me to the Black Rose Mountains.” Lucemon and Jourmungandrmon bowed to Daemon, but I remained silent.
    …They never even asked whose victory I saw in the stars, I thought. What fools these mon can be…


    “…Statuedramon…It’s so good to see you again,” Zelda whispered softly, gently placing my large hand in between her two smaller ones. “You left so suddenly after the wedding…We hardly even had the chance to say goodbye…”

    “…I’m sorry,” I whispered back. “But I had to. Fanglongmon’s dying wish…I just couldn’t let it be ignored…”

    “No, I understand…I just missed having you around, is all…”

    “And, uh…I’m sorry…about Thomas,” I said. “…I’m sorry he couldn’t have stayed alive with you.”

    “…It’s…okay…His last moments were…peaceful…and we lived happily together until he passed…”

    “…I’m sorry I couldn’t have been there,” I repeated. “But…that brings us to why I’m here now. Daemon.”

    “And you honestly think we’ll just let you waltz right up to him and try to defeat him all by yourself?” Isole asked. “Stop being so full of yourself, you little dildo.”

    “This has nothing to do with arrogance!” I yelled back. “I am the Sovereign, chosen by Baez — I mean, Fanglongmon — to defeat Daemon! After all, he was the one who gave me the power that I have now, back when he used to be Seraphimon!”

    “That doesn’t mean you have to do it by yourself!” Mia exclaimed. “If we can help you, let us!”

    “…No. I’m not going to let Daemon hurt you. Any of you. That’s why I’m going after him all on my own,” I whispered. “I only came here to tell you guys to stay out of my way…Not to enlist aid.”

    “But, Statch—!”

    “Let GO!” Zelda had grabbed hold of my arm in a futile attempt to stop me from leaving; I snatched my arm back forcefully and immediately. In doing so, my claws tore across the palm of her hand. Without even looking back, I ran from the room, and out of the fortress. The moon was halfway hidden by the horizon, still waiting to climb higher into the night sky. Daemon should still be around here somewhere…Now, where—

    “Pardon me…You seem to be in a rush to get somewhere.” I stopped running at once, turning to face the direction the voice had come from. A tall and largely built man, wearing a sleeveless black coat and glasses, walked up to me. “Where…could you be off to, in such a hurry?”

    “…None of your business,” I replied. “Like you said, I’m in a hurry, so if you’ll excuse me—”

    “I can take you to see Daemon. That is where you’re going…is it not?”

    “…And who might you be?” I asked.

    “Well, as I am now, you can call me Romulus,” the man replied. “But…that’s not who I really am.”

    “Are you a Bio Hybrid, or something?”

    “…Or something…would be the more appropriate response,” Romulus said. “I’m similar to the Hybrids…but my transformation was bestowed upon me at birth; no devices or spells needed.” Romulus slid his jacket off, and placed it on a rock behind him, doing the same with his glasses next. “My real name is Fenrirmon.” At once, the man began to transform; he grew larger and larger by the second, changing form into a large, dark wolf.

    “…Hm; wouldn’t have guessed you could do that during that battle a few hours back,” I said.

    “Well, life’s just full of surprises,” Fenrirmon replied. “C’mon…Daemon’s waiting for you. He’s at the Black Rose Mountains.”

    “Black Rose…Why do you villains like dark and foreboding mountain ranges for your fights? First those bandits, and now you guys…It’s a bit of an overused plot point, you know?”

    “Well, I cannot speak on behalf of bandits; Daemon selected Black Rose simply for the advantageous landscape,” Fenrirmon said. “Now…will you come along willingly, Statuedramon? Daemon wishes to speak with you, before you die.”

    “…Fine. Take me to him.” Fenrirmon nodded, and lowered himself to the ground, allowing me to climb up on his back. And then, the Beast began to run; the scenery around us became a blur as we rushed to the mountains. As he ran on, I let my mind begin to wander, thinking of the situation. Seraphimon…how did you get so…powerful? And you’re capable of pulling Digimon from the Dark Area even; so, why pick just Lucemon? He isn’t that big of a threat…unless he can—
    “Hey. We’re almost there,” Fenrirmon said, interrupting my thoughts. I looked up, only to see the rugged mountains of Black Rose covering half the sky in a blanket of shadowed spires; we’d managed to get there faster than I expected.

    “…So, where’s Daemon?” I asked.

    “Further up in the mountains. He’s expecting you, Statuedramon.”

    “So I’ve been told…”

    “…It’s because he gave you your power,” Fenrirmon said.

    “Planning on stealing it back from me, is he?” I asked.

    “Don’t be absurd; your power is light. Daemon is a being of darkness; your power would do him no good.”

    “Then why does he want to see me?”

    “…He wants to observe a Sovereign’s power,” was all Fenrirmon said. “Now, go.” I remained still, and silent. “…Well? Don’t you wish to see Daemon? You mentioned something about defeating him all by yourself, did you not? Where is your bravado now, Rookie?”

    …This is obviously a trap…Who knows how many Digimon he’s got lying in wait for me up there? Or if he’s even up there?

    “Iron Claw Ragnarok!” Before I could react, Fenrirmon reached and struck me across the face with his claw. I tumbled down a small, rocky knoll, and looked up at the larger Digimon. “Now, are you going to see Daemon? Or, am I going to have to drag your half-dead, blood-stained stupid ass over to him?!”

    “…Neither! I’ll deal with you first! Statuedramon Digivolve to, Shenlongmon!”

    “If you insist. Threads of Gleipnir!”

    “Ivory-Thunder Claw!” My forearms and claws surged with pure white electricity, and before Fenrirmon’s attack could ensnare me, I cut through it, tearing the attack to shreds.

    “Iron Claw Ragnarok!”

    “Ivory-Thunder Claw!” Again and again, our claws collided into one another; I attempted to strike at Fenrirmon with my tail, but Fenrirmon was too fast. He jumped behind me, and continued our clawed fist brawl.

    “…Heh; not half bad for a Champion; first time one of you has lasted this long,” Fenrirmon said. “But, Daemon’s waiting on you, and this little interference just won’t do, I’m afraid…”

    “Then do something about it!” I retorted, lashing out with another attack that Fenrirmon easily dodged.

    “Don’t mind if I do! Odin’s Demise!”

    “Golden Dragon!” My entire body glowed in a radiant, golden shine. I flew up in the air, and back down at Fenrirmon just as he fired off his attack. I dove headfirst into the beam of dark energy, fully expecting to tear clear through it. To my dismay, the exact opposite happened; Fenrirmon’s attack — or rather, the force of it — blasted me away before it even hit me. My wings locked, and I fell straight to the earth. Fenrirmon attacked once again; I could feel the darkness searing through my scales; the tips of my wings sizzled, as though they were burned by the flames of hell.

    “…Don’t make me attack you again, now; I don’t think you’d survive another one,” Fenrirmon said. “Hurry up and turn back to your Rookie form so I can drag you over to Daemon, wouldja?”

    …Thomas was right…I should’ve learned when to keep my big mouth shut, I smirked. Sorry I never took your advice…old friend…

    “Statuedramon!” Slowly, I lifted my head, seeing Ulysses kneeling at my side. Behind him stood Lloyd, Mia, Elizabeth, and Quetzalmon. “…Did you really think we’d let you go alone, you big dummy?”

    “…Well, I guess it’s good that you did. Looks like I’m as weak as you all thought,” I said.

    “This has nothing to do with us thinking you’re weak,” Lloyd said. “We’re not going to let Daemon defeat you, Statuedramon.”

    “…Using my own logic against me. Did Zelda tell you that always works?” I asked, climbing back up to my feet. “…Speaking of…where’s everyone else? Are you the only ones who came?”

    “I overheard your conversation with Fenrirmon,” Ulysses said. “He said you were heading to Black Rose…glad I happened to hear that without getting noticed. Our group decided to split up and look for Daemon, and anyone else who may be here with him.”

    “Threads of Gleipnir!” Several black threads erupted from Fenrirmon’s fur, but they were all cut short by Lloyd’s giant blade and Elizabeth’s knives.

    “…Thanks for coming,” I whispered, beginning to glow once more in the light of Digivolution. “Let’s defeat Daemon together! Shenlongmon Digivolve to, Seiyaryumon!”

    “Threads of Gleipnir!”

    “Ivory Hurricane!” As Fenrirmon launched his attack, I spread my massive wings; as soon as they began to glow, I flapped them as hard as I could, and Fenrirmon’s attack dispersed into nothingness. “Ivory Blitz!” I opened my mouth, firing a blast of white electricity at Fenrirmon; the Beast roared furiously, and charged through my attack to strike me with his claws.

    “Elizabeth, Quetzalmon, do you mind?” I heard Ulysses ask.

    “Not at all, sir,” Elizabeth replied.

    “Go right ahead,” Quetzalmon added.

    “Thank you. Quetzalmon; Talosmon; Digifuse!”

    “Goldramon!” Another Dragon Digimon floated down from the night sky next to me, glaring down Fenrirmon.

    “Mia; call out a Digimon Spirit!” Ulysses hollered.

    “Yeah, got it!” Mia exclaimed, standing up between me and Goldramon. The young woman held out a Digimon Talisman, and summoned the Digimon Aquarimon.

    “Gold Flame!”

    “Goddess Urn!” The attacks from the three Digimon struck Fenrirmon dead-on, forcing the large Phantom Beast back several feet.

    “And now…my attack shall purify your darkness,” I said, taking flight into the sky. “Spirit of the Blue Dragon!” My entire body lit up with a deep blue glare, and I fired off a powerful blast of energy in the shape of Azulongmon. The attack enveloped Fenrirmon in its blinding glow; the earth beneath his paws cracked, and split open, and the Phantom Beast fell down into the ravine into infinite darkness.

    “…Did that kill him?” Mia asked.

    “Seiyaryumon’s attack aside, I do not deem Fenrirmon to be capable of surviving such a great fall,” Elizabeth said.

    “Well…even if that didn’t kill him, he won’t be bothering us for one hell of a long time,” I said, changing back into my Rookie form. “We have to focus on Daemon now. Let’s find the others…and kick his ass.”

    “…And that’s it?” Lloyd asked with a smug grin on his face. “Not even a thank you?”

    “…Fine…Thanks, you guys, couldn’t have done it without you, blah blah blah…”

    “Next time…don’t do something like this alone,” Ulysses said. “I was the same way once, you know; acting without really thinking ahead…but you…have people to help you and support you during these times, Statch. Be thankful for them.”

    “Trust me…I am, Ulysses. I’m grateful for all of you every single day.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 115 - Shadow of Pride


    “…No sign of Statch,” I lamented. “I hope he’s okay…”

    “Be fine, he will,” Andromon said, placing a cold steel hand over my shoulder. “A strong one, Statuedramon is…or lucky.”

    “If Statuedramon weren’t lucky, he’d be bankrupt and homeless,” Lupinemon said dryly.

    “That’s a little harsh, Lupinemon,” I said.

    “Well, am I wrong?”

    “I didn’t say that…”

    “We need to keep moving. Stop wasting time with idle chatter,” Omnimon said. “Daemon and his followers could be anywhere in these mountains; we must remain cautious.”

    …How did our group get stuck with this scary Digimon…? And how did he even know we were out here? He wasn’t at the fortress! Does he just tag along whenever he feels like it…?

    “No; Statuedramon is the higher priority. First, we find him, and then we fight against Daemon,” Tactimon retorted.

    “Statuedramon is only one individual; you would waste everyone’s time searching for him when we should be trying to defeat Daemon?!” Omnimon asked.

    “Statuedramon is the only hope we have of actually defeating Daemon! Remember, he’s a Sovereign—”

    “And you’re just going to take his word for it?!” Omnimon interrupted. “You honestly don’t think that puny Digimon can stand up to Daemon, do you?! Even if he can Warp Digivolve, there’s no we he can win against a monster like that!”

    “…Why don’t you have any faith in him?” I asked. “Statuedramon is a member of Lachesis, like all the rest of us. He is a powerful Digimon; if he says he can win, then I have faith in him.”

    “And, why are you even here if you aren’t concerned about Statuedramon?” Lupinemon added.

    “You’re right; I’m not concerned. I’m only here to kill Daemon, and any of the other bastards that are with him. That is what matters! Once they have been defeated, Micaiah can return safely to Valencia Castle!”

    “And now, you are the one going on about a single individual,” Tactimon sighed. At this remark, Omnimon drew his sword, and pointed it directly at Tactimon’s chest.

    “I will warn you but once…Speak ill of Micaiah, and I will kill you where you stand.”

    “I said nothing about Lady Micaiah; it was you I was ‘speaking ill’ of,” Tactimon retorted. It was tense, but Tactimon was able to keep his cool, and kept his weapon at his side. “How a Digimon like you got to be the bodyguard for a royal princess is beyond me…”

    “…I’m surprised you’re able to speak so highly of a ruler other than your own,” Omnimon said in a low voice. “Wasn’t it you who told me that SkullCaliphmon is the only ruler worth following, all those hundreds of years ago?”

    YOU SHUT UP!!!

    “Has the memory been erased so readily? Or was it your loyalty?”

    “…The memory of our conversation 1,200 years ago…has always burned brightly in my mind, even in the afterlife,” Tactimon said. “It wasn’t until I met Thomas and Zelda 700 years later that I began to have doubts in my leader. He bore intense hatred for those who carry the Mark, like myself, so I never really trusted him. So, no, Omnimon…my loyalty never once wavered. I simply never had it in the right person before now.”

    “Then, those were lies you said to me?” Omnimon asked.

    “…I believed them to be true, at the time. But yes…as of now, they were lies. SkullCaliphmon is the worst leader; choosing to follow him was the biggest mistake of my life. SkullCaliphmon deserves no respect; only our pity.”

    “Lucemon thinks that that is a very cruel thing to say about his old companion.” My heart jumped at the sound of the dull, monotoned voice. Lucemon, bathed in the silver light of the moon, descended down towards us in a ray of heavenly light of his own creation. “Take Lucemon’s word for it…It does not do you any good to enrage Lucemon.”

    “…You really are here,” I whispered. Lucemon glanced in my direction, and smirked.

    “Sieglinde…Linoan. You are prepared to betray Lucemon once again?”

    “Without a second thought!” I shot back.

    “…You’ve been a problem for Lucemon ever since you joined the Order of the Enchantress. Lucemon theorizes that this may be why Lachesis has taken a liking to you,” Lucemon said.

    “How did you get here, Lucemon?! You were killed 500 years ago by Dianamon! There’s no way you could’ve been reborn…Someone evil like you…”

    “Since you asked, Lucemon would be more than happy to provide you with knowledge,” the Ultimate Digimon said. “…It began when Seraphimon was unable to resist the darkness within his own heart…Corrupted, he became the Daemon you are familiar with. Daemon could not handle being alone for so many years…Cherubimon and Ophanimon were gone…and they had not been reborn. In a blind fury, Daemon planned revenge against the Goddess Arcadia…and so, with his new power, Daemon reached into the Dark Area, and pulled Lucemon free. Currently, Daemon is seeking the power that dwells within other beings known as Quintessence in order to strengthen those who have chosen to follow him…But, the recent deaths of Darkdramon, Aegolius, Crush, Rosemon, Widow, and Dagger have made a veritable mess of things for Lord Daemon, as you could imagine.”

    “Lemme guess; you’re going to make an attempt on our lives, only to figure out that we as a group are stronger than any other pathetic weakling in your group. Am I right?” Lupinemon asked.

    “Lupinemon ceased being correct after the ‘attempt on your lives’ section of your hypothesis,” Lucemon replied. “Because, you see…Lucemon will defeat you! Paradise Lost Punch!” Lucemon vanished instantly, and reappeared directly in front of Lupinemon; his right fist glowed with a pure ivory light as he began his attack. Lupinemon leaped up and sank her sharp fangs into Lucemon’s hand. However, instead of a wince of pain, a look of triumph appeared on Lucemon’s pale face.

    “Lupinemon, watch out—”

    “Ultimate Sacrifice!” Lucemon’s free hand became cloaked in a shadowy aura, and Lupinemon became trapped in a sphere of light and shadow. “Grand Cross!” Ten more spheres appeared before Lucemon, and he fired them off at the sphere that trapped Lupinemon; the light and shadow shattered to pieces, and Lupinemon was flung backwards while her light, golden fur became stained in dark crimson blood. Tactimon leapt out to catch her, but he too was flung back; parts of his armor shattered as Lupinemon made impact, and the two slid down a steep slope.

    “No! Lupinemon!” Before I could place one foot over the edge of the cliff, Andromon brusquely grabbed my arm.

    “…Fear, you should not feel; fine, they will both be,” the Digimon said. “To me…you should leave him.”

    “Oh? Andromon thinks he stands a chance against Lucemon?” Lucemon asked.

    “Think, I do not; different from other Digimon, I am. KNOWS…Andromon does!”

    “Is that so? Well then, allow Lucemon to test the extent of your knowledge! Ultimate Sacrifice!”

    “Gatling Attack!” Andromon fired two missiles from his chest into the spheres of light and darkness around Lucemon’s hands. Lucemon screamed, falling to his knees as Andromon’s attack countered his. The light and darkness both became enveloped in flames, and both of Lucemon’s hands burned away until his wrists became bloody stumps. “…Never lose, when I fight for my friends.”

    “Lucemon…is beginning to realize that,” the Demon Lord said through his teeth.

    “Lightning Blade!” Andromon’s attack whizzed through the air, straight towards Lucemon’s throat. Just inches away from hitting its mark, Andromon’s Lightning Blade shattered to pieces.

    “…What happened?” I asked.

    “He isn’t finished fighting yet,” Omnimon said. “He has one final trick up his sleeve…One final form.” Lucemon became enveloped himself in darkness, and grew in size, immediately becoming larger than Omnimon. “…Say hello to Lucemon’s Shadowlord Mode.” The darkness around Lucemon vanished; he had changed from a dark angel to a monstrous dragon of revelation.

    “Shadowlord…Fitting name, I suppose,” I whispered. Emitting a mighty roar, Lucemon rose to the night sky.

    “His weakness lies in his state of mind,” Omnimon continued. “The Shadowlord is nothing more than a puppet; it seeks only destruction, and lacks the ability to reason.”

    “A puppet? What does that mean, exactly?” I asked.

    “That orb the Shadowlord carries; it is called Gehenna. Within Gehenna is the true embodiment of Lucemon’s darkness; the Larva. If we can slay the Larva, then Lucemon will die as well.”

    “All right; let’s get to it, then!” Once again, before I could run off, Andromon grabbed my arm. “…Again with the grabbing? What, do you like me, or something?”

    “…Neglected to tell us something, Omnimon did,” Andromon said slowly, gazing at Omnimon. “Not easy, traveling into the darkness will be.”

    “You say you do not think, but you really are quite sharp,” Omnimon replied. “Well, you’re right; Gehenna is not solid, being made of pure darkness, and yet…it cannot simply be walked right into. The power it exudes prevents any and all attacks from reaching the Larva; needless to say, just walking through it would cause some…undesirable results.”

    “Then…how do we beat him?” I asked.

    “Tide of Despair!” As soon as I looked up, a ring of crimson flames surrounded the three of us. Omnimon swung his right arm through the air, and all of the flames became encased in ice, and then shattered to pieces.

    “I just have to make a big enough hole for you to fit through, Sieglinde,” Omnimon said. “Are you ready?”

    “Ready? Wait—”

    “Nihilism Maelstrom!”

    “COVER HER!” Omnimon yelled. Andromon nodded, and leaped in front of me just before one of the blasts fired by Lucemon could hit me.


    “You’re the only one who can do this out of this group, Sieglinde; we can’t let you get hurt,” Omnimon said. “Supreme Cannon!” Omnimon launched a powerful blast of energy from the cannon on his right arm, piercing clear through the Gehenna orb. “Now, Andromon!”

    “Wait, how am I—” Once more, Andromon placed his hand around my arm, and one on my hip; with all of his might, he hurled me into the air through the hole in Gehenna that Omnimon made. At once, I was surrounded by darkness. And yet, I could see. Before me hovered what I could only assume to be Lucemon’s Larva form.

    “…You would chase me into the deepest depths of darkness?! Does the reckless stupidity of your guild know no bounds, woman?!” Lucemon asked.

    “Figure that out on your way to hell!” Rushing towards the Larva as fast as I could make myself go, I held out my rapier, and pierced Lucemon through the head. The darkness around me faded, as did the form of Lucemon’s Larva. I fell towards the ground, but before I landed, Andromon jumped and caught me. I looked over my shoulder just in time to see the Shadowlord vanish into nothingness. “…We…we really won?!”

    “Sieglinde…you won,” Omnimon corrected. “Neither Andromon nor I could have done what you did in there.”

    “But, you have a sword too, Omnimon…”

    “…If that was what was necessary, then we would not have needed you,” Omnimon continued. “What we needed was your light, Sieglinde. The light in your heart.”


    “Have a heart, I do not,” Andromon said.

    “Yes…and mine has…a great deal of darkness within it,” Omnimon said. “But you…you are completely pure of heart, Sieglinde. A gentle soul who cares deeply for her friends…”

    “Much like Zelda, you are,” Andromon smiled.

    “Yes, and Micaiah; radiant beauties who are always there to help others in need.”

    “Oh…wow…You guys are making me blush,” I said with a shy smile. “I’m not that pretty…”

    “And you aren’t hurt, are you?” Omnimon asked. “Can you still fight?”

    “Hm? Yes, I can, but…”

    “Good. In that case…I want you to stay here with Andromon. He took the full force of one of Shadowlord’s powerful attacks; I don’t want him to fight any further.”

    “But, what about—”

    “I’ll go and get Tactimon and Lupinemon…and then I’ll press on,” Omnimon said. “I’ll find the others…and fight Daemon. Together…with the others.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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