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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 101 - Dancing Mad


    “…So, in conclusion, I was able to sap the power of two Champion level Digimon; Allomon and Lekismon,” Dayan said to me. He spoke in a more steady voice than he did when I had first created him; his eyes looked less dull and lifeless than they did, and he seemed more confident in himself.

    “Well, I’m glad to hear that, Dayan,” I smiled. “But, you weren’t able to defeat them?”

    “No, Milady. I sought only to steal their power from them first, so it would be easier to defeat them later,” Dayan said.

    “I see…Well, that certainly was clever of you, my dear creation,” I said.

    “What’s clever about it? You should simply have eradicated them,” Aegolius muttered.

    “Oh, don’t be like that; my clever little boy is now able to think on his own without his mommy telling him what to do,” I whispered gently, still looking at Dayan. “…But you aren’t entirely wrong, Prince. It would be best if we could have them all dealt with as soon as possible.”

    “…I apologize that I have let you down,” Dayan said.

    “Oh, you didn’t do that, sweetie! Really, you didn’t!” I said, giving Dayan a smile. “…They’re traveling in a group, right?” Dayan nodded. “…Very well. I’d say it’s my turn to go and fight them.”

    “Why don’t we all just go out and fight them at once?” Aegolius said.

    “Remember that old saying: Fools rush in where angels fear to tread,” I said.

    “We’re no angels,” Crush said. “Does that make us fools, then?”

    “Oh, hush, you know what I mean. I’m going to go fight them. Alone.”

    “Wait!” I looked over my shoulder, and saw Rosemon approach me. “Giselle is with them, isn’t she? Let me go with you.”

    “And why should I do that; so you can turn traitor on us at the last minute and go back to your old partner?” I asked.

    “Don’t be absurd; Giselle betrayed me to keep her own selfish ass out of trouble!” Rosemon snapped. “I want to be the one to kill her!”

    “…Very well then; I will spare the one known as Giselle, and bring her back to you. Do you find this to be acceptable?”
    “Very. I long to see the look on her face as the life fades from her eyes!” Rosemon said, grinning madly.

    Sparrow Lea

    “Well, do you know which way he went?” Eleanora asked. I looked around the extravagant room; not counting the doorway we had entered through, there were at least six other exits, all lining the walls. When Dayan attacked us with Allomon’s flame attack, it was impossible to tell which way he had gone.

    “It might be best to avoid him for now, Ellie,” Lunamon said. “He was able to steal mine and Hawkmon’s power, and he even knocked Celtinemon unconscious; I doubt we’ll be able to defeat him with just the six of us…”

    “…Maybe not…but…I swore I would not leave until I found Matthew, or at least until I found out where he was,” Eleanora said. “And if that means fighting Dayan, then so be it!”

    “Well…if you feel that strongly about it, El, then I’ll stay with you,” Sparrow said. “I won’t let that man hurt you; I promise.”

    “Are you flirting with her again?” Giselle asked. My face instantly reddened.

    “N-NO! I’m not flirting with her AGAIN!” I yelled.

    “Yes, but of course; when has it ever stopped?” Hawkmon asked.

    “Damnit, Hawkmon!” Giselle and the two Rookie Digimon laughed, and I turned away. I glanced over at Eleanora, who looked as though she weren’t paying attention. I could tell, though, that her cheeks had grown rather pink since the conversation began.

    “Would you mind telling me what’s so funny? It’s been a while since I’ve laughed like you all have.” At once, Giselle and the two Digimon stopped laughing; I turned around just in time to see a beautiful woman walking into the room.

    “W-Who are you?” Giselle asked.

    “…Is your name Widow, by any chance?” Lunamon asked.

    “You’re half-right, little one; Widow is my codename,” the woman said. “My real name is…oops! Almost forgot; I’m not supposed to tell you unless we share a close bond!”

    “So, you’re the one who created Dayan?” I asked.

    “Yes, that was me,” Widow replied. “How did you find him? Pretty strong, right? And very handsome…”

    “Hmm…well, he definitely wasn’t bad looking,” Giselle mused.


    “What? I was just agreeing with her…”

    “Well, whatever; just to make sure, you lot are from Lachesis, right?” Widow asked.

    “Yes; we are from the Mercenary Guild known as Lachesis,” I said. “I presume that’s why you and the other flunkies have been badgering us?”

    “Flunkies…How arrogant. All of us are equals; we may not refer to our leader as such, but at the end of the day, we are all equals,” Widow said. “Which is more than I can say for you lot; disobeying the words of your ‘master’ to come here searching for one of your own? That doesn’t sound like much of an organization to me.”

    “Shut up, you—” I ran towards the woman, brandishing my axe; Widow held out her arm in front of her, and suddenly, I found myself unable to move. “W-What…the hell…?!”

    “Don’t underestimate me; I’m no mere woman,” Widow said. “…I’m a woman with a great passion for spiders. I love spiders; everything about them! I love their eight little hairy legs; the way they feel when they skitter all across my naked body! I love consuming them live, and the feeling their legs make when they skitter down my throat and all around my belly, only to come out my—”

    “O-kay, you can stop talking now!” Eleanora interrupted with a grimace.

    “That doesn’t explain what you did to me to stop me from moving!” I shouted.

    “Oh, calm down, handsome; I was getting to it,” Widow said, winking at me. “Now, then; since I am so enamored with spiders, I injected the blood and data of a Dokugumon into my veins; not enough to turn me into a Bio Hybrid or curse me with that ugly Mark, mind you. I am currently 80% Human. But, the other 20% of me is Digimon; I have the abilities of the Dokugumon whose data is now inside of me. For example…I am now able to shoot invisible threads from the tips of my fingers! Threads so strong, you can’t move; you can’t break free! But the best part is…you are now able to bend to my will entirely! Now, dance, my little puppet; DANCE!”

    “N-No…you aren’t…strong enough…to control me!”

    “Wanna bet?” Widow asked. The bizarre woman held out both hands in front of her, and began wiggling her fingers like a puppeteer; I tried hard to resist, as hard as I could, but true to her word, Widow had complete and total control of my body. With a laugh, Widow forced me to swing my axe through the air, right at Giselle and Eleanora — though, to my relief, both girls were able to move out of the way quickly enough. “Now, then; how’s that for irony? The symbol on your axe means ‘Kindness’; and yet, here you are, trying to murder your friends!” Widow giggled.

    “No…you…you’re wrong!” I grunted, trying once again to stop my body from moving. “This symbol…it means strength!” With great effort, I loosened my fingers, and dropped my axe to the floor and kicked it away. “Eleanora! Cut through the threads! Quick!”

    “I’m way ahead of you, pal!” Eleanora was instantly in front of me, but Widow began to move my arms again, and I reached out and grabbed Eleanora by the throat.

    “No! STOP IT!” I screamed. “Stop…don’t make me hurt her…”

    “Too late!” Widow smirked. Again, I attempted to resist, but my fingers only tightened around Eleanora’s neck. She was now gasping for breath, completely unable to speak, and dangling in the air.


    “…You know…normally, I would take you up on that offer…but, dear Sparrow, I’m afraid I’ve somewhat of a penchant for bringing agony to other people!” Widow said. “Clearly, you care deeply about this girl — perhaps you fancy her? Seeing you hurt her makes me so happy…Now, snap that Marked cunt’s neck in half; I command you!” Eleanora’s eyes suddenly opened, and she rammed her knee deep into my groin, making me drop her.

    “G-Gotcha covered, big guy!” Eleanora wheezed. In an instant, she drew her sword, and sliced through all of the threads that Widow had placed on me.

    “…Damn it! You were just trying to get close enough,” Widow said through clenched teeth. She raised an arm once again, but then clenched her fist. “…No. I’ve had my turn. And I wasn’t strong enough…I will leave you be for now.”

    “You’re not going any—” I ran for the woman, but in a heartbeat, she had vanished. “…Damn her! Damn her…How did she escape like that…?!”

    “Sparrow…I’m okay,” Eleanora panted.

    “Well, I’m not. She made me hurt you…I’ll never get over that.”

    “It’s okay…I know it wasn’t your fault,” Eleanora said, placing her hand on my arm. “…But…Widow was right about one thing.”


    “That symbol on your axe? It really does mean kindness,” Eleanora said.

    “What?! No, it means strength!” I stammered. “…Doesn’t it…?”

    “Fraid not; I’ve seen that symbol before; it is the Crest of Kindness.
    “DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!” The room filled with the laughter of my friends.


    “Oooh….OOOH! Those damn KIDS!” I screamed, pacing back and forth in the room. “How dare they break free from my thread control?! They make me so mad!!!!”

    “Simmer down,” Aegolius muttered. “Look, we all hate them, okay? No need to get your panties in a twist about it.”

    “Don’t worry about it, Rosie; we’ll get them,” Crush added.

    “…Hmm…I’m going to go find GranDokugumon; maybe she can defeat them,” I said to myself, only partially paying attention to the conversation with my allies.
    “What, you mean that weak little Mega that couldn’t even get past one Human?” Aegolius asked. “Don’t make me laugh…” I ignored the prince, however, and left the room. I walked down a flight of stairs, calling out for my precious GranDokugumon. I finally found her hunkered in the top corner of the room where the wall and ceiling joined.

    “GranDokugumon? It’s okay, honey; you can come down,” I whispered gently. “That scary man isn’t going to hurt you anymore, I promise.” Wearily looking around the room, GranDokugumon skittered down the wall, and over to me. “That’s a good girl…”

    “…You can be very motherly at times…Rosie.” The sudden voice made me jump, and GranDokugumon attempted to hide behind me when Dayan walked into the room.

    “Oh…hello, Dayan. How are you feeling?” I asked. “…Wait…you just used me real name. How did you know it? I never told you…” Dayan smirked, and walked up to me.

    “Rosie…a question then, for you. When you created me…you did not add in a heart, a metaphorical heart…did you not?” Dayan asked.

    “…No, I didn’t. You don’t have any emotions,” I said. “…You shouldn’t…”

    “Then why, pray tell…do I have them regardless, I wonder?

    “I-I don’t know,” I stammered. “M-Maybe…because of your ability?”

    “Rosie…you should know that your own creativity can be cruel, even to you, my dear,” Dayan said. “You have succeeded in bringing to life a monster…many, many monsters; yourself included, naturally.”

    “Dayan, what do you want from me?” I asked, starting to feel scared.

    “I told you…I want to know why I am feeling emotions. You gave me a frightened guess, but that won’t do. I want to know why I enjoy killing other people…I have not even done so yet, but it is something I crave! Why is that, Rosie?!”

    “I…I…Oh!” I gasped. “While I was making you…in order to make you into a Human, I injected some of my own blood into you…That’s why…”

    “…So, that explains it, I guess…”


    “In that case…I would like to thank you for this gift of life…and the curse of emotions…by eliminating your existence,” Dayan said.

    “No…you can’t be serious…” Dayan began walking towards me; inadvertently, I walked back into the cowering GranDokugumon. Dayan, however, walked past me, and placed a hand on GranDokugumon’s trembling head.

    “Poor, pitiful creature… You are just like me; forcibly brought into existence by this madwoman. But now, you can be somebody, instead of just being a laboratory test subject. You’re lucky, GranDokugumon…you’re off the hook.”

    “Dayan! What are you going to do to her?!” I screamed.

    “I said I’m thanking you, didn’t I? Well, here is my gift to you.” Dayan’s hands instantly began to glow, and GranDokugumon began to shriek wildly.


    “Relax; I’m not killing her. I think you would call it compassion…or perhaps empathy,” Dayan said. GranDokugumon’s legs were flailing madly in the air; I had to back away to avoid being skewered. Finally, it was all over with; GranDokugumon collapsed to the ground, breathing heavily. “I stole some of her power for my own use…but for the most part…I removed her sense of self…exactly like you did to me…or tried to. You knew I would have emotions when I came to life…so you used my own powers of absorption to remove them. You, Rosie…are pitiful.”

    “No…No! Dayan!” GranDokugumon stood up, and looked over at me. Her eyes were now fixed in a ravenous glare, and began walking towards me. “Dayan…”
    “Don’t worry, Rosie,” Dayan smiled, turning his back to me. “I hear being devoured alive is actually quite an adventure in itself.”


    “Well, do have fun with that,” Dayan said, walking away. “Oh, and GranDokugumon…bon appetite.” Dayan slammed the door behind him as he left, leaving me alone with GranDokugumon.

    “…You…do you…know who I am…?” I asked, my voice just barely above a whisper. GranDokugumon roared, and pounced on me. “NO! GranDokugumon, stop it! PLEASE!” The last thing I could remember was the sharp fangs of my created Digimon sinking deep into my neck before it tore my head off entirely.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 102 - Loyality

    Aegolius Valencia

    “…Hey. It’s been a while since Rosie…I mean, Widow, left,” Crush said. “Do you think she…?”

    “You heard all that screaming; it’s obvious what happened to her,” I replied, giving my friend a detached glance. “Widow is no more.”

    “…Yeah…I…guess so,” Crush said in a hoarse whisper.

    “The real problem is this; what are we to do now?” I asked. “Widow…she may have been eccentric, but she was a top-notch strategist. What should our next move be…? The ones from Lachesis? Or Geitz?”

    “And then there is Dayan; I’ve got a hunch he was behind whatever happened to Rosie,” Crush said.

    “I still don’t understand why we cannot simply attack them all at once,” Rosemon snapped. “Giselle is with them; they’d waste too much of their energy trying to protect that worthless slut to actually fight us!”

    “…That may be,” Dagger said. His voice startled me; this was only the second time I had ever heard him speak up. “But, it would not do to underestimate them. They’re strong.”

    “Not at the moment! Lunamon can’t Digivolve past Ultimate, so she and Celtinemon are the only real threats! If she were able to become Dianamon, then we’d have a problem; but as she is now–!”

    “We’ll wait here,” I said. “Widow was right…we cannot all just rush in without thinking…we need a plan.”

    “…Fine,” Rosemon huffed. The Mega Digimon turned away and left the room, leaving me with Crush and Dagger.

    “…Hey, Crush…what’s your…real name?” I asked.

    “.The mercenaries from my guild are assigned codenames in order to help them with their missions. They do not reveal their true names to anyone who has not gained their trust.”

    “…I see…”

    “…It’s Charles.”


    “My name. It’s Charles.” I stared at Crush for a moment, and then smiled.

    “Thank you, Charles. For everything that you’ve helped me to accomplish.”

    “No, no…it’s the least I could do for you,” Charles replied. “…And to show my appreciation, I want to do more than give you my name. I will defeat your enemies, Aegolius.”


    “I’m going after Geitz. He’s just a Human…so I should be fine. And that will be one less problem for you to deal with,” the large man replied. I was truly touched by the words of the only person I could consider a friend.
    “Just come back,” I said. “Just come back alive, Crush. That’s an order.” Crush was soon out of sight, leaving me alone. Alone, that is, until I remembered that Dagger was still silently standing in the corner of the room.

    “Charles gave you his real name. I will give you mine,” Dagger said. “My name…is Cole. Cole Wyatt.”

    “…Very well then. Cole…will you go and fight those from Lachesis?” I asked.

    “I will. I will put my life on the line…Either they die…or I shall. There will be no alternative,” the cloaked man said, vanishing into the shadows.

    Geitz Felgrande

    Two more large flights of stairs have been passed since my encounter with Dayan, with each flight containing more than one-hundred stairs, undoubtedly. Near the top of my now third flight of stairs traversed, I stopped to catch my breath. I had dropped the spear I had found, as it had been broken and rendered useless to me. Now, I was without a weapon, and clueless as to whatever it was that Baez wanted me to do.

    “…Well, it’s not like I’ve got anything better to do,” I smirked to myself. I finished my trek up this third flight of stairs, and came face-to-face with another man. He was a large man, and carried a war-hammer in his right hand.

    “Hey; Geitz, right?” the man asked. I remained silent, staring at the man and wondering what he would do. Was he a friend? A foe? “The name’s Crush; well, my codename is, anyway.”

    “What is it you want from me?” I asked. Crush, being shorter than me, looked up and grinned.

    “What do I want…? Your life, Felgrande!” the man exclaimed. “You were chosen by ShadowSeraphimon to make a connection between Arcadia and the Dark Area; you’ve served your purpose, so now your death is imminent!”

    “H-Hold on! Why is this ShadowSeraphimon doing…whatever it is he’s doing?!” I asked. Crush shrugged his massive shoulders.

    “Beats me; I haven’t got a clue what the old codger’s thinking. I don’t even see why we have to kill you…when you could just as easily join us,” Crush said. “…But…orders are orders, and so, eliminate you I must!” The man gripped his massive hammer tightly, and swung it at my head with enough force, I was sure, to knock my head clean off.

    Damn; that spear just had to break, didn’t it?! As Crush continued to attack me, I wildly looked around the room for a weapon — anything I could use to protect myself from this giant prick. But alas, there was nothing. My only advantage was that Crush’s swings weren’t very fast; the rest of him, however, was. Crush swung again, just barely missing my shoulder. His attack left him wide open; I took the opportunity to punch the large man in the face, but this only gave him enough time to strike me away with his hammer.

    “C’mon; I know you can do better than that, Felgrande!” Crush taunted. Somewhat dazed, I used the fall to slide back on to my feet; Crush’s attack had rendered my left arm unusable, likely broken or locked, at least for now. Seeing the condition I was in, Crush then flung his hammer at me, striking me directly in the chest. I could hear my ribs shatter, and I coughed up a few spurts of blood. I ignored the pain I was in, and grabbed on tight to Crush’s weapon before he could get to it.

    “…How’s this…for better?!” It was now my turn to attack; I swung the hammer as hard and as fast as I could at Crush’s head, but he held up a single hand, and blocked my attack entirely. Catching me off guard, Crush seized his hammer back and swung it at me with enough force to send me crashing into the ceiling, before falling back down to the floor. I was close to fading away and losing consciousness, but I could feel Crush press his boot on the back of my throbbing head.

    “Heh; not as much trouble as I thought you’d be,” Crush said. That was when the darkness surrounded me once more. But, I wasn’t unconscious; I knew that. I was still in pain, so I knew I hadn’t died again. But then, what DID happen to me? I opened my eyes to see myself standing up once more; Crush had backed away from me with a look of fear on his face. Confused, I looked down at myself, and gasped.

    I…I’m him again…Duskmon! I looked back to Crush, and smiled. “…You’re finished!” I ran through the man with my two swords. Crush dropped his hammer to the floor with a mighty thud that shook the entire room as I slammed him into the wall. Blood came flying out in every direction, a lot on me, and some on the floor. I retracted my swords at once, and watched Crush fall to the floor.

    “…Aegolius…f-for…give me…I…wasn’t…able to keep…my promise,” he gurgled. And then, he lay lifeless. And I was proud. Proud of the murder that I had committed.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 103 - Angels Dancing in Darkness

    Eleanora Kasuto

    “Sparrow…are you feeling okay?” I asked. The crimson-haired man had remained silent ever since out encounter with Widow; he was angry with himself for being forced to hurt his friends, and saddened that he almost had. It made me feel bad to see this normally cheerful man so sullen; I didn’t know what I could do to make him feel better. He sat with his back up against a wall for about five minutes; the look on his face was grim, but also like he was concentrating hard on some thought.

    “Sparrow, we really should get going,” Hawkmon said quietly. Sparrow responded with silence. “…They weren’t hurt, you know. You don’t need to beat yourself up about this, Sparrow…”

    “…No. I wasn’t thinking about that…I was just thinking…about this entire situation as a whole,” Sparrow finally said.

    “What do you mean?” I asked gently.

    “Well…I was talking to Zelda the other day about things that happened five-hundred years ago, you know?” Sparrow asked. “And it got me to thinking…what if what’s going on now is somehow connected to all the stuff that happened back then?”

    “Sparrow, Auntie Zelda’s already told us that Lilithmon was killed long ago; she’d have been purified and turned back into Ophanimon,” I replied. “Cherubimon would also be clean of the darkness as well…”

    “Right, I know…but what about the third angel?”

    “You mean…Seraphimon? What about him?” Lunamon asked.

    “You’re not thinking he’s involved in this some way, are you?” I asked, giving Sparrow a skeptical glance.

    “Well, think about it; think about how Seraphimon must’ve felt when his two closest friends fell into the darkness the way they did. Think about how hard it must have been to form that group to stop not only that Order of the Enchantress, but his two friends…Think about how terrible he must’ve felt, watching Lilithmon die not once but twice, when he was probably working on a way to save her all those years; but, never got a chance to do so…”

    “Where are you going with this?” Celtinemon asked.

    “All that negativity that Seraphimon felt…all of that grief, and sorrow; what if it all manifested, and consumed him?” Sparrow asked. “What if…Seraphimon was plunged into darkness the way Ophanimon and Cherubimon were?” I was stunned silent.


    “Look, I wouldn’t be even talking about this if I weren’t positive I was right, okay? I’m not just guessing in the dark here; it’s been something I’ve been mulling over for a long time now,” Sparrow said. “I just can’t believe…that Seraphimon wouldn’t be involved in this somehow, thinking about how horrible he must’ve felt…”

    “Sparrow, you can’t just assume that when a Digimon is grieving, that he or she will automatically turn evil and succumb to the darkness in their heart,” Hawkmon said sadly.

    “…Then where is he?” Sparrow asked.


    “If Seraphimon really isn’t evil…then where is he? He’s practically a member of Lachesis; why isn’t he here now, helping us fight off the evil that is, for all we know, right in front of us? Angel Digimon are able to sense these kinds of things, and I know Seraphimon would be here helping us…if he is who he was five-hundred years ago,” Sparrow concluded. “…With that said…I think something happened to him. He succumbed to the darkness in his heart, like Ophanimon did when she became Lilithmon.”

    …I…I’ve never heard Sparrow make this much sense before, I pondered. Maybe…could he be right…? It really does make sense, now that I think about it…Oh, Sparrow…

    “Sparrow…I think you may be looking too deeply into this,” Hawkmon said. “At the very least, you should discuss this with Mercurymon or Wisemon before you come to such a decision.” Sparrow sighed, and stood up.

    “…So…I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you don’t believe me.”

    “Sparrow, that’s not what I—”

    “No, no, I get it; ol’ Sparrow can’t ever be right about anything. Just act like a retard and hit on every girl in Lachesis like a good little moron, is that right?!”


    “Just…let it go, Hawkmon.” Sparrow turned away, and left the room. Hawkmon sighed, looking guiltily down at the floor.

    “…Hawkmon…you should have more faith in your partner,” I said.

    “Wait; so…you believe all that stuff he was saying about Seraphimon?” Giselle asked.

    “…I do,” I said. “And if you guys don’t believe him…then just go on home back to the fort.” Without another word, I ran out of the room after Sparrow. “Sparrow! Hey, Sparrow, wait—” Before I could finish my sentence, a hand clasped itself over my mouth, and pulled me aside.

    “Remain silent if you desire to live,” the man codenamed Dagger whispered into my ear, pressing a knife against my throat. “…Not that it will do you any good. I will simply kill you once I obtain my required knowledge…” Struggling against Dagger’s grasp, I shook my head; Dagger in turn leaned against me and pushed me down to the floor. “Don’t be foolish, maiden of swords. Struggling in such a way…will only result in further injuries.”

    Further…? What does he…And then I felt it. Dagger had placed his knife on the corner of my neck and my shoulder, and cut slowly across my skin when I wasn’t looking. At first, the blood began to seep out slow, but then quickly sped up.

    “Now tell me, maiden; tell me where I can find the fortress of your guild,” Dagger whispered. “My mission…put simply, it is to eradicate you. But, you and your five friends will be but a meager appetizer for the upcoming feast of blood that will soon commence. Tell me…and I will tell you where your brother is. Refuse, and I will kill him slowly and painfully.” My heart twisted in agony at the two dreadful choices given to me. And yet, what choice did I have?

    “…Okay. Our fortress…it…”

    “…Yes…? Do go on, maiden.” I parted my lips to continue speaking, but clenched my teeth. “…I will give you thirty seconds to answer. If you do not, your life will be forfeit, as will be that of your brother.”

    …No…I can’t tell him…can I…? Matthew…he’ll die if I don’t tell Dagger what he wants to know…but if I do tell him, everyone else will…no…NO!!!

    “…Five seconds remaining, maiden,” Dagger said. “…Four…three…one…”

    “W-Wait!” I said. “Our…f-fortress…it…”

    “…Yes…?” I clenched my fists as tight as I could. I grew lightheaded from the blood loss, but still, I continued to speak.

    “Our fortress…is on the border of—”

    “Ellie, DUCK!!!!!” I looked up just in time to move out of the way of a thrown axe; the weapon found itself lodged in Dagger’s left arm, enabling me to escape. “Eleanora! Ellie, are you okay?!”

    “S-Sparrow…Thank you for stopping me,” I whispered.

    “Stopping…you? Never mind; let’s just stop this hooded freak!” Sparrow said.

    “Oh, by all means, TRY!” Dagger shouted, pulling the axe from his arm. Running at a speed I’d thought to be inhuman, Dagger began attacking both me and Sparrow with his knife; they were all just glancing blows, but with Dagger’s speed, they began to take their toll on us both, and I was already weakened by his earlier cut into my neck. “PERISH, FLAWED ONES!”

    “Feather Strike!” A single feather whizzed past my head and struck Dagger’s hand, making him drop his knife. Hawkmon flew into the room, followed by Giselle and Celtinemon. “Do not fear; the Hawk is here!”

    “Sparrow! Ellie! Are you both okay?!” Giselle asked. I smiled at the girl, and nodded slowly.

    “No…No! I can’t…My mission…I can’t allow my mission to be halted…by the likes of you! I won’t allow it!” Dagger screamed.

    “Too bad; we aren’t giving you a choice!” Celtinemon yelled. “Shooting Star Sword!” Celtinemon held out her blade; a single magic circle formed around its tip, which fired a pure white beam of energy directly at Dagger. The hooded man fell to the floor, still and lifeless; his black coat was burned and singed, and parts of it were still smoking from Celtinemon’s attack. His hood had fallen back to reveal his face; contorted in agonizing pain, it was a gruesome sight to behold. His hair was a dull dark blue, and rather short; his eyes were a rusty shade of brown.

    “…Thank you, El—” Before he could finish his sentence, I threw my arms around Sparrow’s shoulders and hugged him tightly.

    “…Thank you…thank you…for stopping me,” I said over and over. “…He told me…that he’d hurt Matthew…if I didn’t…sniff…tell him…what he wanted…”
    “Matthew’s here?!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    “…I…don’t know…he…may have been bluffing,” I whispered quietly so that only Sparrow could hear me. “…I almost told him…where our fortress was…that was when you came in…and stopped me. Sparrow…”

    “No…don’t worry about it…You just didn’t want that creep to hurt your bro, after all,” Sparrow replied. “Even if he wasn’t telling the truth, it’s okay…Nobody’s going to get mad at you, or would have gotten mad at you, if you had told him where we are. Okay?” I nodded slowly, and buried my face into Sparrow’s muscular chest, sobbing once again.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 104 - Gateway to Ruin

    Aegolius Valencia

    “…Crush is gone as well,” I whispered to myself. “…Damn it all…”

    “I’ve had it, prince!” Rosemon snapped. “I don’t care what you say; I’m going out there! And if you’ve got any spine, you will too!”

    “…Our master asked us to await the arrival of those from Lachesis; but in the process, we’ve lost three of our five,” I said. “And we don’t even know where Dayan and GranDokugumon are…”

    “Widow, Dagger, Crush…they were all weak. If they couldn’t defeat them, then that simply means they weren’t worthy of serving him,” Rosemon replied. “Aegolius. You go after Geitz; I don’t want any interference from you while I’m hunting down that wench Giselle!”

    “I wouldn’t dare dream of it,” I replied, smiling at the Mega Digimon. “…We may never meet again, Rosemon…and I’d be fine with that, if I may be honest with you. But at the same time…it has been an honor working with you the short amount of time you’ve been with us.”

    “My sentiments exactly, Prince Aegolius,” Rosemon said in a much calmer voice. “I’ve never really thanked you, when you found me up in the mountains and took me in; this victory against Lachesis will be my thanks.”

    “Yeah, you’ll be thanking us, but we’ll owe you after that!” I smirked. “Just don’t screw up…okay?”
    “I won’t. I refuse to die until I’ve seen Giselle suffer for what she did to me,” Rosemon said.

    Giselle Alberona

    Once Eleanora’s and Sparrow’s injuries had been all bandaged up, we finally left the room where Dagger had been killed, doing our best to ignore the presence of his corpse. I wondered just how long we had been at the fortress; it was definitely less than a day. Maybe three hours? I had no way of knowing for certain. And so, I continued on, following after Celtinemon as our small group walked up another flight of stairs.

    “I think we’re almost at the roof of the castle, Sparrow said.

    “We’ve been walking for a long time; I’m surprised we aren’t on the other side of the world by now,” Eleanora mused.

    “How are you holding up, Giselle?” Celtinemon asked.

    “I’m fine…but…I’m getting…kinda tired…from all this walking,” I whispered.

    “We can take a short break once we reach the next room if you’d like,” Hawkmon suggested.

    “Yeah…that’d be nice…”

    “So, I see you’re still as lazy as ever, Giselle.” The voice that spoke nearly made my heart leap out of my chest. “Lazy, selfish, inconsiderate…I could go on if you’d like!”

    That voice…no…it…can’t be! Forgetting the weariness in my legs, I raced to the top of the stairs ahead of the others, and came face-to-face with the one Digimon I thought I’d never see again. “…Rosemon…”

    “Oh, so you actually do remember me; I’m so flattered!” Rosemon snapped.

    “…Rosemon…I’m…I’m so—”

    “Oh, save your worthless apologies; they won’t do you any good!” Rosemon yelled. My eyes began to fill with tears the angrier Rosemon grew. “And you even had the nerve to replace me after I’d left, too…You will be the last one I kill, Giselle! I want to see your face as your friends die, one after another! And then, I will attack you, over and over again, until you die a slow and painful, agonizing death!!!”


    “We won’t let that happen!” Sparrow exclaimed.

    “For your information, Giselle has suffered more than you might think after you left her!” Eleanora added.

    “Geez, I can’t imagine how such a bitch could ever be your partner, Giselle,” Celtinemon said.

    “…You’re finished…all of you…will finally PERISH! RIGHT HERE, BY MY HANDS!” Rosemon screamed.

    “Digi Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Lunamon Warp Digivolve to, Crescemon!”

    “Forbidden…Temptation!” Rosemon held out her arms, and fired a powerful blast of reddish-pink energy; Allomon and Crescemon tried their best to block with their own attacks, but they just weren’t strong enough. Rosemon’s attack tore through, and overwhelmed the two Digimon in an instant, making them both turn back into their Rookie forms. “Rose Spear!”

    “Faerie Divider!” Rosemon readied an attack at the two fallen Rookies, but Celtinemon held out her sword to protect them just in time. “Hey! Attacking defenseless Digimon; like, that just isn’t right!”

    “…Oh…? Well then…I’ll just attack you, then! Thorn Whipping!” Rosemon began savagely hitting Celtinemon over and over with her vines; each strike left a thin cut that began to bleed out all over Celtinemon’s skin. Her wings began losing bloody-white feathers that fell softly to the floor; her arms, legs, and face had a large amount of cuts, and on her belly was a large gash. Her clothes and boots were torn here and there from Rosemon’s attack.

    “…No…Just stop it, Rosemon!” I screamed. “I’m the one you want to hurt, right…? Please, just…stop hurting my friends, and you can do whatever you want to me…”

    “But what would that prove, you naïve little cunt?!” Rosemon asked. “I don’t want you to just suffer the physical punishment that Ulysses and Talosmon gave to me; I want you to feel the emotional decay that I felt! Rose Spear!” Rosemon’s attack struck Celtinemon in the chest, sending her falling to the ground.

    “Celtinemon! NO!!!” I started to run over to my fallen partner, when one of Rosemon’s vines wrapped around my arms and waist. I was hoisted up into the air and pinned against the wall close to the ceiling. I struggled as hard as I could, ignoring the sharp pain of thorns digging into my arms and belly, and continued calling out to Celtinemon.

    “Yes, keep calling out to your friend; call out to the witch all you like, but she will be the first to die!” Rosemon yelled, pointing the tip of her whip directly at Celtinemon’s neck.

    “NO!!! STOP!!!” I struggled once again, and my Digivice fell out of my pocket, landing on the floor next to Celtinemon. Rosemon glanced at it, and slammed her foot onto it. At once, it emitted a bright light that shown across the entire room. The vines that tied me to the wall vanished into that light, and I fell to the floor.

    “Giselle…you whore…what have you done?!” Rosemon screamed. I looked up, and saw Rosemon, Eleanora, and Sparrow covering their eyes; Celtinemon, Hawkmon, and Lunamon remained unconscious. And yet, I was able to see clearly; the light — at least to me — wasn’t bright in the slightest.

    …Now’s my chance! I raced over to Rosemon, and kicked her in the shin; she lifted her leg long enough for me to grab my Digivice. “This light…it’s the same one that shines whenever Rosemon…Okay. Celtinemon! Let’s do it!” My Digimon partner opened her lovely blue eyes, and stood up, nodding and smiling at me. “D.N.A. Charge! Overdrive!”

    “Celtinemon Digivolve to, Morgannamon!” The process, similar to Rosemon achieving the Burst Mode, was very beautiful; Celtinemon changed from warrior to spellcaster. Her green halter top and skirt turned to an elegant violet dress. Her blonde hair turned a similar but darker shade of violet. Her blue eyes burned a deep crimson red. “…So…pretty…”

    “…Thank you…Giselle,” Morgannamon said in the most gentle voice I had ever heard. She smiled so kindly at me; I felt as though she were a guardian angel come to protect me. “For sharing your strength with me…I can now protect you. I can protect you, as I was meant to do from the moment we first met, little one…”

    “Morgannamon…you aren’t hurt, are you?” I asked. The beautiful Digimon shook her head; her violet raven hair danced through the air.

    “…What took us ages to be able to do…you managed to do with this Digimon you’ve been partnered with for a FEW DAYS?!” Rosemon snapped. “Forbidden Temptation!” Rosemon fired off her most powerful attack, but Morgannamon held up her staff to deflect it. “W-What?! No…no way…”

    “You have harmed dear Giselle…You will pay for that,” Morgannamon said; her smile had vanished, but her voice remained ever gentle. “Clear Moon Sky!” The light blue jewel on Morgannamon’s staff lit up, and fired a powerful blue energy beam, much larger and more powerful than Rosemon’s. Rosemon screamed, completely enveloped by the attack, and flew backwards and slammed into the wall. “…If you refrain from hurting dear Giselle and her wonderful friends, then I will not have to attack you again.”

    “Ha…HA! Don’t give me that…” Rosemon, with her back against the wall, forced herself to stand up. Her clothes and her cape were in tatters, but she still walked away towards the room’s exit.

    “Where are you going?” Morgannamon asked. Rosemon ignored her, and walked up what looked like the final set of stairs. “…Come with me, Giselle. I still have need of your strength.”


    “Sparrow, Eleanora, you wait here, okay?”

    “Sure, why not,” Sparrow mumbled. Eleanora nodded, and smiled at me.

    “Be careful, sweetie,” she whispered. I nodded, and returned her smile before following Morgannamon up that final flight of stairs. We arrived at the roof of the castle, standing once again face-to-face with Rosemon.

    “Rosemon…what more do you think yourself to be capable of?” Morgannamon asked.

    “…More than you may ever know!” Rosemon smiled. The Mega Digimon began to glow in a black light, similar to that of her Burst Mode light.

    “Rosemon…what are you doing?!” I asked.

    “That Burst Mode you and I worked so hard to learn how to do…I learned how to do it ALL ON MY OWN!” Rosemon exclaimed, laughing maniacally. “It isn’t quite the same, but it’s a hell of a lot stronger!”

    “Rosemon…” Rosemon’s clothes turned instantly black; her blonde hair turned a few shades darker, and her white cape turned dark violet.

    “Make that…Rosemon Ruin Mode!” Rosemon laughed.


    “That’s right…The Burst Mode that was built on trust is no more; this Ruin Mode is built on negative emotions; on darkness!

    “…Confounded soul of darkness; be buried in the light of the stars, and sleep for all eternity,” Morgannamon said.

    “Forbidden Lust!” Rosemon gathered energy in her hands, and fired off a powerful black beam at Morgannamon, who flew up into the sky to dodge the attack.

    “Clear Moon Sky!”

    “Darkworld Thorns!” Rosemon conjured up a wall of black vines, protecting her from Morgannamon’s attack. “Black Spear!” Rosemon shot one of her vines up towards Morgannamon, but my new partner simply swatted it away with her staff.

    “…You have made a mistake, coming out here…Rosemon,” Morgannamon said.

    “S-Shut up! Shut your fucking mouth!” Rosemon screamed.

    “Night of the Falling Stars!” Morgannamon raised her staff up above her head; the sky instantly darkened, and several stars began to shine. The stars then grew larger and larger, sailing down to earth, and then, it was over. Rosemon was completely annihilated by Morgannamon’s attack. The darkness of her Ruin Mode faded away, and she returned to being regular Rosemon. But, she was fading away.

    “No! Rosemon!” I cried. Morgannamon landed on the roof in front of me.

    “Stay back; she might attack,” she whispered.

    “…Ha…Giselle…before I go…there’s something…I want to tell you,” Rosemon said, gasping for air.

    “…What…is it?” I asked.

    “…My decision to leave you…I…will never regret it! I hate you so much…for what you did to me…but you have suffered, even if a little bit, before my very eyes. I am…satisfied…to see such misery on your accursed face…” Rosemon vanished from sight, and I knew that she was dead.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 105 - Free from the Darkness

    Geitz Felgrande

    “…What was that noise I heard earlier?” I asked. “It sounded like…an explosion…Is there another battle going on here?” I looked down at my hand — or what should have been my hand, for I was still Duskmon. It’s weird, though; I pretty much have control over myself, unlike the last time I became Duskmon…Is this what old man Baez was talking about? Controlling the darkness…? I pondered the purpose of me being here at this old fortress, and finally looked up, only to find a man standing and waiting patiently for me to notice him.

    “And so, the Warrior of Darkness steps foot onto the field of battle.” I recognized who the man was immediately.

    “You…the Prince of Valencia?!” I exclaimed.

    “Wrong — make that King of Valencia, thank you very much,” Aegolius said. “I did away with my mother and father, and my pathetic excuse for a sister ran off with Omnimon. Now, I am in charge of things! And as your King, I expect you do as I say!”

    “Heh. No rich little snot is going to get me to do what he pleases,” I said, walking past Aegolius.

    “…Are you sure about that?” Aegolius asked. A bright light filled the entire room, and I turned around to face Aegolius while shielding my eyes from the light.

    “What the hell are you—?!”

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioAegisdramon!”

    “…Well, this should certainly be interesting,” I mused. “Two Humans who can turn into Digimon; I can hardly contain my excitement!”

    “Fool; have you any idea who I am?! I am Aegisdramon! You don’t stand a chance against me, Duskmon!” the prince roared. “Shine Breaker!”

    “Deadly Gaze!” Our two attacks collided midair; light and darkness forced the other back and forth, until they finally cancelled each other out, dissolving into nothingness.

    “Tera Hydro Breath!” BioAegisdramon launched another attack, but all I had to do was hold up one of my swords to protect myself. “N-No! How can it be?! That isn’t…”

    “Foolish Prince! I know not what you may be planning…but know this; you face me in battle, so you’ve no chance at escape! Lunar Plasma!”

    “No! Stay away from me! I command you—” I paid no attention to his piteous cries for mercy, and sliced his golden-armored body all the way through. BioAegisdramon collapsed, and turned back into Aegolius; still alive, but just barely.
    “…You’ve got a lot of growing up to do, kid,” I said. “I didn’t kill you now…so you could learn that lesson. Okay?” Aegolius remained silent. I sighed, and turned to leave the room.


    The sound of Aegisdramon’s roar filled the fortress. I smiled, as I knew this could mean only one thing; Aegolius had been defeated. I only hoped that he was not dead, as I still needed him for something. I turned around the corner of a wall, and walked into the room where I had heard Aegisdramon’s roar, finding Aegolius lying in the middle of the floor, staring up at the ceiling.

    “So…you, too, have been defeated,” I said, apparently starting the prince.


    “…Foolish prince…you actually thought you could handle someone as powerful as Geitz, just because your master told you to…” I shook my head. “I’ll never understand people like you, who roll over on command, without a thought of your own.”

    “SILENCE! I am the King of Valencia! You WILL show me the respect I deserve!” As soon as Aegolius leaped to his feet, I grabbed him by the neck, and shoved him against the wall. “Hey, what the hell do you think you’re—”

    “Ah, shut up; I’m glad Geitz didn’t kill ya, cuz there’s still something I need from you,” I said. Both the prince and I became enveloped in a soft blue light. When it faded, I dropped the prince to the floor.

    “…You…what did you…do…to me?!” Aegolius asked.

    “I only did what I was designed to do, kid,” I said. “I stole your power. Well…to be more precise, I stole Aegisdramon’s power…so now, you will never be able to Bio Hybrid Digivolve into him ever again.”


    “Hmm…Now that I think about it, a kid without the power to become a Digimon…he’s just a useless little kid, now isn’t he?” I asked. The wall to my back shook with a mighty tremor; another tremor, and the wall collapsed. GranDokugumon walked right in, staring ravenously at Aegolius.

    “W…What…What is this?!” Aegolius screamed, gazing up in horror at the Mega Digimon. I could scarce blame him; the Digimon’s new appearance revolted even me. GranDokugumon had attempted to consume Widow, but because, I figured, of the Dokugumon data Widow had injected into herself, the woman fused with the monster she had created. Now, Widow’s upper body had replaced GranDokugumon’s head; she was without clothing, and upside down, but her arms had become twisted around to help with maneuvering around. Widow’s crimson eyes had gone completely blank.

    “It’s simple, really; I fed Widow to this…monstrosity,” I replied, as GranDokugumon slowly approached Aegolius. “…She has quite a taste for Human flesh, I’ll have you know. I found that out after we found Crush’s corpse.”

    “…You…fed Crush to this freak?!” Aegolius screamed. “YOU—” Before Aegolius could hurl some pathetic insult at me, Widow’s arms grabbed him by the shoulders, and hoisted him up off the floor. Widow opened up her mouth wide, like a snake, and tore Aegolius’s head right off his neck, and swallowed it without even bothering to chew. And then, the rest of the prince’s lifeless body was shoved down Widow’s throat in an instant. Her belly swelled to a massive sphere with the introduction of the man’s body, and she gave it a few very satisfied pats after belching up one of Aegolius’s shoes.
    “…Very good. Now…I’ve no need for Geitz; his power as Duskmon is nothing but an illusion granted to him by ShadowSeraphimon,” I said. “…Go and consume him if you so please.”

    Geitz Felgrande

    Following my battle with the Valencian Prince, I found my way to the roof of the fortress; several areas were burnt, as if hit by a Digimon’s attack, but I paid them no mind. Instead, I went to the railing lining the fort’s roof, and looked out at the sunset horizon. I was still unsure why Baez wanted me to do everything I did; hell, I didn’t even know if I did whatever it was he wanted me to do in the first place! Whatever. I stared on in silence at the orange sky, and the violet clouds, when I heard a few footsteps behind me. I didn’t even bother turning around; with the eyes on Duskmon’s armor, I was able to see a short Digimon, covered in bronze armor, walk up to me.

    “You must be Geitz,” he said.

    “…Did Baez send you?”

    The Digimon nodded. “Aye, that he did. I suppose you must be pretty confused about all of this…”

    “More or less. I get that he wanted me to find some way to control my ‘darkness,’ which I thought was Duskmon,” I said. “…I’m able to control myself, even in this form, unlike the last time. But still…I don’t know what to think now…”

    “Yeah; Baez likes to make people think. He was never really good at giving out all the details of the important things,” the Digimon sighed.

    “…So…who are you, little guy?” I asked.

    “My name is Statuedramon. You can call me Statch for short, if you’d like.”

    “…Your name sounds familiar,” I whispered.

    “You’re from Lachesis, aren’t you? I’m part of the guild as well,” Statuedramon said. “It’s been a while since I’ve been back, though; Baez helped me regain my lost memories, so I haven’t really been able to.”

    “You got some kind of job or something?” I asked.

    “Something like that, yes. But, when I heard that Baez went to go find the one ShadowSeraphimon gave his power to, I figured I’d go with him, because…well, you know; bad at explaining, and all of that,” Statch said. “…To tell you the truth, I’m probably no better than Baez is; I’m not really smart enough to make people understand what goes on in my head. But that doesn’t mean I can’t help you.”

    “Help…have I not done what Baez has asked of me? Have I not gained control of the darkness inside me?” I asked.

    “You have…for the most part,” Statch replied. “There’s still one small bit left over, and that’s why you’re Duskmon. We don’t really have enough time to wait for you to do this, so I’ll just help you, whether Baez wants me to or not.” I turned around to face the small Digimon.

    “So, how are you going to help—” In a single, clean motion, Statuedramon drew his sword, and struck me in the chest, in the center of an eye. “W-What?! What are you—?!”

    “Relax; this’ll only take a sec,” Statch said. His sword began to glow with a blue light, and I of the same. The light consumed me entirely, and for a moment, I could see nothing. And then, it all cleared away. I was still on the roof of the fortress, on my hands and knees before Statch; to my surprise, there wasn’t a speck of blood to be seen anywhere.

    “…What…did you do?” I asked, more curious than angered.

    “Nothing big; I just sealed away that last bit of darkness,” Statch smirked. “…We’re going to need your help later, but we don’t know when; we can’t have you enveloped in darkness when the time comes, okay?”

    “But…I won’t be able to become Duskmon anymore?” I asked.

    “No. You’ll become a Digimon more powerful,” Statuedramon said. “…If you’d like…you can test it out on this one.” Statch motioned to the doorway, where I could see GranDokugumon forcing her way up the stairs; however, where her head was instead was Widow’s upper body.

    “…Might as well take you up on that offer,” I said. The now-mutated GranDokugumon faced me, with Widow’s arms extended. I stood my ground, and waited for the darkness to envelop me, as it did with Duskmon. However, when it did, it felt different; where last time, it felt as though there was a crushing weight on my chest, this darkness made me feel relieved; warm; secure. This new darkness was not evil; it wasn’t the darkness given to me by ShadowSeraphimon. That darkness was gone, as Statuedramon said. This darkness was mine, and mine alone. “Shadow Meteor!” I fired a powerful blast of dark energy from my chest at the monstrosity before me; GranDokugumon was killed in an instant, vanishing into nothingness. “…This power…it’s…”

    “You are now Loewemon,” Statuedramon said. “The true warrior of darkness; but, as you may have figured out by now, darkness is not a bad thing unless you choose to make it that way. Darkness is like any of the other elements; fire, water, light…It is not inherently evil. And neither are you, Geitz Felgrande.”

    “…You sure do know a lot, little buddy,” I said, turning from Loewemon back into my Human form.

    “Well? Will you come with me?” Statuedramon asked. “There are still a few things I need to teach you if we are to succeed in stopping the forces of evil.”

    “…Yes. I will go anywhere with you, Statuedramon,” I smiled.

    “…Thank you, Geitz. Let’s go quietly; a few of your old friends from Lachesis are here in this fortress battling the other minions of evil.”

    “Friends…Matthew, and those guys…? They’re here?”

    “We need to go,” Statuedramon insisted. “It’ll be easier if they don’t see you, and it’ll save us time from having to explain things to them.”

    “…Fine. Lead the way, Statuedramon.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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