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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 91 - Dearly Beloved

    Zelda Kasuto

    As an early dawn’s light flooded my room, gently serenading me with its hues of rich amber and gold, I pressed the side of my face deeper into my pillow. A chill wind escaped through my window, and I curled myself up and huddled underneath my blanket. On mornings like these, I would always pretend that my husband was still alive; whenever a small breeze like this would waft into my bedroom, Thomas would draw me in closer to his body. As a man who could easily endure the piercing blizzards of the tundra province with but a single coat, I knew this was to keep me warm, rather than himself. I smiled to myself, and imagined that he was right here with me, with an arm draped over my body. A tinge of sadness entered my heart — or rather, it never left — but I did my best to ignore this as I remembered everything about the man I loved; his scent, the warmth of his body, the feel of his slim but strong arms resting atop my hip, the feel of his soft lips pressed gently against the back of my head. A small Nyokimon suddenly began chirping away on the edge of my window, surging me from my blissful delusion.

    Oh well…I should probably get up anyway…Slowly and quietly, I slid out from under my blanket and made my way towards my bedroom door. My stomach began to growl as soon as my feet made contact with the cold stone floor; the noise echoed quietly through the mostly empty room. I hope nobody heard that…I slipped past my slightly ajar bedroom door, and made my way downstairs, where I found Heather and Madelyn sitting on a couch together; Madelyn’s head was nestled comfortably against Heather’s pregnant belly, and Heather’s arms were wrapped gently around Madelyn’s tiny body. Directly across from them sat Lloyd. All three of them were asleep. I smiled.

    I’m so happy for them…I’m glad they found their daughter after all of those years…They must be really strong, to have never given up; if I had lost my child the way they did…if I lost Matthew or Eleanora…I don’t know what I’d do…I smiled at the heartening scene before me, and walked out of the fortress and into the sun’s bright glow. At my feet, the grass was wet with dew, and a slight breeze made my skirt dance gracefully in the air. I took a deep breath in of the crisp, cool air, and stretched, taking in the beautiful scene before me as much as I could.

    “…It was a morning just like this…when Rosemon left me…” Startled, I turned my head to see Giselle sitting against an outer wall of the ancient fortress.
    “Oh, good morning, Giselle!” I said, giving the young girl a warm smile. “What are you doing out here all by yourself?”

    “…Just thinking…” Seeing the worn and defeated look of depression on the normally cheerful girl’s face, I took a seat on the grass next to her.

    “…Lucia told me about what happened between you and Rosemon,” I said gently. “Would you like to talk about it? If it’ll help you feel better, I’d be more than happy to listen…” After a moment of remaining silent, Giselle slid her hand into her skirt pocket, and pulled out her Data Link Digivice.

    “…I betrayed her, Zelda…I was the one who messed up, but I put the blame on Rosemon; that’s why she left,” Giselle whispered.

    “Lucia told me what happened, dearie; and I don’t think Rosemon has any right to hate you for as long as she has,” I said, placing my arm around the younger girl. “You were scared, little one…”

    “That doesn’t excuse what I did; Ulysses attacked her, Zelda; he and Talosmon both…it should have been me—”

    “No, darling, don’t say that; nobody deserves to be treated so horribly. Just one little mistake shouldn’t have warranted such horrid punishment…”


    “Don’t cry…it’ll all be okay…” As I placed the girl’s hand in my own, the sound of a gentle wingbeat filled the air.

    “Hey, I’m back!” Flying towards Giselle and me with wings of pure white, a Digimon smiled and greeted us. “Oh, hey, new people! Hi there! I’m Celtinemon! Nice to meet you!” The Digimon landed on the ground, but instantly, her smile vanished. “…Are you okay? Did I come at a bad time…?”

    “N-No…it’s okay,” Giselle said, drying her eyes with the back of her arm.

    “Aw, you shouldn’t be crying! A girl as pretty as you should always be smiling, ‘cause that’s what makes your beauty shine through!” Celtinemon exclaimed cheerfully, giving Giselle a wide smile. From the corner of my eye, I could see Giselle attempt to stifle a small smile. “There, see? You have a nice smile! Oh, and that ribbon in your hair is just adorable!!!

    “O-Oh, t-thank you, miss,” Giselle said, blushing slightly.

    “May I ask why you have come here, Milady?” I asked.

    “Oh yeah! I’m here to kill you all!” Celtinemon exclaimed. My heart practically leaped up into my throat at these words.


    “Yeah, some guy hired me to kill you all, so; here I am!”

    “Who?! Who hired you?!” I yelled, standing up to face the Digimon.

    “Oh, I dunno, just some Digimon I never saw before,” Celtinemon shrugged. “Didn’t get his name, I was too busy getting his money!”

    “You’d…kill innocent people…for money…?”

    “Oh, goodness, no!” Celtinemon exclaimed. “I would never kill an innocent person, no matter how much money is offered to me! I’m killing all of you ‘cause you’re evil!”

    “…What?” I stared blankly at the smiling Digimon.

    “Yep; that was what the guy who gave me money said, and I figured that anybody with that much money couldn’t be bad,” Celtinemon said. “So, like, I don’t wanna hurt you guys, but I also don’t want you guys to hurt other people, so I’ll just kill you all as painlessly as I can, okay?”

    “Celtinemon, you’ve got it all wrong; we aren’t evil!” I exclaimed. “Our group fights against bandits; we even just dethroned a tyrant king…”

    “…No…that can’t be right,” Celtinemon whispered.

    “Why can’t it?” Giselle asked.

    “Because…Because he paid me to do this! And I have faith in my employers, just as they have faith in me to complete the missions they give! Faerie Divider!” Celtinemon’s blade glinted in the morning sun, and though I was able to reach for a Digimon Talisman in time, Celtinemon was soon upon us; all I could do was watch on as she thrusted her gleaming sword into my arm just as I pulled a Talisman from my purse. The world around me grew hazy; I could faintly hear Giselle scream my name, and then it went dark.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 92 - Determination

    Giselle Alberona

    “Zelda! ZELDA!!!” Celtinemon quickly retracted her blade from the side of Zelda’s arm, leaving her to fall to the ground, pale-faced and nearly unconscious. “Zelda, please…Stay with me, okay?! Zelda!”

    “Give it up; there’s never been a Human to survive my onslaught, Mark or no,” Celtinemon said. Her voice was bold, but her face, particularly her eyes, said otherwise. What I saw instantly took away my fear for Zelda, replacing it with pure intrigue. Intrigue for how Celtinemon… “worked.” She had claimed to be motivated solely by money, but I was beginning to have doubts about how true this was. Her eyes were quite obviously avoiding the sight of blood leaking from Zelda’s arm, and she herself looked equally faint.


    “…No…No! No, I’ll be fine!” Celtinemon exclaimed, quickly composing herself. “Okay! Now, ready yourself, villain! I-It’s time for you both to die now, ‘k?”

    “I won’t let you hurt Zelda!” I yelled back.

    “No!” Celtinemon readied her blade once again, but before she could attack, Lloyd jumped in front of me, swinging his own blade to deflect Celtinemon’s attack.

    “Mr. Reed…”

    “Giselle, take Zelda back into the fort! This isn’t someone you can fight!” Lloyd said. “Heather and Maddie told me the extent of her power. You must go…”

    “…Don’t bother. I’m going now.” Celtinemon turned away, and sheathed her sword. “But I will be back…I refuse to allow you villains to roam free.”

    “…Did…you just call us villains?” Lloyd asked.

    “It’s a long story,” I whispered. Celtinemon spread her pure-white wings, and took to the air, vanishing into the distance in the blink of an eye.

    “That Digimon…she’s delusional,” Lloyd commented.

    “…That may be,” I said. “But…”

    “But what?”

    “…There’s something about her…that draws me to her,” I replied. “…I want her.”

    “I want her. I want her to be my Digimon partner.”


    Darkness. Darkness surrounded me, crushed me, filled me with despair. And yet, when all seemed lost, I saw his face. Thomas…

    …Did I…die…? Was my first thought. A stinging pain in my right arm made the shadows around me stir, and then vanish; replacing the darkness, was that of the familiar visage of my bedroom.

    “Zelda…are you alright?” I blinked a few times, and slowly looked around.

    …Must’ve been a dream, I thought. I lay in my bed, staring up at the ceiling for the second time that day. In a chair nearby sat Dominimon, and around my right arm were some blood-stained bandages. Directly beneath them was the source of the pain; a sharp, burning agony that seemed to render my entire arm helpless.

    “Zelda…?” I glanced up at the Digimon, and smiled weakly at him. “…Arcadia be praised that you’re alright…”

    “Dominimon…is…is Giselle…okay?” I asked.

    “Do not worry; she is unharmed,” Dominimon said. “Lloyd showed up and drove Celtinemon away.”

    “…I see…And how long have I been unconscious; do you know…?”

    “You were out for about nine hours. It’s weird, though; a stab like that shouldn’t have made you pass out at all,” Dominimon pondered. “And you don’t appear to be poisoned, either…”

    “It was probably some magical effect from Celtinemon’s sword,” I said.

    “Hm. She’s a dangerous one…We cannot let our guard down with her.”

    “…Mr. Dominimon…is it…okay…if I ask you a rather…personal question?” I asked.

    “You may ask whatever you wish of me, my dear,” Dominimon said gently.

    “Mr. Dominimon…do you…have the Mark…?” The Mega level Digimon remained silent for a few seconds, regarding me with curiosity.

    “…I’ve been here at Lachesis for around 162 years; not a single person has noticed, or at least asked me about it,” he finally said. “My dear…I’ve carried with me the same curse, the same hatred for many years. I was…not born with it. The Mark was emblazoned on the back of my right hand when I was with a Human woman.”

    “…I see…Interesting that we would have our Marks in the same place…”

    “Yes; I noticed that while I was treating you,” Dominimon said. “It is indeed…interesting…”

    “Dominimon…? Are you okay?” I asked.

    “I am…fine. Zelda…there is something I would like to talk to you about…”

    “Um…I don’t mean to sound rude…but can it wait? I need to rest a little while longer…”
    “No, it’s fine. Rest as long as you wish, my dear…”


    A dank cave behind me. A large fortress before me. In my hand, a massive hammer.

    “…Sigh…If only this were the Lachesis fortress,” I grumbled. “…Although…They are pretty strong…Guess it would be kinda dumb to just rush them all at once, like the Boss said. We gotta just go with the plan, then…” I sighed once more, and walked into the fortress which, to my relief, was far less stuffy and dank than the cave I had exited. “Damn, this place is huge; could be a damn castle…”

    “That’s what it used to be, I hear.” My irritation instantly swept away upon hearing the voice that I so loved to hear. Upon entering the main room of the fort, the even lovelier owner of the voice approached me with a grin on her face. “How do you do, Crush?”

    “Widow…How is my little spider doing today?” I asked.

    “Oh, you; you certainly know what to say to a girl!” Widow giggled, tapping me on the nose. “I’m doing just fine, thank you for asking! Better than fine, actually!” Widow’s small grin widened into a big smile.

    “Don’t tell me…you completed your project?” Widow giggled again, and led me to the far end of the room through a large, red curtain. Behind the curtain was a room lit solely by a dim light; directly in front of me was an enormous Digimon sitting inside of a stasis tube. “Is this it?”

    “Yep! Crush…I’d like to introduce you to GranDokugumon!” Widow exclaimed. “This precious little thing was difficult to construct, but very worth it! GranDokugumon is a Mega level Digimon, a DNA Digivolution between Dokugumon and GranKuwagamon.”

    “Champion and Mega; no wonder it was difficult to fuse,” I said. “…You’re really something else, Rosie…I mean, uh…Widow.”

    “It’s okay, Charles; you can use my real name. I trust you,” Widow said gently. I smiled back at her, and turned my gaze again to the massive GranDokugumon. “I just love spiders…There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of their webs covered in the morning dew, glimmering in the sunrise…”

    “You’ll have to show me that sometime,” I said.

    “…She’s beautiful, though, isn’t she…?” Widow asked, gazing at GranDokugumon. “My little baby…My beautiful GranDokugumon. All those legs…Yes; yes! Penetrate me with those eight beautiful legs!”

    “…You enjoy yourself,” I said, walking away from her and GranDokugumon.

    “Wait! Hold a moment, dear Crush!” Widow said. “Where is that Aegolian Prince whatever?”

    “Prince Aegolius Valencia is doing his job as was requested of him by our new Boss,” I said.

    “Ordered to murder his entire family…Do you think he’d actually do it?” Widow asked.

    “His parents, no doubt…But I dunno ‘bout his sis; I doubt he’s got the stones to kill her,” I replied. “That sweet, smiling face; he says he can’t stand her, but deep down, I feel like he truly cares about her.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 93 - Her Father's Daughter


    “…They said…that they weren’t evil…Can this be true…?” By now, it was late afternoon, and the sun was just barely beginning to crawl back down the horizon. I sat on the opening of a small indentation on the face of a steep mountain, overlooking the guild from a distance. “That Digimon who hired me…that guild…they can’t both be telling the truth, but…which one of them is lying to me…? How do I find that out? I’ve never been good with this kind of thing…” I sighed, curling my legs up against my chest to rest my arms and head atop them. “…What…should I do…? If that lady at the guild was telling the truth…I hurt them. But…if I don’t fight them, and they are evil…I don’t know…” I looked up and over at the Lachesis guild’s fortress once more. “…I don’t know where the Digimon who payed me is. I guess…I could just go and talk to them…But why would they listen to me…? If they’re evil, there’s no way they’d want to consort with me. If they’re not…then they’ll want retribution for me hurting one of their friends…No. I can’t be afraid! I’ll have to speak to them one way or another. I might as well get it over with.” I stood up slowly, using my sword as support, and stretched my wings shortly before taking flight. “…Please…just listen to me…”

    Giselle Alberona

    “So…where are we going again?” I asked. Directly in front of me, Isole sighed.

    “For the millionth time…We. Are. Going. To. The. MOUNTAINS!” Isole screamed.

    “Hey, Isole, go easy on her,” Eleanora said gently. “Giselle, we’re going there because that’s where Lloyd said he saw Celtinemon flying off to.”

    “Indeed; that’s why we were split up into these small groups in the first place!” Bokomon added with a smile. “Although, I can hardly see the tactical advantage of simply the four of us being together, with Eleanora as the only fighter among us. Not that I think you to be weak, my dear; but, my mind would be indubitably more at ease were there more combatants with us…”

    “Aw, don’t worry about it, Bokomon; I won’t let anything happen to any of you,” Eleanora said, picking up the small Digimon to give him a tight hug.

    “…I still don’t know why I was sent along,” I mused.

    “Don’t worry; you can be my shield when Celtinemon starts attacking,” Isole said dryly.

    “Isole, don’t do that!” Eleanora exclaimed.

    “Oh, relax!” Isole snapped. “Besides, wasn’t it you who wanted to make Celtinemon your partner, Giselle?”

    “…You mean…they…they actually considered my feelings when they sent me out…?”

    “Of course they did!” Eleanora said with a smile. “We all know how hard it’s been on you ever since Rosemon left, and we all want you to be happy again!”

    “Guys…as much as I hate to interrupt this little pep talk,” Isole said, with some slight disdain in her voice. “…I think she’s here.” The strategist pointed up to the sky, and when I looked up, I saw Celtinemon flying towards us; however, unlike last time, her sword was not drawn, and I could see a solemn expression on her face.

    “She almost…looks sad,” I said to no one in particular. Softly and quietly, quickly and gracefully, Celtinemon landed on the ground before us. “Are you…okay?”

    “…I have some questions I need to ask you,” Celtinemon whispered. “That Digimon who hired me to defeat you…he told me that you were evil. And now, here you are, telling me that you aren’t evil. You can’t both be right…but I just…I don’t know which of you to believe. I don’t know which of you are lying.”

    “Well, obviously, that Digimon is,” Isole muttered under her breath.

    “Celtinemon, do you know who this Digimon was?” Eleanora asked.

    “No…I never even got a good look at him. He was…hidden away in the shadows But…I did see his eyes. They were red…and they glowed…”

    “Well, if that isn’t a sign of an evil Digimon, I don’t know what is!” Bokomon exclaimed.

    “I know that’s common, but I didn’t want to discriminate,” Celtinemon said meekly. “What if I had turned him down, and he really was an innocent Digimon…?”

    “Is there anything else you can remember about him?” Eleanora asked.

    “Do you know where we can find him?” I asked.

    “…I don’t know where he may be…but…when he handed me my money…I remember feeling very…cold,” Celtinemon said. “It wasn’t from a breeze, or even just a chill running down my spine. It was as if…my entire body had been plunged into Nymphaea Province for the slightest fraction of a second…completely frozen in ice…”

    …Cold…Ice…As I came to a realization, I gasped out loud, getting the attention of Eleanora, Bokomon, and Celtinemon. “IceDevimon! It must’ve been IceDevimon who sent you to attack us!”

    “Ice…Devimon? Who is that?” Celtinemon asked.

    “Well…I don’t really know, since I haven’t seen him for myself,” I admitted.

    “The only ones who have are my twin brother Matthew, our ancestor Zelda, and our friend Sparrow,” Eleanora said. “Heather and Lloyd also had an encounter with him at the Trillium Mountain range, although I’m not sure if they actually saw him or not…”

    “Basically, IceDevimon is an unscrupulous and sociopathic fiend with talents in manipulating others so that they bend to his will,” Bokomon said. “His ultimate goal or goals remain unknown to us at this time, but we are certain about one thing; allowing this Digimon to roam free will undoubtedly cause great suffering and pain not only across Arcadia, but the entire world.”

    “Please, Celtinemon,” Eleanora said. “We know that you aren’t evil. We just want to prove to you that we aren’t…”

    “…I…I don’t know…what I should do,” Celtinemon said quietly.

    “Then come with us,” I said. “Come to Lachesis, and join us.”

    “…Me? Join you?” Celtinemon had an utterly baffled expression on her face.

    “Yeah, why not?” I asked.

    “But…I attacked you…I hurt that other girl,” Celtinemon said. “Why would…you want to have me around…?”

    “Zelda told me that she already forgives you for that,” I continued. “And we all know that you didn’t attack out of malice; you truly believed that you were doing the right thing. In your own mind…you were just trying to save lives.” Celtinemon looked down towards the ground, and slowly nodded her head. “Please, Celtinemon…come with us to Lachesis. And…become my Digimon partner.” I held out to her my Data Link Digivice.

    “…You…want me to be…your partner?” Celtinemon asked. This time, I nodded my head. Celtinemon looked at the device for a moment, then up at me. After a moment, Celtinemon reached out, and placed her hand over the Digivice. “…Giselle. I…accept your offer. I will become…your Digimon partner.” For the longest time, ever since Rosemon departed, my heart had felt completely numbed over. Hearing Celtinemon’s acceptance warmed and soothed the numbness and pain that I had once felt. “Honestly…how could I say no to you, Giselle? You have such an honest look in your eyes…”
    “Thank you, Celtinemon,” was all I could say, choked up as I was. “Thank you…thank you so much…”

    Zelda Kasuto

    “Dominimon…where are we going?” I asked. The Mega level was leading me through a lovely forest path, where the leaves of the trees were mixtures of orange, red, and yellow. Through them, the sunlight shimmered down, and the leaves danced in a light breeze. The sight was just breathtaking.

    “…I need to talk to you about something,” was his reply.

    “Yes…you told me that a few hours ago…What is it exactly?”

    “It’s…Let’s sit down; it is something that I wished to discuss with you alone,” Dominimon replied. Seeing a pair of tree stumps, the two of us sat down, facing each other.

    “So…what is it you wish to discuss?” I asked.

    “…Zelda…you…are very beautiful.” My cheeks instantly began to redden, and I looked down and away.

    “O-Oh, um…t-thank you,” I said nervously.

    “And…you look just like your mother.” My shyness instantly faded away.

    “My…mother? You knew her?” Dominimon nodded.

    “…You’ve really grown up,” Dominimon said in a shaky voice.

    “Dominimon…? Are you…crying?” I asked.

    “I…I…I’m so sorry,” Dominimon whispered. “I don’t have any excuse for my actions all those years ago…” Dominimon began sobbing quietly. And then it dawned on me. Who Dominimon really was.

    “Dominimon…a-are you…my…” Dominimon looked up at me, and nodded his head once. “Are you my father?”

    “…Yes.” The two of us remained silent for a few moments, until finally, Dominimon spoke. “I’m…such a terrible father…”

    “Why did you leave?” I asked. “Mother told us that you couldn’t take the societal pressure of being with a Human…Is that true?”

    “I…yes. The Mark became emblazoned on the back of my hand as soon as your mother became pregnant with Hannah. I am an Angel Digimon…but I was vilified as a Demon Lord should be. I just couldn’t take that…On the eve of your second birthday, Zelda…I left. I couldn’t take the scorn any more…”

    “…I guess I can’t really blame you for that,” I replied. “Having this Mark…has caused me nothing but pain…both physically and emotionally…Especially by that horrible woman…”

    “Horrible…you…can’t mean your mother?” I nodded.

    “You don’t know how hard it was, living with her…She’d hit me on a daily basis, and yell at me in a drunken stupor…She had even tried to cut the Mark off of the back of my hand, but it just wouldn’t go…”

    “…No…I…I never would have thought that…that she’d do something like that,” Dominimon whispered in a hoarse voice. “When we were married, you mother was exactly as you are now, Zelda; a kind and gentle soul. I never thought…that she would do such terrible things to her own children…”

    “Well, she did. There was nothing I could do to stop her, until Hannah murdered her.”

    “Hannah…killed her…?”

    “She only did it to protect me. For the longest time, I was sad about it…But now? I’m glad. I’m glad that bitch is out of my life for good! If Hannah hadn’t murdered her, I’d still be stuck with her today!”

    “…And where is Hannah right now?” Dominimon asked.

    “She’s dead, too. She was killed by a Digimon called IceDevimon about 500 years ago.”

    “…I see…Zelda…there is nothing I can say to convey how truly sorry I am that I left. And you have every right to hate me…for what I did to you…you and Hannah…”

    “…No. No, I don’t…hate you,” I whispered.

    “…You…” I smiled at the Digimon, and walked over to him, putting his hand in between mine.

    “I’ve always wanted to say this to you,” I said, smiling, in spite of the tears forming in my eyes. “I love you, father.”

    “Zelda…” Dominimon began sobbing once again. “I’m…I’m so sorry…”

    “It’s okay, daddy; I’ve had a wonderful life ever since I escaped that woman,” I said.

    “…Yes…I…see you’ve even been married…It was Thomas, wasn’t it? Thomas Kasuto?”

    “Indeed…he never treated me any differently when he found out about my heritage,” I said. “Well…he did confess his love for me at about that time, so he became more affectionate, but you know what I mean.”

    “…Yes…I’m…so sorry…”

    “Daddy, there’s no need to apologize,” I said, giving the Angel Digimon a big hug.

    “No…not that…I’m…sorry…that I wasn’t there to walk my little girl down the aisle at your wedding!”

    “…Well…you could walk me down this forest path, if you’d like,” I whispered. Dominimon looked up at me and, after returning my hug, stood up and placed my arm in his.

    “Yes…let’s go home…Zelda.” Dominimon and I walked arm-in-arm through the forest, as the brilliant autumn leaves danced around us.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 94 - What Comes from Darkness

    Aegolius Valencia

    The deed had been done. The blood-soaked bodies of my parents, the king and queen of Valencia, lay still and lifeless on the floor. Their throats were decorated with wide-open cuts, formed by the bloody dagger in my hand. And how did I feel about this? The truth is, I felt no emotion. I was neither saddened by their deaths, nor happy that I had finally gotten the task finished. I wiped my dagger clean of blood, and left the throne room to find my sister. This death, I thought, would please me. I would finally be rid of that annoying little girl. I smiled at the thought, and went to find her. Instead, however, she found me.

    “Aegolius! Big Brother!” Micaiah exclaimed, running up to me with her usual idiotic grin. To my relief, Omnimon was nowhere to be seen.


    “Yup! D’you know where mommy and daddy are?” she asked.

    “…You pitiful fool. Micaiah. I…murdered our parents,” I said in a bland voice. My little sister’s smile vanished instantly.


    “I killed them. And you’re next,” I said.

    “N-No! Aeg, why?! Why…”

    “You want to know…why I hate you?” I asked. Micaiah inched away from me, wearing a frightened expression on her face. “…It wasn’t as soon as you were born, I can tell you that. My hatred formed…when you were about three or four years old. Mother and father took you to the palace balcony, to overlook our people…”

    I remember that day like it was yesterday. Mother had you cradled up in her arms, and father went to announce to the people that their “beloved” princess is here to see them. You were shy back then, so you kept your face hidden in mother’s chest, so she had to place you on the floor. Eventually, you looked over the balcony, at all those hundreds of people.

    “…Who are all those people, mommy?” you asked.

    “Those are your subjects, little one,” was our mother’s answer. “You are a princess now, but one day, you will be a queen. These are the people you must protect, as is the duty of any princess.”

    “And more than that, you will inherit a grand Territory,” our father added. “You must always strive to take Valencia in the right direction, to a brighter future.”

    “…Oh…” You looked down at them for a moment, but then, you smiled and waved at them. The people cheered…

    “…I…remember that day,” Micaiah said quietly.

    “They were all so happy that their princess had acknowledged them; they couldn’t stop cheering,” I said. “…It was disgusting.”


    “Shut up. Now, it’s time for you to die!” As soon as I raised my knife, Micaiah screamed, and ran away from me. “You’re only delaying the inevitable, you little cunt! Get back here!” Micaiah ran around the corner of a wall, and as soon as I followed her past it, I knew I had made a grave mistake. Standing in front of her was none other than Omnimon.

    “What the hell do you think you’re doing, Aegolius?!” Omnimon yelled, aiming his Transcendent Sword directly at my chest. Without another thought, I grabbed the Digivice in my pocket, and activated it.

    “I’m only doing what needs to be done!” I yelled, becoming enveloped in the light emitted by my Digivice. “I am doing…what has been ordered of me! Micaiah must die! And so must you, Omnimon!”

    “You’re insane, if you think you can defeat me!” Omnimon retorted. “And even further so if you think I’ll allow you to lay a single finger on Lady Micaiah! Supreme Cannon!”

    “Hah! Child’s play! Terra Hydro Breath!” A blue blast of energy broke through the light and annihilated Omnimon’s attack before striking the Exalted Knight himself in the chest.

    “Mr. Omnimon, are you okay?!” Micaiah exclaimed.

    “Y…You…what are…you?!” Omnimon asked, falling to the ground. The light around me cleared, allowing both Omnimon and Micaiah to embrace the beauty of my new form.

    “My name…is Aegisdramon!” I yelled. “And what I am…is a Bio Hybrid! You may call me BioAegisdramon!”

    “You…you’re a monster…”

    “Heh. Yes, I suppose you could say that. Now then…I must ask that you leave my castle. Permanently!” All of the cannons, lasers, and guns covering my body aimed themselves at Micaiah and Omnimon. “Shine Breaker!”

    “Micaiah, hold on tight!” Omnimon reached over and picked up Micaiah just as my attack unleashed itself. At once, all of the armaments on my body lost their focus and began firing in every direction. One, however, was successful in hitting Omnimon’s back just as he leaped through a window.
    “…Damn it…still can’t control my power,” I muttered. My Digimon form began to glow, and in an instant, I turned back into my Human form. “…Oh well. At least the castle’s mine to keep.”


    “…And at this point, Widow has finished that little pet project of hers,” I said, speaking into the shadows — or rather, the being inside them.

    “I see…Very good. Now then, Crush; find Aegolius. If he has finished his task, you are to wait with him, Dagger, and Rosie at the abandoned fortress.”

    “And what if he hasn’t?”

    “Then be rid of him. If he has not completed such a simple task in the time allotted to him, then he is useless to me. And besides, he is merely wasting Aegisdramon’s power, being unable to control it. But, if he is successful…he shall be spared.”

    “…U-Understood, sir,” I said, bowing to the shadowed figure.

    “Hm…Yes; take the new girl with you, Crush.”

    “The new…you mean Trionfimon?” I asked. “Or do you mean…”

    “I mean the more recent arrival. Take her…this will be her little…test.” The figure in the shadows snapped his fingers, and at once, another shadowed figure appeared.

    “You, uh…ready to go?” I asked.

    “It doesn’t matter if she is or is not. You will succeed…or face the consequences of failure. Have I made myself clear?”

    “Yes, master,” the woman replied in an even voice, betraying not the slightest hint of fear.

    “Very good…Do see that you keep your word…Rosemon.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 95 - Legions of Darkness

    Matthew Kasuto

    An entire day has passed since Celtinemon joined our guild. She adjusted very well, regardless of the guilt she carried over attacking us previously; even though Zelda had forgiven her for striking her, and had even gone as far as to apologize to Celtinemon for making her feel threatened, Celtinemon still showed the tremendous guilt over the incident in her sad blue eyes. Regardless, she remained cheerful, and smiled most of the time.

    At the moment, however, nobody was smiling. Ulysses was addressing each and every one of us with a matter grave and serious. Standing near the back end of the room, atop the small constructed stage usually reserved for Larraine’s dances (or whomever she happens to drag along with her, much to their embarrassment), his voice was as stern as his expression dire.

    “…And so, it has come to my attention that all of the recent events our guild has been involved with may in fact be tied to the Digimon known as IceDevimon,” Ulysses said. “To my knowledge, the only ones who have seen the fiend in question are Zelda, Matthew, Coronamon, Sparrow, and Hawkmon. Heather and Lloyd have told me that they did not see IceDevimon during their trip to the Trillium Mountains, so the only information we have on him is from the five I have mentioned.” Immediately, I looked over to Zelda, sitting hand-in-hand with Dominimon.

    “…It’s been a long time…but my memory of him is still as clear as day,” Zelda whispered. “He’s incredibly powerful; he’s only a Champion level, but he was close to defeating one of my Mega level Digimon Spirits.”

    “You gotta be kidding me! He’s a CHAMPION?!” Sparrow exclaimed. Zelda nodded. “No way! I thought he was at LEAST an Ultimate!”

    “Well, that sure makes me look weak as hell,” Coronamon grunted.

    “A Champion who can defeat Megas…interesting,” Flamedramon mused.

    “That was your moniker way back in the day, babe,” Abigail cooed, tapping the Digimon on the chin.

    “…What is it you want us to do, boss?” Flamedramon asked, sounding as though he wished to change the subject.

    “I haven’t got a set plan in motion yet; but I want all of you to proceed with extreme caution, no matter where you go,” Ulysses said. “Never, under any circumstances, leave the fortress alone; always be accompanied by at least one other person when going out on a job. IceDevimon is a sociopathic serial killer, but also…a rapist. And so, for now, I wish for Larraine, Isole, Giselle, and Lilliana to remain here at the fortress at all times.”

    “Any reason for that?” Isole asked dryly.

    “Isole, you are a non-combatant, young lady,” Lucia said. “I will NOT have you leaving here with that IceDevimon lurking around who knows where!”

    “Exactly,” Ulysses said. “And you, Lucia, and every other woman here; I do not wish to be chauvinistic, so I advise you all to simply be careful.”

    “I don’t find it chauvinistic; you just don’t want us to get raped by that Digimon is all,” Eleanora said. “Hell, I don’t want to leave the fort anymore now.”

    “Very well, then; until a set plan is drawn up, that will be our course of action for the time being,” Ulysses concluded. A wave of silence fell over the group gathered before our master; a silence that was broken apart harshly by the loud ringing of Ulysses’ Fusion Loader.

    “Ulysses; I’m detecting a massive amount of Digimon approaching from the east,” Talosmon said from inside the Digivice. “They’re approaching fast…and I sense a dreadful malice within them!”

    “When will they arrive?!” Ulysses yelled.

    “In two minutes time. I advise you all to prepare for a huge battle.”

    “…It seems as though IceDevimon decided to bring the fight to us,” I whispered.

    “Indeed…Okay, everyone; I want all noncombatants to remain behind in the fortress,” Ulysses bellowed. “Lilliana, Isole, Giselle, Bokomon, Neemon, Tamiko, Loralyn, Madelyn, and Larraine, as well as Heather; you are to all remain behind. Lloyd, you, Dominimon, Zelda, and Mia will remain here to protect them…just in case something happens.”

    “Understood,” Lloyd said respectfully. Mia smiled and nodded, and I could see Dominimon grip Zelda’s hand slightly tighter than before.

    “Everyone else…move out!” A resonating battle cry echoed through the walls of the castle as we all began our departure. As soon as I left the fortress, I looked towards the sky, whereupon I saw the wings of countless Digimon blackening the pale blue yonder. Among the Digimon were DemiDevimon, Devimon, SkullSatamon, and Ghoulmon. I wrapped my fingers around my bow, and readied an arrow. “Digimon, Bio Hybrids, and Summoners; ready yourselves!”

    “I’ll call up my Digimon Spirits to help you,” Zelda said, reaching into her purse to retrieve her Talismans, as Mia did the same. “Come forth, Seadramon; Dokugumon; Greymon; Okuwamon; and Mercurymon!”

    “Come forth, Blastmon; Aquarimon; and MegaKabuterimon!”

    “Lunamon Warp Digivolve to, Crescemon!”

    “Coronamon Warp Digivolve to, Flaremon!”

    “Bio Hybrid DNA Charge! Bio Hybrid Digivolve to, BioLadyDevimon!”

    “Kamemon Digivolve to, Gwappamon!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Reload, Talosmon!” I looked around at all of the Digimon around us; even with the Humans involved, we were still severely outnumbered. I quickly replaced my angst with determination, and fired an arrow up into the sky. To my surprise, I was actually able to hit a DemiDevimon, instantly killing the small Rookie Digimon.

    “The Humans are attacking!” I heard one of the SkullSatamon scream.

    “You bonehead; there are Digimon with them, too!” another SkullSatamon said.

    “Everyone: CHARGE!!!!!” Ulysses ordered. Abigail, AeroVeedramon, and Celtinemon took flight, followed by Quetzalmon and Zelda’s Okuwamon. The army of Fallen Angels charged right back at us, and the battle begun. Flamedramon incinerated an entire hoard of at least fifty SkullSatamon, while Edmund, at his father’s back, did the same to a group of Ghoulmon. I continued firing arrows into the sky with Kentaurosmon, and together, we took out many Devimon and DemiDevimon. A flash of silver soared through the air out of the corner of my eye, and I turned just in time to see Eleanora defeat a SkullSatamon. I sighed.

    …Why am I not surprised that she’s staying so close to me? I thought, smiling as she decapitated a Devimon. Behind her, a DemiDevimon prepared to strike, but Gwappamon knocked it out of the sky with a DJ Shooter attack. About ten feet away, I witnessed Andromon incapacitating two approaching Devimon with his Gatling Attack. Jeez…compared to all these Digimon, I don’t really seem all that strong…should I even be here?

    “Everyone, get down!” I heard Talosmon roar. I looked up in the sky, and saw all of the SkullSatamon and Ghoulmon preparing to fire their attacks all at once.

    Oh no; if they hit us, it’s all over…

    “Supreme Cannon!” An enormous blast of energy shot skywards from behind the Lachesis fortress; the attack instantly annihilated a large portion of the attacking Digimon.

    “Whoa…who did that?” I asked, speaking to myself. A tall Digimon leaped up over the fortress, landing on the ground before us all.

    “Omnimon,” Ulysses grunted. “So, you’ve actually decided to help us, have you?”

    “In a sense; more importantly, I desire your assistance with a different matter, so I figured that I would help you with yours,” Omnimon said.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 96 - Seperation

    Eleanora Kasuto

    “Omnimon,” Ulysses grunted. “So, you’ve actually decided to help us, have you?”

    “In a sense; more importantly, I desire your assistance with a different matter, so I figured that I would help you with yours,” Omnimon said.

    …That seems kinda selfish…It’s like he doesn’t even care about what’s going on right now!

    “And what is it that you need help with?” Ulysses asked.

    “We will discuss it later, Mercenary Leader. For now, let us work towards eradicating these miscreants,” Omnimon said, firing yet another Supreme Cannon into the air, killing many of the Fallen Angel Digimon in a single strike.

    “…Understood,” Ulysses said. “Talosmon, group attack with Flamedramon and Quetzalmon!”

    “Stone Apocalypse!”

    “Fire Rocket!”

    “Toltec Wind!” Talosmon’s attack instantly summoned a barrage of stones, which Flamedramon ignited with his flames, which were then flung around the air by Quetzalmon’s attack; in an instant, the Stone Apocalypse turned from a rain of stone to a hurricane of flaming meteors. In that instant, nearly half of the onslaught of Demons was eradicated by the joint attack. We were still vastly outnumbered, but by now, there seemed only to be roughly one-thousand of the Demons left.

    “Now that’s a number I’m comfortable fighting!” I said to myself, slicing clear through a SkullSatamon’s staff and spine, killing the evil Digimon in a split second. Matthew…I don’t feel comfortable leaving you alone like this; but I know you can take care of yourself, and I know you want nothing more than to prove yourself…I will let you do that. But please…be careful. After one final glance over at my twin, I turned my attention to an approaching trio of DemiDevimon, all of whom I killed with a single sword slice. A Devimon’s claw shot past my head; had Lupinemon not jumped and mauled the Digimon to pieces, I would have lost my head. Omnimon continued launching Supreme Cannons into the air, and though he was able to strike down many of the Digimon, there seemed to be no end to them in sight.

    “Damn it…they just keep on coming!” Sparrow grumbled, echoing my thoughts. The man swung his axe, killing a Ghoulmon in a single hit. Glancing over his shoulder, Sparrow smiled and shuffled over to me. “Hey, El! Where’s Matt?”

    “Oh, uh…I…decided to let him…you know…do this alone,” I said quietly. “…He wants to prove that he’s ready to fight, so I’m going to let him.”

    “Heh…you really care about him, don’tcha?” Sparrow asked.

    “Don’t you?”

    “Of course I do. I care about both of you very much, Eleanora…”

    “…Thank you, Sparrow.”

    “…Actually…there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you for a little while now,” Sparrow said. “I know we’re in the middle of a battle, but—”
    “INCOMING!” I looked up at the sky just in time to see all of the SkullSatamon and Ghoulmon fire their attacks all at once. There was no time for me to dodge; at least, not after shoving Sparrow out of range from one of the blasts. I simply had to stand and endure the attack as best that I could, which was not easy to do, unsurprisingly enough. At long last, the pain ended as the attack was cut off; Mercurymon had stepped in front of me to absorb the attack before firing it back at the Digimon army. Hundreds of DemiDevimon evaporated instantly; the Devimon plummeted to the ground, dying on the way; several SkullSatamon began to slowly fall to the ground, while the remaining Ghoulmon staggered in their flight, looking dizzy.

    “…Urrgh…retreat! All forces, retreat immediately!” one of the Ghoulmon yelled out. At once, the remnants of the once-large army began to fly away, headed for the Black Rose Mountains.

    “Nobody follow them!” Ulysses shouted.

    “But sir, what if they come back?” I asked. “They could bring even more Digimon than they did this time!”

    “That’s an order!” Ulysses barked. “…I don’t wish for anybody here to be lead into a trap…okay? That’s all.”

    “…Yes sir.”

    “Now then, Omnimon; what is it you wish to discuss with us?” Ulysses asked.

    “…It concerns the crown prince of Valencia, Aegolius,” Omnimon began. “…He…I believe he may be one of them. Part of the army that attacked you…”

    “The prince…? I…see,” Ulysses said.

    “That one has always had a bit of a rebellious side to him, I’ll admit,” Omnimon said. “But…what he did goes far beyond what I thought him to be capable of. Aegolius…he murdered both of his parents, and he made an attempt on the life of the princess, Micaiah.”

    “…Omnimon. I think it is only fair for me to tell you that this does not surprise me,” Ulysses said after a moment’s silence. “His behavior during our meeting months ago; he acted as though he were hiding something. Everything he said, the way he said it, all of his tells indicated that something was…off about him. I’d have warned you, but I was unsure if you’d believe me or not.”

    “I…may have, but it is just as well that you did not; you and your guild could have gotten in trouble should you have mentioned that,” Omnimon replied. “…Even if it is the truth. But, the prince; there’s something else about him that you need to know. Aegolius is a Bio Hybrid Aegisdramon.”

    “What?! Bio…Aegisdramon?!” Sparrow exclaimed. “You mean…I fought him?! I fought the prince?!”

    “You fought BioAegisdramon?! When was this?!” Omnimon asked.

    “It was just a few days after we were all asked to track down Fenrirmon!” Sparrow said. “He was with a big man called Crush, and they said they were both Fenrirmon’s allies!”

    “…Fenrirmon’s allies…that raises many questions in itself,” Ulysses pondered. “But, does this hint at Fenrirmon’s inclusion with this invasion?”

    “I believe it may,” Omnimon agreed. “It may be that someone is controlling both the prince and Fenrirmon, as Aegolius mentioned that he had been ordered to eliminate his family; his mother and father…Micaiah…”

    “And where is Micaiah now?” Ulysses asked. “You said he was unable to hurt her?”

    “This is true; the princess remains unharmed. I apologize, but I took the liberty of sending her into your fortress before joining in the battle,” Omnimon said.
    “You need not apologize; you are not wrong for wishing to protect Micaiah. We all wish to aid you in doing so,” Ulysses said.

    “…I am glad to hear you say that,” Omnimon said kindly. “As much as I hate to admit this…I will not be capable of protecting her alone, even from BioAegisdramon.”

    “She will stay here with us as long as you desire for her to do so.”

    “Thank you, Ulysses. Now, while I believe Aegolius may have sought to be the only member of the Royal Family in order to become the king of Valencia, I highly doubt he will be staying there; it would be too obvious,” Omnimon added. “Aegolius is smart; he would not hide out in the open, even though he is as strong and arrogant as he is.”

    “Where do you believe him to be?”

    “…There is an ancient castle not too far away from Castle Valencia; it has been standing since ancient times, but has no inhabitants. It is possible he may be there…”

    “Very well. Omnimon, join us in our fortress; we shall draw up a plan of attack, provided he is there,” Ulysses said. “If he isn’t, it isn’t a big deal. But if he is…”

    “Agreed. I would advise a team of your strongest…” Everyone began making their way back into the fortress; my eyes, however, scanned the battlefield for Matthew. For more than a minute, I looked around, trying to find him, but nothing. By now, nearly everyone had gone back into the castle, but still, I had not seen him.

    “El? Is there a problem?” Sparrow asked. My pulse raced as I could not find him; I had gone lightheaded, and a horrible knot gripped in my belly.

    “…Sparrow…Matthew’s been taken,” was all I could say before collapsing to the ground.

    “Whoa, whoa, slow down; what are you talking about?!” Sparrow asked.

    “I didn’t see him…walking into the fortress…I don’t see him now…Sparrow, he’s been taken!” By now, I was breathing heavily and clutching my chest, which had begun to burn in tandem with my inner agony.

    “Okay, calm down, calm down; we’ll find him,” Sparrow said, kneeling on the dirt next to me to place his hands atop my shoulders. “We’ll find him…okay? Just breathe…” I closed my eyes, and breathed in deeply, letting the cool autumn air fill my lungs. As I breathed out, I was unable to stop a few tears from falling down my cheeks. “Hey now, no need to cry…we’ll get him back safe and sound…” Sparrow pulled me in tighter as I began to cry uncontrollably, sobbing into the front of his shirt. “It’ll be okay…”

    “Hey, what’s going on?” I heard Celtinemon ask from behind me. “You didn’t get hurt, did you?! Oh, dear…!”

    “No, we’re unharmed,” Sparrow said quickly.

    “M-Matthew…he…he’s gone…m-missing…he was…sniff…t-taken,” I sobbed.

    “…Celtinemon. Go and get Giselle,” Sparrow said.

    “Just Giselle…?”

    “Correct. I doubt Ulysses or Omnimon would let any of us go out so soon…but we’re going to the castle; the one Omnimon told us about,” Sparrow said. “Me, Eleanora, and Giselle…and our Digimon partners. We’re going to get Matthew back.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 97 - Castle of Despair

    Sparrow Lea

    “…Is this it?” Eleanora asked.

    “Most likely; Omnimon said the castle wasn’t too far away from that big castle in Yew, and this place is about as old as they come,” I said. The walk over from Lachesis fortress hadn’t taken more than twenty minutes, but the entire time, Eleanora held on tight to my arm. It was strange; I had always known her to be such a strong woman. She was never severe like Lucia; rather, she was as kind gentle as Larraine. But at the same time, she was strong; she never let anything bother her, and she never gave up on anything. Tough and beautiful, kind, loving and gentle; was it any wonder why I had fallen in love with her?

    “Don’t worry, Ellie; we won’t leave this place until we find Matthew,” Giselle said, giving Eleanora’s hand a gentle squeeze.

    “And if we don’t, we’ll force whoever’s in there to tell us what they know about him!” Celtinemon smiled.

    “…Thanks, you guys,” Eleanora said quietly. Her grip on my arm tightened, and I looked up at the worn-down old fort.

    “…Let’s go in,” I said.

    Geitz Felgrande

    Darkness…was all that surrounded me. It had been that way ever since Ulysses killed me, all those months ago. Or, was it years? Weeks? Seconds? How was I to know? At this point, all I knew was darkness. The darkness that not only surrounded me, but had consumed me as well, was making my mind, my thoughts, my consciousness — everything, in essence – grow hazy. But then, there was a light. Was I imagining it? No, it really was there. I reached out for it, causing the light to grow, and brighten. The light enveloped my entire body, as if attempting to purge the darkness within. But then, it vanished, and along with it, the darkness. I now stood, somewhat stupefied, in the middle of a room of what I at first thought to believe was the Lachesis fortress. However, upon closer inspection, I realized that I stood in another castle altogether. Before me stood a pale man with combed-back blond hair, and was dressed in a sand-colored cloak.

    “…You aren’t…an old version of me, are you?” I asked brusquely. The man said nothing, but smiled, and approached me. As he came closer, I noticed that his eyes had no color or pupils. “Just what the hell are you?!”

    “You are Geitz, aren’t you? Geitz Felgrande?” the man asked.

    “How did you…Who are you?!”

    “My name…it is Baez. And you, Geitz; you were able to overcome the darkness that lurks within the Dark Area…Hell, as it were.”

    “That…was the Dark Area?”

    “Correct,” Baez answered. “A very impressive feat for one stuck in the darkness — and even more so for a Human. You really do have a strong will; I suppose that’s why he chose you.”

    “What are you talking about?” I asked.

    “Before you were killed…you were approached by ShadowSeraphimon, were you not?” Baez asked.

    “Shadow…? Yes, I was…And it was he who gave me the power to become Duskmon, wasn’t it?”

    “Yes, that was indeed the doing of ShadowSeraphimon,” Baez replied. “ShadowSeraphimon is but a mere pawn in this game of darkness, but a very cunning one. He chose you, Geitz, because he knew you had a strong willpower. But because of that…you have endangered the very fabric of reality.”

    “Care to run that by me again?!” I asked.

    “ShadowSeraphimon sought out one with a large amount of willpower, but one whose heart teetered on the edge of light and darkness. He gave you the ability to become Duskmon, a Digimon, so that when you were killed, you would be sent to the Dark Area,” Baez said. “But, on account of your strong will, you were able to escape the darkness. You, a Human, escaped the Dark Area, Geitz…In doing so…you destroyed that doorway that leads into Hell. It is only a matter of time before wandering souls begin pouring out into the plain of the living, Geitz!”

    “…You gotta be kiddin’ me…But I was there…So I know you ain’t lying,” I said. “…Okay. This is my problem now. How do I fix it, old man?”

    “What I would like to say is light; for is it not light that vanquishes the darkness?” Baez asked. “But, as light and dark are opposites, if the two are to clash on too grand a scale, then both will be annihilated. We must conquer the darkness…with darkness. With you.”


    “Yes; the darkness that ShadowSeraphimon planted in your heart is powerful, but because of your own anguish due to the circumstances of your death, the darkness is out of control. You must temper the darkness within you.”

    “Okay, now I know you’re just shitting me,” I spat. “There’s no way we can count on evil to destroy evil…”

    “You’re wrong. Darkness is not a bad thing unless you choose to make it that way. But the darkness within you…the darkness of Duskmon…is raging out of control. You must temper this darkness; calm it; learn to control it. Only then…can you undo the darkness you have unwillingly wrought unto this land of Arcadia.”

    “…Fine. What do I have to do?” I asked.

    “In this castle, there are servants of the darkness. Find them…and destroy them. It would be good practice for controlling your darkness.”

    “So, committing murder will help me control this darkness, huh?”

    “Do not think of it like that, my son. Think of it like…fighting them to prevent them from hurting any other innocent lives.”
    “Fine. Whatever works for you, old man. I’d have killed them anyway, really…”

    Aegolius Valencia

    “…Hm…So, Master said he would be rid of me, is that it?” I asked. Crush nodded.

    “Yup…So, obviously, I won’t tell the boss that your little sister escaped with Omnimon,” the large mercenary said. I sighed, and looked around the large castle room.

    “…I appreciate that, Crush. Now then…what have we been ordered to do now?” I asked. A large door opened and closed; Crush’s associate Widow walked in, wearing a cheerful smile on her face.

    “Hello, boys! Are you ready to get to work?” she asked.

    “Ready for work? So, they’ve come to us already, have they?” I asked. “Omnimon must have gone to them…”

    “Yup! And that’s not all; we’ve got another visitor in the basement!” Widow said happily.

    “Oh? So, should we divide our forces?” Crush asked.

    “That’s what Mr. Boss man asked of us!” Widow replied. “This really has me excited! I can’t wait to get started!” The bizarre woman jumped up and down a few inches off the floor, clapping her hands like a little child.

    “So…what should we do first?” I asked. I turned my gaze over to Crush, who had crossed his arms, a habit of his whenever he was thinking deeply about something.

    “…For not…We wait. Let’s see what develops first…and then we can act as we see fit,” the large man said.

    “Okay…Ooh! I have something else!” Widow exclaimed. “Since I finished GranDokugumon sooner than I expected, I got started on another experiment!”

    “What kind of experiment?” Crush asked.

    “I’m creating — get this — a Human! From scratch!” the woman said. “But, not just a regular Human; I’m giving him a special ability to absorb the power of any Digimon he kills, or even defeats and makes de-Digivolve!”

    “Well, that does seem interesting,” I admitted. “When you say power…”

    “He’ll be able to use their attacks! And he’ll get stronger with each kill!” Widow said. “I gave him just enough physical power to get his first kill. And then…”

    “Our master will have an unstoppable monster to help him achieve his goal,” I concluded with a grim smirk.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 98 - Battle Schrezo

    Geitz Felgrande

    Old man Baez had directed me through what I at first thought to be in a random direction; although I doubted that he knew his way around this dilapidated old fortress, I did as he said, and began walking. Much to my annoyance, however, Baez insisted that I was to do this on my own. There was wisdom to be found in those words, I suppose, but they annoyed me all the same. And how was I supposed to fight anything? I didn’t even have my two lances from when I worked at Lachesis. Well, I figured this place might have some weapons stashed here or there, so I put that thought out of my mind for the moment. Rather, I continued walking, up a massive flight of stairs.

    Shit, how big is this damn fortress, anyway?! I kept on walking, and walking, and walking, until finally I made it to the top of the stairway. As I sat down to breathe for a moment, a bone-chilling laughter filled the air. “Who’s there?! Show yourself!”

    “You know, handsome, you must not be very strong if you’re already tired!” From behind, a woman walked past me, towards the opposite end of the room, still laughing to herself.

    “And just what the hell is so funny?” I asked.

    “Nothing, nothing…I’m simply astonished that someone as pathetic as you was the guy that ShadowSeraphimon chose for his pawn of darkness!”

    “You know about that…? Then you’re with him; a minion of the darkness…”

    “You may call me Widow, if you please; but that’s my codename,” the woman continued. “You’d have to be closer to me to know my real name — and I do mean…close.”

    “I don’t have time for this. What is it you want from me?” I asked. The woman finally turned around to face me. She was very beautiful, but at the same time, I felt an angst unlike any I had felt before. Her eyes were a deep crimson, the same as the ribbon that tied up her long ebon hair. Her robes were of a similar ebony, and in the middle of her stomach was a tattoo of a red hourglass, with her navel right at its center.

    “…Is it a fight you want?” Widow asked. “I’m sorry…but I don’t fight against a single opponent; that’s just not my thing.”

    “Then get out of my way!”

    “Oh! I might not be able to fight you, but she certainly can!” Widow exclaimed. The woman snapped her fingers; I looked up, and gasped.

    “…How the hell did I not notice that earlier?!” I said to myself.

    “Oh, don’t feel bad; my sweet baby is very good at hiding herself,” Widow said, giving me an evil smile as an enormous Digimon fell from the ceiling, landing on the floor in front of me with a mighty crash. “Mr. Geitz Felgrande…say hello to GranDokugumon; a Digimon that I created!”

    “A Digimon you…what?!”

    “Take care, GranDokugumon! And remember; you are not to leave behind a single scrap of evidence that he was here,” Widow said, blowing the massive Digimon a kiss before turning to leave the room. GranDokugumon screeched with what I thought to be delight, and began her onslaught.

    Fuck…I hate spiders! Ick…

    “Spider Queen!” The large Digimon raised her front legs, and jammed them claw-first into the ground where I had been standing. Another hairy leg whirred right past my head, barely nicking my ear in the process.

    “Damn it; how am I supposed to kill this thing without any weapons?!”

    “Dominion Venom!” Across the room, I eyed a bright bronze spear just as GranDokugumon readied her next attack. Without pausing to think, I slid underneath the Digimon’s body just as she attacked. A putrid violet liquid sprayed the ground where I stood before just as I reached the other side of the room. GranDokugumon turned around to face me, and I picked up the lance; though, to my dismay, there was but one.
    “It’ll have to do; gotta get past this freak!” I hoisted the weapon up above my head with a little effort, as it was heavier than both of my previous lances combined, and jabbed GranDokugumon in one of her ten eyes. The Digimon reared back immediately, screeching in pain. “Fuck off; I have things I need to do!” I yelled. Flinching at the sound of my voice, GranDokugumon climbed up a wall and back up onto a ceiling, where I could see her tremble in fear. I smirked. “Well now…who’d of thought a 20-foot spider would be a big ol’ crybaby, eh?” I sighed, and headed to the door Widow had walked through.

    Aegolius Valencia

    “Should we move out yet?” Crush asked.

    “Not yet…but soon,” I replied. “Widow said she’d deal with the intruder on the opposite end of the castle; we should wait for her to return if we’re going to fight the ones we actually expected to come.”

    “C’mon; they’re weak; we can crush them!”

    “Don’t be a fool; remember who it is we’re dealing with here,” I said. “This is the mercenary guild Lachesis we’re dealing with; they’re likely to have sent their strongest members to storm the place, so we’ll have to be careful.”

    “I’m BAAAACK!” A door opened, and in walked Widow, smiling as usual. “I just sent GranDokugumon out on that intruder, and get this; it’s Geitz!”

    “Geitz, you say? The one ShadowSeraphimon lent the power of darkness to?” I asked.

    “He’s escaped from the Dark Area sooner than I’d have expected,” Crush said. “Will this be a hindrance?”

    “Not likely; Shadow only needed him to lower the bridge connecting the two realms. He’s already done that, so what need have we for him?” Widow asked.

    “Good point; now, shall we go after the ones from Lachesis?” I asked.

    “Don’t bother; I already asked Dagger to deal with it,” Widow replied.

    “Dagger? Why him?” Crush asked.

    “He was just sitting on his ass anyway; might as well have him pull his weight a little bit,” Widow said. “He’s the obedient type, anyway; I told him not to kill them so we could get a feel for their true power. That way, we’ll know exactly what we’re dealing with.”

    “Ha! You really do play the role of the puppeteer quite well, my little spider,” Crush said.

    “Don’t forget who you’re speaking to, now; it can be quite…literal, with what I’m capable of.”

    “Regardless, what should we do if Dagger is unsuccessful?” I asked. “What if he is killed?”

    “So what if he is?” Widow asked. “He’s just a normal Human; it’s no big loss if he were to die. I highly doubt Boss would be displeased.”

    “You may have a point; Dagger may be a skilled fighter, but it is as you said; he is only Human,” I mused. “Good work, Widow.”

    “Tee hee! Thankies! Oh, one more thing!” Widow exclaimed.


    “Yep! My newest experiment is finished; I made…a Human!” Widow yelled.

    “A…Human…You actually…made one?” Crush asked. “…You were pregnant…?”

    “Oh, no; I was never pregnant! It was that one I was telling you about! I already sent him out after the intruder just in case something happens to GranDokugumon!”

    “In that case, why did you send GranDokugumon out in the first place?” I asked.

    “Well…at the moment, my baby’s probably stronger than that Human, but…without her mommy there with her, she’s a little bit shy; I’m worried that Geitz might scare her away…”

    “And what if he does the same with that Human you made?” I asked.

    “Oh, he won’t; he’s as brave as they come! Trust me, he can defeat Geitz without a problem!” Widow said.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 99 - Dark Impetus

    Sparrow Lea

    For the first several minutes we traversed the large, seemingly abandoned fortress, we did so in silence, not wishing to provoke any unwanted thoughts from surfacing. Soon, about ten minutes or so had passed, and with it, our silence.

    “So, how are you enjoying your stay at Lachesis, Celtinemon?” Giselle asked nervously, as if hoping to not disturb those unwanted thoughts.

    “Oh, it’s wonderful!” Celtinemon exclaimed, speaking in a similar nervousness. “I’m so, so sorry that I ever though that you guys were evil; you’re all such wonderful people!”

    “Hey, don’t worry about it,” I said, giving the Ultimate Digimon a smile. “You’re one of us now; and you know what that means? It means you’re a part of our big ol’ family now!”


    “Yep! Every member of Lachesis means the world to me, as a brother or sister, mother or father; hell, if I’m lucky, maybe even a lover!”

    “That’s…so wonderful,” Celtinemon smiled.

    “Isn’t it, though? Yeah, Lachesis is the best place you can be, without a doubt!” I said. As I was speaking to the Digimon, I could feel Eleanora tug on my arm. “Yeah…? What is it?” Eleanora said nothing, but simply pointed. Directly across from us was a man dressed in a black coat, with the hood pulled up to conceal his face. “…Hey! Are you the one who took Matthew?!”


    “Well?! Are you going to say anything, or am I going to have to beat it out of you?!”

    “…Your trifling matters are of no concern to me. I am here for but a sole purpose; to measure the extent of your power. Now…let it be shown.”

    “Who are you?” Giselle asked.

    “…I shall…inform you of my codename only. It is Dagger.”

    “Not the most creative codename I’ve ever heard,” I muttered under my breath.

    “Fight me. And hold nothing back,” Dagger continued. “I wish…to know. I wish to know just how powerful Lachesis truly is.”

    “Is that why you took Matthew?! Just so you could fight us?!” Eleanora snapped.

    “…I was not involved in any kidnappings. Battles are my muse…Now…FIGHT ME!” A knife soared past my head, lodging itself in a stone of the wall directly behind me.

    “W-Whoa…I didn’t even see his arms move,” I whispered.

    “…Such is the extent of my capabilities. Now, then…show me yours, unless you are afraid to sully the name of the guild you hold so dear.”

    “Phht! I’m not afraid of you! Take THIS!” I swung my large axe at the man, aiming for his torso; he made no effort to move, so I thought I’d have easily defeated him, but as soon as I attacked, he had backed several paces from me. “…So fast…”

    “You are the best Lachesis could send? Then perhaps Crush was right in his musings,” Dagger said.

    “Nobody sent us! We’re just here searching for our friend!” I retorted.

    “…Then, it is safe to say that your guildmaster knows nothing of your presence in this fortress?” Dagger asked.

    “Well, we didn’t really tell anybody that we were going,” Giselle said.

    “…Things just got a good deal more interesting,” Dagger said to himself. “We shall meet again very…very soon. In the meantime, know that it is by my knife…that you will sleep for eternity within these stone walls of history.”

    “Hey, wait—” I spoke too late; I blinked, and Dagger had vanished from sight. “…Damn it…Who the hell was he?!”

    “I do believe it was highly likely he was working with IceDevimon one way or another,” Hawkmon suggested.

    “Well…that’s all the more incentive to keep on going through this place,” I said.

    “But…what about Matthew?” Eleanora asked. “I don’t think Dagger was lying about not being involved in taking Matthew…”

    “But that doesn’t mean he’s working alone; I’m guessing someone else is here. Probably that Valencian Prince jackass,” I said. “Hey may have done it. Matthew could still be here. Don’t lose hope, Ellie.”
    “…I’ll try.”

    Geitz Felgrande

    “Jeez…it’s like this place goes on forever,” I grunted. “And carrying this damn lance sure ain’t helping, either…it’s starting to weigh a ton! Must be made of some other kind of metal from my old lances…” I sighed, and looked up the stairway I was on. About twenty or so stairs were between me and the next room. “…Wonder how Alicia’s doing…Whatever. They probably all forgot about me by now; it’s what a bastard like me deserves…” Finally, I had reached the top of the stairs. Without even stopping to rest, I surveyed the room I had entered, finding a lone man standing at its center. “…Another challenge, huh? And who might you be?”

    “You’re…asking for a name?” the man asked. “I’m afraid you are a bit out of luck there, for I have none. I have not yet earned that privilege, for I was brought to life only an hour before you arrived here.”

    “Only…an hour? What’re you talkin’ about?” I asked. “A balding old geezer like you? What are you, like, fifty?!”

    “Mmm…it seems you were not made aware; though I am Human, I was created here in this castle,” the man said. “There is…much…that I do not know, I’m afraid. The one thing that I do know…is that I was told to halt you from proceeding any further, Geitz Felgrande!” At a speed faster than I was anticipating, the man ran up to me and struck my chin with his palm, giving him enough him enough time to strike me in the ribs hard enough to make me drop my lance, which the man then picked up. “Time for you to die, now.” The man lowered the spearhead down to my head, but just in time, I reached up and caught it between my hands.

    “Ha…Fighting that huge-ass spider unarmed is one thing…but fighting another Human? Talk about a walk in the park!” I said. I aimed a kick directly at one of the man’s knees, making him fall to the floor as well. I jabbed the butt end of the lance into the man’s throat, making him relinquish it back to me. With the lance pointed right between his eyes, I began my attack, only for the man to swerve away just in time; to my amazement, he struck the lance with the side of his hand, making it snap in half. Picking up the part that fell, the part with the spearhead, the man continued attacking me as if what he had picked up was a knife. He swung the weapon at me with a deadly speed; it was all I could do to avoid being struck. The man jabbed at me once again, and when he did, I stuck what was left of my lance between his arms, and elbowed him in the face; as he stepped back, I kicked him in the groin, then spun and kicked him in the face. The man fell to the floor, covered in blood, defeated. “…What a weakling.”

    “…Well? Aren’t you going to finish the job?” the man asked. “Go on, then. Kill me. Take what little life I’ve been given.”

    “Maybe…in a previous life, I would have,” I said. “But I don’t do things that way anymore. Get lost, loser.”

    “Don’t forget, now…I’m still new,” the man panted. “I’ll find you again soon…and I will destroy you…once and for all…Felgrande…”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

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    Chapter 100 - Fading Consciousness


    “…They’re pathetic,” Dagger whispered. “Three Humans, one carrying the Mark on her stomach; two Digimon, Rookie, and one Ultimate.”

    “That’s ALL?!” I asked. “Really? That’s all they sent to fight us?”

    “It seems to be that way. They told me that their leader was unaware of their presence here at this fortress,” Dagger continued. “It seems they are on the pursuit of one of their own, whom they initially thought I had kidnapped. I overheard them discussing that they believed the Valencian Prince to be behind the kidnapping.”

    “Don’t be stupid; I wouldn’t so much as touch one of those mercenary scumbags!” Aegolius shot. “…No offense, you guys; I meant…”

    “Don’t worry ‘bout it,” Crush said, smiling at his companion. “And I agree with you.”

    “Dagger…how long ago did you fight with them?” I asked.

    “Less than five minutes ago,” the hooded man responded. “Their axeman was the only one to take up arms, but I can safely conclude that he isn’t a threat to us, nor is his Hawkmon.”

    “And that Marked cunt? What of her?” I asked.

    “She seemed far more capable; I could tell just by looking into her eyes. Her Lunamon will not trouble us much like the axeman. The other girl is a noncombatant; she is the one partnered to the Ultimate.”

    “Were you able to get a good read on her power?”

    “…It is Celtinemon.” I gasped.

    “Well now…I was not expecting this…I may have to go see for myself,” I pondered. “Dagger…GranDokugumon and my Human have not yet returned to me; I may have to send you out to deal with Geitz.”

    “As you desire,” Dagger replied.

    “No…not yet…” I turned to one of the room’s doors, where I saw my created Human stumble into the room. “I’m afraid…I have let you down, Widow…”

    “Aw, don’t worry about it, handsome,” I cooed. “It was only your first fight; in no time at all, you’ll become stronger than Geitz.”

    “…Yes, ma’am.”

    “Now, then…in the meantime, how do you feel about fighting someone…else?” I asked. “Those mercenaries from Lachesis…would you be interested in fighting them?”

    “If it would please you, then I shall.”

    “Oh, excellent! But first…I need to give you a name,” I said, walking up to my creation. He was definitely a handsome man; though bald, he had a few gray hairs around the back of his head, and a stubbly beard that did not make him look old, so much as it did distinguished. I had dressed in a black coat that covered his tall, muscular frame and his broad shoulders. “…Hmm…how about…Dayan? Yes, that’s a wonderful name, don’t you think?”

    “If you think it to be, then I as well think it to be a good name,” Dayan said. “By your leave, my creator…I shall go and do as was asked of me.”
    “What a good little boy you are!” I whispered back to him. “Yes…fight them. And defeat them. Slaughter them. Don’t leave a trace of them behind!”

    Eleanora Kasuto

    It was strange. Usually, when I was separated from Matthew, I was able to sense where he was, if he wasn’t too far away. But, as we traversed through the old fortress, I felt nothing. I further began to doubt that he was here.

    “Don’t worry about it,” Sparrow had told me but minutes ago. “You heard Omnimon. Aegolius is smart; he probably wouldn’t keep the kid here. We’ll just have to find him and beat the information out of him! Then we can get your brother back, El!”


    “That is…if we can actually find our way out of this old castle,” Celtinemon said.

    “What do you mean? Haven’t we just been walking in a straight line?” Giselle asked.

    “I am afraid not, my dear; we’ve taken several turns along the way,” Hawkmon said. “It may take us a long time indeed for us to find our way out again…”

    “And then, there’s the prince,” I whispered. “Even Omnimon struggled against him…How are we supposed to defeat him…?”

    “On the contrary.” The new voice had startled me; I looked around the room, and finally saw a man walk up to us; his face had a blank expression, and his eyes were equally dull.

    “Who are you?” I asked.

    “Forgive the intrusion…My name — that is, the name given to me — is Dayan,” the man said.

    “Are you with them?!” Sparrow shouted.

    “I know not what you mean; I serve only the woman who brought me to life mere hours ago,” Dayan said.

    “Hours?! You look almost as old as Mr. Ulysses!” Giselle exclaimed.

    “I am of no import; I seek only to enact the orders given to me by Widow,” Dayan continued. “Her order…all those who do not belong here…shall perish. You lot…and the other.”

    “The other…? Who is the other? Is it Matthew?!” I asked frantically.

    “Matthew…? No, that was not his name; but, I was given no instruction by my creator to tell you that man’s name, so do not waste your time with worthless questions.”

    “Do you know anyone named Matthew?” My voice had grown more stern at this point.

    “The name rings unfamiliar to my ears; I’ve no memory of him in the slightest,” Dayan said. “Who is this Matthew to you that you would consistently badger me with these ridiculous questions, even when you are aware they form a threat to your own life?”

    “Matthew is…my brother. My twin…and I will not leave this castle until he is returned to me!”

    “You merely waste your breath. I know nothing of the child. I know only one person — and that is Widow!”

    “…He doesn’t…even have any self-awareness,” I heard Sparrow whisper. “He only knows the woman who created him…”

    “You are correct, more or less; I know not even myself. What good would all of the knowledge in the world do me, after all? Trivial thoughts would merely get in the way of the wishes of my dear master,” Dayan said. “Speaking of…it is high time to destroy you! No more questions!”

    “Digi-Armor Energize!”

    “Hawkmon Armor Digivolve to, Allomon, the Fangs of Courage!”

    “Lunamon Digivolve to, Lekismon!”

    “Giselle; stand back!” Celtinemon said.

    “…Digimon…yes…she told me of my special ability,” Dayan said. “My power of absorption…it shall be your downfall!”

    “Dino Burst!” Allomon spewed his red-hot flames down at Dayan, but the man was too fast. To Allomon’s surprise, Dayan had managed to run past the Digimon’s blind spot before leaping up to punch him in the chest, knocking over the large Allomon. At once, he reverted back to Hawkmon.

    “…Ahh…So…this is the power of absorption that she meant,” Dayan pondered. “Even though he did not die…I stole Allomon’s power from him as he reverted back to Rookie.”

    “Moon Night Kick!” Dayan looked up just in time to move out of the way of Lekismon’s attack.

    “And you are next!” Dayan grabbed Lekismon by the neck and opened his mouth, spewing out the same flames that Allomon had. Lekismon didn’t stand a chance; she instantly reverted back into Lunamon. “…This power…it…is invigorating! Widow is a wonderful young lady to give me this ability! Ah…”

    His personality…has changed…? And so soon after absorbing power from Allomon and Lekismon. It’s like…he’s becoming more…Human…What was it that Sparrow said? That he didn’t have any self-awareness? He was like a machine before…but now…

    “Faerie Divider!” Celtinemon flew down towards Dayan, holding out her sword, but the created Human merely held out his hand and grabbed the Digimon by her wrist, stopping her attack.

    “…This…is simply too easy!” Dayan yanked Celtinemon out of the air and punched her in the stomach, knocking her unconscious before he shoved her to the floor. “…I’ve gotten what I came here for. I will return to Widow…to my master…”

    “Wait! Get back here!” I screamed. Dayan smirked, and shot out the flames of Allomon’s attack; Sparrow pushed me to the ground just in time to avoid being burned, but as soon as I looked up, Dayan was nowhere to be seen. “…No…”

    “Ellie, it’ll be okay,” Sparrow whispered, helping me to stand. “We’ll find Matt…and we’ll stop that guy while we’re at it, too! I promise you…We will find your brother. And you should know better than anyone else that I never break my promises.”
    “…I know.”

    Matthew Kasuto

    My head was throbbing menacingly. Around me, it was completely dark, but rather cool. I guessed that I was indoors somewhere, most likely. I lifted my head very slowly, which was when I noticed that it had been rested on a very soft and cushy pillow.

    “Oh, you’re awake?” a voice asked. I looked towards where I heard the voice, and saw only the dim reflections of a far-away light reflected in a pair of eyes. The voice had belonged to a woman, but that was all I could tell.

    “W-Who are you…?” I asked. “And where are we…?”

    “Oh, my apologies; allow me to fix this,” the voice replied. “Support Cards: Light!” A blinding glare filled the room; at once, I could see the woman who had spoken. A Digimon, but one who resembled a Human for the most part. Her hair was short and orange, with a pair of ears sticking out from the top of her head, like a cat or a fox. Her eyes were a deep violet, and she was dressed in an elegant red dress. It was her tail, colored similarly to her hair, that my head was rested on. “My name is Trionfimon; I saw you collapsed in the woods, so I brought you to my house so I could help you. Are you unharmed?”

    “…My head…”

    “Yes, you looked like you took a rather nasty hit,” Trionfimon whispered gently. “So…what did you think of my tail? Pretty soft, huh?”

    “Huh…? Oh, yes, ma’am, very,” I said, lowering myself slowly so that my head was once again resting on her tail. Trionfimon smiled down at me.

    “I just love letting others sleep on my tail like this,” she cooed. “It’s so peaceful, watching them sleep so soundly…”


    “Oh, I’m sorry! I never even asked for your name, did I?” Trionfimon asked.

    “M-My name is Matthew; I…I remember fighting an army of SkullSatamon; I must’ve gotten snatched up by one of them, and then dropped…”

    “…I see…”


    “…Don’t worry about it. Just rest up here for a while…when you’ve recovered, I’ll help you find your way back home,” Trionfimon said, reaching down to gently stroke the side of my face until I finally fell asleep once again.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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