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Thread: Lost Chronicles II: One World

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    Chapter 91 - Dearly Beloved

    Zelda Kasuto

    As an early dawn’s light flooded my room, gently serenading me with its hues of rich amber and gold, I pressed the side of my face deeper into my pillow. A chill wind escaped through my window, and I curled myself up and huddled underneath my blanket. On mornings like these, I would always pretend that my husband was still alive; whenever a small breeze like this would waft into my bedroom, Thomas would draw me in closer to his body. As a man who could easily endure the piercing blizzards of the tundra province with but a single coat, I knew this was to keep me warm, rather than himself. I smiled to myself, and imagined that he was right here with me, with an arm draped over my body. A tinge of sadness entered my heart — or rather, it never left — but I did my best to ignore this as I remembered everything about the man I loved; his scent, the warmth of his body, the feel of his slim but strong arms resting atop my hip, the feel of his soft lips pressed gently against the back of my head. A small Nyokimon suddenly began chirping away on the edge of my window, surging me from my blissful delusion.

    Oh well…I should probably get up anyway…Slowly and quietly, I slid out from under my blanket and made my way towards my bedroom door. My stomach began to growl as soon as my feet made contact with the cold stone floor; the noise echoed quietly through the mostly empty room. I hope nobody heard that…I slipped past my slightly ajar bedroom door, and made my way downstairs, where I found Heather and Madelyn sitting on a couch together; Madelyn’s head was nestled comfortably against Heather’s pregnant belly, and Heather’s arms were wrapped gently around Madelyn’s tiny body. Directly across from them sat Lloyd. All three of them were asleep. I smiled.

    I’m so happy for them…I’m glad they found their daughter after all of those years…They must be really strong, to have never given up; if I had lost my child the way they did…if I lost Matthew or Eleanora…I don’t know what I’d do…I smiled at the heartening scene before me, and walked out of the fortress and into the sun’s bright glow. At my feet, the grass was wet with dew, and a slight breeze made my skirt dance gracefully in the air. I took a deep breath in of the crisp, cool air, and stretched, taking in the beautiful scene before me as much as I could.

    “…It was a morning just like this…when Rosemon left me…” Startled, I turned my head to see Giselle sitting against an outer wall of the ancient fortress.
    “Oh, good morning, Giselle!” I said, giving the young girl a warm smile. “What are you doing out here all by yourself?”

    “…Just thinking…” Seeing the worn and defeated look of depression on the normally cheerful girl’s face, I took a seat on the grass next to her.

    “…Lucia told me about what happened between you and Rosemon,” I said gently. “Would you like to talk about it? If it’ll help you feel better, I’d be more than happy to listen…” After a moment of remaining silent, Giselle slid her hand into her skirt pocket, and pulled out her Data Link Digivice.

    “…I betrayed her, Zelda…I was the one who messed up, but I put the blame on Rosemon; that’s why she left,” Giselle whispered.

    “Lucia told me what happened, dearie; and I don’t think Rosemon has any right to hate you for as long as she has,” I said, placing my arm around the younger girl. “You were scared, little one…”

    “That doesn’t excuse what I did; Ulysses attacked her, Zelda; he and Talosmon both…it should have been me—”

    “No, darling, don’t say that; nobody deserves to be treated so horribly. Just one little mistake shouldn’t have warranted such horrid punishment…”


    “Don’t cry…it’ll all be okay…” As I placed the girl’s hand in my own, the sound of a gentle wingbeat filled the air.

    “Hey, I’m back!” Flying towards Giselle and me with wings of pure white, a Digimon smiled and greeted us. “Oh, hey, new people! Hi there! I’m Celtinemon! Nice to meet you!” The Digimon landed on the ground, but instantly, her smile vanished. “…Are you okay? Did I come at a bad time…?”

    “N-No…it’s okay,” Giselle said, drying her eyes with the back of her arm.

    “Aw, you shouldn’t be crying! A girl as pretty as you should always be smiling, ‘cause that’s what makes your beauty shine through!” Celtinemon exclaimed cheerfully, giving Giselle a wide smile. From the corner of my eye, I could see Giselle attempt to stifle a small smile. “There, see? You have a nice smile! Oh, and that ribbon in your hair is just adorable!!!

    “O-Oh, t-thank you, miss,” Giselle said, blushing slightly.

    “May I ask why you have come here, Milady?” I asked.

    “Oh yeah! I’m here to kill you all!” Celtinemon exclaimed. My heart practically leaped up into my throat at these words.


    “Yeah, some guy hired me to kill you all, so; here I am!”

    “Who?! Who hired you?!” I yelled, standing up to face the Digimon.

    “Oh, I dunno, just some Digimon I never saw before,” Celtinemon shrugged. “Didn’t get his name, I was too busy getting his money!”

    “You’d…kill innocent people…for money…?”

    “Oh, goodness, no!” Celtinemon exclaimed. “I would never kill an innocent person, no matter how much money is offered to me! I’m killing all of you ‘cause you’re evil!”

    “…What?” I stared blankly at the smiling Digimon.

    “Yep; that was what the guy who gave me money said, and I figured that anybody with that much money couldn’t be bad,” Celtinemon said. “So, like, I don’t wanna hurt you guys, but I also don’t want you guys to hurt other people, so I’ll just kill you all as painlessly as I can, okay?”

    “Celtinemon, you’ve got it all wrong; we aren’t evil!” I exclaimed. “Our group fights against bandits; we even just dethroned a tyrant king…”

    “…No…that can’t be right,” Celtinemon whispered.

    “Why can’t it?” Giselle asked.

    “Because…Because he paid me to do this! And I have faith in my employers, just as they have faith in me to complete the missions they give! Faerie Divider!” Celtinemon’s blade glinted in the morning sun, and though I was able to reach for a Digimon Talisman in time, Celtinemon was soon upon us; all I could do was watch on as she thrusted her gleaming sword into my arm just as I pulled a Talisman from my purse. The world around me grew hazy; I could faintly hear Giselle scream my name, and then it went dark.
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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    Chapter 92 - Determination

    Giselle Alberona

    “Zelda! ZELDA!!!” Celtinemon quickly retracted her blade from the side of Zelda’s arm, leaving her to fall to the ground, pale-faced and nearly unconscious. “Zelda, please…Stay with me, okay?! Zelda!”

    “Give it up; there’s never been a Human to survive my onslaught, Mark or no,” Celtinemon said. Her voice was bold, but her face, particularly her eyes, said otherwise. What I saw instantly took away my fear for Zelda, replacing it with pure intrigue. Intrigue for how Celtinemon… “worked.” She had claimed to be motivated solely by money, but I was beginning to have doubts about how true this was. Her eyes were quite obviously avoiding the sight of blood leaking from Zelda’s arm, and she herself looked equally faint.


    “…No…No! No, I’ll be fine!” Celtinemon exclaimed, quickly composing herself. “Okay! Now, ready yourself, villain! I-It’s time for you both to die now, ‘k?”

    “I won’t let you hurt Zelda!” I yelled back.

    “No!” Celtinemon readied her blade once again, but before she could attack, Lloyd jumped in front of me, swinging his own blade to deflect Celtinemon’s attack.

    “Mr. Reed…”

    “Giselle, take Zelda back into the fort! This isn’t someone you can fight!” Lloyd said. “Heather and Maddie told me the extent of her power. You must go…”

    “…Don’t bother. I’m going now.” Celtinemon turned away, and sheathed her sword. “But I will be back…I refuse to allow you villains to roam free.”

    “…Did…you just call us villains?” Lloyd asked.

    “It’s a long story,” I whispered. Celtinemon spread her pure-white wings, and took to the air, vanishing into the distance in the blink of an eye.

    “That Digimon…she’s delusional,” Lloyd commented.

    “…That may be,” I said. “But…”

    “But what?”

    “…There’s something about her…that draws me to her,” I replied. “…I want her.”

    “I want her. I want her to be my Digimon partner.”


    Darkness. Darkness surrounded me, crushed me, filled me with despair. And yet, when all seemed lost, I saw his face. Thomas…

    …Did I…die…? Was my first thought. A stinging pain in my right arm made the shadows around me stir, and then vanish; replacing the darkness, was that of the familiar visage of my bedroom.

    “Zelda…are you alright?” I blinked a few times, and slowly looked around.

    …Must’ve been a dream, I thought. I lay in my bed, staring up at the ceiling for the second time that day. In a chair nearby sat Dominimon, and around my right arm were some blood-stained bandages. Directly beneath them was the source of the pain; a sharp, burning agony that seemed to render my entire arm helpless.

    “Zelda…?” I glanced up at the Digimon, and smiled weakly at him. “…Arcadia be praised that you’re alright…”

    “Dominimon…is…is Giselle…okay?” I asked.

    “Do not worry; she is unharmed,” Dominimon said. “Lloyd showed up and drove Celtinemon away.”

    “…I see…And how long have I been unconscious; do you know…?”

    “You were out for about nine hours. It’s weird, though; a stab like that shouldn’t have made you pass out at all,” Dominimon pondered. “And you don’t appear to be poisoned, either…”

    “It was probably some magical effect from Celtinemon’s sword,” I said.

    “Hm. She’s a dangerous one…We cannot let our guard down with her.”

    “…Mr. Dominimon…is it…okay…if I ask you a rather…personal question?” I asked.

    “You may ask whatever you wish of me, my dear,” Dominimon said gently.

    “Mr. Dominimon…do you…have the Mark…?” The Mega level Digimon remained silent for a few seconds, regarding me with curiosity.

    “…I’ve been here at Lachesis for around 162 years; not a single person has noticed, or at least asked me about it,” he finally said. “My dear…I’ve carried with me the same curse, the same hatred for many years. I was…not born with it. The Mark was emblazoned on the back of my right hand when I was with a Human woman.”

    “…I see…Interesting that we would have our Marks in the same place…”

    “Yes; I noticed that while I was treating you,” Dominimon said. “It is indeed…interesting…”

    “Dominimon…? Are you okay?” I asked.

    “I am…fine. Zelda…there is something I would like to talk to you about…”

    “Um…I don’t mean to sound rude…but can it wait? I need to rest a little while longer…”
    “No, it’s fine. Rest as long as you wish, my dear…”


    A dank cave behind me. A large fortress before me. In my hand, a massive hammer.

    “…Sigh…If only this were the Lachesis fortress,” I grumbled. “…Although…They are pretty strong…Guess it would be kinda dumb to just rush them all at once, like the Boss said. We gotta just go with the plan, then…” I sighed once more, and walked into the fortress which, to my relief, was far less stuffy and dank than the cave I had exited. “Damn, this place is huge; could be a damn castle…”

    “That’s what it used to be, I hear.” My irritation instantly swept away upon hearing the voice that I so loved to hear. Upon entering the main room of the fort, the even lovelier owner of the voice approached me with a grin on her face. “How do you do, Crush?”

    “Widow…How is my little spider doing today?” I asked.

    “Oh, you; you certainly know what to say to a girl!” Widow giggled, tapping me on the nose. “I’m doing just fine, thank you for asking! Better than fine, actually!” Widow’s small grin widened into a big smile.

    “Don’t tell me…you completed your project?” Widow giggled again, and led me to the far end of the room through a large, red curtain. Behind the curtain was a room lit solely by a dim light; directly in front of me was an enormous Digimon sitting inside of a stasis tube. “Is this it?”

    “Yep! Crush…I’d like to introduce you to GranDokugumon!” Widow exclaimed. “This precious little thing was difficult to construct, but very worth it! GranDokugumon is a Mega level Digimon, a DNA Digivolution between Dokugumon and GranKuwagamon.”

    “Champion and Mega; no wonder it was difficult to fuse,” I said. “…You’re really something else, Rosie…I mean, uh…Widow.”

    “It’s okay, Charles; you can use my real name. I trust you,” Widow said gently. I smiled back at her, and turned my gaze again to the massive GranDokugumon. “I just love spiders…There is nothing more beautiful than the sight of their webs covered in the morning dew, glimmering in the sunrise…”

    “You’ll have to show me that sometime,” I said.

    “…She’s beautiful, though, isn’t she…?” Widow asked, gazing at GranDokugumon. “My little baby…My beautiful GranDokugumon. All those legs…Yes; yes! Penetrate me with those eight beautiful legs!”

    “…You enjoy yourself,” I said, walking away from her and GranDokugumon.

    “Wait! Hold a moment, dear Crush!” Widow said. “Where is that Aegolian Prince whatever?”

    “Prince Aegolius Valencia is doing his job as was requested of him by our new Boss,” I said.

    “Ordered to murder his entire family…Do you think he’d actually do it?” Widow asked.

    “His parents, no doubt…But I dunno ‘bout his sis; I doubt he’s got the stones to kill her,” I replied. “That sweet, smiling face; he says he can’t stand her, but deep down, I feel like he truly cares about her.”
    "Evil can confuse you when you're staring at it straight in the face. You can hope the face of evil will change, but it won't unless you force it to change."

    If you enjoy(ed) my story, check this out! It's the various Digimon I've created for the entire series: ---> https://withthewill.net/threads/1844...906#post325906

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