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Thread: Overview of Digimon in 20th Anniversary Pendulum

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    The first version gets ripped off when it comes to the Baby stages of their exclusive eggs, doesn't it? They get Choromon and Caprimon (same as Metal Empire) for one where the second version has the exclusive Botamon and Koromon in the same place, Mokumon and Petitmeramon (Nightmare Soldiers) where the second gets the exclusive Fufumon and Kyokyomon and finally Snowbotamon and Nyaromon (Virus Busters) where the second gets the exclusive Chicomon and Chibimon (not to mention Plotmon also appears in Virus Busters while Veemon is exclusive too). I suppose the last case is excusable considering Meicoomon having the same pre-evolutions as Tailmon is a pre-established thing and it is the only way to get them in the first version... but the the other two are kind of BS. Could they REALLY not reuse the sprites for, say, Zorumon and Pagumon for the first and Petitmon and Badydmon for the second(just two examples off the top of my head)?
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    Added Digimon you will face in Battle Mode to the news.
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    I hate when shit is enemy only. It's such a troll.

    Especially since two of them are my Digiwaifus...

    Would've been an interesting time to use Ciel, IMO.

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    Since we can copy digimon from Vpet 20th to pendulum 20th, then we can get r.tyranomon, omnimon as, and gracenovamon, right? As copymon that is

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    Maybe the Sistermons could be password Digimon?

    Seeing Omegamon Alter S, Rustyranomon, and GraceNovamon makes me hope we can transfer the copymon from Vepet Ver20th.

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    ...All of this news got me hella confused. I feel like I'm in way over my head going into a Pen20th as such a rookie, I've only kept a version 1 before... but I'm also super glad I picked the blue one. I mean, damn, V-dramon, V-mon, Guilmon, Dorumon, literally all of virus busters... hell of a lineup. But again, I was daunted by the DM20th (considering I've never played one, too expensive,) so I have a willing bet that I'm... kind of screwed.

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