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Thread: Digimon Links is Back Up

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    Digimon Links is Back Up

    Well, that wasn't great for players...

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    For those playing Digimon Links, the last 2 weeks haven't been much fun. The game had emergency maintenance and has been down, without great communication from Bandai.

    But after nearly two weeks the game is back up (and checking that, it's the first time I've been in the game for a couple months most likely.)

    Now that it's back up, Bandai's communication on how it's trying to make good with fans is a bit better...

    Thank you for playing Digimon Links.
    This is a notification that the emergency server maintenance has been completed. We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience we have caused our players over such a long period.
    After serious consideration of this situation, in addition to extending the duration of all ongoing events, players who joined before the start of the maintenance measures will be awarded the items listed below as compensation.

    【Distribution contents】
    ・DigiStones x1000
    ・Each plugin ver1.0~ver4.0 x100
    ・Gourmet meat x3
    ・Cluster 300000
    ・BP 300
    ※They will be sent to your present box directly when you will login.
    【Distribution period】
    2018-03-14 16:00:00(JST)~2018-03-31 23:59:59(JST)
    【Receiving period】
    ~2018-03-31 23:59:59(JST)

    In addition, the current events "Roar of the Moonlight" and "Swift Blue Wolf" will be extended as follows:
    【Extension period】
    2018-03-16 17:59:59(JST)
    The Exchange will be open until 2018-03-23 17:59:59(JST)

    A separate announcement will be made regarding the start of the "Chaos-Piercing Fist" event, which was published in the News on 3/2.

    Moreover, the schedule for the following Advent Quests will also be extended.

    【Target Quest①】
    【Extension Period①】
    2018-03-16 17:59:59(JST)

    【Target Quest②】
    【Extension Period②】
    2018-03-23 17:59:59(JST)

    【Target Quest③】
    【Extension Period③】
    2018-03-27 17:59:59(JST)

    Likewise, the schedule will be extended for the ongoing Captures, which include "Mega Festival Capture", "Roar of the Moonlight Special Chip Capture", "Swift Blue Wolf Special Chip Capture", and "Adversity Leader Skill Capture".
    【Extension Period】
    2018-03-16 17:59:59(JST)

    Regarding Colosseum Season 4, interim Ranking prizes for the first half will not be awarded. Instead, the corresponding awards will be aggregrated to the interim Ranking prizes for the second half and to the final Ranking prizes.
    The Rank Down planned to be carried out at the same timing with distributing interim Ranking prizes for the first half, will also be suspended.
    Please check "PRIZE" in Colosseum for more details.
    In accordance, the current Colosseum Exchange will be available until the following time.
    【Event extension】
    2018-03-25 16:59:59(JST)

    Once again, we are deeply sorry for all the trouble we have caused. Our whole management team will be even more cautious to prevent such inconvenience from occurring again.
    Thank you for continuing to play Digimon Links.
    Or in short... they're extending events that got screwed up, and tossing a bunch of bonus items to players.

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    A snapshot of part of the message, as posted in the game. The copy/paste above is from their social media, with a few line breaks to make it easier to read. Interestingly, the in game message is a bit different, and even conveys some different information.

    Players who enjoy the game will be pleased the game is back. Bandai's poor communication for almost two weeks was obviously frustrating, especially since they had planned some of the things to apologize and welcome players back. Detailing some of these plans earlier would have likely helped players wait a bit easier (even if things couldn't be dated since the game wasn't back up.)

    Links overall has been one of the more polarizing Digimon games, since after the initial few days filled with various boosts and bonuses, the game becomes insanely grindy, and hard to enjoy if you don't put money into it.

    Digimon Links can be found on the iOS App Store and Google Play.
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    Damn. Didn't even notice it was down since I uninstalled it a while back. Will have to get back to it when I buy a new phone.

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    I sure haven't logged in for months, but sure, I'll grab some free stuff. :P I'm sure this sucked for people that actually still play constantly though.

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    There was a giveaway running on the Links Facebook page for the new Pendulum. To enter you had to take a screenshot of your Links team and post it in the comments, but the maintenance started in the middle of the contest so a lot of people weren't able to participate. I really hope they extend it because I don't see any information regarding it

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    Just to note, so far only the English servers are back up. The JP server still seems to be down with no update as of a few minutes ago. My guess is they have to do extra work and potentially heavier compensation cuz all this happened during their 2nd anniversary.

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    Wasn't even aware it was down. No one posted it was down lol

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    I haven't touched Links for a while so this hasn't bothered me. It's fun, but the lengthy updates every other time I load it up are a pain in the arse.

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    This is very interesting... I didn't notice anything about that so the downtime seems to not affect their resource servers at all. Maybe when the japanese version goes back up they'll upgrade to version 2.4.0 because they already have the directories for it (but no additional files so far).

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    To be honest, I've mostly just been logging in to get the Digistones since nothing has kept me around, so this didn't effect me too much. Regardless, it's still nice to see it back up after being offline for so long.

    I will also give credit to Bandai for the compensation they gave out. I'm not too familiar with other games like Links, but 1000 Digistones and 100 of each plugin is pretty substantial since it allows players to get five full summon sessions for free along with the ability to evolve around three Digimon all the way up to Ultimate (provided they have the fragments). I'll definitely hold onto that for whenever they release a personal favorite of mine I want to pull for.

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