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Thread: Digimon Adventure AU Villains as Partners

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    Oh sure. What I meant was I think you had the final evolution in mind first (Apocalymon), and then decided it's previous forms second. I may be wrong, but just a thought. Another clue that this was the case is that the Dark Masters and the Devimon/Etemon/Myotismon forms are all present in the Digi-Destined line-up in some capacity. Saying that it would be be strange -not- to put them in suggest to me that you are caught between two choices:

    1) Making all the good Adventure guys bad, and the bad Adventure guys good; and
    2) Relling a story about Virus Digimon saving the Digital World.

    I love the premise of the second option because it can have great potential for class-ism or racism, while the first option is a lot less innovative or original as a unique story. You don't need to do a 1:1 role reversal for each Partner Digimon and a Villain. I mean, if thats what you are going for then have at it, but I think it's a huge missed opportunity to showcase some really unique evolutions and Digimon we don't see very often in favor of fan-service.

    I would also suggest that you re-examine your logic behind using the Order of Light and typing being the rationale for Super Ultimate or Blast Modes. For example, you have Rosemon and MetalGarurumon who are Data, technically weak to Virus Digimon, but in the original Adventure, MetalGarurumon (Data) defeated Puppetmon (Virus) despite this weakness. This sets a precedent that type-advantages aren't super important for same-level Digimon. I know Savers made Blast Modes fun and shiny, but if you are in the Adventure world I don't think they are necessary at all. Fun, but I dont know about necessary. Including them suggests that it's more important that you include the Dark Masters for fan service (again) rather than for a functional story element.

    I think the idea that you've set out is really a great one. The idea of Vaccine and Data Digimon overthrowing a big Virus evil and then saying "Never again!" and in doing so subjugating even innocent and benign Virus Digimon into lower class of society, or regularly persecuted, hunted, etc; it's fantastic. It's a cautionary tale of paranoia, absolute power corrupting, and leaves room for a few nice pot twists. But I think what you are really doing is just a thought-experiment as to who-would-be-who in alternative world, which while fun, has a lot of practical problems. That all said, I don't know if you are going to be -doing- anything with this such as a Roleplay or a Fanfic, so take my comments with a grain of salt.

    I don't have any comments about your 02 choices, since again it's just a copy/paste from bad-guy to good guy. You just started with the Villian and then adjusted around it, which as I've said I don't think is a good approach. But you've got a problem with the Digimon Emperor Arc, since you -also- have a line for Ken. Technically Ken is the Digimon Emperor, so you technically might want to consider a Vaccine/Data Digimon for him, if he was meant to be an antagonist (assuming 02 is still fighting Vaccine).

    Having Ken's Digimon evolve into Kimeramon is also a problem since he is Data and not a Virus Digimon. Another example of your premise not aligning with forcing all of these role reversals.
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    The premise is interesting, but I'm not really liking the execution to be honest. I think the main issue I have is that your premise is surrounding "innocent Virus Digimon" yet involves a large number of villainous Virus Digimon (16 are directly tied to the "powers of darkness / evil" in the Adventureverse and the equivalent in the null canon so seem to be more in line with the evil Viruses you mention). I would be fine with the likes of MetalSeadramon, though he's actually a Data type (as are AncientTroiamon, Seadramon, MegaSeadramon, and GigaSeadramon). With what you have now, this seems like you're giving two entirely different pilots: (a) the first that's a hero-villain swap involving mostly the demonic Digimon from Adventure being heroes and (b) the second that involves the persecution of innocent Viruses following the destruction brought about by a group of Viruses. With how both ideas are combined, there are a number of contradictions. If you're intending on following the exact same format as Adventure, there are a number of points that will just seem forced at best.

    So, first, probably the place to start is to get a picture of what you're actually envisioning for the story, and with more specificity. You say that the world originally was ravaged by evil Virus Digimon. Probably the most important detail is who these Digimon were. If you want them to be associated with the powers of darkness in Adventure fashion, you'll probably want to avoid using such Digimon in your heroes' lines as otherwise this would really read as if the original oppressors are becoming the heroes. Using Apocalymon also really seems to be at odds with the null canon as his very nature makes him more in line with the villainous Viruses you mention. My own suggestion would be working with the original villains being SGDL and other Dark Area (i.e. Apocalymon, Armagedemon*, viral Cherubimon, Gulfmon, Millenniummon, the Myotismons, etc.) or Nightmare Soldiers (i.e. Arkadimon, Ogudomon, Piedmon, etc.). Another part of the question is how many villainous Virus Digimon were behind the original cataclysm.

    Next, I think it would be important to consider your heroes. Do you want them to still be tied to the same crests? If so, you probably want to reconsider what you're doing with your partner Digimon and lines as several of these seem more like they were chosen at random. What surprises me the most is that you didn't use the obvious BlackAgumon and BlackGabumon lines for Tai and Matt, respectively. Mushroomon also seems to be more in line with Mimi than with Matt. Also, do you want the lines to remain as Virus only, or is it fine for them to change attribute? Since if you want them to remain as Virus Digimon, a number mentioned above don't follow this trend. Having some freedom with attributes would allow for much easier lines.

    To go back to what Da_Duke noted, and maybe to explain correctly, is that it seems like you decided on certain forms (i.e. Megas such as Apocalymon) and then created lines based on that (and I might add, possibly some of the plot as well). In other words, you started at some points that would occur towards the end, both in terms of evo and in terms of the plot, and then worked toward the beginning. This creates lines rather differently than beginning with Rookies and working towards Megas (see my own example below). But in doing what you did, you're going to have to do a lot to convince the audience that many members, such as Apocalymon, fall under your banner of "innocent Virus Digimon". In Tamers, we all believed that Beelzemon Blast Mode was good or redeemed based on his extensive character arc (even though he's technically SGDL). Not only do some of the final forms not feel organic to their DigiDestined but some of the lines feel like they were forced just so you could use certain 'mons.

    Virus Rookies: Arkadimon (Rookie), Betamon, Betamon X, BlackAgumon, BlackGabumon, BlackGatomon*, BlackGuilmon, Chuumon, Commandramon, DemiDevimon, Dokunemon, Dracmon, Elecmon (Violet), FunBeemon, Gazimon, Gazimon X, Gizamon, Goblimon, Guilmon, Guilmon X, Hagurumon, Hagurumon X, Impmon, Koemon, Kokabuterimon, Kokuwamon X, Kunemon, Mushroomon, NiseAgumon Hakase, Otamamon, Otamamon X, PawnChessmon (B/W), PetitMamon, Phascomon, ShadowToyAgumon, Syakomon, Syakomon X, Shamanmon, SnowGoblimon, Tentomon, Tinkermon, Tsukaimon, Vemmon(?), Vorvomon, & Wormmon.

    My own preference using the above listing and the original Adventure themes are noted below. You, of course, don't have to use any of them, but I think something similar would feel more like an alternate universe for Adventure. Again, I really think you need to consider who the original villainous Virus types were for the history of your Digital World before you select your partner lines to prevent overlap.

    Tai: BlackAgumon -> BlackGreymon -> BlackMetalGreymon -> BlackWarGreymon -> Omnimon Zwart D / Alter-B
    Matt: BlackGabumon -> BlackGarurumon -> ShadowWereGarurumon -> BlackMetalGarurumon -> ^
    Sora: Soundbirdmon? -> Saberdramon -> Karatenmon -> Ornismon
    Izzy: FunBeemon, KoKabuterimon, Kunemon (I really like KoKabuterimon -> Kuwagamon line)
    Mimi: Mushroomon -> Woodmon -> Cherrymon / Pumpkinmon (note: Data) -> Puppetmon; -> Algomons (U -> M)
    Joe: Otamamon -> Gekomon -> ShogunGekomon -> Bacchusmon (I like Betamon and Gizamon, but can't find VI lines)
    TK: Tsukaimon -> Wizardmon (note: Data) -> Baalmon / Mistymon / Wisemon -> AncientWisemon
    Kari: BlackGatomon -> Arukenimon (humanoid) -> ???; -> Bastemon -> AncientSphinxmon; Meicoomon ->> Raguelmon

    Davis: Commandramon -> Sealsdramon -> Tankdramon -> Darkdramon (maybe U.Chaosmon with the Omnimon alt.)
    Ken: Dokunemon, FunBeemon, Kunemon; Wormmon's original line is Virus as well (I really like the FunBeemon line)
    Yolei: Vorvomon line?; Owlmon and Zhuquiaomon are the only other Virus birds that come to mind
    Cody: Elecmon (Violet); Gazimon -> Dobermon (VI) -> Cerberumon (Jinrou) -> Plutomon ; -> Wendigomon -> Antylamon -> Callismon

    Next is the Order of Light. What are these Digimon, anyway? If you want them to be the original DigiDestineds' partners, you should note that both Wormmon and Tentomon are or can be Virus Attribute. If I recall, Wormmon was explicitly Virus; though often Virus as a species, Izzy's Tentomon was Vaccine. The regime you describe would have eradicated Wormmon and likely held Tentomon under suspicion in essentially the Salem Village Virus Trials of File Island. In what you describe, even having one form as a Virus would fall under the blade of "wiping out all Virus types" as well. It's going to be important to really consider the Digimon you have as the Order of Light to make sure they don't act in a way that's contradictory to their paradigm. Given what you describe, it's also important to note whether this Order of Light are the original heroes who defeated the villainous Virus types or an unrelated group of vigilantes who took up this "holy crusade" without even knowing the original conflict. Going with the first option would be an intriguing story to me as it would give ample opportunities for your present partner Digimon to mention that they, too, were targeted by the original villainous Virus types and could even mention having looked up to the Order before they went all Digital Reich.

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    After all the feedback I've gotten, and after some further research on the net for good digivolution lines, I've come up with a revision I think you all will find good, or at least better. I decided to ditch the idea of the former partners being the villains, though I am looking for suggestions as to who would make good Order of Light members. I am sticking with the former villains as the heroes. Here's the new pairings...
    Tai and Goblimon/Kinkakumon/Kinkakumon Promote/Apocalymon
    Matt and Mushroomon/Woodmon/Cherrymon/Puppetmon
    Sora and Tsukaimon or PetitMamon/Soulmon/Jokermon/Piedmon
    Izzy and Hagurumon/Mekanorimon/Gigadramon/Machinedramon
    Mimi and Chuumon/Targetmon/Etemon/MetalEtemon
    Joe and Betamon/Seadramon/MegaSeadramon/MetalSeadramon
    TK and DemiDevimon/Devimon/Myotismon/VenomMyotismon
    Kari and BlackGatomon/LadyDevimon/Lilithmon
    Davis and BlackAgumon/BlackGreymon/MetalGreymon (Virus)/BlackWarGreymon
    Ken and Tsukaimon or PetitMamon/Vilemon/SkullSatamon/Daemon
    Yolei and KoDokugumon/Dokugumon/Arukenimon/Parasimon
    Cody and Impmon/Sorcerymon/Mummymon/Gravimon or Pharoahmon

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    This is a very good idea and with a lot of potential .... I wonder if there were alternative versions of the crests and the digieggs .... a suggestion of mine is that the Order of Light or will be the Digimon of the Original Chosen Children (like the idea is an AU, you can change the amount of the original Chosen Children, and we only know two of them so far) that have become so because their human partners died facing the great threat of a Digimon type vaccine (Myotismon ?, Piedmon ?, Apocalymon ?, you will decide). Or we go with the idea of Tri and in this case the Fourth Sacred Beasts are the partners, their human partners die and they found the Order of Light to eradicate the "evil" Digimons, in which case WarGreymon, MetalGarurumon and etc would be generals of the Order of Light who serve directly the Fourth Sacred Beasts, finally just a few suggestions of mine for the plot, I hope you do not give up on this idea, for sure it will be a great story.

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