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Thread: New tri. Part 6 Trailer Plus Theater List

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    New tri. Part 6 Trailer Plus Theater List

    Time for another tri. Part 6 trailer!

    If the embed doesn't work here is a link.

    This is the second full/long trailer for tri. Part 6, and the third trailer we've seen overall.

    This one has a few potential spoilers, including our first look at a Digimon who will no doubt prove to be very popular!

    Update- A translation of the dialogue in the trailer thanks to shin!
    Agumon: Taichi, remember-- We got to meet each other again.
    Hackmon: This is the only option left for humanity.
    Koushiro: It’s not an evolution... What... is this…?
    Hackmon: Your suffering too shall meet its end before long.
    Takeru: The Digimon everywhere are---!!
    Yamato: Yggdrasill… Homeostasis... no matter which [of their plans] go forward as planned, the Worlds won’t be saved…
    Koushiro: I’m not giving up. I’ll continue searching for other ways right to the end!
    Sora: If Taichi were here... I wonder what he’d say...
    Tailmon: Meicoomon is suffering the most out of any of us
    Agumon: Let’s join forces for Tailmon and Meicoomon’s sake!
    Daigo: Never give up... Go make your future!!
    Hikari: All of the light is within Meicoomon…
    Meiko: Don’t go!!
    Yamato: We’re not Chosen Children anymore. We have no choice but to choose. No matter how painful [it’ll be], our future...
    Hackmon: This is the power of the Chosen…!
    Agumon: Taichi!
    Taichi: We’re going to end this. Let’s go!
    Agumon: GO---!!!!

    I really like the trailer, it feels very balanced and works well. Most likely with the release of this trailer we are about to enter the deluge, that period before a new part of tri. comes out where news just gets thrown at us.

    No doubt a bunch of fun stuff will show up soon...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Our Future comes out on May 5th in Japan. Toei has released a list of theaters that will be screening it:
    Sapporo Cinema Frontier in Hokkaido
    Movix Sendai in Miyagi
    Shinjuk Wald 9 in Tokyo
    Shibuya Toei in Tokyo
    Toho Cinemas Ueno in Tokyo
    T-Joy Prince Shinagawa in Tokyo
    Yokohama Burk 13 in Kanagawa
    Movix Saitama in Saitama
    T-Joy Soga in Chiba
    Cinecity Saute in Shizuoka
    Toho Cinemas Hamamatsu in Shizuoka
    109 Cinemas Nagoya in Aichi
    Umeda Buru 7 in Osaka
    T-Joy Kyoto in Kyoto
    Hiroshima Wald 11 in Hiroshima
    T-Joy Hakata in Fukuoka
    Kagoshima Mitte 10 in Kagoshima

    May 5th is Children's Day in Japan, and the end of the Golden Week holiday period, which generally is a big period for movies in Japan. It appears tri. Part 6 will not only begin it's run on a holiday, but in more theaters than it's had previously. Part 6 is in 17 theaters, previously Part 5 has the most with 16.

    It will also be in US theaters dubbed in English on September 20th and tickets are available now.

    Spoiler tags aren't needed to discuss anything that shows up in the trailer.

    The first trailer can be found here.
    The first longer trailer can be found here.

    The ED is Butter-Fly sung by the cast, Ayumi Miyazaki, AiM, and Wada Kouji. Pre-Orders are available at CDJapan (affiliate links.)
    tri. Part 6 ED CD (Normal)
    tri. Part 6 ED CD (First Print Limited Edition)

    The Blu-ray and DVD for tri. Part 6 is currently available to pre-order. (Normal versions are affiliate links)
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Blu-ray
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 Blu-ray (Amazon Version)
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 DVD
    Digimon Adventure tri. Part 6 DVD (Amazon Version)
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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Omegamon mode change aaaaaw man, that's hype! I wonder what exactly it'll be fighting. I doubt Ordinemon is going to be the final boss, not when we have Yggdrasil and Homeostasis both acting up. Alphamon maybe, but it was already strong enough to beat Alphamon in the first movie, so I have to imagine either Ordinemon or Alphamon will get an upgrade, or Yggdrasil/Homeostasis/both will show up to fight (hopefully with a new form, not the same Homeostasis body we've seen a billion times).

    I'm pretty excited about Omegamon having its own extra form to bring its power more firmly higher than Alphamon's, and maybe even match-up with/surpass Paladin Mode!

    Beyond that, the trailer looks pretty good, though only Omegamon's upgrade is a surprise. I'm sure nobody doubted a mook army, Dark!Gennai, or Tai being alive was going to be in. Still holding out a tiny bit of hope that Devimon isn't part of that mook army, but not too much hope...

    Thanks for the update, Marc!

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    I come from the net Shadow Shinji's Avatar
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    LOOL Now we oficially have Omegamon X7 Superior Mode. Aside that, I'm strangely hyped for Hikari being in the Dark Ocean, it makes me hopes for Dagomon & Demon appearing at some point...But more importantly, where the heck is Rasielmon? :/

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    I come from the net Muur's Avatar
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    Omnimon with wings. Interesting. Wonder where those come from. Angewomon I guess.

    Wonder what'll happen game wise with that lol

    Meiko in the Dark Ocean this time. I thought the popular comment would be Dragomon lol

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    I come from the net wildwing64's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shadow Shinji View Post
    But more importantly, where the heck is Rasielmon? :/
    Come on now, there's enough spoilery stuff in the trailer as is


    Anyway, some of the stuff shown wasn't particularly surprising, but I'm no less hyped!

    When *that* happened I was sitting here like "Ah, here comes the arbitrary transformation to Omegamon Alter-S - no hey wait a minute OOOHHHH SHI-"

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    All joking aside... it really brings this to mind...

    The new trailer is really good for getting the mind flowing on what's going on.
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    I am Justice Vande's Avatar
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    Oh shit Omegamon with wings. What the heck is this! 2 months cannot come fast enough.

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    I'm going digital Tortoiseshel's Avatar
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    It's so good seeing Taichi wearing the goggles again

    Very excited for May! Can't wait to see the conclusion to Meiko's arc!

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    Red shirt DazzleDream's Avatar
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    Oh wow that's a really nice mode change! I can't wait until this comes out!

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    Completely digital
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    Omegamon with wings.

    I always suspect we will see a new mode for Omegamon at the end, but it is surprising.
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