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Thread: What is your opinion about Agumon entering the new Smash Bros?

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    Comparing something as niche as Digimon to blockbusters like Final Fantasy or MGS isn't really reasonable...

    Quote Originally Posted by Graizen View Post
    And you guys think that the rivalry help it?
    Absolutely not. We're talking about a rivalry that the companies involved have elected to never to never officially acknowledge (for good reason) and now that at least most of the fandom has grown up enough to not harp on about it, the last thing they'd want to do is to make it an actual thing.

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    I don't know Theigno, things have changed for Nintendo in the last few years!
    Just look at Pokken Fighters, its a Pokémon Fighting Game done by Namco Bandai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graizen View Post
    Just look at Pokken Fighters, its a Pokémon Fighting Game done by Namco Bandai.
    Namco Bandai also worked on Smash 4.

    This doesn't neccesarily make Agumon's appearance more likely :/

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    I think it makes Wik, i think this helps alot actualy.

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    The only gsme I can see a Digimon appearing in would be a Bandai Namco x Capcom x Sega game, since they like using obscure stuff. It'd have to be a game protagonist though.

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    Project X Zone 3 haha

    On topic..no, never, not gonna happen, it makes no sense, stop with these topics - -;
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    From a friend on reddit:
    If it means Cyber Sleuth/Next 0rder ports and future Digimon games on the Nintendo Switch, sure.

    I'm actually expecting Digimon to drop on the Switch (to make up for the Vita if nothing else) sooner or later. Bamco has been releasing some games on the platform lately.

    If Bamco tags along on a 3rd party partnership, yeah. Even better if it helps Digimon to get on the Switch, boosting sales and helping the franchise into new heights.

    The Switch seems like the natural next step for the Digimon franchise. Just imagine the potential playerbase growth, even better if a Digimon were to join the Smash roster.
    Btw, Sm4sh was co-developed by Nintendo, HAL and Bamco.

    Sakurai and his team worked at Bamco while developing Sm4sh. In a nutshell, technical resources came from Bamco. Bamco's out this time around but the partnership with Nintendo remains strong. Stronger than ever, actually.
    Gotta floodmail Habu and Bamco with some #Digimon4Switch friendly reminders.

    Raising awareness is easy, just reach out to Bamco. Send them a message via the official website or DM through their social media (Twitter, FB, etc.). Tell 'em about the Switch ports, Digimon in Smash, their partnership with Nintendo, how it would benefit the franchise in the long run, etc.

    Best way to do it and that's all I can think of right now.

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    There is literally nothing you posted that we don't know.

    It's all speculation and things we've known for years.
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    The point here, Marc, is to make you think about it too!
    Whether or not it is the will of the fans that moves the mountains nowadays.
    Understanding that this is a great possibility, and that this would help Digimon in gigantic ways, is extremely important.

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    It'd be kinda nice to get Cyber Sleuth and Hacker's Memory on the Switch. That would finally give me a reason to buy the console. On topic though, Agumon in Super Smash Bros. is about as likely as Kirby in the next God of War game. Even if they partnered with Bamco for the Smash Bros. games, there's various reasons why it is highly unlikely to happen. Though you can certainly try to sway Bamco's and Nintendo's opinion in this regard. Hell, I'll even support you if it finally benefits the franchise in the long run and we get Digimon games on mainstream Nintendo consoles again.

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