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Thread: Details and Cover for The Future is Now, Digimon ReArise Theme, Pre-Orders Open

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    Details and Cover for The Future is Now, Digimon ReArise Theme, Pre-Orders Open

    Always nice to get details for a new CD!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Announced a little over a week ago as the theme song for the upcoming mobile game Digimon ReArise, we have some more details for the CD single of The Future is Now

    The theme, sung by the band Straightener, will be released alongside the song Time Leap as a CD single.

    The full tracklist for the CD is:
    1. The Future Is Now
    2. Time Leap
    3. Clarity (Decade Electro Mix)
    4. The Future Is Now -Instrumental-
    5. Time Leap -Instrumental-
    6. Clarity (Decade Electro Mix) -Instrumental-

    In addition, the first print of the CD will include a lottery entry to try and get an early ticket for the Straightener Future Dance Tour, which takes place June 12th thru July 14th.

    The CD is being released April 11th and can be pre-ordered from CDJapan (Affiliate link) for 1,000 yen:
    The Future is Now CD

    A PV for The Future is Now will be released later this month.

    They also mention ReArise will be released in 2018 and you'll be able to hear the song each time you play.
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    Multiple songs, ooohboy I'm ready.

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    Cool, they based the artwork on the concept of the tesseract.

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