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Thread: Details for 2nd Battle Spirits Booster, Our Digimon Adventure & 1st Starter Deck

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    Details for 2nd Battle Spirits Booster, Our Digimon Adventure & 1st Starter Deck

    It's been a few months since we found out we'd be getting this...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    We have some nice news about the next Battle Spirits Digimon booster (from what appears to be a sales sheet.) This booster set is labeled CB05 and is the 5th collaboration booster for Battle Spirits (the first Digimon set was CB02, and the Digimon 1.5 set was CB03.)

    So first up, the title of this new booster set is 'Our Digimon Adventure.'

    They talk about how the theme of the prior card set was the original Digimon Adventure, which was very popular and worked well.

    A big part of the new booster set will be it's sequel, Digimon Adventure 02. This was first teased during the initial teaser for the new booster set with the same V-mon art in the sales sheet. They also show us new Armadimon and Hawkmon art that will appear on the card (how great do both of them look?) They finish off this part by saying popular Digimon such as Paildramon will appear to a large degree in the set.

    The second section talks about how some Digimon who couldn't be included in the prior set will be included in this one, such as some Digimon from Digimon Adventure tri., which they note will finish right before the release of the card set. They finish this section by mentioning that cards from the prior Digimon set will still be supported (likely being needed to evolve to some of the Digimon from tri.)

    The third section talks about introducing a new gameplay feature that will be very familiar to Digimon Adventure 02 fans, jogress! They believe introducing a concept that will be known and easy to explain to Digimon will lead to new users of the card game.

    The final section talks about how the general art style will have it's own unique qualities that doesn't always quite show up on Digimon products (basically the same as the first set) and how the set will also include parallel cards (some cards will have alternate versions with different art, the same as the first set again.)

    Off to the side they also have a little tri. Part 6 poster and going over it's release date, etc.

    It appears the distribution of cards for the 'Our Digimon Adventure' booster will be:
    Common- 30 cards
    Rare- 24 cards
    Master Rare- 8 cards
    X Rare- 6 cards
    XX Rare- 1 card

    We aren't quite as sure about that though, the numbers aren't on the sales sheet, but they've shown up a few times in looking around.

    The booster set will be released on May 26th (which lines up nicely with what will no doubt be the first extension for tri. Part 6 in theaters... so promo cards wouldn't shock anyone.)

    A box of booster packs is currently available to pre-order on HLJ. The box includes 20 booster packs, each pack contains 6 cards.

    But that's not all...

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    There will be pre-built starter decks available!

    The starter deck's full name is "Battle Spirits Collaboration Starter Digimon Chosen Children", but we'll just go ahead and call it the Chosen Children Starter Deck for short...

    This will be starter deck SD45. The art they use in the sales sheet was used on alternate versions of the Agumon and Gabumon cards from the original Battle Spirits Digimon booster.

    They point out that the Digimon cards were quite popular, and releasing a starter deck at the same time as a new booster pack will likely maximize sales of the booster packs due to higher interest. Some of the cards included with the starter deck will enhance cards from the original booster.

    The theme of the deck is Omegamon and they point out his overwhelming popularity. In addition, Ultimate level cards will be included for the Digimon partners of the six Chosen Children who couldn't be included in the original booster.

    The last point describes how various powerful cards, including 2 XR cards, will be included with the deck and it'll be possible to start with powerful cards right away. All the cards in the starter deck will be holo-cards. They expect both new and existing users to be interested in picking up the starter deck.

    The starter deck will also be released on May 26th.

    Starter decks arecurrently available to pre-order on HLJ. Their starter deck listing is for a single starter deck.

    Lots of fun info, with some reveals that should make a ton of people happy about what characters will be showing up.

    Thanks to Shadow Shinji for a small image that gave me something to go on and revhkzero for the big images and some additional info.

    Update- Added a few additional bits thanks to garm.
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    Battle Spirits is looking greater everyday!
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    Aaaah. how wonderful. I remember seeing this banner on baidu. So that's what that was. A second coming of the battle spirits. I can't wait to see new art of everyone. Armadimon, V-mon, and Hawkmon already look amazing alone.

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    Added a couple of additional translated bits thanks to garm, along with fixing a detail about the starter deck.
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    I hope we get armours too.

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    I love how dynamic Hawkmon looks there!

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