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Thread: New Digimon Revealed for Special Digi-Eggs in Silver Black 20th Anniversary Pendulum

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    Oh my god oh my god oh my god, looks like I'm getting my first V-Pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigiGrader View Post
    They said that between the two, there will be more than 10 jogress.
    Only confirmed one is Omegamon.
    Alphamon Ouryuken ad Paildramon are semi confirmed-ish
    but what are in your wishlist?
    Grey Knightsmon to go with the other Xros Digimon, VoltBoutamon, Shakkoumon and new jogresses like how we got Grace Novamon

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    Updated the news with 13 of the Digimon that will be obtainable via special digi-eggs in the Silver Black 20th Pendulum.
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    Is that the first time we've seen key art for Vorvomon? He's cute as heck.

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    It was added to the DRB late January.
    I'll work to see that justice will be fully served, meow~!

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    In comparison with GrayBlue exclusive, in which all of its line have their own baby 1&2 and child, the Grayblack exclusive only have 1 baby1&2 each and 2 rookies (meicoomon doesn't even get salamon for its rookie anymore), makings it looks as if it all comes from one egg that have branched evolution line. I wonder why the two are so different.

    so counting the number of digimon characters we get so far:
    Original Black has 69 (from original eggs) + 13 (nightmare soldier extras) + 13 (exclusive special) = 95
    Original Blue has 65(from original egg minus omnimon)+3(new addition)+13(virus buster extras)+16(exclusive special) = 97

    out of all this, there are 10 duplicates that appear in both version (greymon, metalgreymon, wargreymon, garurumon, weregarurumon, metal garururmon, gatomon, angewomon, choromon, caprimon)

    aside from that, we get special egg for both: 5 (rudomon line)+1(dorumon)
    jogress: 1 (omnimon)

    we were promised more than 200 digimons total, more than 40 digimons via special egg, and more than 10 jogress.
    we can see that none has reached what they promised us yet.
    I am looking forward for more digimons that they have not revealed yet.
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    Well, even more interesting.
    Not even Meicoomon Infected as the Champion.
    Now I wonder if Infected is even its own Digimon...
    Pokémon fan at heart, but growing to like Digimon.

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    I'm going digital Vaioumon's Avatar
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    Aw yes, a clear pic of Volcanicdramon! If only it was a bit bigger.

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    It seems like these lines aren't complete, given that Paildramon was implied but with no access, Meicoomon doesn't have a Baby or Child stage and so forth.

    There's design art of Meicoomon with Nyaromon and Protomon subspecies as Baby and Child stages. Perhaps they're saving those for the end of Tri, for instance?

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    Ain't got no mojo...
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    Where was Paildramon implied?

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