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Thread: New Digimon Revealed for Special Digi-Eggs in Silver Black 20th Anniversary Pendulum

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    New Digimon Revealed for Special Digi-Eggs in Silver Black 20th Anniversary Pendulum

    Time for another Pendulum update!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    In the newest weekly update Bandai reveals more of the new Digimon being added to the Pendulum 20th!

    This time they are covering some of the Digimon that will show up in special digi-eggs in the Silver Black Pendulum.

    Special digi-eggs appear when you achieve certain conditions, such as a specific number of victories in battle or the number of Digimon registered to your album.

    The first Digimon shown off is Terriermon! (Image up above.) They don't talk about Terriermon much because we all knew he was showing up, but they do point out how he's a familiar Digimon from Digimon Tamers and that he has distinctive long ears (and they also toss in a moumentai.) Even before that they mentioned he would appear in a special digi-egg back when we first got detailed information of the 20th Pendulums.

    They point out that out of the next three Digimon, two of them have new artwork released today.

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    First up is Raguelmon, first introduced in Digimon Adventure tri. Part 5. They don't spend much time with her, possibly because her story is still ongoing in other media.

    The last two Digimon are a fun suprise for those who enjoy Links!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Lavorvomon and Lavogaritamon! Both of these are Digimon made out of lava! They ask you to try and raise these two powerful Digimon.

    For the special digi-egg Digimon shown off for the Silver Black Pendulum, it's rather interesting in that we can almost guess pretty easily what the most likely evolution lines will be for these (and that they've shown us a few of them in prior releases of information in a case or two), so it'll be interesting if any surprises pop up.

    They then point out they've shown off special digi-eggs that will only appear in Silver Blue or Silver Black, but they toss in a bonus this week, showing off two Digimon that will appear in both!

    Image Thumbnail (custom)

    Rudomon and Dorumon! Rudomon is being introduced for the 20th Anniversary Pendulum and Dorumon has been reasonably popular pretty much since his introduction 15 years ago.

    The 10th update will feature Rudomon in more detail (they are on the 6th today.)

    They also point out it's interesting that they showed off Ryudamon last week, and now they are showing off Dorumon and there must be a reason that combination will appear...

    And that's because next week they are going to show off Digimon that evolve via Jogress in the 20th Anniversary Pendulum!

    If you are interested in getting the 20th Anniversary Pendulum you can find a ton of details, including how to pre-order, here.

    Previous weekly 20th Pendulum updates have included:
    Cold Mode
    New Virus Busters
    New Nightmare Soldiers
    Silver Blue Special Digi-Eggs

    Update- Fixed a bit about Dorumon above.

    Update- A tweet from Bandai shows 13 of the Digimon that will be obtainable via special digi-eggs in the Silver Black 20th Pendulum (the tweet may vanish and be reposted, as it appears they've mislabeled it as from the Silver Blue.) Update- The original tweet was erased and replaced with one that says Silver Black.

    The full list of what they show is:
    Meicrackmon Vicious Mode

    Update- A tweet from Bandai shows 7 of the Digimon that will be obtainable via special digi-eggs in both 20th Pendulums. All the Digimon shown have to do with Dorumon.

    The full list of what they show is:
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    Completely digital salman332's Avatar
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    Mar 2017
    Wow, Raguelmon look cooler in that art style, same with Vobomon perfect.

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    So...I'm gonna call:
    Yukimi Botamon
    Meicoomon (Infected? Probably not)
    Meicrackmon VM

    And one more.

    Also, I think Alphamon: Ouryuken is coming as well.

    Weird that they didn't have Wormmon for the Special Egg for this one.
    Pokémon fan at heart, but growing to like Digimon.

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    Junior Commander shaikgb's Avatar
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    Aug 2017
    raguelmon look great and now that lavogaritamon has an an official art i can't wait to see a clean art of volcanicdramon
    but i do wonder what details they could possibly add to ludomon?

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    Wow the Raguelmon art and sprite are impressive. Good to see we get Dorumon as well and the strongly implied Alphamon Ouryuken. Vobomon line is a nice surprise.

    Absence of Wormmon is unexpected though.

    Was hoping to see Renamon 'complete' the Tamers lineup.. oh well

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    I'm a Maniac
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    Nov 2015
    With Raguelmon showing up, and with the Pendelum's emphasis on Jogress, I wonder if Ordinemon will show up? Orphanimon would fit well into either the Nightmare Soldiers or Virus Busters lines so it'd seem like a missed oppurtunity if it didn't.

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    I'm a Maniac AppliFang's Avatar
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    Apr 2017
    Wow the new artwork makes me like Raguelmon a lot more lol xD

    I won if the new digimon from Rrearise is going to pop up?

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    Junior Commander Ryudamon's Avatar
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    Jul 2017
    With them showing Ryudamon last week and Dorumon this week, I bet that they show off FanBeemon next week in another set, or they have bigger plans with the X-antibody Digimon farther then the Pendulums. Since the first of the year, how many times have these two X-antibody Digimon, their lines and even making 2 more X-antibody Royal Knights come out. Either that or As Maria has been very busy lately.
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    I'm a Maniac DigiGrader's Avatar
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    Jun 2011
    Are these already all the special egg we are getting? No wormmon?

    So we won't get zubamon line, blitzgreymon, and creszgarurumon then.

    Vobomon is nice, but this leaves me wanting for erismon now

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    Junior Commander
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    Oct 2017
    Wow Vobomon was an amazing twist! Wasn’t expecting him!

    Glad they are adding the Vobomon and Dorumon lines. Wierd that there isn’t any Wormmon, though...
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