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Thread: 20th Pendulum Update- Rudomon's Perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigiKing Tamer View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by DATS24 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by salman332 View Post
    If having gundam esque head is making him Appmon copy then Imperialdramon, gallantmon and half of the royal knight is also appmon copy.
    ?? imperialdramon still have visible face rather than just eyes.
    I believe they might be referring to Imperialdramon's Fighter/Paladin Mode.
    imperialdramon fighter and paladin still had their face fully revealed. Dukemon is a knight, so it's reasonable not to show its full face.

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    What face? Imperialdramon 'face' is a helmet that has panel lining resembling a mouth similiar to GaoGaiGar who face is actually hidden behind that decorated helmet. you can even see imperialdramon hair sticking behind his helmet. Imperialdramon is a digimon who literally designed with transforming mecha in mind.
    As for why I mentioned Imperialdramon, if you remove the line on his mouth plate, the design oh his mouth to the chin with sharp spike is very similiar to RaijoRudomon.
    The only new thing Appmon introduced is the chibi art style, which is completely absent in RaijiRudomon.
    And the notion of gundam mouthplate is Appmon signature style is completely wrong, the only appmon who has that is DoGatchmon while all other mecha Appmon mouthplate is variation of Omnimon.
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    Does anyone know what the character on his claw means?
    Or the one on Rudomon?

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